Bloglikes - Sex en-US Mon, 19 Apr 2021 05:38:13 +0000 Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:00:00 +0000 FeedWriter "For the first time, scientists have mapped out the molecular and genetic processes by which temperature determines sex..." " bearded dragons, a species of lizard native to Australia.... At cooler temperatures, chromosomes prevail, turning on one sequence of genes to make a female dragon; at warmer temperatures, a completely different series of genes can override partial male development and produce a female.... Why would a temperature-dependent pathway to one sex or another evolve? In reptiles... the ability to change sex in response to environmental cues has been retained across diverse species, from sea turtles to crocodiles, indicating both that it arose early in their evolution and that it confers an adaptive benefit.... For reptiles living in [arid] environments, being born closer to the end of the breeding season, when temperatures are beginning to drop, it could be more advantageous to be male. That’s because males can grow to a size where they can mate with females within that timeframe.... Females born late in the season could have to wait until the next breeding season, when temperatures are warmer, to successfully mate and produce offspring...."

From "In a Warming World, Heat Interferes With Sex Determination in These Australian Lizards/Scientists have discovered how hot temperatures override chromosomes in bearded dragons" (Smithsonian).

[Author: (Ann Althouse)]

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Get ready for a ridiculous fucken Ashes

Last month we asked which series we should cover next on our Ridiculous Ashes podcast. The results are in. (The results were in a month ago.) We’re going to be doing the 2013/14 series.

We nominated 2009 and 2013 as the other possibilities and for a long time the three were running neck and neck and neck. But in the end, the results were clear, 2013/14 got 36.5% of the vote, ahead of 2013 with 31.9%.

POLL: Which of these three Ashes series would you like us to cover next, ridiculousness-wise? #poll

— The Ridiculous Ashes Podcast (@RidiculousAshes) March 8, 2021

There will be England fans who are less than happy with this outcome, but the whole point of the Ridiculous Ashes is that it is about taking joy in those aspects of cricket that are less immediately obvious than the result. It’s fun to go back and revisit matches with a fresh eye and without the bowel-shredding anxiety about how your team will perform.

It’ll be great. Honest.

Series two of the Ridiculous Ashes will go out ‘at some point’. (You can quote us on that.)

If you want to subscribe via your preferred podcast app, you can do so here.

And if you’ve no idea what we’re talking about, you can find series 1 – which covered the 1997 Ashes – here.

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How to Simulate a Threesome Having a threesome is a fetish that nearly everyone has. There is an excitement that comes with sharing sexual pleasure with not only one but two people. Most people would testify that having an extra set of balls or an extra vagina during sex can quadruple the pleasure of the entire encounter. It makes the threesome the gold standard of sex fetishes. If you felt like a threesome was what you needed in your sex life, but you were a little shy about it, you would be glad to know you are part of a huge group. In this article, we will be talking about everything about threesomes.

Getting a Threesome

We have already highlighted how exciting a threesome is, and we know you are probably thirsting to have one. Getting a threesome is not the easiest thing that you can do, for most people, at least. There are dozens of barriers that can result in you not getting your fetish satisfied. The reasons may range from some simple ones to some that might be a little outrageous. We will be looking at most of the barriers that you will face in your pursuit of the great sex escapade that is a threesome.

Barriers to Your Threesome

These are the most common obstacles that you are likely going to face if you decide to try a threesome.

Getting Your Partner to Agree

If you have a long-term partner, getting a threesome might be difficult. Most relationships have a lot of boundaries, especially when the issue pertains to sex. Getting to convince your partner to go into bed with another person is a little difficult. If you are in a long-term relationship, bringing the topic up for discussion might sound a little taboo. It is why most people tend not to pursue such fetishes and can only dream of them.

Finding Partners

Although most online dating sites now offer an option exclusively for those looking for threesomes, getting a partner can still be very difficult. One of the main reasons that can make finding partners for threesomes difficult has to be the issue of preference. Getting three people that match in terms of likes is quite complicated. Another thing is that even if you have a partner, they might want to get a third partner they are accustomed to, and that is not easy. It certainly has the biggest obstacle that you will face, and it is very little you can do to circumnavigate it.

Risk of Diseases

One thing that you might be concerned about before diving into a threesome might be the risk of contracting sexually transmitted illnesses. Although there are precautions that can be taken to avoid catching these diseases, in some cases, partners may be a little negligent. When you are switching between two partners, you might end up drowning in the sea of pleasure. And you end up forgetting all about the precautions. It can also be a barrier to your pursuit of a threesome and might end up resulting in your pursuit ending up as only a pursuit.

These barriers can pretty much turn you off, and you might end up giving up. The good news is with technology and, well, a lot of sexual creativity, you can easily simulate a threesome. You do not need a third person to have a “threesome”. If you are wondering how it can be achieved, then you need to read this article.

Simulating a Threesome

There are several ways you can simulate a threesome. We will be looking at the best available ways to help you decide which one works best for you.

Sex Toys

The best way to simulate a threesome is by incorporating sex toys. Dozens of sex toys available can give you the sensation of a threesome or something better. There are several sex toys available that you can use to simulate a threesome and the best ones are dildo, fleshlight, and sex doll.


ns novelties danny d secret weapon 10 5 suction cup dildo
It certainly has to be the first thing we look at, amongst the sex toys that represent a threesome. If you enjoy sex with one penis, imagine how much you would enjoy it with two. The best part about using a dildo to simulate a threesome is that there’s no emotional part. It means your partner does not need to compete with another person to satisfy you. It is a win for both you and your partner. The biggest advantage is you can pick just about any size you like. Let’s get on to how you go about the simulation with a dildo.

Simulating Threesome with Dildo

The first thing you need to do is to pick a dildo for your threesome. There are various sizes, materials, and shapes of dildos available on the market. Double-ended dildos are also great. The secret to choosing the best dildo is getting your partner involved. Remember it is a threesome, and your partner will be part of the action like you. You need to agree on the perfect sex toy to ensure that the experience simulates the exact threesome of your dreams. Depending on your preference, you can pick just about any dildo, but we recommend using a rubber or silicone dildo. It is the closest alternative to the actual penis.


The most common activity in terms of threesomes is double penetration. There is nothing that does this better than a dildo. Make sure you choose a position that can make double penetration easier for you and your partner to go through the act. Doggy style is the best position for double penetration as it gives you the freedom to work on your dildo. There are two forms of double penetration. You can either put both the penis and the dildo in the vagina or anus, or you can put one in each hole. The anal cavity is littered with nerves, and penetration of both the anus and vagina will provide a sexual sensation you never thought possible.

You can also combine oral action with your dildo, coupling it with penetration. If your male partner is adventurous, you can also go off and try some dildo penetration on him. It can be quite something for both of you. Check out some of the best anal dildos available.


Who knows that eventually, we could have a vagina on a stick? The fleshlight has taken the sex toy world by storm, and it is probably one of the best substitutes for a person when you are simulating a threesome. You can penetrate your fleshlight while you orally please your partner. It means you can get pleasure, at the same time pleasing your partner. Just like you would in an actual threesome.

Sex Doll

auburn red head sex doll
If you want the full threesome experience, then we recommend you get yourself the sex doll. A sex doll is very realistic (especially the female ones). Sex dolls are the closest you can get to an actual threesome. Make sure you choose the sex doll that makes you feel close to the action the most. The best about sex dolls is they can provide both anal and vaginal pleasure. We can guarantee you that a sex doll feels pretty much like a real female, and your partner will agree. With AI, the sex dolls can be programmed to speak and also release “semen”. You and your partner get to make your third “cum”. That must be one hell of an experience, and you will certainly enjoy it.

Digital Threesome

Technology has changed the sex scene, and right now, your third partner does not even need to be present to have a threesome.

Virtual Threesome

All three participants can be in different locations and still enjoy the act. Although virtual threesomes usually have 2 participants and a third partner watching from another location, the first instance is also possible. Watching people satisfying themselves sexually can be equally as satisfying. It is the concept behind these threesomes, and some services allow you to choose what your other partners do in the virtual threesome. The best part about these virtual threesomes is they can be accessed from anywhere. And since they involve mostly coordinated masturbation sessions, there is less risk of catching diseases.

One thing that you can also do is to watch porn with your partner. Porn will sharpen your threesome fantasy and make the idea pretty much admirable. There is, though, the need to realize that porn is exactly what it is. You can’t expect to repeat the experience in real life. Try to find a threesome you and your partner will both enjoy, and we can guarantee that your sex life will never be the same.

Simulating a threesome is quite easy, and there are multiple ways to do it. Choose one that works for you and satisfies your sex fetish!

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Babar Azam - The Best in the World Despite that fact, in the 6 completed limited over matches on their current tour of South Africa, Pakistan have completed 3 successful run chases and have once come to within 17 runs of a mammoth target of 342.
Moreover, the 3 successful run chases have included their third highest ever chase against South Africa in ODIs, and two of their highest chases ever in T20Is - both within a period of 4 days.
In the first T20Is against the Proteas, Pakistan chased down 189 with a delivery to spare, on the back of a fighting unbeaten knock of 74 off 50 deliveries by Mohammad Rizwan.
That 189 was the highest total ever chased by Pakistan in a T20I.
Till last night, when Pakistan made chasing 204 look like a cakewalk.
Rizwan was instrumental in this chase as well with another unbeaten knock of 73 off 47 deliveries.
But the man of the hour was Babar Azam.

