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Critical Thinking About Indigenous Art

So far, the best Indigenous-authored texts about Indigenous art are not reviews but catalogue and academic-essays, which are critical in that they explicate the context, intent and meanings of Indigenous artworks, but do not offer evaluations. They do not ask, for instance, if one work is better than other work, nor why considering a work as art is a more productive approach than considering it as a work of culture, an elaborate utility, or a trade good. – Momus
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Next Step In Social Distancing And The Arts: Live Performance For One Audience Member At A Time

In a project called “One on One”, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, known as one of the most innovative in Russia, will let 850 people (as many as the auditorium could hold) register for a lottery for each ballet, concert, or opera; one winner will get to buy a ticket at the regular price and attend. Says director Marat Gatsalov, “We’d been told that we can’t let viewers into the theatre hall. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let just one viewer in.” – The Guardian
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A Ballet School In A Rio Favela

Tuany Nascimento grew up in Complexo do Alemão, a poor and often dangerous group of hillside slums in Rio de Janeiro. She studied dance with hopes of becoming a professional ballerina, a dream she gave up in order to help support her family with a day job. But she kept dancing when she could, and enough neighborhood girls became curious that she started her own school, called Na Ponta dos Pes (meaning on pointe). (video) – Al Jazeera
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How Do You Teach Performing Arts When You Can’t Be Together?

For teachers of the performing arts, seemingly insuperable challenges complicate the task: how does one teach dance and acting—quintessentially embodied forms dependent on human-to-human observation and whole-body involvement—when no one is in a room together? – Howlround
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As Broadway Falls Silent, A Virtual Tour Of Theatres

In the coming weeks, virtual walks may become a thing. Meanwhile, the architect David Rockwell is first onstage, having elected to look at Broadway’s hibernating theaters. – The New York Times
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Radio Listenership Soars, Streaming Less So…

Global, which owns Capital FM and talk station LBC, said online radio listening had risen by 15%. The BBC said streaming of its radio stations had risen 18% since last week. Meanwhile, data from two US analytics companies suggested use of music-streaming apps such as Spotify had dipped by about 8%. – BBC
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While The People Are Away, The Art Inside Plays

The Louvre, like museums all around the world, is closed. The humor of the meme about art like the Mona Lisa putting its feet up is its suggestion that the great, iconic works shuttered therein are letting us know how exhausted they were with our usual attention. – Washington Post
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A Peripatetic Global Art World Deals With Suddenly Staying In Place

We knew, as the climate crisis deepened, that this global art world constantly on the move was coming under necessary pressure. Now the prophylactic stasis demanded by this pandemic has violently accelerated the art world’s reassessment of what all this travel was good for. The task of artists in this new plague year will be to reestablish painting, photography, performance and the rest as something that can still be charged with meaning, and still have global impact, even when we’re not...
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A Theory Of Multiple Disasters At Once?

If an earthquake now hits India or Iran, like in 2001 and 2003, respectively, killing over 20,000 people in each country—or if we witness a repeat of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina in the US or 2011’s tsunami in Japan—will the world respond? Would the world wish to respond? Currently, health systems and social services are stretched to their breaking points. – Nautilus
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Major League Baseball Announces A Virtual Opening Day

The ball parks are closed, but baseball will move online. It will happen Thursday, on what would have been opening day across baseball. The virtual event will feature a classic game for all 30 teams, a game they win. The schedule includes classic postseason games, no-hitters and walk-offs. – Yahoo!
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The Arts Business Has Been Decimated. It Won’t Be Easy Getting It Back

Adrian Ellis: “The sector is economically significant—we have the data on all those jobs created; on the new investment the arts attract to urban areas; and on those high-end cultural tourists seduced into spending more, staying longer and coming back again. The sector is also socially significant and is, at its core, the custodian of the world’s material and intangible culture.” – Wall Street Journal
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Tony Awards Postponed Indefinitely

“Earlier this month, the theater industry announced that Broadway venues would go dark through April 12, and as the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, that date is expected to be pushed back to May or June.” This year’s awards had been scheduled for June 7. – The New York Times
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L.A. Times Film Critic Kenneth Turan To Step Down After Three Decades

“Arguably the most widely read film critic in the town most associated with the making of movies, … Turan is known as a soft-spoken gentleman … in a [city] filled with brash and attention-seeking people.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Germany Announces €50 Billion In Aid For Arts And Culture Sector

Yes, 50 billion-with-a-b. The package, which covers both small enterprises and the self-employed, “will come in the form grants designed to help with overhead costs like venue rentals and artist studios. Loans will also be available within the package to help businesses bridge financial bottlenecks.” – Artnet
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Critic/Curator Maurice Berger, 63 From Coronavirus; Changed Museum Conversation On Race

“From a very early age, I understood that my skin had a lot of meaning,” he told National Public Radio in 2005. “It made me different in the projects, but it gave me power in the outside world.” It was a theme he would explore throughout his career.
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Why Rebuild When We Could Remake? (Green)

They are asking for a $2 trillion commitment for programs that will create living-wage jobs, amped-up public health and housing sectors, and a pivot away from a fossil-fuels-based energy frame. Under their plan, the stimulus would automatically renew every year at 4 percent of GDP, or $850 billion annually, as well as give the public more of a voice in whether — and how — large-scale corporations would get bailouts.For now, the coalition recognizes that the focus should be on stopping t...
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Even during past recessions, consumers still flocked to theaters to forget their troubles. With ticketing and concession sales now evaporated, many analysts fret that some cinemas will not be able to survive without government assistance. – Los Angeles Times
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Will Movie Theatres Survive The Apocalypse?

Even during past recessions, consumers still flocked to theaters to forget their troubles. With ticketing and concession sales now evaporated, many analysts fret that some cinemas will not be able to survive without government assistance. – Los Angeles Times
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Guess who I talked to today?

I am ecstatic to report that I just got off the phone with Mrs. T. It was, of course, a one-way conversation, since she’s intubated, but her nurse informed me that she is now fully conscious, nodding her head vigorously and moving her mouth in response to questions. – Terry Teachout
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Cotter Fodder: The Met Museum’s Sober Plan for the Virus Crisis vs. A Critic’s Pandemic Polemic

At a moment when museums around the country are shattered, shuttered and bracing for hard times, what could be more shockingly tone-deaf than Holland Cotter’s 3,000-word “manifesto”? – Lee Rosenbaum
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