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(1987 edition)
(orig. 1967)

1. Play is distinguishable from work.
Play is disinterested, self-sufficient, an interlude from work. It brings no material gain. (Prizes are for show; amateurs play for fun, professionals for money.)
Work is not disinterested, is not an interlude in the day for most people. It produces goods, services or ideas, etc., by application of effort for a purpose.

2. Much work and play is subject to social control, and some, instead, is a matter of convergent selectivity.
Social control is the way in which cultures function from the standpoint of involuntary, categorical imperatives. (It is said that everyone must work, that idleness is sinful, that work is a duty and one's salvation, and so on.) Social control induces conformity, consensus, and established custom or is an outcome of such cultural conditions.
Convergent selectivity is relative freedom from social control, tending toward individuality of choice in behavior. The behavior is more voluntary. Convergencies may be chaotic, as in a gold rush; or they may be ecstatic, as in mountain-climbing. All are directed toward individuality and self-existence.

3. Work and play which are subject to social control are supported by inner belief systems, that is, latent or inner beliefs of individuals, formed by childish introjections and early internalizations in primary group (home) situations. One's religious, political, economic, and other important values and beliefs are fixed early in life and are thereafter largely immutable.
Conditions of convergent selectivity are of a more superficial nature and concern fads, manners, fashions, taste, and the like. Moral and ethical sanctions are largely bypassed, no issues are involved, no deep controversies, but only more or less acceptable difference in taste or minor matters of opinion.

4. Public opinion is subject to social control; advertising, drama, art, and so on involve convergent selectivity.

5. The self is differently involved in conditions of social control and convergent selectivity. I distinguish self from ego. The former is overtly attitudinal, and the latter a matter of mental structure.
Self-attitudes are developed largely in interactions under social control. (The boy who wins a prize at school adds to his self-stature thereby, and almost all that we are in selfhood respects is given to us in relation to social controls .) But the self so put upon us is to a degree false—a façade only. The person has to be what custom or status demands of him.
Convergent selectivity is an opportunity for the individual to exist for himself . Such existence is experienced as enjoyment, contentment, serenity, or the like. Certain free aspects of self are possible outcomes of convergent play.
The mass media, plays, art, and the theater generally offer opportunities for convergent selectivity. The self so involved is enhanced. There is an increase of self-awareness—typical, for example, of the mountain climber. There is no gain in social or material respects but much gain in one's self-existence.


7. Ordinary life would be impossible without communication, in school, church, business, on the farm, and so on. ... It is important, however, to distinguish between that part of communication supporting social control and that part of it offering opportunities to convergent selectivity.
... Communication in conditions of social control is a "mover" in national and individual development: it informs a nation of its work, its five-year plans; it teaches literacy and technology; it develops industry and extends markets. Further, it is involved in all urbanization, industrialization, and educational growth.
Mass communication, literature, drama, and the like serve instead for sociability and self-existence. These are vehicles for communication-pleasure—directly in the enjoyment they enjoin, and indirectly in the social conversations they support.

8. Convergent communication, being communication-pleasure, serves mainly as a "fill" in mass communication. The "important" communication concerns social control matters. The "fill" serves to maintain status quo position, since it serves no "work" purposes. It pleases, entertains, and projects fashions and fads. It is basically aesthetical, and amoral, a-ethical. Its function is not to relieve anxieties but to increase the sum total of self-existing possibilites.
(The "human interest slant" given to popular "news" put the reader in the position of a confidant, reflecting inner-experience, inducing reverie about himself and so on—all pointed toward more existence for oneself.)

9. Culture develops in play, and play enters into social control and convergent selectivity situations alike. But the play in religious practices, the armed forces, the law courts, in diplomacy, professional practices, is always more or less subject to internalized belief systems ; deeply held values, loyalties, needs, and ethical matters are everywhere evident.
The play in convergent selective situations is at best indifferent to such values , needs, and beliefs.

10. There are correspondences between social character and social control and convergency. Traditional and inner-directed forms of social character, such as Riesman describes, are formed in relation to social controls. Other-direction, instead is fashioned more by convergent selectivity; it is characterized by communication-pleasure.