Newly crowned as the number one ranked batsman in ODIs, Babar celebrated that achievement by playing one of the best innings ever played in a T20 international.
Babar made the chase look so easy that Pakistan reached their target with a full two overs to spare!
I have never witnessed such a masterclass of an innings in a T20I. Not by a Pakistan batsman, not by any batsman.
It was truly majestic.
Babar's 122 came off only 59 deliveries and included 15 boundaries and 4 sixes.
From the get go, he was in charge of the chase, hitting boundaries in every over, running with supreme urgency with Rizwan, finding gaps with precision, turning good deliveries into run scoring opportunities, and clearing the boundary with such finesse.
The best part about Babar's innings was that not once did he seemed rushed, not once did he try to slog, not once did it seem it was about power hitting. It was completely flawless classical batting with text book shots.
He did it with such ease that it left everyone from his teammates to the opposition and all the viewers completely awestruck.
I have already gone back and viewed his innings another 4 times since the match ended and I have no doubt in my mind that I have witnessed the best T20I knock ever in the history of the game.
Babar also broke a number of records with his majestic innings, including:
1. His 122 is now the highest individual score by a Pakistan batsman in T20Is, overtaking Ahmed Shehzad's 111* against Bangladesh in 2014.
2. 122 is also the highest ever score by a captain in a T20I chase, and the 4th highest ever by a captain in a T20I.
3. It is also the second highest ever score by a batsman while chasing in T20Is. Babar was unfortunate to miss out on the record 125 scored by Evin Lewis against India in 2017.
4. Babar reached his maiden T20I century off 49 deliveries, the fastest 100 ever by a Pakistan batsman in T20Is. And in all limited overs cricket, there is only one Pakistan batsman who has scored a century off fewer deliveries - Shahid Afridi - one off 37 deliveries and another off 45.
5. His opening partnership of 197 with Rizwan is now the highest partnership ever in T20Is by Pakistan, going past the unbeaten 143 put on by Shehzad and Hafeez against Zimbabwe in 2013.
6. It is also the highest ever partnership in a chase in T20Is, eclipsing the unbeaten partnership of 171 between Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill against Pakistan in 2016.
7. The 197 run partnership is also the highest while chasing in all T20 cricket.
8. It is also the 4th highest ever partnership for any wicket in T20Is, and the highest ever in a match involving two of the top 8 ranked teams.
9. Babar smashed 15 boundaries in his innings, which is the most number of boundaries hit by any batsman in a T20I chase.
10. It is also the second highest number of boundaries in a T20I innings by any batsman, just 1 behind the 16 hit by Aaron Finch against Zimbabwe.
On top of all these records, it was also Pakistan's highest ever successful chase in T20Is.
Babar was truly marvelous. The innings was a rare gem, and if you missed it you must watch the highlights. On repeat. Multiple times.
With every season, Babar has grown in stature. He is the best batsman in Pakistan, we all knew. Now, he has claim to the tag of being the best batsman in the world too!]]>
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Ged Ladd & Co v Children’s Society XI – match report + wagon wheel

Send your match reports to We’re only interested in what it was like to be at the game, so if it’s a professional match, on no account mention the cricket itself. Equally, if it’s an amateur match, please go into excruciating detail.

Herbert Ackgrass (the official cricket biographer of King Cricket reader and regular contributor, Ged Ladd) writes…

Ged Ladd played many matches against Charley The Gent Malloy’s Children’s Society team in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Most of those matches took place in Regent’s Park or Holland Park, but on one occasion, in 2003, neither of those Royal Parks were available, so the match was played instead in The Queen Of Suburbs, Ealing. The above picture, not from that match, is borrowed from the Hire A Pitch website, where you can still book an Ealing Central Sports Ground pitch.

That Ealing (in truth, Perivale) location made this the ideal opportunity for a visitation from Daisy’s mum, The Duchess of Castlebar, as the Duchy of Castlebar happens to be very nearby. The Duchess had, apparently, for years wondered whether Ged could actually play cricket. No pressure.

As usual, Ged arrived at the ground early. He soon encountered an enthusiastic young Kiwi named Phil, who was one of the many antipodean ringers – aka temporary Children’s Society staff – who tended to appear once only for such fixtures.

Phil invited Ged to bat against his warm-up bowling. The pitch was clearly a little two-paced; the first delivery was straight and stuck in the pitch a little, such that Ged lobbed Phil a simple return catch. Ged explained to Phil that bowling straight like that is considered to be ungentlemanly conduct in these parts.

The teams gathered. The Duchess and her entourage (Daisy) arrived just before the start of the match. Ged won the toss and elected to bat. In those days, Ged tended to bat at seven or eight. 

Ged Ladd & Co got off to a decent start: a couple of decent partnerships; then, when Phil came on to bowl, a flurry of wickets. Ged’s turn soon came.

“Good luck,” said The Duchess.

Ged was to face Kiwi Phil. The first delivery was deceptively straight and cruelly stuck in the pitch a little. Ged tried everything he could to avoid the inevitable, but no amount of determination could prevent him from lobbing the ball back to Phil for a simple return catch and a primary.

“Never mind,” said The Duchess, before turning to Daisy with the decree, “I have other matters to attend to now; let’s go, Daisy.”

The following run chart summarises Ged’s innings.

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Watch this hilariously surreal short about a new cryptocurrency called "FuckCoin"

Young man discovers fuck coin

— Conner O'Malley (@conner_omalley) February 16, 2021

I mean, wow. Truly inspiring. Sadly, you won't FuckCoin on Coinbase, even after it's gone public.

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The Rise of Mohammad Rizwan Rizwan has not looked back since he became Pakistan's number one choice for wicket-keeper; and while he has been great behind the stumps, it is his achievements in front of them that have impressed everyone.
Last night, opening the innings for Pakistan against South Africa in the first T20I of the 4 match series, Rizwan was assertive in an unbeaten knock of 74 that guided Pakistan home in the final over of the innings.
Rizwan's was the perfect innings that was required for a successful chase of a daunting target of 189.
Rizwan's last 5 innings in T20 internationals read: 89, 104*, 51, 42, 74*.
All but one of those innings have been match winning ones.
While his career T20I average is a decent 36.5, it his numbers since becoming a permanent feature of the team that are truly remarkable.
In 17 T20Is since November 2019, Rizwan has scored 449 runs at an average of 56.1 and a strike rate of 132.4. 
He has also shone in Test Matches for Pakistan during this period with 741 runs in 12 Tests at an average of 46.3.
Since he became Pakistan's permanent wicket-keeper in Tests and T20Is in November 2019, he has been the top performing wicket-keeper with the bat in the world.
In Test matches since November 2019, only Jos Buttler has scored more runs than Rizwan, however at an average that is 10 runs per innings lower.
Rizwan's average is right up there and he has more 50+ scores than any other wicket-keeper in the world during this time.
Even in T20Is, only Buttler has more runs than Rizwan during this time; however Rizwan has hit his runs at an average of 80!
Rizwan is also the only wicket-keeper who has scored a T20I hundred during this period.
With the way he is currently playing, he will surely surpass Buttler's tally during this 4 match T20 series against South Africa.
In T20Is, Rizwan has shone as an opener. He has scored his century and all 3 of his T20I fifties while batting at that position.
As an opener, Rizwan sits alongside the best in the business, with a batting average that is twice as much as the next best.
Look at how well Rizwan's numbers as a T20 opener compare with those of Babar Azam, who is one of the best batsmen in the world, and was also ranked the number one T20 batsman for a long while.
Like last night, Rizwan has played a number of match winning knocks in both Tests and T20Is since becoming a permanent feature of the team.
His stock has risen quickly and he has fast become one of Pakistan's most dependable batsman in these two formats of the game.
He is clearly the best wicket-keeper batsman in the world at the moment.
Rizwan has not been able to demonstrate this form in ODIs, but if he keeps continuing in this vein in T20Is and Tests, it is not long before he will be able to do the same in ODIs.]]>
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The Transgender Nature of Ernest Hemingway Hemingway in Kenya

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most influential and popuar authors in the US. They won the Nobel Prize in Litterature in 1954. Moreover, they bulit a myth of themselves  as the the most masculine of men, the big game hunter and boxer who wrote about bullfighting and war. Yet: They were, in fact, transgender.

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have made a new documentary series about Hemingway for the American PBS, and in this series they also look at Hemingway's gender variance. 

Hemingway was trying to make sense of their gender feelings throughout their whole adult life, and they explored it in role playing games, sexual and non-sexual,  together with their four wives. 

Their main artistic attempt at adressing this trans side was the work on the novel The Garden of Eden. They never managed to finish that novel, and the version that was finally published in 1986 had most of the explicit gender "transgressions" edited away.

Yet, there has been a lot of research on the queer side of Hemingway, for good and for bad.

I have published an article about Ernest Hemingway's transgender life over at, where you will find relevant  quotes, references and stories.

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Regret over a hookup doesn’t change our behavior
  • Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology investigate the degree to which regret regarding sexual encounters makes us modify our behavior.
  • Women more often have regrets about encounters that occurred, while men regret the ones that didn't.
  • According to the study, people keep doing what they've been doing and continue to have the same regrets.

  • When it comes to sexual encounters, both women and men may be left with feelings of regret in the fading afterglow. Women, according to recent research, are more likely to experience "action regret," wishing they hadn't had sex. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to report "inaction regret" if they feel they've passed up on a sexual opportunity.

    Both may experience regret, says a new study, but not so much that it changes their behavior going forward.

    Speaking to Norwegian SciTech, the lead author of the study, Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), says, "For the most part, people continue with the same sexual behavior and the same level of regret."

    The evolutionary value of emotion

    Credit: Morgan Lane/Unsplash

    "We wanted to examine if their level of regret contributed to a change in behavior the next time around," says senior author Mons Bendixen, who collaborated with Kennair and postdoctoral fellow Trond Viggo Grøntvedt.

    Explains Kennair, "A lot of emotions are functional, like disgust that protects against infection and fear that protects against danger. An evolutionary approach has helped us understand anxiety by understanding the function of fear: fight-flight-freeze is about avoiding danger and defending ourselves against it."

    The authors say that psychologists generally assume that emotions such as regret serve an evolutionary purpose — they keep us from repeating undesirable behavior.

    "Researchers," says Grøntvedt, "have found that most people believe this is true for regret. They assume that regret is actually a helpful negative feeling. People assume it guides them not to repeat what they regretted."

    The flexibility of regret

    Credit: Priscilla Du Preeze/Unsplash

    To see if sexual regret does actually change people's behavior, the researchers invited NTNU students to complete an anonymized web questionnaire about sexual regret. Prospective participants were told:

    "We invite you to participate in a research project that examines students' thoughts and feelings after having had casual sex (intercourse), and what factors that may affect these… Some of the questions are sensitive and relate to sexual acts and choices you may have made. Responding may cause some discomfort and embarrassment, and we recommend that all participants sit in an uninterrupted location when answering the questions."

    Individuals who agreed to participate were asked to fill out the survey two times, 4.5 months apart. The volunteers were between 18 and 30 years of age. For the first pass at the questionnaire, 529 students, 63.2 percent of whom were female, participated. Just 283 people completed the questionnaire both times.

