Bloglikes - Society en-US Thu, 06 May 2021 13:00:31 +0000 Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:00:00 +0000 FeedWriter ICC sentences Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army leader to 25 years Former child soldier Dominic Ongwen committed crimes against humanity as commander in cult

The international criminal court has sentenced a former militia leader and child soldier from Uganda to 25 years in prison after he was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity in a landmark judgment.

The presiding judge, Bertram Schmitt, said the panel of judges had considered sentencing Dominic Ongwen to life imprisonment, the court’s harshest punishment, but had sided against it due to the defendant’s own personal suffering.

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What is behind the dispute over fishing rights around Jersey? British navy patrol boats, protesting French fishers and Brexit – a summary of the escalating row

The immediate threat to which the prime minister was apparently responding when he dispatched the patrol vessels on Wednesday evening was a mooted blockade by French fishing boats of the port of St Helier, Jersey’s main entry point for supplies. French fishers accuse the Jersey authorities of limiting access to the waters around the Channel island – and being in breach of the post-Brexit arrangements agreed between the EU and the UK in its Christmas Eve trade and cooperation agreement. A flotilla of boats full of angry fishers did indeed gather at the port on Thursday morning under the watchful gaze of two Royal Navy River class patrol vessels. The bigger picture, however, is the rancour and tension between Britain and EU member states after a bruising few years since the June 2016 referendum result.

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UK sends patrol vessels as 80 French protest boats gather off Jersey Downing Street dispatches armed boats to ‘monitor situation’ amid row over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights

Two British naval patrol vessels have arrived off the coast of Jersey as about 80 French boats also gathered at the port in St Helier in protest over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights.

HMS Severn and HMS Tamar were deployed a mile off the coast of Jersey while observing the French flotilla amassing at about 6am south of the Channel Island’s capital before it headed into the port just before 7am.

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ifeel, another well-being platform that blends self-care tools with 1-2-1 therapy, scores $6.6M If the pandemic has been good for anything it’s been good for the therapy business and for startups targeting mental health, with VCs kept very busy signing checks. To wit, here’s another one: Madrid-based ifeel has bagged €5.5 million (~$6.6M) in Series A funding, led by Nauta Capital.

The startup was founded back in 2017 — initially as a consumer-focused therapy platform — but last year it pivoted to a hybrid business model, tapping into demand from businesses to offer staff emotional support during the public health crisis. So it’s available both to individuals via monthly subscription or as part of employer’s or insurance provider’s cover

It says that pandemic pivot has resulted in 1,000% growth in its b2b business.

Companies it’s signed up to offer its platform to their staff include AXA Partners, Glovo and Gympass.

“We have a total of 400K users on the platform (b2c and b2b),” says co-founder Amir Kaplan. “We have 100,000 eligible covered who have access to ifeel as a benefit (through our insurance and wellness partners or direct with ifeel).

“The 100K grew 10x from September 2020 and is the largest trend we are experiencing these days. Employees of 100 companies use ifeel on a weekly basis.”

ifeel’s platform delivers both live therapy sessions with licensed psychologists but also provides users with self-care tool such as daily mood trackers, recommended exercises and activities to expand the support available.

“By combining self-care and guided therapies, ifeel maximises engagement and retention of its users — with 90% reporting improved emotional and mental well-being after using ifeel ,” it claims.

The startup is using AI technology in the self-care portion of its platform — to recommend “the most relevant” content or exercise to its users, per Kaplan. But he also says it’s looking at using the tech to assist the therapist practice by developing dedicated tools inside the platform.

ifeel has an international founding team, hailing from three countries (Israel, Italy and Mexico), and says its main markets so far are Spain, France, Brazil and Mexico. While its b2b and insurance network coverage extends to 20 countries and four languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).

With so much competition in the mental health tools space — from mindfulness apps, to internet-delivered CBT programs, to therapy platforms — how does ifeel see itself standing out?

Kaplan suggests it has an advantage of being “global from day one”, and also flags a “strong technology integration focus” which he says has allowed it to plug into insurance companies and wellness players — to become a “main service provider”.

“Very early we partnered with global leading companies and we support them in many countries (compared to specific country players like in Germany and UK,” he tells TechCrunch. “The platform approach is different from ‘online therapy’ companies or ‘mindfulness apps’.

