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Nice Belated Birthday Wishes thanks for sharing wi... Belated Birthday Wishes thanks for sharing with us. keep us updating with these beautiful birthday quotes.

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The World’s Smallest Global Travel Adapter?!

Travel adapters are an absolute necessity when it comes to traveling to a different country; without them our electronic devices would become nothing more but expensive paperweights in just a matter of days. However, current adapters are bulky and heavy, and they occupy the already limited space within our bags… but this certainly isn’t the case with EVO, the world’s smallest global travel adapter!

Measuring in at just 0.8inches thick, EVO may be small, but it sure packs a punch; two USB interfaces can fast charge any two devices simultaneously, eliminating the need to carry extra adapters! EVO can charge these devices in over 150 countries, and this is down to its ingenious use of adjustable plugs, that are neatly concealed within the plastic shell when transporting!

This unbeatably compact travel adapter is a must-have for the people who enjoy the comforts of electronics whilst traveling, without having to compromise on space in their suitcase.

Designer: Evo Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $22 $32 (31% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!





Click Here to Buy Now: $22 $32 (31% off)

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American Airlines Expects to Add New South Pacific Routes This Year Based on internal conversations American Airlines believes that they have too many widebodies today but as soon as their joint venture with Qantas is approved they'll be able to grow into them -- taking a couple of planes that fly to Europe in the summer and using them on South Pacific routes in the winter starting in late 2019.

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Surviving a Bullock Cart Race in Kadiapatti Fri, 18 Jan 2019 07:10:04 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Travel Madam Kadiapatti 3 Links I Love: Brexit’s Impact, O’Hare Terminal Plans, Flying Air France La Premiere This week’s featured link:

Statement: Current Flights Protected, but Future Growth at Risk from No Deal BrexitIATA
Curious what the real impact of Brexit would be on flights if there’s no deal? IATA lays it out clearly. There is little impact on the US, but between the UK and the Continent… capacity could have to be cut.

Two for the road:

Here are the 5 ideas being proposed for O’Hare’s massive expansion Chicago Tribune
The five proposals for O’Hare big new terminal project have been released, and now you can look for yourselves. All seem to focus on building a big, indoor space with an architectural flourish. Some don’t seem all that practical at all. But hey, it’s fun to dream. Now we’ll see who wins.

There are a million trip reports that you can read, but Bernie always makes them more entertaining with his perspective. This time, he flew Air France from LA via Paris to Israel and went in First Class. It’s a fun read.

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The Difference Between Cruising and UnCruising I’m not a person who cruises. However, I am a person who uncruises.

I know what you are thinking – “she’s lost her mind – there is not such thing as uncruising – she’s resorted to making up words!”

un·cruis·ing /ˈənˈkro͞oziNG/
noun: uncruising – the action of engaging, connecting, and exploring unique places, oneself, and with others on a small ship/boat while on a most uncommon adventure.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I just finished my 2nd Uncruise in Panama and Costa Rica and have been reminded once again why I’m an uncruiser and not a cruiser!

I’m no stranger to small ships, I cruised to Antarctica twice, sailed to Rio, hiked and boated my way around Turkey, cruised the Sea of Cortez, took sailing lessons in Italy, explored the eastern seaboard and cruised to Wrangel Island in the high Arctic. Not to mention I’ve had a few kayak adventures too! Surprisingly though I’ve never actually been on a regular cruise. I’ve passed many opportunities up, because big ship cruising just isn’t my style.

small ship cruise

What Defines a Small Ship Cruise

There is no one definition of ‘small’ , it’s relative. And after doing an extensive Google search I was surprised to find that other people’s definition of small ships was very different than mine. For me, a small ship cruise is one in which I can meet every guest on the ship and know their name. It’s normally around 20 to 50 guests, and always less than 100. However there are many companies out there calling ships that hold 200 to 800 guests small ships!

Instead of focusing on numbers and definitions, I’ll just focus on the differences between cruising and uncruising. I know what you are thinking though…”she hasn’t even been on a big cruise before – how does she know!” You are right – I don’t know first hand, but I talked to a lot of people who have done big ship cruising to understand how they work and what makes uncruising different. In addition, I’m a 70’s baby, so I have extensive knowledge of Love Boat – which has to count for something!

What Happens On An Uncruise That You Don’t Get Cruising You Don’t Stop in Cities and Ports

Every time you got off the ship (which is multiple times a day!) you wear a life vest. On an Uncruise you focus on anchoring at inlets and bays that are remote and offer exposure to wildlife and off-the-beaten-path experiences. The only time you dock at a city is to start and end your trip; everything in between is about nature, wildlife, and landscapes. You wear a life vest because the small ship anchors off the coast and you take skiffs (small boats) into shore to hike or explore. Sometimes you take a skiff to simply do a tour around a remote island filled with birds and rock formations; places you cannot land. Unlike Love Boat, there is not a ramp that simply leads you off the ship while people wave at you from the balconys and confetti streams down.

smal ship cruise Drinks Are Included

Uncruise has done the unthinkable – they have included all alcohol in the cost of the passage! There is one bar on the ship and it’s completely open. You can get a drink any time, but often there are special cocktails during happy hour each day at 5:30PM. My dad decided he would take up drinking cognac after his evening meal – something he never normally does, but an open bar allows him to! You might think this open drink policy could become a problem, however in talking to the crew, they said they have very few issues with it. Most of the time people just have more fun and are more social, making the experience better overall on the ship.

small ship cruise all inclusive small ship cruise all inclusive You Can Swim Off The Back Of The Ship

“Anyone who is interested in an open swim off the back of the boat can meet on the back deck,” Megan our expedition leader announced over the loudspeaker. Now that is definitely something you won’t hear on a big cruise ship! There’s something really freeing and exciting about jumping off the back of a ship into the ocean! Uncruise small ships don’t have swimming pools on them, but who needs a swimming pool when you have the whole ocean at your disposal! The open swim was of course done with safety in mind. You could float around with pool noodles and there was a skiff driver in the water watching over everyone bobbing in the waves!

safari voyager cruise uncruise



All Excursions Are Included

You want to go kayaking? No problem. You want to go stand up paddle boarding…here’s your paddle – have fun. You want snorkeling with a guide – meet at 3PM! All of these things on an Uncurise are included, however many times large ship cruising see these as extra activities that you have to pay for. On an Uncruise, this is a great no-cost way to try different things. On my recent cruise in Panama and Costa Rica we had a number of people try stand up paddle board (SUP) for the first time as well as snorkeling. Uncruise supplies everything you need and instruction! I hadn’t SUP’ed in a while, but once I got on I remembered how much I loved it. I ended up doing some really long SUP distances and even SUPed from the beach to the ship one morning!

uncruise adventures costa rica adventures costa rica hiking safari voyager ship There’s One Kitchen/ Dining On Uncruise, No Reservation Required

The ship is small and there is only one kitchen and dining area on the entire ship, as opposed to big cruising where there are multiple restaurants to choose from and reservations to be made. Just the word reservations made me cringe when I was talking to big ship cruisers. It’s vacation, I don’t want to think about reservations or lines; and you don’t have to when you do small ship cruising! In addition, it’s totally casual (if it wasn’t, I never would have gotten my dad to come with me!). I wore shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops to dinner and pretty much everywhere on the ship!

Everyone Gets a Free Massage

Yes, you read that right – a free massage. There are two masseuses on the ship and every passenger can opt for a 45-minute massage if they’d like. One of Uncruise’s values is wellness. They not only employ 2 masseuses, but they are also yoga teachers; every morning you can do sunrise yoga. As I watched the sun rise on the top deck while doing sun salutations I thought about what a great idea this yoga class was. It was a super way to get all of these middle-aged adventurers to stretch out and limber for the day. It’s a preventative action so that everyone stayed safe and happy – a great idea. The sunrises were spectacular and it might have ruined me for any yoga class in a regular classroom again!

