Bloglikes - Pics en-US Sat, 19 Jun 2021 20:42:59 +0000 Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:00:00 +0000 FeedWriter How volunteering at Dodger Stadium during COVID-19 influenced author’s book on Los Angeles One might assume that Rosecrans Baldwin, author of “Paris, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” and “The Last Kid Left,” is L.A. born-and-raised, given that he shares his first name with the street that runs from Manhattan Beach to Fullerton.

He’s not. Baldwin, who was born in Chicago and raised primarily in Connecticut, had only visited the city a handful of times before moving here more than six years ago.

“I always choose George as my Starbucks name, because Rosecrans is just asking for people to go all over the place with it,” Baldwin says on a recent video call. In L.A., though, people recognize his given name because of the street or the naval base in San Diego or from “California Love,” the now-classic Tupac Shakur track. “Most frequently, people just ask if I got named after Los Angeles neighborhoods, between the street and then Baldwin Hills.”

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Baldwin does have a connection to the street, though, in that he’s related to William Rosecrans, the Union army general who later headed west and died in Redondo Beach. While he says it’s “a trip” to drive around and see your name on street signs, genealogy isn’t what brought him to Los Angeles or what prompted him to write about the city in his just-published book, “Everything Now: Lessons from the City-State of Los Angeles.”

Baldwin, who co-founded the online magazine The Morning News, spent much of his adult life moving around the world. He studied in Maine and South Africa, then lived in New York, France and North Carolina. While in North Carolina, Baldwin and his wife, fellow writer Rachel Knowles, had an idea for a television show that garnered some attention.

“Suddenly, there was a deal and things were happening,” he says, “and then we came out here, and then it all fell apart, as I think a lot of things do in Hollywood.”

Still, the experience led to two realizations. One was that the couple enjoyed collaborating with each other. The other is that Baldwin quickly became enamored with the city.

“One of the odd things that occurred to me very early was that I felt at home here,” he says. Baldwin and Knowles spent their Saturdays exploring Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. “I just found myself really enthralled by trying to learn more about Los Angeles,” he says. “The more I did it, the more I liked it.”

Exploring Los Angeles led Baldwin to read more about his new home base, which prompted more questions, as well as conversations with his editor, who is from Southern California. He recalled an article in Forbes Magazine about the concept of the city-state in the 21st century and related it to Los Angeles.

“To me, it made a lot of sense,” he says, add that, from his perspective L.A. “felt much more like a country” than a city.

Baldwin also understood that writing about Los Angeles could pose some issues, noting the “great history of people, especially people from the East Coast,” heading to L.A. and trying to explain it. That wasn’t what Baldwin wanted to do. He was more interested in reading a lot about Los Angeles and talking to plenty of locals to see what kinds of stories might emerge that go beyond the common depictions of the city.

“Everything Now” comes out of this exploration. In the non-fiction book, which includes some work that previously informed articles Baldwin wrote for GQ, where he is a frequent contributor, Baldwin takes part in a self-help program from Mastery in Transformational Training (M.I.T.T.), visits Skid Row, and talks to photographer Robert Spangle about putting down the camera and responding to the Woolsey Fire. All the while, he asks what these things say about Los Angeles.

“I was really intimidated because there have been a lot of people who have written a lot about Los Angeles. Los Angeles doesn’t lack for literature,” he says. Over the course of four years, Baldwin read about 190 L.A. books. He spent about a year developing the idea and formulating questions that would be addressed in his own book.

Baldwin was finishing his drafts when COVID-19 hit last year. “Some days that meant I was grateful to have a project so singular that I could sort of put my blinders on, especially when the lockdown was really at its most intense, and just focus on it,” he says. On other days, he says, the last thing he wanted to do was dive back into the book. Last August, though, he started volunteering with CORE at Dodger Stadium, where the non-profit was running COVID-19 testing and, later, vaccinations. “It has been very meaningful,” he says of the work.

It was also a bit of a role reversal. Baldwin says that, while he spent so much time traveling around greater Los Angeles in researching “Everything Now,” at Dodger Stadium, he was working in a space where people from across the county were gathering. His volunteer work gave Baldwin a chance to continue to interact with Angelenos, even if it was just to explain a test or help schedule an appointment, while he was finishing “Everything Now.”

“It definitely influenced the work on the book,” he says.

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Hannah Brown: ‘I struggle with depression’ Sat, 19 Jun 2021 07:01:23 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Instagram Hannah Brown 2021 Run Into Summer 5k Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 00-58-28 Google Maps

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Milkweed. IMG_5508

[Author: (Ann Althouse)]

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 21:10:42 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Photography Law Flowers Ann Althouse
Swiss court rejects Shelby Houlihan request for emergency injunction EUGENE, Ore. — American record holding runner Shelby Houlihan’s bid to compete in the Tokyo Olympics appeared to come to an end Friday morning when a Swiss tribunal denied her request for an emergency injunction that would have allowed her to race at the Olympic Trials, which open later Friday.

Houlihan, who competes for the Nike-financed Bowerman Track Club, was suspended for four years earlier this year after testing positive for nandrolone, a banned anabolic steroid. The Switzerland-based Court of Arbitration for Sport this week rejected Houlihan’s appeal of suspension.

Houlihan’s request for an injunction was part of an appeal attorneys for her filed with the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

“This week, my attorneys sought an emergency injunction with the Swiss Federal Tribunal to allow me to run the Olympic Trials while my appeal of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision is pending,” Houlihan wrote on her Instagram account Friday. “Unfortunately this morning, they did not grant our request for the emergency order. The court found that because the CAS has not released its reasoning for the decision they can’t know whether I am likely to succeed in an appeal.”

For much of Thursday it appeared that Houlihan, the American record holder at both 1,500 and 5,000 meters, would be allowed to compete in the Olympic Trials. Thursday morning she was included on the start list for Friday’s 1,500 first round heats and USA Track and Field indicated she would be allowed to race in Eugene.

“Given there is an active appeal process, USATF will allow any athletes to continue competing until the process is completed,” USATF said in a statement.

But the Athlete Integrity Unit, the agency overseeing anti-doping for international track and field, formally notified USATF of Houlihan’s suspension later Thursday. After discussions between AIU and World Athletics, the sport’s global governing body, and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic and USATF and a series of terse statements from AIU, World Athletics, CAS and the World Anti-Doping Agency, Houlihan was withdrawn from the Trials late Thursday.

“The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, together with USATF, can confirm that we will adhere to the WADA Code and any CAS decisions that govern athlete participation in sanctioned events,” USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland said in a statement.

On Instagram Friday, Houlihan wrote, “I want to be clear that, contrary to media reports, I never had any intention of competing if this injunction wasn’t granted. If I was going to race, it was going to be in the right way. I respect the sport and my competitors too much. I would never jeopardize the legal standing of the US team and the Olympic dreams of others. This ruling means that my goal of making another Olympic team is over for now. I can’t begin to find the words to express how disheartening this is. It absolutely breaks my heart to have my dreams and career taken away for something I did not do.”