“We want our users to manage their emotional well being on our platform no matter the need. In this way we create millions of engagement events that are customized to the user’s needs and allow users over time to use different parts of our platform in different life situations.”

Mental health startups are raising spirits and venture capital

Headway raises $70M at a $750M valuation to help connect therapists with people and insurance schemes

Mental wellness platform Lyra Health is raising up to $175M at a $2.25B valuation

MindLabs raises £1.4 million for its new platform, a ‘Peloton for mental health’

Singapore-based mental health app Intellect reaches one million users, closes seed funding is a European mental healthcare solution for employees

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The NHS is revising its process for booking Covid vaccinations after the discovery of a “seriously shocking failure” that leaked medical data from the site.

The website lets users make appointments using their NHS number or, if they do not have it to hand, some basic identity information. But in the process, users’ vaccination status is disclosed, allowing anyone who possesses basic personal details of a friend, colleague or stranger to find out what should be confidential medical information.

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Christian Porter moves to strike out major sections of ABC’s defamation defence The former attorney general is suing the public broadcaster and is trying to stop parts of its defence being made public

Christian Porter has moved to strike out major sections of the ABC’s defence of his defamation claim, and prevent them from becoming public, accusing the public broadcaster of abusing the court process.

The ABC filed its defence on Tuesday, prompting an interlocutory application from Porter for an order to make confidential and strike out sections of the document on the basis they contain material that is either scandalous, frivolous, vexatious, evasive or ambiguous or “are otherwise an abuse of the process of the court”.

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Ruby Bridges: the six-year-old who defied a mob and desegregated her school In 1960, she walked past hateful protesters to become the first Black child at a Louisiana school – and was then taught alone for a year. She discusses fear, forbearance and her fight for a better future

This year, Ruby Bridges saw some newly discovered video footage of her six-year-old self and was terrified for her. The footage was from 14 November 1960, a day that shaped the course of Bridges’ life and – it is no exaggeration to say – American history. Not that she was aware of it at the time. On that day she became the first Black child to attend an all-white primary school in Louisiana.

Looking at images of Bridges’ first day at William Frantz elementary school in New Orleans, she is a study in vulnerability: a tiny girl in her smart new uniform, with white socks and white ribbons in her hair, flanked by four huge federal agents in suits. Awaiting her at the school gates was a phalanx of rabidly hostile protesters, mostly white parents and children, plus photographers and reporters. They yelled names and racial slurs, chanted, and waved placards. One sign read: “All I want for Christmas is a clean white school.” One woman held up a miniature coffin with a black doll in it. It has become one of the defining images of the civil rights movement, popularised even further by Norman Rockwell’s recreation of it in his 1964 painting The Problem We All Live With.

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Citizen Penn review – Hollywood star’s vanity project lifts Haiti This documentary about Sean Penn’s response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti may be self-congratulatory, but the actor has had an undeniable impact

Actor, director, screenwriter and now novelist Sean Penn has had some mixed notices for his non-showbiz activities and his dramatic interventions in various international situations – including his defiant declaration of faith in the late Hugo Chávez and his successor as Venezuelan president, the now-notorious Nicolás Maduro. And the naysayers and the eye-rollers may not be entirely mollified by this documentary about Sean Penn’s charity work in Haiti, which does come across in some ways as a 93-minute self-administered high-five.

It begins with a carefully curated montage of TV news footage tacitly admitting what a paparazzo-punching brat he once was – but there is no clip of his puppet appearance in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s comedy Team America: World Police as an archetypal whiny liberal. Well, Sean Penn is entitled to praise. In 2010, he responded to the news about the Haiti earthquake by mobilising contacts already amassed during his experience helping out during Hurricane Katrina, and he got on to Chávez, and asked him to supply hundreds of thousands of vials of Venezuelan morphine for Haiti’s field hospitals. (Penn had been out to Venezuela to meet Chávez the year before in the sceptical company of Christopher Hitchens, who had called him an “oil-rich clown”.)

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UK sends gunboats to Jersey as 80 French vessels gather in St Helier Downing Street dispatches navy ships to ‘monitor situation’ amid row over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights

Two British naval gunboats have arrived off the coast of Jersey as about 80 French boats also gathered at the port in St Helier in protest over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights.

