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  • Biden on Wednesday unveiled his plans to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan.
  • He spoke from the same room that then-President George W. Bush used to announce the start of the war.
  • Both sets of remarks were given nearly 20 years apart.
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President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled his plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, addressing the nation from the same room where then-President George W. Bush announced the start of the war in 2001

"It is time to end America's longest war," Biden said from the Treaty Room in the White House, nearly 20 years after Bush spoke against the same backdrop. "It is time for American troops to come home."

Bush carried out the first US airstrikes in Afghanistan on October 7, just weeks after the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

Biden announced on Wednesday his administration's framework to end the US's military mission in the country and establish a diplomatic presence.

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Marine Corps Recruit Depot opens graduations back up to the public Ceremonies will be more festive at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot as families are welcomed back onto the San Diego base to watch their new Marines graduate.

Starting April 22, Marines will be able to invite two family members to their graduation, a welcome break to the lesser fanfare of the last year where families and friends could only watch virtually.

“It will be a lot more lively on the depot,” said Capt. Martin Harris, spokesman for the base that each year hosts more than 40 graduations. “It’s always nice and inspiring to meet people and veterans who share the same values we do.”

Graduations will move from Friday to Thursday and family day will be rolled into the Thursday graduation. Base officials will screen guests for COVID-19. Once on base, they can tour base facilities such as restaurants, the Marine Corps Exchange and the command museum. Masks are required.

“We are extremely proud to have families return to the depot for graduations,” said Brig. Gen. Ryan P. Heritage, the commanding general of MCRD and Western Recruiting Region. “We look forward to welcoming more families in the near future, as more individuals receive the vaccination each day. Measured and prudent steps forward will ensure that we continue to protect the entry-level training pipeline and begin to safely reopen.”

Despite restrictions to limit capacity, recruit officials haven’t seen a lull in those wanting to become Marines.

Each platoon entering training is first quarantined either on or off base for 14 days. They are housed two to a room and can’t leave it. All their activities, including meals, exercise and studies, are done in the room.

When the quarantine is over, recruits get uniforms, their haircuts and start boot camp.

While interest remained high in those wanting to serve, logistics of shipping them to the depot became more difficult because they had to be spaced out more to meet social distance requirements.

Recruiting also shifted from in-person efforts to virtual. Recruiters had to shift to a new normal, moving away from what they’ve done for generations.

“We took as many as we could based on restrictions,” Harris said. “We never stopped shipping and continued on to maximum capacity. We’ve been able to increase that as social-distancing requirements changed.”

Compared to a typical year in which the depot sees a spike in the number of recruits in the summer, last year’s companies were steadier with a constant flow of about 300 to 400 people in a company.

The pandemic may have also given the Marine Corps a new opportunity to find those who might not previously considered military service, officials said.

“The last year has been introspective for a lot of people,” Harris said. “These are the times people make decisions to better themselves. You find out a lot about yourself when you’re struggling. That lends well to an organization such as ours. As people assess their lives, they can find a new purpose.”

But, Harris said those who join the Marines are typically not looking for a job.

“This is not something people do to get a paycheck,” he said. “Maybe it’s security or being part of an organization with a long-standing history. We’re not getting people because they’re out of work. It’s not an easy process and it takes a lot of commitment.”

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Vintage bomber’s Connecticut crash, killing 7 including Long Beach pilot, tied to errors and maintenance By DAVE COLLINS

HARTFORD, Conn. — Pilot error probably caused the 2019 crash of a World War II-era bomber in Connecticut that killed seven people and wounded six others, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a report released Tuesday. It also cited inadequate maintenance as a contributing factor.

The four-engine, propeller-driven B-17G Flying Fortress bomber with 13 people aboard crashed at Bradley International Airport, north of Hartford, during a traveling vintage aircraft show on Oct. 2, 2019.

The pilot, Ernest “Mac” McCauley, reported a problem with one of the engines shortly after takeoff, and the plane crashed into a maintenance building and burst into flames after striking the runway lights during a landing attempt.

The NTSB said the flight data indicated that the landing gear was extended too early, adding drag that slowed the plane, and it was traveling too slow on its return to the airport.

“The B-17 could likely have overflown the approach lights and landed on the runway had the pilot kept the landing gear retracted and accelerated to 120 mph until it was evident the airplane would reach the runway,” the NTSB said.

In the report, there was also a call on the Federal Aviation Administration to adopt tighter regulations on vintage aircraft flights offered to the public.

McCauley, 75, of Long Beach, California, was a veteran pilot who colleagues said had great skills flying the B-17G. He and co-pilot Michael Foster, 71, of Jacksonville, Florida, were killed in the crash, along with five of the 10 passengers. The plane’s mechanic, Mitchell Melton, of Hawkins, Texas, was the only crew member to survive.

The NTSB said there was a power loss in two of the four engines during the flight, a problem it blamed on McCauley’s “inadequate maintenance.” McCauley also served as the maintenance director of the plane’s owner, the Collings Foundation, based in Stow, Massachusetts.

The NTSB also said the Collings Foundation had an ineffective safety management system that failed to identify hazards, including the inadequate maintenance of the plane. Investigators said the system, as well as the FAA’s ineffective oversight of the system, also contributed to the accident.

The Collings Foundation said in a statement Tuesday that it is reviewing the NTSB’s findings. It did not directly address the NTSB’s findings.

“We knew Ernest “Mac” McCauley to be the most experienced B-17 pilot in the world who was passionate about the care and condition of all aircraft,” the foundation said. “Responsible flight and maintenance operations have always been a top priority of the Collings Foundation, reflected by over thirty years’ worth of a safe operating record, and always will be.”

Melton, the mechanic, from Hawkins, Texas, told investigators the No. 4 engine began losing power after takeoff and McCauley shut it off, despite Melton telling him there was no need to shut if off, according to NTSB documents.

Lawyers for relatives of people killed in the crash and survivors said in a statement that the NTSB report will help the families get some closure and prevent similar tragedies. The families and survivors are suing the Collings Foundation over the deaths and injuries. The foundation has denied wrongdoing.

“Unfortunately, our clients’ lives were forever changed when the Collings Foundation’s B-17 crashed at Bradley International Airport,” the lawyers said. “At the appropriate time … we will present evidence to a Connecticut jury that the Collings Foundation’s failures as detailed in the NTSB report, caused the horrific injuries and deaths suffered by our clients.”

The passengers killed in the crash, who paid $450 apiece for the flight, included Gary Mazzone, of East Windsor, Connecticut; Robert Riddell, of East Granby, Connecticut, James Roberts, of Ludlow, Massachusetts; David Broderick, of West Springfield, Massachusetts; and Robert Rubner, of Tolland, Connecticut.

After the crash, the foundation suspended its flights and tour for the rest of the year. In March 2020, the FAA revoked the Collings Foundation’s permission to carry passengers aboard its World War II-era planes because of safety concerns stemming from the Bradley accident.

The FAA said in a statement Tuesday that it has a number of initiatives under way to improve the safety of vintage aircraft flights offered to the public. It has issued new guidance to safety inspectors, required them to inspect all operators of such flights by Sept. 30 and will be issuing new rules for operators’ safety management systems.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, called on the FAA to immediately implement the NTSB’s recommendations.

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Biden plans to pull all US troops out of Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks Pfc. Poff, a 3rd Cavalry Regiment soldier assigned to the Train, Advise, Assist Command - East advisory team security force, keeps watch from behind a position of cover in a rural area adjacent to the the Nangarhar police Regional Logistics Center during an advising trip Jan. 6, 2015. US Army

US Army

  • President Joe Biden plans to pull all US troops out of Afghanistan by September 11.
  • The withdrawal deadline marks the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks that pulled America into the war.
  • "We're going to zero troops by September," a source told The Washington Post.
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The Biden administration plans to withdrawal all American forces in Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks that dragged the US into a decades-long conflict, The Washington Post first reported Tuesday.

