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edX Micromaster and coursera MasterTrack 4x3

edX Micromaster; Coursera; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

  • A graduate certificate can offer similar career and skill-boosting benefits as grad school.
  • edX MicroMasters or Coursera MasterTracks can help you earn cheaper credits for a master's degree.
  • Below are answers to FAQs about grad certificates, including cost, time commitment, and more.
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While graduate degrees can provide chances to pivot to new careers, they also can take a few years to complete and charge high tuition, depending on the school and program. That's why many people consider more affordable, flexible alternatives such as graduate certificates.

Here's everything you need to know about graduate certificates, how they compare to master's degrees, and some of the most popular graduate degree programs:

What is a graduate certificate?

While not the same as a master's degree, a graduate certificate can be taken fully online, at your own pace, and for anywhere from $1,000-$5000 total. Depending on the intended profession, it can help you learn new skills to transition into a different field - with official certification to show employers on LinkedIn or your resume - and some options even have built-in portfolio assignments so you can exit the course with new samples of your work.

On some occasions, such as with edX MicroMasters and Coursera MasterTracks, graduate certificates can double as college credits towards a related master's degree, since you technically completed graduate coursework. However, certificate credits are not automatically accepted by all schools - it varies on the university and program.

MicroMasters (small)

MasterTrack (small)

On top of graduate certificates offered by universities, companies and non-profits sometimes offer professional certificate programs, which can also be added to resumes or LinkedIn profiles. Google and Udacity, for instance, offer programs designed to teach you in-demand tech skills such as data analysis, project management, and programming.

Google Data Analytic Professional Certificate (small) Digital Marketing Nanodegree (small) What's the difference between a graduate certificate and a graduate degree?

Unlike finishing a full master's degree program, grad certificate program students take a few master's courses around a subject - like Sustainability and Development or Data Science - and receive a certificate of completion upon passing the program.

Because certificates involve taking fewer classes (and don't usually have an admissions process), they're not considered the same as having a master's degree or Ph.D. However, they can help you stand out to prospective employers, especially if you're looking to transition into a different field and want to demonstrate that you learned the required skills.

How much do certificate programs cost?

Graduate certificate programs can cost anywhere from $1,000-$5,000, depending on the school, program, and length. The price of a graduate certificate can be a fraction of the cost of traditional college degrees (including online ones).

How long do certificate programs typically take?

Graduate certificate programs widely vary in length. Some, like MIT's Supply Chain Management MicroMasters, can take a little over a year. Others, like the University of Minnesota's UX Design MasterTrack, take a few months to complete.

How do I apply to a graduate certificate program?

Most certificate programs, such as the ones offered through edX's MicroMasters, don't require a formal application process. If the course requires any prerequisite knowledge, that information will usually be in the course description.

That being said, graduate certificate programs, such as Coursera's MasterTracks, can cap off after a certain number of applicants, so it's good to bookmark the enrollment date and sign up as soon as you can.

Can I pick some of the classes in the certificate program?

Usually, no. Coursera and edX's graduate certificate offerings pick the classes for you and you have to pass all of them to get the certification.

There are exceptions, though. Harvard's Extension School, for instance, lets you choose a few electives as part of your certificate.

How does grading work?

While graduate degree programs operate via GPAs, graduate certificates are often Pass/Fail. Coursera, for example, gives you a percentage grade on each assignment and then a final combined score.

Depending on the program and size of your class, your written feedback on assignments might also be shorter and more brief than it would be in a graduate degree program.

What if I want to get a master's degree after finishing a certificate program?

Specific programs in the edX MicroMasters and Coursera MasterTrack series have different guidelines regarding college credits. Some might only accept the certificate classes as college credits if you pursue a degree in the same school and program you completed the certificate in; others provide a list of schools that will take the credits.

One upside to completing a certificate before continuing a degree in the same field is that the certificate credits are typically cheaper and can save you some money down the line.

Can I get financial aid for a certificate program?

It depends. Coursera MasterTracks don't currently offer financial assistance. And while edX lets you apply for financial aid for most of its programs, for MicroMasters, you'll have to audit each course first and apply for financial aid every time.

Is a graduate certificate worth it?

If you're looking to save time and money, graduate and professional certificates can be a great alternative to graduate degrees, especially if you're just looking to pick up some new skills, such as accounting or coding. Online certificate programs can also offer some flexibility in terms of scheduling and can help you decide if you want to pursue a full degree later. Here's a review of one Insider employee's positive experience taking a free University of Michigan Coursera MasterTrack course, which led her to apply to grad school.

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‘Big Shot’ Lets John Stamos Coast Through Familiar Territory: TV Review ]]> Thu, 15 Apr 2021 11:25:55 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Big Shot Disney Plus John Stamos 10 Mother's Day gifts for moms who love to cook, all $200 or less If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

Ninja Air Fryer


  • This year, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9.
  • If Mom loves to cook, we've got you covered with some gifts she'll love.
  • We rounded up 10 nice gifts for moms who love to cook, all on Amazon for $200 or less.
  • If $200 is out of your price range, check out these kitchen gifts under $25.

You don't need a holiday to thank Mom for all she does for you, but Mother's Day is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to show your gratitude. While there's nothing like time spent together, we know that it can be hard for many families to do that this year. That's why we've come up with plenty of great gift guides to help you find gifts your mom will love.

If Mom loves to cook, keep reading. We rounded up 10 great gadgets, pieces of cookware, and fun additions to her kitchen. All of the options are available on Amazon and cost $200 or less. Whether her passion is cooking, baking, or entertaining, we think this list has something she'll love.

Ceramic egg cups WD Store ceramic egg cups


WD Store Ceramic Egg Cups, set of 2, $16

If Mom loves making and serving boiled eggs, these adorable egg cups are the perfect way to serve them. They make eating softboiled eggs feel a lot more delightful.

A vintage-inspired utensil crock Dowan utensil holder


Dowan Countertop Utensil Holder, from $18

For a touch of organization and vintage flair, give Mom this porcelain utensil crock. There's tons of room to keep her most-used utensils at arm's reach while she cooks.

Here are some tips for how to organize your kitchen pantry. An air fryer Ninja Air Fryer


Ninja 6-in-1 Air Fryer, $180

Air fryers are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They're so easy to use and can roast, bake, and fry with minimal prep time and ingredients.

Check out our guide to the best air fryers. A mini waffle maker best first valentines gifts him her dash mini waffle maker


Dash Mini Waffle Maker, $10

There's something about foods being mini that just makes them taste better. Not only is this device adorable and easy to use, but Mom can use it to make all sorts of food — waffles, cookies, paninis and more.

Check out our guide to the best waffle makers. A sous vide Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano


Anova Culinary Sous Vide, $199

Getting restaurant-quality meals at home is possible with a sous vide. It cooks all food perfectly every time and Mom can even control it with her smartphone.

Check out our guide to the best sous vide machines. A colorful set of mixing bowls Nordic Ware bowls


Nordic Ware Prep and Serve Bowl Set, set of 4, $22

Every kitchen needs multiple bowls of different sizes to prep, cook, and serve. This set comes in fun colors and is dishwasher-safe.

Check out our guide to the best mixing bowls. A simple salt cellar Totally Bamboo salt dispenser


Little Dipper Bamboo Salt Box, $15

The perfect piece for when she needs salt in a pinch!

A best-selling cookbook Ina Garten book


Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten, $21

Ina Garten is pretty much the queen of home cooking, so it only makes sense to gift her recipes to other aspiring home chefs. This one is filled with classic comfort food recipes.

Check out our guide to the best cookbook gifts. A dutch oven Enameled Dutch Oven

Lodge mfg

Lodge 6-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $70

A dutch oven is the workhorse of kitchenware. Mom can use it on the stovetop or in the oven to make stews, roasts, risottos — the opportunities are endless.

Check out our guide to the best Dutch ovens. A set of knives Rachael Ray knives


Rachael Ray Cucina Knife Block, $99

This set includes five knives and a nice wood block for storage. It's more than enough for all of Mom's chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing needs.

Check out our guide to the best knife sets. Read the original article on Business Insider

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‘Monday’ Review: Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough in an Indie Drama of Love and Other Drugs Thu, 15 Apr 2021 00:54:47 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Denise Gough Monday Sebastian Stan ‘Ride or Die’ Review: Miles Ahead of Japan’s Stereotypical LGBTQ Films ]]> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 20:00:38 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Netflix Original Ride or Die Ryuichi Hiroki Wayfair has announced its huge annual Way Day sale will take place April 28 and 29 and will feature up to 80% off furniture If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

wayfair countertop setup


  • Wayfair has finally announced that its huge annual Way Day sale will take place April 28 and 29.
  • The event will feature up to 80% off furniture for every room in the house.
  • Starting today, April 14, you can find sneak peeks of what's to come on Wayfair's home page.

Wayfair holds sales often throughout the year, meaning you should never settle for full-priced home goods. The retailer is an excellent one-stop shop for everything for the home, from large furniture pieces to decorative accents.

The next big thing is Way Day: the namesake's 48-hour annual sales event. It's just been announced that it will take place this April 28 and 29. During Way Day 2021, you can expect to find up to 80% off furniture for every room, including mattresses, rugs, lighting, appliances, and decor.

It's still a couple of weeks away, but you can preview what's to come on Wayfair's home page. You can even opt in to receive notifications as the flash deals go live - you just need to sign up here. In the meantime, if you can't hold out the extra two weeks, keep scrolling to find some of the best Wayfair deals available below.

Best Wayfair deals available now Washlet C100 Bidet Seat (medium, Preferred: Wayfair) Low Profile Platform Bed (medium, Preferred: Wayfair) Coffee Table (medium) Freestanding Soaking Bathtub (medium) Abou Wood Glam Beveled Accent Mirror (medium) Adamine Coffee Table (medium) Rupelmonde Tufted Armchair (medium) Gabouray Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed (medium) Reposa Reversible Sofa and Chaise with Ottoman (medium) Product Card (medium) Read the original article on Business Insider

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The 6 best dog shampoos in 2021 for fleas and ticks, grooming, and skin irritation
  • Bathing your dog regularly helps keep their skin and coat clean, healthy, and moisturized.
  • Dog shampoos are formulated to be gentle on a dog's sensitive skin and free from harsh ingredients and fragrances.
  • Our top pick is Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Pet Shampoo, which cleans and deodorizes without irritating sensitive skin.
  • This article was medically reviewed by Karie Johnson, DVM, veterinarian and co-founder of VIP Vet Visit, a mobile vet service in the south suburbs of Chicago.
  • Bathing your dog is a key aspect of responsible dog ownership. A good bath with a high-quality dog shampoo helps keep a dog's skin and coat clean and moisturized. Whether a dog bath is fun or feels like a chore to you, the shampoo product that you use plays a big part in maintaining optimal skin and coat health.

    Many dog owners use human shampoo on their dogs, but these products can damage a dog's skin and leave the skin vulnerable to problems like flaky skin and infections. The best option is to purchase a shampoo designed specifically for dogs. The products below are formulated for a dog's pH and gentle on sensitive skin.

    Keeping a dog's skin and coat clean is important, but know that you can have too much of a good thing. Too-frequent shampooing could strip their coat of the natural oils that nourish and moisturize the skin and coat. So, not only is it important to avoid bathing them too often but you also need to use a high-quality product when you do wash them.

    The shampoos recommended here are not intended to treat medical conditions. Speak to your veterinarian and read our guide to the best medicated dog shampoos if you are looking to manage a specific condition.

    Here are the best dog shampoos in 2021 Updated on 4/14/2021: We updated this guide to include additional product details. We are currently interviewing veterinarians and conducting product research for a larger update in late spring 2021. The best overall Earthbath dog shampoo

    Earthbath/Business Insider

    Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Pet Shampoo combines all the good things that you'd want in a dog shampoo into one product.

    Pros: All-natural ingredients, soap-free formula, relieves itching, soothes dry skin, promotes healing, moisturizes skin, pH-balanced to clean and deodorize, won't wash away flea and tick products,100% biodegradable, cruelty-free

    Cons: May not be suitable for dogs with allergies and extra-sensitive skin, scent may fade over time, may not be powerful enough for very strong odors

    When shopping for dog shampoo, look for a product that will clean and deodorize a dog's skin and coat without irritating their sensitive skin. We recommend Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Pet Shampoo, which is a gentle and effective formula for animals 6 weeks and older.

    The shampoo contains natural ingredients like colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera to soothe skin irritation, relieve itching, and moisturize a dog's skin The soap-free, pH-balanced formula effectively cleans and softens the coat, and vanilla and almond extracts leave a pleasing scent. It is light enough that it won't wash away flea and tick control products.

    In addition to being all-natural, it is 100% biodegradable and cruelty-free.

    The best for puppies Isle of Dogs dog shampoo

    Isle of Dogs/Business Insider

    Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo gently cleanses a puppy's sensitive skin and coat and can be used as a face wash without irritating the eyes. 

    Pros: Gentle enough for puppies and as a face wash, fresh orchid scent, natural odor-neutralizing ingredients, lathers well for deep cleaning, no harsh fragrances

    Cons: Orchid scent may be overpowering, may not be powerful enough for strong odors

    Like adult dogs, puppies can have sensitive skin. To care for your puppy's skin, choose a formula that is strong enough for deep cleaning but gentle enough not to irritate or damage your puppy's skin. Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo is a puppy-safe shampoo that cleans and deodorizes without the use of harsh chemicals or fragrances.

    The shampoo is made with gentle cleansers that are safe for your puppy's sensitive skin and coat. It is a tearless formula that won't irritate their eyes if you use it as a face wash, and it leaves behind a fresh orchid scent. The formula's odor-neutralizing ingredients provide long-lasting freshness.

    Even though the shampoo can safely be used to wash your puppy's face, take extra care not to get the product in their eyes, nose, or mouth.

    The best for fleas and ticks Adams dog shampoo

    Adams/Business Insider

    Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo is made with natural pyrethrins and an insect growth regulator to kill fleas on contact and provide 28 days of protection.

    Pros: Made with natural pyrethrins instead of synthetic permethrins, contains Precor insect growth regulator, kills fleas and ticks in all life stages, protects for a full 28 days, contains natural ingredients to soothe and moisturize skin, gently cleanses and softens coat, safe for puppies over 12 weeks

    Cons: Not recommended for puppies under 12 weeks, some users find the odor to be too strong, must  be worked into a thick lather for maximum efficacy  

    Not only can fleas make your dog's skin irritated and inflamed, but these tiny, pesky parasites can make their way into your pet's bedding, your furniture, your carpet — and eventually onto you.

    Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo is a highly effective formula that kills fleas in all life stages and is also effective against ticks and chewing lice.

    Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo contains natural pyrethrins to kill adult fleas, ticks, and lice in puppies 12 weeks and older. It also contains Precor, an insect growth regulator that prevents eggs and larvae from developing into biting adults. While these ingredients are safe for dogs, they are toxic to cats and potentially fatal. Never bathe your cat with this product.

    In addition to powerful active ingredients, this formula also contains natural ingredients like coconut extract, oatmeal, and aloe to help soothe and moisturize your dog's dry, irritated, and itchy skin. The gentle formula works into an easy lather to cleanse your dog's coat, leaving it soft, shiny, and clean. It also provides a full 28 days of protection against fleas, ticks, and lice.

    Be aware that flea shampoos kill adult fleas that are currently on a dog but are less effective — and harder to use — than flea preventatives. An oral or topical spot-on flea preventive is the best line of defense against fleas and should be the first choice to prevent flea problems on a dog.

    The best for sensitive skin 4 legger dog shampoo

    4Legger/Business Insider

    4 Legger Conditioning Shampoo is free from the synthetic and harsh ingredients that might irritate a dog's sensitive skin.

    Pros: No synthetic ingredients, no detergents or sulfates, biodegradable and cruelty-free, gently cleanses and moisturizes, safe for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin, mild but pleasant scent, safe for puppies and dogs of all ages

    Cons: May not be strong enough for dogs with thick double coats, thin consistency

    Shampoos, particularly all-natural shampoos, that are free of harsh ingredients are generally the safest option for dogs with sensitive skin and seasonal allergies. Our recommendation for organic dog shampoo is 4 Legger Conditioning Shampoo because it is USDA-certified organic and free from synthetic ingredients that might irritate your dog's skin. This formula is safe for dogs in all life stages.

    4 Legger Conditioning Shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes your dog's skin and coat, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. It is minimally processed, meaning that the ingredients remain as close as possible to their original, natural form.

    Ingredients are sustainably sourced and biodegradable.

    The best heavy-duty shampoo Synergy dog shampoo

    Synergy Labs/Business Insider

    With three times the cleansing action of ordinary dog shampoos, Veterinary Formula Triple Strength Dirty Dog Concentrated Shampoo tackles even the toughest dirt and odors.

    Pros: Contains three times the cleansing power of ordinary shampoos, lathers well for a deep clean, made with an exclusive "dirt repel" formula, natural ingredients to soothe and moisturize skin, doesn't leave behind a sticky residue, concentrated formula doesn't require mixing, does not remove topical flea and tick control treatments, gentle enough to be used frequently

    Cons: Triple strength formula may be too strong for dogs with very sensitive skin, bottle may leak when not stored or handled properly, green apple scent sometimes wears off quickly

    For a shampoo to take on even the dirtiest, smelliest of dogs but gentle enough to soothe and moisturize their skin, our top choice Veterinary Formula Triple Strength Dirty Dog Concentrated Shampoo.

    The Triple Strength Dirty Dog Concentrated Shampoo contains three times more active cleansing ingredients than the average dog shampoo. Free from harsh ingredients and irritating fragrances, this formula contains a variety of foaming agents and natural ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter to leave your dog's skin healthy and their coat clean.

    This shampoo also contains a "dirt repel" formula to keep your dog's coat cleaner longer.

    Despite this shampoo being heavy duty, it is gentle enough that it won't remove topical flea and tick control products on your dog's skin or strip away the skin's natural oils. Also, it can be used frequently, if needed. Always talk with your veterinarian about how often you should shampoo your dog.

    The best for sensitive skin Vets Best dog shampoo

    Vet's Best/Business Insider

    The Vet's Best Hypo-Allergenic Dog Shampoo uses a soap-free, tearless formula that works fast to soothe dry and irritated skin.

    Pros: Hypoallergenic formula, soap-free, tearless, cleans and moisturizes sensitive skin and coats, helps relieve itching and dryness, does not interfere with flea and tick products

    Cons: Scent may be too strong for some people, may not be effective against severe allergic reactions, not recommended for nursing or pregnant dogs

    Seasonal allergies can cause dogs to feel persistently itchy, leading to constant scratching and licking that damages the skin and leaves it vulnerable to infection and other skin problems.

    Our top pick for a hypoallergenic dog shampoo that gently cleanses while soothing dry skin and relieving itching is Vet's Best Hypo-Allergenic Dog Shampoo. This soap-free, tearless formula won't interfere with your dog's flea and tick control products, either.

    Vet's Best Hypo-Allergenic Dog Shampoo removes allergy-inducing substances like pollen from the skin and features natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe itching, relieve allergies, and moisturize dry and brittle coats. It won't irritate their sensitive skin or leave behind a sticky residue. Plus, it will leave them smelling clean and fresh.

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    [Author: (Kate Barrington,JoAnna Pendergrass)]

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    New Discovery Plus subscribers can get a free Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite if you sign up before April 20 If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    Fire TV Stick Lite


    Monthly Plan (ad-supported) (medium)

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is a convenient streaming device that lets you use your voice to search for popular streaming content. For a limited time, Discovery Plus is giving the Stick Lite away for free to new subscribers.

    The Fire TV Stick Lite is an Alexa-enabled media stick that costs $30. With this deal from Discovery Plus, new subscribers can snag the device at no additional cost. In addition to Discovery Plus, the Fire TV Stick Lite supports other popular services like HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus, along with live TV streaming apps like Sling TV.

    Even if you don't end up keeping Discovery Plus beyond your first month, you can still get the Fire TV Stick Lite after you sign up. This means you can pay as little as $5 - the cost of one month of Discovery Plus (ad-supported) - to get the Stick Lite.

    How to get a free Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite with Discovery Plus
    • Sign up on this website for a Discovery Plus ad-supported plan ($5 a month) or ad-free free plan ($7 a month) by clicking "Activate Offer."
    • Enter the promo code FIRETV2 (for ad-supported plan) or FIRETV1 (for ad-free plan).
    • After you subscribe, you'll receive a redemption code via email for a free Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite.
    • Go to and use the code before May 20 to buy your device.

    The deal is only available until April 20. If you use the promo code to get the free Fire TV Stick Lite you are not eligible to get a free seven-day trial of Discovery Plus.

    The Fire TV Stick promotion isn't the only Discovery Plus deal available. Select Verizon Unlimited customers can get one year of Discovery Plus for free.

    For more details on Discovery Plus, check out our full Discovery Plus review and our Discovery Plus guide.