11. The mass media, in much that pertains to social control as well as convergent selectivity, do not communicate truth or reality but only a semblance of it—of a fictional, representational, or charismatic character. Reaching the truth is a matter for science, technology, reason, and work. Charisma, imagery, and fiction are characteristic of convergencies.
But this is not to be despised. On the contrary, reality is so complex that its symbolical representation is essential to give it meanings that ordinary people can appreciate. Politics is conversation about freedom, democracy, liberty...issues which need bear little relation to ongoing real conditions or legislative actions. But all these can be good fun, that is, good communication-pleasure.
(pp. 192-195)

What is a bit bizarre about all of this, despite Stephenson having prefaced it with seemingly every available caveat, is that it seems not so simple to really draw the line between communication-as- mover and communication-as- fill . Or, perhaps it is not possible to draw this distinction generally, but it is (potentially) possible to draw it with respect to particular individuals, and just maybe groups too, based on their apperceptive profiles, i.e. what they are apt to notice and what they are apt to ignore.

That being as it is, who could deny that music education now takes place almost exclusively in contexts
supporting social control
The final victory of access over elitism cannot be merely to carve out a place for the arts in amongst the elite social control mechanisms.

Rather, arts education must at some point take in the realm of
convergent selectivity
of the
serves no work purposes
which is
basically aesthetical, and amoral, a-ethical
and most of all indeed, whose
function is not to relieve anxieties but to increase the sum total of self-existing possibilites

If Stephenson is so much as in the ballpark here, then one obvious implication of his theory is that the education system (the whole thing, not just music) is a social control mechanism through and through, one which was designed by and for the internalized belief systems of people who are long dead; this then would explain a good deal (not all) of its present dysfunction. Of course we have been hearing this for almost as long as there has been public education, and usually not from the most reliable or disinterested sources. But that doesn't mean it cannot be true now.

Where I personally really start to have trouble here is with the statement that
reality is so complex that its symbolical representation is essential to give it meanings that ordinary people can appreciate
First off, from the bird's eye view, the main reason that social reality is now too complex for even extra- ordinary people to grasp has nothing to do with media per se; rather, it is that we today suffer from towering edifices of, in Talebian terms, connectivity without responsiveness. When it is impossible to know the consequences of your actions, it is impossible to act ethically. Not even an ideal media can resolve this problem in its present complexity, and so media is ultimately just another sideshow to the far broader (ultimately broad) issue of recovering humane conditions of scale, materially and psychologically. (No, I'm not holding my breath.)

Moving to the level of national and regional institutions, and notwithstanding the above, I do think Stephenson underrates how the mass media intentionally withholds great swaths of reality which are in fact rather simple and easy-to- appreciate but which conflict, one way or another, with the media's commercial imperatives. If you've grown skeptical or numb in the face of such statements as this, Matt Taibbi's recent book is worthy of your attention, even if he does gild the lily just a bit.

Finally, considered on the local and microsocial levels, the statement is really just a slightly dressed-up version of the lie that tells the truth trope which prevails in middlebrow literary circles, and as such is subject to all of the same critiques. (See this massive thread for a head start.)

Stephenson is correct that play is essential to a humane existence; but he does not adequately consider that playing with social reality is inherently distorting of that reality and that this cannot, no matter how much fun we have or how hard we try to be mindful about it, truly be free from ethical and moral ramifications. Playing with social reality is playing with fire. It's much safer to play with, say, artistic abstraction or low-stakes athletic competition. Perhaps Stephenson thought he was being pragmatic here. I would contend that such a statement is only truly pragmatic in service of elitism itself.

Stephenson's caveats:
None of these [postulates] is axiomatic. The postulates are not analytic propositions, capable of precise definition. All instead are synthetic complexes with excess meaning. Theorems or hypotheses cannot be derived from them in any logical order.
(p. 192)
Well, okay. But it's not too sporting to offer up such a detailed analysis while maintaining that none of it is axiomatic .