HMS Severn and HMS Tamar held back while observing the French flotilla amassing at about 6am south of the Channel Island capital before heading into the port just before 7am.

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UK sends gunboats to Jersey as 80 French vessels protest in St Helier Downing Street dispatches navy ships to ‘monitor situation’ amid row over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights

Two British naval gunboats have arrived off the coast of Jersey as about 80 French boats also gathered at the port in St Helier in protest over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights.

HMS Severn and HMS Tamar were deployed a mile off the coast of Jersey while observing the French flotilla amassing at about 6am south of the Channel Island capital before it headed into the port just before 7am.

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Global shortfall of nearly 1m midwives due to failure to value role, study finds Investing in midwifery could prevent two-thirds of maternal and newborn deaths, but investment and training are urgently needed

The world is facing a shortage of 900,000 midwives, with more than half the shortfall in Africa, where nearly two-thirds of maternal deaths occur, according to a new survey.

Insufficient resources and a failure to recognise the importance of the role mean there has been little progress since the last study in 2014, according to the State of the World’s Midwifery report, which looked at 194 countries.

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‘MI5 were tapping our phones’: UB40 on starting out, falling out and losing millions The Brummie reggae stars are back, but in two rival groups. They talk about clocking up 39 hits, partying hard and the bitter split

UB40 are remembering the days when they were dangerous. “MI5 were tapping our phones, watching our houses, all sorts,” says drummer Jimmy Brown. “We thought, ‘Haven’t they got criminals to catch?’ We were just a bunch of potheads, smoking weed and playing music. We weren’t planning the revolution, but if the revolution happened, we knew what side we were going to be on.”

The band are back this year – in duplicate. In contrast to the longstanding and bitter rift that divides the two factions, more of which later, the Brummie eight-piece once presented a united, staunchly uncompromising front. For those who remember UB40 primarily for lilting lite-reggae covers of Red Red Wine and (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You, the fact that they were considered a grave threat to national security might seem absurd. Look closer at the origins story of the band, however, and the concerns of the spooks – later confirmed by MI5 whistleblower David Shayler – make a certain kind of sense.

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Misplaced Trust [Author: Legal Profession Prof]

Wed, 05 May 2021 23:12:27 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Law Minnesota Supreme Court Blomquist Legal Profession Prof Bar Discipline & Process Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility Barry L Blomquist
The Diaper Bag And The Hatchet [Author: Legal Profession Prof]

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Reciprocal Censure [Author: Legal Profession Prof]

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Top gadgets for lawyers working from a home office Stacked3Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here.


Top Gadgets for Lawyers Working From a Home Office

It’s been more than a year since the start of the pandemic, and what a year it’s been! The good news is that as we head into the spring, the light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel as vaccination rates increase. As a result, sometime in the near future we may finally be able to head back to our offices on a full or part-time basis.

Of course, we’ll be returning to the offices in what will be a “new normal.” While we don’t know what that will look like, one thing is for sure: it will almost certainly include more remote work. This is because lawyers now know remote work is possible and have more trust and familiarity with the cloud computing technologies that support it. One way or another, working from home will undoubtedly be commonplace on the other side of the pandemic.

For that reason, the New York State Bar Association recently held a CLE that focused entirely on gadgets for the home office, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the panelists. During that presentation I shared a few of my favorite remote working gadgets. Since many of us continue to work remotely during this stage of the pandemic and will continue to do so at an increased rate even after the pandemic ends, I decided it would be worthwhile to share some of the gadgets I discussed in that   presentation.

First, you should definitely invest in a Wi-Fi mesh router. I recommend either Amazon’s Eero mesh router or Google’s version. These routers are perfect for the home office because the mesh network, which is made up of individual Wi-Fi points that “talk” to one another, has an extensive reach. Setup is quick and simple, and you can control the router and change its settings using your smartphone.

Next, you’ll need a good portable laptop stand - or two. My favorite all-around stand is the Aidata LHA-3 LAPstand Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand. This is a fairly lightweight laptop stand and weighs 1.8 pounds. It has three different settings, so you have options when it comes to the placement and angle of your laptop. It folds flat for easy storage and fits right into your laptop bag when traveling. It costs $29.99 on Amazon.