    The questionnaire revealed a resounding, "Nope!" Four and a half months later, individuals had continued to hook up or not hook up in the same way they had at the start of the study. They also exhibited the same level of regret.

    Credit: Phix Nguyễn/Unsplash

    Kennair admits, "We are not that surprised. If regret helped, would not most sinners eventually become saints? What do you regret the most often? Has it changed your behavior?"

    The researchers suggest that, as they suspected at the outset of the project, regret is an emotion that's adaptive, with its impact on behavior dependent on context. In the case of sexual regret, there may be a disconnect between what we think we should want and what we really want.

    It may also be that habit simply overpowers regret. Previous studies have found that habits create ever-stronger neural pathways — it's why people often repeat mistakes. The idea is that making a mistake a first time creates a neural pathway to which we increasingly and unconsciously gravitate each time we repeat the error.

    Don't over-regret

    Kennair cautions, however, against getting too hung up on sexual regrets.

    "And yet," he says, "there are some folks who think that depressive ruminating and worry are a good idea. But the way we treat depression and generalized anxiety disorders is by helping people to stop ruminating and to stop worrying. Not everything people do, think or feel is an evolutionary adaptation — sometimes it is not appropriate either."

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    A very obvious argument against tinkering with county cricket

    This is not an argument in favour of the status quo. This is not an argument to say never change things. It is just to point out that if you change every single county cricket competition, every single year, there are consequences.

    The format of county cricket has been tinkered with for as long as there’s been county cricket. Sometimes it gets a bit of a run and stays roughly the same for a year or two. Other times there’s an ‘overhaul’ and more radical change. These are the various competitions and their respective formats this year.

    The people who come up with all of this spend an awful lot of time thinking about it because cramming all the different county cricket competitions into a summer and ensuring it’s all balanced and fair is quite the task. Those circles won’t square themselves.

    And tell you who spends an awful lot of time unravelling the ins and outs of the new formatting they draw up to achieve this? Almost no-one.

    Sports fans want to know who’s playing and who’s best. They don’t especially care about conferences, divisions, groups and bonus points. They’ll slowly and reluctantly get to grips with all of that stuff only so that they can better track what they’re really interested in. It’s a means to an end. It’s not something you willingly devote time to.

    Every year that a competition is changed, there’s a lag while everybody works out what’s going on. New formatting works like an enthusiasm diffuser, dissipating fans’ lust for the game.

    Here’s an example.

    Let’s say you’re sort of interested in county cricket and you’ve seen that the season’s started but you didn’t really follow the first round of matches. First thing Monday morning, where do you start? Maybe take a look at the table?

    Maybe take a look at the table on the BBC website, because the BBC website is a big, major place where people who are fairly interested in a sport can be confident of finding solid, reliable sports reportage.

    Here is the County Championship table on the BBC website.

    That’s what you get. And, to be clear, that’s all you get.

    You get Group 1 – because Group 1 is the best group, right? Groups 2 and 3 – which are in fact of exactly equal importance because these are groups, not divisions – don’t get a look-in.

    In short, the BBC is not yet up to speed with how this year’s County Championship works because they changed it again.

    Maybe they changed it for the better. Maybe there are very good reasons why it had to be changed. Maybe this is the perfect County Championship format they’ll stick with forever now.

    Hopefully that’s the case. Hopefully there’s no more chopping and changing in the coming years because each time you tinker, you make it just that little bit harder for everyone to get a handle on what’s going on with your sport.

    And honestly, cricket is not a sport that needs to make things harder for people.

    The post A very obvious argument against tinkering with county cricket first appeared on King Cricket.

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    From Naked Attraction to Love Is Blind: The couples who found lasting love on wild TV dating shows These series rely on gimmicks - whether contestants are required to take off all their clothes or get married at first sight. But romance can flourish regardless

    After a half-century of dating shows, the genre has grown increasingly outlandish. Naked dating, marrying complete strangers, secret cameras – it can’t be long before singletons are blasted into space in one of Elon Musk’s rockets to find love. But behind all the gimmicks, do any of these shows lead to long-lasting love? We spoke to four couples.

    Continue reading...]]>
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    Darren Stevens: a quite magnificently durable Wookie of a cricketer

    Was there a specific moment when you realised you were no longer young? We’re assuming you’ve realised by now. If you haven’t, we’re sorry to break it to you, but…

    We remember being highly alarmed the first time we heard Calvin Harris sing, “I’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s, the 80s.” We then swiftly did the maths and realised, oh, okay, that’s legal, just about. (Listening to that track again, we’re struck by how much it sounds like a Flight of the Conchords pastiche – and weirdly, it came out just a few months before their TV series.)

    We’re not sure that was the moment we realised we were no longer young, but it was certainly a moment. There have doubtless been others since, but we’ve already forgotten them. Because we’re old. These days our memory has a tiny entrance through which only the smallest proportion of the daily barrage of experiences can enter. Maybe it was always this way. Who can honestly remember?

    One of the clear things you notice as you get older and look at your peers is that people age at different rates. Keanu Reeves and Nigel Farage were born within months of each other, for example. Rather delightfully, we wrote about exactly this phenomenon just a few short months ago and had already forgotten that we’d done so. It was only a dim awareness that we’d previously used the term ‘peaked too soon’ somewhere or other that tipped us off.

    Personally, we still feel relatively young in body and hairline – particularly compared to some our age who are visibly careering towards decrepitude. But then there are others who have seemingly slowed the ageing process to a near-halt.

    Yoda may be the Star Wars character most famous for his wrinkly longevity, but did you know that Chewbacca is over 200 years old? Now there’s a Wookie who’s aged well. Fur hides a multitude of wrinkles, we suppose. Perhaps there’s a lesson there.

    And so, finally, but necessarily (for this is, technically, a cricket website) to Kent’s Darren Stevens.

    It is a continued source of delight to us that there remains a professional county cricketer who was born before we were.

    Stevens continues to play not just well, but brilliantly. He took 29 first-class wickets at 15.58 last year and 52 at 17.57 in 2019 (a year in which he also hit a double hundred).

    In his first innings of 2021, Darren Stevens hit a hundred.

    We’ve got love for you, if you were born in the 70s, the 70s.

    Do you prefer your cricket coverage with a faint undercurrent of existential crisis? You should sign up for our email.

    The post Darren Stevens: a quite magnificently durable Wookie of a cricketer first appeared on King Cricket.

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    A cricketer in an unusual place

    Send your pictures of cricket bats and other cricket stuff in unusual places to Feel free to put the cricket thing in the unusual place yourself. (In fact please, please, please do. No-one sends us any of those and they’re our favourite ones.)

    Mike writes…

    While at the excellent Wroxham Miniature Worlds in Norfolk a couple of years ago, when such heady pursuits were possible, I happened upon this curious field setting in the most delightful village surrounds.

    Note the rarely seen long stop, in conjunction with the lack of slips and a square leg umpire who clearly enjoys the danger aspect of the game.

    Those ludicrously short square boundaries might also pose significant risk to passing trains and automobiles.

    There’s no way all match personnel and spectators are crowding into that pavilion, even in non-socially-distanced times. Thoroughly accurate in all other regards, however.

    The post A cricketer in an unusual place first appeared on King Cricket.

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    What Is Pegging and How to Do It Right? Over the years, we have seen thousands of sex trends come, and some of them quickly leaving the sex scene. A few, though, have managed to withstand and are still pretty popular. We can talk of BDSM, golden showers, and a bunch of other sex trends that seem to have become a usual part of the sex conversations. There is a sex act that has been there for quite a while but has recently made it to the mainstream sex trend: pegging!

    Pegging has been there for a while. The practice dates back pretty much to the time when the first dildo and strap-on were made. People were doing it behind closed doors but were not keen to have a conversation about it. Things seem to have taken a turn, though. Over the past few years, pegging has been dominating the sex conversation thanks to Deadpool and porn. If you are not accustomed to this premium act of sexual pleasure, you have come to the right place. We are going to be discussing what pegging is and why it could be the best thing that can happen to you sexually.

    What Is Pegging?

    The first question that we have to address is the question of what pegging is. The act has been in existence for quite a while, and the definition has morphed quite many times. In the early days, pegging was simply when a woman wears a strap-on with a dildo at the end and penetrates her male partner. It was the initial definition. Sexual liberty, lots of sexual freedom, and sex toy advancement have resulted in the definition changing over the years.

    The original definition of pegging was gender-defined. The new one has done away with the gender specificity. As long as there is a strap-on and anal penetration, what you are doing is pegging. The definition of pegging has become broad, and it means that it is a must-have in any sex diet.

    Reasons for Pegging

    The main reason why people participate in pegging has to be for pleasure. With sexual exploration at an all-time high, people are bound to find inventive ways to sexually pleasure themselves.

    Pegging for the Giver

    If you are at the firing end of the pegging exercise, you are bound to get a good serving of pleasure. If you are a female and have a clitoris, the friction between the clitoris and the dildo end is enough to get you to orgasm. The sensation is pretty much the same as dry humping but better. Your partner’s moans and physical attraction will elevate that dry humping experience. If you are using a penis sleeve, however, there is still a lot of pleasure from there. A penis extender is sensitive enough to allow you a piece of that sensation. It makes it a win for both parties in the act. The best part is you can choose the penis size you and your partner prefer – that is a huge bonus.

    Pegging for the Receiver

    The main reason why pegging has become one of the most popular sex acts is that in terms of pleasure, it is uncontested. Pegging has been known to be one of the most pleasure-centric acts in the bedroom. It is especially true for males. The anal cavity has a lot of nerve endings, and if you want to get the full pleasure bouquet, it is certainly the go-to place. With pegging, you get to choose the size of the sex toy, material, and, well, the person doing the plucking. All these make pegging a premium experience.

    Tools Required for Pegging

    Pegging is simple if you have all the right tools in place. Several tools are essential for maximum pegging pleasure. We will be looking at all you need to get pegging underway. Before we get to the proper procedure on how to do pegging. Let us get you accustomed to all the tools you need.

    A Partner

    One thing that is essential for pegging is a partner. That is a no-brainer, right? Well, we just thought we would reinforce it and make it clear that pegging is a team sport. The most essential thing is a willing partner. Everything else will fall into place easily. With how sexually liberated the world has become over the years, finding a partner to “peg” with should be light work. Some dating sites even have categories for acts like pegging. If you are keen on trying it out, and you don’t have a partner, just log into the internet and find the perfect “peg” partner.

