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Some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies have used advertising to “greenwash” their ongoing contribution to the climate crisis, according to files published by the environmental lawyers ClientEarth. They describe the practice as “a great deception”.

The files compare the adverts produced by ExxonMobil, Aramco, Chevron, Shell, Equinor and others with the companies’ operations and products, overall climate impact and progress toward climate-safe business models.

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Backward about coming forward If your comment is helpful to anyone else, then it’s generous indeed.

Holding back is selfish, because it deprives the group of your insight at the same time that it normalizes non-participation.

If you’re wondering, so is someone else.

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An investment puzzle and speculation as to why some think its hard  This is a Guest Post by David Marcus. He gives a puzzle and its solution, which is interesting, and then speculates as to why some people get it wrong. 



Investing Puzzle or Arithmetic Can Be Useful

The following is an example of investment results that I saw in an

investment newsletter. There are two portfolios that use different

strategies. Both portfolios start with $1 million twenty years ago and

withdraw 5% each year. The idea is that you are retired and withdrawing

money to spend. Not all years are shown in the tables.

Portfolio A

Year   Return  Withdrawal    Balance

2000   15.31%      57,655  1,095,445

2005    1.81%      59,962  1,139,273

2008  -12.65%      51,000    969,004

2009   34.26%      65,049  1,235,936

2010   11.94%      69,175  1,314,331

2015   -2.48%      64,935  1,233,764

2020   10.27%      66,935  1,271,765

Total Withdrawal: 1,685,190

Change in Balance: 27.18%


Portfolio B

Year   Return  Withdrawal    Balance

2000   -0.95%      49,524    940,956

2005    3.80%      44,534    846,154

2008  -20.11%      35,922    682,523

2009   18.27%      40,360    766,833

2010   11.57%      42,777    812,764

2015    0.99%      50,767    964,567

2020   13.35%      65,602  1,246,433

Total Withdrawal: 1,425,573

Change in Balance: 24.64%

Portfolio A has a final balance that is 25,000 more than Portfolio B's and

had about 260,000 more in withdrawals. Does the example lend credence to

the Portfolio A strategy being better than the Portfolio B strategy?



Investing Puzzle or Arithmetic Can Be Useful: Analysis

Summary: The two portfolios have about the same performance over the 20

years. The difference is mainly due to Portfolio A having a good year or

years near the beginning before much money was withdrawn. The example

merely shows that it is better to withdraw money after a gain rather than


Detailed Analysis:

The scenario is: Start with X = $1 million. Withdraw 5% a year.

Define "gain factor" to be 1 plus the percentage return. For example, if a

portfolio returns 5%, then the gain factor is 1.05.

Let A_j, j = 1, ..., 20, be the gain factors each year for portfolio A.

Let B_j, j = 1, ..., 20 be the gain factors each year for portfolio B.

The final amount in portfolio A is

   F = X * A_1 * 0.95 * A_2 * 0.95 * ... * A_20 * 0.95 .

The final amount in portfolio B is

   G = X * B_1 * 0.95 * B_2 * 0.95 * ... * B_20 * 0.95 .

From the "Change in Balance" values or the balances for year 2020, we see

that F and G are almost the same:

   F = 1.271865 * X,

   G = 1.246433 * X.

But, as we learned in elementary school, multiplication is commutative, so

   F = X * 0.95^20 * \prod_{j=1}^20 A_j,

   G = X * 0.95^20 * \prod_{j=1}^20 B_j.

Since F and G are almost the same, the total gains (product of the gain

factors) for the two portfolios are almost the same, i.e.,

   \prod_{j=1}^20 A_j \approx \prod_{j=1}^20 B_j.

Then what accounts for the big difference in the amounts withdrawn?

Portfolio A must have had some good years near the beginning. (We see in

the tables that Portfolio A did better in 2000 than Portfolio B.) So, all

the example shows is that it is better to withdraw your money after your

gains rather than before.

To take an extreme example, suppose an investment is going to go up 100%

this year. It is better to take your money out at the end of the year

(after the gain) than at the beginning of the year (before the gain). This

is a triviality.