Houlihan was tested on the morning of Dec. 15 in an out-of-competition test by the Athletics Integrity Unit. The AIU informed Houlihan in January that she had tested positive, reportedly having more than twice the allowable limit of nandrolone in her system. The drug is often used to treat anemia because it increases hemoglobin, the protein molecule in red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues, a factor that is beneficial to an endurance athlete.

“I absolutely respect and wholeheartedly support the fight to catch athletes who disrespect the sport by cheating and doping,” Houlihan said. “But I’m not one of them.”

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Houlihan, after reviewing her food log, instead blamed a burrito. She said she ordered a carne asada burrito from the truck the night before the AIU test and the meal was cross-contaminated by pork items also served by the truck.

“We concluded that the most likely explanation was a burrito purchased and consumed approximately 10 hours before that drug test from an authentic Mexican food truck that serves pig offal near my house in Beaverton, Oregon,” she said.

While AIU testing records are not available, Houlihan has been tested by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency 55 times since 2016, including nine times this year, 16 in 2020 and 15 in 2019. There are no records indicating those tests resulted in a positive test.

“I will forge ahead with my appeal to the Swiss Federal Tribunal once the Court of Arbitration for Sport issues its reasoned decision,” Houlihan wrote. “I am told that appeals of this kind are difficult to win, but I continue to believe that the truth will prevail.”

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iOS 15: How to Adjust the Date and Time of Photos iOS 15, the Photos app has been given a significant update that includes a richer Info pane to view information about a photo in your library, such as the camera, lens, and shutter speed used, the file size of the image, and where the image came from if it was saved from within another app.

In another notable addition, you can also edit the date and time when a photo was taken. Here's how it's done in the latest ‌‌iOS 15‌‌ developer beta, a version of which will be available to the public in July.
  1. Launch the Photos app and tap a photo to select it.

  2. Tap the info button (the encircled "i" icon) below the image.

  3. Tap Adjust next to the date and time.

  4. Use the calendar and the time dial to choose a new date and time, then tap Done.
Elsewhere in ‌Photos‌, ‌iOS 15‌ features a considerable update to Photo Memories, which now feature a new design, integration with Apple Music, a more interactive interface, and more intelligent memory types, such as improved pet memories, including the ability to recognize individual dogs and cats.
For more information on ‌iOS 15‌, check out our dedicated roundup. Apple will make ‌‌iOS 15‌‌ available for general release this fall. Related Roundups: iOS 15, iPadOS 15 Tag: Photos Related Forum: iOS 15
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Wellbeing at Work

WHAT DOES it take to thrive? It seems to be an elusive goal. Gallup research has found that about seven in 10 people are struggling or suffering in their lives.

In Wellbeing at Work, Jim Clifton and Jim Harter report that beginning in the late 1950s, Gallup sought to discover and quantify the difference between the best possible life and the worst possible life. Currently (2021), “Gallup has found that 17% of the world’s population is suffering (worst life), 59% is struggling, and 25% is thriving (best Life).”

So, what does this mean to leaders? People bring the whole person to work. “Work should be a stabilizing force in people’s lives. And employers play a central role in shaping the whole person.” People who are not “thriving in their lives are much more vulnerable and add risk to your organization.”

61% higher likelihood of burnout often or always
48% higher likelihood of daily stress
66% higher likelihood of worry
Double the rate of daily sadness and anger

If you follow this blog, it is obvious to you that this impacts relationship, creativity and innovation, energy, and trust.

From the Gallup global surveys of wellbeing, there emerged five essential elements of wellbeing that differentiate a thriving life from a suffering or struggling life. These are all aspects of your life that you can do something about. Interestingly, Gallup found that the most important element is career wellbeing.

Thriving is having a positive view of your life in each of these five areas.

Career Wellbeing: You Like What You Do Every Day

My job and my manager are the two strongest links to net thriving.” Many find spending time with their manager to be the worst time of their day. We can fix that by improving employee experiences and teaching managers to be better coaches.

What can leaders do?

  • Make sure everyone in the organization knows their strengths to help design a better employee experience.
  • Remove abusive managers.
  • Upskill managers to move from boss to coach.
  • Make wellbeing part of career development conversations.

Social Wellbeing: You Have Meaningful Friendships in Your Life

Social time builds friendships. Friendships mitigate division, bias, gossip, and office politics. Gallup found that “almost all forms of social time boost mood, but technological remote forms such as texting and social media have thresholds—mood drops after moderate amounts. While both remote and in-person socializing is beneficial, in-person interaction has the greatest impact on mood. But that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it or that social connections have to drain time to be effective. Create regular opportunities for people to get to know one another through work.”

Financial Wellbeing: You Manage Your Money Well

Almost half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Money may not buy happiness but properly managed, it creates more opportunities and freedom. Raises in income affect happiness to a point. “Above an annual income of 90,000 on average, daily emotions do not improve with increases in income.”

Leaders can help by providing financial planning, investing, and savings resources and tools.

Physical Wellbeing: You Have Energy to Get Things Done

“Your organization’s ability to bounce back from a public health crisis, or any crisis, depends on how resilient your employees are.” So, encouraging healthy choices is a win/win. We have the most control over sleep, exercise, and diet. All three can improve our immunity and mood.

Community Wellbeing: You Like Where You Live

Communities help people know that their lives matter outside of work too. “No matter how digital society has become, people still live in physical places that form the foundation of their social lives.” Not just being a part of something but caring for others fights against stress and negative emotions.

Like the other four wellbeing elements, community wellbeing feeds, and is fed by, the other elements of wellbeing. Those with high community wellbeing have active lives, are more likely to be engaged at work, and have more frequent social interactions. In the same way, physical health and financial security make giving and volunteering possible.

While career wellbeing is foundational to the other four elements, it is important that they are all in balance. “All things being equal, thriving in what you do every day makes for stronger relationships, a more secure financial life, good health, and greater community involvement.” If you are on the low end of the scale on any one or more of the elements, then that’s where you need to start to move toward thriving. The elements are all interrelated, so focusing on just one area will cause you to fail overall. “Those who had an imbalance in points across the elements had the lowest wellbeing—in particular when they gave an overabundance to financial wellbeing.”

If you want to build a thriving culture, you need to avoid the four risks:

  • Employee Mental Health—The Quality of the Workplace
  • Lack Of Clarity and Purpose—“Employees who trust their leadership, are twice as likely to report clarity in what their organization stands for and to believe in the organizational values.”
  • Overreliance On Policies and Perks—“If it were possible to legislate culture through policies, programs, and perks, most organizations wouldn’t have any culture problems.”
  • Poorly Skilled Managers—This is the most significant risk. “Designing an engaging workplace that is the foundation for thriving wellbeing and overall mental health is led by the manager.”