Though official estimates are lower, there are somewhere around 3,500 troops currently serving in Afghanistan, according to The New York Times.

"We will begin an orderly drawdown of the remaining forces before May 1 and plan to have all US troops out of the country before the 20th anniversary of 9/11," a senior administration official said, confirming The Post's reporting.

Under the provisions of a deal negotiated with the Taliban by the Trump administration, the US is expected to have all US forces out of the country by May 1.

In March, however, Biden said that "it's going to be hard to meet the May 1 deadline," explaining that for tactical reasons, "it's hard to get those troops out." He stressed, though, that "it is not my intention to stay there for a long time."

The next day, the Taliban publicly stated that "if God forbid, all foreign troops [do] not withdraw from Afghanistan on the specified date," then the insurgent force "will be compelled to defend its religion and homeland and continue its Jihad and armed struggle against foreign forces to liberate its country."

It's unclear if the Taliban will follow through on that threat with the new deadline of September, but the administration is reportedly hopeful the new plan will prevent renewed fighting.

"If we break the May 1st deadline negotiated by the previous administration with no clear plan to exit, we will be back at war with the Taliban, and that was not something President Biden believed was in the national interest," a person familiar with the planning told The Post. "We're going to zero troops by September."

That said, a senior administration official said that if the Taliban attacks US troops, the US will swiftly retaliate.

Several other outlets, also confirmed US plans to withdraw troops by September 11, with Reuters noting that the withdrawal would be conditioned on certain human rights and security guarantees.

The original agreement for a full withdrawal by May 1 was also conditions based, requiring that "all sides must demonstrate their commitment to advancing the peace process." US military leaders have repeatedly said that the Taliban has not lived up to these commitments.

The plan to pull troops out of Afghanistan by this September comes as the US shifts its focus to what are considered to be higher-level threats, such as rivals like China and Russia.

"Afghanistan just does not rise to the level of those other threats at this point," The Post's source said.

"That does not mean we're turning away from Afghanistan," the person said. "We are going to remain committed to the government, remain committed diplomatically. But in terms of where we will be investing force posture, our blood and treasure, we believe that other priorities merit that investment."

The war in Afghanistan, which began on Oct. 7, 2001, has been America's longest-running conflict. The US has been steadily pulling troops out of the country amid negotiations with the Taliban.

The Post's source said that the US went to Afghanistan "for a particular purpose: to deliver justice to those who attacked us on September 11th and to disrupt terrorists seeking to use Afghanistan as a safe haven to attack the United States."

The unidentified individual said that because "we achieved that some years ago," the president has decided that "the best path forward to advance American interests is ending this war after 20 years so we can address the global threat picture as it exists today."

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Peers seek to block limit on UK soldiers’ accountability for war crimes Government could suffer high-profile defeat over five-year deadline proposed in overseas operations bill

Peers behind a cross-party amendment to halt plans to restrict prosecutions of torture and war crimes by British soldiers serving abroad are hopeful of inflicting a high-profile defeat on the government in the Lords on Tuesday.

Related: The UK government is attempting to bend the rules on torture | Nicholas Mercer

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Virtual Aggression – Real World Response As cyberwarfare increasingly becomes a go-to use of aggression, the idea that “what happens in cyber stays in cyber” has no credence. In a 2015 report on cyber deterrence, the Department of Defense made it clear that the United States could retaliate against a cyber-attack with a kinetic response.

Lt. Gen. Bradford J. Shwedo, the Director for Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4)/Cyber, Chief Information Officer, Joint Staff, J6, the Pentagon, explains the dangerous precedent of thinking a cyber attack cannot be met with a kinetic retaliation. U.S. Air Force Video // Tech. Sgt. Perry Aston

For example, if a state actor launched a cyber-attack against the U.S. power grid, the United States might consider an air strike as a possible retaliation.

The Department of Defense has used a kinetic attack at least once before in response to cyber-attacks by a non-state actor when it launched a drone strike in Ar Raqqah, Syria, on Aug. 26, 2015, which killed Junaid Hussain, the leader of ISIS’ hacking group.

The DoD policy seeks to deter the use of cyberwarfare by state actors against the U.S. and its allies by keeping a myriad of possible responses available and ensuring that those state actors are well aware of those capabilities across all domains and our ability and will to employ them.

Airman Logo

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Reports on CCP Vaccine for their virus ccp

Have you noticed the CCP statements? CCP is discussing mixing THREE rushed “vaccines” into a super-rushed-triple-vaccine.

I am very pro-vaccination. Very pro modern medicine. Very pro-science. (As a child, I thought I would grow up to become a physicist, but somehow ended up becoming a foreign correspondent.)

I read tons of books on pandemic. About 51 books so far. I got many vaccines in 2019 for a return to India.

I masked up long before Fauci said masks don’t work, and then changed his mind.

Yet with these rushed test-vaccines, all alarms are blaring: SLOW DOWN,




Instead, we are seeing governments around the world saying, GO AT THROTTLE UP:

Remember the Challenger. I read the entire official accident report.

The Challenger was sitting on the cold launch pad. I was watching from a television in Bad Toelz, Germany, where I was stationed in the Army.

Challenger filled with astronauts. Filled with fuel.
And Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs).

Conditions too cold for safe launch.

The conditions were redline values (or whatever they were called). In other words, according to NASA’s OWN guidelines, and recommendations from an engineer at the SRB manufacturer, Morton-Thiokol, there should be NO LAUNCH.

Ice on the launch vehicle.

Temperature too low for a critical part called an O-ring. The rings needed to be flexible. They were stiff from cold. If an O-ring failed, there could be catastrophic loss of entire assembly. Loss of astronauts.

But there was political pressure to launch. NASA was late again. Always late. Again and again and then came that damn freeze. The vehicle was perfect for launch but just a few degrees too cold.

Engineer said NO LAUNCH.

President Reagan was watching.

Launch director said GO FOR LAUNCH.

Main engines start
SRB start
Vehicle released from pad
Max Q
Throttle down
Pass Max Q

Go at throttle up

73 seconds into launch, O-ring failure resulted in catastrophic failure of the vehicle.

Air Force destroyed the SRBs with explosives.

Downlink lost. Telemetry lost.

Later that day, President Ronald Reagan spoke to the world:

“The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives,” Reagan said. “We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and 'slipped the surly bonds of earth' to 'touch the face of God. '”

We’ve been through this many times before, and since.

Polio vaccine in 1955.

“The Cutter Incident.”

More than 200,000 children were injected with the Cutter vaccine — which promptly created a massive polio outbreak in 40,000 who received the vaccine.

Experts rushed the vaccine. They paralyzed and killed children.

Today, we have good polio vaccines. After we slowed down and got it right.

We will beat this virus. We’ve been through far worse. HIV is far worse. We will survive.

We must use the lessons we learned a million times before.

Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.



[Author: (Michael Yon)]

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Russia vs. Ukraine russia

Watch the moon, and the weather. Bright moon, favorable weather, and firm ground.

United States should not entrap ourselves here. Red Bear has short claws and small stomach. Help the Bear entrap itself.

We have bigger storms over the Pacific. Red Dragon has long teeth, endless appetite, and Dragon Rabies.

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U.S. Space Force division to be headquartered near Los Angeles airport Home to more than 25 aerospace companies, Southern California could enjoy a boost in the industry locally now that the U.S. Space Force plans to locate one of its three divisions near the Los Angeles airport.

U.S. Space Force officials announced on Thursday, April 8, that its Space Systems Command – tasked with developing and buying space technologies – will operate at the Los Angeles Air Force Base’s Space and Missile Systems Center in El Segundo. The command is set to officially stand up in summer 2021 once all required conditions are met to re-designate the Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, as SSC headquarters.