Another option to consider is the Moft “invisible” laptop stand. I prefer the version that attaches to the bottom of your laptop via an adhesive backing, but it’s also available in a standalone version as well. This stand weighs only 3 ounces, and when not in use it folds nearly flush and lays flat at 1/9 of an inch. It can be folded into two different height settings, and costs $24.99.

I also recommend that you consider investing in a standalone touchpad instead of a mouse. I prefer the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, but there are also many different PC-compatible touchpads available at Amazon and elsewhere. The reason I prefer a touchpad over a mouse is because it offers a more ergonomic way to interact with your computer’s interface, and ultimately puts much less stress on your hand and wrist. An added benefit is that because it’s flat and thin, it’s much easier to transport whether for travel purposes or otherwise.

Another gadget to purchase for ergonomic reasons is portable keyboard. Typing using your laptop’s keypad can cause stress to your hand after a while;   that’s where a wireless keyboard comes in. I use Apple’s Magic Wireless Keyboard since it’s a full-size keyboard that is lightweight and portable. No matter what brand you buy, a wireless keyboard is a must-have for remote-working lawyers - especially if you plan to travel a lot once the pandemic is over.

I would also suggest you invest in a pair of wireless earbuds. I prefer Apple AirPods, but there are plenty of other brands available that work well, too. I guarantee that once you use wireless earbuds and are able to engage in unencumbered, hands-free phone conversations, you won’t be able to recall how you got by without them. Trust me, they’re well worth the price you’ll pay.

Next, consider adding a little light to your workspace with a desk lamp like the multi-function TaoTronics LED lamp. This adjustable desk light has a built-in Qi wireless charger for your devices, along with a USB port. It’s also dimmable with fully customizable color and brightness settings, and includes a timer along with memory functionality. It can be yours for $59.99 at Amazon.

Finally, but not least, consider investing in a portable charging station. I own the udoq Multi-Device Charging Station, but there are plenty of other choices available. A charging station is a great gadget to have in your home office, since it provides a convenient and orderly way to keep your devices charged. Wires are typically hidden behind the device, and you simply dock your mobile devices when you walk in the door and charge them as you work.

Nicole Black is a Rochester, New York attorney, author, journalist, and the Legal Technology Evangelist at MyCase  law practice management software for small law firms. She is the author of the ABA book Cloud Computing for Lawyers, co-authors the ABA book Social Media for Lawyers: the Next Frontier, and co-authors Criminal Law in New York, a Thomson Reuters treatise. She writes legal technology columns for Above the Law and ABA Journal and speaks regularly at conferences regarding the intersection of law and technology. You can follow her on Twitter at @nikiblack or email her at

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Round Up: Secure Communication, Post-Pandemic Law Firms, Practice Management Software, and More SpiralI often write articles and blog posts for other outlets and am going to post a round up here from time to time (but won't include my weekly Daily Record articles in the round up since I re-publish them to this blog in full). Here are my posts and articles published from April:

[Author: NBlack]

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US Justice Department expresses 'concerns' over the GOP's Arizona election audit being conducted by Cyber Ninjas Cyber Ninjas owner Doug Logan, left, a Florida-based consultancy, talks about overseeing a 2020 election ballot audit ordered by the Republican lead Arizona Senate at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, as a Cyber Ninjas IT technician demonstrates a ballot scan during a news conference Thursday, April 22, 2021, in Phoenix. The equipment used in the November election won by President Joe Biden and the 2.1 million ballots were moved to the site Thursday so Republicans in the state Senate who have expressed uncertainty that Biden's victory was legitimate can recount them and audit the results.

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

  • The US Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division says it has "concerns" over Arizona's 2020 election audit.
  • The concerns were raised in a letter to state Sen. Karen Fann, a Republican.
  • Voting rights groups last month asked the Justice Department to intervene.
  • See more stories on Insider's business page.

The US Department of Justice has reviewed details that "raise concerns" about the integrity of the Republican-led audit in Maricopa County, telling the president of Arizona's state senate that the effort may violate federal law.

The audit, taking place at a sports arena in Phoenix, is being conducted by a private firm, Cyber Ninjas, that has no experience in elections and is led by a man who promoted conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. The firm was chosen to lead the effort by state Sen. Karen Fann, over the objections of Maricopa County's local Republican officials - and after two audits were already conducted last year.