Uncruise yoga

The Whole Ship Can Go To Happy Hour On The Beach

As the skiff boat shuttled me out to the private island and beach I was greeted by tiki torches, island music, and a drink table. This was probably the best happy hour I’ve ever had. I got my gin and tonic, took off my flip-flops and went and stood in the crashing waves while drinking and watching the sun go down. It only took a few boat rides to get us all ashore for this special experience. That’s the beauty of small ship cruising, you can do spontaneous things like this with the guests and crew.

small ship cruise small ship cruise all inclusive The Crew is Multifunctional

Do you remember how on Love Boat everyone had a different job; Julie was the cruise director, Gopher was the purser, Doc was the doctor (duh). They did one thing and did it well. However on a small ship the crew must wear many different hats. I loved that the Uncruise ship doctor was helping people disembark on the landings, and Melissa the masseuse was handing out drinks at beach happy hour. Everyone was involved in each thing we did and because of that you are able to build much stronger bond with the crew. Plus – I loved seeing the crew out on the beach also getting some time to have fun and relax with us.

small ship cruise

You May Have To Get Out And Push

My favorite experience of the whole trip was when our skiff driver, Henry, used his incredible boating skills to read the current/waves and attempt to get us into the river inlet as the tide was coming in. He would move each of us around on the skiff according to weight and could get us into the shallowest of places. However, when we didn’t make it all the way he got out and pushed a bit. Soon we were all out pushing and laughing. Its not many places where you have a laid back enough atmosphere that the crew will ask you to get out and help. Time and muscle eventually got us through the inlet and we entered this pristine river environment where we saw oodles of birds and wildlife! I loved feeling a part of the team as opposed to constantly having people wait on me. I’m pretty sure Princess cruises are not going to let you get out and push anything!

skiff boat skiff boat Checking in/Out Towels Or Gear Is Not Necessary

When we left to debark the ship at the end, we simply left. There was no turning in snorkel gear, towels, bottles or life vests. I honestly didn’t know that this was unusual until another guest said they were surprised because on most cruise ships there’s a whole ‘return’ process. I thought about it a bit and appreciated that we were treated like trustworthy adults. This added to the whole ‘we are in this together’ feeling that you get when you Uncruise.

You Can (Sometimes) Eat With The Owner

Who doesn’t remember the great moments when Captain Stubing ate with his prestigious guests on Love Boat? It was always an honor to be at the Captain’s table and on many ships you can experience something similar. However, on my recent small ship cruise I was able to eat with the owner of the entire company, Dan Blanchard. Granted, this doesn’t happen on every Uncruise trip, but Dan does make a point to travel on each route/ship at least once a year. It was such a treat to have him on board as he participated in everything just as the guests did. He ate with us, adventured with us, happy hour-ed with us – he was one of us.

Unruise Dan Blanchard

Dan always having a good time!

In addition, he told us stories of how Uncruise started, the ship upkeep, and investments he had to make to get it all going. It was fascinating learning about the origin of the company and how he decided to make it so ‘Un’. He is really a thought leader in travel and I loved knowing that the owner was just as cool in person as the entire brand and experience.

And of course when you have the Owner of Uncruise’s ear, you are going to ask the question, “How did you come up with the name Uncruise?”
Dan explained how he had a bunch of media and travel agents on the Safari Quest as focus groups in the launch and during that time it came up in a random conversation. Someone jokingly said “This is like an un-cruise!” and the brand was born.
“People either love the name or hate it, but people always remember it, “ Dan said with a laugh, “it was one of the things I did right.”

small ship cruise

Small ship cruising means that I’m going on an authentic adventure exploring hard to reach parts of the world. That’s why I love uncruising, you can get to seldom seen places big ships can’t. I don’t want to just be a number who has to dress up to eat, pay for every drink, go to crowded ports, count every towel; I want to have an authentic, educational, adventurous, relaxed experience, in unknown destinations and hard to reach places. Big ships just can’t do that. My days of wishing I could be aboard the Love Boat are long gone, and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way!

Want to try Uncruising? Here’s How

Uncruise Website
Uncruise is know for their Alaska cruises, but I took their Panama/Costa Rica journey as well as their Sea of Cortez route. Both were great and full of wildlife! They are adding a new stop and more days to the Panama/Cota Rica Itinerary this spring with stops at more Panama islands to get immersed into the culture too!

Note: if you do end up uncruising, please tell them Ottsworld sent you!

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This is US$450 per night Marina Bay Sands Room marina bay sands room

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marina bay sands deluxe king garden balcony view Check out the view of The Gardens By The Bay.

We stayed in Marina Bay Sands Singapore twice. The first time is during their opening 9 years ago and we stayed there on the second time last month. We stayed at Deluxe King Garden View room and it is priced at an average of US$450 per night and it is pricier now in January 2019 (according to US$ 450 is around RM 1850.

marina bay sands room bathroom Check out the bathroom

For return guests, we were impressed. The Deluxe King Garden View room looked exactly the same as our first stay 9 years ago. The difference is there is the view of the Gardens By The Bay. Back then it was just a plain land with the sea view.

marina bay sands room tv The flat screen TV in the room

The rooms were refurbished recently and it looks as good as new. The Deluxe King Garden View room is spacious and it comes with a King Size Bed, working desk, flat screen TV, mini bar, fridge, standing shower and more. Watch the video to see the walkthrough of the room.

For Marina Bay Sands hotel guests, you can get access to the Banyan Tree gym facilities as well as the popular Infinity Pool.

marina bay sands pool Taking a swim at the infinity pool at 8 am.

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The Infinity Pool is located on the 57th floor of the hotels and it is opened from 7 am to 11 pm daily. There are snacks you can purchase near the pool. Towels and benches available next to the pool. The crowd starts to come in from 8.30 am till late.

The view here is breath taking and most of them are here for the photos and chilling. Visit the pool first thing in the morning and in late evening and the view of the city is totally different. The infinity pool is a must visit.

We stayed a few nights here, trying out new restaurants, new retail shops and checking out the new events at The Art Science Museum.

Few of the new things you should do in Marina Bay Sands. Firstly, a brand new HUGO outlet (by Hugo Boss). This is the second HUGO outlet in Singapore and this is something you probably want to check out as HUGO offers ‘street wear’ designs for the younger market.

blossom dim sum One of the best Chinese restaurants in Marina Bay Sands : BLOSSOM

BLOSSOM is a new contemporary Chinese restaurant that offers flavours from imperial Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Canton. We had really good dim sum at BLOSSOM.

the yardbird singapore The YardBird Singapore is a must visit for authentic American brunch.

YardBird Singapore, rebranded restaurant and offers a brand new All-American Brunch menu. Their fried chicken and waffles are out of this world. This is pure authentic American recipe and taste.

There are two new events in Art Science Museum and they are Minimalism: Space. Light. Object, with artworks displayed for the first time in Southeast Asia and The Future World: The Art Meets Science.

art science museum minimalist space Having at The Art Science Museum

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art science museum minimalist exhibition One of the art exhibits for
Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. This is a black hole, it is so black, you can’t see anything inside this black round exhibit.

Both events are schedule to run until 14th April 2019. You can get the tickets here at

mbs merlion The two icons of Singapore, The Merlion and Marina Bay Sands.