The example tells us nothing useful about the two strategies.

Note: The total gains aren't exactly the same, but the timing of the yearly

gains is what is driving the results. We have (rounding off)

   ( F - G ) / 0.95^20 = 70942.81 .

So, if there had been no withdrawals, the difference in the portfolio

balances would have been about $71,000, much less than the $260,000 +

$25,000 difference with the withdrawals.



Many people have trouble with this puzzle. The difficulty may be that such

people don't make a mental model (or a written model) of the process that

is producing the balance. If you write down (or have in your head) a

formula for the balance, then you see that the gain factors are independent

of the withdrawal factors. That is, we could withdraw more or less money,

or even deposit money, without affecting the gain factors we would use in

the model. This then leads us to consider the gain factors on their own,

and to recognize that the gain factors are the true measures of how the

strategies perform.

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4 Steps on How to Demystify Goal Setting ]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 20:00:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Leadership & Talent Burnout hits ad agencies Hello and welcome to Insider Advertising for April 19. I'm senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:

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Burnout Advertising professionals say the pandemic has led to increased workloads that are causing burnout and some people to leave the industry.

Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images

Burnout is taking a toll on advertising employees' mental health, and it's causing some to quit Read the story. Also read: Advertising confessions: 9 current and former staffers at companies like WPP and Publicis share stories of pandemic burnout
bridgerton "Bridgerton" is currently streaming on Netflix.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Netflix cancellations fell during the first quarter to their lowest level in 2 years, exclusive web-tracking data suggests Read the story.
shein pop-up Guests attend SHEIN Summer Pop Up Preview Evening on May 23, 2019 in London, England.

Dave Benett/Getty Images for SHEIN

New data reveals the top 10 brands on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube - from Shein to Epic Games Read the story.
More stories we're reading:

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The Week Ahead: Brands mark 4/20 and Earth Day, Omnicom posts earnings, and the Oscars are finally here Taking a look at some key happenings over the next seven days.

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customer experience friction Customer Experience Friction cartoon

Market research firm Statista reported that the global shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers in 2020 was 88%.  

This is driven by a number of factors, but friction in customer experience plays a big role.  One study pegged that a quarter of people abandoned shopping carts because the checkout process was too complicated.

That friction happens sometimes by design and good reasons — such as legitimate efforts to deter bots.  But I think we have to continually evaluate whether the solution is worse than the problem.

The CAPTCHA arms race is a case in point.  Invented in 1997, CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.”  

From its first generation that asked people to interpret distorted letters, CAPTCHA has added increasing complexity over the years to try to outpace the ability of computers to catch up.  

One Google test in 2014 pitted a machine-learning algorithm against humans to solve CAPTCHA problems.  The algorithm was successful 99.8% of the time; humans only 33%.  In trying to keep ahead of computers, the technology can outpace humans.  

As Josh Dzieza observed in The Verge:

“The problem with many of these tests isn’t necessarily that bots are too clever — it’s that humans suck at them. And it’s not that humans are dumb; it’s that humans are wildly diverse in language, culture, and experience. Once you get rid of all that stuff to make a test that any human can pass, without prior training or much thought, you’re left with brute tasks like image processing, exactly the thing a tailor-made AI is going to be good at.”

Customer experience inevitably involves choices and tradeoffs.  The path of least resistance inside the organization can sometimes lead to experiences that have too much friction outside the organization.  We can end up with customer experiences that lose sight of the actual customer.

Here are a few related cartoons I’ve drawn over the years:

designing for mobile - February 2017 License Share
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| Read Post Your Ad Ignored Here "If marketing kept a diary, this would be it." - Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs Order Now

The post customer experience friction first appeared on Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne.