    A Harness

    Pegging misquote common in heterosexual relationships. One thing that might not readily be available in the relationships is a harness. It is the centric point of pegging. There are different types of harnesses out there and perfect dildos for pegging to go with them. Finding a perfect-fitting harness should not be that difficult. The best part about using a harness is that you can use multiple dildos, depending on your preference and mood. We recommend a harness if you already have a dildo. That way, even if you want to use the tool for solo play, you will not struggle.

    There are underwear harnesses and strap-on harnesses; these two variants serve the purpose perfectly. The only difference might be a preference. An underwear harness falls to the wording: they look like underwear. The main advantage is that they are comfortable and allow you a greater degree of freedom on the pegging circuit. The only downfall is they are not as adjustable as strap harnesses.

    A strap-on harness is adjustable. It can fit loosely or somewhat very tight. Depending on how rough the ride will be, you can choose your perfect fitting. In terms of comfort, though, they kind of lost to the underwear harness.


    A strap-on is a viable option if you are not for the harnes+dildo combo. A strap-on is a combination of both. You do not have to struggle with selecting both items. A strap-on is a perfect choice for beginners. If you are not accustomed to the sex toy market, we advise that you go straight for a strap-on. A strap-on is one of the best sex toys for pegging, and if you choose the one, you will not go wrong. Getting to know how to use a strap on is easy, and it’s clear from its look.


    The anal cavity is not self-lubricating. It means the going might get a little painful. It is especially important for first-timers. The fact that you will not be using an actual penis means that there is no lubrication from the giver’s side too. It means that you need all the lubrication you can get. There are multiple brands of lube out there, you are practically spoilt for choice.

    Depending on the type of dildo you are using, you can choose your preferred brand or type of lube. We recommend water-based lube, though; it tends to work pretty well with most sex toys and avoids allergies or infections. If you prefer oil-based lube, there is nothing wrong with it. Just be sure to check if it will not affect your dildo or strap-on. It is also essential to consult your physician before choosing the lube you want to use.

    How to Do Pegging

    Now that we have discussed everything, you need to find out how to prep for pegging and practice it with maximum pleasure and safety.

    Talk to Your Partner

    The first thing that you need is to get consent from your partner. If you are keen to try it out and have fun with your partner, you have to bring it up in a way that will not offend or scare them off. If they are conservative, you have to start the conversation a little early on and progressively introduce pegging to them. Be sure to make it clear that it will be both pleasurable for them and you. There is also a need to reassure them that it will not affect them if done right.

    Foreplay is Everything

    For first-timers, the pegging experience might not come out as expected. It is why it is essential to make sure that your partner is aroused before going about the act. If you are not aroused enough, it might be painful and, well, not as pleasurable as you would expect. Jumping straight into the dildo anal action is wrong. Do not do it!

    Try fingering to stretch the anus for a bit. Most dildos are large, and although we recommend starting small, you might want to do it a little differently. It is why foreplay is everything. It also stimulates your partner as well as you. It makes it easier for the nerves to pick up pleasure sensations, and that is one thing you need for a successful pegging session.

    If you are feeling explorative, we recommend that you top off the fingering with a rim job. Rimjobs are to an anal sex session what oral sex is to regular sex. A rimjob will stimulate your partner and make them horny enough for a blast of an anal session. Rimjobs are extra special, and everyone deserves one. Make sure you get your partner to give you one. If it’s done right, you might even climax before you get to the anal action. And that will make the anal action even more exciting. If the foreplay is right, the game is bound to be better.

    Fit it Properly

    The last thing that you want when you are pegging is your strap-on or harness continuously falling out of place. It will kill the rhythm and, in the end, dampen the pegging session. Make sure that your harness over your strap is well adjusted and well-fitting. If you are using a harness, make sure that your dildo is in the correct place. Try to make sure your dildo size is compatible with your harness. It will prevent your dildo from falling off mid-action. If you are tightly fitted, the next step is making sure you get to the pegging.

    Get Pegging!

    Once you are well-fitted, get your partner in a position they are comfortable in. Make sure you get them some pillows for the elbows and knees if they will be kneeling to ensure that they don’t get cramped up.

    Start penetrating slowly with the lubricated dildo. It might start as painful: it is essential to take it very slowly, especially in the early stages. Get a rhythm going, and then, go ahead and peg till you drop.

    You can always spice things up by switching positions and dropping other sex toys like vibrators and nipple clamps. Better, you can even switch positions and exchange roles. If your male partner fails to get their way around the strap-on or harness, you can always use penis sleeves – they’ll do a pretty good job!

    Clean Up

    After a sex session that involves pegging, make sure you clean up. It will make sure you stay hygienic and will also help prevent STIs. If you use protection, it is still equally essential to clean up. Clean your sex toys and make sure that you disinfect them for future use. You mustn’t share sex toys, even with your partner. Make sure that if you decide to share, you use condoms or make sure that you thoroughly disinfect them before use.

    Pegging is on the extremes of the sex spectrum. It might not be your partner’s cup of tea, but you can always try and convince them, though, and get the best pleasure offers. Make sure that you enjoy your pegging and keep it safe. Enjoy pegging!

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    Sexual regrets: why women feel more remorse after one-night stands than men There are many reasons people regret an encounter with a stranger, including fear of pregnancy or disease – and feelings of disgust

    Name: Sexual regret.

    Age: Roughly 45 seconds younger than however old the sex is.

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    How Escorts Can Help Men With Their Sexual Fantasies Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews
    How Escorts Can Help Men With Their Sexual Fantasies

    There’s a big misconception about escorts that most men believe. This misconception is that these women are only there to satisfy your most basic urges when you really need it. That’s why most men...

    Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews
    How Escorts Can Help Men With Their Sexual Fantasies

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    Things that are not rubbish about the Hundred: Sarah Taylor (+ videos)

    Say what you like about the Hundred, but it’s giving us Sarah Taylor when we otherwise wouldn’t have Sarah Taylor. The former England wicketkeeper is returning to professional cricket after joining Welsh Fire, having previously retired from cricket in 2019.

    We wonder how many times this year we’re going to start a sentence, “Say what you like about the Hundred, but…”

    We also used it a couple of weeks ago to point out how runs-per-100-balls strike-rates will make a good deal more sense in a format where innings last 100 balls. It’s a construction that seems to neatly fit our editorial position, which is that, yes, there’s obviously stuff to dislike about the Hundred, but have you noticed that there’s also stuff to like?

    Sarah Taylor playing professional cricket is unequivocally A Good Thing.

    Because they spend so much more time up to the stumps, wicketkeepers are far more important in women’s cricket and Taylor is the best of the lot.

    Why is she the best?

    Oh, you know, little things like trying to run out two batters at opposite ends with basically the same movement.

    Things like taking catches off spinners at slip.

    Things like her mad keeping drills.

    And of course, most frequently of all, things like stumpings that have happened before a normal person would even have caught the ball.

    That last one happens quite a lot.

    Male wicketkeepers are not especially influential figures any more. For about 80 per cent of the time, they’re just stoppers; little more than out-fielders in gloves. There’s rarely much to be gained from picking someone who performs the role with a bit of artistry.

    It’s different in women’s cricket.

    Women’s cricket is the best place to see wicketkeeping and Sarah Taylor is the best wicketkeeper to see and she’s in the Hundred.

    The post Things that are not rubbish about the Hundred: Sarah Taylor (+ videos) first appeared on King Cricket.

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    Esther Perel on life after Covid: ‘People will want to reconnect with eros’ The acclaimed sex and relationships therapist talks pandemic breakups, the psychological toll of working from home and why she still feels like an outsider in America

    A global pandemic tends to strain interpersonal relationships, and the world’s most famous couples therapist, Esther Perel, has been working to save as many as she can – or at least help us understand why they’re failing.

    “We know that disasters and crises often function like relationship accelerators,” she tells me over Zoom, speaking from the office of her New York apartment. “A disaster heightens our sense of mortality, of precariousness, of ‘life is short’. And when life is short, you may say suddenly, ‘Let’s move in together, let’s have a child, let’s get married.’ Like, ‘What am I waiting for?’” But you might also say: “If life is short, I’m not doing this for another 20 years.”

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    King Babar Azam Babar, the world's number two ranked ODI batsman, has grown in stature with every season. He smashed his 13th ODI ton in only his 76th innings, faster to the mark than any other batsman in the world.

    Babar's 103 against South Africa was his second consecutive century, following the 125 against Zimbabwe in November, making him the first Pakistan captain to score two consecutive ODI 100s.
    He also became the first Pakistan captain ever to score a hundred in an ODI against South Africa!
    This was also Babar's 4th ODI century in a run chase, putting him level with some other Pakistan legends, and behind the one and only Saeed Anwar.

    In the past 2 years, since the start of 2019, Babar is among the leading run scorers in ODIs. The most remarkable feature of this is his average of 67 in this period, which is significantly higher than all the other leading run scorers during this time.
    He sits well above the rest.

    Babar's career average is also not bad.
    He is averaging a shade below 57 in ODIs, which is the second highest ODI batting average in the history of the game, behind only Virat Kohli's 59. 

    It is still early days, but the best part about Babar's ODI form is that captaincy has done it no harm whatsoever.
    He has a long road ahead of him, as a batsman and as a captain, but for now, he sits right up there among captains with the best batting averages in ODIs.

    Another great aspect about Babar's ODI form is that it is prevalent against all opposition and in all kinds of conditions.
    He scores against all nations and he scores in all countries he tours.
    His averages against and in these nations do all the talking.

    There is plenty of cricket ahead for Babar Azam. He is still at the start of his career and if he can go on producing the way he has over the past 5 years, he will no doubt become the best batsman ever to play for Pakistan, if not the world.
    He can end this series against South Africa as the number one ranked ODI batsman. He has tough competition there with the current best batsman in the world - Virat Kohli - but he is right up there with him.]]>
    Sun, 04 Apr 2021 17:55:02 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Sex South Africa Pakistan Zimbabwe Imam Odi Virat Kohli Babar Azam Babar Babar Azam He Saeed Anwar
    How to Get into BDSM? Beginner’s Guide to BDSM Sex has evolved over the years, and one aspect of sex that has become increasingly popular is BDSM. The main reason why BDSM has become somewhat inseparable from anything sexual is mainly the pleasure that comes with BDSM. If you are not accustomed to BDSM, it is the article for you. We will be giving the perfect beginner’s guide to BDSM, and we can guarantee after this article, you will enjoy sex threefold.