People need, especially in a crisis, four leadership traits as a signal that their life will be OK: Hope (Is there a clear plan for the future?), Stability (Am I well-prepared to do my work?), Trust (Does my manager keep me informed?), and Compassion (Does my organization care about my wellbeing?). These help to build a net thriving and resilient culture.

The authors dig deeper into implementing wellbeing practices. As knowing your employee strengths “is the first step to having the most individualized, positive and effective wellbeing conversation with them,” they have included an appendix that ties in with the CliftonStrengths profiles. A very useful tool, along with the condensed action guide you will also find in the appendix.

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Fri, 18 Jun 2021 12:24:46 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Facebook Leadership Instagram Personal Development Gallup Jim Harter Jim Clifton
What's this bird? IMG_5498

Photographed yesterday by Lake Mendota (in Madison, Wisconsin). I tried various "What is this bird?" websites, but I couldn't figure it out. I asked Meade, and he said "A penguin."

IN THE COMMENTS: The most frequent suggestion is Eastern Kingbird, which was one of the options I saw, using bird identification websites, but I saw some differences. One reader, Bart, sent a picture of an Eastern Kingbird, the head of which I will juxtapose to my bird. I think the head shape is different (or maybe Bart's bird is ruffling its feathers and mine is a cooler character:

ADDED: With my photo cut off at the chest, Meade's "penguin" ID becomes entrancingly apt!

[Author: (Ann Althouse)]

Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:47:33 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Photography Law Birds Bart Madison Wisconsin Meade Lake Mendota Ann Althouse Bart (the commenter
Serena Williams gives daughter tennis lesson in adorable video ]]> Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:31:23 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs News Instagram Stories Serena Williams Olympia Serena Williams posts video showing 3-year-old daughter running tennis drills ]]> Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:31:23 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs News Instagram Stories Serena Williams Olympia ‘Glad and her boo’: Gladys Berejiklian dating prominent barrister who represented her at Icac NSW premier has started dating leading Sydney lawyer Arthur Moses SC who last year represented her at an Icac hearing into her ex-lover

The NSW premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has begun dating a prominent barrister who represented her during an anti-corruption inquiry into her former lover, the disgraced ex-MP Daryl Maguire.

The premier’s sister, Mary, posted a photo to Instagram on Friday night of Berejiklian and Arthur Moses SC with the caption: “After work Friday feels with these two … Glad and her boo.”

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Fri, 18 Jun 2021 09:26:32 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Instagram Australia news New South Wales Sydney New South Wales politics Mary NSW ICAC Gladys Berejiklian Berejiklian Daryl Maguire Arthur Moses SC
‘Glad and her boo’: NSW premier dating prominent barrister who represented her at Icac Gladys Berejiklian has started dating leading Sydney barrister Arthur Moses SC who last year represented her at an Icac hearing into her ex-lover

The NSW premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has begun dating a prominent barrister who represented her during an anti-corruption inquiry into her former lover, the disgraced ex-MP Daryl Maguire.

The premier’s sister, Mary, posted a photo to Instagram on Friday night of Berejiklian and Arthur Moses SC with the caption: “After work Friday feels with these two … Glad and her boo.”

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Fri, 18 Jun 2021 07:57:13 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Instagram Australia news New South Wales Sydney New South Wales politics Mary NSW ICAC Gladys Berejiklian Berejiklian Daryl Maguire Arthur Moses SC
‘Never stop dreaming’: refugees get behind the camera – in pictures Witness Change, a project for the Open Society Foundation, photographed 1,000 people who left their homes for a new life, and found a common thread of humanity in the dreams that sustain them

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Fri, 18 Jun 2021 07:04:54 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Photography World news Refugees Global development Migration And Development Open Society Foundation
‘We have more in common than what separates us’: refugee stories, told by refugees In One Thousand Dreams, award-winning photographer Robin Hammond hands the camera to refugees. Often reduced by the media’s toxic or well-meaning narratives, the portraits and interviews capture a different and more complex tale

Robin Hammond has spent two decades crisscrossing the developing world and telling other people’s stories. From photographing the Rohingya forced out of Myanmar and rape survivors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to documenting the lives of people in countries where their sexuality is illegal, his work has earned him award after award.

But for his latest project the photographer has embarked on a paradigm shift: to remove himself – and others like him – from the process entirely. Instead, as part of an in-depth exploration of the refugee experience in Europe, the stories of those featured are told by those who, arguably, know them best: other refugees.

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Instagram will now pack ads into your Reels binges
In the movie Avengers: Endgame, Thanos says, “I am inevitable.” If you think of the internet, Thanos is ads. If you’re using a free product, it’s usually just a matter of time before ads creep into it. That is what’s happening with Instagram Reels — the company’s TikTok rival. Facebook is now introducing ads as long as 30 seconds in between Reels on the app. These ads will have a small “Sponsored” label with the advertiser’s name. Instagram first introduced ads in Reels back in April to users in countries like India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia. The ads will appear only when…
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Chrissy Teigen team member says designer Michael Costello faked the DMs that showed her bullying him Entertainer Chrissy Teigen (R), designer Michael Costello (insert).

Photo by Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic, Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

  • Designer Michael Costello accused Chrissy Teigen of bullying him in purported Instagram DMs.
  • The designer said Teigen's purported messages and blacklisting caused him to want to kill himself.
  • A member of Teigen's team says the messages Costello posted are fake. The screenshots appear to be manipulated.
  • Read more of Insider's digital culture coverage here.

Chrissy Teigen's team is pushing back against bullying claims made by designer Michael Costello. A team representative for Teigen told Insider that the purported Instagram direct messages from her in 2014, posted by Costello on June 14, are fake.

Costello - who rose to prominence on season 8 of "Project Runway" and has since dressed celebrities like Beyoncé - posted the purported messages amid backlash against Teigen, who has apologized for "awful" old tweets, including a 2011 tweet that told then 17-year-old Courtney Stodden to take a "dirt nap."

Costello's post has been covered in global news outlets, but Insider found technical inconsistencies in the purported DMs that could suggest they are manipulated. Several visual identifiers in the images appear to come from various iterations of Instagram and Teigen's profile throughout the years, which is oftentimes a signature of manipulated imagery.