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Clubhouse Closes Its Series C Funding ]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 13:08:35 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Media Platforms Clubhouse Is Now a $4 Billion Company ]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 13:08:35 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Media Platforms SINoALICE Re:Zero Crossover Event Brings Familiar Faces From Another Grim World Sun, 18 Apr 2021 13:00:15 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Games Announcements Casuals Crossover Marketing Re:Zero RPG SinoAlice Smartphones Video Gallery The magazine publishing market has the potential to grow by USD 3.43 billion during 2021-2025, and the market's growth momentum will decelerate at a CAGR of 1%. - Los Hijos de la Malinche The magazine publishing market has the potential to grow by USD 3.43 billion during 2021-2025, and the market's growth momentum will decelerate at a CAGR of 1%.   Los Hijos de la Malinche]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 11:45:01 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Mapping the territory – Design and Economics A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with Simon Gough about a submission I’d made to host a talk at the first Design and Economics Unconference.

It was one of those things that had flown past my eyes, and I’d leapt at without *that* much thinking. Basically because I studied Economics at Uni, and feel that it’s informed my practice in various ways ever since.

So after a good session with Simon, I put together a little tour around some thoughts on a Miro Board, talked about that fairly briefly, then opened up a wee working session to try and map different micro and macro models across economics and design.

The film of the session is here:

And if you fancy a poke around the Miro Board, it’s open for viewing here.

Want to get involved? The Design and Economics Unconference started on Tuesday 13th April, and continues until Thursday 22nd – all the sessions are free, and you can sign up here

Design and Economics has been shaped by ideas, guidance and input from Mark Simpkins, Simon Gough, Paul Sternberg, Sally Brazier, Victoria Hands, Jim Coleman, Joanna Boehnert, Tanvi Yardi, Kas Moreno Madrigal, Leonardo Gentili and Zarida Zaman.

The post Mapping the territory – Design and Economics appeared first on Smithery.

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Trofolastin: Skin without bad memories Trofolastin Digital Ad - Skin without bad memories Trofolastin Digital Ad - Skin without bad memories trofolastin_scars.jpg   trofolastin_pregnacy.jpg   trofolastin-_lose_weight.jpg  ]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 10:30:20 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs 15+ Poses For Taking the Best Instagram Photos There's no better way to show off your outfit. ]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 10:30:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Fashion Tips Instagram Photos Social Media Young Hoteliers representing The World of Hospitality 2021 Are you ready to learn how to become the next young hotelier representing the World...

The post Young Hoteliers representing The World of Hospitality 2021 appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.

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Dom Pérignon: Creative Freedom is Power ]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 10:26:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Pony Malta: Timeless Bullying Pony Malta Print Ad - Timeless Bullying Pony Malta Print Ad - Timeless Bullying

"A lot of people consider bullying to be the new trend. But unfortunately, bullying has been happening across school’s halls, classrooms, and sport spaces for a very long time. our new print campaign "Timeless Bullying". has an important message for both parents and teenagers: Bullying shouldn't be timeless.

tape_2.jpg   trash.jpg   wedgie.jpg  ]]>
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Nicholas Bloom is America's best work-from-home expert. He says the remote work revolution is 'only halfway through.' Hello!

Welcome to this weekly roundup of stories from Insider's Business co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.

What we're going over today:

Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom

Elizabeth Viggiano for Insider

What's trending this morning:

Brace for WFH turmoil

Nicholas Bloom, America's leading work-from-home expert, is preparing for things to get messy. He warns of turmoil as the US scrambles to adjust to the new normal:

Bloom is urging corporate America to navigate the turbulence by resisting offering the unlimited freedom that many employees have come to expect. His prescription lies in creating a uniform schedule for employees - one designed to balance the benefits of working from home with the need for collaboration and equality.

Unless employers established a clear and level playing field, he said, the years ahead could remain filled with uncertainty and upheaval, for companies as well as employees.

"Revolutions are chaotic, and as we know from many revolutions in history, they're often followed by further turmoil," Bloom told me. "This has been a massive revolution - and we're only halfway through."

Here's what else he had to say about WFH's future:

Also read:

Gaetz's former classmates dish

Matt Gaetz


GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz is embroiled in scandal as he faces a federal sex-trafficking investigation. We spoke with his former high school classmates, some of whom said they weren't surprised:

One classmate became furious when Gaetz ran for the Florida House of Representatives in 2010 and asserted marriage ought to be between one man and one woman.