    Monthly Plan (ad-supported) (medium) Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Ben Blanchet)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 17:08:42 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Entertainment Reviews Streaming (Reviews Deals (Reviews Tech & Electronics (Reviews Tech Insider Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming devices Streaming Services Discovery Plus Insider Deals Deals Insider Reviews 2021 IP Deals Streaming IP Streaming Tech IP Tech Product Card
    The 5 best bug sprays and repellents, for fending off mosquitos, ticks, and other bothersome insects
  • Bug spray helps fend off mosquitos, ticks, and other bugs that can be a nuisance while spending time outdoors.
  • Sprays and repellents are also effective in warding off bugs that might carry dangerous diseases.
  • Our top pick, OFF! Deep Woods Bug Spray, uses DEET and is highly effective at repelling insects.
  • For those who don't want to use DEET, Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent is our favorite alternative.
  • Bug spray isn't always the first thing you think of when deciding what to pack for a camping or backpacking trip. Despite being often overlooked, it's a vital addition to anyone's pack (along with general mosquito repellents) - dealing with swarming bugs or mosquito bites is never an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors.

    DEET (diethyltoluamide) remains the most popular bug spray ingredient due to its effectiveness at protecting from ticks, mosquitos, other bugs, and all the diseases they carry. Decades of research prove DEET to be the best for protecting humans from these bugs, though it is toxic to aquatic creatures like fish.

    Worthwhile alternatives to DEET are either picaridin and permethrin, both of which are less toxic and likely just as effective at repelling bugs. However, the scientific community is still testing these alternatives, so DEET remains king.

    And while chemical bug sprays may or may not harm you or the flora and fauna you encounter, they're highly toxic to many aquatic animals, can trash your clothes, and often smell terrible. Some people are even allergic.

    For anyone sensitive to DEET or other chemical bug sprays, I've found a few eco-friendly picks that won't hurt you or the environment as much as other sprays. Just know that DEET and picaridin are still the most effective at repelling dangerous ticks and mosquitos.

    A note to parents: The nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) does not recommend using any bug spray on children under six months of age but suggests treating clothes with permethrin. After a child reaches six months, picaridin is the safest choice.

    To learn more about which compounds are best for you and your needs, visit the EWG's page on insect repellents.

    Here are the best bug sprays: Updated on 4/14/2021 by Rick Stella: Added a slide on what we're looking forward to testing and included the Thermacell E55, updated the section on the most common bug spray ingredients, checked the availability of each recommended bug spray, and updated the pricing. The best overall with DEET off deep woods


    OFF! Deep Woods Bug Spray has an optimal 25% concentration of DEET that keeps the greatest number of blood-sucking bugs at bay.

    Pros: Possibly the most effective bug repellent out there

    Cons: Toxic to aquatic creatures, destroys clothing, smells terrible, and makes you horribly sick if accidentally ingested

    Most Americans have probably used OFF! bug spray at some point in their lives, and while the debate over the relative toxicity of DEET still looms large, research commissioned and/or conducted by the EPA and CDC continues to suggest that for humans, there isn't much to worry about.

    OFF! bug spray will keep blood-sucking insects like mosquitos and ticks well away from you and help you avoid the dangerous illness these bugs pass to humans.

    DEET is still the best, most effective bug repellent in the US. The seven-plus decades of research data we have on DEET suggest that its potentially harmful side effects to humans are not that significant. However, that's not so for aquatic animals, so consider keeping away from the water when wearing it whenever possible.

    The best overall without DEET The best bug sprays and repellents


    Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin is safe to use on adults and young kids, plus, it's almost as effective as DEET at repelling ticks, mosquitos, and other bugs.

    Pros: Less toxic than DEET, potentially as effective, won't ruin plastics or plastic-based clothing

    Cons: Not yet enough long-term research suggesting its efficacy over DEET, still toxic to wildlife though not as toxic as DEET

    Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin is excellent at warding off insects of the gnat, sandfly, and mozzie varieties. Picaridin, the active ingredient found in this spray, has recently been deemed nearly or as effective as DEET in warding off ticks, though we'd like to see more research before we can confidently recommend it as our top pick.

    Ticks are a big problem in North America because the continent has the largest contiguous deciduous forest on earth, and it's just the kind of environment in which the little buggers proliferate. Plus, cases of Lyme disease are on the rise worldwide.

    But, for those who choose to avoid DEET for one reason another, we like picaridin as an alternative. While it's still toxic to the ecosystem, it is considerably less damaging than DEET. Picaridin isn't half as offensive to the nostrils as products containing DEET, either.

    You can read more about the latest research on picaridin at the National Pesticide Information Center's website, and on the EPA's fact list for bug spray.

    The best for clothing The best bug sprays and repellents


    Sawyer Premium Permethrin doesn't just repel bugs, it mercilessly kills anything that lands on it. 

    Pros: Excellent efficacy on clothes and other fabrics

    Cons: Evaporates from skin within 15 minutes, kills most insects that set foot on it

    I don't like killing anything more than you do, but "live and let live" just doesn't fly when some pestilent little blood-sucking insect or arachnid threatens to sentence me to a slow, agonizing disease or, you know, death. Sorry little critters, but Lyme Disease and Malaria are no joke.

    Permethrin, which is what doctors prescribe to patients with lice and scabies, is an odorless solution that works wonders against most any creepy crawly thing this planet might toss at you. The only shortcoming is that it does not stay on our skin for much longer than 15 minutes, so it's hardly effective at all unless you're wearing clothes.

    For hunters and anglers, giving off any scent, let alone one so unnatural and odorously offensive as that of DEET is death to their pursuit. In fact, if a serious enough hunter or angler catches you applying the stuff on the way into the woods or out onto the sea, they are likely to make you shower it off, or worse, leave you in the parking lot.

    I have a friend who bans both sunscreen and bug spray on their boat because, according to them, the scent it produces on the line makes fish that much more wary of taking a bait. A quick test proved them right.

    Sawyer Premium Permethrin is the stuff the hunters I know swear by, and if anyone can attest to its efficacy, I'm sure it's them. Whenever I go into the woods, I do my best to reach for permethrin because, even though I'm not much of a hunter, DEET can send plenty of animals running. Further, I do happen to be an angler, and I prefer to capture my quarry alive, and free of chemical spoilage.

    Sawyer Premium Permethrin is also a good choice for babies and youngsters, so long as they're well-covered, of course. Campers would also best serve themselves by spraying down tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, and any other fabrics they take camping with a permethrin-based product like Sawyer's spray repellent.

    The best natural The best bug sprays and repellents


    Repel with Lemon Eucalyptus Oil smells good, does a sufficient job of keeping bugs away, and does not harm the environment as much as our other picks.

    Pros: Smells better than DEET, inexpensive, nontoxic

    Cons: Less effective than Picaridin or DEET

    For those of you who are seeking alternatives to DEET, permethrin, and picaridin, natural ingredients work moderately well, but "oil of lemon eucalyptus" or PMD may be the next best thing. Repel's bug spray with Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is effective and safe to use.

    According to the EWG, a longevity study that took place between 2000 and 2013 showed that PMD evaporates from skin much more slowly than DEET or picaridin.

    It's important to note that while it may be effective to some degree, it does not quite stack up to chemical repellents, so if you live in an area with lots of ticks or deadly mosquitos, we recommend something stronger like DEET or picaridin.

    Still, it smells good, and it does seem to do a pretty good job. Just don't expect to find me relying on this stuff in the Cambodian jungle.

    The best DIY The best bug sprays and repellents


    A combination of essential oils is almost guaranteed to smell better than DEET, and while it's effective, it's not fool-proof, so use your best judgment.

    Pros: These essential oils will smell far better than DEET to most, and they won't kill fish and/or insects you might otherwise want to let live

    Cons: Not as effective as DEET, picaridin, permethrin, IR3535, or PMD

    If you want to make your own natural bug repellent, there is a whole host of essential oils that deter blood-thirsty bugs, but, again, they probably won't do as good of a job as DEET or picaridin.

    For mosquitoes, thyme, lemongrass, citronella, lavender, geranium, grapefruit, and cedarwood are all popular essential oils. At least a 40-drop combination of any of the above is best, but try to keep the concentrations on the high side. It's probably not worth putting together more than about four at a time unless you're making a boatload of the stuff.

    Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional Marian Grande at Medium has several recipes for deterring ticks. The easiest of which involves just half a cup of water, 20 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 20 drops of lemongrass oil. Another calls for geranium, cedarwood, lavender, lemongrass, and water.

    Of course, it's also a good idea to follow general precautions, like staying well-covered, spraying down all clothing and fabrics with your concoction of choice, tucking your pant legs into your socks, staying on trails when possible, and keeping clear of low-hanging branches.

    It's worth noting that not even DEET itself is completely bugproof, so be sure to check all your clothes, as well as your friends and family, to make sure there aren't any hangers-on.

    What we're looking forward to testing Thermacell


    Thermacell E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller

    Though it isn't a bug spray, Thermacell's E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller is a repellent, so it certainly deserves consideration for this guide. On paper, it says it's able to create a 20-foot "mosquito protection zone" and can run for up to 12 hours on a single charge, making it ideal for setting up at a campsite or in your backyard. Just don't forget to pack a portable charger if you head out on a camp trip with it. 

    I've used similar Thermacell products like this in the past and have always been impressed with how well they work. If it functions as advertised, the E55 could be a staple in my outdoor kit all summer. -- Rick Stella, fitness and health editor

    Most common bug spray ingredients Picaridin (pih-CARE-a-den)

    Bayer AG came up with picaridin in 1980, but it didn't start to hit shelves until 1998 around the world and 2005 in the US. Picaridin is a derivative of the plant genus Piper and a less but still "moderately toxic" compound for rainbow trout.

    The EPA's recent research suggests that it's as effective against ticks as DEET, and on average, lasts longer. The EPA, CDC, and WHO all agree that it's a comparable DEET alternative.

    The compound is more popular in Australia and Europe, where it has been available since 1998 and tick-borne illnesses are slightly less common, but DEET remains the staple in the United States. 


    Developed by the US Army to protect soldiers from tropical disease-bearing insects, DEET or N, N-Diethyl-m-toluamide has been the most popular bug repellent in the US since it hit the mass market in 1957. While there has been some degree of controversy over its toxicity, it is highly effective at warding off ticks, mosquitos, and other insects.

    Scientific research published in 2018 by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) shows that of the 650,000 cases of vector-borne (blood-feeding insect-originated) diseases reported in the United States over a 12-year period from 2004-2016, more than 75% were from ticks.

    DEET provides great protection against the serious diseases you can get from ticks, mosquitos, and so on. The real issue with DEET is that it's highly toxic to aquatic creatures.


    A synthetic derivative of the chrysanthemum flower, permethrin is an insecticide used to exterminate mites like lice and scabies, but it's also effective with other insects, which is why the US Army has been treating its combat uniforms with it for the last two decades.

    Permethrin is the most odorless and perhaps the least toxic of all the chemical-based bug repellents, but it's also the least effective on bare skin, where it can wear off in as quickly as 15 minutes. On the other hand, it lasts many weeks when applied to clothing — even after several washes — and because it's odorless, it's the ideal bug spray for hunters, anglers, and wildlife stalkers.


    In the 1970s, Merck developed something called IR3535, which stands for "Insect Repellent 3535," and could probably stand to take on a common name. It was only introduced to the mass market in 1999 and is billed by the EWG as being a "strong" mosquito repellent, and a "good" tick repellent, which isn't quite good enough to knock DEET or picaridin off their thrones, at least at this point.

    Essential oils

    While not exactly clinically proven, a combination of essential oils is endorsed by many, and, as someone who spends countless hours in tick-infested wooded and shrub-strewn areas, I haven't found a tick on myself since I started using them, particularly the formula put together by Burt's Bees, which also, in my opinion, smells kind of nice, too. I also like that you can rub them all over your face without worrying about ingestion.

    Check out more Insider Reviews outdoor guides camping trip

    REI Co-opt

    The Insider Reviews master list of camping essentials
    The best sunscreen
    The best backpacking tents
    The best sleeping bags Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Owen Burke)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 17:05:35 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Outdoors (Reviews Features Outdoors Outdoors Gear Insider Picks Guides Outdoors Guides Health Guides Best Guides Guide Update Buying Guide Camping Insider Reviews 2021 Spring Forward 2021 EWG
    I tested 14 pairs of false eyelashes to see which ones actually stay on and aren't horribly uncomfortable, and only 7 survived my test If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky
    • False eyelashes are a great way to get the look of full lashes without the hassle of mascara.
    • With so many on the market, it can be difficult to suss out which are the best option for you.
    • I tested 14 styles to find the best false lashes in a variety of categories.
    Best false eyelashes 4x3

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    Few things can boost your confidence as instantly as a good pair of false lashes. Whether you're looking for something subtle or prefer to go full-on glam, falsies can add the perfect finishing touch to your makeup look or even help you feel a bit more put together on a no-makeup day.

    But finding the best false lashes for you is certainly not a one-size-fits-all situation. Besides the fact that we all have different preferences, our individual eye shapes also play a huge role when it comes to choosing falsies. This is why it's so helpful to do your research before purchasing false lashes; after all, it's not like you can try them on before you buy.

    Here, I tested nearly 20 different styles of false lashes - everything from the cult-favorites to new launches - to bring you the best of the best in a variety of categories. Read on to discover your perfect pair of falsies.

    Here are the best false lashes in 2021: The best false eyelashes for everyday wear Best false eyelashes_MyLashButBetter

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    If you love everyday glam, look no further than Kiss's My Lash But Better collection.

    If testing lashes has taught me anything, it's that a thin band is key for all-day comfort. Kiss has long been in the falsies game, but the My Lash But Better collection hits it out of the ballpark. Their supposed "Superfine Band Technology" sounds pretty gimmicky, but the band is extremely thin, flexible, and easily adheres to the lash line. Perhaps the best part? They'll only cost you five bucks — an ideal price point if you're wearing them daily. 

    My Lash But Better (small) The best natural-looking false eyelashes Best false eyelashes_LoveSeen

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    LoveSeen allows you to customize your lashes based on your coloring, eye shape, and preference, resulting in the most natural-looking style. 

    As someone with hooded, slightly downturned eyelids, it's often difficult to find false eyelashes that fit properly and don't stick out at the outer corners. This is why I was thrilled to come across the brand LoveSeen — they offer a quiz that recommends the best styles based on your eye shape and preferences. They also offer both Brown/Black and Light Brown shades, which I've rarely seen in falsies. 

    I particularly love the "Jack" lashes — they looked so incredibly natural while also giving me the perfect amount of volume. Plus, the band is extremely thin, making them a breeze to apply. I also tried (and loved) two other styles (Iris and Cate), but felt Jack looked the best on my specific eye shape. 

    LoveSeen lashes range from $20-$24, putting them on par with other mid-tier brands. However, they do not come with eyelash glue, so that would be an additional cost.

    Luca (small) The best magnetic false eyelashes lashes Best false eyelashes_Velour

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    Struggle with applying lashes? You're not alone. Velour Beauty's magnetic lashes make it incredibly easy.

    If you're clumsy (and impatient) like me, lash glue can quickly become a giant mess. Magnetic lashes were created to take the guesswork out of applying falsies since they are meant to adhere to a magnetic eyeliner. Velour Beauty's Vegan Mink Luxe Lashes apply exceptionally seamlessly — and they felt super comfortable all day long. 

    The first time I wore them, my immediate thought was that they would be the perfect false eyelashes for someone's wedding day. Not only are they just the right amount of glam, but they'd be super comfy during hours of smiling, dancing, and photo-taking.

    At $27 these lashes may seem a bit on the pricier side (plus, the magnetic eyeliner is sold separately at $23), but I was able to rewear them several times with no issues. For a special occasion, they're definitely worth the splurge.

    Vegan Mink Luxe Lash Collection (small) The best glam false eyelashes Best false eyelashes_LillyLashes

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    When you want your lashes to make a statement, these Lilly Lashes will do the trick.

    Sometimes you just want the look of long, full lashes. These Lilly Lashes are the perfect compliment to glam makeup because they heighten the look without overpowering it. The criss-cross style of the "Goddess" lashes, in particular, gives such a pretty effect.

    I find these quite easy to apply and I love the thin band. Though I wouldn't say they're bothersome, they do feel a bit heavier on my eyes than some of the more natural styles. However, if you're only wearing them for a special occasion, chances are you'll be peeling them off in a couple of hours anyway. 

    These lashes retail for $20 and do not come with lash adhesive. 

    Goddess (small) The best affordable false eyelashes Best false eyelashes_Ardell

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    Ardell lashes are widely appreciated for their affordability, variety, and accessibility.

    Ardell lashes are a well-loved falsies brand and for good reason. Most pairs are around $5 and they offer a wide selection of styles for any and all preferences. I personally love the Natural #110 (they look the most natural on my eye shape), but the Demi Wispies are a hugely popular style. Plus, Ardell is also sold in major retailers like Ulta and Target as well as most drugstores — so you can easily find them in the event of a lash emergency.

    Natural #110 (small, Preferred: Ulta) The best individual false eyelashes Best false eyelashes_KissIndividual

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    This trio helps you build a natural look — without the commitment of a strip lash.

    Let's face it: false lashes can be extremely intimidating. If you're new to falsies and want to test the waters (or just want to try something a bit more low-maintenance), individual lashes are a great option. This trio from Kiss is great because it offers three different lengths, so you can easily customize your look to get the most natural effect. I like to apply two of the longer lashes at the outer corner for subtle, wispy lashes.

    At only $6 for 30 individual lashes (that you can easily reuse), it doesn't get much better than that. These do not come with lash glue.

    Ever Ez Trio Lash (small, Preferred: CVS) The longest false eyelashes Best false eyelashes_Lashify

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    These innovative falsies are essentially DIY lash extensions — they can last up to 10 days.

    Lashify is changing the false lash game with their patented Gossamer lashes. They give you the look and feel of lash extensions, but without the costs and upkeep. It consists of four steps: applying a primer, attaching the lashes, fusing the lashes together with a wand, and applying a clear mascara that's meant to lock everything in. I tried out the Control Kit (in the style Bold), which provides you with everything you need for $145. It's definitely not cheap, but the kit comes with two sets of lashes (in two different sizes) and each wear can last up to 10 days. 

    I absolutely love the look of these lashes. Because you apply them underneath your natural lashes (rather than on top), they look extremely natural and feel weightless. If you're someone who's interested in the longevity of lash extensions but wants to avoid the costs and maintenance involved, the Lashify system is definitely worth checking out.

    Gossamer Lashes (small) Other lashes we tested Best false eyelashes_What else we considered (Glamnetic Livin; KVD, Qveen)

    Catherine Santino/Insider

    Although the seven lash sets above were my top picks, I also tested a variety of styles from 7 other brands. Here's why they didn't make the cut:

    • Qveen Studio Lashes in Hot Boy Sweat: These did not fit well on my downturned eyelids and they are also a bit heavy, but they do have a soft, fluttery look. For someone with a different eye shape, these could work really well. 
    • Glamnetic Luxe Lash: While these did adhere very well, the individual magnets along the band make it a bit bulky as well as difficult to trim. This particular style was also way too long for my eye shape/preference.
    • Glamnetic Livin' Lash: While this set was far more comfortable, the lash length was too natural. I could barely see the lashes past my natural lashes, so it just didn't seem worth it to have on falsies at all. However, if you're looking to simply add fullness and not length, this could be a good option.
    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Catherine Santino)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 16:47:41 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Beauty & Personal Care (Reviews Features Insider Picks Guides INSIDER False Eyelashes Beauty Makeup Guides Buying Guide Best Guides Makeup IP Beauty Beauty Guides Shopping Guide Update IP Graphics Alyssa Powell Insider Reviews 2021
    The best deals and sales happening on Amazon right now - save $50 on a refurbished Kindle Paperwhite If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    Amazon Best Deals and Sales 2x1

    Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

    Amazon's dynamic pricing strategy can make shopping tricky for the average consumer, but if you know where to look⁠ - and when to act fast⁠ - Prime members can save a ton of money.

    We've gathered all the best discounts currently available on the retail giant. Below you'll find one-day sales via Amazon's Gold Box promotion, exclusive coupon codes, and, of course, deals ranging from tech, fashion, and gaming all the way to home goods.

    Due to the unpredictable nature of online shopping, prices may change without warning.

    For more ways to save, check out our round-up of the best sales going on right now. Plus, if you install the Amazon app on your smartphone, you may be eligible for a $5 coupon after your first purchase.

    Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Best deals on Amazon brand products amazon echo show 5

    Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

    Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite (32GB) (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) and Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb Bundle (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Best Amazon tech deals iPad Air Camera

    Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

    iPad Air (4th Gen., 64GB) (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Powerbeats Pro (medium, Preferred: Amazon) C922x Pro Stream Webcam (medium, Preferred: Amazon) MegaSafe Charger (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Stone II USB-C Multiport Desktop Hub (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Evo Select MicroSDXC (128GB) (medium) Best Amazon home and kitchen deals Nest thermostat


    Belgian Waffle Maker (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Nest Thermostat (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Egyptian Cotton Towel 6-Piece Set (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Best Amazon lifestyle deals cricut $349


    Joy Machine (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Maker (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Pedal Exerciser (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Bandana Print Reversible Face Mask 3-Pack (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Best Amazon gaming and entertainment deals young man playing with nintendo switch pro controller

    Future Publishing / Contributor / Getty Images

    BioShock: The Collection Standard Edition (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Naga Pro Gaming Mouse (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Switch Pro Controller (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Product Card (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Tercius Bufete,Sarah Saril)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 16:36:38 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Deals (Reviews Deals of the day Deals Amazon IP Deals IP Graphics Alyssa Powell Product Card Insider Reviews 2021
    The 5 best Bluetooth speakers of 2021 for listening to music outside and around the house
  • Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.
  • The Sonos Move is our top pick thanks to great sound, reliable voice control, and solid battery life.
  • For more speaker recommendations, check out our roundup of the best speaker deals.
  • A great listening experience for all your favorite music services shouldn't be limited by pesky wires. While the days of carrying around a boom box on your shoulder are by and large over, you can still get quality wireless music in the form of a Bluetooth speaker.