[Author: Stefan Kac]

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Watch Coldplay Cover Pearl Jam’s “Nothingman” In Seattle

Coldplay’s Chris Martin sang Pearl Jam’s “Nothingman” with Eddie Vedder at the Global Citizen Festival in 2016. And last night, when Coldplay played the grand opening of Seattle’s new Climate Pledge Arena in a sold-out show livestreamed by Amazon, they took the opportunity to perform “Nothingman” again.

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Watch Parquet Courts Play Sympathy For Life Songs Live For The First Time

Yesterday Parquet Courts put out their great new album Sympathy For Life, which we called the biggest creative leap of their career. They celebrated the new LP’s release with a hometown show at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. And although they debuted several songs from the album in Jersey City back in August, there were still plenty of new ones on the setlist for the first time at MHOW. Footage of several of those debuts — including the title track, “Marathon Of Anger,” “Trullo,” “Zoom Out,” “Application/Apparatus,” and “Pulcinella” — has made its way online. Check out the videos below.

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Watch Bon Iver Play “PDLIF” Live For The First Time Graham Tolbert

Last year Bon Iver released a single called “PDLIF,” which stands for “Please Don’t Live In Fear.” It was billed as the first “episode” of “Bon Iver Season Five,” and it was extremely good — so good that I put it on this list of Bon Iver’s 10 best songs.

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Watch Lana Del Rey Perform “Arcadia” On Colbert

Lana Del Rey just released her new album Blue Banisters yesterday. And to celebrate the release, she went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to perform album single “Arcadia,” crooning directly into the camera accompanied only by a piano. Watch and listen below.

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20 years of the iPod: how it shuffled music and tech forever In October 2001, the music industry was riven by piracy and had no idea how to solve it. Enter Steve Jobs, whose new device created a digital music market – and made Apple into a titan

In 2001, the record business was in freefall due to digital piracy, and the best way out of this accelerating crisis came in the shape of a white device the size of a deck of cards. The iPod, launched 20 years ago this week, was also how Apple’s Steve Jobs was able to prey on a failing business in order to avenge his own past failures – exiled between 1985 and 1997 from the company he co-founded – by turning Apple into the most profitable company in history.

Before the iPod lifeline arrived in October 2001, record labels were in full panic mode. In its annual report for 2001, record company trade body IFPI called it “a turbulent” year, blaming filesharing and CD burning for a revenue slump. Jay Berman was chief exective of IFPI at the time and calls the scale of filesharing then “a crisis of momentous proportions” for record labels. “It really was,” he says, “a foreign invasion.”

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Springsteen and Obama on friendship and fathers: ‘You have to turn your ghosts into ancestors’ Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen discuss their dads, their unlikely friendship, and second careers – as podcast hosts

President Barack Obama
Good conversations don’t follow a script. Like a good song, they’re full of surprises, improvisations, detours. They may be grounded in a specific time and place, reflecting your state of mind and the current state of the world. But the best conversations also have a timeless quality, taking you back into the realm of memory, propelling you forward toward your hopes and dreams. Sharing stories reminds you that you’re not alone – and maybe helps you understand yourself a little bit better.

When Bruce and I first sat down in the summer of 2020 to record Renegades: Born in the USA, we didn’t know how our conversations would turn out. What I did know was that Bruce was a great storyteller, a bard of the American experience – and that we both had a lot on our minds, including some fundamental questions about the troubling turn our country had taken. A historic pandemic showed no signs of abating. Americans everywhere were out of work. Millions had just taken to the streets to protest the murder of George Floyd, and the then occupant of the White House seemed intent not on bringing people together but on tearing down some of the basic values and institutional foundations of our democracy.