"I was so disgusted by it," she told Insider this month. "I knew him to not believe that."

She grew so angry that she blogged about Gaetz in March 2010, urging people to vote against him in the upcoming special election primary for a seat in the Sunshine State legislature.

"While the rest of us grew up, Gaetz stayed the same. He may have gotten his law degree and put on a suit and tie, but behind all that he's still the same guy who takes out his cell phone to show friends naked pictures of the women he's recently bedded," she wrote in 2010.

See what else his classmates had to say:

Also read:

Lululemon accused of "toxic positivity"

lululemon toxic positivity 4x3

Lululemon; Samantha Lee/Insider

More than a dozen current and former Lululemon employees told Insider there's a culture of "toxic positivity" in its retail stores. Some feel the company's emphasis on feedback can border on bullying - and almost all classified the environment as cultlike:

"Often, I just came home crying," one worker told Insider. She called her mom, asking: "What's wrong with me? What do I do?"

She actively tried to act happier at work, meeting with other workers in the store for advice. But the negative feedback continued. She started not wanting to show up to her shifts. "I felt like I couldn't be happy enough to work," she said.

And so, two months after her first day, her mental health already feeling on the decline, she quit. "I just had to get out," she said.

Read other employees' experiences with Lululemon:

Also read:

GSK exodus

gsk covid vaccine stumble 4x3

GlaxoSmithKline; Samantha Lee/Insider

GlaxoSmithKline is the world's largest vaccine business. But in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century, the company's vaunted vaccine unit has yet to develop a coronavirus shot - and employees are leaving the company in hordes:

Three years after the Rockville ribbon cutting, reports began to trickle in of mysterious cases of pneumonia in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Soon, scientists would identify the cause as a new coronavirus, called SARS-CoV-2. Within weeks, the virus had spread globally. By early March, much of the world had shut down in an attempt to halt the spread.

It was the kind of event the Rockville center was built for. And GSK, a multinational pharma company based in the UK, was sitting on some of the most promising technology for rapidly responding to viruses.

But as the novel coronavirus emerged, GSK, the world's largest vaccine business by revenue, was caught flatfooted.

Read the full story here:

Also read:

INVITATION: Join us Tuesday, April 20 at 12 p.m. ET for a free virtual event to hear from corporate leaders, climate activists, and experts about how we all can mitigate and adapt to climate change today to avoid catastrophe in the near future. Sign up here.

Lastly, don't forget to check out Morning Brew - the A.M. newsletter that makes reading the news actually enjoyable.

Here are some headlines you might have missed last week.

- Matt

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AMJ Campbell: Moving Moments

While times have been challenging, Canadians have kept moving with new dreams and new hopes in town. We know, because over the past years we've helped move a lot of you to new places to continue your life stories. If you were one of the many who trusted AMJ Campbell with your move, we want to say thank you. You've helped us weather these challenging times by learning better ways of working and always remembering to give back to the communities where we work. For the thousands of moving moments we shared with all of you, thank you from all of us.

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Kodansha: Taking Flight Kodansha Design Ad - Taking Flight Kodansha Design Ad - Taking Flight Kodansha Design Ad - Taking Flight Kodansha Design Ad - Taking Flight

Japanese publishing giant Kodansha today unveils a new brand film, Taking Flight, directed by Juan Cabral and devised by New York-based design and branding studio Gretel. The film heralds an evolving era for Kodansha as it launches a new global brand identity, also by Gretel.

With its core business evolving across platforms and markets, including Kodansha USA, the subsidiary representing the brand in America, Kodansha partnered with Gretel to establish a global brand for today’s media, with the ultimate aim of better connecting the company to the vast content offerings it publishes. The partnership spanned many touchpoints, from defining the brand presence on the spine of a book, to trade show designs, to sonic and logo mnemonics, brand launches and a brand film.

