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At the Sunrise Café... IMG_2139
... you can talk all night.
And here's a picture of me on my 70th birthday, ice skating:
Photo by Meade.
And thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday.

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An Open Letter to 2020: Things I Learned That I Didn't Know I Needed  

Dear 2020: 

No sense in rehashing what you wrought in this universally challenging year. Volumes will be written by those much better equipped than I. 

However, on my part there have been some personal revelations,  life lessons, and some things I needed to be reminded of, that are worth chronicling here. I'll just call them personal observations and lessons learned.  Here are just a few of the highlights:     

  • Having a somewhat perverse sense of humor is a survival skill.
  • A commitment to a healthy diet is a survival skill. 
  • Pilates classes with my daughter on Zoom are a great idea on so many levels. It's also a survival skill. 
  • Housebound exercise on YouTube is...housebound exercise on YouTube, no matter which way you slice it and I'm not sure I'd call it a survival skill (but you could have done better with some of those videos, really). 
  • Outdoor exercise, almost no matter what the weather, is a survival skill.
  •  Zoom volunteer committee meetings lasting longer than an hour is a survival skill that requires a strong constitution, sometimes lacking at my age. 
  • Zoom family calls are an essential survival skill that can be extremely funny and sometimes incredibly awkward. 
  • Memes created in your honor have helped many of us survive, while reassuring me I'm not alone in my twisted sense of humor.
  • Working on a new project with my husband without needing bail money (most of the time) is the epitome of survival skills.
As to personal observations, there are several more highlights: 
  • I have way too many pairs of black leggings.
  • I don't have any shoes other than slippers, sneakers, snow and hiking boots, and a single pair of flipflops.
  • I need more soft sweaters because I've reached the point where I want to burn the ones I have.
  • I hate bras. ( I really hate bras.)
  • I have socks in my drawer that match probably only because I'm not wearing them.
  • I have socks in my drawer that are older than my youngest child - and possibly my oldest.
  • I know everywhere that Mike and Frank have visited over the past 17 seasons of "American Pickers" and I can now identify motorcycle parts in a pile of junk buried in my neighbor's backyard (don't ask).
  • The people on my mother's side of the family were hoarders, and my mother never threw away anything, including address books, bank statements and old love letters that dated back to before I was born. I'm sure she didn't even remember she had filed in with random other papers. They definitely fell into the TMI category.
  • I have large plastic containers filled to the brim with several generations of family photos - including unidentified trees, people, flowers and feet.
  • There are literally no scrapbooks large enough for 32 years of competitive skating memorabilia.
  • Not every old VHS non-qualifying competition tapes filling six packing boxes is a "keeper." 
  • Cassette tapes of old programs dating back to the early 1990s do not need to be displayed, played - or kept, for that matter. 
  • It's okay to go minimalist. But when in doubt, send a photo to the kids to see if they want it first. I've been out of the mindreading business far too long and I'm woefully out of practice.
However, the most important thing I learned from you, 2020, is to be present. You reminded me to be there for people; to help where I could; to counsel if asked, and to shut up and listen when it was truly needed. You also reminded me the importance of saying "I'm sorry," and "thank you," because both are worth their weight in gold.
As I get ready to fling open our windows and doors to guide you "gently" out and cautiously welcome 2021, I really need to prepare. There is so much ahead; so much to do. 
I'm stronger, and hopefully wiser, because of you, 2020. Your lessons were not wasted on me, and you will not be forgotten. I have a very long memory.
Yours Truly.

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Amazing compilation of inline skate tricks

This relaxing and graceful supercut of recent inline skate tricks is part of the current revival of rollerskating and inline skating

And if you missed the earlier one, here's Part II:

And Part I:

Image: YouTube / VirTualxStoni

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Pure Imagination: Part II  

Like almost everyone I know, my hope was that pure imagination of what a season could be would give way to actual competition as 2020 came careening around the corner to hopefully a hard stop. Unfortunately, it was not to be. COVID continues to rock our rinks, upending the 2020-21 season and forcing us to find new ways to experience skating. At this writing, the Grand Prix season is all but decimated. Skate America is happening in what's being called The Bubble at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. In lieu of an enthusiastic audience, many of us chose to do virtual appearances via cardboard cutouts, the proceeds of which benefit the USFS Memorial Fund. It's the next best thing to being there, I suppose. I can't complain about having a front row seat for the entire competition for my donation, however.     
Of course, nothing can truly replace the roar of the crowd, the flash of sequins, the thrill of victory and the abject agony of the Kiss & Cry when you're sitting there with your friends and skating family. It is what we live for each season.
So with this in mind, I contacted my co-author, Master Jack, and asked him to elaborate on what skating might be like in the future - say 100 years from now. Having touched on this in Part I of our blog, my young friend sent me a further explanation of how he sees equipment evolving.  I have no doubt that some forward-thinking boot and blade companies will take note. Some of these ideas are already being incorporated to a much more modest degree than Master Jack envisions. But it is only 2020, after all. Who knows what the future holds for those who dare to dream. 

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Cariuma Brings an Eco-Conscious Twist To the World of Skate Shoes

Catiba Pro Skate Shoes | $89 | Cariuma


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Scene report: Skateboarding in Huntington Beach, 1975 Huntington Beach (aka Surf City) has been a hub of skateboard culture for almost 50 years. In the classic "Downhill Motion" documentary from 1975, watch pioneers like Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva of the Z-Boys make the scene.


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Virtual Reality
I received  a call the other day from the mom of a young skater who was about to have her first shot at making Nationals in Junior Ladies. The mom was frantic because of the new competition structure put in place for the 2020 season due to the continuing pandemic. 

"How can they DO this to us? It just isn't fair! 

It's not what we were expecting ."

Well, 2020 wasn't what we we were expecting.  Remember when we wished 2019 would just go away? I don't know about you, but 2019 is looking pretty darn good right now. 

I didn't really have an answer for this mom, other than to tell her that unprecedented times call for unexpected changes. Trite, I know, but it was the best I could do on short notice and being put on the spot.

What I wanted to say to her, I'll say to all of you. Skating is a sport. Full stop. The fact that any skaters at all are getting back on the ice in the midst of a disease that has been ravaging people in countries around the world is kind of a flipping, lutzing, miracle. If you get any semblance of a truncated season, consider yourself one of the lucky few. 

2020 obviously hasn't come with a book of instructions. The pages are being written - and rewritten - nearly by the hour as things continue to evolve. There are no norms. There is no normal. It's a "Lewis and Clark" moment where every step is being mapped for the first time, in real time.

The other side is that there are groups of people in our skating world who are working their axels off to make something - anything - happen in order to salvage something looking like a season. From the local clubs to our national governing body to even the ISU, no idea is off the table, as long as it first takes into account the health and safety of everyone involved, from skaters and their fa milies to  coaches, officials and - yes - fans. Unlike other times in our sport's  history, right now the wheel is not being recreated, it's been thrown out the window. 

I am not privy to any insider competition information. I'm just sitting here in front of my computer trying to make sense of it all. What I do know is that I've seen  the fierce dedication of coaches and choreographers who have been finding new ways to keep skaters enthusiastic and engaged through on line classes via Zoom. What I do know is that the Peggy Fleming Trophy competition in June may have been that invaluable "scout" for our expedition into the unknown. Also, what I know because of my involvement with my husband's new podcast venture, is that musicians are exploring new platforms with no signal delay so that they can gather together virtually and play together in real time. All kinds of new technology is being tested daily; some of it may even be applicable to having competitions in real time. Logistically, it would be incredibly challenging from an organizational and technical standpoint - and fraught with possible pitfalls - but it is doable. As we've said in this household for an entire skating career, "Anything is possible. Pigs Can Fly."

The most important thing you can do right now is to be patient. You probably have a lot of things to worry about that are infinitely more important. If your kid is able to be on the ice and have some sense of "normal," be grateful. If you're an adult skater and back on the ice, you're already grateful. I know; I see your posts on Facebook and Instagram. 

Most of all, try to keep perspective. Nothing can truly replace being there live and in person for a competition, but that may be our virtual reality this season. We simply don't know. 

As one of my favorite bosses told me years ago, "You can't hold back the ocean." 

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Posted 5 Years Ago: One of my favorite posts of all times Reposted from 8/19/15 

Here's to the Chorus!
Here's to the Chorus - 
We'll never get our own TV special or Olympic commentating gig.  We'll never make a hairstyle famous or get our face on a box of Cheerios.