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At the end of the day, US$450 per night Marina Bay Sands Room is not just about the room but the experience in property itself. There are many good food, retail shops, events at Art Science Museum, Musical Shows and more. If you are planning to stay in Marina Bay Sands, spend your day in the property and make full use of it. This is the main reason why many Singaporeans want to spend their anniversary or staycation in Marina Bay Sands. It is the full experience that matters. You can book it at at

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Bank results spur mild activity in #Dubai stocks Bank results spur mild activity in Dubai stocks:
Strong results from Emirates NBD spurred mild buying, triggering a part recovery in Dubai index, Emirates NBD closed 1.1 per cent higher at Dh9.20.
The Dubai Financial Market general index closed 0.64 per cent higher at 2,516.81.
“Banks look promising especially having seen the reduction in provisions despite some lost bps in net interest margins as a result of rapidly growing deposits and a somewhat down economic cycle,” Essam Kassabieh, Senior Financial Analyst at Menacorp said.

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Basar: Surreal Land of the Lovable Galo Tribe
It was tough to say ‘Alruudo’ the last time I uttered that beautiful word as I left the wonderful land of the Galo tribe. Alruudo in Galo means 'Thank you' and I had learnt this word and a few others while interacting with the friendly people of Basar. The fairy land of Basar is a cluster of small villages, home to the Galo tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Basar was my home for a week and its amiable people were my guides with whom I wandered this surreal land. I stayed in their homes, had meals with them, drank Poka with them, wandered through their meandering muddy roads, interacted with the neighbourhood, played with their kids, listened to their stories and joined them on short trails. The day began with 'Aldurey' (How are you?) and nights ended with 'Alruudo'.   They made sure that I was a part of their tribe during my week long trip and that was why it was tough to say 'Alruudo' when I left Basar.   Though the prime reason to visit this gorgeous land was to attend the Basar Confluence, Basar and its people won my heart in innumerable ways.
Located in the new Lepa Rada district of Arunachal Pradesh, Basar is a small town comprising of 26 villages. Basar and its surrounding villages are home to the Galo, a central eastern Himalayan tribe. It’s a five hour tough drive through the mountainous terrain of Arunachal to reach Basar from Dibrugarh, which houses the closest airport. Though public transportation from Dibrugarh and Silapathar to Basar was infrequent until now, with the opening of the Bogibeel bridge, there are regular sumos and buses plying on this stretch.

Galo Tribe:
The Galo tribe is believed to be descendants of Abotani, the primal ancestor of Tani tribes. They speak the native language Galo, which is a Tibetan Burman language. However, most of them can converse in Hindi or Assamese. Though they mostly inhabit areas centred near Lepa Rada, West Siang and Lower Siang district, small percentage of Galo people are also found in places such as Itanagar, Dibang valley, Subansiri district etc. Donyi-Polo is the prominent religion, and they worship Sun and Moon. However, Christianity is slowly catching up among the younger generation of the tribe. They are mainly into rice cultivation and have been practicing it for ages. Owning Mithuns (a bovine animal similar to an Indian Gaur) is a sign of prosperity among the people of Galo. They were once hunters but presently the act is banned across Basar and the tribe continues to follow the new age rules.

Galo people are one of the friendliest people I have ever met. Always welcoming with a smile, it was a pleasure staying in their thatched stilt houses. Always keen to crack into a conversation, it was a delight to listen to their stories. I listened to stories of their tribe, Abotani, history, present scenarios, cultures and traditions every day during my stay in Basar.
As the sun sets pretty early across north east India, Basar was no different and the nights ended quite early with the family snuggling into their beds as early as 8 PM. However, when we left Basar for Sago village, it was past 8 PM. After an hour’s drive through the slushy terrain we reached Sago at 9.30PM to find the lovely villagers waiting for us. Sitting around the bonfire inside the house, we introduced ourselves and chatted through the night. They were happy to sing their folk songs as we sipped on Poka, the local rice beer. When the long banter ended, it was almost midnight and we slept around the warmth of the fire. Apart from the fire, it was the friendly gesture of the people of Sago that made the night a warm one. It was also undoubtedly the most memorable night in Basar. The next day a few elders from Sago joined a part of our group that headed to Oodi Puthu, which is a short trek from the village that offers panoramic views of the valley. I instead walked around with Mirik, a jovial guy who was keen to pose for photographs and show me his village.

We walked into one of the houses where a lady was knitting shawls. As we prodded her with questions, Maapi Riram Lindo opened up about her life, details of the Galo shawl she was knitting, jewellery that Galo women wore and much more.

Story telling session at Marjum Bam’s home was quite insightful. He is a senior technician with the government, and lives with his family in the pretty Bam village. He was quite glad to narrate folklore of Galo tribe and their origin.

While we were capturing frames of a paddy field where a few women were working, the owner of the land walked up to us with a smile and a few bamboo hollows of Poka. How often do you see strangers being treated as one’s own in today’s world? There was no end to the amount of love showered on us throughout our stay in Basar.

Basar is a secluded little town up in the eastern Himalayas and cut away from most of the modern facilities. A cluster of 26 small villages make up Basar. Surrounded by green hills, waterfalls, streams and vantage points, one would be closest to nature while in Basar. The open paddy fields and the small thatched houses accentuate the charm of every village. While most of the settlements are close to each other, there are a few such as Sago, Padi etc. which are far from Basar town. Sago village is located in quite a remote area and is an ideal place in Basar if you would like to be close to nature. Most of the villages are covered in lush greenery and you might be tempted to relate them to the forests of Amazon. Bam village is probably the most prettiest of all the villages near Basar town. It also houses a museum and a library. Gori II village is one of the cleanest villages in Basar. Young boys were found cleaning the streets of this village and I was told that they do this regularly. While the villages are devoid of shops and other commercial establishments, Basar town has quite a few shops catering to the requirements of the people.

Raised on stilts and with thatched roofs, the houses in Basar and its surrounding villages have a similar design. All houses have separate entrances for men and women. Inside the house, a large hall occupies a major portion with the kitchen in one corner. There would be one or two chulhas (fire place) around which the whole family sits, talks and eats. There are no separate bedrooms as such and beds are put up in corners of the halls. Toilets and bathrooms are always outside. The inner walls of the halls are mostly adorned with animal trophies, mithun horns and other such interesting show pieces such as warrior attires, machetes etc. While hunting has been banned across Basar, the displays are of those animals which were hunted many years ago. However, even with minimal facilities, it was the stay with the heartwarming locals in their cosy homes that helped me delve into the Galo culture in detail.

Culture and Traditions:
Galo women are mostly seen wearing the Galo shawl/ skirt known as Gaale which has a beautiful design on it. They also adorn themselves with attractive jewellery such as Marpo, Lichum, Manpu, Ugi etc. Men have a penchant for their machetes and that is quite visible when they go out to attend functions. While most of the houses have the warfare attires at home, these are brought out only during functions such wedding, community festivals, Mopin or Basar Confluence.

While a majority of the Galo follow Donyi Polo, a minor population follows Christianity. The naming of the children is pretty interesting as their name starts with the last syllable of their father’s name. This is continued generation after generation making it easy to remember their lineage and their forefather's names.
Mithuns are a symbol of prestige, pride and prosperity for this tribe. The more mithuns a person owns, the more is his pride in the society. During marriages, the groom gifts mithuns to the bride (similar to a dowry). The groom needs to give at least two mithuns and I was told that in some cases the groom had given even up to twenty numbers, which also shows how prosperous he is. Mithun is then sacrificed and its meat is served during the marriage feast. Mithuns hold a very significant role in the lives of Galo people.