  • In the images Costello posted, the verified checkmark is missing from next to Teigen's name. Verification was introduced to the platform in late 2014 and Teigen was verified by early 2015, which would seemingly suggest the screenshot was taken in 2014.
  • But the messages in the images have purple and blue backgrounds - a design change that wasn't implemented until February 2020, at which point the "@chrissyteigen" account was verified. The background color and the lack of verification appear to be temporally inconsistent.
  • There is a video chat icon at the top of the image, but video chat wasn't introduced to Instagram until June 2018.
  • Teigen's profile picture in the images is the same profile picture she had in 2014, according to archived images of Teigen's profile. But Teigen changed her profile picture no later than December 2016, according to archived pictures of her account. A screenshot taken after that time would have shown her current profile picture.
Purported Instagram direct messages between Teigen and Costello contain technical inconsistencies that suggest they are manipulated. Purported Instagram direct messages between Teigen and Costello contain technical inconsistencies that suggest they are manipulated.


In a statement attached to the purported DMs, Costello wrote "In 2014, I received a public comment from Chrissy Teigen on my Instagram page, accusing me of being a racist. She apparently formed her own opinion of me based on a photoshopped comment floating around the internet which has now been proven to be false by Instagram and since taken down."

Instagram confirmed to Insider that its misinformation policy, which went into effect in May 2019, uses third-party fact-checkers to identify, review, and label false information. However, Instagram does not remove false information, and the fact-checking policy was not implemented in 2014.

Costello declined to comment for this article.

The full statement posted by Costello on Instagram in addition to the purported DMs. The full statement posted by Costello on Instagram in addition to the purported DMs.


Teigen called out Costello for saying 'racist s---' in 2014

In 2014, Costello was involved in a scandal over whether he used the "N-word" slur in response to claims that he posted a Black designer's work on his Instagram page as if it was his own. His cousin, Stephanie Costello, took responsibility at the time for purchasing the Black designer's dress and posting a picture of it on the Instagram page she said she co-ran with Michael.

Michael also denied that he used the "N-word" slur to respond to the Black designer, writing on Tumblr at the time that the image circulating of his comment was photoshopped, possibly by a disgruntled ex-intern.

Michael Costello and Chrissy Teigen Michael Costello and Chrissy Teigen.

Manny Carabel/Getty Images/Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Teigen commented on one of Michael's Instagram posts in October 2014 and wrote "So you say all that racist s--- and get that horrible press with people using the hashtag #michaelcostello to call you out on it, then you create a contest where you beg people to use the same tag but in a positive light. Covered up all the negative press. Genius and shady all at once. Start a PR firm."

Following Costello's 2021 Instagram post, singer Leona Lewis said that Costello had also participated in bullying by refusing to dress her at a 2014 event because of her size. Costello asked if he and Lewis could have a "heart-to-heart" in an Instagram story responding to Lewis' claims.

Teigen recently apologized for past 'attention seeking' behavior

Teigen has received massive public backlash following her apology to Stodden, and she has apologized twice publicly, writing "I'm mortified and sad at who I used to be." In a 2021 interview with The Daily Beast, Stodden - who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns - accused Teigen of bullying them.

"She wouldn't just publicly tweet about wanting me to take 'a dirt nap' but would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself. Things like, 'I can't wait for you to die,'" Stodden told The Daily Beast.

-chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) May 12, 2021

Teigen apologized to Stodden on Twitter on May 12 and again in a Medium post posted hours before Costello's June 14 Instagram claims.

"I've apologized publicly to one person, but there are others - and more than just a few - who I need to say I'm sorry to. I'm in the process of privately reaching out to the people I insulted," Teigen wrote.

Got a tip? Email Kat Tenbarge at

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[Author: (Kat Tenbarge)]

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Sunrise — eastern view, western view. IMG_5479




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Thu, 17 Jun 2021 21:02:29 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Photography Law Sunrise Lake Mendota Ann Althouse
Fonts, dereliction and a defunct Tokyo vending machine This old and faded shop front with its nowhere near as old but still defunct vending machine has fascinated me for ages. It’s a scene I find hard not to photograph, but harder still has been trying to get someone suitable in the frame. The street is awkwardly narrow, and there aren’t many people passing by, so my efforts have always ended in failure. Until last week that is, when persistence finally paid off and at long last a half-decent chance presented itself.

Thu, 17 Jun 2021 19:30:32 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Travel Photography Food And Drink Tokyo
Hosts With The Most: Wedding Venue Tour Tips! Picture this – you’ve found THE perfect wedding venue on Instagram, you’re planning your wedding, and you need to book […]

The post Hosts With The Most: Wedding Venue Tour Tips! appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.

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Eating What a pleasure it is to eat a well prepared meal. I don’t make many of them anymore but I love to go out and enjoy food cooked by others. In this case it was at a very nice restaurant in the country. We saw a man who was so happy to be there after the confinement that he got down on his knees and bowed to the ground.

It started with really good ham and melon. My friend had this very good platter of chacuterie. Some delicious pork with potatoes cooked in goose fat. Fabulous. The meat was cooked over a wood fire. I saw this inside the restaurant. Very artistic. It was a beautiful day as you can see by this photo.]]>
Thu, 17 Jun 2021 17:40:05 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Travel Photos France Eating Roast Pork
The best laptops for photo editing in 2021 ]]> Thu, 17 Jun 2021 16:20:07 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Photography Asus Trends Computing Razer Best Of Macbook Pro Dell XPS 15 Best Laptops For Photo Editing Tier 4 Roshan Morar’s fingers in every pie, including KZN education and SAA

The controversial auditor’s firm seconded staff to run the education department’s finance offices for more than 15 years. What’s more, former KZN education director general Cassius Lubisi is the audit firm’s new chair

The post Roshan Morar’s fingers in every pie, including KZN education and SAA appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.

Thu, 17 Jun 2021 15:00:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Corruption South Africa Jacob Zuma National Pic SAA Siu KZN Top Six Special Investigating Unit Public Investment Corporation Roshan Morar Subs-only Amakhono Capital Enoch Nzama Morar Incorporated KwaZulu-Natal education department Cassius Lubisi
Facebook Launches Indie Music Program for Artists to Distribute Songs Across Social Giant’s Apps ]]> Thu, 17 Jun 2021 14:23:02 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Facebook News Instagram TuneCore DistroKid Facebook Independent Artist Program ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ sheds 3 Housewives as one makes surprising return There’s a big shakeup going on in Orange County. Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas are out and Heather Dubrow will make her return to “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Bravo for season 16.

Dodd joined RHOC during season 11, Windham-Burke in season 14 and Vargas in season 15.

Dodd took to Twitter earlier this week, posting: “The last five years have been an amazing experience. The next five years will be even better. I am so grateful for all the love and support and so excited about the future.”

Vargas also addressed her departure on Instagram, saying:  “To the fans … I can never ever thank you enough for the outpouring of love, support and the kindness you have shown to me.” She also thanked her loyal devotees for aiding in the launch of her Vargas Vodka, which helps fund animal rescue.

Windham-Burke gave a statement to People magazine, saying she “loved every minute of being a Housewife.”