“This is huge news for our region,” Los Angeles Supervisor Janie Hahn said.  “The LA Air Force Base isn’t just the anchor for thousands of jobs in SoCal’s aerospace industry, it is the brain trust of the Air Force. Today’s move is a resounding vote of confidence by the federal government in what has long been a pillar of our local economy – and in the talented people who work there.”

Establishing the Space Systems Command in Los Angeles will help secure the region as an aerospace hub at a time when other places, such as Colorado, have been competing for business, said Van Espahbodi, co-founder of the Starburst Accelerator, which assists aerospace startups.

“Southern California and South Bay, in particular, is experiencing its biggest tech renaissance since the Cold War, with record-setting venture investments generating hundreds of new businesses,” he said.

Among the aerospace companies the region hosts are SpaceX valued at $74 billion, Rocket Lab in Long Beach valued at more than $4 billion, Relativity Space that recently moved from Inglewood to Long Beach valued at $2 billion, Virgin Galactic at $9 billion and Virgin Orbit at about $2 billion.

“So it’s no surprise the formal standing up of Space Systems Command acknowledges the strength and leadership of our region, not just for our nation, but how innovation in space technology will affect the daily lives of our fellow citizens,” Espahbodi said.

In L.A. County, 50,000 jobs are directly related to the aerospace and defense industry, much of them in the South Bay, making the region a leader in the nation, according to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation.

Leading aerospace and defense industry contractors with operations in the Southern California also include Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Aerospace Corp.  In addition, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Palmdale serve as key facilities in NASA’s flight research.

“With every passing day, space becomes more critical for our national security and for commercial activities, and I’m pleased that Southern California and Los Angeles Air Force Base will be at the center of an increased emphasis on space,” said Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County), who with Congressman Ken Calvert (R-CA) are co-chairs of the California Aerospace Caucus.

“Southern California was already leading the way on aerospace and space innovation, and establishing the Space Systems Command at LA AFB will position our region for further growth,” Lieu said in statement. “We are ushering in a new era focused on space and I’m thrilled Southern California and LA AFB will be at the forefront.”

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This is a True Story

If you know anything about Richard Flaherty, please private message me. Especially about any of his time in Thailand, or as a Green Beret, or with ATF, or CIA.

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RAF engaged in 10-day attack on Isis in Iraq this spring Typhoon planes and cruise missiles used in biggest air raid against group in two years, ‘probably killing dozens’ says force

RAF and other coalition planes last month engaged in the biggest air raids against Isis in two years, in a 10-day mission that attacked up to 100 cave hideouts in Iraq and is likely to have caused dozens of casualties.

The attacks concluded on 22 March, the Ministry of Defence said.

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The French Army Is Testing Spot the Robot on the Battlefield

Boston Robotic’s Spot quadruped robot seems to be hitting the battlefield with a group of French Army trainees in a series of drills and simulations that explore how these currently unarmed robots could work side-by-side with humans.


Wed, 07 Apr 2021 18:00:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Google Science Companies Military Robot Boston Dynamics Battlefield Cyr Coetquidan Alphabet Inc SoftBank Group French Army Economy Of The United States Technology Internet War Conflict Coetquidan Gerard Du Boisboissel Ecole Militaire Interarmes Quadrupedalism Boston Robotic
Dig Into Our Gear Of The Moth  

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Marine Corps launches second, broader investigation after AAV training accident The Marine Corps is launching another, broader investigation after the July 30 training exercise in which eight marines and a sailor died, this time looking at how preparations for deployment might have contributed.

The men died when the amphibious assault vehicle they were training in took on too much water and sank off San Clemente Island. They were part of Battalion Landing Team 1/4, which was attached to the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, based at Camp Pendleton and under the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, that was being readied for deployment last September.

On April 2, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Gary Thomas, appointed Lt. Gen. Carl E. Mundy to serve as board president for a command investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the forming of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit.  The 15th MEU, as they are typically referred to, is currently in the Middle East, but is expected to return to California soon.

The new investigation announced by military officials on Tuesday, April 6, will look at the training and material readiness that impacted the expeditionary unit’s formation.

A MEU, made up of infantry troops, aviation squadrons and teams of logistical support that help move the troops around, is considered among the Marine Corps’ greatest assets and is expected to respond to a crisis or need for humanitarian aid in a six-hour window when called upon.

But, in the case of the 15th MEU, senior leaders say in a recently released 2,000-page report on a first completed investigation into the accident that training lapses, bad equipment and a failure to follow standard policies were apparent. The report said the accident in the ocean was “preventable.”

In the amphibious assault vehicle when it sank were riflemen Pfc. Bryan J. Baltierra, 18, of Corona; Lance Cpl. Marco A. Barranco, 21, of Montebello; Pfc. Evan A. Bath, 19, of Oak Creek, Wisconsin; Pfc. Jack Ryan Ostrovsky, 20, of Bend, Oregon; Cpl. Wesley A. Rodd, 22, of Harris, Texas; Lance Cpl. Chase D. Sweetwood, 18, of Portland, Oregon; Cpl. Cesar A. Villanueva, 21, of Riverside and U.S. Navy Hospitalman Christopher Gnem, 22, of Stockton.

Lance Cpl. Guillermo S. Perez, 19, of New Braunfels, Texas, was found unconscious in the water on the scene and later pronounced dead.

“The goal is to ensure the Marine Corps is doing everything possible to prevent this type of mishap from happening again,” said Capt. Andrew Wood, a Marine Corps spokesman.

The investigation is the second in two years where Marines are taking a deeper look into a training tragedy. In 2019, Thomas called for a second review into a midair collision off the coast of Japan that killed six people. Mistakes were found in the earlier investigation and resulted in formal reprimands for a two-star general and a colonel who had previously not been punished.

In this latest effort, the intention is not to reopen the investigation, but to examine how the MEU was formed.

Carlos Baltierra, father of Pfc. Bryan Baltierra, the youngest Marine to die, said he welcomes more review of the accident. He and other family members of the men who died have said they hoped for more answers from first completed investigation.

“What does this mean? Did they not do an adequate investigation the first time?” he asked upon hearing a third investigation is being opened.

Baltierra, of Corona, said he is still awaiting a second report being done by the Naval Safety Center, which along with the initial command investigation, reviews what went wrong and what can be done to ensure such safety lapses don’t happen again. That nearly completed report is not expected to be publicly released.

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Panama City, Panama IMG 2858

Interesting “stuff” ahead. You will see some on news as time unfolds. Some I will claim and others am just working behind scenes, as per normal.

Have been updating key people like Utah Congressman Burgess Owens. He sure works late at night. I sure do. Pay attention to Burgess Owens. Serious man. Does homework.

Wish I could do a fundraiser for stuff I can never publish about.

Separately, in my “spare” time, recently finished reading another book on pandemic. This one on tuberculosis. Title is THE REMEDY. Good read. Then read a book on reading water. Just a beak and very interesting.

IMG 3013

Am about 1/3 another pandemic book. On Ebola. I pay attention to Ebola.

This is maybe my 51st book on pandemic/epidemic. Reminds me of Joseph Campbell and HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES.

But it’s Pandemic with a Thousand Faces. Different covers, same archetype.

The experts say every living things gets viruses. Even the almost living viruses get viruses.IMG 3015

Some of my friends are upset about fist bumps instead of hand shakes. I also prefer hand shake but that is just my cultural preference. In many cultures there are safer greetings like the Wai in Thailand, or bowing in Japan.

Ever since I was a kid I remember smart people saying handshakes are a bad idea. The more you study, the more you see. Handshake is not quite as serious as walking up and kissing, but it sure closes the gap.