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Stephenson, PTMC—Work and Play and Work The Play Theory of Mass Communication
(1987 edition)
(orig. 1967)
The child at play, Freud writes, is like a poet; both "rearrange things" in their worlds "to suit them better." Both child and poet distinguish between the real world of painful emotions, frustrations, hurts, and obduracies, and the play world, where these real-world fears and hurts are transmuted into humor, pleasure, and delightful wish-fulfillment. Play is escape from what goes on painfully in the real world. That something of the kind occurs is certain. But Freud overlooked the other half of fantasy, which "rearranges" not only things but the self to suit itself better. The self may grow, develop, and restructure itself in daydreaming and fantasy. The emotions that we did not realize we were capable of, the very things that Freud set out to explain, are an intimation of a growing self, of rearranging within oneself, rather than transmogrifications of painful experiences. Freud saw only mental sickness in daydreaming. The child wants to feel "grown-up," and thus plays. The adult gives up such playing, he thinks, but may daydream instead. We all create fantasies, as long as we live; but, for Freud, the more "normal" we are the less daydreaming we do. I would rather say that the more we work and live by work, in Freud's inner-directed world, the less we have time for daydreams. But by the same token the development of self is likely to have stopped when we lose ourselves in work.
(pp. 200-201)
This is an odd turn near the end of the book. Suddenly Stephenson has performed the same historically-specific pigeonholing of
from which he has been seeking the whole time to liberate
Would it not be better put to say that truly
losing oneself
affords one much the same potential for
development of the self
as does the ideal of
subjective play
And by way of much the same process?

It seems to me that the anti-ideal of work to which Stephenson appeals here, to work as pure necessity imposed on the self from without by the dark forces of social control , this anti-ideal need not be accepted ipso facto, and indeed is not accepted now nearly as readily as it was in 1967. Work-as-pure-necessity sounds terrible, sometimes it is actually terrible, but it is still possible to lose yourself in it, to be constructively "rearranged" in and through work, whether or not the overall experience is pleasant or even tolerable. This, at least, has been one of my enduring takeaways from several stints in the security industry, and from inumerable musical engagements which had me pining for my old TSA job by the time they were through. I can't really manage pure play-escape either, though I suppose it's time to accept that I'm in the minority (while nonetheless holding out stubborn hope that this reflects a culturebound rather than an essential condition of humanity). The maintenance lady at the Resort who enviously tells us we're "working at playing" is not all wrong; and it is precisely this rare opportunity for balanced playwork which I so value about the job from which I've been furloughed for the past year and a half, much to the incomprehension of both co-workers and outside acquaintances who know just how individualistic and self-regarding I am.

Stephenson again:
No doubt all this can be projected upon the poem [Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock], metaphysical, Freudian, Marxian, and the rest. But I would agree instead...that the poem is largely unadulterated fun. ... The incident is trivial, but the human delight is enormous. ...

Instead of dull Marx, nasty Freud, or ponderous metaphysician, all dealing with problems in the real world, Pope gives us a poem to play with in the mind, with joy, wit, fun, delight, freedom...all in step in unalloyed fantasy.

This is subjective play, regarded as pure communication-pleasure. Pope wrote with no thought of hurt or gain...he was having fun, as a child has when it plays. If we are so minded, and so open to joy, reading the poem gives us the selfsame satisfactions. And this is the core of our theory.
(pp. 199-200)
So the poet was merely
having fun, as a child has when it plays
This commits precisely the fallacy Sennett warned against in his Debussy anecdote. It is as if the obvious speciousness of so many accreted interpretations has cowed the author into an equally severe overeaction in the other direction.

One can only hope that somewhere between the too-knowing interpreter and the blissfully ignorant child there is a whole world of what can only be called adult self-development, conspicuous by its absence here just as it is in most academic/educational settings.

From Sutton-Smith's introduction (1987):
We live in a world in which the economic distinction between play and work exercises its own evaluational coercion; where the scientific distinction between object and subject also exercises its epistemological coercion over the way we come to think about play. But, to the contrary, the movement of players in and out of play is often much more indistinct...
(p. xiii)

[Stephenson] would find little disagreement if he stated that the individual purpose in all of this is self-enhancement. There is not much power to the "explanation," however, since little is known about self enhancement. Stephenson does stress the importance of the player's freedom of choice in self-enhancement and that concept has become a salient twentieth-century way of defining a person at play: Play is something one does with freedom, or when one is moved by intrinsic motivation. This was also a major point made by Huizenga.