President Joe Biden won the county by more than 45,000 votes.

In a May 5 letter to Sen. Fann, obtained by local news station KNXV's Garrett Archer, the Department of Justice's Pamela S. Karlan, principal deputy assistant attorney general with the Civil Rights Division, said Cyber Ninjas' involvement may be illegal.

"Federal law creates a duty to safeguard and preserve federal election records," Karlan wrote. The department is concerned that this is not happening in Maricopa County, where the records "are no longer under the ultimate control of elections officials, are not being adequately safeguarded by contractors, and are at risk of damage or loss."

-The AZ - abc15 - Data Guru (@Garrett_Archer) May 6, 2021

The department's second area of concern is Cyber Ninjas' stated intent to "identify voter registrations that did not make sense, and then knock on doors to confirm if valid voters actually lived at the stated address." This, Karlan wrote, "raises concerns regarding potential intimidation of voters," which is prohibited by federal statutes.

The letter closes by asking for a response on what steps the Arizona Senate will take to ensure the audit does not break federal law. It comes the same day that one audit official told reporters he was attempting to find traces of "bamboo" on voters' ballots to prove a conspiracy theory that they came from southeast Asia.

Sen. Fann did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

The Department of Justice's letter comes about a week after a coalition of voting rights groups had requested such an intervention, as Insider reported.

In an interview last month, the head of the Arizona Democratic Party, state Rep. Raquel Terán, said that Cyber Ninjas was engaged in a "sham audit" intended to justify new restrictions on voting.

Local Democrats welcomed Wednesday's intervention.

"We are glad that the DOJ is engaged and monitoring this sham," Alex Alvarez, a party spokesperson, told Insider.

Have a news tip? Email this reporter:

Read the original article on Business Insider

[Author: (Charles Davis)]

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Substack for Lawyers, What’s the Attraction? Lawyers Substack

Bob Ambrogi has a real nice piece this morning on “The Lawyers of Substack.”

As early adopters of digital publishing in the law turned to blogging, something we’ve seen explode over the last decade, some legal publishers are turning to Substack.

Substack is an online platform that provides publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters.

Among the legal Substack users Ambrogi highlights are lawyers and career legal journalists, David Lat and Jason Tashea, whom I’ve been reading on Substack.

Lat covers events and trends in the law. As I have mentioned before regarding Substack, Lat is likely to return to the heights of legal journalism – covering the Supreme Court and more. He founded one of the first widely read blogs, Underneath Their Robes, as well as the granddaddy of legal blogs, Above the Law.

Being able to charge a five dollars a month, Lat could turn this in to lucrative deal. I’d rather read Lat than similar coverage from ALM or Law360.

Jason Tashea covers access to legal tech as it relates to access to justice matters, and does a heck of a job at it. There is no better person covering the area than Tashea, a legal tech entrepreneur and former report for the ABA Journal.

I have commented on Substack and legal publishing before, but after reading Ambrogi’s post I asked some teammates their thoughts on Substack. Our quick take:

  • Substack is meant to be a platform for people to make money from their content through subscribers. That’s how they, Substack, make money. Most legal bloggers make money through their law practice.
  • Substack has an easy to use and nice looking interface for publishing.
  • A big reason Substack is experiencing some success is that they’re set up so that their publications emulate what made early blogs so successful: they cover a narrow niche and they’re usually authored by a single personality—and people are drawn to that person/personality.
  • The novelty of a new platform will attract lawyers and firms, though firms may struggle with success as group publishers.
  • Full text newsletter versus excerpts which some firms mistakenly choose to to go with on blog posts based on the belief that traffic to their blog is more important than reader convenience and loyalty.
  • By charging a subscription on Substack (optional) you may be putting your content behind a paywall and making it irrelevant as far as evolution of the law.

Colin O’Keefe, who leads our publishing group, shared his thoughts on Substack, directly, in a blog post last fall.

Read Ambrogi’s post, if you haven’t already to learn more about the lawyers on Substack and what they’re doing. Maybe, like them, there will be something in Substack for you.

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Anger at reports of UK proposals to ban Troubles-era prosecutions Sinn Féin, Labour, SDLP and Alliance accused Downing Street of betraying victims of violence

Politicians in Northern Ireland have condemned reports that the UK government is to ban prosecutions of British army veterans for alleged crimes during the Troubles.