But still I still shake hands anyway! I guess all this book reading only counts if you apply the lessons.

What do you think? This is likely more a cultural question than anything. Did you know Americans used to spit everywhere in the 1800s? Tuberculosis spreaders! Some cultures still spit everywhere.

[Author: (Michael Yon)]

Tue, 06 Apr 2021 10:27:07 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Utah Japan Featured Thailand Military Joseph Campbell Panama City Panama Michael's Dispatches Michael Yon Wai Burgess Owens Burgess Owens Serious
Madeisy now in Guatemala. IMG 6555

We chatted long time. Her written English is good. Spoken English not. This is normal. Many Japanese, for instance, write English at even university level but do not speak English.

Madeisy is 16 and seems to write at about high-school level. (Not sure of level, but plenty good to chat — her high intelligence shines through). But when we all met in Colombia, she did not seem to understand spoken English and did not speak English to us. We communicated through Spanish.

Madeisy wants to become pediatrician. Said she loves children.

I told Madeisy to memorize all important phone numbers and addresses. Not just cities and States but actual addresses.

Memorize important email addresses.

Memorize passport number, and memorize passport issue and expiration date.

Make sure Michael, her 12 year-old brother, does same. Pretend as though you have lost everything and must first contact Mother, then rest of family. How will you do this?

Memorize everything.

Email contact information to yourself and to brother and to Mother. You are Captain Madeisy. You are in charge. Take control of you and your brother.

Am concerned they will make it into America without their Mother, or become separated, or completely robbed. They will soon enter Mexican cartel country. Everything goes.

[Author: (Michael Yon)]

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Families look for closure in final report on deadly Marine AAV training accident This time last year, Sarah Villanueva was trying to get up the nerve to ask her parents for their blessing to marry an infantry Marine at Camp Pendleton.

Now, the 20-year-old widow, an environmental systems major at San Diego State University, is left trying to figure out her life without Cpl. Cesar Villanueva, the man she fell in love with during a first date at a Temecula dog park just weeks before they decided to get married.

  • Sarah Villanueva, 20, wipes away tears as she looks at photo’s of her deceased husband, Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva as they were married for just 30 days when he was killed in the amphibious assault training accident on July 30 off San Clemente Island with eight other service members with little answers from the Marine Corps on the investigation into the accident, in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Part of a large memorial for deceased Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva at his parents home in Riverside, he was married for just 30 days when he was killed in the amphibious assault training accident on July 30 off San Clemente Island with eight other service members with little answers from the Marine Corps on the investigation into the accident, on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

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  • The wedding day photo of Sarah Villanueva, 20, and her deceased husband, Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva, 21, who were married for just 30 days when he was killed in the amphibious assault training accident on July 30, 2020. Sarah said there was no time for a honeymoon, but they planned to travel to Greece for their first anniversary this year as she sit next to a memorial for Cesar in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Sarah Villanueva, 20, and husband Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva, used COVID-19 as an excuse to get parents approval so they could get married, they were in love and didn’t want to wait. Sarah shows one of her favorite photos of her husband as they were only married 30 days before he was killed in a military training accident July 30, 2020. Photo taken in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Sarah Villanueva, 20, wife of deceased Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva with brother in-laws Oscar Villanueva, 17, left and Carlos Villanueva, 24, with a memorial for Cesar at his parents home in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Sarah Villanueva, 20, said she had not had a happy meal in a while so her husband Cesar Villanueva drove them to MacDonalds and bought her a happy meal one of her favorite memories of her husband at home in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Carlos Villanueva, 24, tears up every time he sees the motorcycle helmet of his deceased brother, Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva. Carlos said his brother was a go getter who loved adventure and was always moving. Carlos laughed as he said it may of been all the energy drinks he drank morning noon and night, but he loved early morning hikes, playing video games, watching movies with family, saving animals and riding his new motorcycle in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Sarah Villanueva, 20, shows a picture of her deceased Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva and said he was an animal lover and got this chicken as a family pet to go with the dogs and cats they already had in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Sarah Villanueva, 20, and husband Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva, used COVID-19 as an excuse to get parents approval so they could get married, they were in love and didn’t want to wait. Sarah shows one of her favorite photos of her husband as they were only married 30 days before he was killed in a military training accident July 30, 2020. Photo taken in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva with the motor cycle he bought a month before he was killed in the amphibious assault training accident on July 30 off San Clemente Island with eight other service members with little answers from the Marine Corps on the investigation into the accident. Photo was taken at the family home in Riverside on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Standing in the doorway of her in-laws home in Riverside is Sarah Villanueva, 20, widow of deceased Marine Cpl. Cesar Villanueva, 21, who was married for just 30 days when he was killed in the amphibious assault training accident on July 30 off San Clemente Island with eight other service members. The Marine Corps released their investigation last week and the family still has questions about the accident Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

  • Lupita Garcia, of Huntington Park, said she hopes the investigation results into the AAV training accident off San Clemente Island, will spur changes that prevent future training tragedies. She’s pictured here with her son, Lance Cpl. Marco A. Barranco. (Photo courtesy of Lupita Garcia)

  • Carlos and Evelyn Baltierra, and family friend, Eva Kelly, left, listen as Col. Mark Van Skike brief them on what happened when their son, Bryan Juan-Carlos Baltierra, and eight other service members, died after their amphibious assault vehicle sank off San Clemente Island in July 2020, in Corona, CA, on Monday, March 22, 2021. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

  • Col. Mark Van Skike brief the Baltierra family on what happened when their son, Bryan Juan-Carlos Baltierra, and eight other service members, died after their amphibious assault vehicle sank off San Clemente Island in July 2020, in Corona, CA, on Monday, March 22, 2021. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

  • Carlos Baltierra stands near a memorial to his son, Bryan Juan-Carlos Baltierra, in their home in Corona, CA, on Monday, March 22, 2021. Bryan Juan-Carlos Baltierra, and eight other service members, died after their amphibious assault vehicle sank off San Clemente Island in July 2020,(Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

  • Marco Barranco, center, with his daughters, Cathy, left, and and Selma, in his home in Montebello, CA, on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Their son and brother, Lance Cpl. Marco Barranco, Jr. was one of eight U.S. Marines who died in a training accident on after their amphibious assault vehicle sunk in deep water off San Clemente Island. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

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The couple had been married a month when Villanueva, 21, of Riverside, died with eight others when the amphibious assault vehicle they rode in sank during pre-deployment training off San Clemente Island last summer.

“We always thought we had all the time in the world,” Sarah Villanueva said about making future plans. “All I can do now is move forward, not on. He was always proud of me and my education. He wanted me to follow my career path. I’ve chosen to follow it through.”

Villanueva, of Temecula, and the other families, who are spread across the nation, learned last week the details of what happened in the July 30 accident, the most deadly accident in the Marine Corps’ history using the seafaring armored vehicles, commonly called AAVs, to transport troops.

Those who died were part of Battalion Landing Team 1/4, which was attached to the Camp Pendleton-based 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit that was preparing for a deployment in September.

The 2,000-page investigation report released last week details poor decisions and failures that piled up in the months and minutes leading up to the AAV sinking and, Marine Corp officials said, were preventable: standard operating procedures not followed and lapses in training and leadership coupled with the poor condition of the aging AAV fleet and an inability to quickly get Marines out of the vehicles.

In addition to Cesar Villanueva, the others who died were riflemen Pfc. Bryan J. Baltierra, 18, of Corona; Lance Cpl. Marco A. “Andy” Barranco, 21, of Montebello; Pfc. Evan A. Bath, 19, of Oak Creek, Wisconsin; Pfc. Jack Ryan Ostrovsky, 20, of Bend, Oregon; Cpl. Wesley A. Rodd, 22, of Harris, Texas; Lance Cpl. Chase D. Sweetwood, 18, of Portland, Oregon; and U.S. Navy Hospitalman Christopher Gnem, 22, of Stockton.