    Thanks to Bluetooth support, these speakers are able to play music from other Bluetooth-enabled sources, like a smartphone or laptop, without any cables. Whether you're getting a speaker for use around the house or a day at the park, there's almost certainly a Bluetooth speaker for you. But there are a number of things to consider before you buy, including size, battery, durability and, of course, sound quality.

    With all of those factors in mind, we've selected the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy for a variety of needs. Since most people purchase Bluetooth speakers for their portability, all of our picks feature built-in batteries for listening on the go.

    Here are the best Bluetooth speakers:

    Updated on 4/14/2021 by Steven Cohen: Added specification boxes for all of our picks. Replaced the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ with the new Series II model since it has longer battery life and better water resistance.

    The best Bluetooth speaker overall Sonos Move


    The Sonos Move looks good, sounds great, and offers multi-room audio as well as voice control with Alexa and the Google Assistant.
    • Dimensions: 9.44 (H) x 6.29 (W) x 4.96 (D) inches
    • Drivers: One downward-firing tweeter and one mid-woofer
    • Smart assistant: Alexa or Google Assistant (requires Wi-Fi)
    • Battery life: Up to 11 hours

    Pros: Attractive design, integrates with other Sonos speakers, excellent audio quality, Alexa and Google Assistant with Wi-Fi

    Cons: A little expensive, a bit heavy

    Sonos has long been a leader in the wireless speaker market, and the company now has a Bluetooth-enabled model called the Move. With an excellent design, awesome sound quality, and support for two digital assistants, the Move is one of the most fully featured Bluetooth speakers you can buy.

    The speaker offers a ton of bass, coupled with crisp clarity and detail in the high end. That makes it excellent for listening to music. The Move can even be calibrated using Trueplay tuning technology to suit different environments and locations.

    The speaker has a charging station where you can keep it most of the time, but it's designed to be portable too, so you can take it outside or move it around the house. It's a bit heavy compared to most portable speakers, but it's nice to have the option. It's rated for around 11 hours of battery life, so it should easily get you through a day of listening.

    Like other Sonos speakers, the Sonos Move is also smart. You can choose to use either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, plus it integrates perfectly with Sonos' other speakers, allowing for multi-room audio. 

    But what about the downsides? The speaker is a little pricey, and you won't get access to all of its smart features unless you're connected to Wi-Fi.

    The best Bluetooth speaker for portability Bose


    The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II is easy-to-use, offers 17 hours of battery, features a convenient handle for travel, and it sounds good, too.
    • Dimensions: 7.25 (H) x 4.13 (W) x 4.13 (D) inches
    • Drivers: Dual passive radiators and downward-facing, full-range transducer
    • Smart assistant: Requires separate device
    • Battery life: Up to 17 hours

    Pros: Good sound, versatile design for portable use outdoors and around the house, long battery life

    Cons: A bit pricey, lacks Wi-Fi support

    There are a number of things that make the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II such an ideal portable option, from its great sound to its nice design.

    The design is reminiscent of smart speakers, so it'll look right at home in any tech-savvy person's house. On top of that, it offers extremely easy-to-use controls, with six buttons located on the top for things like volume and Bluetooth control. Bose also added a handle to make it easy to bring the speaker with you outside or around the house.

    We tested the previous-generation model and were impressed by its great sound quality and how easy it is to move from room to room. It delivers ample volume and deep bass without distorting. 

    This newer version is nearly identical to the one we tested, but features an upgrade from IPX4 water resistance to an IP55 rating. It also supports an extra hour of battery life for up to 17 hours of play time — the longest of any speaker on our guide. 

    The speaker even has some smart features, including Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts, the ability to take calls, and access to Siri or Google Assistant from your phone. That said, the speaker doesn't have Wi-Fi so it doesn't support a built-in digital assistant.

    The best waterproof Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears Boom 3

    Ultimate Ears

    The UE Boom 3 is well designed and sounds pretty good, but it's also water resistant, making it great for use by the pool or at the beach.
    • Dimensions: 7.2 (H) x 2.8 (D) inches
    • Drivers: Dual 2-inch drivers and two passive radiators
    • Smart assistant: No
    • Battery life: Up to 15 hours
    • Read our UE Boom 3 review here

    Pros: Good sound quality, nice design, waterproof, can float

    Cons: High frequencies aren't as detailed as other speakers

    Looking for something that you can take to the beach or use by the pool without fear of it breaking due to water damage? The UE Boom 3 is the way to go. 

    The speaker may not sound as robust as the Sonos Move, but it still sounds good, especially considering how small it is. The UE Boom 3 offers decent bass response, along with a well-tuned mid-range, and a solid amount of clarity in the high frequencies. One of the best things about it is that it can also get super loud, which is great for use outside.

    It's relatively small and portable, and it's available in a range of different colors. On the side, you get buttons for controlling volume, while on the top there are controls for things like Bluetooth pairing and power. 

    The UE Boom 3 is built for use near water. The speaker is not only waterproof, but it's also designed to float, so you won't have to worry about losing it at the bottom of the pool. The Boom 3 is capable of being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, so it shouldn't break due to water damage.

    The best cheap Bluetooth speaker Anker bluetooth speaker


    The Anker Soundcore Flare Mini may be super-affordable, but it still looks and sounds solid for the price.
    • Dimensions: 5.5 (H) x 2.8 (W) x 3.4 (D) inches
    • Drivers: Back-to-back neodymium drivers and dual IIR passive radiators
    • Smart assistant: No
    • Battery life: Up to 12 hours

    Pros: Inexpensive, water-resistant, solid battery life

    Cons: Sound quality is only decent

    Looking for an inexpensive speaker that still looks and sounds pretty good? The Anker Soundcore Flare Mini may well be the way to go. This speaker may carry a budget price, but it still sounds decent and won't break the bank.

    The speaker is designed to look a lot better than other speakers in its price range. It's a cylindrical design with a fabric covering around the side and controls on the top. Those controls include power, volume, and Bluetooth pairing. There are even LED lights on the bottom, and you can control those lights through five different lighting modes.

    The design of the speaker plays into how it sounds too. The speaker can deliver 360-degree audio, so no matter where you are around it, it should sound pretty good. It definitely won't sound as powerful as some of the more expensive speakers on our list, but it can still get pretty loud and offers a decent amount of bass.

    You'll get 12 hours of battery life out of the speaker, which isn't bad at all, and it's water-resistant with an IPX7 rating. 

    Considering the price range, perhaps the only real downside to the speaker is that it can't really match more expensive offerings in the audio department.

    The best small Bluetooth speaker bo beplay p2


    The B&O Beoplay P2 doesn't just sound good and feature a slick design, it's ultra-compact, too.
    • Dimensions: 5.5 (H) x 3.15 (W) x 1.1 (D) inches
    • Drivers: One 3/4-inch tweeter and one 2-inch full-range driver
    • Smart assistant: Requires smartphone
    • Battery life: Up to 10 hours

    Pros: Great sound, very portable, intuitive touch-controls, compact size

    Cons: A little pricey for its size, could use more high-end clarity

    The B&O Beoplay P2 is the perfect fit for buyers who want an ultra-compact speaker that can easily fit in a backpack or purse.

    Now, generally speaking, smaller Bluetooth speakers can be a little hit and miss, but the BeoPlay P2 is a hit. That's largely thanks to its sleek and stylish design, coupled with hidden and intuitive controls.

    For example, you can double tap the speaker grill to play and pause your music, or you can program the speaker through the accompanying app to activate your digital assistant of choice, whether it be Google Assistant or Siri. That happens through your phone because the speaker doesn't have those assistants built-in.

    So how does the speaker sound? You can't expect studio-quality sound, but it's not bad. The speaker features mono audio and an impressive bass response for a device its size. The high-end isn't as responsive, but it's still not bad. 

    What else we considered JBL Flip 4


    Here are other speakers we considered for our guide, and why they didn't make our top picks.

    Other Bluetooth speakers we recommend:

    JBL Flip 4: The JBL Flip 4 speaker was recently one of our picks, and it's still a fantastic Bluetooth speaker for the money. With that said, the less expensive Soundcore Flare Mini includes similar features for a more affordable price, making that model a better overall budget pick. If you're willing to spend a little more, however, the JBL Flip 4 features a bit more power and better sound quality.

    What you should look for in a Bluetooth speaker bose portable home speaker lifestyle


    When shopping for a Bluetooth speaker, there are some key factors you should keep in mind. For instance, a compact model might not be a good fit for someone who wants the best audio quality, while a heavy speaker won't be ideal for someone who wants to take their audio on the go.

    Below, we've broken down some main features and design elements you should look into when selecting the best Bluetooth speaker for your needs.

    • Size matters: Generally speaking, larger speakers will be louder, so they tend to be a better fit for parties and gatherings. Larger speakers also tend to have more refined audio quality with better clarity and bass. Of course, size also affects portability. If you're looking for something you can slip in your bag and carry around easily, then a smaller speaker will be a better choice.
    • Battery life: You'll obviously want longer battery life if you're looking for a speaker that can last all day, but sometimes a speaker with shorter battery life will do the job — especially if you plan on being able to charge it often or even while in use. Though all of our picks include batteries, some Bluetooth speakers don't have charging at all. If you only plan to use your speaker in one room, this isn't a problem, but if you want portability, a speaker with a battery is a must.
    • Durability and water resistance: Durability is another important factor if you plan on carrying the speaker around a lot. Not only will your speaker last longer if it's more durable, but it might be a little more versatile, too. For example, you probably won't want to take a non-waterproof speaker to the pool or the beach.
    • Sound quality: Some may not care too much about how a Bluetooth speaker sounds, but others will want to ensure that they're getting the best audio performance they can for their money. A single Bluetooth speaker is never going to offer the same quality as a true stereo speaker pair, but high-end Bluetooth speakers from brands like Sonos and Bose offer impressive performance. Again, larger models tend to have better sound, so if audio quality is a priority, you'll likely want to avoid ultra-compact speakers. 
    Check out our other speaker buying guides Sonos Beam


    The best speakers
    The best smart speakers
    The best soundbars


    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Christian de Looper,Steven Cohen)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 16:33:50 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Tech Insider Reviews Tech & Electronics (Reviews Features Insider Picks Guides Insider Picks Back-To-School Tech Tech Accessories Bluetooth speaker Speakers Buying Guide Tech Guides Audio Guides Guide Updates Best Guides Insider Reviews 2021 Spring Forward 2021 D W H
    The 6 best bike locks in 2021
  • A bike lock is a vital part of anyone's cycling kit, whether you mountain bike, commute, or road cycle.
  • The best locks should be easily portable and feature thick steel shackles or cables that are hard to slice.
  • Our top pick, Kryptonite's Fahgettaboudit U-Lock, has anti-theft protection, is easy to mount, and uses a double-bolting system.
  • Owning a bike lock is an important part of anyone's cycling kit. Though it may not be as vital as something like a helmet, a reliable bike lock does provide immense peace of mind that your bike stays secure wherever you leave it.

    And while there's no end-all-be-all bike lock capable of deterring a well-equipped thief, there are a number of options designed to slow down or discourage them.

    The most common way bikes are stolen is when someone cuts through a lock's shackle, cable, or chain. Because of this, bike lock design has prioritized features like thick steel or double bolts to make them as close to impenetrable as possible. While many offer this kind of bulked-up protection, there are also plenty of others intended for when you just need to quickly lock your bike.

    Having lived and biked in the bike-heavy cities of Portland, Oregon, and New York City, I've handled my fair share of locks - and know all too well just how vital they are. Be it mountain bike trips, e-bike outings, or just casual rides around the neighborhood, I've had the opportunity to try a variety of bike locks designed for each of these use cases.

    Below, I've rounded up six of my favorite bike locks, each of which offer a unique and useful design and, perhaps most importantly, allow me to trust that they'll keep my bike safe and secure. From robust U-lock's to a quick-use zip tie-style option, the bike locks featured are fit for a variety of use cases.

    At the end of this guide, I've also included some insight into the testing methodology I used in deciding which made the cut.

    Here are the best bike locks: Updated on 4/14/2021 by Rick Stella: Added the Hiplok Z-Lok as our pick of the best quick-use bike lock, updated the section on how we test bike locks, rewrote the introduction for relevancy, checked the availability of all recommended locks, and updated the pricing. The best overall kryptonite mini bike lock


    If you live in a high crime area, the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Bicycle U-Lock does an excellent job of warding off criminals and protecting your bike.

    Pros: Takes longer to cut through than any other lock

    Cons: Small, heavy

    Kryptonite is the top name in the bike lock industry. That's why we've included three of its locks in our guide. One of the factors that set Kryptonite apart is its Anti-Theft Protection Offer. Basically, when you get your lock, you must register it with the company right away. Then, if your bike is stolen while it is covered by anti-theft protection, the company will pay to replace your bike. For the Fahgettaboudit Mini, the first year of registration is free. After that, it is $24.99 for five years of coverage.

    The New York Fahgettaboudit Mini offers the highest level of security of any of Kryptonite's locks according to the company. The shackle is made of 18-millimeter hardened "MAX-Performance" steel.

    For extra security, the crossbar has an oversized hardened steel sleeve. The lock comes with three keys, which disengages the lock using a high-security disk-style cylinder. The cylinder is protected by a sliding dust cover. And, the center keyway is designed to make leverage attacks difficult.

    The best on a budget best budget bike lock titanker bike lock cable


    For less than $15, the Titanker Bike Lock Cable is an affordable alternative that offers a variety of locking options.

    Pros: 10,000 possible combinations, four-foot reach, flexible

    Cons: Cable is relatively easy to cut

    The Titanker Bike Lock Cable is made of flexible steel cables that measure a half-inch in diameter. The 4-foot cable is covered with PVC coating and recoils back into its original shape when not in use. The four-digit combination lock has 10,000 possible passcodes. This lock is the lightest option in this guide at 11.2 ounces, and it mounts to your bike with the provided bracket.

    The cable design offers flexibility in what you can lock a bike to, and the combination key is also convenient. While a lock is a good deterrent in general, this option doesn't offer the level of protection as the other locks on this list. Still, the thick cable should deter most thieves.  

    Note: We previously recommended the UShake Bike Lock Cable, which is nearly similar to the Titanker option. Although many reviewers also recommended the UShake, that lock is not available at the time of posting.

    The best D-lock HiplokDX3


    The Hiplok DX is a heavy-duty D-lock designed to keep your bike secure no matter where you lock it up, and its lightweight design makes it easy to throw into a backpack or even to wear on your person.

    Pros: Heavy-duty yet lightweight design, 14mm steel shackle prevents theft

    Cons: Locking area might be small for bikes with bigger tires

    Hiplok is one of the who's who in the bike lock industry (we've written about, and loved, its Z-Lok) thanks to its wide selection of dependable products. With the DX, Hiplok not only offers one of the most heavy-duty D-locks on the market, but it challenges the Kryptonite lock that nabbed our top spot. 

    What makes the DX particularly stand out is its rugged and durable design, led by a double deadlock and 14mm hardened steel shackle that would take nothing short of a tank to break through it. This means you should feel comfortable locking up your bike anywhere and can rest assured it'll be there waiting for you when you're reading to ride again. 

    It's also one of the most lightweight locks we've tested and can just as easily slip into a backpack or affix to our belt loops without seeming like we're dragging an anvil. The DX offers up a sizable locking area, as well, which can easily slide through your tire and around a pole. 

    At $90, it's not a budget pick, but with bike locks, you pay for premium quality (and the assurance you won't have to spend hundreds on a new bike). Hiplok offers a lifetime warranty, so that $90 investment should last you a very long time. -- Rick Stella

    The best U-lock kryptonite  bike lock 2


    The Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard Bicycle U-Lock w/4-foot Flex Cable is one of the most affordable locks, and the 4-foot cable makes locking up easy.

    Pros: Easy to use, lightweight, inexpensive

    Cons: Only requires one cut to defeat

    The design of the Kryptolok Standard Bicycle U-Lock is fairly similar to the Kryptonite locks we covered in previous slides. It has a center keyway, high-security disc-style cylinder, reinforced hardened crossbar, and a hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle. However, there are some key differences. The shackle is 13 millimeters thick, the U-lock is 4 x 9 inches, and there is not a double locking mechanism.

    Kryptonite rates the security of the Kryptolok as 6 out of 10 (versus 9 for the New York Standard and 10 for the Fahgettaboudit Mini). The company states that it should be secure enough in rural areas, in the suburbs, and when traveling with your bike on a car rack.

    Remember to register your bike lock with the brand immediately after you purchase it to take advantage of its theft protection program.

    The best quick-use HiplokZ


    The Z-Lok from Hiplok may not be a good choice for everyday use but its zip tie style makes it perfect for quickly locking up your bike on short trips, or for securing it to a car rack.

    Pros: Easy to use, allows you to set a custom combination, lightweight, highly portable, inexpensive

    Cons: Not robust enough to use for long periods of time

    Though Hiplok's Z-Lok looks like some sort of beefed-up zip tie (it essentially is), it's still a highly useful bike lock. Perfect for locking up your bike in a pinch, say, while running some quick errands or popping into a store, the Z-Lok is a great companion to a larger, more robust bike lock. 

    What makes the Z-Lok particularly stand out is how easy it is to use. When first using it, it allows you to set a custom combination code, and then using it to lock up your bike is as easy as tightening a zip tie. Just slide the lock through wherever you want to secure your bike, feed the end of the lock through the locking mechanism, and tighten. Unlocking it is just as easy as you only need to put in your set combo and then slide the unlock button to fully loosen it. 

    I also like how lightweight the lock is, too. I have a few of these in my kit and throw at least one or two into my backpack before every ride, even if I don't plan on actually using them. They take up next to no space and can even just be attached to my bike, or even a belt loop on my pants if I'm ever not cycling with a backpack.

    The Z-Lok's downside is a clear one: It's just not as robust as larger locks, so it can't necessarily be used for everyday use or for any time you'll be away from your bike for a long period of time. It works best as a complement to a larger lock system and as a quick use to lock up your bike in a pinch. -- Rick Stella, fitness and health editor

    The best on-bike Screen Shot 2020 09 01 at 3.17.34 PM

    Lobster Lock

    The Lobster Lock permanently attaches to your bike frame so you'll never have to worry about forgetting to grab a lock on your way out the door.

    Pros: Attaches to your bike permanently so you'll never forget a lock, easy to lock/unlock, inexpensive $75 price tag

    Cons: Can rattle on your bike a little bit while riding

    We've all been there: You're getting ready for a ride, you've packed a backpack, grab your helmet, and jet out the door. As you get to your destination, you realize it; you forgot your bike lock. Now, you're left with a decision, do you leave the bike there and quickly run inside to get what you need, or do you ride back home? With the Lobster Lock, those forgetful moments cease to exist.

    Thanks to a design that allows you to permanently attach it to your bike's frame, the Lobster Lock goes wherever your bike goes, all day, every day. By attaching to where you'd put a water bottle cradle, the lock is able to stay out of the way enough to avoid hindering you as you ride, yet is perfect for attaching to a bike rack (including through your wheel, too).

    Using the lock is easy, too. By simply unlocking it with a key, two arms swing out from the base and attach to each other to create the lock. When you're reading to ride again, just unlock the two arms from each other, fold them back into the base, and lock it again with the key. Simple as that. 

    Also, don't think you have to sacrifice the water bottle cradle — it basically acts as an extension of that area as you're able to affix a cradle to the lock itself. That's a ton of convenience packed into one bike lock. -- Rick Stella

    How we test bike locks

    Each of the following bike locks went through several rounds of field testing to make sure they not only provided a reliable method for locking up our bike but that they were easy to use, weren't a pain to lug around, and offered enough value regardless of their price tag.

    Specifically, we looked at these five categories: Ease of use, durability, security, and value. Here's how each category factored into what locks made the cut:

    Ease of use: Using a bike lock shouldn't be a headache each time you lock and unlock your ride. This means that it should be easy to affix to a bike rack while still being able to secure valuable parts of your bike (i.e. the wheel) without it feeling like solving a Rubik's cube. 

    Durability: What good is a bike lock if it starts to fall apart mere months after you purchase it? Bike locks take a beating, whether it be while getting throwing into a backpack or vehicle, someone attempting to disassemble it, or being stored at home in a garage or closet. You want any lock you purchase (especially since you're spending hard-earned cash) to last you several years, at the very least. 

    Security: If a bike lock is easy to break into, then what's the point? A reliable bike lock should be able to stand up to a variety of bike-stealing methods and not only continue to protect your bike but be able to continue to live up to its namesake. 