BUT, we will give the A-list skaters time to rest and change costumes.  We will be budget friendly and usually less demanding.  And most importantly, no single skater, no matter how good, can do a kick line like this ...
Ice Charades is going on vacation for a bit and won't be posting until some time in September.  Yes, Ice Charades is in there, but it doesn't matter where.
Have a great end of the summer.  Come back for fall!

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Pure Imagination
I have a wonderful young friend. He is nine years old with an amazing shock of curly red hair. He's creative, funny and fun, and he just happens to be a skater who is competing Freestyle 2 and whose favorite jump is Salchow. He calls me "Mrs. Allison" because he's polite like that. I call him "Master Jack." 
We got to spend some quality time together at the 2020 US Figure Skating National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina this past January - what now, in this time of pandemic, seems like a lifetime ago. Jack got to meet some of his favorite senior level skaters, like Madison Hubbell (you cannot fault his good taste), as well as Nathan Chen, among many others over the course of the weekend. 
He sat in the stands absolutely transfixed, watching every edge and every nuance. He was absorbing it all like a sponge; I was impressed. 
One day, on the way to the arena, Jack and I were talking about what skating might look like in the future - not in the near term, but a hundred years from now. Jack pondered my question, came up with a few ideas and then we both promptly forgot amidst the excitement of all that was going on around us. 
Enter COVID-19 that turned our worlds upside down. Like all kids, Jack was coping with school at home, not being able to see his friends and not being able to skate. I sent Jack a letter with words of encouragement; in return, he sent me a lovely letter written in his best cursive. We were now officially Pen Pals. 
Recently, Jack's been skating again on limited sessions, like just about all the skaters who have rinks that have been able to open. In chatting with his mom, I remembered Jack's and my conversation and I asked if he would be willing to use his creative talents to tell me, in words and artwork, what he thought skating in 2120 might look like.
Master Jack gladly responded with his insights:
"I think in 100 years, skating will have septuple axels and salchows. 
There will lifts in pairs where the male jumps in the air while lifting his partner.  For costumes, I think ladies will be able to wear two piece costumes and boys will be able to wear shorts. 

In dance, I think there will little rockets on the back of their skates to make them go even faster.  

Possibly back flips will be allowed in competition.
For all skaters, I think they will have the ability to have fireworks coming out of their skates. I think we will be able to have all events in outside arenas where the temperature is controlled.  There will be fireworks during every event, and the fireworks are what will play the program music." I won't be around to see if Jack's predictions come true, but somehow I don't think he's that far off. At least I hope not. Because what comes from the pure imagination of a child is often our future. I certainly hope so.
Post Script:
July 17, U.S. Figure Skating did something remarkable; in the midst of the continuing pandemic, they brought us skating again - and hope - by presenting the first virtual competition ever attempted: The Peggy Fleming Trophy. It wasn't live, but it was skating - and a glimpse into what our future may be for awhile. With so many lows of late, it was something that got us all excited about how technology could bring us back together via watch parties, Twitter and Facebook, to enjoy and critique this very unique event. It took a lot of work, imagination, and skaters willing to put themselves out there in front of a virtual judging panel just a scant few weeks after being off the ice for months, in order to be Alpha adopters - the vanguard of what skating may become. There were no fireworks (though there may have been a few rockets on skates involved for some of the competitors). But it was something we weren't expecting...just like Jack's vision for the future. 
He may be on to something.

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What Matters Most - Life In The Time of COVID-19
It's been more than a year since I did a blog. I thought I was done, but apparently I can't escape - particularly when life has dealt us challenges unlike we've ever experienced before. If we survive this, let's hope none of us - in whatever time we have left on this "mortal coil" - will ever have to experience anything like it again. 
Which brings me to this new musing.
There's a new "normal" now that's a bit different than the one I talked about in 2009 when I first started sharing my thoughts about life on the edge of skating, though some things seem to never change.  Like the mysteries of giving birth for the first time, this chapter that's unfolding before us does not come with a set of clear instructions. We read, watch and listen to experts, but then we are pretty much left to figure it out for ourselves. The phrase, "We're all in this together," while true in the universal sense, sometimes seems awkward and discomforting during a pandemic. 
I could go on with a diatribe, but we're all doing that in our own personal-planet lives. This is meant to be an observation of what seems to be happening in our molecular world of ice, and how we might be able to apply it to the bigger picture of life on a decidedly different edge. 

