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K-Pop, Bollywood, And Turkish Soap Operas: Why American Pop Culture No Longer Rules The World

“These are all cultural products set firmly in the realm of values. They are not concerned with which billionaire son inherits his father’s empire, but rather focus on ordinary people struggling to live lives of dignity with the force of the world against them. They are concerned with principles, with how one defeats temptation, greed, and avoids dishonor. … [And] you can listen to a K-pop song with your grandmother in the room, no lyrics have to be beeped out.” – The New York Times
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OSF Commits $15 Million to Efforts to Return Looted African Artifacts

“The Open Society Foundations has announced the launch of a four-year, $15 million initiative aimed at returning cultural objects looted from the African continent. The initiative will support networks and organizations working to return not only art and ceremonial objects but also human remains, natural history specimens, archives, and cultural heritage artifacts to their rightful homes.” – Philanthropy News Digest
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By The Numbers: Who Works In Publishing

2017 was the first time women held a greater share of management jobs than men, and in 2018 they once again had a majority of jobs in that area, though their share fell to 52% (from 59% in 2017). Still, the median compensation for a woman in management was $126,000 last year, up from $110,000 in 2017. Male managers also had an increase, with their median pay rising to $139,000 (from $118,000 in 2017). – Publishers Weekly
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World’s First Vagina Museum Is Now Open

“The [London] museum exists thanks to a public fundraising drive, with more than 1,000 people collectively donating almost £50,000. The director, Florence Schechter, says her motivation behind setting up the space was simple. ‘I discovered there was a penis museum in Iceland but no vagina equivalent anywhere else so I decided to make one,’ she says. When asked more about her motivation, she adds with a smile: ‘I just love the vag. I am a bisexual woman.'” – The Guardian
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Let’s All Just Stop Talking About Sergei Polunin For A While, Okay?

After all, argues Courtney Escoyne (reacting to news of a second Polunin documentary), it only encourages him. “I’m not sure that it matters what stance this documentary takes. It’s yet another vehicle for him to receive exactly what he wants: attention. At this point, that’s not something I believe we owe him.” – Dance Magazine
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I Like Books. But I Really Like Reading On My Phone Better

“Reading on my phone is not a perfect cure for my drowsiness, which seems to be a condition of aging, and stress, or both. I’ll never again be 14 years old with an insatiable appetite for one more chapter, and that’s sad. But I can approximate that feeling, reading on my phone, in bed, with the lights out, long after I should have gone to sleep.” – The Cut
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George Soros Funds Program To Return African Art And Artifacts To Africa

“Last November, French President Emmanuel Macron commissioned a report recommending the repatriation of looted African cultural objects from France’s public collections, spurring a national debate. But one year later, no objects have been returned to the areas from which they were taken. Now, an organization is stepping in to facilitate the process. The Open Society Foundations, an international grant-making organization founded by billionaire George Soros, has launched a four year, $15 million...
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Director Of Venue Gets Death Threats After Resigning In Protest

Lorna Fulton, head of Middlesbrough Town Hall, declined to book comedian Roy Chubby Brown because she thought local audiences might find his act offensive and his 2015 performance sold poorly. The mayor of the northern English city insisted that Fulton reverse herself and hire Brown, saying that her reluctance was “typical middle class prejudice against a blue collar act.” Fulton resigned — and received death threats. – Arts Professional
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Opera San Antonio Names New General Director And Its First-Ever Music Director

“E. Loren Meeker was announced Friday as the company’s general and artistic director, and Francesco Milioto will become music director. Meeker replaces both Adam Diegel, who departed as artistic director in 2018, and executive director Liz Tullis, who also relinquished her role in 2018. Milioto will be the company’s first music director.” – The Rivard Report (San Antonio)
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Theatre, We Have A Problem

And the problem is that men somehow still think that no matter what women write about, it’s “domestic.” One playwrighting contest judge: “There is still an element of surprise when a woman writes a play that doesn’t have domestic concerns, and there is no element of surprise when a man does it. So the woman who manages to do it is seen as an anomaly rather than the norm.” Hey, 2019. – The Stage (UK)
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How Has The Current President Affected Publishing? [AUDIO]

Whew. All of this: “The response has been that there’s been a couple of very successful books about Trump, but if you’re not writing about Trump, you know, where does that take you? What do you do? How does a literary novel that’s functioning on all of the rules that were there, which were not really stated prior to this moment, now function in this new moment? Is the writing of literary fiction a parlor game for the upper middle class? Maybe it is. But what happens when that upper middle class...
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As Cord-Cutting Becomes Bundling, The Price Is Going Up

Disney is planning to raise the price of Hulu Live by $10 per month, which might not seem like a lot, but it – and AT&T – are bellwethers as “the cost of watching live TV via streaming is getting more expensive for consumers.” – Los Angeles Times
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Disney Spent A Lot Of Money And A Quarter-Century Getting The Internet Wrong

Kara Swisher has been writing about companies and the internet for even longer than Disney has been trying to figure out how to deal with the contemporary world. Swisher: “Forget the dashing Mandalorian. Do you remember Starwave? Infoseek? Go? Daily Blast? Club Penguin? Tapulous? Maker Studios? I’d like to say I don’t either, but I know them very well. They were among the many failed efforts by Disney that I have covered as a reporter since the mid-1990s, when it became clear to D...
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City Of Seattle Is Reorganizing Support For A “Creative Cluster.” Movie And Music Unions Aren’t Happy

Seattle is losing music and movie production. The City is “reorganizing” its film and music office into a a larger office that broadens the definition of creative industries to software and gaming. Workers in the film and music industries say they fear support for their work will diminish. – Crosscut
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Will The New Streaming Landscape Help Or Hurt The Movies?

“Abundance can be its own kind of scarcity. Without a sense of occasion, without the idea that a given experience is special, even rare, all experiences become equivalent, and our attention follows the path of least resistance.” – The New York Times
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Fans And The False Intimacy Of Podcasts

All across the podcast realm, from the heights of self-help to the depths of true crime, imagined relationships are blossoming. Listeners may press play for the content, but many of them eventually come to nurture something like a one-way friendship with the hosts. – New York Times Magazine
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‘Setting Us Up To Fail’: More Than One-Quarter Of Australia’s Arts Organizations To Lose Federal Funding

This week is the application deadline for the next four-year round (2021-24) of Australia Council for the Arts funding for small-to-medium organizations, a category which includes all groups but the largest (such as Opera Australia, the Australian Ballet, and the state capitals’ major symphony orchestras and theatre companies). Hundreds of those organizations have already been eliminated, and of those remaining, the Council says that up to 60% will be unsuccessful. Project-to-project finding wi...
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Yeast Never Dies

Yeast isn’t a food; it plays on food, like a conductor, or a cook. So when you realize that yeast floats in the air and lives almost forever, you may have more respect for its governance, its fungal baton. – Jeff Weinstein
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