The problem with this stress on freedom of choice, however, is that it is also a culturally-relative reflex to our traditional distinction between work and play—assigning pain to the former and pleasure to the latter. ... Since the event of philosophical, political and poetic romanticism at the turn of the Nineteenth century, Western culture has idealized the freedom supposedly found in art and play... The contrary case would seek to show that although modern play is not usually seen as an obligation, its players are often coerced by their own addictions to the excitements of gambling and contests of a physical or intellectual nature. Inner compulsions may still exact what society may not longer require. None of this need deny that subjective play is what mass communication is about, though it does suggest that we need to modify Stephenson's defense of his position.
(pp. xiv-xv)

The most serious recent critique of Stephenson's work is simply a reiteration of the view that he overlooks the great extent to which the public is manipulated through the mass media, something of which he is quite aware. He does not suggest that this does not occur only that, even if it does, the populace is also engaged in mass communications for the purposes of its own play. It is a fact that those who are addicted to certain kinds of play are made vulnerable by their own enthusiasm... They are exploited...but they are still at play. Once we divorce play from the romanticism of free choice and idealistic notions of value, there is less need to see any contradiction between a player's addictions to his or her own exitements and the efforts of others to manipulate those needs for their own profit.
(p. xvi)

[Author: Stefan Kac]

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Baby Sizing 101: How Do I Know My Baby’s Size?

What day of the week are the most babies born?


What’s the least busy weekday for births? Sunday.

As a proud parent, you want your baby to look their best from day one. You also want to make sure your little one is comfortable. That’s why you must learn the proper baby sizing techniques so that all of your child’s outfits fit perfectly.

To help you out, we’ve created this complete baby clothing buying guide. It will help you learn how to size your baby for fashionable, perfect-fitting outfits.

What size clothes should your baby be wearing now? Read on to find out!

How to Measure Your Baby

The first step is learning how to measure your baby correctly! Baby sizing is a lot easier than you might think. Simply follow the steps we will outline below, and you’ll have an accurate set of measurements to put to use!

Begin by getting a measurement of your baby’s height, chest, and waist. Follow up by measuring their hips and inside their legs. As you begin measuring their height, start at the heels of their feet and work your way up to the top of their head.

For the chest, you’ll need the tape measure to go underneath your child’s arms and circle back around the chest. Voila! Now you have the top half of your baby’s measurements.

Waist Down Measurements

Next, waist measurements are straightforward. Simply keep the tape measure along your baby’s natural waistline, usually right above the belly button. As you measure your child’s waist, double-check that the tape measure isn’t getting twisted up.

Last but not least, you can start measuring your baby’s hips and the inside of their legs. Hips are the most significant part of your baby’s glutes or buttocks.

Simply lay the tape measure around your child’s buttocks, and you’ll be able to get an accurate measurement. Of course, your child will need to be wearing thin leggings. Otherwise, the size will be off. For the inside of the legs, it’s as simple as it sounds. Go from the crotch to the ankle, and you’ll have the inside leg measurement you need.

Why Brand Matters

Do you have a preferred brand of baby clothes? Or are you new to the market and still trying to decide what brand to trust? There’s a lot of excellent clothing brand options out there, and it’s lovely to use a variety of them.

As long as the clothes are made from safe materials and are comfortable, you’ll be just fine. However, you’ll have to learn the different sizing charts each brand uses.

Brands like Oshkosh, Gap, and Carter’s are all great options! However, an Oshkosh onesie for a 2-month-old will not be the same size as the onesies at the Baby Gap store.

Oshkosh onesies tend to be longer and thinner than Carter’s or gap. If you have a slim baby, they should be able to fit into almost anything Oshkosh.

Carter Onesies

Carter onesies, on the other hand, tend to have a more average size. If you feel that your baby isn’t slim or adorably chunky, they might perfectly fit into Carter’s sizes. Is your baby starting to get a little bit larger than the average size?

Then plan on sizing up one to two sizes if you’re getting an article of clothing you want to zip from Carter’s. For instance, Carter’s offers a lot of fantastic baby vests. To make sure the vest will fit comfortably over the clothes your baby is already wearing, go a little bit larger for the sizing.

NB for Newborn

As you continue shopping for new baby clothes, you’ll notice that many of the tags read NB for newborns. However, what does newborn sizing actually mean?