Sinn Féin, the SDLP, the Alliance party and Labour accused Downing Street of betraying victims of violence and making a shameful attempt to protect security force personnel at the expense of justice.

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A fallen sprig of very young oak leaves. Photographed by Meade: 


I like the fleshy, sugary look of them.

[Author: (Ann Althouse)]

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" It is not permissible for Facebook to keep a user off the platform for an undefined period, with no criteria for when or whether the account will be restored...." "In applying a vague, standardless penalty and then referring this case to the Board to resolve, Facebook seeks to avoid its responsibilities. The Board declines Facebook’s request and insists that Facebook apply and justify a defined penalty.... Within six months of this decision, Facebook must reexamine the arbitrary penalty it imposed on January 7 and decide the appropriate penalty. This penalty must be based on the gravity of the violation and the prospect of future harm. It must also be consistent with Facebook’s rules for severe violations, which must, in turn, be clear, necessary and proportionate." 

From the full text of the Facebook Oversight Board's opinion.

FROM THE EMAIL: Gregory Ogden writes:  

The excerpt that you posted on your blog is very similar to the language that would be used by an appellate court reviewing the decision of an administrative agency under the arbitrary and capricious standard of review that is recognised in the Federal APA, 5 USC Section 706(2)(A). While courts give broad discretion to agency penalty determinations, those determinations are in the context of specific adjudicatory decisions by that agency under the federal APA. This may be too much law professor inside baseball but it seems to me that this board is using some of the rhetoric that courts will use in APA contexts. This could be a good thing if you accept the premise that .tech companies have the right to censor political speech. I don't accept that premise because it goes against american values and prevents robust debate.

[Author: (Ann Althouse)]

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RUC erred at Troubles’ dawn by firing on flats from armoured cars Ombudsman says police were at fault when four people were killed in Divis and Ardoyne areas in 1969

Police blundered at the dawn of Northern Ireland’s Troubles by using vehicle-mounted machine guns in residential areas and not effectively investigating the ensuing deaths, including that of the first child killed in the conflict, according to a new report.

The Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) committed “significant operational and investigative failures” during the killing of four people in Belfast on 14 and 15 August 1969, the police ombudsman said in a report published on Thursday.

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4 Steps For A Stress-Free Home Insurance Claim [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]]]> Wed, 05 May 2021 19:01:12 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Money Parenting Insurance Money Tips Steps For A Stress Free Home Insurance Claim Now, That’s A Satisfying Benchslap — See Also This Bill Barr Benchslap Is Everything: This federal judge sees through the lies. Judge Loses His Cool: The allegations are startling. Rudy Giuliani Really Is A Terrible Lawyer: The subpoena was entirely expected. Will In-Person SCOTUS Mean A Quiet Clarence Thomas? Probably. Wanna Get A State Clerkship? There’s a law school for that. ]]> Wed, 05 May 2021 18:18:04 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Law Rudy Giuliani Clarence Thomas See Also Bill Barr Benchslap New Urban Institute resources on FIRST STEP Act prison particulars I learned today via email about two notable new resources from the folks at the Urban Institute engaging with some of the intricacies of the prison reform elements of the FIRST STEP Act. 

First, this posting by Emily Tiry and Julie Samuels, titled "Three Ways to Increase the Impact of the First Step Act’s Earned Time Credits," suggests how this piece of the Act could be improved. Here is a snippet:

The 2018 First Step Act—the first major federal criminal justice reform legislation in nearly a decade—established earned time credits (ETCs) to provide early release opportunities for people incarcerated in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

But to date, implementation of the ETC program has fallen short of expectations. No one has been released early via ETCs, it remains unclear how many — or if any — have actually received any ETCs, and BOP’s proposed rules for accruing and applying credits are restrictive and incomplete.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has interfered with ETC implementation plans by severely disrupting available programming, without changes now, the outlook for ETCs having a meaningful impact on opportunities for early release is bleak....  Although the progress so far has been disappointing, we suggest three ways to maximize the ETC system’s impact. The first would require congressional action; BOP could make the other two changes on its own. 