Like virtually everything, skating came to a hard stop in late February or early March, depending on where you live on this planet. What was promising to be an exciting third year of the quadrennial cycle leading up to the 2022 Olympics evaporated in a nanosecond. The ice was figuratively, and literally, pulled out from under us, leaving  nowhere to turn. People were frozen in strange places, many far away from home. Some found solace through sheltering in place with friends, becoming unwitting roommates for more than three months.  Most found themselves alone with their thoughts and fears; forced to examine themselves in a way they may never have done before. 
“It was the  best of times, it was the worst of times , it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair,”
~ Charles Dickens.  Tale of Two Cities  
Winter of despair? Definitely. 
Spring of hope? Nope. 
Summer of enlightenment? Stay tuned.
The encouraging thing is that we're a resilient lot. Brilliant and resourceful, coaches, clubs, skaters, choreographers, contemporary and ballet dancers, and personal trainers discovered Zoom as a way to further development, and to keep enthusiasm from waning in the face of - well - no faces or places to train. 
A massive disadvantage suddenly became an unexpected boon to learn from people they would rarely, if ever, have a chance to access during day-to-day training preparation. Those who had the resources and willingness to take a new path, found a brave new world - and a way to stay connected.
Now, with rinks in our 50 seemingly different and individual country-states here in the U.S. starting to sputter to a start - and with the future of a season still uncharted but most likely unexplored territory - it is incumbent on all of us to step up, and back, to take a bird's eye look at the horizon. 
As a parent of a now-professional skater and choreographer, my goal is laser focused: to love unconditionally and non-judgmentally; to be there to bolster and encourage. By truly listening, we came to the realization that our bottom line hasn't changed; the love of what's been our lives for more than 32 years is still there. 
But like all love, it's challenging us to find new paths. Being able to navigate the changes, being flexible, encouraging and supportive is the foundation of the "emotional home," the safe place we spent years constructing in this sport. Sharing that has been the greatest gift.
Life in the time of COVID-19 is allowing all of us to continue to build to our strengths,  and make sure we supply a solid foundation. Our greatest challenge is not wearing masks - or possibly not having a "normal" skating season. Frankly, that's the least important out of all this. What's important is staying on firm, supportive ground and not sinking into a mire of mental quicksand. That's our newest test. That's how we'll survive, and thrive until we find our footing again. Just being there and present is truly what matters most.     

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It's Been A While ... Anything been happening since the beginning of March?
Years from now, people who are old enough to remember this pandemic, will talk about events as pre-Covid and post-Covid, much like we do of events before and after 9-11.
But as for the protests and Black Lives Matter - I can't add anything witty or profound that hasn't already been said.  I think of myself as an ally.  In my first novel, the best skater in the whole damn show is a black gal in the chorus.  And in the second, the star of the show is (again by far the best skater in the show) is black.  They are both modeled after real skaters, so it's true.  But I also wanted to point it out.
I'd much rather write fiction than put my own beliefs down on paper.  So, I'll leave it with this ... a design my daughter and I thought out and she put down on paper, so to speak.

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Watch these rad film clips of Santa Monica's 1970s skate, surf, and dirt bicycle scene In 1976, esteemed SoCal punk filmmaker David Markey, around 13-years-old at the time, captured this rad 8mm film footage of the skateboard, surf, and dirt bike scene in Santa Monica. Markey writes:

The dawning of the Dogtown era; Road Rider 4's, Bennett Trucks, Logan Earth Ski's, 2 colored Vans. Shot at Bay Street, Kenter Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Harvard Street, and the former vacant lots of Santa Monica. Skaters include Paul Hoffman and Paul Cullen.

Mon, 04 May 2020 13:11:36 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Video News Bicycles Skateboarding Surf Surfing Santa Skating Santa Monica Paul Hoffman David Markey Monica Markey Bennett Trucks Logan Earth Ski Santa Monica Skaters
And now, a skateboarding sparrow

This is a java sparrow that's learned to ride a tiny skateboard.