Eight other Marines escaped the AAV, which had been crippled by mechanical problems, as it took on water and sank nearly 400 feet to the ocean floor. Two Marines had to be airlifted to local hospitals and Lance Cpl. Guillermo S. Perez, 19, of New Braunfels, Texas, was found unconscious in the water on the scene and later pronounced dead.

Family members of the Marines said they agonized these past eight months while waiting for the investigation to unravel what occurred. Some wondered if their sons had done something wrong. Or was the accident so sudden, no one could intervene?

Senior military officers well-versed on the report briefed the families last week, the individual visits taking hours as they walked through the details and the conclusions. Marine Col. Mark Van Skike, sitting at their kitchen table, told the Baltierra family: “As an organization, we catastrophically failed.”

Sarah Villanueva was alone in her college apartment in San Diego on March 24 when she received her briefing.

“I was more taken aback that all these things were in place and they never followed through,” she said. “It was red flag after red flag. It was surprising. I would think you would expect more of people who hold others’ lives in their own hands.”

For the Barranco family of Montebello, a moment of relief came when they learned that Barranco and his fellow infantry Marines had no fault in what happened.

“My dad was scared they would say my brother and the others had messed around,” said Cathy Barranco, Andy Barranco’s sister and the wife of a U.S. Navy sailor who is set to deploy soon.

She said she was most shocked at learning there were no safety boats accompanying the AAVs as they traveled several miles out to the awaiting USS Somerset  – they are required with all amphibious operations. The report said a communications mix-up between the Navy ship and the Marines left each thinking the other had supplied the boats.

“It felt like my brother was let down by two branches of the military,” she said. “One should have checked the other. And, them not being briefed on the beach. At any point, if they had done something right, they could all still be here.”

Lupita Garcia, Andy Barranco’s mother, said her son had been afraid of getting inside the AAVs for a trip in the ocean.

“He had a bad feeling about the exercise,” she said. “He told me, ‘This is dangerous training. Mom, we need to get out when water reaches our ankles.’ I still remember his face; he was really serious and scared about it.”

“He told his sister, Selma, he didn’t want to do it,” Garcia said. “I guess he had a feeling about it. I wonder that if when it was happening, he said, ‘I knew it.’

“It kills me to know that.”

To have closure, Cathy Barranco said she needs to see the faces of those who made the mistakes.

“I’d like to see a personal apology from the ones that made the decisions,” she said, adding it felt to her the lives of her brother and the other men were considered dispensable. “I would like some closure to just speak to them and tell them who my brother was.”

“At the end (of the briefing), they talked about him and said he was an excellent marksman and that the others in his company saw him as a brother and trusted his shooting,” she said. “I would like them to know more. To us, he was the glue that kept the family together.”

For Chase Sweetwood’s mother, Christiana, closure means court-martial proceedings for those who have been found at fault.

“This was a fail in every single aspect,” she said. “This left us with no peace, just more questions. If I was to tell someone how many things actually went wrong, they would not believe me. It’s that far out there. Those AAVs never should have been out there. Never!”

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Carlos Baltierra, father of Bryan Baltierra, said he appreciated the Marine Corps took accountability. Though he still awaits the results of a second report from the Naval Safety Center – it’s not expected to be publicly released – he said he wonders how the Marines will make sure another accident like his son’s never happens again.

Standing in front of a makeshift shrine in his Corona living room, Carlos Baltierra recalled the weekend before the accident when his son came home to visit.

“He wanted me to cook his favorite food; he wanted a ribeye steak cut up in adobe sauce in chunks,” Carlos Baltierra said. Bryan Baltierra was home that weekend to go to the funeral of his uncle, who had served in the Army.

“He wanted to go see it and he wanted to see ‘Taps’ being played,” said Evelyn Baltierra, Bryan’s mom. “Who would know that less than two weeks later, we’d be doing that for him?”

Marine Corps officials say the investigation is completed, but they are committed to providing any support the families of the fallen Marines and sailor need.

They have also issued recommendations to protect against lapses in standard operating procedures and are rewriting training handbooks to make sure another training accident like this won’t happen, officials said. Commanders have been given 90 days to review all safety procedures and procedures associated with water operations. The AAVs remain grounded from water operations and the entire fleet of 800 is undergoing inspections for watertight integrity.

At least three commanders in the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s chain of command have been relieved of their duties, the most recent was Col. Christopher J. Bronzi, the unit’s commanding officer, on March 23. In October, Lt. Col. Michael J. Regner, commander of the Battalion Landing Team 1/4, was relieved, as was his company commander.

Commanders have also been given information and access to materials to take additional necessary action, officials said. Lt. General Karsten Heckl, who took command of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton a day after the training accident, has taken administrative or disciplinary action against seven other subordinate leaders who were members of the 15th MEU, officials said.

The tight-knit armored tractor, or Amtrac, community of veterans of AAV duty has expressed shock at the investigation’s findings. For some, it has brought back memories.

Steven Smith, who left the Marine Corps in 1979 as a captain, said he relived his own terrifying experience with an AAV taking on water in the Atlantic Ocean in the summer of 1973.

After scouting a beach off Norfolk, Va., for an amphibious assault demonstration, Smith, who was then a 1st lieutenant and infantryman, said on the way back to the ship about three miles offshore, the waves grew and the Marines in the group of AAVs closed their hatches.

Smith said he and two others were in the lead vehicle – his job was to keep his eye on a safety boat guiding the group.

“The seal around the hatch above my head broke as we were five minutes out,” he said. “Water started pouring over my head and every time we rolled over, water started coming in and it started to fill up. We were all trying to keep our cool.”

After 45 harrowing minutes, the AAV pulled up to the ship. Now, decades later, Smith said he still has nightmares.

“I know what these guys were going through trying to fight to get out of that hatch,” he said. “How can eight or nine people pull that off without practicing it?”

Lt. Col. Kent Ralston, now retired, investigated and reviewed several AAV incidents in his various command positions over a 27-year career. He called this training accident a blight on the Amtrac community.

“The consensus is that we really screwed this up,” he said, referring to Amtracers who have been commenting on social media. “We could have fixed this internally, and ultimately, we let the Marine Corps as a whole down.”

Ralston has read the report and agrees there were a host of failures and breaks in AAV doctrine and training.

Still, despite their age, he said he thinks AAVs remain a solid option for amphibious assaults, saying: “If maintained properly, the AAV is an exceptional vehicle that has no peers among personnel carriers.”

“Poor maintenance was standard in this platoon,” he said, in his review of the report. “This lack of discipline seemed to emanate from the top. It seems that the Marines approached this water operation with a lackadaisical attitude. They lacked respect for the sea. You can’t fear it, but you have to respect it.”

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Season for War is Upon Us IMG 1957

Panama City, Panama

Fair weather brings hot guns. I warned since early 2020 that 2021 will outdo whatever 2020 brings. Conditions are set.

Conflict rarely comes as complete surprise. Historians often typically date wars with specific birthdays suitable for history tests, such as 12 April 1861 for America’s biggest civil war to date, and then the arguments begin about Sumpter, Bull Run, or Philippi. Where was the real starting point?

Or another great American Civil War — also called the Revolutionary War. When did that start? Was it 19 April 1775?

When does water really begin to boil?

War is often more like a forest fire. Simple historians will assign specific dates, and specific events as causative. More sophisticated historians often have more difficulty in finding “the source of the Nile.” They will be more circumspect in assigning day.

Conditions. A dry forest. Any spark will do. Firework, cigarette, campfire, powerlines, lightning, or arson. No arsonist can burn down soggy rainforest during monsoon. Hit it with a million sparks. Nothing will happen.

