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A Thorough Takedown Of The New NPR Morning Edition Theme

“The theme is not a gentle salve for the American underslept; it is several swimming pools of Red Bull, delivered via helicopter drop, to a stadium full of management consultants. … Now Monday Night Football is played on Thursday nights, Meet the Press airs every weekday, and Morning Edition blasts you with frenetic electronica. No wonder people are pissed.” – The Atlantic
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A New Zealand Museum Invests Millions To Merge Art, Science, And Memory

Wow: “A 700-year-old fractured moa egg sits at the heart of the exhibition, cocooned in a 70-square-metre, four-metre-high bird’s nest woven from recycled materials. Inside, the songs of native birds extinct and threatened surround you, some now calling from the grave.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Asking A University Press To Make A Profit Is Asinine, And Anti-Intellectual

Yes, Stanford, we’re talking about you, but not only you. Even a libertarian agrees: “What is the point of a university press? Its main task, quite simply, is to publish works that expand our knowledge. Such books do not necessarily attract a large readership.” – The Atlantic
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Australian Art In Chains At The Venice Biennale

Australian Aboriginal artist Richard Bell – a member of the Kamilaroi, Kooma, Jiman and Gurang Gurang communities – has commissioned “a sculptural replica of Australia’s official Biennale pavilion to be driven around the canal city on a motorised barge, laden with heavy ‘keep out’ chains, and with symbolism.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Peggy Lipton, Star Of ‘The Mod Squad’ And ‘Twin Peaks,’ Has Died At 72

Lipton, also a former model and the mother of actresses Rashida and Kidada Jones, earned a Golden Globe for her role on The Mod Squad, “one of pop culture’s first efforts to reckon seriously with the counterculture … the series, which costarred Michael Cole and Clarence Williams III, dealt with issues such as domestic violence, abortion, police brutality, the Vietnam War and drugs.” – Los Angeles Times
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Las Vegas Has Become A Literary Hub

Yes, Las Vegas: “The Strip is still, and ever shall be, as Joan Didion described it, ‘bizarre and beautiful in its venality and in its devotion to immediate gratification.’ But a recent infusion of money, people and The Believer, a literary magazine, have kindled an already present bookish community into a steadier flame.” – The New York Times
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As Penguin Random House Buys A Big Spanish Publisher, Its True Rivals Are The Big Three

Penguin Random House acquired Salamandra on May 3, and some see it as the start of a large rivalry with multimedia firm and publisher Grupo Planeta – but the real rivals to both publishing companies are Amazon, Apple, and Google. – El Pais (Spain)
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How To Listen To Music That You’re Pretty Sure Is By A Predator

Ann Powers re-listens to all of Michael Jackson’s work in the wake of Leaving Neverland. “If culture builds itself through revelations, explorations, secrets and lies, any response that doesn’t claim the contradictions gets it wrong.” – NPR
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At The Venice Biennale, Lithuania Wins The Top Prize

Three Lithuanian artists won the prize for an opera performance piece “on an artificial beach, in which swimsuited performers break from sunbathing to sing warnings of ecological disaster.” – The New York Times
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How To Turn Kids Into Bookworms

It’s not magic. But it does require some effort (& also, do read Frog and Toad aloud): “Children have never been famed for taking sensible advice, but are superb at following a poor example. So if a parent spends most of their own time peering at screens, they can scarcely expect anything different from their offspring. … Maybe you can’t dump your phone, but at least give them that one half-hour in the day totally uninterrupted.” –
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Alvin Sargent, Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Of ‘Julia’ And ‘Ordinary People,’ Has Died At 92

Sargent was the master of the adapted screenplay. “One of Hollywood’s most versatile writers, Mr. Sargent, who adapted screenplays from books and stories, wrote or collaborated on scores of television and film scripts over six decades: comedies, dramas, westerns, romances, even Spider-Man adventures.” (As a matter of fact, many outlets headlined his obit as “Spider-Man Writer.”)  – The New York Times
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An Author May Lose Her Book Contract After A Tweet

When Natasha Tynes tweeted a photo of a Washington, D.C., Metro employee eating on the train – the same behavior that gets non-employees tickets and is the subject of many online discussions – the World Bank employee probably did not expect the backlash that came, and fast. Now the publishing house that was supposed to publish her new book has said, “We think this is unacceptable and have no desire to be involved with anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to jeopardize a person’s safety and employm...
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After Being Turned Down By A Woman Of Color, The UK Picks A White Man As Poet Laureate

The man in question is 55-year-old West Yorkshire poet Simon Armitrage, who’s aware of the issues. “Armitage told the BBC that he believed there had been ‘a lot of discussion behind the scenes’ about whether it was right for the job to go again to a white man, and that he wanted to use it to amplify the voices of those from ‘diverse and disadvantaged’ backgrounds.”- The New York Times
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Streaming Is The Talk Of The Media, But Advertisers Are Apparently Eager To Give Money To Traditional Channels

This seems … weird: The fewer people watch, the more money comes in from ads? But OK: “A strong economy has sustained robust ad spending in recent years. But another reason the upfront pot keeps growing, analysts say, is that shrinking ratings drive up the price of reaching viewers who still watch the networks the old-fashioned way — now known in the industry as ‘linear television.'” – Los Angeles Times
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Oops, Fake Movie Money Is Fooling Cashiers

While actual prop money is pretty well regulated, let’s just say there’s a lot of fake prop (or fake fake) money flooding the market. By the way, with prop money, “One type is for ‘fanning, flashing, raining, counting’; a more expensive variety is for close-ups” (& perhaps fooling cashiers). – The Atlantic
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