Image: YouTube

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Beautiful On the Outside by Adam Rippon
Just finished reading his book, Beautiful On the Outside, and fans of figure skating won't be disappointed.  It's fascinating to read about his path to the Olympics and I don't want to spoil it here, but SPOILER ALERT!! he goes to the Olympics.
The 3rd one he had planned on.
As you might expect, there are lots of juice details about his fellow skaters, judging, and his trials as an openly gay athlete sprinkled throughout the book.
One thing that surprised me was how poor he was at a time when he was already an elite skater.  Toward the beginning of his time training with Rafael, there were times when he could barely afford to eat.  How does one train at an Olympian level when one has so little to eat?
Shouldn't someone at the USFS be checking in on their skaters?  Shouldn't there be loans or an Olympian Food Bank at least?
That really bugs me.  It's hard enough to compete at the top of the world, and Adam had worrying about basic necessities to add to the list?  I admire his discipline.  That's some next-level, grown-ass  discipline, I must say.
But, back to the book.  It's delightful and at times, funny as hell. If at any moment you rooted for him or enjoyed his skating, you will enjoy this book.
I do hope there is more writing in his future.

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Spinning Out Petition to Save Spinning Out
Let's hope the show is not down and "out" yet.   There is a petition on to save Spinning Out and it's already got 18,000+ signatures. Click on the link, if you want to add yours. And in the meantime, if any of you thought I want all that skating drama, but I'm missing some penguins .... well, I've got you covered.

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Skate Bowl Thu, 30 Jan 2020 11:10:56 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Kitchen Design Limited Edition Dining Skating Collaborations Jean Jullien Bowls Jullien Porcelain Artist Collaborations Case Studyo Serving Bowls Link About It: This Week’s Picks Sat, 25 Jan 2020 09:03:57 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Auto Space Music Science Design Australia Films India Radiohead Cruise Paris Lexus Moon Documentaries Skateboarding Archaeology College sports Asteroids Autonomous Cars Ceramics Archives Western Australia Machines Epic Games Skating Linkaboutit Link About It Pottery Autonomous Driving Pigalle Short Films Fortnite Kamali Gemology Yarrabubba Short Film “Kamali” is About More Than Skateboarding Mon, 20 Jan 2020 14:55:54 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Gender Politics Design Films India Culture Filmmaking Documentaries Skateboarding Skating Linkaboutit Skaters Short Films Mahabalipuram Sasha Rainbow Kamali Suganthi Happy National Penguin Day!
I am a big fan of penguins and a big fan of Penguins of Madagascar (more accurately the German version - Die Pinguine aus Madagascar) television series.  It was very helpful for me and my daughter to learn German.  And snarky af.
Which is precisely how the penguins in Ice Charades usually behaved.
So, in honor of National Penguin Awareness Day, I'm sending anyone in the contiguous 48 states (the U.S. that is) a free copy of Ice Charades: Penguins Behaving Badly and Other Follies From the Road.

Send an email by January 25, 2020 to and I'll get a book in the mail to you.

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Happy Halloween! So tell me, did you wear anything as great as these gems below?
October 19, 2010 Halloween Costumes Buckle up kids and help me pick the silliest Holiday On Ice costume that may be the "best" Halloween costume at your local bar, neighborhood bash, or after-show cast party. Now, there are lots of beautiful costumes also for sale on the Holiday On Ice site, but that wouldn't be as fun to show you, now would it.
Up first: Some kind of "Eye" in the Bugs Bunny show.

Not to be outdone by the female version is the male eye from the same show:

This one features both male and female costumes and I can't figure out which one is creepier:

Could work out with the slate of zombie movies and tv shows coming out.
Okay, next is this guy is trying to look Mexican, but I don't know:

That poncho looks more like a navajo toga. And don't get me started on the mustache.
Which also makes me wonder how authentic this guys is:

Next up what I call the office peacock look:

This one is suppose to be a costume from the Caribbean:

And finally:

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Watch this incredible skateboarder who has no legs Brazilian skateboarder Felipe Nunes, 20, is on the cover of this month's Thrasher magazine. He just joined Tony Hawk's elite Birdhouse squad. He also has no legs. Nunes lost them in an accident when he was six years old. From Thrasher:

What did it take to get back to where you were mobile again? Were you in a wheelchair at first? What were the biggest challenges to regaining your movement and independence?

I was six when it happened but the doctors said it was super fast. I didn’t really hesitate because I was so young. I used a wheelchair until about the age of 11. I was a kid who wanted to do everything. Regardless of not having two legs I wanted to do it all. I rode my bike, played soccer, pretty much everything out in front of my house. I was a normal kid. It didn’t even look like I was missing part of my legs. My parents were essential in my recovery because they never stopped me from doing anything. They were afraid of me getting hurt like any parents, but they never held me back. When I wanted to give up the wheelchair and ride the skateboard full time, they let me go.