But when conditions are set, an innocent child with a magnifying glass can burn down a state. When conditions are set, the spark will appear. It’s all about the conditions.

Conditions are set in places like Ukraine, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Minnesota and other States. There will be many sparks in 2021.

[Author: (Michael Yon)]

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Vaccine in Vermont: White Folks go to end of line — and Madeisy update ver

In other news, we have not heard from Madeisy (16) and family for about 25 hours. They are heading north to America. We know where they plan to cross and I will fly up to see. We will neither aid nor hinder their attempt to cross into United States.

Their journey so far started in Haiti a couple years ago, then to Chile, Ecuador, Colombia (where we met them), — crossed into Panama through Darien Gap and about 12 died (working on details) —. Got detained by Panamanian border police, and then ushered to Costa Rica. Near the Costa Rican border, other Haitian immigrants with Madeisy fought Panamanian police, injuring numerous Panamanian police. I published on my Patreon a Panamanian-media link to this story several days ago.

Madeisy sent some video to us of arguments between Haitian men and Panamanian border patrol. Not fighting, but heated. Madeisy is in two of the videos.

After fighting with Panamanians, the Haitians, including Madeisy, escaped to Costal Rica. The Haitians were detained by Costa Rican authorities and sent back to Panama.

Panamanian authorities out-processed the Haitians and sent them back to Costa Rica. Costa Rica sent the Haitians to Nicaragua on bus.

All trips appear to have been by bus since exiting Darien Gap.

Based on last message from Madeisy, we suspect they are in Honduras now.

Last time we heard from Madeisy, she reports they had not eaten in two days.

The great news is that if Madeisy and family can make it to Vermont, they can get the vaccine before white folk because they fall under several preferred classes:

1) Unwhite
2) Not U.S. Citizen
3) Not English speaking
4) Will need taxpayer assistance

But before they can get to the front of the line in America, Madeisy and family will have to make it through Honduras — one of the most dangerous countries on earth, and through Mexican drug cartel territory.

The more one learns about this entire situation...

[Author: (Michael Yon)]

Sat, 03 Apr 2021 09:38:45 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Featured America Military United States Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Vermont Haiti Costa Rica Costa Rica Michael's Dispatches Michael Yon Darien Gap Madeisy America Madeisy Chile Ecuador Colombia Costal Rica Darien Gap Based Unwhite
Painting a Picture of the U.S. Military: Lessons From Public Affairs Officers This blog is based on an  in the Public Relations Journal, a peer-reviewed academic publication presented by the Institute for Public Relations and PRSA.

Disclaimer: The conclusions and opinions expressed in this study represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views or official position of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Navy or the Department of Homeland Security.

Have you ever flown in the cockpit of a military jet on some super-secret military mission? Seen a sunset from the deck of an aircraft carrier at some undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean?

Considering that less than 0.05 percent of Americans are on active duty in the U.S. military right now, chances are slim you’ve done any of this.

And yet, when you read that first line, I’m willing to bet you painted a picture in your head of the scenes described. Pull up that picture in your mind’s eye again — flying in a military jet or transiting through the ocean.

What shaped that image? MoviesPhotographsArt.

Beyond their primary role as conduits between the American public and the military, military public affairs officers often want to build relationships with entertainment stakeholders.

Working with public affairs officers who (at the time) were earning their master’s degrees from San Diego State University, I conducted an experiment to measure the media effects of entertainment public relations. We narrowed our target to examine the impact that the military-entertainment complex of military-approved projects receiving technical support from the U.S. Department of Defense had on viewers’ perceptions of their relationship with the U.S. Navy.

The experiment used real-world Hollywood productions with U.S. Navy plots as stimuli:

  • We randomly assigned 80 subjects to view an extended clip of “The Last Ship,” a show that received technical assistance through entertainment PR efforts from the U.S. Navy and had access to real Navy ships and bases. The Navy reviewed scripts and provided feedback to increase accuracy in portraying the sea service, but the production ultimately made all decisions.
  • Another 84 subjects viewed an extended clip of “The Last Resort,” a show that did not have any interaction with the U.S. Navy nor had access to U.S. Navy resources and was produced independently.
  • A control group of 76 participants received an unrelated clip to watch, having been randomly assigned to this condition.

Looking at viewers’ relationship with the U.S. Navy, our data gives an early indication that some relational factors can be affected by exposure to entertainment PR efforts. While we hesitate to say entertainment PR (such as providing technical support to Hollywood) can strengthen a relationship, we do see that independently-produced portrayals fail to improve relationships with the U.S. Navy.

Examining what leads to the relationship in the first place, we conducted regressions to predict the two relationship factors. The public’s assessment of an organization’s reputation predicts Communicated Relational Commitment or a commitment to maintaining a relationship with the organization. Authenticity and credibility predicted Responsiveness and Conversational Voice (categorized as enjoyable, honest and/or positive communication) as an indicator of the relationship viewers perceived with the U.S. Navy.

This experiment shows that practitioners can positively influence relationships when they engage in entertainment PR efforts, but we aren’t willing to put all of our PR efforts on that ship just yet.

Practitioners who support Hollywood portrayals of their organization do shape the accuracy and quality of their organizations. However, technical support doesn’t turn a Hollywood project into a documentary or propaganda piece. Even with technical support, characters and experiences are dramatized for the screen.

Next time you see a movie about the military, put on your PR practitioner’s hat during intermission. Do you think public affairs officers provided technical support? Did it result in a favorable view of the service or make you feel more connected to the military?

Kaye Sweetser, Ph.D., APR+M, Fellow PRSA, is a professor of public relations at San Diego State University and the coordinator of their School of Journalism & Media Studies Military PAO Graduate Program. Follow her on LinkedIn or JMS on Twitter.

[Photo credit: kraft74] ]]>
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Madeisy’s Journey: Two of the Dead Migrants who died passing though Darien Gap — total seems to be about 12 dead, others raped, all robbed IMG 1933

Panama City, Panama

Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit

Madeisy and her Mother contacted us last night. Chuck Holton took the call. They provided exact location via GPS. I will not reveal their location other than Nicaragua. They are making fast progress to America.

Madeisy (16) is with her brother Miguel (12) and their Mother. According to conversation with Chuck, they have not eaten in two days and last night slept on a floor. We last saw them in Colombia and began tracking from there.

They are Haitian and native language is Creole. All three also speak Spanish, having spent the past couple years in South America. We first met up with the family in Nicocli, Colombia as they were preparing to enter Darien Gap.

We lost contact for about 27 days until finally Madeisy pinged our partner, Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha, who had just arrived back in Japan. Masako alerted me in Panama, I alerted Chuck Holton. Chuck’s Spanish is fluent and so Chuck is handling direct comms. (Masako was with us on the border in Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, Colombia, and Panama.)

The Madeisy Batista family had good income source in Chile. They arrived to Colombia with iPhones, mother had expensive jewelry, and they seemed happy. Madeisey and Miguel were energetic and happy on 03 March in Nicocli when Masako and I were talking with them. (Especially Masako, who took lead.) All said they liked Chile and were doing well. They were not skinny.

Biden was elected.


Start gun in a race to America.

The Batista family pulled stakes from Chile, headed north, where we met them per chance in Colombia at the southern edge of Darien Gap.

Darien Gap is about 60 miles of roadless, lawless jungle between Colombia and Panama. Some of the most dangerous jungle in the world. The Rape Jungle. Jungle of Death.

Migrants carried water jugs. None that I asked carried water filters, iodine tablets, or any other method for safeguarding drinking water. A potentially lethal mistake.

As best we can tell at this point, water is likely the source for about 12 deaths in their group. We have no solid information but this is what we have from Chuck’s conversation with Madeisy and her Mother.