    What Is BDSM?

    BDSM is an acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Submission, and Masochism. It is generally used to describe an edgy kind of sex that infuses pleasure and pain. The art of BDSM has been in existence for many years; it was popularized in recent times by the Fifty Shades series. If you have developed a keen interest in BDSM, there are certain BDSM basics for beginners you need to know.

    BDSM for Beginners The BDSM Misconception Checklist

    BDSM is a broad subject, and many sub-sectors exist in this ocean of sexual pleasure. There are general rules, though, and information you need to know before you venture into BDSM to ensure your experience is seamless and pleasurable.

    It Is Not Like Fifty Shades

    The main misconception that people have when it comes to BDSM is the idea that the Fifty Shades Grey series is a true reflection of BDSM. Although certain aspects are somewhat true, most of the portrayals do not exist in the BDSM world. In BDSM circles, the series is considered cringe and referring to it when around BDSM lovers might get you the wrong kind of attention. It means that if you ever decide to go to a “dungeon”, things will most likely be a lot different from the screen portrayal. Do not worry if things seem a little different.

    It Is Not Always About Penetrative Sex

    As previously alluded to, BDSM is a broad concept. There is a strong misconception that BDSM is all about sex. Well, to break it to you, it is not. BDSM does not always involve sex, especially penetrative sex. Some BDSM sessions might entirely work on other body parts that are not genitals and still deliver pleasure. It is one of the elements that make BDSM lovable. There are thousands of scenes, and you can tailor your own. If you are not a fan of penetrative sex, you can trust BDSM to give you a pleasurable experience regardless of your views on penetrative sex.

    It Is Not Dangerous

    Another thing that seems to run into people’s minds when they hear about BDSM is danger. One thing that most BDSM dungeons are conscious of is safety. BDSM-related accidents are rare, and it is mainly because both BDSM participants and service providers tend to be very strict when it comes to safety regulations.

    Even if you decide to go solo in the BDSM arena and get the tools from licensed and legit retailers, there is almost no chance of getting hurt. BDSM merchandise developers are also big on safety and tend to be very cautious about the toys they produce. If you are worried about getting hurt in the BDSM circle, we can assure you that the pain you will get is what you have asked for.

    Your Mental Health Is Safe

    One misconception that we have to address is the perceived link between BDSM and mental health problems. It is far away from the truth. Most psychologists have regarded BDSM as a healing tool for mentally broken people. BDSM allows you to explore and, in the process, makes you connect with your inner self. If you feel an urge to try out BDSM, it does not mean that you are on a mental down roll.

    Now that these misconceptions are out of the way, we can get into the exciting stuff. The BDSM movement, which has taken the sex scene by storm, is broad, and you need to be well versed to ensure that you enjoy it. For BDSM to be as glorious as it should be, you will need to do the following.

    BDSM Beginner’s Guide Know the Vocabulary

    The most essential thing when it comes to BDSM is the wording, especially if you plan to tag along with people that are well accustomed to the language that works in the BDSM circles. Knowing the vocabulary will help you understand the entire phenomenon that is BDSM. There are words like chastity, which are essential in the BDSM practice. Chastity is when a partner is denied the chance to have sex or masturbate. Devices are employed to achieve this, and certain devices like cock cages are some of the most common ones.

    Top, bottom, and safewords are some of the words you have to know before engaging in BDSM. There are dozens of BDSM dictionaries that are up online. You should take a look at them before engaging in the art.

    Start Slow

    We have to emphasize that BDSM is broad. Chances are, it will take you quite a while to understand most of the things that happen in BDSM circles. The best way to learn how things work in the BDSM arena is to start with the small tools. There are toys like nipple clamps and whips, which are some of the best BDSM sex toys. These will help you adapt easily as you progress to more complex instruments and scenes. You must get expert advice first before experimenting with new complex sex toys and other apparel.

    More complex scenes will also require expertise. Start with the simpler scenes, and with time, you will master the more complex ones.


    One thing that people tend to overlook, especially when they are still starting, is planning. Scenes in BDSM require a lot of planning: it will ensure that the experience will not come out as a lackluster practice or, worse, result in injuries. Be sure to plan everything that you want to incorporate into the BDSM session beforehand. It will allow you to get the right tools and people to go about it with.

    When starting, you might struggle to plan scenes. Many websites offer pre-planned scenes to make it easy and, well, really enjoyable. For a better experience, you can hook up with some BDSM porn to try and find out how it goes down. One thing that is important to note, though, when it comes to porn, is understanding that it is not real, and you do not need to be as good as them. Do not pressure yourself!

    Avoid Enhancers

    Sex enhancement drugs are ok if they are prescribed. Do not use sex enhancement drugs in your BDSM endeavors. It is especially important when you are starting your journey. Some BDSM scenes might be physically demanding, and going into them under the influence might result in injuries or other health complications.

    It also applies to alcohol and other drugs. It is never a good idea to try something new when under the influence. Be sure that you are sober when you go through your BDSM scenes. It will ensure that you enjoy them even more. If you are on medication, and you feel that the scene you want to go through might affect your health, you must consult your physician first.

    Try Out Orgasm Control

    The main aim behind BDSM is to ensure that you have a great sexual experience. There is absolutely nothing as sexy as an orgasm. There is a technique that is practiced in BDSM called orgasm control. If you are a beginner, it is the one thing you have to try. If you try orgasm control, we can assure you that you will never look back ever again.

    Orgasm control is usually done by males: you get close to orgasm, and you abruptly stop. In BDSM circles, it is more appealing because tools like cock cages and nipple clamps are thrown into the mix. The final orgasm is quite explosive and will be satisfying for both you and your partner.

    Get and Give Consent

    The BDSM experience is hinged on consent. If you are going to incorporate partners in your scene, you have to make sure they have consented to the acts. If the partners do not get their consent, you might end up getting into some legal trouble. If you want to proceed with something you did not agree on before the scene, it is also essential, first of all, to ask for consent. Do not get lost in the moment – you will regret it, and it will dampen your BDSM experience.

    Your consent is also essential. If your BDSM partners go a bit overboard and try to do something you did not consent to, you have every right to stop them, and if the need is, take legal recourse.

    BDSM is all about the pleasures your body can offer and sexual exploration. Sex avails those pleasures, BDSM on the other hand, amplifies them. If you have not tried getting into BDSM yet, you need to give it a go as soon as possible, and this ‘how to get into BDSM’ guide will ensure your debut is flawless.

    The post How to Get into BDSM? Beginner’s Guide to BDSM first appeared on Toy With Me.]]>
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    "In many... cases, students have felt deeply violated even when their partner followed affirmative-consent rules—asking for and receiving a 'yes'—because aspects of the situation made them feel that what occurred was not what they wanted...." "Sometimes the explicit request for permission might have induced them to do something they were conflicted about. Some schools have trained students, as part of orientation, to seek and settle for nothing less than 'enthusiastic' agreement to sex. Even under an affirmative-consent regime’s valorization of clarity, 'yes' doesn’t always mean 'yes.' The jury is still out on whether our experiment with affirmative consent will reduce rape, prove useful for distinguishing sex from sexual assault, or lead to less experience of sexual violation. But what may well emerge is a recognition that the clearest practices of 'yes' and 'no' do little to untangle a deep difficulty that makes consent seem promising yet wide of the mark: the altogether human experience of not knowing in the first place what is wanted or unwanted, desired or undesired. In a letter to Princess Marie Bonaparte, a French psychoanalyst who sought treatment for what she described as 'frigidity,' Sigmund Freud wrote, in the nineteen-twenties, 'The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is "What does a woman want?"'"

    That's from "The Politics of Bad Sex/A new book argues that current standards of affirmative consent place too much emphasis on knowing what we want" by Jeannie Suk Gersen (in The New Yorker). 

    I was surprised to see the return of Sigmund Freud, but Suk Gersen perceives Freud's question — she calls it "Freud's aporia" — in the new book she's reviewing, Katherine Angel’s “Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again: Women and Desire in the Age of Consent.” 

    Suk Gersen writes:

    “Woe betide she who does not know herself and speak that knowledge,” [Angel] writes in her new book. 

    I would have found a way around quoting a sentence with a blatant grammar mistake like that... unless I wanted to nudge the reader to think I don't actually like this book.

    [In] what Angel terms “confidence feminism”... self-respecting women are supposed to be outspoken and assertive, so as to claim their equality and empowerment. (Cue Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” or Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on “power poses.”) In sex, this mode translates into the consent solution: a (strong) woman speaks to get the sex that she wants. If she doesn’t speak up, she risks assault, but there is also such a thing as bad sex, which we tend to see as an inevitable life experience, not rape....

    Nobody talks about "Cat Person" anymore. Remember when that New Yorker story seemed to articulate exactly this problem, the one that has Suk Gersen going all the way back to Freud? That was back in 2017.

    Angel's book seems like it might be more of a self-help happy talk. One of the things that women might want is hope. One of the things that women want — or think they might want in some complex way — is to be sex-positive. And this book gives us that:

    [T]he final chapter... moves... into a surprisingly utopian self-help or how-to exposition on sexual fulfillment.

     I am not hearing respect in Suk Gersen's voice. 

    [Angel] advises: “Pleasure involves risk, and that can never be foreclosed or avoided.” Leaning on the queer-theory classic by Leo Bersani “Is the Rectum a Grave?”...

     For your list of classics you haven't gotten around to reading yet. 

    Angel writes, “We are all at someone else’s mercy in sex, and we all experience helplessness, that originary anguish and bliss; we all become infantile, dependent. . . . There is great joy, strength and transcendence to be found in the fracturing of the composed, adult self.” Sexual desire, she continues, “can take us by surprise; can creep up, unbidden, confounding our plans, and with it our beliefs about ourselves. But this giddiness is only possible if we are vulnerable to it. If asked, we might not say that what we want is sex in a hotel with a gruff stranger. It might be inaccurate to say either that we did, or that we didn’t. Desire isn’t always there to be known. Vulnerability is the state that makes its discovery possible."...