Wed, 16 Oct 2019 10:50:55 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Video News Skateboarding Tony Hawk Skateboards Skating Nunes Spots Shredding Felipe Nunes
Hope to see you in Lake Placid this April!
I just got tickets and I'm so excited!!!

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Thu, 10 Oct 2019 12:03:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Sport Skating Lake Placid
It's time to start thinking of outdoor ice rinks! Boom.  Made me think of winter.  Then I saw this great article: 45 Best Ice Skating Rinks by Randy Joyceln at the blog Vigourskate and it got me thinking about ice rinks I'd like to skate on this upcoming winter season.

This is my bucket list - hope to get to while I can still skate - skate ... the Reideau Canal in Ottowa.  I probably won't make it this year, but maybe next year.
Russia seems to have some of the most beautiful rinks, but no plans to go. 
Anyone out there planning to skate at any of the rinks on this list?  It's international, so there are rinks on almost every continent to consider.
'Tis the season (almost ...)

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Mon, 07 Oct 2019 14:07:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Russia New York City Sport Skating Ottowa Randy Joyceln Reideau Canal
Ten Years Ago don't you like how his collar is messed up a little?  very endearing
It was ten years (and one week) ago ... 9/14/2009 that Patrick Swayze passed away.  He was an incredible talent and not many knew he was also a figure skater.  Skater you say?  Yes, after actor, dancer, singer, football player and producer.
When he passed, I channeled my inner journalist (having had only one college course in it ... I knew nothing, but hey) and scoured the internet for corroboration of a friend's recollection.  And yes, I determined that he skated for a short time with Ice Charades, but it was never mentioned in any biographies at the time of his passing.
Here is the posting I did back in 2009:  
... RIP
A lot of the blogs are associating his role in "Disney On Parade" with Disney On Ice, which is not true. He was the Prince with Disney On Parade, yes, but that was a dance show.
Believe me, I've been knee-deep in Google (pages 8 and 9!) to get to the bottom of it. But good news,  Wikipedia - Patrick Swayze  has that part right.
What is surprising is I can't find anything on the internet about his time with Ice Capades.
But that is a minor point - what is true about him is that he was clearly one talented guy: actor, dancer, skater, singer and football player to name a few. I love to remember him from the SNL sketch with Chris Farley auditioning to become a Chippendales dancer.
My thoughts are with his wife, Lisa Niemi, of thirty-five years.
I am very sad that I missed the documentary about him that aired on September 18th on Paramount Network.  I would have liked to have seen that.
By the way, my original post about Patrick Swayze on 9/15/19 received more hits than any other post on this blog.  People were far more interested in searching for Patrick Swayze than Ice Charades.  FAR MORE.  And that's the way it should be!

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Ohhh, these are so tempting!

It's that time of year in southern Germany!  Oktoberfest!  And I've got dirndl fever.  That's right - they're called dirndles.
The old showgirl in me really wants to get one of these and find some any excuse to wear one!
Why, you ask?
First of all, they have beautiful colors and they're oh, so shiny.
They flatter an old showgirl's more mature (ahem, curvy) figure.  No need to suck in your stomach on these costumes.  Phew!
Tell me, which one would you get?

I think I'd like the dark blue, but ...

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This is how we traveled - Ice Capades edition So, let me explain ...
In the early days of ice shows, being on the road meant carrying everything with you ... on the road.  That meant your suitcase was probably stuffed to almost exploding levels, you were never really sure what was clean and you may not have seen the bottom of your suitcase for weeks.
Luckily, someone came up with the idea to let the skaters use trunks, that traveled with sets and costumes, so we could store additional clothing and whatever crazy items we brought with us.  One girl had a coffee maker in her trunk, another stashed a guitar in there.  And one girl in my division filled hers entirely with yarn.  Lots of yarn.  So much yarn, she knit everyone a vest for Christmas.  Yeah, lots of yarn.
In another post, I'll explain what was the weekly schedule of Holiday On Ice, and fold in the saga of getting, storing and using a trunk.  It deserves its own post.  It felt like a saga back in the day.