Typically, newborn clothing items are for babies anywhere from 0 to 3 months old. However, since every baby grows at their own pace, sometimes older babies can benefit from NB sizes.

As a general rule of thumb, as long as your baby is between 5 to 8 lb, they should be able to fit into most newborn clothes. Is your baby closer to 8to 12 lb?

Then start exploring clothing sizes for 3-month-olds. When your baby finally starts to reach 20 to 24 lb., you’re ready to transition into clothes for 1-year-olds!

Gather Clothing Essentials

How many pieces should you get in each size? To avoid overspending, we suggest starting out with the basics. Put together clothing essentials for newborns. Essentials could consist of 6 to 8 shirts, 8 to 10 onesies, and several one-piece footed pajamas.

Next, you’ll need a few rompers, shirt, and shorts combinations, as well as fun dress-up outfits. Once you have the clothing essentials, you can start working on your baby’s footwear! If you live somewhere with snow, don’t forget about adorable baby boots.

How Fast Babies Grow

Next, let’s look at how to buy baby clothes before your child needs them. After you put together a set of clothing essentials for your newborn, you’ll want to start planning ahead. That means knowing approximately how fast your baby will grow so that you can have their next stage of clothes ready to go.

Remember, babies grow at their own pace. However, on average, babies are about 1 to 2 in taller every month. As far as weight goes, gaining 1- 2 pounds a month is also considered normal baby growth.

At this rate, it’ll probably feel like your child is outgrowing their clothes every other day! But don’t worry. Your baby’s rapid growth will start to slow down during the second half of their first year.

Be a Baby Sizing Expert

Now you know all of the best tips and tricks to become a baby sizing expert! After reading this article, what size clothing do you think your baby needs right now?

Go ahead and get your baby’s measurements today. Be patient as you measure the top and bottom half of their body.

Rushed measurements are likely to lead to mistakes, plus you could wind up upsetting your little one. Instead, take your time, and if possible, measure twice for accuracy. Are you ready for more helpful tips? Then look at the rest of our blog.

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Three Tips on Using your Smartphone to Spend & Use your Free Time

The amount of power that is contained within your smartphone is astounding. Even 40 years ago, it would have been difficult to comprehend the possibilities of your smartphone. It’s rare to come across an individual these days who doesn’t have one of these smart gadgets. There’s more to mobile phones than just receiving phone calls and replying to messages and within this article, we will discuss various ways on how you can use your mobile phone to help you pass time or even help you to spend free time.


Use Video Call to Communicate with a Friend – Getting together with friends is never a terrible idea, you can always set up a video conversation with them when you’re both available, compared to texting or voice calling, this is a far superior method of communication and there are many benefits of video calling someone that you should take note off. You can see and hear their face expressions as well as their speech tone. It allows for a more personal exchange of ideas and is a fun way to pass the time while you’re looking to pass the time or to spend your free time.


Playing Games from the App Store or the Internet – The number of people who like playing video games online is enormous, playing   engaging, engrossing, and thrilling all at the same time. However, do you realize how many games are available that you can easily access from your smart phone, you can download a wide range of games from the app store or browse the internet and play a wide range of casino games and have the potential chance of winning some cash in the process, now is the perfect time to start as the gambling laws are easing in some parts of the world, especially in Georgia, therefore there a multitude of gaming casinos now available, you will be able to find more information about the gambling laws in Georgia here.


Watch Movies & Videos – Viewing a fantastic movie on your phone is just as good as going to the movies, all you need is a pair of headphones and immerse yourself in the movie, you’ll have a wide range of choices thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. If you are confused about what to watch, ask your friends or family for a recommendation or you can use the ‘Trending’ tab on Netflix and pick out the best choices.

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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

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3 Thoughtful Gift Options for Thanksgiving to Impress Your Hosts

Expressing gratitude, sharing happiness and joyous invitations is what thanksgiving is all about.

But whether it is a formal family gathering or a casual Friendsgiving, there’s one thought that crosses every mind- how to come bearing thoughtful gifts?

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to show up empty-handed, especially if you know that your hosts are going out of their way to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal for you. Not to mention, they are actually spending all their time to make sure you enjoy the holiday.