“[I] am so proud of my time on the show – the good, the bad, and the in-between,” the statement continued. “It feels revolutionary to say, but I was able to get sober and stay sober on reality TV. That is something for which I will forever be grateful. And I came out, becoming the first gay Housewife in the franchise’s history. What an incredible honor to look back upon, especially during Pride Month.”

Dubrow, who is the wife of “Botched” doctor Terry Dubrow, first joined the franchise for season 7 and left following season 11. Back then, she told The Daily Dish, “Should I change my mind, I thank Andy Cohen, Evolution and Bravo for telling me that door is always open.”

Cohen, who is the host and executive producer of RHOC, joined Dubrow on her podcast, “Heather Dubrow’s World,” earlier this week to announce her return.

“Timing is a big deal,” Dubrow said during the podcast. “Now things are a little bit different. My family’s in a different place. My kids are a little bit older. The pandemic has sort of given me a different perspective on things. And then I started thinking about, ‘How many times do you get to go back and try something again?’”

Bravo has not yet announced the premiere date for season 16 of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Shannon Storms Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson will return for the new season.

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and the pressure to make things 'Instagram official' Lopez and Affleck have stayed silent on social media about romance rumors but other couples boat loudly. Experts weigh in on how this can be harmful.


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50 Restaurant Marketing Tips restaurant-marketing.png

Restaurant marketing is important today more than ever. What’s more, effective marketing techniques can include digital and older strategies. Consider the fact that American restaurant industry sales reached about $800 billion in 2017.

How do Restaurants do Marketing?

Good restaurant marketing requires constant effort. All of these small business owners need a marketing plan to succeed. It should include food photos and other features.

Remember, a good restaurant marketing plan should be unique. It should be tailored to your budget and needs. And it should all start by understanding how to write a business plan for small restaurant so it can be part of your operation moving forward.

Top 50 Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Restaurant owners looking for more revenue need to have an advertising strategy. Even if you’re looking for mostly local customers, you’ll need to consider online strategies. Read on to find out how these 50 restaurant marketing tips can help.

1. Have a Customer Loyalty Program

Good marketing ideas need to be simple and engaging. Any restaurant owner should consider creating an app. Customers need to download it and create an account. They can redeem rewards every time they order from your selections.

Paper stamp cards were first. These early restaurant marketing strategies had cards with squares that got punched out.

Now, digital punch cards are an option. People also prefer simple options. Accommodating walk-ins and supplying free spring water help to boost customer loyalty.

2. Create a Referral Program to Encourage Word Of Mouth Promotion

Some marketing ideas that bring in restaurant customers are simple. Like a referral program. You can bring in new customers with social media platforms like Facebook. People can connect their family and friends with their favorite restaurants just by clicking a mouse and sharing.

This type of referral marketing is like word-of-mouth sharing done digitally.

3. Have Regular Deals and Discounts

Some of the best restaurant marketing strategies have excellent track records. Regular deals and discounts fall into that category. Like a BOGO (Buy One, Get One ) promotion. This type of promotion can have different aspects. You can offer a buy one get one free special. Or a buy one get one half off promotion.

Discounts that are time-based work well in restaurants. Temporarily dropping drink and meal prices brings in the after-work crowd. This technique also can increase foot traffic.

4. Offer Gift Vouchers

Any good restaurant marketing plan should have variety. That includes gift vouchers designed to bring in new customers. You should offer these in a wide variety of values. That way they will appeal to different prospects. Tailoring them to different seasons and themes works.

Offering them under your roof and online covers all the bases.

5. Entice Your Competitors’ Customers

Good restaurant marketing is about staying ahead of the competition and winning over their customers. Make a list and then divide it into direct and indirect competition. Look at your competitor’s choices and promotions. Consider their hours of operation. Look at the best sellers’ specials and pricing.

You can entice their customers by filling in any restaurant market gaps you find.

6. Encourage User Generated Content with High Quality Food Pictures

Food photos are an important part of restaurant marketing. Here are a few tips for spreading the word using good pics. With platters, it’s a good idea to keep the images diverse by using different angles. Food that gets placed in baskets should have small sauce containers beside them. That shows portion size and scale.

  • Use a low angle when taking pictures of sandwiches. That way customers on social media can see the contents inside.
  • Creating a physical menu? Take pictures of plates of food with props like a knife and fork. That way customers can see the portion size.

Pictures for a website with bowls of food are a little different. A high angle lets your patrons see from above.

7. Improve Your Brand Identity

Good restaurant marketing ideas need to include branding. Customers will focus on your online presence as much as your physical location. Any logo is one of the elements customers will recognize. It can be simple with initials symbols and expressive fonts. A carefully designed logo will work in your brick-and-mortar and online places. Having them in both locations will spell success.

Don’t forget you’ll need a tagline for your website and social media marketing.

8. Have a Restaurant Business Page in as Many Places as Possible

Content that promotes your business comes in different varieties. A restaurant business page is an excellent way to attract people. You can upload one to Yelp. Facebook lets you design a page too. You can update the information as things change. Header and profile photos are important on Twitter. Business owners can add links to websites there.

Focus on videos and pictures when designing an Instagram page. You can also build a LinkedIn product page for a restaurant. Make sure any account is mobile-friendly.

9. Put a Face to Your Restaurant and Staff

Good restaurant marketing also needs a personal angle. There are many places to buy stock photos of restaurant staff. Getty Images provides drop-down menus so you can sort by orientation and number of people.

Take advantage of all of the natural lighting you can when taking pictures of your restaurant. Plan to take pictures of the best spots in your restaurant. These do well on social media channels like Instagram. Try to avoid direct sunlight because it casts hard shadows.

10. Offer a Delivery Service

Delivery services are a must-have. Delivering food yourself means having the right POS system in place. These need to handle features like storing customer information and online ordering. Some restaurants handle this themselves. Others outsource their delivery services.

DoorDash and GrubHub are two of the more established options in the restaurant industry. There’s a big advantage to using one of them. You’ll have access to a stable of drivers. The downside is that costs can be high.

11. Keep Up with Industry Trends

Staying on top of restaurant industry trends will help you to spread the word. Finding the right website with links to industry reports is useful. Getting the right information this way helps you to expand your business and make good decisions.

12. Know Your Target Audience

Good restaurant marketing strategies start with understanding your target market. You can get useful information from your restaurant POS. It can tell you about your customer’s spending habits. Analyzing your competition’s customers is another good tactic.

When you know who your target customers are, it’s possible to focus marketing campaigns on them.

13. Make Sure Dishes Are Presented Exceptionally

Here is important to match your food presentation to your restaurant theme. For example, if you’re running a high-end restaurant, the presentation needs to include elegant plates.

Smaller portions help to create an attractive look. Slicing meat horizontally will show off the quality of each cut. Complementary colors make food presentations more attractive. Bright vegetables like carrots can make a big difference.