For now, I'll show you photos that someone had recently posted about the Ice Capades trunks.  I've got to say, I'm jealous because HOI trunks were big metal boxes, nothing fancy.  These are like works of art.

But wait a minute, Ice Charades, that trunk says Holiday On Ice on it.  
Why, yes.  Yes it does.  By the time I skated in HOI, these older steamer trunks had fallen out of fashion.  

I wish they hadn't, because this style is so much more useful than a big metal box.  Ice Capades still used these.  Look how cool that is!  It has drawers!  Our trunks never had drawers.
And the best thing about Ice Capades trunks is that they got delivered to your hotel door.  How convenient.  It's a moving closet (which, most importantly, you never had to move yourself.)

An entire hotel hallway lined with Ice Capades trunks.  I sure hope the front desk didn't stick any hotel guests wanting to get, you know, some sleep near these rooms.  

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Ice Capades Kicks The Bucket - Reposted from 11 Years Ago
ahem, excuse me, Ice Charades, but it's Progressive on Ice
Why, yes.  Yes it is.  But doesn't Flo On Ice have a better ring to it?
Anyway, you don't need to read the entire post, or the Slate article to remind you that Ice Capades is still dead.  Although there were some signs of a comeback even weeks after I posted this.  Stay tuned for more of this trip down memory lane.
But for now, I'm doing my best to keep the name out there.  For obvious reasons.  hehehe
Reposted from July 21, 2008
Ice Capades kicks the Bucket This article in Slate states Ice Capades is dead.
Okay, no secret there. 
"The Ice Capades is dead. America's most glorious ice carnival, which barnstormed civic centers for nearly six decades, vanished about five years ago. That its death has gone largely unreported is puzzling."
First off, two things ... 1) Five years ago? It was more like ten years ago, buddy - nice investigative work - he obviously doesn't know there have already been two reunions in 2000 and 2005 and 2) why is this covered in Slate? Don't they have some campaigns to write about?
But back to the article - it's not puzzling to me. I'm willing to proclaim that Stars on Ice and Tour of Champions shoved the sword in the belly (nice and flat and sucked in - thank you very much) but the "Stars" didn't want to shout about it.
As the article points out all of those skating champions decided they didn't want to play second fiddle to Goofy or Big Bird, and I can't blame them.
But here's my prediction - Ice Capades will make a comeback (limited time only).
I think the television audience is getting tired of seeing those champions rework the same old signature jumps and spins into new show programs presented with yet another singer who has slid down the charts a ways.
Don't get me wrong, they are great skaters, but they can't do a kickline, eggbeater or pinwheel in their programs by themselves (and they can't do one together either.) Sorry Brian, not your specialty, you're the triple axel man, and we love you for it.
So for the sake of variety (and time for costume changes) I think a new ice show with a couple of well-choreographed chorus number would be a big hit on TV. (Are you listening Karen Kresge? Paul Guerrero? Chris Nolan? You guys could do it!)
Any predictions out there if and when Ice Capades returns?

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500 Posts!
I didn't realize until this post at #501, but Ice Charades has now posted 500 posts!  And at least a dozen have talked about skating!!! hehehe
But in all seriousness, I'm trying to get back to writing - putting more time into blogging and less into Facebook.
The question is - is there anyone out there reading blogs anymore?  I hope to find you and engage.  Stay tuned.

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It's almost that time of year again .... For some, this time of year could mean some fabulous summer vacation.  Do you have one of those coming in July?  I hope so.
But for this post, I'm talking about Sun Valley, Idaho!  It's the place to skate in the summer.  Someday, someday, someday I'll make it there to skate.  Really, someday, I hope.

That's right, on July 21, 2019, the ProSkaters organization will be hosting a live competition.  As they say on the website:

Held on the outdoor rink on Sunday, July 21, 2019, beginning at 8:00 pm,  this exciting annual event will be a theatrical and competitive experience.  Skaters in Singles, Pairs, Dance, Adagio, Comedy, Show Acts, and Groups who will compete against each other. Winner take all!  A panel of judges PLUS a panel of audience members will determine the winner.  
I will try to update this blog with the results.  I sure wish I could see it live though.  Someday.
Then on July 22- 23, 2019, there are seminars for skaters who want to learn about life as a professional, or as they say, "the tricks of the trade."
If anyone reading this goes to this session OR has gone at any time, please let me know.  I would love to hear some first hand accounts.

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