Thus, bringing a gift is just a way of conveying that you appreciate their efforts.

Plus, after a year full of virtual meets and greets, this year’s holiday season is going to be really special. So, you need to step up your game to embrace the holiday cheer.

That’s why here we have a list of some thoughtful gift options you can bring in for your hosts.

Custom wine bottles

If you are struggling to find a perfect gift for your Thanksgiving dinner party, then you should know that you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine. It is undoubtedly, the classiest gift ever.

And to make your gift even more special, you can opt for a custom engraved wine bottle. For this, all you need to do is pick a bottle of wine, create a design and leave the rest to professionals.

The best part of this is that the design totally depends on you. You can consider keeping it simple by getting your thanksgiving message engraved.

This way, your host will know that you’ve actually made efforts to bring in an out-of-the-box gift for the dinner.

A sustainable gift basket

You might be familiar with the fact that a sustainable lifestyle is in trend now more than ever. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that people throw away 25% more trash during the holiday season.

So, instead of choosing a gift that would someday contribute to the trash, you can opt for buying some eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones.

For this, you can consider filing your Thanksgiving gift baskets with reusable thermal bottles or a coffee husk travel cup. The idea here is to bring in stuff to support a sustainable lifestyle and encourage your host to spend their holiday season in an eco-friendly way. You can also add stuff like reusable facial pads, sustainable soaps, and other wellness products to your gift basket.

Not only will your host appreciate your eco-friendly gifts, but the Earth will thank you for it too.

Home herb garden

If you are looking to freshen up your thanksgiving present, then gifting a herb garden is one way to fulfill your purpose. This would be extremely thoughtful if your host is a home chef.

Believe it or not, herb gardens are really easy to grow, even for the ones with tiny apartments. Your hosts can use the hydropic system to nourish and keep their herb garden fresh throughout the winter season.

You can opt for herbs like basil, parsley, and other common herbs that can be used while cooking.

You can also dress them up in a vintage-inspired container to beautify your host’s windowsill.

To conclude

Bringing the best gift to the table to impress your host doesn’t have to be challenging, especially if you have this gift list handy. Use all the options and be the star of all your Thanksgiving dinner parties.

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The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

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Parannoul, a semi-anonymous college student from Seoul, became a minor underground sensation with this year’s sophomore album To See The Next Part Of The Dream, a blown-out lo-fi shoegaze-emo hybrid of epic proportions. The album cracked our midyear best albums list and made Parannoul’s Bandcamp account a must-follow.

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Here’s Big Sean Covered In 65,000 Bees

Big Sean has a new collaboration out with Hit-Boy today called “What A Life.” But the most interesting part about this is that in the video (also out today and directed by Joe Weil), Big Sean is literally covered in thousands of bees.

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A musician is selling a gorgeous handmade dice set as part of her new vinyl album

I discovered Jenny Owen Youngs back in 2004, when we played a few shows together. Even then, she was clearly a much better songwriter than me, and I've been following her fantastic career since then. Earlier this year, I wrote about the musical about the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer that Youngs wrote with her ex-wife for their Buffy rewatch podcast. — Read the rest

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of Pulp’s We Love Life, the last album that the band released before breaking up. Former frontman Jarvis Cocker is marking the occasion in a typically atypical way. Two decades after his old band unveiled their final statement, Cocker has released the new LP Chansons D’Ennui, a collection of covers of French pop songs from the ’60s and ’70s.

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We Love Life Turns 20

It had been three and a half years since Pulp released an album, and everything had changed. The band’s whole existence had already been a long, strange trip — from youthful iterations mostly existing in obscurity in the ‘80s, to beginning to incorporate more dance influences, to the massive breakthroughs during Britpop’s mid-‘90s heyday. After all of that, there was the crash landing of 1998’s This Is Hardcore — the fallout from fame and partying, the ugly and bleak late nights on the other side of everything. That, in a way, could’ve already been Pulp’s conclusion. It was an endpoint from the stories they told on His ’N’ Hers and Different Class, and it arrived in the 1997/1998 moment when Britpop was undergoing its great collective comedown, as the albums sprawled and egos frayed and the whole heady moment had gone about as far as it could go.