While hunting was prevalent earlier, Galo people used to hunt every animal except the tiger. They believe that tiger and man come from the same origin and it is a sin to kill a tiger. If a person kills a tiger he has to undergo a penance for a year. Tiger is considered a revered animal even today by them.
Galo tribe follows numerous traditions and their culture is quite unique despite the influence of the modern world in the recent times.
Galo people believe that Abotani introduced rice cultivation and they have continued the same for ages. Along with rice, which is the staple food, they also serve boiled vegetables and chicken. While modern influences have made their impact, there were many instances when rice, vegetables and chicken where prepared in bamboo hollows. They don’t use oil in their preparation, use very little salt and even lesser sugar. Even milk was nonexistent until outsiders arrived. However, they use spices and most of the dishes are either spicy or bland. Pita (rice cake) and lal chai (black tea) is common for breakfast. Options for vegetarians are limited as Galos generally have meat in most of their preparations. 

Poka is a local beer made from fermented rice and is prepared in almost all the homes in Basar. It is mostly served in bamboo hollows and every guest is served Poka. With Okho leaves acting as natural stoppers, Poka is a wonderful drink that keeps your spirits high.
While we mostly had meals in the homes of the locals, one meal was absolutely a memorable one for its ambiance and setting. Imagine having lunch at a forest clearing with the tribe and relishing local preparations and endless Poka. It was followed by a small dance performance by them and that was a wonderful way to end a delightful lunch session amidst lush greenery.  That was probably one of the most memorable picnic lunches I have ever had.

Places to visit:
Apart from the landscapes and greenery, Basar does have a few attractions for the adventurous souls. A short trek of one hour from Padi village leads to a cave full of bats and unsurprisingly it is known as Bat cave. It is a fairly tougher trek to Odi Puthu from Sago village. It is recommended to trek before sunrise to have a view from the top. As the sun rises, one can see clouds floating over the valley.  Bumchi waterfall is another attraction near Basar.
Joli is referred as Yapom- the abode of spirits, and is believed to be a haunted place near Basar. One has to trek down a mud slope before wading through the waters to reach this place. It is believed that during the old days, only one tribe could cross this river and when other tribes tried, stones were pelted at them from the hill top. However, there are no such concerns at present and visitors can easily trek through the shallow waters to reach Joli.

Basar would leave you mesmerised with its gorgeous landscapes, lovable people and their unique cultures. It was tough for me to leave Basar and the biggest reason was the love showered by the Galo people. Alruudo!

Travel Tips:
  • Galo people are very friendly and jovial, but please make sure to respect their traditions and culture.
  • Always ask for permission before taking photographs of people.
  • Make sure to procure inner line permits (ILP). ILP can be applied online or one can get it from Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong, Tezpur, Dibrugarh or Jorhat from the Deputy Resident Commissioner’s office.

Basar is located in Lepa Rada district of Arunachal Pradesh. The closest airport is at Dibrugarh, 150 Kms away and the closest rail head is at Silapathar, 95 Kms away. The road from Dibrugarh goes via Silapathar and Likhabali to Basar. It is recommended to hire a private vehicle from Dibrugarh or Silapathar to Basar. With the Bogibeel bridge opening recently, public transportation has got better and there are sumos plying between Silapathar and Basar.
Food and Accommodation:
Basar town has a couple of small restaurants which serves the non local flavours. Basar has a few basic hotels and hostels which can be arranged by GRK, an association which overlooks into the well being of Galo tribe. It is highly recommended that one stays in a home stay with the locals to have a complete Galo experience.

P.S.: I was hosted by GRK, but opinions are completely mine.

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Jasmin d'hiver Winter jasmine, a January bloomer.
This is the time of year that it blooms, and it's looking pretty good this year. It should get bigger as time goes on. At the base of the pot are three varieties of thyme that I planted after the greenhouse was built.

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The incentive for KSA to go early to global bond markets | Arab News The incentive for KSA to go early to global bond markets | Arab News:
Saudi Arabia, and indeed the rest of the Gulf countries, have signaled their intention to tap the international capital markets at record levels in 2019. But there is a risk as the year goes on that those markets will be more demanding, and may charge the issuers more for their services.
The Kingdom was the first one into the global debt markets earlier this month, with a $7.5 billion bond offering that was instantly snapped up by international investors. It was a clear sign of two things: First, that all those international roadshows of last year — especially in the US, the world’s biggest bond market — had paid off; and secondly, that there is still a good appetite for the Kingdom’s financial offerings, which some analysts had suggested would be weakened by the international storm over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

[Author: (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]

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QSE index gained 129.53 points last week - The Peninsula Qatar QSE index gained 129.53 points last week - The Peninsula Qatar:
Qatar Stock Exchange’s (QSE) benchmark index gained 129.53 points, or 1.22 percent, last week when the bourse closed yesterday at 10,787.75 points.
Trading value during last week decreased by 1.30 percent to reach QR1.45bn compared to QR1.47bn.
Trading volume decreased by 31.49 percent to reach 49.22 million shares, as against 71.84 million shares, while the number of transactions fell by 11.37 percent, to reach 33,745 transactions as compared to 38,073 transactions.