    She urges “letting oneself go to places of intensity, to the hairsbreadth space between knowing and not knowing what you want, between controlling the action and letting the action take over—being spat out of the flume into this coursing water taking you God-knows-where.”

    Speaking of giddiness... this writing. I wonder if Suk Gersen respects it. Suk Gersen is a Harvard law professor, and I'm looking for the law. It's fine to explore your own sexuality and the "hairsbreadth space between knowing and not knowing what you want," but plainly unethical to go to the authorities and seek real-world consequences against another person based on these internal subtleties of yours. That's why the law looks at the expression of consent.

    Suk Gersen finally gets around to law:

    If the parts of Angel’s book that read as “how to make sex good again” were followed... a lawyer would have to genuinely fear for people who tried this at home, because, in our current paradigm, such sexual surprise risks bringing on serious institutional penalties, not to mention profound feelings of harm.

     That's putting it mildly. 

    It also may be naïve for oldsters to assume that young people’s risk-taking around current consent rules wouldn’t invite the vulnerability of being at another’s mercy—the ever-present risk that one or the other might be dramatically shamed as a sexual deviant and banished from the community, or worse.

    That's the most twisted locution I've read all year. Diagram it, and you begin with the empty subject verb it | may be. Then Suk Gersen loads in the old-versus-young struggle for reasons that become hard to remember as you plunge headlong into the negative "wouldn't" and realize you have to connect it to the "may be" and the "assume" and whatever "risk-taking around" something is. And are we just trying not to be "naïve"?

    If I move forward, I pair "wouldn't" with "invite," and I wonder what wouldn't invite? I'm not ready to move on to the question of what is invited, because I don't know who's extending this invitation. Or is it just the condition of naïve oldsters assuming something that does the inviting? No, I think it's that the naïve oldsters are assumed to assume that the behavior of youngsters is doing the inviting. 

    Okay. Then, the thing that is invited is "vulnerability." To untwist the first half of the sentence: Maybe there are some oldsters and maybe they are assuming that young people are taking risks that invite vulnerability and maybe that assumption is naïve. As for the second half of the sentence, I think that shows what the naïve oldsters are worried about — horrible real-world consequences. 

    But I have not frittered away my energy to the point where I don't stumble out of my sentence-reading task demanding to know why the "oldsters" have been impugned as naïve... or, excuse me, maybe naïve.

    [Author: (Ann Althouse)]

    Fri, 02 Apr 2021 10:51:39 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Hope Writing Law Sex Harvard Grammar Rape Angel Sigmund Freud Sheryl Sandberg Freud Amy Cuddy Katherine Angel Ann Althouse Jeannie Suk Gersen Leo Bersani Marie Bonaparte Suk Gersen
    Fisting Orgasm – Learn How to Give Your Partner an Earth-Shattering Orgasm Fisting is a great way to give your woman the intense, dripping wet fisting orgasm she has been begging for. Unlike most types of orgasms where [...]

    The post Fisting Orgasm - Learn How to Give Your Partner an Earth-Shattering Orgasm first appeared on Dark Gracie.

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    2021 county cricket explained: What are the various competitions and how do they work?

    Few things gain complexity the more you try to simplify them. County cricket is an incredible thing.

    First things first: there are five – count ’em – FIVE different domestic cricket competitions to be contested in 2021.

    • The County Championship
    • The Bob Willis Trophy
    • The One-Day Cup
    • The T20 Blast
    • The Hundred

    One sport, four formats, five competitions.

    There are a trillion ways in which they fail to make cricket accessible, but this is the standout dumb one.

    Let’s take a look at each format in turn.

    First-class cricket

    The County Championship is the main four-day, first-class cricket competition, but then there’s also the Bob Willis Trophy afterwards.

    The first phase of the Championship will see the counties split into three groups of six, with each side playing the others home and away.

    At the end of this bit, the three groups become three divisions. The teams who finish first and second go into division one; those finishing third and fourth go into division two; and then all the shite teams go into division three and fight it out to not come dead last.

    The division phase is four matches long. It took us a while to work this out, but we’re guessing each team only plays the four teams it hasn’t yet played. Does the other result carry over from the group phase? We don’t know. (We didn’t see it mentioned anywhere and we’re feeling a bit “life’s too short” to dive in again in a bid to find out.)

    Whoever finishes top of division one wins the County Championship. However, the top two teams then go on to contest the Bob Willis Trophy.

    In a way, this seems like a bit of a contrived Charity Shield sort of thing, but we’d argue in its favour. It’s actually a very rare occasion when the two best first-class sides play each other with the winning of a thing directly at stake. As such, it may actually be the most interesting county match of the entire season.

    50-over cricket

    Lest you have forgotten, England are WORLD CHAMPIONS in this format. That timeless victory also marked the moment when they stopped playing the format domestically in any kind of serious way.

    The 2021 Royal London One-Day Cup takes place at pretty much exactly the same time as the Hundred, which means the one type of player you absolutely will not get to see is the type that is good at limited overs cricket, because all of those players will be otherwise engaged.

    The Royal London One-Day Cup has a format, but not really one worth outlining, given the above.

    T20 cricket

    In no way fudging its bid to make cricket more accessible via a short format, the England and Wales Cricket Board decided that it would carry on playing a T20 competition for the counties while also starting up a new 100-ball competition for a bunch of brand new teams.

    The Vitality Blast sees the counties split into a North Group and a South Group, each of which contains nine teams. Each team plays seven home matches and seven away matches.

    Yes, those numbers are correct. No, we don’t know exactly how that breaks down.

    The top four in each group go through to quarter finals. Semi-finals and the final will then be played on the same day.

    The Hundred

    You may add to the English cricket season but you may never take away – that’s the golden rule.

    And so we get the delayed inaugural season of the Hundred, a competition built around a new 100-ball format.

    An important thing to note is that this is not a county cricket competition. It is a competition for much-vaunted “city-based teams”. Here is a thing we wrote telling you who these new teams are and which type of crisps they have on their shirts.

    The format of the competition is exactly the same for both the men’s and women’s competitions. There are eight teams, each of which plays four matches at home and four away. (The eighth match is a second game against your allocated ‘bitter local rival’.)

    At the end of that, the team sitting at the top of the table goes through to the final, while second and third play another match to see who gets to play against them.

    When does all this start?

    Oh, you know: dates.

    The County Championship’s first and that starts on Thursday April 8. The other competitions start after that, on account of not being first.

    Sign up for our email if you want to see how much of this we actually manage to cover in and around the 19 matches the England men’s team is playing this summer.

    The post 2021 county cricket explained: What are the various competitions and how do they work? first appeared on King Cricket.

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    Piph Libs™: mad libs for discerning perverts

    Traditional mad libs are not nearly filthy enough for me. That's why I created Piph Libs™. It's the latest party game to play with your perverted friends, with stories all about masturbation, sex shops, porn, sex parties, squirting, and other X-rated hijinks! Eight titillating stories available in both online and printable form, so you can play however you desire. Fun for (not at all) the whole family!

    My inspiration for Piph Libs™ was a lack of truly risqué mad libs on the market. My lifestyle has not been properly represented by mad libs in the past. For example, there are mad libs about cats and dogs, mythical creatures, spooky shit, space, road trips, sleepovers, a bazillion holidays, the '70s, '80s, '90s... and, of course, there are some that should never exist, such as gender reveal party.

    The line of "Adult Mad Libs" has a few racier options, including Mad Libs After Dark, My Bleeping Family, Stoned Off Our Mad Libs, Kama Sutra, and We're Here, We're Queer. There's also Fill in the Spank. I will say, the gay mad libs are highly enjoyable and have brought me many belly laughs, but it's not like the stories consist of dudes buying fist-shaped butt plugs.

    So I set out to create my own mad libs: more subversive, more raunchy, entirely unmarketable, and just for you.

    Mad libs are one of the easiest games to play from afar, which seems apt for these unprecedented times. They're a riot to play with friends, but they don't require other people either -- they can be filled out solo, simply for your own amusement. They're just good wholesome fun... I mean, aside from these particular mad libs being intensely sexual in nature. Maybe that's wholesome to you? It kinda is for me.

    Skip straight to the Piph Libs™

    One thing I love about mad libs is how the experience varies depending on who fills them out with you. Do a mad lib with a scientist and you'll get words like "mitochondria" and "quadratically." A professor might say "inveigle" and "rectilinear," and you won't know how to pronounce either of those. Sex bloggers will delight with answers such as "ineffectual waterproof sex blanket" and "edible strap-on harness." My partner, a mad libs fiend, seems to have an obsession with stuff like "human skin," "decomposing," and "corpse-like." (Should I be concerned?)

    I'm also into bending the rules. As an adult, I found myself playing mad libs differently. I would view the full story while collecting words from my companions, then choose where to place their answers for optimal hilarity. I've incorporated this into Piph Libs™, with rules for playing the game "Piph-style."

    So grab a pen, pour yourself some pub mix, and get ready for some Piph Libs™!

    mad libs for discerning perverts Big thanks to Addison for helping me design the printable Piph Libs™. Play Piph Libs™ online — or print 'em out!

    I'm a big believer in OPTIONS, so I created both online and printable versions of Piph Libs™.

    Beware, the print-outs do reveal the story topics, so shield your eyes if you don't want to be spoiled! With the online versions, you'll get a cute Google Doc with your completed story delivered to you via email. Please share your completed Piph Libs™ in the comments if you're up for it. I really want to see them.

    mad libs for discerning perverts

    Need a refresher on grammar? I gotchu. Nouns are things, such as appetizer, popcorn ceiling, and luminol. Adjectives are descriptive terms like smarmy, slightly burnt, and dark-sided. Verbs are action words: undulate, catapult, wiggle. Adverbs are modifiers such as wetly and unfathomably.

    Don't be afraid to sneak an adjective in before a noun for fun -- e.g. overpowering bear. Inventing words is also highly encouraged; how else would I have come up with such gems as gruntilate, florp, and bloops? Remember: specificity is often funnier. Blue is not a particularly funny color, but medicinal blue sure is. Smooth is a basic adjective, but what if you turned it into smooth like an otter?

    If you need some help brainstorming words, the internet of course has you extremely covered.


    Online Piph Libs™ are best for solo games. You simply fill in the form, submit, and wait for your completed story to arrive via email. In the printable version, fill in the blanks on the left side of the page before viewing the story on the right side. Then transfer the words you’ve chosen into the corresponding spaces in the story — and enjoy the hilarious result!