The brand film, Taking Flight, follows the migration of stories from Kodansha, as they take flight across the city and eventually the world.

kodansha_casestudy_mangasampler_resized.jpg   kodansha_casestudy_previews_resized.jpg   kodansha_casestudy_publicationspine_resized.jpg   logo_lockup_resized.jpg  ]]>
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Playful Promises: Feel playful, even when you shouldn't Playful Promises Integrated Ad - Feel playful, even when you shouldn't Playful Promises Integrated Ad - Feel playful, even when you shouldn't

This lingerie campaign goes against the category norms because Playful Promises is for women who choose not to fit into pre-defined boxes. This campaign aims to empower women and echo their playful personalities in a way that's true to the experience of wearing lingerie, rather than serving up the same old tired performative tropes.

playful_promises_1.jpg   playful_promises_2.jpg   c56969_playful_promise_2400x48006.jpg  ]]>
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Dermablend: Mythiligo Dermablend Digital Ad - Mythiligo Dermablend Digital Ad - Mythiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease that affects almost 2% of the world´s population. There are a lot of myths related to this condition, which attempt directly against people self-esteem.

We came up with a new disease to take over and own of these myths: Mythíligo.


mythiligo_02.jpg   mythiligo_03.jpg   mythiligo_01.jpg  ]]>
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Trebor: 100 Years Strong

Trebor, the Mondelēz International-owned confectionery brand, is bringing back its iconic “minty bit stronger” jingle in a new campaign to mark its 100th anniversary. The push was developed in partnership with creative agency ELVIS.

In order to build brand love and drive consideration, the campaign aims to rekindle the emotional connection that people had to Trebor in the past, in a way that celebrates its longevity but also resonates with a new, younger audience.

ELVIS and Trebor are tapping into nostalgia for the advertising that the brand has become known for, reimagining the much-loved Trebor Extra Strong Mints jingle (“Trebor Mints are a minty bit stronger”) that was originally created in 1969.

The campaign features an all-new revamped version of the famous jingle, recorded by a leading gospel music singer and featuring new lyrics.

The push will run on radio and across social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

As part of the activity, Trebor and ELVIS have also created a 100-mint-long promotional Trebor pack, in the brand’s biggest promotion in recent years. People can win one of the special packs and £/€10,000 or £/€100 by scanning any normal Trebor pack at to see if it grows extra-long.

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CIN: Backgrounds

It's been more than a year since we're all working from home. CIN, the largest Iberian coatings company, wants you to stop hiding your walls with those ridiculous backgrounds. It's time to be proud of those walls. Let's paint.

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Rossini: Ready to Work Rossini Print Ad - Ready to Work

To do a great job you need clothing that knows how to do the job.
Rossini is the workwear made in Italy that dresses thousands of professional workers, with superior quality and hard-wearing fabrics, without ever foregoing wearability. Rossini is the real workwear that get hooked to your professionalism with maximum efficiency, safety, comfort and style.

rossini_pant.jpg   rossini_jacket.jpg  ]]>
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Council for Safe Traffic: Keep Focus Council for Safe Traffic Print Ad - Keep Focus Council for Safe Traffic Print Ad - Keep Focus

In Denmark most traffic accidents towards cyclists happens because of people being on their phone while biking.

1._fb.jpg   2._snapchat.jpg   3.twitter_.jpg  ]]>
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A day in the life of a 23-year-old, 6-figure-earning marketing entrepreneur who started as a waitress at Steak-n-Shake Sherane Chen

Sherane Chen

At 16, Sherane Chen started her first job at Steak-n-Shake as a waitress. By the age of 21, she'd launched a business specializing in restaurant marketing. Today it earns six figures, and Chen also works full-time as a marketing lead.

She got here by gaining restaurant industry experience, studying marketing, and having the confidence and wherewithal to spot an opportunity to combine her two areas of expertise.

During and after college at the University of North Florida where she studied communications, Chen worked in restaurants. She made sure to build a savings, because she knew one day she wanted to start her own business.