Second, this new resource, titled "The First Step Act’s Risk Assessment Tool: Who is eligible for early release from federal prison?," walks through the risk assessment instrument now applied to all federal prisoners. Here is how the resource is set up (links from original):

The First Step Act offers people incarcerated in federal prison the opportunity to earn credits toward early release.  To help determine who is eligible (after excluding people with certain prior offenses), the US Department of Justice created the Prisoner Assessment Tool Targeting Estimated Risk and Needs (PATTERN), a risk assessment tool that predicts the likelihood that a person who is incarcerated will reoffend.  This interactive version of PATTERN shows how each risk factor raises or lowers a person’s risk score and can estimate whether they qualify for early release.

[Author: Douglas A. Berman]

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The $4 Billion Biglaw Firms Wed, 05 May 2021 17:48:05 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Law Biglaw Trivia Question of the Day Might Prez Biden use his clemency power relatively soon? The question in the title of this post is promoted by this notable new Hill article headlined "Biden set to flex clemency powers."  The headline is a bit more encouraging than the full article for those eager to see some action on this front, and here are some of the details:

White House officials are signaling that President Biden is prepared to flex his clemency powers as officials wade through a large backlog of requests behind the scenes, according to advocates with whom the White House has consulted on criminal justice reform.  The White House held a Zoom call last week to discuss criminal justice reform with advocates and formerly incarcerated people, some of whom are pressing Biden to use his powers to free people jailed on drug offenses and sick and elderly people who pose no threat to society.

While the White House did not signal any imminent moves, officials indicated that Biden will not hold off until later in his term to issue pardons or commutations.  “It was clear that they are working on something,” said Norris Henderson, founder and executive director of New Orleans-based Voice of the Experienced, who participated in the call.  “They are looking at that right now as an avenue to start doing things.”

The White House declined to comment for this report when asked about Biden’s plans for clemency grants or his timeline.  Asked at a briefing Wednesday whether the Biden administration has a timeline for pardons or commutations, White House press secretary Jen Psaki answered: “I don’t have any previewing of that to provide and probably won’t from here.”

Biden disappointed some advocates by not granting clemency to anyone in his first 100 days in office and has faced pressure to take action to reform the criminal justice system and address racial injustices.  Given Democrats’ slim majorities in Congress, the broad clemency powers afforded to the president could be an attractive way for Biden to show he is taking action on reforming the justice system.  The Justice Department faces a backlog of some 15,000 petitions for clemency.

DeAnna Hoskins, president and CEO of JustLeadershipUSA, said officials communicated on the call last week that Biden is “not waiting until the end of his presidency” to issue pardons or commutations. “It was very promising because he already, from the White House perspective, has staff working on this,” Hoskins said....  Vivian Nixon, executive director of the College & Community Fellowship, described the White House as more noncommittal, saying there was not a “promise to do anything” but that officials acknowledged “that they are looking at this issue very closely.”

Biden’s record on criminal justice is mixed.  He has faced backlash for his role in passing the 1994 crime bill that critics say contributed to mass incarceration and had a disproportionate impact on communities of color.  As part of the criminal justice platform he unveiled on the campaign trail, Biden promised to use his clemency power to “secure the release of individuals facing unduly long sentences for certain non-violent and drug crimes” if elected....

The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls spearheaded a campaign to pressure Biden to grant clemency to 100 women in his first 100 days in office, but that milestone came and went last week without action from the White House.  The American Civil Liberties Union has petitioned Biden to grant clemency to 25,000 people as soon as possible, calling mass incarceration a “moral failure” and “racial justice crisis.”

White House officials including domestic policy adviser Susan Rice, senior adviser Cedric Richmond and counsel Dana Remus convened the call last Friday to hear criminal justice reform recommendations from advocates, and clemency was among the topics discussed....

“One thing that was very clear from the conversation was there will be a process,” Desmond Meade, president and executive director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, said of Friday’s White House call. “At the end of the day, they know that there are changes that should be made, but there should be a process there that makes it fair for everyone.”...

Friday’s call was the first in what is expected to be a series of White House engagements with criminal justice reform advocates and individuals who have been directly impacted by the prison system.... Participants expressed optimism that the White House is serious about addressing criminal justice reform and giving those who have been impacted by the justice system a seat at the table.

A few of many recent related posts on Prez Biden and clemency:

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