14. Try to Use Local Ingredients

Using local ingredients is a good idea for several reasons. Local food is fresher because it travels shorter distances. Supporting your local economy is always an excellent idea. You are gaining homegrown customers and building relationships with other businesses.

15. Engage with the Local Community

Giving back to the local community is an excellent idea. You will boost the reputation of your restaurant and attract local employees. Meal donations are one way to go about this. Some restaurants choose to donate a percentage of their profits to charity.

Sponsoring a local sports team will help to spread the word and attract new customers.

16. Join Restaurant Reservation Apps and Food Apps

Restaurant reservation apps and food apps are efficient ways to run your business. They attract new customers with features like digital boards. Some, like MarketMan, keep track of food costs and ordering management. Jolt even helps you to manage your employees remotely.

Many of these tools also have management features for food items. These allow you to have more time to come up with new restaurant marketing ideas.

17. Have a Local Media Presence

You want your brand to attract local customers. Here is one way to accomplish that goal with a local media presence. Use geographically tagged keywords on your website.

Get in touch with local food bloggers and newspapers. Don’t leave out any radio and television stations in your area.

18. Celebrate Food Holidays

A successful restaurant needs to celebrate food holidays. Here’s a good list to sort through. Offering discounts and specials that coincide with these will make a difference.

19. Add Restaurant Reservation Links to My Google Business

The search engine recently added this feature for Google My Business users. You can add different types of URLs. These include ones for reserving a table, placing an order, and booking an appointment.

20. Improve Your Local SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is the way a website is optimized to appear in search results. It’s important to restaurant marketing to increase traffic to your website. It also builds brand awareness and brings in more customers with online ordering.

One of the SEO restaurant marketing ideas that works is keyword planning. This is all about targeting search terms you want to rank for. Use a combination of niche keywords and branded keywords. These can appear on a menu or even in google ads.

  • A restaurant owner should also optimize for local ranking.
  • Your restaurant should also be listed on review websites.
  • Consider setting up a Facebook page to get attention from that social media audience.
  • You can also build up links by exchanging them with other restaurants.

Don’t forget to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

21. Have Excellent On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good restaurant marketing ideas will also include other SEO techniques like these. Narrowing down your keywords is an excellent on-page optimization technique for Google. You can choose Geographic tags for local exposure. has an excellent tool to help you.

The idea behind off-page SEO techniques is building up your page and domain authority. Adding your restaurants to review websites like TripAdvisor is a good way to boost your brand.

22. Set Up Google Alerts

Setting up Google alerts is a great way to find out who’s talking about your restaurant. You can also glean new restaurant marketing ideas from the competition. Start here.

  1. Put in a keyword or phrase that you want to track.
  2. Decide on when you want to get alerts.
  3. Choose where those alerts will come from.
  4. Decide how many results you want to see at once.
  5. Enter an email address.

If people are mentioning your brand, you can ask them for a link. You can also engage with any negative business reviews through Google alerts.

23. Make Sure Business Information is Correct Everywhere

An effective brand identity needs to be accurate. Your customers need to know where you are and how to get in touch with you. Your opening hours, name, and location need to be accurate on Google. It’s a good idea to check it all on your website first. Then proceed to social media and other tools like Google ads and Yelp.

24. Consider Restroom Advertising

A website isn’t the only place where customers will see your marketing. Restaurants should also consider restroom marketing that goes on stalls and door panels. You can also include soap dispensers, mirrors, and paper towels. These techniques increase revenue. You can even add a URL customers can search for on Google.

25. Invest in Ads

There is no better way to bring in new customers than to invest in ads. Google ads and Facebook ads are two different online possibilities. Facebook advertising is excellent at targeting specific campaigns. You can point to an exact target market. Narrow down campaigns to customer interests, behavior, location, and age with this digital marketing tool.

26. Have Social Media Marketing Plan for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Social media pages are useful tools for marketing. One of the most popular and effective is the Facebook Page for business. Some of the free features available include the ability to post videos and pictures. Messenger is a tool you can use to contact customers.

You can use Twitter for business and promoting restaurants too. Limiting your hashtags makes them more effective. Don’t forget other tools like Yelp.

Instagram is another useful business tool for marketing. You can add videos and images to your posts to make them more effective. Remember people communicate with each other on these platforms by sharing.

27. Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is another great way to draw in new customers. There are several types to choose from including demo and brand videos. Choose from expert interviews and event videos too. Video can be an expensive tool so you will need to set up a budget.

Here’s a list of some of the companies you can contact for this type of content.

2.8 Engage with Your Online Community on Multiple Social Media Platforms

These are excellent marketing channels. They work best when you engage with your online community on Google. You can outsource this work or keep engagement in-house.

It’s important to respond to all of the comments you get. Even addressing negative reviews can help your bottom line. Writing blog posts that answer client questions is a great method to boost revenue.

29. Use Yelp Effectively

Yelp is a very popular site that reviews and rates restaurants. It’s free and approximately 50 million users visit every month.

Being authentic is a secret sauce for success. Don’t ask customers for positive reviews. Likewise, you should never purchase reviews or add false ones. Yelp flags reviews that are under 135 characters.

Offering gift certificates and exclusive deals without asking for reviews works. Here’s a statistic that should convince you. According to their website, 97% of people who visit Yelp make a purchase.

This tool also has reservations and waitlist options.

30. Incentivize Customer Reviews

There are several other things that you can do to incentivize customer reviews. Some restaurants offer discounts. You will need to determine which items will be affected.

Adding a little extra to their next visit to your restaurant works too. Customers who are promised free side orders this way are likely to provide comments.

Contests are another way to incentivize customer reviews.

31. Reply to Customer Reviews

Customers respond well when you engage with them. Make no mistake, online reviews are important for your restaurants. Statistics say 87% of prospects read them for local businesses. Respond to even bad reviews. If you don’t, you’re giving readers the impression the criticisms are right.

Acknowledge the negative review and then sympathize and apologize.

32. Start a Blog

A restaurant blog is a good way to build connections. You can also introduce new food items and events or promotions. Blogs are a form of content marketing. They build revenue by increasing your restaurant’s website SEO.

A good blog post needs to have short sentences. Short paragraphs and bullet points also help to hold the reader’s attention. Your staff can supply good ideas. And you should have a schedule so your readers know when to expect posts.

Take a few minutes to read about copyright notices. These include an all rights reserved phrase to protect your work.

33. Reach Out to Food Bloggers, Lifestyle Influencers, and Food Critics

Getting in touch with the people who write about your restaurant community helps. A combination of new menu items or events helps to stir interest. Start by getting a list of influencers critics and bloggers. Then use an email marketing technique. Send them a message and ask for a review.

34. Post an Online Menu

Seeing is believing. Posting photos helps to attract customers. There are different online menu makers to choose from. Look for one that will allow you to use your own brand colors and logo. Don’t forget to include your prices and a link to your website.