After years as a waitress, she got a job in marketing at a local place called Oceanside Grill where she learned the operational aspects of the restaurant business. When she launched her own marketing firm focusing on social media management, graphic design, video creation, and hiring in 2019, Chen landed her first clients selling marketing services door to door.

"I would say, 'hey I found your social and saw you weren't active and I wanted to give you some tips on how you can get more customers in the door,'" she told Insider. She would leave behind her business card and wait for them to call.

Today her company has 17 clients and makes over six figures a year, according to documents provided to Insider. Chen also works full-time as a marketing lead at a business coaching company. To Insider she reveals what her typical day is like, from walks on the beach, to endless Zoom calls with clients.

She wakes up at 7 a.m. making her first of many cups of coffee

Chen's day typically begins at 7 a.m.

The eponymous restaurant company she founded has always been remote, which has allowed her to work from wherever, whenever. It currently has two-full time staffers including a graphic designer, a social media manager, and a part-time copywriter.

Before the pandemic, Chen used to work from local coffee shops, but now that she's working from home, she invested in a top-tier coffee machine that keeps her going throughout the day. "I truly don't know a marketer who doesn't love a good cup of coffee to get all of the creative juices flowing," she added.

Sherane Chen

Sherane Chen

After having her coffee, she then either makes breakfast or "treats" herself to a breakfast from a restaurant nearby. "Whenever I eat out for breakfast I usually take my computer so I can work on a few things while I'm out," she continued. "The area I live in is peaceful and not very crowded so it's usually just me getting things done while enjoying pancakes, eggs, bacon, and whatever else I decide to have that day."

Around 9 a.m. she prepares to Zoom with her clients

After finishing breakfast, she prepares for her meetings with clients, which have been happening over Zoom since the pandemic struck.

Normally, she said, she would meet them at their restaurant to work on rebranding various parts of it, such as the menu, or develop new general marketing strategies. "We work on the strategy together and then I re-assign to my employees who took over most of the tactical things for me," she said.

This part usually takes up most of her day. Meanwhile, Chen also makes ads for her own business, which she then runs on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to help attract new clients.

Aside from running her own company, Chen also spends her day working as marketing and sales lead for a business coaching company called The Unstoppable Entrepreneur owned by Kelly Roach. Chen has worked there for nearly two years and makes six figures there, as well. For that company, she helps manage the marketing team, ads, and helps coach Roach's clients on the various aspects of marketing.

Chen always finds time to take a 'breather' during the day

Like most, her workload depends on what day she is having. "It's not the same every day," she said. "Some days are super chill and others are hectic. All holidays are really busy, and the start of each season - spring, summer, fall, and winter."

Once Chen finishes the bulk of her workload, typically after lunch or in the early evening, she goes to get some fresh air. Her favorite place to go is the beach because it's close to where she lives. "Taking a walk along the beach really helps to clear my head and gives me the boost of energy I need after being on the screen for so long," she said.

Sherane Chen

Sherane Chen

Often during the day, Chen hops on the phone with her mentor Bruno DiFabio, a pizza chef who's been helping her "learn the ropes" of the restaurant business for the past two years. Together they chat about ways to help grow her business.

And he isn't the only mentor Chen has had these past few years - at 19, she met local business owner Nate Mayo, who does social media marketing and photography for various Jacksonville-based restaurants, and has a viral Instagram account that highlights popular food places in the area. Chen snagged an internship with Mayo around 2016 and began working for him, which inspired her to launch her own company.

Chen also counts Roach as a mentor as well. "Kelly has taught me how to be resilient and how to be the best what you do," she said. "She taught me how to work for the things I want and never give up."

After her 'breather' she goes straight back to work

She typically holds more meetings with restaurant owners throughout the evening, especially since the "lunch rush" is finished, which is usually around 2 p.m. She also continues assignments for Roach's company.

Chen says to manage the workload of having two jobs she makes sure to always take some time off. She books vacations and takes breathers such as the walk above. Chen also sometimes gets up an hour early to clear her head and prepare herself to stay focused for the day ahead.