    Gather a sex-positive friend or two. In this variation, you are meant to see the full story, while your friends should not. The printable versions are ideal for this. The key is to be discerning about where you place your friends' answers. For example, ask for several nouns at once, then place them in the funniest spaces in the story. Ask for different answers if nothing seems to fit right. Adjust the story however you'd like, and encourage your friends to be as freakish as possible. Then enjoy the hilarious result together!

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    "Unlike so many Hollywood roles, the sexuality at the core of hers wasn’t cute or passive or submissive." The Night Porter, Rampling has a sadomasochistic relationship with her Nazi torturer; in ’Tis Pity She’s A Whore she has an incestuous affair with her brother; and in Max Mon Amour, she cheats on her diplomat husband with a chimpanzee. 'Ah, the ape – I love it,' she says affectionately.... Rampling says she simply wasn’t interested in Hollywood. 'Let’s use a nice old English expression: it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I wanted to go into the auteur and European world of the semi-darkness.'"

     From "Charlotte Rampling: ‘I am prickly. People who are prickly can’t be hurt any more’ She’s best known for her dark, difficult roles, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. The actor talks about swinging in the 60s, family tragedy – and why she’s still got It" (The Guardian). 

    Rampling is 75, and she's still doing movies. She's been in so many things over the years, beginning with the uncredited role of Girl at Disco in "A Hard Day's Night." I haven't seen many of them at all. Avoided "The Night Porter," which was a big deal in its time (1974). I did see "Stardust Memories" (1980):

    I looked up "Max Mon Amour," and I've got to say the poster is very nice:

    From the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes (where it has a 22% rating): "Impossible to take seriously or as satire, this film is an embarrassment to humanity and our cousins in the jungle"/"A wry mix of King Kong and My Man Godfrey, it's a potent premise that somehow never catches fire."/"On the whole, it works as a witty, black comedy of manners that judiciously avoids the vulgarity inherent in the subject."

    The Guardian says "the sexuality at the core of hers wasn’t cute or passive or submissive," but are we to take these movies — which she did not write or direct — as expressive of Rampling's sexual core? She got the roles she got. This seems like a good place to bring up Sharon Stone's new memoir. Here's an article about it in TNR, "Sharon Stone and the Fantasy of Female Domination/At the peak of her fame, she exuded total control on screen. According to her new memoir, a different story played out behind the scenes." 

    A woman’s performance of power in public—the all-knowing sexual omnipotence built into the idea of Sharon Stone’s celebrity, you could say—has had little to no correlation, in her experience, with her day-to-day life.... As an adult, Stone saw the famous crotch-shot in Basic Instinct for the first time in “a room full of agents and lawyers, most of whom had nothing to do with the project.” All she had been told was, “We can’t see anything—I just need you to remove your panties, as the white is reflecting the light, so we know you have panties on.”...

    In 2018, an interviewer asked Sharon Stone if she had any #MeToo stories, and she laughed long and bitterly....

    [Author: (Ann Althouse)]

    Wed, 31 Mar 2021 06:04:34 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Hollywood Movies Law Sex The Beatles Woody Allen Rotten Tomatoes Apes Charlotte Rampling King Kong Stone Rampling Sharon Stone Godfrey Ann Althouse Max Mon Amour Hollywood Let TNR Sharon Stone
    Cricket equipment in an unusual place on the BBC Sport website

    Send your pictures of cricket bats and other cricket stuff in unusual places to Please feel free to deliberately place the cricket thing in the unusual place yourself.

    Bail-out writes…

    Difficult financial times are often accompanied by desperate pleas for government subsidy and surprise corporate mergers as old business models struggle to survive. While details of the suggested cricket-tennis tie-up remain elusive, my bet is the branding consultants will prefer the bold and meaty sound of “TENNET” to the hissing and slightly sinister “CRICKIS”.

    One suggests the titular surname (and frankly what other name would be required) of the hardest of hard-boiled detectives (probably with a shambolic personal life and a pitch-dark sense of humour), while the other recalls a terrifying breed of flesh-eating insectoid space monsters from a cheap sci-fi movie (probably with shambolic personal lives and a pitch-dark sense of humour). 

    The tennet rules committee faces an all-critical equipment choice of hitting implement and spherical target. If this is a merger of equals, rather than a simple takeover, it could have gone one of two ways. The hint the BBC have dropped about the preferred ball suggests tennis players are about to discover their sport has suddenly got a lot, lot harder. Both they and line umpires might need to start thinking about investing in a good box.

    If, on the flip side, cricketers are about to get their hands on hitting implements of substantially greater girth, then I doubt I’m the only inept player willing this merger forward. I have certainly found rackets add a certain je ne sais quoi to the “French” and “beach” variants of cricket.

    Sudden upheavals are hard to bear and purists will initially baulk at such changes to their beloved sports. But if a preference for purism can be passed along the generations, I have no doubt that after 200 years of further format/kit fiddling, the more cultured among their great-great-great-grandchildren will strike a blow against conformist commercialism by sneaking off to secret pitch-courts for a proper match of “real tennet”, 2020s rules.

    The post Cricket equipment in an unusual place on the BBC Sport website first appeared on King Cricket.

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    The return of the bonkbuster: how horny heroines are starting a new sexual revolution I longed for novels about female desire - women empowered by sex and their expressions of lust. So I sat down and wrote my own

    The idea for my novel Insatiable emerged from a simple question: where were all the horny women? I knew that we were secretly legion. In fact, I suspected that I was surrounded by women, sitting on buses, standing in queues, staring out of the window and simultaneously entertaining all kinds of filthy daydreams. After all, millions of us had bought and read Fifty Shades of Grey. Even if half the sold copies were bought by people who wanted to mock it, that left millions of genuinely horny women unaccounted for – and buying the sequels.

    I was not transported in the way I had hoped; I did not find Christian sexy, I did not relish the BDSM and, most of all, I struggled to connect with the beautiful, blank lead character, Anastasia. She seemed similar to every other sort-of-horny woman I had seen on screen, a sexual object before she was a sexual subject, a person who had to be perfect and prove herself desirable before she was allowed to pursue desires of her own.

    Continue reading...]]>
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    The COVID-19 vaccine side effects you can expect based on your age, sex, and dose Alameda County workers line up to receive coronavirus vaccines outside St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, California, on January 8, 2021.

    Jessica Christian/The San Francisco Chronicle/Getty Images

    • COVID-19 vaccine side effects can vary depending on a person's age, sex, or health status.
    • Women and younger adults tend to have more side effects than men or older adults do.
    • Side effects are generally more pronounced after the second dose than the first.
    • See more stories on Insider's business page.

    When Freedom Baird got her first dose of Moderna's vaccine in February, she wasn't sure what kind of side effects to anticipate.

    Baird is a COVID-19 long-hauler - she's had lingering shortness of breath and chest pain for roughly a year. Many people who've had a prior infection develop more side effects in response to the first vaccine dose than the second. An average person, meanwhile, typically feels more run-down after their second shot.

    Baird's age complicated her expectations: She's 56, and clinical trials have shown that people over 55 often develop fewer vaccine side effects. As it turns out, she didn't feel much.

    "It was really just that first day of feeling achy and flu-y," Baird told Insider.

    While doctors can't predict exactly how someone will respond to a coronavirus vaccine, they've identified a few patterns based on a person's age, sex, health status, and which dose they're receiving. Clinical trials suggest that side effects are generally more pronounced among women and younger adults, especially after their second dose.

    Dose two usually comes with more severe side effects COVID Vaccine A vaccine vial.

    Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

    The most common side effect for all three authorized US vaccines is pain or swelling at the injection site: Nearly 92% of participants in Moderna's clinical trial developed this side effect. in Pfizer's trial, 84% of participants reported that, as did 49% in Johnson & Johnson's.

    Other common side effects include fatigue, headache, and body or muscle aches. Around 65% of vaccine recipients in Pfizer's and Moderna's trials, and 38% in Johnson & Johnson's, developed fatigue.

    For those who haven't had COVID-19 before, side effects tend to be more numerous and severe after the second dose.

    Roughly twice as many participants in Pfizer's trial developed chills and joint pain after their second dose than after their first. In Moderna's trial, meanwhile, around five times as many participants developed chills after their second dose than their first. Fevers were also far more common among second-dose recipients than first-dose recipients in both trials.

    People who've had COVID-19 may develop more side effects after dose 1

    A small study from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found that vaccine side effects such as fatigue, headaches, and chills were more common among people with pre-existing immunity to the coronavirus than people who'd never been infected before. Around 73% of vaccine recipients who'd previously had COVID-19 developed side effects after dose one of Pfizer's or Moderna's shot, compared to 66% of vaccine recipients who'd never gotten infected before.

    "If you've already had a COVID-19 infection, you've developed memory cells from that infection," Dr. Vivek Cherian, a Baltimore-based internal medicine physician, told Insider.

    "If you were ever to be exposed to the infection again, your body would basically be able to respond quickly and more robustly that second time around," he added. "That's why you tend to have more strong side effects from that initial vaccine."

    Younger adults may feel more run-down after their shots than older people woman receiving covid vaccine A woman receives a COVID-19 vaccine in Wales.

    Getty/Matthew Horwood

    Our immune systems gradually deteriorate as we age, which means older people's bodies don't work as hard to defend them against foreign invaders - including the protein introduced to the body via a vaccine.

    "Younger individuals have a much more vigorous immune response, so it should make sense that they would also have more side effects," Cherian said.

    After one dose of Moderna's shot, 57% of people younger than 65 developed side effects, compared to 48% of those older than 65. After the second dose, nearly 82% of people in the younger group developed side effects, compared to nearly 72% of older adults.

    Pfizer broke down its data slightly differently: Around 47% of people ages 18 to 55 developed fatigue after dose one, whereas 34% of people ages 56 and older reported that side effect. After dose two, the numbers rose to 59% and 51%, respectively.

    After Johnson & Johnson's one-shot vaccine, nearly 62% of people ages 18 to 59 developed side effects, compared to 45% of people ages 60 and up.

    Women can expect more side effects in general coronavirus vaccine recipient A woman receives a COVID-19 vaccine.