Consider using the technique called food porn for your pictures. Take advantage of natural light where possible. Avoid using flash.

35. Create an Easy to Read Menu

Making sure that your menu is easy to read is important for marketing. Pay special attention to the menu size. For example, family restaurants need more space. They should look at tabloid sizes. Along with photos, highlights and boxes that can draw customers’ attention. They should be optimized for Google.

36. Change Up Your Menu Regularly

Variety makes a big difference in your menu. Customers are always looking for something different. There are a few ideas below.

  • You might want to remodel your menu and change everything. This works for smaller restaurants with seasonal choices.
  • You can swap out items that have gone out of favor for new trendy options.
  • Of course, you want to add new items to your menu as they come up.

A website menu that’s built on a CMS like WordPress is easy to change. Log in, look for the right page and make changes.

37. Price Your Items Well

All of the dishes you have on your menu need to be priced properly. The food cost is the menu price versus what it costs to make that dish. Experts say this should be around 25 to 35% markup. Portion control is important. It helps you to figure out the sweet spot for pricing.

Don’t forget to check out the competition and what they charge.

38. Add a Live Chat Feature to Your Website

Live chat is an excellent way to deal with your restaurant customers. It’s a direct method that works in real-time. All the interactions here need to be helpful.

Updating them on how long they need to wait is a good starting point. Keeping them informed when you’re looking at their details helps. It’s good to use simple clear and concise language.

39. Run an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has been around for decades so there are lots of tools to choose from. Here are a few boxes to check so you get a good service.

  • Look for expertly designed email templates. You can fill these in and send them out and they will look great.
  • Look for a feature that will schedule your emails in advance. That way they will coincide with your discounts, specials, and menu additions.

Make sure the email marketing service you choose is automated. It’s the best way to get to as many new customers as possible. You should also be able to personalize the emails you send.

40. Try SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, like email marketing, is a great way to advertise your restaurant. Here’s a few ideas that will make it extremely effective.

  • Including an opt-out message is important. You want potential customers to know they won’t be spammed.
  • Let them know how often they can expect to get updates.
  • Be sure to inform them on the kind of content you’ll be sending.

Providing a link to website pages helps to spread the word. Don’t forget to use keywords.

41. Use WIFI Analytics to Gain Comprehensive Customer Data

This is the name given to deciphering data that gets rounded up through Wi-Fi access points. There’s some interesting analytics for restaurants that use this tool. They can get location data to improve their business. That includes the size of crowds in your restaurant at different times.

You can also get behavioral data that includes traffic patterns. Both are an excellent way to track customers and preferences. These analytics can answer questions like who are repeat customers and who visits after seeing marketing campaigns.

42. Put a Face to Your Brand

Putting a face to your restaurant brand can start with choosing a spokesperson. This can start with a video on your website. A good spokesperson should be active on social media. They should also publish content and network frequently.

This kind of personal touch attracts new customers.

43. Set Up a Food Truck

Setting up a food truck can be expensive, but worth it in the long run. Experts say these can cost between $40,000-$250,000. Here are some other initial start-up costs. Social media marketing is important for food trucks. Advertising can also include a website and a truck wrap with your logo.

44. Place Customers in Window Seats

Placing customers in window seats is a good marketing tool. It shows people passing by you have a popular busy restaurant. Don’t forget you’ll need to consider accommodating everyone. There are ADA codes.

There are several factors you can use here. It’s important to think about the flow when seating customers. That includes how guests will use the bathroom. And how your staff and servers will get around.

45. Have a Theme Night

Theme nights work great during the week when your business might slow down. Here are a few ideas that can drum up business.

  • Pizza Day is February 9
  • Eat What You Want Day is on May 11
  • Bad Poetry Day lands on August 18

Introducing people to your restaurant is important. Speed dating nights can bring in new customers. Advertising through social media helps. Another successful theme is international nights.

Don’t try to change your restaurant’s image. Stay as close as possible to your menu.

46. Offer Food Samples

Offering samples has been an important part of marketing for years. Free samples are a powerful proven advertising technique.

These eliminate any price point barriers. Besides, the best marketing for diner options is taste. Sampling also subconsciously motivates consumers to buy.

47. Invest in Live Music

People enjoy live music in restaurants. Saturday, Friday, and Thursday nights are peak times to book a band. Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook are visual. Start booking on these platforms a month before the event.

48. Consider Wedding Packages and Group Deals

These types of events and others can bring in business. It’s best to promote them for days when your restaurant business is slow. Marketing should stress your restaurant’s specialties. People here are usually looking for above-average choices.

49. Treat Your Staff Well

A happy motivated staff is excellent branding for your restaurant. Offering perks like continuing education and on-the-job training work well. Gift cards and/or movie tickets make excellent small rewards.

50. Start Doing Catering Events

Catering events presents new opportunities for your business. Your marketing strategy will focus on plated dishes or a buffet style. Consistency is important. You should include a few items off your restaurant’s existing menu.

How do restaurants attract customers?

The above list is full of good marketing strategy options for your restaurant. There are digital options like Google Ads and Google My Business. A loyalty program has been covered. It’s another way to increase revenue and a strategy that works

How do I improve my restaurant business?

Other possibilities include creating gift cards and providing free Wi-Fi. That way people can search on Google and other search engines. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a social media account. Keep your business info updated at all times. And don’t forget to respond to messages and reviews.

How do I market my small restaurant?

Good customer service is an important part of any marketing strategy. Facebook Pages are an effective modern digital way to have an effective business account.

How do I get my restaurant noticed?

Providing good content is another strategy to get your business noticed. A steady supply of professional words and pictures will increase your restaurant’s revenue.

How do you develop a marketing strategy for a restaurant?

You need to start at the beginning with the brainstorming session to come up with a good marketing strategy. Checking out sample templates you find online is a good idea.

Using what’s called the 4P’s is helpful. This stands for price, promotion, product, and place. Identifying these four points helps to get you started.

How do you do a market analysis for a restaurant?

A market analysis for a business helps you to design the right marketing strategy. It will help you to tweak your customer experience. And it helps people to understand when and how customer preferences change.

Several different techniques work like including comment cards that you put on tables. You can also send out online surveys to your customers. These techniques help you to see what you need to change. They can help increase revenue.

Image: Depositphotos

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Leading Thoughts for June 17, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with:


Leadership coach Ruchira Chaudhary on the difference between mentors and coaches:

“Mentors provide direction to their mentees, giving them the opportunity to become more like them. Coaches, though, don’t offer directions or even answers. A good coach instead helps the coachee come up with their own answers. As a coach and leader, you—unlike the mentor—do not provide advice from a distance. You are right there where all the action is taking place. You are observing, providing feedback, sometimes nuggets of wisdom and encouragement, sometimes nudging, sometimes directing, and often times proactively seeking them out to help them be a better version of themselves. You (ideally) lead these interactions—not your coachee. In essence, a mentor guides your (career of life) journey, whereas a coach guides your (current) practice.”