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Stream Angel Du$t’s Great New Power-Pop Album YAK: A Collection Of Truck Songs

Angel Du$t have come a long way since 2016, when they released their sophomore LP Rock The Fuck On Forever and became a Stereogum Band To Watch. Justice Tripp, frontman of the truly great Baltimore hardcore band Trapped Under Ice, formed Angel Du$t in 2014, and the band features three members of Turnstile, another band from that whole Trapped Under Ice family tree. Early on, Angel Du$t worked as a channel for Tripp’s more melodic ideas, but even though they had a whole lot of Lemonheads in their DNA, they were still recognizably a hardcore band. These days, they’re something else entirely.

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U.S. Girls – “Good Kinda High”

U.S. Girls has an unconventional single out today. Called “Good Kinda High,” the lilting track is billed as a collaboration with the late pianist Glenn Gould and is produced by Billy Wild, who sampled Gould performances to create new works with contemporary artists. The finished work is titled Uninvited Guests, and technically it came out last year. But its deluxe edition, featuring the U.S. Girls track, drops today.

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What if Kraftwerk made a Dune concept album? Now we know the answer.

Joel Hamburger is a music producer who owns Gödelstring Studios in Brooklyn. As far as I'm aware, he's also the only person to ever make an entire Dune-inspired concept album in the style of Kraftwerk. "The schtick is basically that Kraftwerk were 4 musical mentats," he told me. — Read the rest

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Drukqs Turns 20

A little more than a decade ago, I was among a few thousand starfuckers jammed into some kind of converted industrial space that wasn’t too far from downtown Austin. It was the last night of SXSW, and Kanye West was putting on a G.O.O.D. Music showcase. If you were inside that big dank brick room, it was only because you’d worked every connection you had, begging and cajoling and frantically emailing. At one point during the show, I felt someone jostling me from behind, and I shoved back. A minute later, I turned around, and the guy I’d just shoved was Donald Glover.

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S.C.A.B. – “Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave”

In the early weeks of last year, the Brooklyn post-punk quartet S.C.A.B. released their debut album Beauty & Balance. They were all set to take it on the road, but obviously that didn’t happen. Instead, they found themselves stuck at home in NYC. Maybe that led to a little bit of inspiration: Today, the band is back with a new single, and it’s a banger.

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Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – “The Dark End Of The Street” (James Carr Cover)

Depeche Mode leader Dave Gahan recently got together with longtime collaborator Rich Machin, better known as Soulsavers, to record the new covers album Imposter. On the album, Gahan and Machin take on songs from people like PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. We’ve already posted the Gahan/Soulsavers take on Cat Power’s “Metal Heart,” and now they’ve shared another of the album’s covers.

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Pianist Yundi Li Arrested On Immorality Charge In Beijing

Li, who earned fame in the West in the ’00s and became a household name in China, was arrested with a sex worker — and promptly expelled from the musicians’ union, crippling his career. State TV warned that “anyone who challenges laws and social morality is doomed.” – Bloomberg Quint

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Dijon – “Rodeo Clown”

Dijon is releasing his debut solo album, Absolutely, next week. He formally announced it last week with a live performance video of its opening track, “Big Mike’s,” and we’ve gotten one proper single, “Many Times,” from it too. Today, he’s sharing another new song, “Rodeo Clown,” which boasts some twangy, sliding guitars and a crackling vocal performance from Dijon, who really sings his heart out here. Check it out below.

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Change Turns 20

Eventually, even the wild ones settle down. There are always exceptions, those full-fledged grownups in nightlife scenes around the world who’ve maintained a bustling pace of life for decades. But there comes a time for many people when the possibility of youth gives way to the stability of adulthood. Maybe, by choice or necessity, you exchange freedom and flexibility for a steady paycheck and a morning routine. Maybe you buy a house and discover the joys of lawn care. Maybe you have children and those kids consume your every waking hour. You begin to understand the appeal of hobbies that once seemed horrendously boring. Chilling at home feels so much easier than going out. Your life changes.

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