    Value: Value isn't just about how much a bike lock costs — it's more about how much return you get on your investment. If you pay a premium price, you should expect premium features. This is sort of like the sum of all the categories before it (while still considering its sticker cost). 

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Rick Stella,James Brains)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 16:32:14 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Outdoors (Reviews Fitness (Reviews Features Insider Picks Guides Bike Bike Lock Cycling Bike Guides Best Guides Buying Guide IP Freelance Spring Forward 2021 Insider Reviews 2021
    Where to buy flowers online for Mother's Day in 2021 If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    bouqs The Bouqs Co. is a great place to buy flowers for Mother's Day.

    The Bouqs Company/Facebook

    • Flowers are a classic Mother's Day gift, and they're likely to be even more popular this year.
    • These nine sites make it easy to get a fresh bouquet to Mom's door in time for Mother's Day.
    • Looking for more Mother's Day gift inspiration? Check out all of our gift guides here.

    Flowers are, and always have been, a wonderful Mother's Day gift. They're beautiful to look at, fill the room with a delightful fragrance, and just have a way of brightening up her day. Now, with many of us spending more time than usual in our homes, a cheery bouquet of flowers will be especially appreciated.

    There are plenty of great online flower delivery services that'll deliver a beautiful, blooming bouquet right to Mom's door. We rounded up nine of our favorite places to buy Mother's Day flowers online that are reputable, have wide selections, and make it easy to tell mom "I love you" if you can't be there in person.

    Mother's Day is a big holiday for flower delivery services, so we recommend placing your order sooner than later for a better chance of them arriving in time for Mother's Day.

    Here are 9 of our favorite places to buy Mother's Day flowers online: Floracracy floracracy flower delivery service review 2021 flower arrangement 1 My arrangement I ordered. I chose the “Juliette” shape in the “garden” style and customized the flower colors and types.

    Lauren Savoie/Insider

    Personalized Flower Arrangements (small)

    Best for: Completely customized bouquets

    personalized design tool lets you choose the shape, colors, and blooms that express your exact sentiments this Mother's Day. We recently tested Floracracy as part of our guide to the best flower delivery services and absolutely loved the whole experience.

    Our Floracracy bouquets lasted three weeks; longer than any of the other floral arrangements we tested. Though is pricier than other services, the blooms stayed lush and vibrant for long enough to make it worth it. Bouquets also come with thoughtful extras like petal pressing books, miniature sheers, and information on the meaning of different flowers.

    doesn't offer same-day delivery, but every package includes overnight priority shipping in the price. 

    Read our full review of Floracracy Farmgirl Flowers Farmgirl Flowers showcase

    Farmgirl Flowers

    Delivery Service (small)

    Best for: Farm-fresh, playful arrangements
    All bouquets from Farmgirl Flowers are unique combinations of in-season blooms. Instead of choosing a specific bouquet, you select one of three sizes and the company creates an arrangement based on what's available.

    When we tested this service, the wildness of the bouquets made us feel like we had ventured out and picked the flowers ourselves. The Midi and Maxi arrangements arrived similarly sized, but the Maxi had closed buds that opened after a few days to create a fuller appearance.
    Farmgirl is now offering delivery windows, two day blocks of possible arrival dates, instead of specific times. This is to counter COVID-19 and extreme weather delays. For Mother's Day, order in advance to ensure your flowers arrive on time. When we received a Farmgirl bouquet, it lasted for 10 days, so it may be better to plan for a pre-Mother's Day delivery. 

    UrbanStems urbanstems


    Flower Delivery Service (small)

    Best for: A well-curated selection and really nice gift pairings 

    UrbanStems not only has a beautiful selection of floral arrangements and live plants, but the site also offers small gifts that perfectly complement the bouquets. Curated pairings make thoughtful Mother's Day gifts, like the Taurus gift set which includes an orchid in a ceramic pot as well as a box of artisanal chocolates. You can also pick a bouquet you love and choose to throw in some small add-ons (like Sugarfina gummies and Tocca hand lotions) at checkout. 

    With bouquets starting around $45, UrbanStems prices aren't the cheapest on this list. But, between the sustainable practices, fresh blooms, thoughtful gifts, and optional but gorgeous vases, it's worth the price in our experience.

    If your mom really loves flowers, you can treat her to an UrbanStems subscription, so she can receive fresh flowers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Typically, UrbanStems offers next-day delivery Tuesday through Saturday in the continental US and same-day delivery for those in the NYC and DC metro areas. 

    Read our full review of UrbanStems FTD FTD flowers


    Flower Delivery Service (small)

    Best for: Affordable arrangements that come with vases

    Florists' Transworld Delivery (FTD) has been delivering flowers since 1910, so you can trust that they know how to put together a nice bouquet. You can also get succulents, chocolates, and other gifts delivered through the same site, making it a one-stop-shop for Mother's Day. The site also has a really wide selection of plants, from in season blooms to bonsai and bamboo trees.

    FTD ships anywhere in the US, offering same-day delivery for some arrangements (others come from FedEx or UPS). Because so many people order flowers on Mother's Day, it's best to do so in advance to ensure yours will arrive on time.

    Ode à la Rose ode a la rose

    Ode á la Rose/Facebook

    Flower Delivery Service (small)

    Best for: Chic, Parisian-inspired bouquets

    was founded by two Parisian bankers. After moving to New York, they realized the flower selection was not up to par with what they saw every day in France. So, the two started a flower delivery service making bouquets the French way in New York City. 

    Flower choices are seasonal and bouquets are elegantly arranged, often with no more than three floral varieties to keep things simple. The bouquets are hand-tied (you can see a step-by-step of the process here) and then they're ready to go. The end result is a balanced, minimalist, and chic bouquet that will look great anywhere. 

    Ode à la Rose offers same-day flower delivery to NYC, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Next-day flower delivery is available in many cities in the Northeast and the Midwest. You can search by ZIP code to see if ships to your desired destination. 

    BloomsyBox BloomsyBox


    Flower Subscription Service (small)

    Best for: Subscriptions that deliver fresh flowers every week or month 

    BloosmyBox is mainly a subscription service, but there is a wide selection of one-time purchases as well. Each bouquet is shipped when flowers are still buds so that they bloom before your eyes and last longer. 

    While many options on this list have subscription offerings, the BloomsyBox subscription service is probably the most robust. It's the bread and butter of the brand, so there are multiple options to choose from for your flower-loving matriarch. BloomsyBox flowers are sourced from Fair Trade farms all around the world. 

    You can choose from monthly or weekly subscriptions, with options to prepay for up to a year. The cheapest subscription costs $39.99 a month, but prices vary based on a few factors, like the fullness of the bouquet and if you choose to prepay. Free shipping is always included. All plans auto-renew, but you can cancel or skip a month online at any time. 

    1-800-Flowers 1800flowers

    Flower Delivery Service (small)

    Best for: Wide selection and affordable arrangements 

    While the name may make it sound like a retro call-in service, 1-800-Flowers is a reputable option for getting nice floral arrangements to your loved ones around the country. 

    Because it's a larger company, you can expect a broad selection with hundreds of different flower arrangements, as well as teddy bears, chocolates, and other small gifts. You can also find houseplants and succulents. There are farm-fresh flower options, but not as many as offered on some of the other sites. 

    Some arrangements are available for same-day delivery, but your choices may be limited depending on location. You'll find many more options with next-day delivery. If you're aiming to get flowers in time for Mother's Day, definitely order ahead. 1-800-Flowers makes it easy with options to order online or on the company's mobile app.

    The Bouqs Co. bouqs

    The Bouqs Company/Facebook

    Flower Delivery Service (small)

    Best for: Farm to table flowers straight from eco-friendly farms 

    The Bouqs Co. sources fresh flowers directly from eco-friendly farmers, who minimize waste, recycle water, and use sustainable growing practices. You can even see a picture of the farmer, a map of where the flowers came from, and a video of the farm along with your order. Bouqs also works with local florists to create one-of-a-kind, artisan arrangements. Your selection will be based on what florists are available near you. 

    If your mom loves flowers, you could even spring for a Bouqs Co. subscription. If you choose this model you'll save 30% and get free shipping on your orders. You can also customize your plan to change the recipient of the deliveries each month.

    Delivery dates vary for each bouquet. Bouqs makes it easy to see the earliest available ship date for its bouquets, so you should get a good sense of when to order, but as with all delivery services, we'd say the earlier you place your order the better. 

    Read our full review of The Bouqs Co.  Amazon roses


    Flower Delivery (small)

    Best for: Easy ordering and Prime two-day delivery

    If you already have an Amazon Prime account, ordering Mother's Day flowers on the site will be very easy. Prime's fast two-day shipping applies even to fresh bouquets for Mom. Some arrangements come in their own glass vases and even have free next-day shipping. Others, like the Benchmark Bouquets Signature Roses and Alstroemeria, are shipped in bud form for optimal vase life. 

    Unlike the other sites on this list, Amazon is home to different floral vendors, so not everything will be packaged and delivered exactly the same way. The positive is that there is a wide variety of styles and price points to peruse. You'll also want to read the fine print when choosing a bouquet since every vendor has different shipping and delivery information.

    Check the "This is a gift" box at checkout to include your own note to Mom.  

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Remi Rosmarin,Lily Alig)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 16:23:27 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Gifts (Reviews Home (Reviews Features Insider Reviews Mother's Day Gifts Gift Guides Flowers Insider Reviews 2021 Mother's Day 2021 FTD
    Review: The 2021 Vitus Sommet CRS rips, nails the cost to performance ratio For this model year, Vitus have updated their line of enduro and trail mountain bikes, overhauling their suspension designs adding significantly more progression. These are some very good value for money bikes, with the direct-to-consumer brand offering up a complete build of the carbon 2021 Vitus Sommet from just $2999.99. With such competitive price points, […]

    The post Review: The 2021 Vitus Sommet CRS rips, nails the cost to performance ratio appeared first on Bikerumor.

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 16:16:38 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Bicycles Feature Stories Mountain Bike Reviews
    The best online sales happening now, including discounts at the Playstation Store, Anthropologie, and Chewy If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    Best Online Sales Deals

    Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

    We rounded up the best sales and deals happening online today, including savings at The Playstation Store, 1-800-Flowers, and Chewy.

    Deals in this story are subject to change throughout the day. The prices listed reflect the deal at the time of publication. For even more deals and savings across the web, check out our round-up of the best deals from Amazon.

    The best deals available right now Monthly Plan (ad-supported) (medium) Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip (Refurbished) (medium, Preferred: Apple) ChefAlarm Probe Thermometer (medium) Navigator Lift-Away Healthy Home Edition (NV351WM2) (medium) MX Keys for Mac (medium) The best sales and discounts happening right now Get up to 75% off from the Playstation Store PlayStation DualShock 4 controller A Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 game controller in 2017.

    Joby Sessions/PC Gamer Magazine/Future via Getty Images

    Shop the Playstation Store Spring Sale now.

    It's a good time to stock up on titles in your gaming library. From now through April 28, the Playstation Store is holding a huge sale featuring up to 75% off tons of best-selling titles. If you'd like some inspiration, check out our roundup of the best video games of all time.

    Yakuza 0 (medium) Gang Beasts (medium) Get 75% off sitewide at Udacity Udacity online learning


    Shop the Insider-exclusive Udacity sale now

    Udacity is a company that makes pursuing a career in tech easy. From artificial intelligence to cloud computing, the site has tons of courses and programs in which you can earn Udacity Nanodegrees. Now through April 20, Insider readers can get 75% off sitewide with promo code INSIDER75 — a much better discount than the site typically offers. 

    Digital Marketing Nanodegree (medium) Product Manager Nanodegree (medium) Get 20% off sitewide at 1-800-Flowers 1-800-flowers easter picnic


    Shop the 1-800-Flowers sale now

    If you're looking to gift a loved one something special, 1-800-Flowers is a good choice for flower delivery. Though it's no longer one of our top picks, it's still a solid option for getting flowers and gifts as soon as possible. Right now you can snag 20% off sitewide with promo code SAVETWENTY through June 27. 

    Two Dozen Assorted Roses (Bouquet Only) (medium) Wonderful Wishes Bouquet (Large) (medium) Get 15% off mattresses from Allswell Allswell mattress


    Shop the Allswell Spring Refresh Sale now.

    Maybe you're spring cleaning and find it's time to throw out the old mattress — Allswell is holding a sale to help you out. Now through April 14, the mattress brand is offering 15% off all mattresses with the promo code SPRING. We've reviewed multiple Allswell mattresses, including the Supreme Hybrid and the Luxe Hybrid

    Supreme Hybrid Mattress (Queen) (medium) Luxe Hybrid Mattress (Queen) (medium) Get $30 off an order of $100 from Chewy chewy athleisure bulldog in bed


    Shop the Chewy sale now

    Chewy is a retailer well-known for its sales and the one it's holding right now is full of excellent deals. Now through May 1, you can get $30 off your order of $100 or more of select brands. It includes treats, toys, and food for your cat or dog, plus essentials for pets like fish and birds. 

    Dog Boots (medium, Preferred: Chewy) Complete Grain-Free Canned Cat Food (medium, Preferred: Chewy) Get 30% off orders of $65 or more at EyeBuyDirect eyebuydirect blog glasses frames still life


    Shop the EyeBuyDirect 30% off sale now.

    EyeBuyDirect is having an excellent sale featuring 30% off orders of $65 or more with the promo code FUN30. It's a great opportunity to save on multiple pairs, so whether you're stocking up on different frames for yourself or getting pairs for the whole family, it's a deal worth checking out. EyeBuyDirect is a retailer we love for its stylish, affordable, and easy-to-order glasses. 

    Disclosure (medium) Concorde (medium) Get an extra 25% off sale items at Anthropologie anthropologie puzzle sets


    Shop the Anthropologie sale now.

    Anthropologie holds a lot of sales throughout the year, meaning you should never settle for full price. Right now, the brand is offering an extra 25% off its entire sale section, excluding furniture. It's a good chance to save on apparel, home goods, and beauty products for yourself or as a gift. 

    The Olympia Striped One-Piece Swimsuit (medium) Savon Soap and Dish Set (medium) Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Tercius Bufete,Sarah Saril)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 16:03:06 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Deals (Reviews Style (Reviews Home (Reviews Tech & Electronics (Reviews Deals Deals of the day Sales Features IP Graphics Alyssa Powell Product Card
    10 pieces of easy-to-assemble furniture available on Amazon If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    Zinus Modern Studio TV Stand


    • Buying and setting up furniture can be an expensive process.
    • Not only do you have to pay for the pieces themselves, but you often have to pay for someone to put them together.
    • This list features 10 pieces of easy-to-assemble furniture you can put together yourself and for free.

    There's nothing more frustrating than ordering a big piece of furniture online, finally getting it through the door, and then realizing you have no idea how to put it together. Plus, finding someone to put it together for you can be a big added expense.

    Luckily, there are many pieces of furniture that are easy to assemble on your own, you just need to know where to look. We went through Amazon's furniture selection and picked out 10 easy-to-assemble pieces across all categories. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get these shipped to you and assembled in no time. It's that easy.

    An upholstered bed frame Zinus Lottie Bed Frame


    Zinus Lottie Bed Frame, from $181

    This simple and sophisticated bed frame comes with everything you need to put it together all in one box. With two people you should have this chic piece set up in under an hour.

    Check out our guide to the best bed frames. A sturdy office desk Tribesigns desk


    Tribesigns Computer Desk, $170

    This large office desk comes in multiple colorways, so you can be sure you'll find one to match your space. The assembly should take less than 15 minutes.

    Check out our guide to everything you need to work from home. A nursery dresser Graco furniture


    Graco Benton 4-Drawer Dresser, $280

    This easy-to-assemble dresser has four drawers and safety stops, so it's safe for use in a toddler's room or nursery.

    Here are 8 practical tips to organize your bedroom, according to professional organizers and interior designers. A set of dining chairs UrbanMod chair set


    UrbanMod Mid Century Dining Chairs, set of 4, $90

    These mid-century modern dining chairs are already pre-assembled for you. All you have to do is finish the process off with four screws and you're ready to sit.

    Check out our guide to the best dining room chairs. A glass coffee table Purlove Coffee table


    Purlove Glass Coffee Table, $120

    All of the tools and hardware needed to assemble this chic glass coffee table are included in the box. It should be ready within 10 minutes and the glass surface is super easy to clean too.

    Check out our list of beautiful coffee table books. A simple sofa Zinus Jackie Sofa


    Zinus Jackie Sofa, $390

    This sofa comes together in 20 minutes or less, with no tools needed to assemble it at all. If you want something smaller, there's also a 2-seater loveseat option for $330. 

    Check out our guide to the best sofas and couches. A modern nightstand Yirise Nightstand


    Yirise Nightstand Drawer, $56

    This simple white nightstand adds a minimalist, practical touch to your bedroom. There's also an option to view the nightstand in your room to see how it would actually look in your space. It comes together, and apart, easily according to reviews. 

    A sectional couch Honbay Sectional Couch


    Honbay Modular Sectional Couch, $1,160

    While pricey, this sectional is sturdy, comfortable, and has space for seven people to lounge. Since it is so big, the couch pieces will likely come in multiple packages which may arrive in the span of a few days. Once you have everything though, all the instructions and tools are included making for easy assembly.

    A simple platform bed Zinus Joseph bed


    Zinus Joseph Metal Platform Bed, from $100

    I've put together and taken apart this bed frame a few times and it's always a breeze. Zinus gives you everything you need to make the process seamless and stress-free, plus this simple silhouette works for any bedroom.

    A media stand Zinus Modern Studio TV Stand


    Zinus Modern Studio Collection TV Stand, $90

    A chic centerpiece and practical place to keep your TV, this media stand comes together fast and is highly-rated by purchasers.

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Insider Reviews Team)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 14:52:21 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Home (Reviews Features Furniture Home Decor Bedroom Living Room Home Office Insider Reviews 2021 IP Freelance IP Roundup
    30 thoughtful corporate gifts your coworkers and employees will love If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    A company is nothing without its employees. Whether you manage a lean team of five or oversee thousands across offices nationwide, you know that your employees are invaluable to the success of your business - and perhaps you want to thank them beyond simply paying a salary.

    Skip the tired and cheap corporate gifts and surprise your employees this year with these elevated, thoughtful, and useful options instead. Some come from our favorite startups, while others are just a click away on Amazon. Go the extra mile by customizing them with company colors, a logo, or a personal touch that truly shows your appreciation. Whether or not your company is working from home, it's our hope that these gifts will allow you to stay connected to both your business and each other.

    Here are 30 corporate gifts sure to wow your employees: A set of spa-worthy bath products from Nécessaire Necessaire body kit fragrance free front


    The Body Essentials, $60, available at Nécessaire

    If you're looking to gift employees bath and body products they'll actually want to use, Nécessaire offers luxurious products free of toxic ingredients. With three set options, multiple scents, and even a fragrance-free option, you'll surely find something they'll love. To participate in the brand's corporate gifting program, simply fill out this contact form.

    A box of customer favorite coffee blends from La Colombe La Colombe Greatest Hits box

    La Colombe

    Greatest Hits Gifts Box, $40, available at La Colombe 

    If they don't live near one of La Colombe's 30 locations, send them a gift set filled with the brand's fan-favorite blends instead. La Colombe's Coffee for a Crowd program allows you to mix and match different products from its vast selection and receive 20% off any order of 20 or more boxes of coffee, making it a great gift for your coffee-loving employees.

    Customized snack boxes from NatureBox NatureBox Snack box


    Bestsellers Box, available at NatureBox, $33.99

    Many folks are missing the company snack bar now that lots of offices are closed, and nothing says I appreciate you quite like a box filled with delicious snacks. Why not make your their day with a custom snack box from NatureBox. NatureBox's SnackPass box allows employees to choose their preferred snacks and get them sent directly to their houses. NatureBox offers a wide snack selection and its corporate gifting program allows you to send a customized snack box after simply providing some basic information.

    Plants from BloomsyBox BloomsyBox flowers


    Cape Town Orchid, available at BloomsyBox, $34.99

    Bring some life into your employee's home office setup by gifting them a beautiful flower arrangement or plant from BloomsyBox. The retailer offers a wide variety of floral arrangements and plants and even offers subscriptions so that you can send your employees flowers on a consistent basis.

    Gift sets from Bath & Body Works Bath & Body Works set

    Bath & Body Works

    Eucalyptus Spearmint Gift Set, $14.50, available at Bath & Body Works

    With all of the hand washing and sanitizing we're all doing due to the pandemic, there's no better gift than this set from Bath & Body Works, which includes a hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and hand soap. While you can order quantities up to 25 directly from the site, Bath & Body Works' corporate gifting program allows you to order larger quantities of gift sets as well as gift cards. Use this contact form, to get more information about Bath & Body Works' corporate gifting program or to make large gift orders.

    Decadent chocolates from Vosges Vosges Chocolate library


    Vosges Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library, $25, available at Vosges 

    Our pick for the best chocolates you can gift, Vosges offers gift sets that are sure to impress your employees. Not only is each set beautifully packaged, it also includes high-quality chocolates. The Chocolate Bar Library is a great gifting option as it includes nine unique chocolate flavors, including banana coconut, matcha, and raw honey, in a keepsake box. Aside from this very giftable set, the Hazelnut Praline Bonbons set and the Champagne Truffle set are great gifting options. Vosges also offers a corporate concierge which can help guide you through personalizing your chocolate selection with your company's branding and help coordinate shipping to multiple addresses. 