After her breather, she usually goes back to work but likes to make a "quick snack." She likes to recreate YouTube recipes, such as the snack she made pictured below. "I found this on Youtube years ago and have been eating it ever since," she said. "Brown rice cakes, almond butter, and chia seeds are really filling and hit the spot when you are not a big lunch person."

Sherane Chen A snack

Sherane Chen

Around 6 p.m. she takes photographs outside

Chen's favorite time of the day is "golden hour" - around 6 p.m. when the sky is a golden-tinted yellow. Chen takes advantage of the good quality light to take photographs of food she is seeking to help advertise.

Sometimes she has to hire someone to help her do it, as work can get busy. "I don't really get a chance to do food photography anymore," she said. "When I do have time to go, I love it."

She eats dinner around 7:30, this day choosing to grab Mediterranean food. Afterward, she spends time studying - reading new books to help her gain knowledge in different areas outside of marketing. She's currently reading "Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale" by Zig Ziglar and "Spin Selling" by Neil Rackham.

Sherane Chen

Sherane Chen

She goes to bed around 11 p.m.

Chen says she doesn't really "finish" work until around 11 pm. "People always need me all day," she said, of her marketing exec job. "It's a management role so I always get my team texting me at all hours."

But when the calls finally stop and the text messages slow down, Chen has time to think about her next business idea - a podcast agency that helps brands and entrepreneurs achieve success in podcasting. She's already started running ads for the venture.

"I'm working toward seven streams of income to be a millionaire by 2025," she said, adding that she has a dream board of other projects she would like to helm. Asked about possible burnout, Chen let her ambition answer for her. "Just keep your focus on what you're working hard for," she said. "If you want it bad enough, you'll make it happen."

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Google: Be kind to your mind Google Digital Ad - Be kind to your mind

During lockdown, Google Search data showed that people were searching for ways to help others but few were asking for help on their own mental health. ‘I need help’ are the three hardest words to say out loud and the stigma existed even on Google Search.

Google wanted to break the cycle and started looking for solutions to make mental health help accessible across regions. By working together with psychologists, a toolkit of self-care skills were put together on When a Covid-19 related query was typed, there was extra support in the results.

We then created a brand video using real footage of people and influencers to remind people to take care of themselves like they take care of others. The creative was localised across Asian regions to inspire millions on how to search for self-care in every language and region.

Results? Search trends showed people searching for self-care and the campaign got hope and support to 186M people as #BeKindToYourMind started trending,
one courageous query at a time. Localization drove a 2-5% uplift in brand metrics.

google_search_-_mental_health.jpg  ]]>
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Preparations for 4th CIIE making steady progress - SHINE Preparations for 4th CIIE making steady progress   SHINE]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2021 09:11:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Days Without End Records: Dreams Chamber Days Without End Records Digital Ad - Dreams Chamber Days Without End Records Digital Ad - Dreams Chamber Days Without End Records Digital Ad - Dreams Chamber Days Without End Records Digital Ad - Dreams Chamber Days Without End Records Digital Ad - Dreams Chamber

It is proven and documented that humans emit vibrations, which can positively or negatively influence the human immune system. A person with a balanced and positive life vibrates at Frequencies of 62 to 69 Hz. A sad and depressed person vibrates below these frequencies, making the immune system more prone to illness.

How to help these people in confinement to get them to vibrate at frequencies that are beneficial for your physical and mental well-being? Jairo Guerrero, together with a renowned Psychotherapist and the Mexican Institute of Education and Research in Mental Health, creates a sound project called Camara de Sueños (Dream Chamber).

Sound compositions that vibrate at high frequencies to help people who listen this music, to cycle in a neutral mental state, so that they can concentrate and develop their daily tasks well and optimally, working as a sound anxiolytic. In addition to the results it had with patients and of becoming a complementary tool to the treatments of these mental and emotional problems, the graphic campaign was handled as if it were an advertisement for a Prozac-type drug, which invited to repair the mind.

1_269.jpg   2_220.jpg   3_179.jpg   4_113.jpg   5_80.jpg   briefcase_caples-dream_chamber.001.jpeg  ]]>
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