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Silicon Valley’s Miracle Tech Was Supposed To Make The World A Better Place. What Happened?

These magical machines were supposed to provide a solution to the economic and political problems of the late twentieth century, a way to transcend and break free of the confining aspects of postwar capitalism. This was a feint, a way of imagining a miracle fix to tensions and conflicts that had no easy resolution. Computers, Margaret O’Mara suggests, have long been metaphors as much as machines. – The New Republic
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Why We Need To Learn How To Do Nothing Well

Paying attention is not easy to do. It demands “a state of openness that assumes there is something new to be seen”, and the discipline to “resist our tendency to declare our observations finished.” – The Guardian
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The Tech Revolution Was Supposed To Be Fun. So What Happened?

For many years, Silicon Valley and the machines that came out of it were presented as personally, economically, and socially transformative, agents of revolution at both the level of the individual and the whole social order. They were democratizing, uncontrolled, anarchic, and new. Most of all, they were supposed to be fun—to open up a space of play and freedom. How is it, then, that just a few decades in, we find ourselves trapped in a dreary spectacle that seems to replicate the old p...
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Is Audible’s New Captions Service A Copyright Violation?

The publishers’ attorney, said that Captions—a feature that scrolls a few words of an AI-generated transcription alongside a digital audiobook as it plays—represents a “quintessential” case of copyright infringement. – Publishers Weekly
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Jimmy Nelson, Star Of Golden Age Of Ventriloquism, Dead At 90

Introduced by Ed Sullivan as “the greatest I’ve ever seen in his field,” Nelson, with his puppet sidekicks Danny O’Day and Farfel the hound dog, performed on television variety shows and in nightclubs, but he — they — became most famous for humorous commercials for Texaco and Nestlé’s Quik. – The New York Times
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In Paris, A New Musée De La Libération Commemorates The Nazi Occupation Of The City And Its Emancipation

The museum’s collection of archival film and photos, maps, letters, posters, and pamphlets focuses on two heroes of de Gaulle’s Free French movement: the former préfet Jean Moulin and General Philippe Leclerc. – Apollo
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Percentage Of Americans Who Listen To Audiobooks Has Doubled In Eight Years

“A new [survey] by the Pew Research Center … found that 20% of adults listened to an audiobook in the 12 months prior to the period in which the survey was conducted. In 2011, only 11% of adults said they listened to an audiobook.” – Publishers Weekly
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Marin Alsop Remembers Christopher Rouse

“Chris was a collector, and a collector of unexpected things: meteorites, records, guns. He started collecting composers’ signatures when he was a kid and amassed what I imagine is the largest private collection of composers’ autographs in the world. He knew how much I loved Brahms ( because we argued about Brahms regularly) and gave me his Brahms autograph last week…kind hearted to the end.” – NewMusicBox
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