    Sweet treats from Baked by Melissa Baked by Melissa cupcakes

    Baked by Melissa

    Latest & Greatest Cupcake Pack, 25 count, from $32, available at Baked by Melissa

    There's a reason that these bite-sized but flavorful cupcakes are a go-to gift for many. Baked by Melissa's Latest & Greatest pack includes customer favorites such as red velvet and cookie dough as well as new seasonal flavor additions. Purchase these cupcakes in large quantities directly from the product page, or if you would like a more customized experience for your giftees, check out the brand's corporate gifting information here.

    Face masks from Vistaprint vistaprint mask best corporate gifts


    Custom face masks, starting at $10, available at Vistaprint

    In our current times, face masks are an incredibly useful gift. Vistaprint, which is typically known for their customizable business cards, clothing, and more, has added masks to its extensive product lineup. Customize masks for your staff with your company's logo or choose from one of many pre-existing designs. Submit a request for orders of more than 1,000 masks here.

    Gift cards from Starbucks starbucks gift card best corporate gifts


    Gift cards, starting at $5, available at Starbucks

    While many of us no longer have the option of working from coffee shops, Starbucks gift cards are a great gift to help your employees switch their morning routine up. With locations all over the country, Starbucks gift cards are great if you have employees spread across many locations. Starbucks' corporate sales program has options that range from physical gift cards, branded gift cards, or digital gift cards delivered directly to your recipient's email. You can also set the value of the gift cards to anywhere between $5 to $500. Learn more about Starbucks' corporate sales program here.

    Delicious baked goods from Goldbelly magnolia banana pudding best corporate gifts


    Baked goods, starting at $29, available at Goldbelly

    You can never go wrong with gifting delicious baked goods. With an option to narrow your search by region, Goldbelly's corporate gifting program allows you to send local eats to your employees no matter where they're located. It offers everything from organic mixed fruit baskets, to Magnolia Bakery's World Famous Banana Pudding. Every order also helps support small or minority owned businesses. For bulk orders of 15 recipients or more, you can email

    Custom jackets from L.L.Bean L.L.Bean fleece best corporate gifts


    Custom jacket, starting at $69.99, available at L.L.Bean

    When it comes to gifting clothing, one size does not fit all. Luckily, L.L.Bean's business gifting site offers a wide range of inclusive sizes, from XS to 3X. Its fitness fleece quarter zip jacket is available in five colors and can be customized with a logo. The retailer also has a selection of other customizable products such as beanies, blankets, and duffle bags. You can place a corporate order here.

    Tumblers from YETI yeti


    Rambler 20 Oz. Tumbler, $34.99, available at YETI

    Whether you're sipping on a hot or cold drink, YETI's stainless steel, double-wall insulated tumblers never fail to keep your beverage at the optimal temperature. Employees can keep them on their desk or bring them along to the trails on their days off. You can fill out a corporate gift form at YETI here.

    Socks from Bombas Bombas socks


    Men's Merino Calf Sock 8-Pack, $136.80 on sale (originally $152), available at Bombas Women's Merino Calf Sock 8-Pack, $136.80 on sale (originally $152), available at Bombas

    Part of Bombas' appeal, other than the obvious differences in fit and feel, is that it donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter every time someone buys a pair. This philanthropy doesn't stop if you take part in its corporate gifting program. It can work with your company's current charity partner, or help you find the perfect donation recipient. You can fill out a corporate gifting form at Bombas here.

    Gourmet gummies from Sugarfina sugarfina


    Baby Champagne Bears Candy Cube, from $9.95, available at Paper Source

    Give your employees a sweet treat they'll remember with a Sugarfina Candy Cube. Packaged thoughtfully in clear acrylic boxes, these candies were made for gifting. 

    Nylon tote bags from BAGGU baggu


    BAGGU Nylon Tote Bag, from $12, available at Amazon

    These waterproof nylon totes hold 50 pounds of stuff, fold down to a fraction of their size to fit in your back pocket, and can be customized to let your employees flaunt where they work. As eco-friendly practices become more than a passing trend, you'll only see more of BAGGU's stylish yet functional bags out on the streets. You can request a custom quote at BAGGU here.

    Custom pencils from Shutterfly Corporate gifts Shutterfly


    Custom Pencils, $7.50, available at Shutterfly

    Something to write with can always come in handy, be it for to-do lists, doodling, or anything in between. These custom pencils come in a set of 12, are available in four colors, and the message can be anything from a company name to a fun joke that coworkers share.

    Chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries sharis berries

    Shari's Berries/Facebook

    Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries, $39.99 to $69.99, available at Sharri's Berries

    Peak indulgence is a box of strawberries dipped in rich milk, white, or dark chocolate, and maybe even sprinkled with nuts or chocolate chips. Shari's Berries are our favorite chocolate covered strawberries and they might just become your employees' favorite too after they try them. You can request a business gift quote at Shari's Berries here.

    Succulents from Lula's Garden lulas garden

    Lula's Garden

    Live Succulent Plant, from $27.99, available at

    A dash of greenery on their desk or in their room will make them happy — make it low-maintenance and nearly impossible to kill, and they'll be even happier. Choose from single succulents or mini gardens, then customize the rest of the box to create the perfect plant gift. You can learn more about custom gifting at Lula's Garden here.

    Custom sticky notes from Zazzle Corporate gifts sticky notes


    Post-It Notes, from $6.95, available at Zazzle

    Sticky notes are a productive gift that you know they'll make great use of, whether jotting down assignments for the day or using them for out of office tasks and grocery lists. Add a custom touch to this office staple with a team photo, company logo, or personal text. Zazzle allows for orders of up to 500 packs at a time, and bulk ordering can save up to 60%.

    Patterned socks from Happy Socks happy socks

    Happy Socks/Instagram

    Mix Gift Box, $48, available at Happy Socks

    Regardless of your office dress code, fun socks will always be appreciated. You'll have difficulty narrowing down the final choice from Happy Socks' large selection of colorful, quirky patterns and prints. Custom designs with the company colors or logo are also available for orders of 6,000 pairs or more. 

    Suitcases from Away away


    The Carry-On, $225, available at Away

    Business travel, so long as it's done safely, has never looked so cool. With a bag from Away, they'll be organized and stylish as they fly from destination to destination. You don't have to gift a piece of luggage — you can also choose a backpack, luggage tag, or Away's very useful travel wellness kit. Submit a corporate gifting form here for orders more than 25 units.

    Leather accessories from Leatherology leatherology


    Send employees a beautiful, full-grain leather accessory like a luggage tag, business card case, or keychain. For an extra special touch, add a debossed monogram or logo. Though leather goods sound like a premium gift that could be out of your budget, Leatherology sells its bags and accessories without the markup, so customers don't have to spend so much for a touch of luxury. You can fill out a .

    Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut sunglass hut

    Sunglass Hut/Instagram

    Polo Ralph Lauren, from $74, available at Sunglass Hut

    Sunglasses are a common gift or employee freebie, but they're rarely worn because they're plain or cheap. Sunglass Hut offers top brands and stylish options that everyone will actually want to wear. A perk of ordering through Sunglass Hut is that anyone can go to a store to receive a free personalized adjustment if the glasses don't fit well. You can learn about corporate gifting at Sunglass Hut here.

    Flowers from The Bouqs Co. the bouqs co

    The Bouqs Co/Facebook

    Shop bouquets from $39 at The Bouqs Co.

    Valentine's Day and Mother's Day aren't the only occasions where a bouquet of flowers is appropriate. Welcome new employees and remind current ones they're appreciated with The Bouq Co's farm-fresh flowers, which are always arranged and designed beautifully. Business customers can get up to 25% off regular prices. You can learn more about corporate gifting at The Bouqs Co. here.

    Phone grips from PopSockets popsockets


    Rose Gold Aluminum PopGrip, $15, available at PopSockets

    PopSockets PopGrips are the small, simple, and affordable phone accessories that your employees will wish you had gifted them earlier. These round buttons stick to the back of their phone and expand whenever they need a grip or a stand. They can take photos, text, and hold their phone without worrying about dropping it, or prop it up to stream content and video chat. You can order custom PopSockets PopGrips here.

    Mashable magnet toys from Speks speks


    Speks Original Magnetic Balls, $24.95, available at Speks

    Our team loved these tiny magnet toys a lot more than we expected to. Less obnoxious than fidget spinners, they're immensely satisfying to play with and build with as you work through a problem or concentrate on a task. The set includes 512 rare earth magnetic balls, metal building base, plastic splitter card, 16-page starter guide, and carrying case. 

    Candles from Otherland otherland candle


    Chandelier Candle, $36, available at Otherland

    There are plenty of candles out there, but few quite as giftable as Otherland's. These premium candles are available in many scents to suit the different personalities of your employees, and they look great on any tabletop (office, bedroom, or otherwise). You can email to inquire about corporate gifts and place a large order.

    Hatch Idea notebooks hatch notebook uncommon goods


    Hatch Ideas Notebook, $25, available at Etsy

    A well-executed idea doesn't happen overnight. Help your employees hatch the next big idea with this cloth-bound notebook that's organized into three sections: Conceive, Incubate, and Hatch. Although there's no automatic option for bulk purchasing, the Etsy shop owner typically responds to messages within 24 hours and should be able to accommodate larger orders.

    Bath and body gifts from L'Occitane loccitane


    Hand Indulgences Hand Cream Trio, $29, available at Nordstrom

    From luxurious hand creams that are sold every three seconds around the world to nourishing soaps and shower oils, L'Occitane offers many options to pamper your employees. You can combine multiple products to create mini gift baskets or distribute them individually. Email to learn more about its corporate gift program.

    Wine from Vinebox vinebox


    Instead of gifting them a bottle of wine you're not sure they'll like, let them personalize the selection themselves. Vinebox takes the intimidation and pressure out by delivering wine flights in unique bottles and helping budding wine enthusiasts discover their favorites. You can learn more about .

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Connie Chen,Maliah West)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 14:52:04 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Tech & Electronics (Reviews Gifts (Reviews Features Holiday Holiday gift guide Gift Corporate Gifting Corporate gifts Holiday Season Employee Gifts Gifts Insider Picks Gift Guides IP Roundup Insider Reviews 2021
    Dyson's Outsize vacuums are more powerful, convenient, and efficient than predecessors, but I'd only recommend one for large homes If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    dyson v11 outsize vacuum review 3

    Connie Chen/Insider

    • Dyson is well known for its cordless vacuums, and its Outsize vacuums are the largest and most powerful yet.
    • They feature large bins, wide cleaning heads, adaptive suction power, and LCD screens.
    • I tried the Dyson V11 Outsize (now sold at Best Buy) and found it's best for cleaning large homes.
    V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum (small) Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

    Dyson has come out with another line of cordless vacuums, and this time, they're even bigger and more powerful than predecessors.

    Related Article Module: The 4 best vacuum cleaners we tested in 2021 for carpet, hardwood, and even pet hair

    Like all of Dyson's vacuums, the new Outsize models are quite the investment. The cheapest of the bunch is the V11 Outsize cordless vacuum, currently on sale for $640 and sold through Best Buy. It's still a lot to spend for a vacuum, but if you find yourself spending way too much time cleaning your floors because your current vacuum isn't powerful, large, or convenient enough, then the Dyson V11 Outsize could be the solution.

    After testing the V11 for five months, we've determined that the vacuum is best for large spaces and family homes.

    Design and specs

    Compared to traditional corded vacuums, the cordless V11 Outsize is sleek, slim, and not bulky.

    It's about four feet long and weighs just under eight pounds, with a 12.5-inch wide cleaner head, LCD screen, and rechargeable battery. In addition to the standard cleaner head, it comes with five interchangeable tools for more specialized cleaning tasks and an extra battery pack that brings the total run time up to 120 minutes.

    It also comes with a docking station that you can mount to your wall for easy, organized storage.

    How to use the V11 Outsize

    Even if it's your first time owning a Dyson cordless vacuum, the set-up and features are intuitive and pretty easy to grasp. After you've charged the device fully, click the components together and it's ready to use.

    best cordless vacuum 2021 dyson v11 outsize vacuum review

    Connie Chen/Insider

    You can choose from three different cleaning modes (Eco, Auto, Boost) by clicking the button on the LCD screen. This screen also tells you how much time is remaining on your vacuum's battery. Eco mode uses the least battery, while Boost mode, for intensive cleaning on stubborn dirt, uses the most. Auto mode is the versatile and adaptive middle ground that automatically senses changes in floor types and adjusts suction power accordingly.

    To start cleaning, simply press down on the handle trigger and release it to stop the suction. My hands are on the smaller side so I sometimes found it tiring to hold the handle while clicking down, but the good news is that you don't have to press the trigger all the way down in order for the suction to activate.

    The cordless stick design and position of the bin are great because you can get under small, narrow spaces without rearranging your furniture. I could reach under my couches and even the oft-missed spot below my piano pedals, simply by bending down a bit and angling the vacuum appropriately.

    Vacuuming is also much less cumbersome in the absence of cords. Even though many corded vacuums have admittedly long cords, it's nice not to deal with tangles or the search for available outlets. I went from room to room, and downstairs to upstairs quickly, saving time and effort on the unpleasant chore.

    dyson v11 outsize vacuum review 2

    Connie Chen/Insider

    As the name suggests, the most distinctive feature about the Outsize is its size.

    It has a wide cleaner head to capture larger areas of dust and debris, plus a 0.5-gallon bin to store all that dust and make it possible to clean your entire house (multiple times) without stopping to empty the bin.

    The bigger features of this model, combined with a powerful motor that spins at up to 125,000 rpm and a filtration system that traps 99.99% of particles, allow for a quick yet thorough cleaning job.

    With everyone in my family indoors most of the day and the increased foot traffic, weekly vacuuming has become even more imperative. The Outsize has been able to pick up all the hair, food crumbs, and dust in our two-story house without a problem, and on a single charge. Once I've conquered all the rooms, it's easy (not to mention more hygienic) to empty the bin directly into the trash can without touching any of its contents.

    Just in case you have very large ground to cover, the Outsize comes with an additional battery pack that you can simply replace the dead one with once the time comes. However, of all the times I've used it, I haven't needed to grab the extra battery pack yet.

    Cons to consider

    The Outsize isn't perfect, and that's namely due to the extra weight, noise, and price tag.

    • Weight: The V11 Outsize is the heaviest cordless stick vacuum from Dyson. The whole machine isn't clunky, but if you spend a long time vacuuming, your hand could still get tired. I suspect it's because of the bin position, which concentrates the weight on the top of the device and makes your body do more work in carrying it. Since this design is what lets you get into hard-to-reach areas, the weight isn't the end of the world, but it's something you should keep in mind.
    • Noise: "When the vacuum is on the low setting, the noise is bearable. It's low enough that I can keep the TV on and not worry that I'll miss what's being said, but not low enough that I'd want to vacuum our entire house in the morning. When it's on max, it's incredibly loud - I can't hold a conversation and I wouldn't dare vacuum unless it was the middle of the afternoon." -Jada Wong, former senior editor
    • Heat: "Like the V10, the V11's battery is by the handle so it generates a lot of heat that gets shot out by the vents. I don't notice it when I vacuum the floors in big sweeping motions but when I have to maneuver the vac for corners and crevices, I'll get a shot of ventilated air on my face or hands. It's a fleeting moment but uncomfortable nonetheless." -Jada Wong, former senior editor
    • Price: As the most recent launch with the most powerful features, the Outsize is certainly not cheap and it retails at $800. Should your budget allow for it and you need a great vacuum option right away, I think it's worth the cost. However, if you don't want to pay as much but still want the reliability and efficiency of a Dyson vacuum, I recommend either 1) waiting until a newer model arrives so the Outsize will drop in price, 2) checking out current Dyson deals (the biggest discounts happen around Black Friday and Cyber Monday), or 3) checking out older models, which are usually a bit lighter and less powerful, with less battery per charge. If you want an older model, here's a quick comparison of the Outsize and the Torque Drive, which is also part of the V11 line.
    Should you buy it?

    After testing multiple cordless vacuums, I would suggest getting the Outsize if you live in a large, suburban family home with many different types of cleaning surfaces. The larger bin, wider cleaning head, and stronger power are perfect for the big cleaning task. Meanwhile, there are cheaper cordless vacuums that are better for smaller spaces, such as the Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Cordless Vacuum.

    The bottom line

    I love using the V11 Outsize to clean my house, but I don't think it's for everyone.

    You'll be perfectly fine with a cheaper cordless vacuum if you don't have a large home or you don't mind recharging your device in the middle of longer cleaning sessions.

    All in all, however, the Outsize vacuums have all the features you could want in a high-tech vacuum: they're big and efficient, but still look sleek, and can get into low, tough-to-reach areas. Outside of the core cleaning task, they're easy to empty, maintain, and store. If you want to invest in an effective cordless vacuum for a large home, I can't imagine a better choice.

    V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum (button) Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Connie Chen)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 14:28:31 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Home (Reviews Cleaning Home Vacuum Dyson IP Reviews Product Card Insider Reviews 2021
    Samsung Galaxy A52 5G review: Buy this phone ]]> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:13:58 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Android Mobile Galaxy A52 5G Review Samsung The 5 best TV antennas in 2021 for watching free local channels
  • An indoor antenna allows you to watch free local channels on your TV without a cable plan.
  • Modern antennas can be attached to your wall or placed on a stand for easy installation.
  • Our top choice is the Channel Master FLATenna+ thanks to its simple setup and strong reception.
  • An indoor antenna is a cheap and simple way to get local TV channels without a cable or streaming subscription

    Most antennas today are as thin as a sheet of paper and can get dozens of channels as far as 60 miles away. You can tape some antennas right on your wall for easy setup. Others are as compact as a salt shaker, letting you easily place them behind your TV.

    Instead of paying a hefty monthly bill, you can score a solid antenna for a one-time payment as little as $19. This affordable investment will get you free access to local stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. But, before you pick up an antenna, you'll want to use the AntennaWeb tool to see exactly what stations are available in your area.

    Depending on whether you live in a big city or a more rural area with access to fewer channels, antennas may or may not be the right choice for you. You'll also want to consider what channels are exclusive to cable/streaming services versus what channels you might find with an antenna.

    For most people, an antenna can be a cost-effective way to score live TV without a recurring cost. After testing several different models, we've picked the best antennas you can buy, all for under $100.

    Here are the best indoor antennas of 2021:

    Updated on 4/14/2021 by Ben Blanchet: This is a complete guide revision with entirely new testing and antenna picks for each category.

    The best indoor antenna overall Channel Master’s FLATenna+ antenna

    Ben Blanchet/Insider

    The Channel Master FLATenna+ is a lightweight antenna with a wide range, reliable reception, and an affordable price.
    • Design: Flat for wall or window
    • Range: Up to 50 miles
    • Amplifier: MicroAmp to improve signal
    • Channels received: 70 during our testing

    Pros: Amplifier addresses choppy picture, subtle design, includes 3M tape for attaching to your wall, coaxial cable included

    Cons: Takes longer to install due to amplifier

    Out of all the antennas we tested, the Channel Master FLATenna+ offers the best bang for your buck. For $40, you get a reliable indoor antenna that's relatively easy to install and offers a range of around 50 miles. 

    The model is paper thin and you can stick it to any part of your wall or window after applying the included 3M tape to the back. After I hung up the antenna it firmly held itself to the wall for over four weeks while testing.

    The downside is that it takes slightly longer to install, but that's due to Channel Master's MicroAmp that you can screw in to improve reception. Channel Master claims its MicroAmp helps receive difficult-to-reach channels and, while that may be true, it makes this model a little less plug-and-play friendly. 

    In my area, the antenna picked up eight 1080i channels, including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, government channels, and Telemundo. It also picked up 62 other local stations while eliminating a number of channels that appeared choppy on Channel Master's FLATenna 35 model. 

    In fact, none of the channels I watched with this antenna were choppy. It's a breeze to flip through stations and, over time, none of the channels disappeared from my lineup. When stacked up to other antennas we tested, this model also had shorter delays when picking up a station.

    If you're looking for an affordable indoor antenna with a simple design and reliable reception, this one is your best bet overall.

    Note: This item is expected to be back in stock on April 16.

    The best budget indoor antenna Channel Master’s FLATenna+ antenna

    Ben Blanchet/Insider

    Channel Master's FLATenna 35 Duo is one of the most affordable antennas on the market, and it delivers solid reception for local channels.
    • Design: Flat for wall or window
    • Range: Up to 35 miles
    • Amplifier: Not included 
    • Channels received: 79 during our testing

    Pros: Inexpensive, simple setup

    Cons: Channels get choppy at times, coaxial cable isn't included when you buy from major retailers, no amp

    If you're looking for a more affordable version of our top pick, the Channel Master FLATenna 35 costs less and is nearly identical. The main difference here is that this model does not include the MicroAmp or coaxial cable. We found that the MicroAmp helped provide better reception, but if you're on a budget, the base model is still a good buy. 