Roughly 12 died.

1) One man drowned.

2) Two women swept away by river.

3) One baby, pictured above, died after reaching edge on Panama side.

4) Others died of illness or something other than violent death. Neither Madeisy nor Mother mentioned anyone being murdered.

5) Two women who died were pregnant. We likely have photos of them before they left Colombia.

IMG 1933

Madeisy and Mother have been transmitting to Chuck more videos and photos but are having data problems. We have others video and photos that we have not published.

Mother said men emerged from jungle in the Darien with M-4, M-16, and AK-47 rifles. People notoriously get the nomenclature wrong. Chuck, former Army Ranger and now a war correspondent, audited Mother’s words as they conversed. Chuck believes she knows the difference. Chuck said if the attackers had M-4s and M-16s, they likely are narcos.

Madeisy and Mother report that the women were robbed but Madeisy was spared when her Mother handed over gold necklace. Bandits did not steal iPhones because they could not use iPhones. The other women were raped.

Mother told Chuck where they plan to cross into America.

We will not reveal time nor place.

We will fly ahead to intercept.

We are neither helping nor will we hinder.

We all three are starting to root for the family to make it to America even though being terribly against mass-exodus migration. We hope they make it but will not help. We hope they make it even though we are working to slow this migration.

On the Colombia side, we saw one woman in a wheelchair who would attempt to cross. She was with her 17 year-old brother. Chuck warned not to go, saying she would die.

According to Madeisy and Mother, Wheelchair woman made it! The 17 year-old man carried his sister on his back all the way through Darien Gap. Heroic effort. If this story pans put, this man deserves honorary American-hood.

Though we all are against what is happening, we just can’t help rooting for the underdogs moving against the odds. That said, many of the young men seem like straight up gangsters and criminals that I do not under any circumstances want in America. Some of the young men threatened both Chuck and I. The looks in their eyes — we don’t want them in America.

This HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure — is sucking children through Darien Gap. Eventually, those who survive, may be ‘harvested’ from parents and sold. Did you see the video of two children being dropped over the New Mexico border fence? Scroll down on my Patreon.

Time to go. I am moving today. Please excuse any errors. This is not edited.

THANK YOU FOR ALL SUPPORT. I need it greatly. This is expensive. YOU keep this channel alive.

[Author: (Michael Yon)]

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Peace camp support for Swiss army underwear move | Brief letters Inclusivity in the armed forces | Festival of Brexit | Casual sexism | Boris Johnson | Signs of spring

Women at the Aldermaston peace camp outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment welcome the introduction of female underwear for Swiss female armed forces recruits (Report, 31 March). They hope that the British defence review and the Ministry of Defence’s climate change and sustainability review will retrospectively copy the Swiss, inculcating a more female, peaceful and caring element into the British armed forces.
Ailsa Johnson
Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp

• Can’t wait for the Festival of Brexit (Report, 24 March). For the location, I suggest the new Kent lorry park, with a parade of HGVs carrying rotting fish and meat banned from the EU, while the prime minister dangles from a zipwire waving his flags.
Derek Robinson

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Pentagon reverses Trans ban

Late Wednesday, The Pentagon announced that it is reversing the previous administration's ban on trans people serving in the U.S. armed forces. The announcement was made on the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Among the provisions:

  • The military will now provide service members a process by which they may transition gender while serving.

Read the rest ]]>
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To be clear, I am in Panama City, Panama tonight. I made these photos some years ago in Burma. The village in these photos is in the area of recent bombings and may have been bombed.

As you will see, these are not bad people. They are very friendly and will take peace when offered.

Make sure to flip through the pages. Many surprises.

[Author: (Michael Yon)]

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Children in Great Danger: Madeisy Contacted us 11 hours ago: 10 Dead, 10 raped, according to Madeisy IMG 2720 1000

Panama City, Panama

Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit

We last heard from Madeisy about 27 days ago when we talked with Madeisy and brother Miguel (12) in Nicocli, Colombia. They were heading into the deadly rape-jungle of the Darien Gap. Chasing promises of milk and honey in America.

The trail of tears. North, to America, over the blood-stained red carpet through hell.

Back in Colombia on 03 March 2021, we took a boat before Madeisy (16) and her brother Miguel and their mother. The came about an hour after us, on another boat for a 90 minute ride to the edge of the Darian Gap. Approximately 60 miles of roadless jungle, mountains, rivers, snakes — and murderous bandits, coyotes, and drug smugglers.

Last evening, Madeisy messaged to Masako Ganaha in Japan. Masako contacted me minutes later in Panama City. I contacted Chuck Holton, also in another part of Panama.

Chuck called Madeisy in Costa Rica. Chuck speaks Spanish. Madeisy is from Haiti but speaks Spanish after a couple years in South America.

Madeisy said she escaped rape when her mother gave up a gold necklace. Of the about 80 people in their group, Madeisy said 10 dead, 10 raped.

Of the 10 dead, one woman swept away in a jungle river. Not seen again. A man and woman died of unstated causes. Madeisy has not told us yet how the others died. I cannot fly to intercept her because she seems to already be on road. I might be able to intercept in Mexico.

I asked Chuck why they did not rob Madeisy of her phone. Or, maybe, she has a new phone. Chuck will call Madeisy again this morning. Nothing is off the table. We take zero at face value other than we know that huge numbers of people are killed, raped, robbed, and disappear in the Darien Gap.

Madeisy said that after she exited the jungle from Colombia into Panama, Panamanian Senafront (border police) picked them up after they survived Darien Gap. Senafront the migrants to a camp in Panama.

We flew from Colombia to intercept Madeisy and others in Panama. We found the camp and visited on two days. Panamanian authorities were giving us “the Biden treatment” and we could not get into the camp.

Panamanian authorities loaded the survivors into a bus to Costa Rica to another camp. Haitian men rebelled and injured numerous Panamanian authorities. This was reported in local news:

The Haitian escapees, including Madeisy, walked about a day and slipped into Costa Rica. Costa Rican authorities detained the Haitians and sent them back to Panama. Panama out-processed the Haitians and sent them back to Costa Rica.

As of about 10 hours ago, Madeisy was in San Jose, capital city of Costa Rica. I do not have time to fly to San Jose to intercept. (Short fuse due to covid testing delay.)

I will try to intercept somewhere else, such as in Mexico, and maybe as they try to cross into America. We will neither interfere with nor aid their attempt to get into United States.

Photos of Madeisy and her brother on the trail of tears. North, to America:

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BBC just picked up on Darien Gap. Looks like we may have just woken up the world again: bbc

Your donations helped make this happen. And Chuck Holton’s expert guidance.

Thank you!

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Burma: Dictator Government Bombs Karen people. my

Panama City, Panama

Yon-Genre Mind-dump, sans edit

Burma: Some of these attacks are less than a day from my office in Thailand. Most of that time is just getting across the river avoiding Burmese forces. One day crossing the Salween River, I photographed a body floating down the river. We believe it was a Burmese Soldier from a reported ambush upstream. Unknown.

KNU is the Karen National Union. One of the KNU villages just got bombed at night — I think this was a village I slipped into over the Salween river with a Marine officer friend.

Free Burma Rangers knows more about this than just about anyone on the planet. A missionary group led by Dave Eubank who was a Green Beret in a previous life.

According to Dave Eubank, that Burmese forces bombed at night is new and significant. New capability supplied by Russians and Chinese. There is video of Dave talking about this on Chuck Holton’s HOT ZONE, but I perpetually have problems posting those Telegram links.

If you have Telegram, follow Chuck Holton here. Chuck is wrapped tight and squared away. A correspondent far above the 1% — Chuck is into the stratosphere of experience:

I have many sources in this area of Thailand, and inside Burma. Karen people are beginning to flood into Thailand. Again, my office is just a half day drive from some of the Karen flooding in.