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How workforces respond to domestic violence Here is my paper prepared for the presentation.
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How workplaces respond to domestic violence
by Stephen Page [1]
What is domestic violence?
There are many definitions of domestic violence, but the current definition in the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld) is a useful one as it seems to capture the range of behaviour that constitutes domestic violence.   Section 8 of that Act defines domestic violence as follows:
“(1)      "Domestic violence" means behaviour by a person (the "first person") towards another person (the "second person") with whom the first person is in a relevant relationship that —
(a)         is physically or sexually abusive; or (b)         is emotionally or psychologically abusive; or (c)         is economically abusive; or (d)         is threatening; or (e)         is coercive; or (f)        in any other way controls or dominates the second person and causes the second person to fear for the second person ’s safety or wellbeing or that of someone else.
  (2)       Without limiting subsection (1) , domestic violence includes the following behaviour —
(a)         causing personal injury to a person or threatening to do so; (b)         coercing a person to engage in sexual activity or attempting to do so; (c)         damaging a person’s property or threatening to do so; (d)         depriving a person of the person’s liberty or threatening to do so; (e)         threatening a person with the death or injury of the person, a child of the person, or someone else; (f)          threatening to commit suicide or self-harm so as to torment, intimidate or frighten the person to whom the behaviour is directed; (g)         causing or threatening to cause the death of, or injury to, an animal, whether or not the animal belongs to the person to whom the behaviour is directed, so as to control, dominate or coerce the person; (h)         unauthorised surveillance of a person; (i)          unlawfully stalking a person.
  (3)       A person who counsels or procures someone else to engage in behaviour that, if engaged in by the person, would be domestic violence is taken to have committed domestic violence .
  (4)       To remove any doubt, it is declared that, for behaviour mentioned in subsection (2) that may constitute a criminal offence, a court may make an order under this Act on the basis that the behaviour is domestic violence even if the behaviour is not proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
(5)         In this section —
"coerce" , a person, means compel or force a person to do, or refrain from doing, something.
"unauthorised surveillance" , of a person, means the unreasonable monitoring or tracking of the person’s movements, activities or interpersonal associations without the person’s consent, including, for example, by using technology.
Example: • reading a person’s SMS messages • monitoring a person’s email account or internet browser history • monitoring a person’s account with a social networking internet site • using a GPS device to track a person’s movements • checking the recorded history in a person’s GPS device
"unlawful stalking" see the Criminal Code , section 359B.”
That Act also talks about exposing a child to domestic violence.   This is contained in section 10: “A child is "exposed" to domestic violence if the child sees or hears domestic violence or otherwise experiences the effects of domestic violence . Example:
• overhearing threats of physical abuse • overhearing repeated derogatory taunts, including racial taunts • experiencing financial stress arising from economic abuse • seeing or hearing an assault • comforting or providing assistance to a person who has been physically abused • observing bruising or other injuries of a person who has been physically abused • cleaning up a site after property has been damaged • being present at a domestic violence incident that is attended by police officers”
Family violence is a wider term than domestic violence.   Family violence typically is the same kind of behaviour occurring within members of a family, as oppose to merely that occurring between two partners in a nuclear relationship.
Statistics have indicated that domestic violence occurs at higher rates within lower socioeconomic families, but to assume that domestic violence does not occur within well-off families is a mistake.   Looking at police maps many years ago, it was interesting to see that in Brisbane there were high rates of police responses in areas such as Logan City, but in suburbs such as Kenmore and Brookfield there were no police responses to domestic violence.   The assumption therefore would have been that no domestic violence occurred in those well-to-do areas.
That assumption was a mistake.   I have certainly acted for many clients from those areas who complained of domestic violence committed by their husbands.   If there were any room for doubt, the words that should resonate are those of a woman living in Brookfield killed by her husband – Alison Baden-Clay.   Her husband, it will be remembered, had an affair, killed Alison, then drove her body to a local bridge, where her body was dumped and then returned home.   The children were at home at the time their mother was murdered.
The good new – domestic violence rates are going down
In recent years, domestic violence has been a topic frequently talked about.   The media in particular has been much more responsible in reporting domestic violence.   In highlighting the domestic violence stories, not only is there pressure upon politicians and government agencies to act, but victims of domestic violence in seeing the stories realise that they may not be alone after all, and therefore seek help.   The ABC in particular has been very keen in the last few years in highlighting domestic violence, with a counter on any story as to the number of attendances by police across Australia on a particular day.   The counter changes during the course of the day, as the day progresses.
According to the ABC, this number is calculated in part by statistics for each State and Territory.   The most recent for Queensland in its story is the 2014-2015 year when Queensland Police attended 71,777 domestic violence occurrences. [2]
As I said, the good and surprising news is that the rate of domestic violence in Queensland at least is going down.  
I was alarmed when Dame Quentin Bryce was undertaking her Not now, Not never review into domestic violence responses in Queensland and it was seen that the rate of domestic violence was going inexorably up.   I wondered whether it was merely greater reporting or whether we had a more fundamental problem which was a greater rate of domestic violence – even though the first version of the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Actwas passed as long ago as 1989.   The view of Quentin Bryce was that the rate of domestic violence was going up.  
By contrast with that figure of 71,777 domestic violence occurrences that Queensland Police attended to in 2014-2015, by the 2016-2017 year that number had decreased to 62,264. [3]
The service which assists with domestic violence in Queensland, DV Connect, says: [4]
  • handles 55,000 calls a year in Queensland;
  • helps 150 women and children to move per month to safety;
  • helps 12-20 pets per month to safety;
  • most calls are from South East Queensland, especially Brisbane;
  • 9% of the moves to safety are in far North Queensland, where the first trip is typically by plane;
  • 83% of the women callers are Anglo-Australian;
  • 10% of the women callers are Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander (which I note is double their group as to the proportion of population) but 26% of those require a move to safety.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:
·          The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population as of 2016 in Queensland was 4.6% of the broader population.   The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimate that the Queensland population is currently five million.   4.6% of 5,000,000 is 230,000.
·          7% of callers are non-English speaking background and represent 11% of all crisis intervention; up to 40% of whom need crisis intervention and an interpreter.
The number of domestic violence applications is another indicator that statistics are going down.   In the 2016-2017 year there were 32,072 applications [5] .   In the 2017-2018 year there were 30,381 applications for protection orders, or a drop of 5.27%.   In the 2018-2019 year to date (to 31 October 2018) there were 9,807 applications for protection orders.
Applications to vary protection orders have remained stable.   There were 10,129 variation applications in the 2016-2017 year, compared to 10,243 in the 2017-2018 year, or an increase of 1.13%.
With rare exception, the drop in numbers is occurring across the State. Table 2. DVO applications (Magistrates Courts with the most lodgments) initiating applications only Location 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 YTD (to 31 October 2018) No. variance 2016-17 to 2017-18 % variance 2016-17 to 2017-18 Southport 2,391 2,691 3,515 3,346 2,945 966 -401 -11.98% Beenleigh 2,034 2,170 2,594 2,509 2,384 811 -125 -4.98% Ipswich 1,452 1,655 1,783 1,975 1,731 503 -244 -12.35% Townsville 1,397 1,473 1,845 1,780 1,833 581 53 2.98% Brisbane 1,351 1,436 1,956 1,935 1,862 643 -73 -3.77% Cairns 1,195 1,205 1,261 1,319 1,243 384 -76 -5.76% Caboolture 919 946 1,168 1,141 1,037 350 -104 -9.11% Rockhampton 887 785 1,018 999 953 328 -46 -4.60% Maroochydore 847 946 1,104 1,060 1,041 325 -19 -1.79% Toowoomba 753 763 845 904 868 257 -36 -3.98% Holland Park 697 711 895 835 777 228 -58 -6.95% Pine Rivers 675 811 874 855 864 318 9 1.05% Redcliffe 619 668 773 800 758 238 -42 -5.25% Cleveland 607 665 751 796 735 224 -61 -7.66% Richlands 571 577 696 751 698 278 -53 -7.06% Mackay 623 639 791 783 753 236 -30 -3.83% Bundaberg 385 504 724 659 639 163 -20 -3.03% Mt. Isa 495 537 764 892 654 207 -238 -26.68% Sandgate 408 407 534 473 435 122 -38 -8.03% Gladstone 472 505 559 558 627 188 69 12.37%
What it is telling is that almost 71% of all applications are brought by police, just under 29% are brought privately and 0.48% or 47 applications are made by the Court.   There is the power given to Courts on sentencing on their own motion to make protection orders.
It is most telling in my view that so many applications are made by police.   The practice around Queensland used to vary dramatically.   In some parts of Queensland (such as rural areas) applications were overwhelming made by police, but in busy registries such as the Gold Coast and Beenleigh Magistrates Courts, police often left it to the aggrieved to make their own applications.   This attitude by police seems to be from a systemic approach over many years, but particularly following the not now, not ever report.  
The Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 1989 (Qld) was originally enacted following the report of the Queensland Domestic Violence Task Force, Beyond these Walls (1988), commissioned by the then national party government.   The report was prescient in its comments about police:
            “Members of the Task Force believe that a circular phenomenon is currently operating in respect of the interface between police and incidents of domestic violence.   Victims do not report spousal assaults to police because of a belief that police are unable and/or unwilling to provide effective protection.   Police are reluctant to actively intervene amongst other factors because of a perception that the victims do not welcome police involvement.   Police officers believe that they have neither the mandate nor the powers to effectively intervene in cases of domestic violence.   Victims of domestic violence generally perceive that the police have neither the necessary powers, nor the will to pursue these cases.
            As stated at the beginning of this chapter, Task Force members believe that law enforcement officials have a critical role to play in the management of domestic violence and that appropriate intervention by police officers can avert further violence in the short term by arrest, or the removal of one or other party, or through the initiating of protectional proceedings…Task Force members also believe that while the police response is clearly a “provisional solution to a long range problem” it can have beneficial flow-on effects through deterrence of the offender, and through breaking the cycle of violence dynamic between the couple.   However, significant changes are needed to current police practices to effect these outcomes.
            To this end, the Task Force recommends that the police department adopt a policy commitment to active intervention in respect of domestic violence.   Police officers should be committed to the full application of the criminal law in cases of domestic violence and to the utilisation of the proposed protection order provisions…”
What I saw through my work as a solicitor over many years handling domestic violence cases and sitting on various community organisations that dealt with domestic violence was that too often the police did not take criminal action to charge perpetrators with assault or other offences (or even breach proceedings), instead relying on protectional proceedings, and even then too often passing the responsibility of seeking those orders onto the aggrieved, rather than bringing to bear the full weight of the State.
The gender of the aggrieved, according to Queensland Government statistics are:
  • Females – 74%
  • Male – 26%
  • Not known – 14% or 0.2%

Domestic violence orders in the 2017-2018 year are:
  • Female aggrieved and male respondent – 71% of orders made;
  • Female aggrieved and female respondent – 6% of orders made;
  • Male aggrieved and male respondent – 8% of orders made;
  • Male aggrieved and female respondent – 16% of orders made.