    Just like the FLATenna+, this model is paper thin and you just need the 3M tape included in the package to install it on a wall or window. Channel Master is currently including a 12-foot coaxial cable for free if you buy the antenna through its site, but this model doesn't usually come with a cable.

    The FLATenna 35 received my local ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox channels. It also found a lot of Spanish language channels including Univision, Azteca, Estrela, and more. Other local stations, like Crime and GetTV, came through without any issues. I received 22 channels with a picture quality of 720p or higher.

    Compared to other antennas I tested, the only major channel the FLATenna couldn't pick up was PBS Kids. But while I received 79 channels, a handful of those stations came through with choppy images, which isn't ideal. Since it doesn't include the MicroAmp, this model is rated for a shorter range of 35 miles, which might account for the choppiness. 

    The best indoor/outdoor combo antenna Antennas Direct’s ClearStream 2Max antenna

    Ben Blanchet/Insider

    The Antennas Direct ClearStream 2Max features a solid, stable design that can be used indoors and outdoors.
    • Design: Table top or wall mount, outdoor-ready
    • Range: Up to 60 miles
    • Amplifier: Not included
    • Channels received: 65 during our testing

    Pros: Unique design, sturdy feel, solid channel reception, designed for indoor and outdoor use

    Cons: Pricey, difficult setup, no coaxial cord included

    The Antennas Direct ClearStream 2Max stands out from other models with its interesting design as, once you lift it up, the antenna looks like a bird flying in the sky. 

    The setup takes roughly 10 minutes and, while it was difficult to put the mount on at the bottom, it remained sturdy throughout my use. There wasn't any choppy picture on any of the channels I tested, and it managed to receive all the major local offerings, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. 

    While this model firmly stands on its own after setup, it's important to note that it doesn't come with a coaxial cable. This isn't a huge hassle, however, as coaxial cables are sold at many stores. But, the omission is still disappointing given the antenna's already high cost.

    Although it's pricier than our other picks, this model has the added flexibility to be used outside instead of indoors if you want a better signal. The model's mounting base allows you to clamp the antenna onto your roof or home to capture signals outdoors. 

    The best compact indoor antenna Antennas Direct’s ClearStream Eclipse Amplified antenna

    Ben Blanchet/Insider

    The Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse is a thin amplified antenna that takes up little space.
    • Design: Flat for wall or window
    • Range: Up to 50 miles
    • Amplifier: 15db Jolt in-line amplifier
    • Channels received: 56 during our testing

    Pros: Quick access to channels, thin and compact, coaxial cable included

    Cons: PBS channels difficult to find in my area

    Although the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse Amplified picked up about nine channels less than the 2Max model in my area, it's actually much quicker to set up. After I started my timer, I clocked in my installation process at about two minutes. 

    The ClearStream Eclipse Amplified can mount to your wall by peeling tape on the back of the unit. You can take it down and put the model somewhere else, as well, and it will still hold up at a different location. It picks up a solid amount of channels thanks to its in-line amplifier, too. The small, external amplifier is simple to install, and the antenna itself is the most compact of all the units I tried.  

    Some of the channels I received include local CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC. One downside is it doesn't pick up my local PBS channels or government channels, such as NYGov and NYLife, like some of the other models do.

    This antenna also received the least amount of 1080i channels, six compared to the roughly 10 channels I received from other antennas. Still, I received zero choppy channels and had no trouble waiting for channels to appear on my screen. This stands out among the other models I tried.

    The best indoor antenna for easy setup mohu’s Leaf fifty antenna

    Ben Blanchet/Insider

    Mohu's Leaf Fifty is an ultra-thin and easy to set up antenna with the same range as larger models.
    • Design: Flat for wall or window
    • Range: Up to 60 miles
    • Amplifier: RF filtering low-noise antenna signal amplifier
    • Channels received: 74 during our testing

    Pros: Thin and subtle look, stable picture, wide range, easy setup, coaxial cable included

    Cons: Strong plastic smell after opening box

    The Mohu Leaf Fifty is as thin as a sheet of paper but its range is strong compared to other, larger size models.

    The Mohu Leaf comes with a 16-foot coaxial cable and small push pins and tabs that you can use depending on how, and where, you want to place it. This enabled the easiest installation of any antenna I tested. The push pins are about the size of a single hair, and prevent the antenna from popping out on my wall like it would with tape behind it.

    After I scanned for available channels, I picked up 74 stations including 10 channels with 1080i video and 11 channels in 720p. All of the major local channels were easily picked up, including Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC. None of the channels were choppy and each loaded on my TV in a matter of seconds.

    It should be noted, however, that just before I installed the antenna, there was a strong smell coming from the product. The odor went away after a few minutes but if you're sensitive to certain plastic scents, you may want to leave the box open a bit before installing right away.

    How we test antennas

    All the antennas we test are either indoor-only antennas or models that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We tested each antenna at the same location under the same conditions at a third-floor apartment in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, New York. 

    The same smart TV is used with each antenna. The units are set up about two feet from a window with no visible obstacles, like trees or wires outside of the building, that could impact the signal. All antennas are placed in the same location above or near the TV. We judge each antenna's channel support by comparing it to a list of channels that the AntennaWeb tool predict will be available at our address. 

    We also account for cost and design when evaluating each model. We determine picture quality based on whether we notice any signal losses or choppiness during our testing period.

    To test each antenna, we watch variety of channels for about 45 minutes. As far as the installation process goes, we use an iPhone timer to record the time it takes to unbox each antenna until it's set up near the TV. 

    One important takeaway from our testing is that the manufacturer's listed range does not necessarily translate to better performance compared to antennas with lower listed ranges. For instance, an antenna we tested with a listed range of 60 miles actually picks up fewer channels in our area than an antenna listed with a 35-mile range. 

    On that note, it's important to keep in mind that overall antenna performance will vary depending on your specific location.

    What else we considered Amazon Basics Amplified Indoor Outdoor TV antenna

    Ben Blanchet/Insider

    During our testing, we also considered a few other antennas. Here are the other antennas we evaluated for this guide, and why they didn't end up making the cut.  

    Antennas we don't recommend:

    Amazon Basics' Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV antenna: While this model is around the median price of other units we looked at, it was the most complicated to set up. It took me roughly 20 minutes to install since the unit was missing a pair of screws in the package. Amazon did send me a replacement, however, which included the screws. This was also the largest model we tested, which makes it less convenient. And, while it got 70 channels on my first try, most of the 480p channels were choppy and broadcasts dropped in and out. 

    RCA Multi-Directional Antenna: This antenna received the least amount channels – 42 – out of all the models I tried. Although the antenna is on the cheaper side compared to others, we recommend spending a bit more for a model with better reception.

    Clear TV Premium HDTV Antenna: This is an antenna that might be familiar to infomercial watchers. The package comes with a salt shaker-size antenna and is one of the cheaper options I've come across. While the rabbit ear design could bring back memories, nine of its 68 channels — such as HSN, PBS, and Fox — appeared choppy on my TV. This is a decent option if you're looking for a bargain, but you can get better consistency with a slightly pricier model.

    What we look forward to testing antop antenna


    Other antennas we hope to try out in coming months include Antop's HD Smart Antenna SBS-301. This model allows you to connect to two TVs at once and also claims to have a range of up to 80 miles.

    There's also 1byOne's Indoor/Flat Amplified HDTV antenna, a model that promises reception of channels up to 200 miles away. We also want to test Phillips' Modern Loop Rabbit Ears Indoor TV antenna. That model takes us back to our childhood with the classic, retro TV antenna design and also features a small size for easy placement.

    Antenna FAQs What do I need before I purchase an antenna?

    Before you purchase an antenna, you'll want to make sure your TV includes an integrated digital tuner. This is standard for virtually any TV you can currently buy, but if you still own a very old set you might need to purchase a separate digital tuner.

    You'll also want to check whether or not the antenna you're considering comes with a coaxial cord. The cord is the only way you can connect your antenna to your TV so you'll need to buy a separate one if it's not included. If you want to place your antenna in the window or in a space away from your TV, you should measure the distance beforehand to see if the cord is long enough.

    What channels can I get with an antenna?

    Antennas pick up over-the-air broadcast channels that are available in your area. This typically means local networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, along with a few dozen other stations. Channel availability, however, can drastically differ depending on whether your community is more rural or urban. 

    One way to check available channels in your community is through the AntennaWeb tool. Just enter your address in the search bar and a list of channels that can be picked up in your area will show up in the results.

    Are there any limitations with an antenna?

    Antennas, unlike cable or streaming services, will only pick up local channels. If you want to see content from the likes of ESPN, AMC, FX, Disney Channel, and more, an antenna probably isn't for you. We recommend getting Sling TV ($35/month) for streaming access to more networks, as it's cheaper than most cable services.

    Antenna reception can also be limited by external factors in your area. This means things like the amount of trees outside your home or nearby buildings could impact your viewing. The location of broadcast towers in your area, weather, and your room's shape and design can also impact your reception. In other words, the performance you get from an antenna can be rather finicky compared to cable and streaming. 

    Unlike most cable boxes, an antenna on its own won't let you record and store shows, though some external DVRs can be bought separately to record TV broadcasts from an antenna. Depending on your TV, you also might not get any kind of on-screen guide for navigation. This means, you have to manually go through each channel. With that said, some smart TVs now include guide integration for antenna playback.

    What video and audio quality can I get with an antenna?

    Most over-the-air broadcasts currently offer high definition (HD) picture quality with either 720p or 1080i resolution. This matches the resolution that most cable and live TV streaming services provide. 

    With that said, antenna-based broadcasts can actually look better than cable. Cable tends to compress video and audio quality more than antennas, so over-the-air TV will typically provide the clearest quality you can find in a broadcast. That is, as long as your reception is strong.

    Over the next few years, some over-the-air stations will begin to broadcast in 4K through the new ATSC 3.0 standard, aka NextGenTV. NextGenTV's 4K broadcasts are already available in markets like Pittsburgh and Phoenix, and will make their way to cities like Buffalo and Orlando throughout 2021. 

    If you want to keep your current antenna, you can, but you'll have to buy an ATSC 3.0 tuner or a 4K TV with a built-in ATSC 3.0 tuner to actually watch in 4K. You can find more information on when 4K broadcasts will become available here.

    Can I get local channels without an antenna?

    Yes. If you don't want to purchase an antenna or you don't already get local stations through cable, there are several streaming options that provide local channels over an internet connection.

    The Locast streaming app offers local channels for free, but the service periodically interrupts streaming with donation requests unless you pay $5 a month to support the non-profit app. We don't recommend this as the best option, as it's cheaper to pay for an antenna in the long run, since the investment will pay off after a couple of months' use.

    Other ways to stream local channels without an antenna include live TV streaming services like Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV. Each service offers a different assortment of channels, including many cable networks you can't get with an antenna, so you'll want to ensure that the stations you want are available.

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Ben Blanchet)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 11:04:10 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Tech Insider Reviews Tech & Electronics (Reviews Insider Picks Guides Buying Guide Tech Features Antenna Insider Reviews 2021 Tech Accessories Streaming TV IP Tech HD
    The 4 best heating pads for pain relief in 2021
  • Whether you're looking for pain relief, relaxation, or a bit of both, you need a quality heating pad.
  • The best ones are easy to use, comfortable, and have different temperature controls.
  • The Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating Pad heats up fast, has several functions, and is affordably priced.
  • Heating pads are effective for soothing different types of pain and can provide relief within minutes. Some uses for heating pads include relieving aches from sports injuries, gym workouts, mild arthritis, menstrual cramps, and general tightness from sitting in front of a desk for prolonged periods.

    A common concern is that you'll fall asleep with the heating pad on, increasing your risk of burns or skin irritation. To combat this, most heating pads automatically shut off, though you can sometimes override this feature. In addition, many have a variety of temperature settings to choose from.

    If you're concerned about pain relief, you'll want to look at heating pads that provide moist and dry heat therapy. According to a 2015 BioMed Central study, heat therapy helps with blood flow and metabolism, helps to decrease muscle tension, and helps to improve range of motion.

    Some heating pads qualify as eligible flex spending account (FSA) expenses, so if you have funds to use up, a heating pad is an option to consider.

    Here are the best heating pads of 2021

    Updated on 04/14/2021 by Victoria Giardina: We added a new category: the best non-electric heating pad. We also included more product descriptions and buying options, as well as a section on related pain relief guides. We also incorporated relevant medical information and the more recent edition of our budget pick.

    The best heating pad overall Sunbeam heating pad


    The Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating Pad heats up in just 30 seconds, is budget-friendly, and has easy-to-use LED temperature controls. 

    Pros: Comes in two sizes, useful for dry or moist heat, auto shut-off feature, specifically alleviates pain from sore joints and muscles, easy-to-use LED temperature controls

    Cons: The cord can get in the way

    Warranty: Five-year limited warranty

    When you're in pain or want to soothe aches right away, you don't want to wait around for your heating pad to warm up. The Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating Pad heats up in just 30 seconds for fast relief from aches and pains. You'll know when it's ready to use with the pad's built-in heat meter, which grows brighter as the 180 watt-powered heat increases. Sunbeam specifically recommends it for use on sore and achy joints and muscles. What's more, this heating pad comes in large and extra-large sizes, so you'll have enough to cover your spine or place it across your shoulders.
    An LED controller makes it simple to set temperatures, keep track of the current temperature, and regulate time settings. You can also use the controller to switch between the six different heat settings and to power off the heating pad, which features an auto shut-off option. 

    For cleaning, remove the fabric pad and throw it in the washing machine. 

    The best budget heating pad Up&Up heating pad


    If you're looking for an affordable heating pad that covers all the basics, consider the Up & Up King Heating Pad.

    Pros: Useful for moist and dry heat therapy; large enough for use on the back, legs, arms, and shoulders; auto shut-off; four heat settings; machine-safe cover

    Cons: May not be as strong as our other picks

    Warranty: Three-year limited warranty

    The Up & Up King Heating Pad has four heat settings, is flexible, and comes with a remote controller to make your pain relief customizable and consistent for moist and dry heat therapy.

    It lives up to its name as being king-sized and can contour around the small of your back, your legs, arms, and shoulders. It has an auto shut-off after two hours, too, so you don't have to worry about leaving it on if you fall asleep on the couch.

    When you're not using it, you can wash the cover in your washing machine, too. 

    The best for neck and shoulder pain relief Pure Enrichment heating pad


    The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad is specifically contoured for your upper body and is aligned with plush micro-mink material. 

    Pros: Contoured for neck and shoulders, useful for dry or moist heat therapy, soft micro-mink material, four heat settings, long cord, auto shut-off, machine washable

    Cons: None

    Warranty: Five-year warranty on defective parts

    If you're feeling achy in your shoulder and neck area — likely from working at a desk for most of the day — you want a long, strip heating pad that will stay on your shoulders rather than the standard rectangle. The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad is specifically contoured for use around both upper body areas.

     You can drape the heating pad around your shoulders and then securely fasten it around your neck to treat two problem areas at once. Built-in magnetic closures hold each end firmly in place, too.

    There are four heat settings — ranging from 110 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit — all of which can be selected using the LED controller. It also has an auto shut-off feature after two hours of use and the fabric cover is machine-washable on the delicate cycle. 

    The best non-electric heating pad ohuhu slide


    If you lose power, or want the convenience of bringing a heating pad on the go, the Ohuhu XL Reusable Gel Pack for Hot & Cold Therapy is your best bet.

    Pros: No power source needed; easy to use; portable; adjustable straps; great for those experiencing mild arthritis, sprains, and menstrual cramps

    Cons: May not be as high-powered as our other picks

    Warranty: None

    Electric cords can sometimes be annoying and keep you within a few feet of a power outlet. To really relax (and maybe even walk around your home), the Ohuhu XL Reusable Gel Pack for Hot & Cold Therapy provides the customization you need to alleviate sore muscles and joints — all without a plug-and-heat system.

    It's essentially a nylon ice pack that you can either pop into the refrigerator for two hours or heat up in the microwave for 30 seconds. The pad has adjustable elastic straps that effectively hug your body to target the root of the pain. This grab-and-go pain reliever is ideal for those suffering from mild arthritis, sprains, and menstrual cramps, too. And, it's leak-proof, so it will last you for years. 

    Check out our other pain relief guides GettyImages 1311969525

    Oscar Wong/Getty Images

    Read the original article on Business Insider

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    ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ Jamie Foxx Comedy Recycles Sitcom Staples: TV Review ]]> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 09:00:55 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Jamie Foxx Amazon challenges Apple's AirPods Pro with new Echo Buds that feature improved noise cancellation If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    Amazon Echo Buds Gen 2 Amazon's new Echo Buds


    • Amazon is launching a new pair of Echo Buds that start shipping in May.
    • They improve on the previous buds with a more comfortable design and better noise cancellation.
    • Amazon will be offering the new earbuds at a discounted starting price of $100 for a limited time.

    Amazon is betting that as the weather gets nicer, more people will be looking to take Alexa on the go.

    The online retail giant is releasing a new pair of Echo Buds with a $120 starting price, revamped design, Amazon's own active noise cancellation technology instead of Bose's, optional wireless charging, and improved audio and microphone quality.

    The launch comes at a time when the market for wireless earbuds continues to expand. Samsung, for example, just debuted the Galaxy Buds Pro earlier this year, Google is preparing to release a new pair of Pixel Buds this year according to 9to5Google, and Bloomberg reports that Apple may launch redesigned AirPods in 2021.

    It's also another sign that Amazon is continuing to invest in Alexa's future outside the home, coming after it released its first pair of Alexa-enabled smart glasses in late 2020.

    Amazon Echo Buds (2nd gen) price and availability

    Echo Buds White


    • The new Echo Buds ship in May and are available for preorder on Amazon starting April 14.
    • They come in two variants: a $120 model that charges via USB-C, and a wireless charging model for $140.
    • Amazon will be offering them at a discounted price for a limited time, bringing the wired charging model down to $100 and the wireless charging version down to $120.
    • They'll be available in black and white color options.
    What's different about the new Echo Buds?

    Echo Buds, Black, Product


    Among the biggest differences between the original Echo Buds and the second-generation Echo Buds are the design and fit. The new Echo Buds are 20% smaller than their predecessors and the case is 40% leaner, more closely resembling the AirPods Pro's case. There's also a vent on the updated version to reduce occlusion so that wearing them feels more natural.

    Amazon's new earbuds also include their own active noise cancellation technology instead of Bose's, which the company says is capable of cancelling twice as much noise. The microphones are also optimized to better capture lower frequencies compared to the previous generation, making them better at accurately hearing speech. Amazon says they should offer better sound quality as well.

    That could make the Echo Buds more suitable for phone calls at a time when many of us have been taking work-related calls from home. But Miriam Daniel, Amazon's vice president of Echo and devices, says this feature wasn't specifically designed with COVID-driven work-from-home mandates in mind.

    "It's something we've always been thinking about," Daniel told Insider. "Anytime we see patterns in behavior, we double down and make it even better."

    The Echo Buds will also gain new features like "Find My Buds," which as its name suggests prompts your buds to make a chime if misplaced. They'll also gain the VIP Filter functionality from Amazon's Echo Frames smart glasses, which lets you select phone notifications to hear through the buds. And thankfully, they charge via USB-C rather than micro-USB like the previous model.

    Should you preorder the new Echo Buds?

    Echo Buds, Glacier White, Outside


    The new Echo Buds seem like they could be a promising option for avid Alexa users, especially since they're priced more affordably than the original Echo Buds were at launch.

    Our biggest complaints about the original Echo Buds were that they didn't fit as comfortably or sound as loud as Apple's AirPods, but it sounds like Amazon has tried to address those shortcomings with its new model.

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Lisa Eadicicco)]

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 09:00:48 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Tech Insider Reviews Tech & Electronics (Reviews Amazon Amazon Echo Buds Wireless earbuds AirPods AirPods Pro Insider Reviews 2021 Tech IP Tech Earbuds Audio Headphones
    Titan Invest Review: A Portfolio That Aims To Outperform For The Long Term Titan Invest provides many of the benefits of sophisticated hedge fund investing, without the high fees and six-figure minimum investment. Here's a review.

    The post Titan Invest Review: A Portfolio That Aims To Outperform For The Long Term appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Kevin Mercadante. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Investing Review Novideo Robo-advisors
    Questrade vs Virtual Brokers: 2021 Broker Showdown ]]> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 04:44:26 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Canadian Expats General Finance Index Investing Investing Product Reviews First Ride: Knolly Bikes’ Fugitive gets updated geometry and a tad more travel When mountain bikes were first invented, their biggest advantage over ‘ten speeds’ was how they could handle nearly any terrain. Many years later, modern trail bikes like Knolly’s Fugitive are still evolving to become that versatile, highly capable bike we all dreamed of in the beginning. Knolly recently updated their mid-travel, 29” wheeled Fugitive with […]

    The post First Ride: Knolly Bikes’ Fugitive gets updated geometry and a tad more travel appeared first on Bikerumor.

