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Why NPR’s ‘Code Switch” Is Now Number One On The Podcast Charts

“It’s precisely because Code Switch has spent years interrogating the effects of race and identity on society that it’s the podcast many listeners are now turning to. Launched in 2016, Code Switch has a back catalog of episodes that are just as prescient today as they were when they were first recorded.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Rupert Murdoch Negotiating To Buy Stake In Art Basel

The event organizer has been badly affected by lockdowns and bans on public gatherings in recent months as governments have tried to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. The MCH group decided to completely cancel its flagship Art Basel show, which was originally scheduled to take place in June, amid worries about health risks and global travel restrictions. – Bloomberg
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The Rolling Stones May Have Finally Hit On A Way To Stop The President From Using Their Song At His Rallies

They’ve been trying for years to bar Trump from using “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as his walk-off music at rallies – and their efforts have always been in vain. Until now, perhaps. “The group sent out a statement saying it is enlisting BMI, the performing rights organization that oversees public use of the song, in their quest to keep the track from being used for politically partisan purposes. And the band says there’ll be a lawsuit if the president continues using the song without a ...
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This Is Not A Museum, Australia

A new “museum” in Sydney is intended to be built on a flood plain, with no clarity about permanent collections, no storage on site, and so much more that’s even worse. “The new Powerhouse in Parramatta is set to be an embarrassing example of worst practice by international museum standards. Ironically the current Powerhouse would not loan valuable pieces from their collection to any institution so poorly equipped.” – Sydney Morning Herald
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Elly Stone, Singer Who Powerfully Brought Jacques Brel’s Songs To A Wide Audience, 93

Stone “was enjoying a moderately successful career as a singer and actress when she jumped to a new level of fame in 1968 as part of the wildly popular musical revue Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.” – The New York Times
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A Bittersweet Moment For Black Bookstore Owners

They’re busier than ever, but “as Black bookstore owners race to meet their demands, many are dealing with complicated, sometimes painful feelings about what the new business means,” and why people are suddenly interested in books on anti-racist work. – NPR
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