Source: Coaching: The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership


Evolutionary biologist Rebecca Heiss on how our inter-gender instincts can influence our perceptions of leadership roles:

“As soon as we are reminded that women, even powerful, responsible, qualified leaders, are mothers, our sex instinct fires up ancient associations that hold women back. But the flip side of gender bias must also be given due consideration.

“It’s not about which gender is ‘better’ in leadership roles. The reality is we need the traditional skill sets of both males and females. Leadership is a genderless domain, but recognizing how our instincts have shaped both men and women to feel threatened by a woman who is ‘taking our status’ or by a stay-at-home dad who ‘isn’t a valuable resource contributor’ is essential in intervening when our instincts might lead us down a dangerous path.

“Our sex instinct has deeply sculpted our perceptions of gender in ways that logically no longer apply today.”

Source: Instinct: Rewire Your Brain with Science-Backed Solutions to Increase Productivity and Achieve Success

* * *

Look for these ideas every Thursday on the Leading Blog. Find more ideas on the LeadingThoughts index.

* * *
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Thu, 17 Jun 2021 12:09:32 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Facebook Leadership Instagram Leading Thoughts Rebecca Heiss Ruchira Chaudhary Science Backed Solutions
Instagram’s TikTok rival, Reels, rolls out ads worldwide Instagram Reels are getting ads. The company announced today it’s launching ads in its short-form video platform and TikTok rival, Reels, to businesses and advertisers worldwide. The ads will be up to 30 seconds in length, like Reels themselves, and vertical in format, similar to ads found in Instagram Stories. Also like Reels, the new ads will loop, and people will be able to like, comment, and save them, the same as other Reels videos.

The company had previously tested Reels ads in select markets earlier this year, including India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia, then to Canada, France, the U.K. and the U.S. more recently. Early adopters of the new format have included brands like BMW, Nestlé (Nespresso), Louis Vuitton, Netflix, Uber, and others.

Instagram tells us the ads will appear in most places users view Reels content, including on the Reels tab, Reels in Stories, Reels in Explore, and Reels in your Instagram Feed, and will appear in between individual Reels posted by users. However, in order to be served a Reels ad, the user first needs to be in the immersive, full-screen Reels viewer.

Image Credits: Instagram

The company couldn’t say how often a user might see a Reels ad, noting that the number of ads a viewer may encounter will vary based on how they use Instagram. But the company is monitoring user sentiment around ads themselves, and the overall commercially of Reels, it says.

Like Instagram’s other advertising products, Reels ads will launch with an auction-based model. But so far, Instagram is declining to share any sort of performance metrics around how those ads are doing, based on tests. Nor is it yet offering advertisers any creator tools or templates that could help them get started with Reels ads. Instead, Instagram likey assumes advertisers already have creative assets on hand or know how to make them, because of Reels ads’ similarities to other vertical video ads found elsewhere, including on Instagram’s competitors.


While vertical video has already shown the potential for driving consumers to e-commerce shopping sites, Instagram hasn’t yet taken advantage of Reels ads to drive users to its built-in Instagram Shops, though that seems like a natural next step as it attempts to tie the different parts of its app together.

But perhaps ahead of that step, Instagram needs to make Reels a more compelling destination — something other TikTok rivals, which now include both Snap and YouTube — have done by funding creator content directly. Instagram, meanwhile, had made offers to select TikTok stars directly.

The launch of Instagram Reels ads follows news of TikTok’s climbing ad prices. Bloomberg reported this month that TikTok is now asking for more than $1.4 million for a home page takeover ad in the U.S., as of the third quarter, which will jump to $1.8 million by Q4 and more than $2 million on a holiday. Though the company is still building its ads team and advertisers haven’t yet allocated large portions of their video budget to the app, that tends to follow user growth — and TikTok now has over 100 million monthly active users in the U.S.

Both apps, Instagram and TikTok, now have over a billion monthly active users on a global basis, though Reels is only a part of the larger Instagram platform. For comparison, Instagram Stories is used by some 500 million users, which demonstrates Instagram’s ability to drive traffic to different areas of its app. Instagram declined to share how many users Reels has as of today.

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Instagram Reels Ads Roll Out Globally ]]> Thu, 17 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Instagram Advertising Platforms Justin Osofsky Adweek We How To Get Free Instagram Followers Today, Instagram has over one billion active users worldwide,. Thanks to Instagram brands and corporations have the potential to use GetInsta’s Instagram account as a virtual showcase to means products free Instagram followers  and thus attract followers to your online. That’s why Instagram has become an outstanding marketing strategy for improving online business.

 You may know that your Instagram content is good, but believe what proportion better it would be if 10,000 people appeared to agree. Whether you’re trying to be a social media celebrity or simply trying to spread brand awareness on Instagram, it’s often tempting to wish shortcuts to expand your audience wherever possible, including Instagram followers. You would like to possess an account linked between Instagram and Facebook. Doing business within the fashionable economy means using social media to draw in customers, and no matter your industry, you’ll want to possess many followers on Instagram. To set up subsequent, you usually have the choice to spend hours working alongside your Instagram account each day. But although an important person may have the time and skill to undertake to so, you’ll not skills to live with new followers.

Investing during an outsized amount of buy automatic Instagram followers free  for your Instagram account. How to get this app? The interaction of this GetInsta app download is simple. You would like to travel to the free Instagram followers mod app and choose your devices. Place the symbol and download the appliance by registering yourself. One of the amazing benefits of using this application is that you simply can use this applications’ together with your Instagram auto-like component without login. You’ll use all the highlights like collecting the coins and additionally buying Instagram followers and preferences.

GetInsta sells organic follower packages that you simply can buy for your Instagram account. Confine in mind that you’re paying real people to follow your account, not bots that can 1000 free Instagram followers trial your account during a few weeks. If you’re trying to hunt out more organic followers, and you want free Instagram likes on all social media platforms, then the place to seem. The team also can assist you acknowledged a package of recurring Instagram likes on all of your posts, also as having as many real followers as you want.

Instagram is that the foremost well-liked welfare work where users are most willing to share their photos and videos. Often, computer and smartphone users want to look at photos posted by users of this social network without registering for the service.

GetInsta is ideal if you would like to interact in inquiry methods to market your handle, or withdraw some of your hard-earned money. If you’re just starting out on Instagram, you will find the method of “following” hard, and it’s rare. You’ll follow a lover who has thousands of followers, but this friend might not follow you, especially if you’re just starting out. So GetInsta may be a good way to urge an early promotion, one among the foremost popular and wanted Instagram tools.


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