    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 03:01:44 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Bicycles Bike Types Mountain Bike Reviews
    66 unique gift ideas for Mom, from a custom photo book to a sunflower gardening kit If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    Gravity X Modernist Terrycloth Weighted Robe


    • If you're looking for the perfect gift for mom, we rounded up many thoughtful and unique ideas.
    • From loungewear to jewelry to tech gadgets, there's a gift for all tastes and budgets.
    • For more inspiration, check out all of the Insider Reviews gift guides.

    Although mothers may be challenging to shop for - humbly resigning to the phrase "you don't have to get me anything" - I can safely say she'll love anything from this gift guide.

    As a professional product reviewer and as someone who's gifted their mom many of these items, this list can help you find what you're looking for or, at the very least, spark some inspiration.

    Whether she's into the latest and greatest tech, loves to read, or wants to update her work-from-home wardrobe with comfortable loungewear, there's something for her, below.

    Here are 66 of the best gifts for Mom: A tablet that does it all Fire HD 10 Tablet


    Fire HD 10 tablet, $149.99-$249.96, available on Amazon

    The Fire Tablet will be Mom's new best friend. Choose from four different colors and 32 GB or 64 GB storage. She can spend up to 12 hours reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music before needing to recharge. It's the perfect handheld size for switching between her emails, video calls, and shopping lists, too.

    Luxe slippers with a cozy cashmere blend Margaux Slippers


    Made from a soft wool-cashmere blend and cushiony foam padding, Margaux slippers feel like stepping into a cloud. She'll enjoy wearing any of the three styles — Slide, Ballet, or Cozy — around the house. Margaux Fit Specialists are also available to chat about sizing questions.

    Popular leggings with a no-slip fit vuori daily legging


    Daily Legging, $89, available at Vuori

    Vuori is well-known for its super-soft fabrics and flattering cuts, and the Daily Leggings are just another example. This style looks like a pair of joggers but fits like a pair of leggings. The high waistband and drawstring allow for a snug feel while the brand's smoothing technology gives an airbrushed appearance.

    Read more about the Daily Legging here.

    A voice-assisted remote for all her streaming needs amazon fire tv stick 2020


    Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, $49.99, available at Amazon

    She can access hundreds of streaming services, including HuluNetflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and more, with this affordable entertainment hub. Plus, Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes with Amazon Prime Video. This model supports up to 4K Ultra HD. 

    A weighted bathrobe Gravity x Modernist Terrycloth Weighted Robe


    Help your mom relax in comfort with the new terrycloth weighted robe from the Gravity x Modernist collection. It features a removable inner weight aimed to reduce stress with its deep pressure stimulation.

    A hardcover photo book for any mother figure Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

    Artifact Uprising

    Honor any mother figure with a custom hardcover photo album that commemorates their best life moments. You can tie in her life story with a display-worthy dust jacket that puts her front and center. Choose from 11 fabric binding colors to complement her bookshelf or coffee table.

    A DIY knit sweater Wool and the Gang Julia Sweater Kit

    Wool and the Gang

    Julia Sweater Easy Knitting Kit, $84, available at Wool and the Gang

    Gift the mom who loves crafting with an easy DIY knitting set. This kit includes a pair of knitting needles, a sweater pattern, and your pick from 29 yarn colors. She can create a hip-length sweater that's lightweight enough for the summer or to layer under winter clothes.

    A personalized watercolor pet print Dog etsy


    Custom Pet Portrait, starting at $39, available at Etsy

    Does your mom have a pet she treats like her own child? Honor the family pet with this custom, hand-painted portrait. Send in a favorite photo and this Etsy store will transform it into beautiful, high-quality artwork. 

    The weighted sleep mask that's the ticket to instant sleep weighted mask


    Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask, $34, available at Anthropologie

    Move over, weighted blankets. These eye masks have gentle weights with just the right amount of pressure to lull her to sleep. The four equally weighted pods let her rest easy no matter her sleep position. 

    A cardigan that's a crossover of style and comfort everlane


    Everlane Texture Cotton Cardigan, $98, available at Everlane

    You can never go wrong with a cardigan, especially one as comfy as this. If your mom is like mine, she has a go-to "restaurant" sweater or "movie theater" sweater. Gift her a new favorite with this minimalist ribbed design.

    Read more about our favorite cardigans here.

    Custom haircare products that cater to her hair goals funciton

    Function of Beauty/Instagram

    Personalized 8 oz. Shampoo and Conditioner Set, $29.99, available at Function of Beauty

    Function of Beauty revolutionizes haircare by creating a custom line of shampoo and conditioner that's based on her hair type and goals. She can choose the formula's color and fragrance as well as add personalized details like her name on the bottle.

    Soft, crisp sheets and bedding brooklinen sheets


    Brooklinen Queen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle, from $198, available at Brooklinen Brooklinen Queen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $240, available at Brooklinen

    Brooklinen's luxe sheets are the ones I always recommend to friends, family, and readers who email me, for their affordable price, sophisticated look, and comfort.

    The Hardcore Sheet Bundles have everything she needs to completely makeover her bed — and stay nice and cozy all year long. Each bundle includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, and four pillowcases. Brooklinen also sells comforterspillows, candles, and blankets

    A fancy candle set otherland


    Otherland Candles The Threesome, $89, available at Otherland

    Candles make any home smell great, and this fancy candle set from Otherland will look gorgeous in any room in her house. It includes three coconut and soy wax blend candles in beautiful glass vessels. Each candle burns for 55 hours — that's a lot of time that your mom can spend enjoying this gift.

    Read our review of Otherland here.

    Barack Obama's bestselling book Obama-promised-land

    Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

    A Promised Land by Barack Obama on Kindle, $17.99

    If Mom likes to read, Barack Obama's bestselling book 'A Promised Land' is probably on her reading list. Instead of risking having a hard copy arrive late, you can gift her the Kindle version. 

    A cozy lounge kit Gift guides Lively


    The Cozy Lounge Kit, $95 (originally $123) [You save $32], available at LIVELY

    If anyone deserves a relaxing day off, moms are often at the top of the list. This chic lounge set includes LIVELY's All Day Lounge Set, "Hit Snooze" Sleep Mask, The Best Day Ever Socks, and The Cotton Duster to maximize coziness — and it comes in a gift box for easy wrapping.

    A high-speed charger for her phone Anker Fast Charger


    Anker Nano 20W USB-C Charger, $16.99

    The latest iPhones don't come with a charging adaptor in the box, so if Mom is getting a new phone soon, she'll definitely need one of these. It charges three times faster than the typical Apple charger and is physically the same size.

    Alexa-enabled glasses Echo Frames


    Echo Frames Smart Glasses, $249.99

    If your mom loves tech, she'll think these smart glasses are from the future. Amazon's Echo Frames allow for open-ear audio, hands-free calling, and access to thousands of Alexa's skills.

    A water bottle that solves all pain points Hydro Flask

    Hydro Flask

    Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Watter Bottle (32 oz), $44.95, available at Hydro Flask

    Hydo Flask's products have a cult following for a number of reasons: The double-walled vacuum seal keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours on end, many products come with a lifetime warranty, and the bright colors add a bit of fun to something that's otherwise thought of as ordinary. 

    A gift card for fun frames Warby Parker

    Warby Parker

    Gift Card, from $50, available at Warby Parker

    If Mom is on the hunt for a new pair of glasses, Warby Parker is an excellent place to start. The brand's versatility, size flexibility, and relatively reasonable prices will give Mom plenty of options to choose from, and she can try up to five pairs at home for free

    Read our full review of Warby Parker's at-home try-on service.

    A luxurious bathrobe classic bathrobe cotton stone


    Parachute Classic Bathrobe, $99, available at Parachute

    A plush bathrobe will make every shower feel like a trip to the spa. Parachute's soft Turkish cotton robe comes in four great colors: white, mineral, blush, and stone (pictured). 

    Read our full review of Parachute's Classic Bathrobe here.

    A Disney Plus gift subscription Originals Disney Plus 4x3

    Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

    Disney Plus Gift Subscription, $79.99 for a year, available at Disney Plus

    In addition to hundreds of classic Disney movies, old shows, and original programming, Disney Plus has tons of new content, including everyone's favorite "The Mandalorian." If Mom doesn't already have Disney Plus, now's the time to get it for her. Bonus points if you pair it with a Baby Yoda gift.

    Here's everything to know about Disney Plus and about its gift subscription.

    A sunflower growing kit Gifts for Mom Garden Kit

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Backyard Safari Garden Grow Kit, $18.99, available at Amazon

    Kickstart Mom's gardening career or add a pop of color to her existing crops with this foolproof gardening kit. This kit includes six varieties of seeds, all within a recycled egg carton to sustainably start the growing process.

    The Amazon Echo amazon echo 2020


    Amazon Echo, $99.99, available at Amazon

    There's an ever-so-slight learning curve in figuring out what Amazon's Alexa can and can't do, but once that's passed, the Echo can forecast the weather, read an audiobook, order a pizza, tell jokes, or any number of things moms should find charming. 

    A fresh flower bouquet UrbanStems


    The Bouqs Co. bouquets, available at The Bouqs Co., $39 and up UrbanStems bouquets, available at UrbanStems, $60 and up

    We've ordered bouquets from The Bouqs Co. and UrbanStems and both offer gorgeous flower arrangements, potted plants, and even dried bouquets, and they're delivered quickly, too. 

    A cute potted plant instead of flowers the sill plant mom

    The Sill

    Shop The Sill's selection of plants from $20

    The Sill is a relatively new startup that's making the process of choosing and buying house plants much easier. This gift set is just one of many options you can choose from — you can even shop based on which plants are pet-safe. 

    The gift of comfortable loungewear tommy john

    Tommy John

    Shop all women's loungewear and sleepwear, available at Tommy John Tommy John E-Gift Card, $25-$250, available at Tommy John

    The Insider Reviews team is positively smitten with Tommy John's loungewear and underwear — so much so, we named the latter one of the best women's underwear brands in our buying guide, so you can be sure Mom will love it too.

    A personalized bracelet Gifts for Mom coordinates bracelet

    MignonandMignon/Etsy/Business Insider

    Custom Coordinates Bracelet, from $7.99, available at Etsy

    The subtle engraving on this small, delicate bracelet will always remind Mom of somewhere special. You can choose from silver, gold, or rose gold to match her daily jewelry, while the coordinates will still allow this piece to stand out in her mind.

    A chic convertible bag senreve 1


    Maestra Bag, $895, available at Senreve

    She never has to worry about this bag going out of style — it's three styles in one. The Maestra can switch between a shoulder bag, top-handle bag, and backpack, so she can wear it with all sorts of looks. While it's a pricey purchase, the high-quality materials and design will last a lifetime in Mom's wardrobe. 

    A blanket that demonstrates your love Gifts for Mom Etsy Blanket


    Love Letter Blanket, from $135.15, available at Etsy

    Handwritten letters are always heartwarming, and this blanket takes the sentiment to the next level. The custom text can be woven into the blanket in a pre-made font, or you can choose to emulate your own handwriting for an extra personal touch. 

    Pearl hoop earrings gifts for mom


    Mejuri Pearl Hoops, $65, available at Mejuri

    Get your mom a beautiful pair of earrings or a necklace with her zodiac sign that she can wear every day. Mejuri is a favorite jewelry startup of ours, so I'm guessing a lot of moms will love this Canadian company's delicate jewelry too.

    A delicious treat from Milk Bar Gifts for Mom Milk Bar

    Milk Bar/Business Insider

    Check out all the goodies in Milk Bar's Gift Shop from $24

    Milk Bar's treats will definitely satisfy her sweet tooth. Choose from a limited-edition Strawberry Shortcake Cake, the bestselling B'Day Truffles, and plenty more.

    A wooden gift crate with 2 pounds of cheese inside Murray's Cheese

    Murray's Cheese

    Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits Gift Box, $95, available at Murray's Cheese

    Cheese lovers will find a lot to like in this wooden gift crate (yes, crate) from Murray's Cheese, which includes 2 pounds of English cheddar, brie, cave-aged Gruyere, and one-year-aged Manchego along with snacks to pair with each cheese: spiced cherry preserves, sea salt and olive oil crackers, and Marcona almonds. My mouth is watering just writing this caption ...  

    A custom map poster grafomap $49+

    Grafomap Instagram

    Grafomap is a website that lets you design map posters of any place in the world. You can make one of your mom's hometown, her college town, her favorite travel destination, or the place where she got engaged or married — you're only limited by your imagination.

    Read a full review here.

    A really good mug she can take camping or into the office Gifts for Mom Yeti

    Yeti/Business Insider

    Yeti Rambler 14 oz. Mug, $29.99, available at REI

    With a vacuum-insulated interior and secure top, this mug works for just about any occasion. Whether she wants to tote her hot oatmeal to the office or enjoy some chili while camping, this is what she'll want to use. 

    A skincare gift set for glowing skin every day Fresh Mini Loves   Fresh Faves


    Mini Fresh Faves Skincare Set, $35, available at Sephora

    This facial gift set from Fresh is made up of a flight of travel-sized masks, so she can roll out of bed with dewy, glowing skin every day.

    Check out even more great and affordable beauty gifts she'll actually use.

    A heated massager to melt the day away Infospa


    InvoSpa Shiatsu Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massager with Heat, $49.97, available at Amazon

    After a long day, all she wants is some true relaxation to melt away the tension that's built up. While she can't get a real massage every day, you can give her this at-home shiatsu massager, which can give her a quality massage for much less.

    A 'book of the month' membership book of the month

    Book of the Month

    Book of the Month Monthly Membership, $49.99, available at Book of the Month

    If she loves to read and isn't ready to go 100% digital, a Book of the Month membership is the perfect gift. This gift membership gets Mom her pick of the best new books for $12.50 to $15 a month depending on the length of subscription you choose to give her (three, six, or 12 months). She can also request extra books if she reads more than one book a month. 

    A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite amazon kindle paperwhite $130


    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, $129.99, available at Amazon

    On the other hand, if she's tired of lugging around heavy hardcovers, the Kindle Paperwhite is an extremely thoughtful and practical gift. The latest version is waterproof too! 

    Read a full review here.

    Comfortable, breathable slip-on shoes Wool loungers


    Cult-favorite footwear startup Allbirds is a great destination for gifts. Its Wool Loungers are ridiculously soft, breathable, and supportive — and even machine washable! We tried them and loved them, so we can safely say your mom will too. They currently come in six colors and are suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. 

    A weighted blanket to help her sleep better Bearaby Weighted Blanket


    Made of soft organic cotton just like her favorite T-shirt, this weighted blanket can help her fall asleep faster and its buttery softness is perfect for wrapping up in.

    An indoor herb garden that requires zero effort SG3 beige wild strawberry plant_preview

    Click & Grow

    Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit, $99.95, available at Click & Grow

    Every chef knows that cooking with fresh ingredients like basil can make a big difference. The Click & Grow Smart Garden is a self-watering system that allows even the most amateur gardeners to quickly and effortlessly grow herbs and vegetables. We tried it and were impressed with how well it worked, and how truly effortless the process was.

    Super comfortable, high-waist leggings Spanx Active leggings


    Spanx Booty Boost Active Leggings, $98, available at Spanx

    Whether or not she wears yoga pants to work out or to run errands, she'll feel comfortable and stylish in this pair from Spanx. They're breathable, supportive but not suffocating, and surprisingly comfortable, offering more stretch than similar compressive leggings I've tried that make them much easier to get into and out of. I'm not sure what witchcraft went into the design, but they also manage to create a smooth-all-over look that I love. 

    Read more about Spanx's Active Leggings here and every Spanx product we've ever tried here.

    A bottle of lavender bubble bath under $40 l'occitane bubble bath


    L'Occitane Relaxing & Foaming Lavender Bubble Bath, $39, available at Amazon

    This lavender-scented bubble bath from L'Occitane is one of the best ways to relax after a long day of work. 

    A marble watch gifts for mom


    MVMT Laurel Marble Watch, $96, available at MVMT

    She'll love this unique, marble-face watch featuring gold detailing and a caramel leather band. 

    A Le Creuset Dutch oven le creuset signature cast iron round dutch oven o


    Le Creuset 5 1/2-Qt. Signature Round Dutch Oven, $160, available at Williams-Sonoma

    At $160, this Le Creuset Dutch oven is the most expensive piece of cookware in my kitchen, but it is also my most used. It comes in tons of colors, so you can choose Mom's favorite. 

    A cookbook for 'Girl Meets Farm' fans Gifs for Mom Molly on the Range

    Amazon/Business Insider

    "Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm" by Molly Yeh, $19.54, available at Amazon

    Not only does this cookbook contain more than 120 delicious recipes (make the Asian Scotch Eggs!), you'll also find tons of personal stories and beautiful photos of Food Network star and award-winning blogger Molly Yeh and her family.

    A cutting board in the shape of the state she calls home Totally Bamboo


    Totally Bamboo State Cutting & Serving Board, $29.99, available at Amazon

    Available for all 50 states as well British Columbia, Puerto Rico, Long Island, and Ontario, this uniquely shaped cutting and serving board doubles as kitchen decor.

    A Daily Harvest gift box Gifts for mom Daily Harvest

    Daily Harvest

    If she's always trying to find new ways to prioritize her health, help her out with some Daily Harvest cups. You can prepay for nine cups, which she can redeem and pick out herself. She can choose from smoothies, oat bowls, soups, and other bowls of healthy food that are super easy to take on the go. 

    A sous vide for making tender, perfectly cooked meat 61hAy5CbuQL._SL1000_


    Anova Nano Sous Vide Bluetooth Precision Cooker, $129, available at Amazon and Target

    The Anova sous vide is a reasonably priced investment that just might change Mom's life for the better. Not only will it boil and poach eggs with ease, but it'll also produce tender, perfectly cooked meat every time. I got my mother-in-law one for Christmas a couple of years ago, and she still sends me pictures of how amazing her food comes out almost every time she uses it.

    A roomy work bag with tons of pockets gifts for mom

    Dagne Dover

    Dagne Dover Legend Tote, $149, available at Dagne Dover

    Dagne Dover's Legend Tote is a sophisticated and spacious work bag with a padded laptop sleeve, water bottle holder, and other thoughtful interior pockets that will keep her organized and always ready to go. 

    Read why we've dubbed Dagne Dover as the best work bag for women here.

    A Rent The Runway Unlimited membership rtr $99

    Rent the Runway

    Rent The Runway Gift Card, from $69, available at Rent The Runway

    Perfect for the woman who "never has anything to wear," Rent The Runway lets her rotate her wardrobe with the latest styles from more than 450 fashion brands, like Diane von Furstenberg, Tory, Burch, and Tibi. She's able to rent up to 16 items at a time — and Rent The Runway takes care of all her dry cleaning, shipping, and insurance costs. We tried the membership and loved it

    An Italian leather wallet that can be monogrammed with her initials gifts for mom


    Cuyana Classic Zip Around Wallet, $175, available at Cuyana (+ $15 for monogram)

    A sophisticated leather wallet instantly elevates a busy woman's everyday style and keeps her organized when she's on the go. You can get this Italian leather wallet from Cuyana in seven colors. We really love the Stone leather version that has a surprise red lining on the inside for a pop of color. 

    A jewelry holder under $40 catbird jewelry holder


    Catbird Swan Ring Holder, $32, available at Catbird

    This ornate swan is a subtle jewelry holder that'll dress up a bathroom countertop or nightstand.

    A foam pillow from a popular mattress startup leesa $75


    Leesa Pillow, $79, available at Leesa

    Give the gift of a good night's sleep with this luxurious and supportive pillow from one of our favorite mattress startups, Leesa. It's so good it's listed in our buying guide to the best pillows.

    A room diffuser gifts for mom


    Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Scent Surround Room Diffuser, $98, available at Nordstrom

    A more modern alternative to potpourri, a diffuser is a grown-up way to add a subtle fragrance to her home.

    A personalized T-shirt 1

    Known Supply

    You can personalize this comfortable Pima cotton tee with "mom" or "mama" — or any other name up to nine characters — in cute, loopy cursive. 

    A gift subscription to a popular coffee club 1

    Atlas Coffee Club

    Atlas Coffee Club 3-Month Gift Subscription, $60, available at Atlas Coffee Club

    If her veins run dark roast, a coffee gift won't go unused. We recommend a gift subscription to the Atlas Coffee Club, which curates a global selection of single-origin coffee that gets freshly roasted and shipped to your house from $9 per bag. 

    A pair of sunglasses that will stay on Gifts for Mom Maho

    Maho Shades

    Tulum No. 2 Sunglasses, $150, available at Maho Shades

    If Mom loves to spend time outside but doesn't want to sacrifice style for functionality, these shades have an extra sturdy grip meant to keep them snug through more intensive activity. 

    A crossbody bag with a hand-painted monogram gifts for mom


    Leatherology Meadow Mini Camera Bag, from $110, available at Leatherology (+ $40 for hand-painted monogram)

    This leather crossbody bag comes in tons of colors and is great for travel and daytime outings — for an extra $40, you can customize it with hand-painted monogram. 

    A retro-inspired electric kettle gifts for mom


    SMEG 50's Retro Style 7-Cup Electric Kettle, $159.95, available at Williams-Sonoma

    With this retro-inspired electric kettle in her kitchen, she'll spend much less time making tea and more time enjoying a cup. It comes in 10 fun colors, like pastel green, pastel blue, and bright red.