One may think in looking at those numbers that there is a large amount of domestic violence occurring in same-sex relationships.   Be wary with those statistics, as domestic violence is defined under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act, orders can be obtained against family members as well as informal carers.   So a female to female case or a male to male case may be a same-sex relationship or it may be members of family or even informal carers.   Of the types of relationships in which orders are made, according to the Queensland statistics:
·          74% of cases involve an intimate personal relationship, which includes marriage and de facto relationships;
·          26% of cases involve family relationships (which would include senior abuse cases where there has been domestic violence);
·          0.31% of cases have involved informal care.
The legislation under an earlier version of the Act that was widened to include informal carers specifically came about through the lobbying efforts of HIV positive men where it was asserted that these seriously ill men were being subject to abuse by their carers.
The next telling statistic is that 71% of applications are made electronically, 28% over the counter and 1% other.   The police used to complain that after they had attended a domestic violence incident, it would take them 6 hours of paperwork to process what they had just dealt with, including an application for a protection order.   Amendments to the legislation allowed police to bring applications electronically.   It is not surprising that the figure of 71% is also the same as the number of police applications.   The number of private applications of 28% reflects the number that are made over the counter of 28%.   The other 1% would include on the relatively rare occasions that the police would contact magistrates to make orders urgently, doing so by telephone or radio.   Although those oral applications might be electronic, I suspect that they would be categorised under that 1%.
If in doubt that the amount of domestic violence is going down, three further statistics indicate this is so:
·          In the 2017-2018 year, there were 24,893 protection orders granted, a 7% drop on the 2016-2017 year.
·          In the 2017-2018 year, there were 13,886 temporary protection orders issued, a drop of 3% on the 2016-2017 year.
·          In the 2017-2018 year, there were 7,215 variation orders made, a drop of 20% on the 2016-2017 year.
There must be caution about that last figure.   Previously domestic violence orders were made (except in special circumstances) for a maximum of 2 years.   The legislation now allows protection orders to be made, except in special circumstances for a maximum of 5 years. [6]   What used to happen was that when the 2 years was almost up, a variation application would be made when there was ongoing domestic violence to extend the order.   Now with longer orders, the number of those applications will likely continue to drop.
In the 2017-2018 year, the number of protection orders made for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was 930 or 16% of the overall total.   The number of temporary protection orders was 466 or 14% and the number of variation orders was 301 or 17%. It would appear that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population as I said above is about 4.6% of the Queensland population, which means that the orders are being made roughly about three times the rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as for the population as a whole.
Breaches commenced by Queensland Police in the 2017-2018 year were 19,994 or a decrease of 3%.   Convictions were 13,735 or up 200.   Of those:
  • 4,825 were imprisoned;
  • 71 were custody in the community;
  • 353 received community service;
  • 2,735 received probation;
  • 4,132 received a fine;
  • 890 received good behaviour;
  • 729 received other.

According to Queensland Police statistics (which were only up to 30 June 2017), reported breaches were up in that year at 678 per 100,000 or up 11%.   Brisbane was up 10%.   Central Police was up 17%.   Brisbane has the lowest rate of breaches.   Northern Police command has the highest rate of breaches.   85% of breaches are by males.   52% of those breached were arrested.
Breach proceedings had increased in the 2016-2017 by 9% on the prior year.  
However, there were also 1,049 strangulation offences in domestic settings.   This law was added in May 2016.   There were 34 per 100,000 in Northern command which is the highest in the State and 11 per 100,000 in Brisbane command, the lowest in the State.
According to the police, 28% of male respondents had 2-3 domestic violence applications concerning them.   This also concerned 20% of female respondents.   Happily, less than 1% of male respondents had 5 or more domestic violence applications concerning them.
What you can do in your workplace to help stop domestic violence
Checklist of things to do:
1.              Support a diverse and inclusive workplace. 2.              Have a workplace that does not tolerate bullying. 3.              Be supportive of those who have been the subject of domestic violence, including offering them counselling and leave. 4.              Check your EBA or award to see if domestic violence leave is covered. 5.              Partner with an organisation like Australian CEO Challenge. 6.              Have training about domestic violence within your workplace.
Supportive environment
It is essential for those who are the subject of domestic violence that they have a supportive workplace.   Often work is the only place that provides a social outlet and sanity for those trapped in domestic violence relationships.
Being believed can be absolutely vital to one’s soul during this trauma.  
About 20 years ago, I acted for a woman who had separated from her husband.   It was uncontested that during the marriage they owned a business together.   He would radio her or phone her repeatedly during the course of the day to check on exactly where she was and exactly what she was doing.   At night, he would in rages punch holes in the walls and chase her or the children around the house with a loaded shotgun.   He owned several guns.   All of this was uncontested evidence.
When the matter came to a domestic violence hearing, the hearing itself took 7 days – which is still a Queensland record.   A typical domestic violence trial might take half a day or a day or in a complex matter 2 days.   It shows just how desperately fought this matter was.
Of course, those 7 days weren’t all together.   They were bunched out over a number of months.   In the meantime we had difficult family law proceedings.   The husband took a set against me because he didn’t like paying anyone any money.   Much like Yertle The Turtle by Dr Seuss, the husband had climbed to the top of his empire on the backs of others and was determined to remain there.   After he had sought to intimidate his wife (and that didn’t work), he tried the same with me.   I had driven to Court with boxes of files.   I had parked near the Courthouse.   The husband apparently wrote down my registration number on the back of his hand.   He then went to an office of the Department of Transport and bribed an officer to give him my home address.   The husband lived a short distance from me.   Despite police raids, police were unable to recover his guns.   He had made threats to kill me.   My client (and I) took those threats very seriously.   She thought I was in more danger than she was.  
One night I was out shopping with my wife and young children.   The husband had also been at that shopping centre.   He saw my car and waited for us to return.   He then abused me in the presence of my wife and kids.   His tone and manner was intimidating.
Subsequently, I gave evidence so that I could be named and protected on the order.   I was in the witness box for 4 hours.   The husband cross-examined me personally.  
On my wall in my office I have a series of plaques and certificates that I have obtained during my career.   The one that means the most to me is a copy of the protection order made in that case.   The names of everyone else in that case have been blacked out. I am named as an aggrieved person (now called a named person) as someone who needed to be protected on the order.   Aside from my gratitude the Court in having the order made, the reason that that order has pride of place on my wall is because the magistrate in his findings said that he believed me absolutely.   Never have I had such a sweet victory.   I cannot tell you how important it was to be believed as the teller of truth in that matter.
Staff may be able to be referred to a counsellor, such as through an EAP.   If the counsellor is seeing the client about sexual assault allegations, then the counselling may well be privileged.   If the counselling is through an approved organisation under the Family Law Act, such as Relationships Australia, the counselling may also be privileged under the Family Law Act.   Ironically, in the case involving Gerard Baden-Clay, that counselling may not be privileged in other civil or criminal proceedings. [7]
Therefore, care should be taken about referral of a staff member to an EAP.  
Obviously a staff member can attend upon their GP and have a referral to a psychologist or similar professional for a mental healthcare plan.   Those attendances similarly will not be privileged unless they meet those criteria I mentioned above.
Partner and Training
I want to give a very strong endorsement that your organisation should partner with and receive training from Australia CEO Challenge.   For about 10 years I was either a partner of or a board member of (as deputy chair) of Australia CEO Challenge.   This is a micro charity based in Brisbane that has won award after award for innovation.   Its model is to inspire CEOs of organisations, i.e. to challenge them, to tackle the issue of domestic violence and then from that top down leadership position within organisations to make sure that the organisation does likewise.  
One of the ways it does this is to provide workplace training.   Another way is to engage in active partnership between the business and a partner in the domestic violence sector.   That partner might be a women’s refuge, it might be Australia CEO Challenge or might be another organisation related in the field, such as DV Connect.
As an example of such a partnership, one women’s and children’s refuge that I visited spoke adoringly about their partnerships.   One partnership was with the then Department of Works.   It is fair to say that women and children shelters run on the smell of an oily rag.   They are very tight for money and resources.   The Department’s apprentices built the refuge a cubby house.   When it was realised that it was very difficult to get the cubby house into the refuge, the Department hired seemingly the world’s largest crane to life the cubby house over the refuge and put it into position.   It made the joy of young children so much better that they actually had somewhere to play.
Another partnership was with the Women’s Service Organisation.   They came up with the idea of providing beauty packs for women.   It is extraordinarily moving to talk to refuge workers who take women and children in with the clothes that they have on them and nothing more.   It was described to me either by workers or the women themselves that they felt naked coming into the refuge.   They did not have their usual beauty products.   They did not feel feminine at all.   A small beauty pack gave them some joy in all the stress and gloom of separation.  
Andrea O’Halloran has told you that Aurizon was a partner of Australia CEO Challenge, and had provided training there, but somehow that training had only impacted a small number of staff.   Andrea and others then rolled that out on a much larger scale within the organisation, so that staff knew the company’s position about domestic violence.
Domestic violence leave
Domestic violence leave is now regularly in the headlines, as unions insist on it and some employers at least resist having more leave and therefore costs foisted on them.   There were recently headlines that Queensland public servants who were allegedly perpetrators of domestic violence were taking leave.  
The experience that Andrea O’Halloran had seemed to be closer to what one might expect was the case and that is that although there was domestic violence leave available within Aurizon, employees rarely took it.   To do so means that they would have to open up to fellow employees that they were the subject of domestic violence.   Unfortunately, domestic violence continues to throw a shadow and veil across those subject to it, who were forever afraid that they will be judged as weak and that it may impact upon them in their workplace.
We have all heard stories of women who say that they have fallen over the dog, been hit by a bat, fallen down the stairs and similar to explain injuries.   Research undertaken at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital about 20 years ago, which was world leading, showed not surprisingly that women were grossly underreporting domestic violence when they came to Accident and Emergency.   Again not surprisingly, other research showed that pregnant women were all too commonly assaulted by their partners during the pregnancy – and again covering up.   The reasons given for covering up are obvious:
  • Shame;
  • Fear;
  • Embarrassment;
  • Concern that the children will be removed from them.