    John Moore/Getty Images

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed Americans' reactions to nearly 14 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna shots from December to January. The results showed that roughly 79% of instances of vaccine side effects reported to the CDC came from women, though just 61% of doses were administered to women overall.

    Cherian said women tend to react more strongly to vaccines for polio, influenza, measles, and mumps as well.

    "All of these vaccines in general, women tend to have greater side effects," he said. "They're even more pronounced for a pre-menopausal woman compared to a post-menopausal woman."

    Scientists suspect the difference has to do with estrogen levels.

    "Testosterone tends to be an immune-suppressive hormone and estrogen tends to be an immune stimulant," Cherian said. "So more than likely it's the estrogen hormone - that's why females tend to have more side effects."

    Most high-risk medical conditions won't lead to stronger side effects covid vaccine elderly CVS pharmacist Gina Glancy gives the second dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine to Bob Jensen, 89, in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

    Pete Bannan via Getty Images

    People with weakened immune systems don't mount a strong defense against viral infections in general, so they're particularly vulnerable to severe COVID-19. For that reason, the CDC recommends that these groups get vaccinated right away.

    But it's possible that immunocompromised people, such as cancer patients, won't mount a strong immune response to the vaccine, either.

    "Your immune response essentially dictates your side effects, so if you're immunocompromised, you may not necessarily be having as many side effects, but you should still absolutely get vaccinated," Cherian said.

    The vaccines should provide immunocompromised people with at least some protection against severe COVID-19, even if they don't feel any side effects - though the effectiveness may be lower than for the average person.

    Cherian said that for people with autoimmune conditions, meanwhile, the side effects probably won't be any worse than for the average person.

    "If you have those high risk factors, you really, really want to get vaccinated," he said. "Dealing with a few side effects of some diarrhea or some muscle aches is a much, much better thing than some of those serious, potentially life-threatening side effects of the COVID-19 infection."

    Read the original article on Business Insider

    [Author: (Aria Bendix)]

    Tue, 30 Mar 2021 18:32:53 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Health Science News Wales Cdc Sex Age US San Francisco Trends Pfizer Baltimore Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Cvs Mount Sinai Boston Globe Johnson & Johnson Baird Icahn School of Medicine Jessica Rinaldi Hayward California Side Effects Alameda County West Chester Pennsylvania John Moore Getty Moderna Getty Images People Bob Jensen Pete Bannan Aria Bendix Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine Cherian Matthew Horwood St Rose Hospital Freedom Baird Vivek Cherian Gina Glancy
    Danish Kaneria or Dane Vilas – who is most Danish?

    Danish Kaneria is a Pakistani cricketer who has been banned from the sport for life for spot-fixing. Dane Vilas is a South African cricketer who currently plays for Lancashire. Despite what their names suggest, neither player is from Denmark.

    So who is most Danish?

    Let’s measure the two men against what we know about the country of Denmark to try and work it out. As an added challenge, we’ll also have to make sure that Vilas wins because Kaneria’s an arsehole.

    For the record, the most Danish Test cricketer is Amjad Khan, who played for England but is from Denmark. Australian one-cap wonder Bryce McGain played matches for Denmark, but is not Danish.


    How do you sum up the Danes?

    Famous Danes include author Hans Christian Andersen, film director Lars von Trier and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich – the last of whom we’re mentioning purely so we can write a paragraph about Some Kind of Monster, which is perhaps the most inadvertently hilarious rock documentary ever made (a hotly-contested title).

    The best scene in Some Kind of Monster comes not long after singer James Hetfield has finally emerged from six months in rehab and told everyone he can only work four hours a day. Hetfield stipulates that the rest of the band cannot work on, listen to, or discuss their music during the 20 hours when he’s not around. The rule frustrates Lars who expresses his feelings by yelling the F-word (fuck) in Hetfield’s face.

    Screaming the F-word (fuck) in someone’s face doesn’t seem like a quintessentially Danish thing to do. The kinds of things that sum up the Danes are coffee, food, cycling, surnames, happiness, nudity, lack of corruption and the fact they settled in Northern and Eastern England from the 9th Century onwards.(You can’t argue with these categories because we checked some of them with a mate who used to live in Copenhagen.)

    Let’s look at each of those things and see how Danish Kaneria and Dane Vilas measure up against them.


    The Danes are huge coffee drinkers, getting through an average of four cups of the stuff a day.

    Here’s Danish Kaneria in an episode of Cafe Cricket with what certainly looks like a really milky piss-weak coffee.

    You’re probably wondering whether he drank any of it. We watched the video and he did.

    We’d also argue that you could probably get through four of those coffees and still sleep at night, so in the absence of any strong evidence from Vilas, we’re giving this one to Kaneria.

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 0

    The Danes are known for butter, bacon and pastries. Apparently they also love liquorice in all its forms, but we don’t really know what to say about that.

    The key one here, really, is bacon. Kaneria is from Pakistan and while he’s a Hindu, not a Muslim, that only makes it about 0.01% more likely that he’d eat pork.

    Vilas is from South Africa and you can therefore be pretty confident that he eats all of the meats.

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 1

    Denmark has more than twice as many bicycles as cars. Over a third of people in Copenhagen commute to work, school or university by bike. Here’s a 24-second time lapse video.

    We couldn’t find any references to cycling in connection with Dane Vilas or Danish Kaneria, but we did see one photo where Kaneria was leaning against a car, so we’re giving this one to Vilas.

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 2

    Two-thirds of Danes have a surname ending in –sen. Neither Kaneria nor Vilas has a surname ending in -sen.

    Their respective first names are actually way more Danish than their surnames. You could probably write a whole article about this if you could find a publication willing to publish something so insanely niche and inconsequential.

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 2

    Denmark was ranked the world’s second-happiest country after Finland in the annual World Happiness Report.

    Who’s happiest out of Kaneria and Vilas? The latter plays cricket for a living while the former isn’t allowed to play cricket at all. What could make a person happier than playing cricket?

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 3

    The Danes have a very relaxed approach to nudity. Bit too relaxed, if you ask us. Clothes hide a multitude of sins.

    After some very brief and very tense googling, we have concluded that neither Kaneria nor Vilas has ever been naked in public. HOWEVER…

    Did you know that Dane Vilas appeared in the 2008 film Hansie, about the life of former South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje? Hansie Cronje was, like Kaneria, a big ol’ Corruptotron 9000, but that is of no relevance here. What is relevant is who Dane Vilas played in that film. Dane Vilas played Allan Donald.

    Guess who’s been photographed wearing shorts before now? That’s right, Allan Donald. Guess what’s slightly more nude than wearing full cricket gear? Wearing shorts, that’s what.

    Dane Vilas edges this category by proxy.

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 4
    Lack of corruption

    According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world.

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 5
    Settled in Northern and Eastern England

    The whole Danelaw region is a bit woolly and both Essex, where Kaneria played, and Lancashire, where Vilas plays, were on the fringes of it.

    We could go all historical cartography on this one, or we could acknowledge the simple fact that Vilas is still in the area whereas Kaneria isn’t.

    • Kaneria – 1
    • Vilas – 6

    6-1. It’s an absolute pissing great landslide. Dane Vilas is way more Danish than Danish Kaneria.

    Danish Kaneria should be forced to use the words ‘Not Very’ before his name.

    First published in December 2019.

    As you’d imagine, this isn’t really the kind of thing that other cricket publications are willing to publish. If you’d like to see more of this sort of thing, please consider pledging a quid (or more) each month to support King Cricket via Patreon. Put simply, the more we get, the more “features” we’re able to do.

    The post Danish Kaneria or Dane Vilas – who is most Danish? first appeared on King Cricket.

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    Well Bhuvneshwar Kumar came out of that well | an India v England ODI series recap sorta thing

    Right-arm, average height, fast-medium: there is not, at the very surface level, a great deal to recommend Bhuvneshwar Kumar as a white ball bowler. He’ll just have to rely on his incredible ability and results if he wants to win people over.

    In the T20 series, England’s bowlers conceded between 7.75 an over and 10.51 an over. India’s conceded between 6.94 and 9.91. Except for Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He played every match and conceded 6.38.

    In the three-match one-day international (ODI) series, the second-cheapest economy rate from a bowler who bowled in more than one match was Moeen Ali’s 5.70. Quite a few bowlers went for plenty. Kumar went at 4.65.

    Not only that though. He went at 4.65 after repeatedly being brought into the attack when the run-rate was at its most stratospheric. People will talk about his rare ability to swing the white ball, his control, his deception and his intelligence, but we prefer to put it all down to his magical powers.

    How did the series pan out?

    In the first match, zesty late hitting took India to 317-5. England countered with constant hitting and attempted to reach their target inside 40 overs. It seemed a sound plan while Jonny Bairstow was at the crease, but then he wasn’t and they crumpled like a paper Christmas cracker crown underneath a descending arse. (Bhuvneshwar Kumar: 2-30 off nine. Next best: Krunal Pandya’s 1-59 off 10.)

    In the second match, zesty late hitting took India to 336-6. England approached their task in precisely the same fashion. After 94 in the first match, Bairstow made 124 and England won with six overs to spare.

    Bairstow played seven largely nothingy one-day matches early in his career, then started getting games a bit more regularly after the 2015 World Cup. Since then, he’s averaged 50 with a strike-rate of over 100. He is England’s best-ever batsman in this format and their period of being good pretty much exactly coincides with his presence.

    On this occasion, he was… ‘supported’ isn’t quite the right word. He was overshadowed for a significant proportion of his innings by Ben Stokes who made 99 off 52 balls – 10 of which he hit for six. Stokes was caught behind off Kumar.

    The ease with which India had found the boundary late in their innings basically told us (1) how easy it was to hit sixes that day and (2) that they probably should have made more effort to do so earlier in their innings.

    India aren’t stupid, so that’s exactly what they did in the final match. They made 329 all out, which was technically fewer runs but turned out to be more on the day as England could only muster 322-9.

    The most striking England contribution came from Sam Curran, whose unbeaten 95 from number eight has marked him out as top Curran. In contrast, his brother Tom made 2-146 across his two appearances in the series, warranting demotion to the status of ‘some other Curran’.

    To be clear:

    • Sam Curran = Top Curran
    • Tom Curran = Some Curran

    The post Well Bhuvneshwar Kumar came out of that well | an India v England ODI series recap sorta thing first appeared on King Cricket.

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