I am not heading back at this time. Too much going on with migrants to America — and U.S. clearly is heading deeper into conflict.

Karen are actual war refugees.

They represent no threat to United States.

Karen are good people. If they end up in America, they may need some help adjusting. Many will speak English. Most are devout Christians. They are not completely dialed into modern living. If they are in cold climates, will need particular help. If they are in Florida, they should do fine but could use some friends.

What they really could use is some help from Americans and others in Thailand. They love Americans, and Czech people. They love Rambo. In one of the movies, Rambo crosses Salween River and fights Burmese Army. You can see Rambo’s photo tacked inside huts in Burma.

If you know Karen people in America, reach out to them. Their families are getting crushed in Burma. They need help in Thailand. The most effective relief I have found are missionaries. Like always.

Said from a non-missionary: I was told during my Green Beret days to always seek out the missionaries. They know more than anybody. Specifically, as Chuck Holton said, go for the LONG TERM missionaries. Not the parachute/photo missionaries. Go for the groups who stick. You don’t have to be Christian or of their denomination or whatever.

I am not making carte blanche endorsement. Just saying the things old Green Berets and others taught me. Turned out to be true. Find the missionaries. They know all the back roads. I know that Karen people trust Free Burma Rangers. I have asked many Karen people about FBR, and I know FBR people. A young Karen woman in Chiang Mai, Thailand, told me that FBR somehow got her a scholarship to university.

I think she came from the village from the photos below that I made inside Burma. I believe this village just got bombed but I don’t know. I will ask FBR. Basically, she’s a jungle-girl but the missionaries had opened thatch school rooms in their village that provide education enough for the next step to university, and then Christians from churches in America send them to university. (You may have noticed over the years that I have gone from luke-warm to missionaries to very supportive. I see the work they do. 10x the benefit from 1/10th the price — and not from taxes but from honest charity.)

I like Karen people. This is very distressing.

See the photos I made from a village I think may have just been attacked. Again, I made these photos. This is real:

Sorry — no time to edit. I got some migrant issues to look into here in Central America.

Follow Chuck Holton.

[Author: (Michael Yon)]

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Tonight: Waxing Gibbous Moon — Fair Weather — The Borders will be overrun moon

Panama City, Panama

Yon-Genre mind-dump, sans edit

Life on earth is immensely effected by the Moon. Second only to the sun. Entire religions, calendars, tides, architecture, and every sort of human behavior including war and migration, are directly related to the Moon.

During the Florida mating season, when the Moon is high at night, the Mockingbird perches under the sky, singing through the night, calling for a mate. The Moon and the Mockingbird. Many a night I fell asleep to the Mockingbird song. The greatest singer of all.

As a young Green Beret, I learned to watch the moon. The Apaches and Comanches and the other able fighters always knew the moon. As do the Taliban. I reckon Pashtun fighters are like modern Apaches but with AK-47s.

There is much to learn from Afghan fighters. Old school. Adhering to principles. Such as as patience.

They wait for the right conditions. Including the moon. Six months, a year, or more.

Attack with sun to your back, or near sunset or sunrise, depending on advantage of getting in or getting away. Basics.

Tracking, being tracked. Shadows confer much advantage in tracking. Fighting from the shadows. Avoiding the tremendous winds and sun of daylight fighting that favor those with longer rifles.

Often they attack in broad daylight but they usually consider the continuum of the light-dark cycle. Pashtun may attack by night and literally go straight to field to harvest without so much as going home to change shoes.

When eclipse of Moon or Sun, Afghans will rush outside to fire rifles into the sky to save the Sun or Moon from Satan. This idea is common the world ‘round. Europeans of past did similar. Ringing church bells, clanging pots and pans, blasting fireworks.

During harvests, Afghans work all night in the cool under the bright Moon. So bright you can literally read a book without other light.

One night, in Southern Afghanistan, I was with Afghan interpreters. My camera was on tripod with more than 1,120mm of glass. A 400mm lens x 2.0 x 1.4 extenders = 1,120mm. The night was fine and clear. Little breeze. The Moon was crisp, moving quickly through the field of view.

The interpreters peered at the Moon. Asking me questions such as, “What do they grow up there? How do they manage water.”

Mind you, these are smart men. They just don’t know. Great fighters. Courageous. They know how to use the Moon to farm and fight. But they know nothing of tides or Apollo. Afghanistan is landlocked and earthlocked.

When Taliban attacked our massive base, Camp Bastion, destroying Harrier jets and killing our Marine Commander on the ground, I was away from Afghanistan. But I knew immediately there was no Moon. Taliban make such attacks under what we call “Red Air.”

This attack would come during a time or Red Air. Especially no Moon, a contributive factor to Red Air. I’ve written about Red Air — causing the issue to be brought up by Congressmen:

And so, I published immediately my assessment of what happened. How the Taliban attacked using Red Air conditions.

I know these things because I study things that others do not. Like that time I published immediately about the North Korean fraud from “Escape From Camp 14.” I had seen him on 60 Minutes.

And minutes later, after North Korean Shin Dong-hyuk appeared on 60 Minutes, I published that Shin was an obvious fraud. For years, the North Korean fraud had fooled top journalists such as author Blain Harden. But I knew. Because I study and spend much time with such folks.

I’ve spent more than half my life with distant cultures around the world. And now, I know things. I write these words from the country of Panama, having recently left Colombia, and Portland, Oregon.

Example of clues: the North Korean knew his birthday. That was a dead giveaway. His name is Shin Dong-hyuk. Guys like Shin NEVER know their birthdays.

Shin’s body language. His everything. Shin Dong-hyuk was a giant duck with giant webbed feet and yet passed himself off as having brilliantly escaped Camp 14. He travelled the world on a world sympathy and cash tour. Media and naive universities fawned and he landed on 60 Minutes. I outed him in minutes.

Shin fooled author Blaine Harden. Mr. Harden holds every beautiful credential of journalism. And after Shin fooled poor Blaine, throngs of journalists and academics lined up to be fooled. Until I came along. Outing Shin was easier than tracking a herd of cows through mud.

As for Afghanistan, the Moonless attack on Camp Bastion that destroyed our jets on the ground was an epic study in the incompetence of leadership tasked to guard the base.

If they had studied basic tactics, and our incredibly able if illiterate Taliban enemies — American and British Commanders would have realized they were fighting the equivalent of Apaches or Comanches. Those guys kick ass. They may be the enemy, but we must respect or they will destroy our jets on the ground and shoot the Commander dead. And they did.

And so, without missing a beat, in a way of demonstrating my knowledge of Taliban and that specific terrain and battlespace, I immediately published “When the Moon Sets, Watch Out.” Attached herewith.

A Marine intelligence officer on the base contacted me saying my dispatch was amazingly accurate other than a couple small points, which he did not clarify. Given I did that assessment off the cuff — I figured something had to be wrong — but I know how Taliban operate and knew basically how they pulled it off. I had warned many times about such Taliban tactics.

And tonight I see the moon high over Panama. I am in Panama City. The phase is Waxing Gibbous with 98% illumination. Weather tonight over the Southern border of United States is perfect. I checked for El Paso: A cool 62 Fahrenheit, and clear.

The migrants will be storming the border in high numbers during this moon.

Tomorrow the Moon will be full. If no clouds, your body will cast a shadow on the desert. Go there tomorrow, to the border by Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California — and watch during the full Moon as huge numbers of people cross into America.

I must go now. Thank you for your financial support. I need it. Tracking Taliban and all the rest is expensive and occupies my life. Make sure to read the attached link. This is not normal war correspondent work. This is the top 1% of the top 1%. Am not bragging. This is just true.

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