    A box set of loose-leaf teas Gifts for Mom T2

    Amazon/Business Insider

    T2 Tea Five Greatest Greens Assorted Tea Sampler Gift Box, $15, available at Amazon

    Let her sit back and relax with this set of fragrant green teas, including China Jasmine, Sencha Peach, and Japanese Sencha. If green tea isn't her thing, T2 also has gift boxes for black, herbal, and fruity teas. Choose the "Subscribe & Save" option and she'll always have a stocked tea supply. 

    A heart snapshot Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art


    Collect some of her favorite pictures and turn them into unique photo art for as little as $29.

    A DNA test kit 1 23andme $200


    23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA Test, $199, available at 23andMe

    This genetic test kit from 23andMe is a unique and cool gift idea for any mom who's interested in learning more about her family history.

    A FabFitFun box 1


    FabFitFun E-Gift Card, $49.99 -$179.99, available at FabFitFun

    Sign her up for FabFitFun, a quarterly beauty subscription box that sends its members full-size products instead of those tiny samples.

    An alarm clock that uses light to wake her up gently Philips wake-up light alarm clock sunrise


    Philips Light Alarm Clock, $99.99, available at Amazon

    Moms work hard and they often have to wake up early. Just because she has to wake up before the sun rises that doesn't mean she has to awaken to the blaring of an obnoxious alarm clock.

    Philips makes a lovely alarm clock that gradually lights up to mimic the sunrise and wake her up naturally. The light alarm clock also displays the time and has customizable sounds so she can wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. This clock is one of the top picks in our buying guide, so you can be sure she'll love it.

    A pendant necklace Set & Stones


    Set & Stones Cheyenne Mama Necklace, $198, available at Nordstrom

    Your mom will want to keep this pendant necklace very close to her heart.

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    Tue, 13 Apr 2021 18:48:57 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Gifts (Reviews Home (Reviews Style (Reviews Kitchen (Reviews Beauty & Personal Care (Reviews Gifts Gift Ideas Mom Insider Picks Gift Guides Mother's Day Gifts For Mom Women's Clothing Women's accessories IP Roundup Gift Guide Insider Reviews 2021
    The 6 best meat spatulas of 2021 for flipping burgers, frying fish, and barbecuing
  • Meat spatulas are generally more durable and have a wide turner than standard spatulas.
  • Some of our picks are perfect for an outdoor grill while others are handy choppers for ground meat.
  • Whether you're flipping burgers on your patio or grilling chicken on your kitchen pan, a quality meat spatula is your helpful sidekick to ensure expertly prepared foods. Meat spatulas are typically wider than the standard kitchen spatulas for easier flipping. They're also often made from stainless steel and other hardy materials that ensure they can withstand hot stovetops and grills.

    Keep in mind that when preparing meat, you should always refrigerate or freeze raw meat immediately after purchase and defrost any frozen meats before cooking. Always thoroughly wash your hands and all utensils before and after handling raw meat, too.

    Whether you're looking for a stainless steel spatula for easy flipping or a quality turner for your charcoal grill, we rounded up top options.

    Here are the best meat spatulas of 2021 The best stainless steel meat spatula Anmarko Stainless Steel Meat Spatula This spatula's long turner makes for easy flipping.


    For a classic, stainless-steel turner, the Anmarko Stainless Steel Meat Spatula is your best bet.

    Why we love it: Long shovel-like design, heavy-duty construction, easy grip

    If you want to be a line cook-level flipping pro next time you're grilling up burgers, the Anmarko Stainless Steel Meat Spatula is a professional and dynamic option. It's similar to the tools used by hibachi chefs and can even double as a pancake flipper, too.

    The stainless steel spatula is made from non-reactive and hygienic materials, so it's safe to use when cooking raw meat. Though it's not dishwasher safe, it's easy to clean with dish soap and warm water. And, the sleek wooden handle is comfortable to hold when grilling or pressing.

    The best meat spatula set To Encounter Silicone & Stainless Steel Spatula Set These versatile tools can withstand high heat, making them great for high-powered grills.


    For days when you're grilling up burgers, hot dogs, and kebabs all at once, the To Encounter Silicone & Stainless Steel Spatula Set will come in handy.

    Why we love it: Mixture of silicone and stainless steel tools, rust-resistant, easy to clean

    If you frequently grill steaks, sausage links, and patties, you know that meat doesn't fall into the one-size-fits-all category. For a six-piece set that's functional for all different types of meat, To Encounter's Silicone & Stainless Steel Spatula Set is versatile and heat- and rust-resistant. 

    The set includes a fish spatula, a slotted turner, an eight-inch icing spatula, silicone large and slotted turners, and a silicone spoon spatula. It can withstand up to 580-degree heat, so it's safe to use even on high-powered grills. What's more, all of the tools are manufactured with a second coat of polish, so they're all dishwasher safe.

    The best fish spatula YK GDYorkKitchen Stainless Steel Slotted Turner (Set of 2) The set includes a silicone brush and a bonus oven mitt.


    The YK GDYorkKitchen two-piece slotted spatula set is just right for flipping fish fillets and easily draining oil.

    Why we love it: Easy to clean, BPA-free, nonslip handle

    The YK GDYorkKitchen Stainless Steel Slotted Turner two-piece set is great for turning, flipping, frying, and grilling alike. The slotted design allows grease to drain while its second coat of polishing makes them effortless to clean. The angled turner coupled with the high-range stainless steel material makes it especially perfect for frying and flipping fish. Made from BPA-free stainless steel, these spatulas are durable enough to last years. The nonslip handles make them easy to grip and the loop at the handle's end makes them simple to hang and store. 

    The best meat spatula for barbecuing Jokari Pro Grade 6 in 1 Lighted Grill Tool This all-in-one option even features a bottle opener and flashlight.


    Whether you're a beginner barbecuer or graduate griller, the Jokari Pro Grade 6-in-1 Lighted Grill Tool can handle it all and even features a built-in flashlight.

    Why we love it: Ergonomic design, light-up functionality, multi-tool product

    The Jokari Pro Grade 6-in-1 Lighted Grill Tool proves you don't need an array of utensils cluttering up your counter or grilling table. You can flip, toss, grab, turn, cut, and then serve your meat with this versatile all-in-one tool. It that even includes a bottle opener.

    The built-in LED flashlight is convenient for evening barbecues or if you lose power and have to manually set up your cooking station. Because of its multi-purpose design, it's also a good option to pack for camping trips.

    The best silicone meat spatula di Oro Chef Series Standard Spatula This spatula is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees.


    For a meat spatula that is more forgiving and won't leave any scratches, opt for the di Oro Chef Series Standard Spatula

    Why we love it: Easy to use, heat-resistant, BPA-free, won't scratch surfaces

    If you're worried about scratching up your pots and pans, silicone meat spatulas are a good option. The di Oro Chef Series Standard Spatula is more forgiving but can still easily flip your turkey burgers, lamb chops, and filets.

    It's made from a heavy-duty stainless steel core bonded to 600-degree heat-resistant silicone. It's nonstick, scratch-resistant, and will last for years. It's also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

    The best handheld meat chopper Zulay Kitchen Premium Heat Resistant Meat Chopper This meat chopper also works for mashing avocados and more.


    Easily break up raw meat without ever needing to touch it with the Zulay Kitchen Premium Heat-Resistant Meat Chopper.

    Why we love it: Easily breaks up meat, variety of color options, nonslip handle

    Zulay Kitchen's Premium Heat-Resistant Meat Chopper is the no-brainer kitchen tool that you didn't know you needed. Its four-bladed design will effectively separate meat — including frozen grounds — without trapping food particles in the crevices. This is an effective way to break up ground meat or shape patties without ever having to touch raw meat. 

    It comes in nine fun colors and has an easy-to-use handle apt for blending, chopping, mixing, mashing, and smashing your meat products. It's even great to use for mashing avocados for guacamole or tomatoes for homemade pasta sauce. 

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    [Author: (Victoria Giardina)]

    Tue, 13 Apr 2021 17:53:17 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Amazon Trends Features Buying Guide BPA Kitchen Accessories Amazon Easily Product Card Kitchen (Reviews Insider Picks Guides Best Guides Kitchen Guides Home Guides Insider Reviews 2021 Victoria Giardina Light Guides Anmarko Stainless Steel Meat SpatulaBest Stainless Steel Slotted Turner Anmarko Stainless Steel Meat Spatula Silicone Stainless Steel Spatula Set Lighted Grill Tool
    38 unique and cool gifts available on Amazon, from a star projector to a gourmet popcorn kit If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

    • Amazon has become the "everything store" - the site stocks just about any product you can think of.
    • Because the site is so big, it can be overwhelming to find unique gift ideas on your own.
    • We scoured the site to find the best unique gifts, from handmade goods to funny finds.

    best unique amazon gifts


    You can find just about anything on Amazon, which can be both a blessing a curse. Seemingly endless options is one of many benefits of shopping with the e-commerce giant, but it can also be tough to sort through them all to find standout gift ideas.

    Though Amazon may not be the first place that comes to mind when looking for unique gift ideas that feel extra personal, you can find great options if you know where to look. For example, Amazon handmade offers locally made and artisan products from small businesses around the country and Amazon has even curated gift lists and ideas catered to different hobbies, styles, and more. You can also shop Amazon's curated portal to support Black-owned businesses.

    We did the tough work of scouring Amazon to curate singular and cool gift ideas. And with a little digging, there are plenty more unique gifts to be found.

    Here are 38 cool and unique gifts ideas, all available on Amazon. Gourmet popcorn for movie night unique gifts amazon popcorn kit


    Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Kernels and Seasoning Variety Pack, $22

    Take your next Netflix night to the next level with this popcorn pack. It includes three types of kernels, plus five seasoning options that range from Spicy Chili Lime to Cheezy White Cheddar for a customizable treat.

    A fun inflatable lounger unique gifts amazon inflatable lounger


    Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa, $38.98

    From a backyard hangout to a beach picnic, this inflatable lounger will come in handy as a comfy seating option. No pump is required, it comes in a handy carrying case, and it's available in 16 different colors and patterns.

    Decorative tealights to add some greenery unique gifts amazon succulent tealights


    SanSeng Succulent Tealight Candles, $10.58

    If even simple succulents seem like too much work to care of, these cute candle tealights are handmade in the shape of cacti and succulents are a fun touch of green decor for any space.

    A cool planet lamp unique amazon gifts saturn lamp


    UooEA Saturn Lamp, $24.99

    You may be seeing trendy moon lamps popping up, but you can make your gift even more unique by opting for this Saturn lamp. The dimmable LED lamp has seven different settings and you can even set it to change colors to a bright hue. Easy to move from room to room, it lasts for up to eight hours after each charge.

    A solar power bank for on-the-go charging unique gifts amazon solar charger


    Solar Power Bank, $28.99

    For outdoor and camping enthusiasts, this 10,000mAh wireless power bank works as a standard charger, but can also run via solar power as a backup option when outlets aren't available. Its compact size makes it easy to pack and it also comes with dual flashlights and a compass kit.

    A trio of flavorful honey bees knees honey


    Bushwick Kitchen Bees Knees Honey Sampler Gift Set, $49.99

    If they can't bear the thought of a meal without something sweet, upgrade their condiments with this set of funky flavored honey from Bushwick Kitchen. 

    A cute reusable bag baggu


    Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag, from $12

    Whether it's used to carry their groceries or random knickknacks, everyone needs a good reusable bag. We love the original Baggu. It can hold up to 50 pounds of stuff, but can also be folded down to fit in your pocket. It also comes in tons of fun colors and patterns.

    A calendar for the dog lover Amazon gifts under $50 We Rate Dogs

    Amazon/Business Insider

    WeRateDogs 2021 Calendar, $13.83

    If you ask us, there is truly nothing better than 365 days of dogs. The calendar comes from the same brains behind WeRateDogs' popular Twitter account, and don't worry, every dog receives a rating of at least 11/10.

    A starry sky light projecto unique gifts amazon star projector


    IYUT 3-in-1 LED Ceiling Galaxy Light Projector, $32.99 

    This fun light projector brings the night sky inside and features 10 lighting colors, three brightness levels, and three speed settings. It also includes built-in speakers and works with smartphones via Bluetooth or USB to play music as the lights twinkle around you. 

    A diffuser disguised as a houseplant cactus diffuser


    Round A'round Cactus Room Scents, $32

    A cactus is a fun way to add some color to your desk or countertop, but if you're not ready to be a plant parent, go for this instead. It's actually a diffuser — it'll fill your room with a nice floral scent — but it looks like a cute potted plant. 

    A keychain for hot sauce lovers Unique Amazon gifts Tabasco

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Tabasco Hot Sauce Keychain, $11.88

    They'll never have to endure a flavorless meal again. This mini bottle of Tabasco sauce comes with a keychain for spice that goes wherever they do. 

    A retro rice cooker dash, $35


    Dash Mini Rice Cooker, $19.99

    This little gadget not only cooks rice but can make stew, oatmeal, soup, pasta, veggies and more. The style and colorful enamel coating add a retro look to their kitchen.

    A bracelet with a hidden message amazon unique gifts morse code bracelet


    IEFWELL Morse Code Bracelets, $12.99

    These beaded sterling silver bracelets aren't just stylish — they also spell out fun messages in morse code. Choose classic options like "BFF" or "I Love You" or fun phrases like "Tribe" or "She Did."

    A cute and practical phone holder Unique Amazon gifts phone holder

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Dinosaur Silicone Phone Holder, $9.99

    This endearing little dino isn't just a piece of decor, it can actually can hold their phone. It comes in over ten colors, so you can find one in their favorite color.

    A hydrating face cream that the French swear by embryolisse, $25


    Embryolisse Lait Cream Fluide, $35

    French pharmacies are known for their readily-available, high-quality skincare products. Gifting your buddy a ticket to Paris may be out of the budget, but you can still snag them some of these cult-favorite products, like this seriously hydrating face cream.

    A little fan to deal with their unpredictable office temperatures Unique Amazon gifts fan

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Fred & Friends Little Big USB Fan, $17.52

    Office dwellers know how unpredictable temperatures can get. To save them when their office (or home office) transitions from an icebox to a desert, gift them this little portable fan. It's small, mobile, and plugs into any USB for a quick, cold breeze. 

    A bunny-shaped speaker with good sound Unique Amazon gifts Bunny Speaker

    Amazon/Business Insider

    AEO Bunny Bluetooth Speaker, from $19.99

    This compact Bluetooth speaker may not be the best around, but it's surely the cutest. Shaped like a little bunny with floppy ears, you get your music and a fun piece of decor too. 

    A punny apron that reminds them of their favorite show got apron, $38


    GOT "Dinner is Coming" Apron, $25

    If you're looking for the right gift for that special person who loves "Game of Thrones," is always cooking, and has a great sense of humor — we think we've found it. 

    A bright and colorful hamper hamper, $71


    Pehr Designs Pom Pom Hamper, $79.50

    No one wants to see a giant pile of dirty laundry on the floor. Help them conceal their mess with this hamper, which is actually nice to look at and adds a pop of color to their room. 

    Relaxing bath salts Unique gifts Amazon Herbivore

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Bath Soak, $22

    Everyone deserves some relaxation, which is why this calming bath soak makes such a great gift. Inside there's dehydrated coconut milk, vanilla, and Himalayan coconut CO2 extract, which together help soothe the skin and calm the mind.

    A candle that smells just like home homesick, $30


    Homesick Scented Candle, $34

    One of our editors asserted that "candles are the most classic gift of all time." We have to agree, and while there are many to choose from, we love the sentimentality and customization Homesick candles offers. They have candles made to smell like each of the 50 states, many cities, and even experiences like watching Friday night football or taking a road trip. No matter where they call home, one of these candles is sure to bring them a rush of nostalgia.  

    An insulated pint glass that keeps your brew cool Unique Amazon gifts BruMate

    Amazon/Business Insider

    BruMate HOPSULATOR, $24.99

    If they like their beverages ice-cold, they'll appreciate this thoughtful bottle holder. It can hold 12 oz. cans, 16-ounce cans, or be used as a pint glass holding 16 fluid ounces, so it's really a three-in-one gadget. When they need a break from beer, this is perfect for keeping their water bottles chilled too. 

    A creative journal that’ll help them get some sleep Unique Amazon gifts Nocturnal Journal

    Amazon/Business Insider

    "The Nocturnal Journal" by Lee Crutchley, $7.54

    A great night's sleep is essential to our well-being, but getting those eight hours each night can be easier said than done. If you know any night owls who need to catch up on their sleep, this journal will make a great gift. It's full of prompts, illustrations, and questions to put their minds at ease when they're up in the wee hours of the night.

    A cute purse for the wine lover unique amazon gifts wine purse


    Insulate Wine Clutch Bag, $24.95

    For the wine lover in your life, this bag does double duty as a cute outfit accessory and an insulated bag to easily bring along a bottle of wine to that house party, backyard barbeque, or picnic at the park. It comes in numerous pattern and color options, including nautical stripes, black tweed, beaded patterns, and more.

    A pack of sticky notes to keep them on track Unique Amazon gifts Knock Knock


    Knock Knock "To Accomplish" Sticky Notes, from $12.44

    For the friend who likes to keep it really organized, help them stay on track with this thoughtful set of sticky notes. With categories like "To Ponder," "To Remember," and "To Buy," they can keep track of everything they need to accomplish in the near future. 

    The cutest hot chocolate mugs marsh mugs, $38


    Ceramic Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mugs, $21.80

    Imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling that you get sipping on a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. These mugs embody that and all other kinds of cozy feels. 

    A phone case for Disney lovers mickey case


    OtterBox Symmetry Series Disney Classic Case (iPhone 7/ 8), from $29.10

    There are plenty of Mickey-themed gifts for the Disney lover in your life. We love this phone case because it not only has a cute design but the signature durability of OtterBox, too.

    A breakfast station with everything they need to make the most important meal of the day Unique Amazon gifts Nostalgia


    Nostalgia Breakfast Station, $79.99

    If a classic American breakfast sounds like their perfect morning, give them this clever kitchen gadget that can do it all — crunchy toast, crispy fried eggs, and a hot cup of coffee. 

    A fruity hand cream that’ll look great on their counter Unique Amazon gifts peach cream

    Amazon/Business Insider

    TonyMoly Peach Hand Cream, $12

    This rich hand cream is made with shea butter and peach extract to moisturize seriously dry skin. We love the refreshing, light peach scent and the adorable container, which looks just like a peach. 

    The perfect socks for pizza lovers pizza socks, $26


    Pizza Socks Box (4 pairs), $25.99

    From pizza ovens to pizza apparel, there's no shortage of gifts catered to pizza lovers out there. We're partial to these socks for their packaging, which is made to look like an actual pizza in an actual pizza box. 

    Simple illustrated prints to hang around the house Unique Amazon gifts Dream Big Printables

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Dream Big Printables Botanical Prints (set of 4), $19.97

    Finding unique home decor that's also affordable can be a tough feat, but these artistic prints check off all the boxes. The illustrations of plants make a great addition to their kitchen, or even their bedroom if they want to show off their green thumb.

    Reusable lunch bags that they’ll actually want to use Unique Amazon gifts Diweiya Reusable Snack Bags

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Diweiya Reusable Snack Bags, $11.99

    Plastic bags are an unnecessary expense when you could just have reusable ones. Their environmentally-conscious and frugal sides will thank you for these sandwich and snack bags, which are dishwasher safe and BPA free. They'll save a ton of money and plastic waste by using these, plus the colorful patterns are much more fun than clear plastic. 

    A travel pillow that actually works trtl, $30


    Trtl Travel Pillow, $29.99

    We've sung the praises of the Trtl Pillow before — it's an essential for any traveler. The cozy and supportive neck pillow is a great gift for any frequent travelers or anyone who's about to head out on a trip. 

    A cutting board of their favorite place bamboo board


    Totally Bamboo State Cutting Board, $29.99

    Entertainers and those with state pride will love this cutting board. You can find a board shaped like any of the 50 states or Puerto Rico, each laser engraved with important landmarks, cities, and sights. It's a fun, personal gift that they're sure to love. 

    A portable printer that lets them print instantly hp


    HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, $99.99

    Nowadays, most of our photos live on our smartphones and social media apps, but many of us still love getting to look through or hang up printed pictures. This portable printer lets them do that super easily and with no wires so they can print pictures in a snap.

    A charging stand for all of their devices Unique Amazon gifts charger

    Amazon/Business Insider

    elago Charging Hub, $26.99

    This gift is a no-brainer for loyal Apple users. Instead of dealing with a tangle of chords from charging all of their products, they can streamline with this singular hub, which has a designated spot for their iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch. 

    A gift set made for an at-home spa day unique amazon gifts bath salts


    Live by Being Bath Salt Gift Set, $56

    Your giftee will be saying "aah" when they use this set of three calming bath salts during their next deep soak. All three blends are made with Dead Sea salt and enhanced with essential oils to hydrate skin, relieve stress, and relax the muscles. 


    A leather wallet and notebook combo coal creek, $39


    Coal Creek Leather Field Notes Cover, $49

    This leather Field Notes cover is completely handmade in the United States. With card slots and a memo book included, it's a great gift for someone who's about to embark on a new adventure, or anyone who loves to travel.

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