Incidentally, I should mention that domestic violence leave both sadly and proudly was a Queensland innovation.   The first place I am every aware that had domestic violence leave was Heritage Bank.   John Mintz decided to take up the domestic violence race, i.e. a race to raise funds and particularly raise awareness about domestic violence.   The race is run by Australia CEO Challenge.   John decided to throw the effort to a committee, his management team within Heritage Bank.   Heritage Bank already supported Toowoomba Says No – an effort to ensure that domestic violence was not approved of in Toowoomba.   They ramped up their efforts.   Through all their branches they talked about opposing domestic violence.  
The one thing that Heritage Bank that no-one had done before, at least to my knowledge, was to create domestic violence leave – so that staff knew that they could take time off if needed when dealing with these terrible events.  
Queensland Government
The Queensland Government has a domestic and family violence directive which is support for employees affected by domestic and family violence.   I have attached the directive to my paper.
Australia CEO Challenge along with its main partner Minter Ellison, DV Connect and the Queensland Government has also prepared a workplace approach to employees who use or may use violence and abuse.  
I consider this an excellent document and I have also attached it.
As to the legal perspective from Minter Ellison, in large part I agree with what they say.  
Great care must be taken if you have a staff member who is the respondent to a domestic violence application.   It may be that the staff member has not committed any acts of domestic violence at all.   Sometimes applications are brought maliciously, such as cross-applications.   It used to be the case prior to the 2012 Act that when police turned up at a domestic, if they couldn’t work out who was mainly committing the domestic violence, they would bring an application for a protection order against both parties, which resulted in mutualisation (and then diminishment of the consequences) of domestic violence.
When the Government was seeking community consultation, which then led to the enactment of the 2012 Act, I was among a group of white ribbon ambassadors who told Government officials that domestic violence was primarily gendered, i.e. by men to women.   It was amazing there was a group of men who said this.   Apparently none of the women’s groups had said this specifically.   We also said that there had to be a stop to these mutual applications and that the primary perpetrator of domestic violence should be identified.  
These two principles made it into the principles for administering the Act which are contained in section 4:
“(1)      This Act is to be administered under the principle that the safety, protection and wellbeing of people who fear or experience domestic violence , including children, are paramount.
  (2)       Subject to subsection (1) , this Act is also to be administered under the following principles —
(a)         people who fear or experience domestic violence , including children, should be treated with respect and disruption to their lives should be minimised;
(b)         to the extent that it is appropriate and practicable, the views and wishes of people who fear or experience domestic violence should be sought before a decision affecting them is made under this Act;
(c)         perpetrators of domestic violence should be held accountable for their use of violence and its impact on other people and, if possible, provided with an opportunity to change;
(d)         if people have characteristics that may make them particularly vulnerable to domestic violence , any response to the domestic violence should take account of those characteristics;
Example: • women • children • Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders • people from a culturally or linguistically diverse background • people with a disability • people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex • elderly people
(e)         in circumstances in which there are conflicting allegations of domestic violence or indications that both persons in a relationship are committing acts of violence, including for their self-protection, the person who is most in need of protection should be identified;
(f)          a civil response under this Act should operate in conjunction with, not instead of, the criminal law.”
We were also critical that police were obtaining protection orders as an alternative to the criminal law.   In other words, it seemed that all those years since beyond these walls in 1988 that nothing had really changed.
It seems as though mutual application brought by police have decreased, but they nevertheless remain in place.  
Twenty-eight percent of applications are brought privately.   In those 28% of matters, it is extremely common that a temporary protection order will be made on the first occasion in Court without the respondent being made aware.   All that the magistrate needs to be satisfied about is that on the material before him or her, there is an allegation of domestic violence.   If there is more than one, all the better, but there only needs to be one.   The bar to obtain such an order is extremely low.   Section 46 of the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld) says:
            “A temporary protection order need only be supported by the evidence that the court considers sufficient and appropriate having regard to the temporary nature of the order.”
The thinking behind the Act is to wait until the evidence is tested at trial.   A hearing may be 2 or 3 or sometimes 6 or 7 months away from when the initial temporary protection order was made.
Some respondents may have particularly adverse consequences to their employment caused by the making of temporary or final protection orders.   For example, those in the security industry may no longer have a licence.   Those in the mining industry may be required by their employer to handle explosives.   It may be appropriate for the employee to be reassigned during the currency of any temporary protection order.   Section 15 of the Explosives Act 1999 (Qld) is an example of potential difficulties where the making of the protection order may cause problems for the employee and the employer.   The Chief Inspector of Explosives is entitled to make enquiries.   Section 15(2A) and (3)(a) are clearly directly relevant:
“(2A)    If the person is an individual, the chief inspector may, for subsection (2) , make inquiries about the person’s identity, character, mental and physical health, and relevant experience and expertise.
   (3)      In deciding whether the person is an appropriate person, the chief inspector may consider, among other things —
(a)         if the person is an individual —
(i)                                          the person’s mental and physical health; and
(ii)               whether the person has been convicted, in Queensland or elsewhere, of a relevant offence ; and
(iii)             whether a domestic violence order has been made, in Queensland or elsewhere, against the person at any time; or…”
A domestic violence order is defined in the dictionary to the Explosives Act as:
            “…has the meaning given by the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012, and includes an interstate order or registered New Zealand order under part 6 of that Act.”
What is a domestic violence order is defined in section 23(2) of the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld):
“A Domestic Violence Order means:
(a)               a protection order; or (b)               a temporary protection order.”
Therefore a mining company would have certain obligations to the regulator upon learning that a staff member had had a temporary protection order made against them – even though that temporary protection order does not contain a finding about whether or not domestic violence has occurred.
Just because a final protection order has been made, do not assume that there has been a finding of domestic violence against the respondent.   There may not have been.   Section 51(1) of the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld) makes this plain:
“(1)      If the parties to a proceeding for a domestic violence order, or a variation of a domestic violence order, consent to the making of the order, or do not oppose the making of the order, the court may make the order –
(a)               the court is satisfied that a relevant relationship exists between the aggrieved and the respondent; and
(b)               without being satisfied as to any matter mentioned in –
(i)                  for a proceeding for a protection order – section 37(1)(b) or (c); or (ii)               for a proceeding for a temporary protection order – section 45(1)(b); and
(c)                whether or not the respondent admits to any or all of the particulars of the application.”
Section 37(1)(b) and (c) provide:
“(1)      A court may make a protection order against a person (the “respondent”) for the benefit of another person (the “aggrieved”) if the court is satisfied that –
            (b)         the respondent has committed domestic violence against the aggrieved; and
Example: See the examples of the type of behaviour that constitutes domestic violence in sections 8 , 11 and 12, which define the terms "domestic violence" ,
"emotional or psychological abuse" and
"economic abuse".
(c)         the protection order is necessary or desirable to protect the aggrieved from domestic violence .”
Section 45(1)(b) provides:
            “A court may make a temporary protection order against a respondent only if the court is satisfied that –
            (b)        the respondent has committed domestic violence against the aggrieved.”
If you have an employee whom you believe has committed domestic violence and you believe action needed to be taken regarding that employee, it would be wise to obtain legal advice.   As Minter Ellison say very clearly in their note:
            “Remember: an employee is entitled to natural justice in any employment process.”
Stephen Page Page Provan
22 November 2018

[1] Stephen Page is a partner of Page Provan Solicitors, Brisbane.   Stephen was admitted as a solicitor in 1987 and has been a Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist since 1996.   Stephen has written and presented at conferences about domestic violence in Australia and the United States.   Stephen was involved in the 2003 Domestic Violence amendments, was part of White Ribbon Ambassadors Group consulted to the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld) and was the Queensland Law Society representative dealing with the drafting of the bill that became that Act. [2] For example, see:
[3] [4] [5] [6] Section 97 Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld). [7] R v. Baden-Clay [2013] QSC 351. Stephen Page, Harrington Family Lawyers, Brisbane 61(7) 3221 9544

[Author: Stephen Page]

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International Brent crude oil futures LCOc1 were up 62 cents, or 1.01 percent, at $61.80 per barrel at 0753 GMT. Brent has risen about 2 percent this week, its third straight week of gains.
U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures CLc1 were at $52.65 per barrel, up 58 cents, or 1.11 percent, from their last settlement.

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The number of active energy-focused funds fell to just 738 in 2018 through September from about 836 in 2016, according to the latest available data from hedge funds industry tracker Eurekahedge. That’s the lowest number of active funds since 2010.
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One of the most popular elements of a vacation is seeing live entertainment on stage. Seeing people exercise their talents in a unique production can be a source of relaxation, inspiration, and excitement all at the same time. And because there’s such a diversity of different types of live shows available, everyone can find something they love.
But which live shows are most worth seeing?

The Best Live Shows to See

These are some of the most important live shows to consider:

Concerts. Concerts usually focus on music, but the type of music they feature can vary dramatically. You could see an orchestral performance of a piece of classical music, or attend a show performed by your favorite rock band. You could see a famous singer, or an impersonator of a favorite singer. Either way, most performers try to give you strong visuals like lights or on-stage movement to accompany the beautiful sounds.

Dance. Dance is another mode of performance, and a somewhat less common one. Most dance performances rely on at least some musical elements, but there’s a wide variety of dance performances to choose from, all stemming from different traditions.

Flamenco. One of the most impressive combinations of music and dance is flamenco—an artistic performance style that originates from folklore traditions in Spain. Shows like Cardamomo combine exciting traditional music with fantastic costumes and lively, immersive dance movements, and are worth checking out—especially if you’ve never seen a flamenco performance.

Ballet. To the uninitiated, ballet may seem uninteresting, but it’s a unique combination of music and onstage dancing that can be impressive and moving to anyone interested in live entertainment. Popular titles like Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker are all solid options if you’re new to the genre of performance.

Plays and musicals. Of course, you could also go see a play or musical, which focuses on a narrative, with compelling characters. It’s an easier form of entertainment to follow, and one that can be both exciting and inspiring—especially if the right actors are headlining.

Gymnastics and athletics. Some shows combine elements of gymnastics and athletics, putting acrobats and athletes on display as part of a broader performance. For example, Cirque du Soleil shows often center around a theme, with talented circus-like performers, athletes, and gymnasts participating in that theme.

Comedy. Some people prefer comedy shows as their entertainment method of choice. Standup comedy is straightforward, and can often bring you a laugh (so long as you’re engaged with the onstage comedian), and improv shows can bring you a dose of absurdity and unexpectedness.

Cultural celebrations. Other shows stem from cultural traditions, and have an entertainment format unique to themselves. You may have to seek out local theaters and productions for these types of shows, since they don’t always make headlines or make it to the big theaters.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Each Performance

You can also increase your enjoyment of live shows by following these tips:

Step out of your comfort zone. You’ll get more enjoyment out of a show that defies your expectations and serves you something new than one that gives you exactly what you expected. Spend some time looking for shows and opportunities to broaden your horizons; you’ll be glad you did.

Look for discounts. Shop around for discounts; you may be able to find them for earlier performance, or you may find deeply discounted tickets for same-day performances that haven’t yet sold out. Discounts can help expose you to shows you may not have otherwise considered, and can help you save money, so you can get more entertainment for your budget.

Do your research. Finally, try to do some research before you see the show. Learning a bit of backstory about how the show originated can give you a better context and deeper appreciation for its story, and understanding the fundamentals of the culture that’s created the performance style can help you feel more immersed in it.

Almost any vacation or getaway can be spiced up with the addition of a live show or two—and live performances make for a perfect night out with your family, friends, or loved ones in your hometown, as well. Consider a wider range of different live shows, and you’ll have more entertainment and inspiration in your life.

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The Marais I went out to the Marais to try and find some shoes on sale as this is the time of les Soldes, where sales are going on in every store. I finally found some shoes but, alas, they weren’t on sale. Wouldn’t you know it? I did enjoy a quick walk through the beautiful Marais area of Paris.

This is a public library specialising in books on the history of Paris. One day I will venture in for a look. The gorgeous architecture of the Place des Vosges. The covered walkway there lined with shops. There’s a nice tea shop there called Dammann Tea. I liked this display there. Go through a door there and you end up in the garden of the Hotel de Sully, an old residence. The area under the stairs is decorated as you can see.]]>
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