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Swamp Thing #18 - Nestor Redondo art & cover

Nestor Redondo Swamp Thing v1 #18, 1975 - Stumbling upon a community of elderly people, the Swamp Thing discovers too late that they also dabble in the occult to procure their youth. Some of Nestor Redondo's panels diminish toward the final pages, but overall his visuals are superbly drawn. One of his most arresting panels is on page 6, depicting the tender kiss of a young husband and his aged [Author: Ted F]
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Remembering The Mod Top: Amazing Flower Powered Top Car Designs From The 1960s And 1970s

Back around 1966, Sixties counter-culture iconography was being injected into the everyday, infusing society with a collision of postmodern DayGlo colors, earth tones and psychedelically styled designs. And flowers–lots and lots of flowers. Most of these floral designs may have been a bit too loud on a Formica counter or trusty old Thermos, yet one particular print looked right at home on the top... Source
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House of Mystery #212 - Alex Nino art

House of Mystery v1 #212, 1973 - This tale of murder and aliens at a kid's summer camp is one of Alex Nino's oddest works. His drawings are highly stylized, distorted, bordering on cartoonish. Still, despite the disturbing faces and expressions, the artist maintains a high level of detail in the backgrounds (see interior page below). This story was later reprinted in Welcome Back to the House of [Author: Ted F]
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Cool Old Photos Show What School Looked Like In The 1970s

School was different back in the ’70s. Students focussed on the basics.. reading, writing, and mathematics. They also learned how to write longhand, and some of them took great pride in their “penmanship”. Back in the ’70s, the personal computer was still very much in the realm of science fiction.. hand held calculators became available in the mid ’70s, but they were expensive... Source
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Lou Rawls sings about why you should take your blood pressure medication (1970s)

In the 1970s, the great R&B singer and actor Lou Rawls urged everyone to take their high blood pressure medication. "Do it for them." A public service announcement from the Ad Council.
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Vintage Adverts Of Hair Necessities For Men From The 1970s

Whilst the world of ladies’ grooming and hair care products seems to be constantly evolving and presenting new and ever more challenging products the main thing us chaps need to worry about according to the magazine and newspaper advertising is er, dandruff. Now call us old stick in the muds but we reckon that whilst products (and the marketing therein) for the fairer sex have improved beyond... Source
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1970s: The Most Romantic And Bizarre Period For Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s hair in the 1970s was a joy to behold. Hairstyling and grooming was no longer simply for women – hair products were now marketed to men, and many happily used them. Mustaches and mutton chops were in, even fake facial hair was worn and accepted. It was a hairy decade! h/t: Source
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Adventure Comics #429 - Alex Nino art

Adventure Comics v1 #429 featuring Black Orchid, 1973 - After her premiere in the previous issue, the Black Orchid continues as the main feature on this title. Alex Nino's Captain Fear also continues, with the indian finding himself once again captured by pirates. Several panels shows wide open vistas with minimal dialogue, allowing readers to soak in the Caribbean setting. Most impressive are [Author: Ted F]
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Miracle Black & White Photos Of A Desolate And Deserted London From 1977

These fascinating photos were taken by John Goodman an Australian who made two trips to UK in the mid 1970s. These fascinating photos were taken by John Goodman an Australian who made two trips to UK in the mid 1970s. While in, as he puts it, ‘my raw early 20s’ – he pursued his interests in such things as Industrial Archaeology, science – ‘I joined the Quekett Microscopical Club (you might have to... Source
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Green Lantern v2 #84 - Neal Adams / Bernie Wrightson art, Neal Adams cover

Neal Adams Green Lantern / Green Arrow v2 #84, 1970 - A small town becomes a willing mob, thanks to a small plastic device circulated by a super-villain. Two of the bronze age's best artists team-up on their only full length story. Neal Adams' pencils are generally dominant and exceptionally drawn. Stylistically, Bernie Wrightson has a far different approach but his inks in this case are [Author: Ted F]
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'Pick Up the Pieces' Is a Primer in Music as Cultural Memory

Pick Up the Pieces: Excursions in Seventies Music engages the reader with the intertwining threads of music criticism, cultural commentary, and memoir, none of which intrude on the others. Casting a chronological run through the '70s, the book begins with a short essay on the Kinks' "Lola", which situates the song and its open secret among 11-year-old boys gathered around an older brother's record player in a suburban bedroom. Songs become the soundtrack to the stories of author John Corbett's...
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Yamaha may revisit its legendary 1970s CS-80 polysynth

Yamaha is the one giant name that has mostly shied away from revisiting its past synth glory – but all that could soon be set to change. For better or for worse, we live in an age of remakes and reboots. Oberheim and Buchla are back; Sequential Circuits is a name again (even if the instruments are new). Moog have reissued their Minimoog and their modular – even Keith Emerson’s entire rig. And two out of the three Japanese giants have reissued work-alike recreations – KORG the MS-20 and ARP Ody...
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Junkyard Find: 1979 MG Midget

BMC and then British Leyland churned out MG Midgets and near-identical Austin-Healey Sprites for 20 years, with the final example coming off the Abingdon line in 1980. Because project-grade Midgets still clutter garages, driveways, yards, and fields throughout the land and they’re not worth much, the clock runs out for many of them every year. […] The post Junkyard Find: 1979 MG Midget appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Unexpected Special / DC Special Series #4 - Alex Nino art

Unexpected Special / DC Special Series #4, 1977 - All new material fills this double-sized special. The most noteworthy is Alex Nino's tale of a charlatan fortune teller whose predictions actually come true. The drawings are harsh, even unnerving, but seem appropriate to the horror genre. Nino's best moments are the highly textured opening splash and the crystal ball's final revelation on page 6 [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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E-Man #4 - Steve Ditko art

E-Man v1 #4, 1973 - Steve Ditko continues his Killjoy backup tales, a blend of humor and superhero genres. As in the previous issue, his panels are small, numerous and border on crowded at times. The most visually interesting pages feature the silent fight sequences (see interior page below). Killjoy and a flexible thief named the Snake are choreographed in Ditko's own unique style. Artist Joe [Author: Ted F]
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Get ready for Woody Harrelson as Archie Bunker and Jamie Foxx as George Jefferson.

With Marisa Tomei as Edith Bunker and Wanda Sykes Louise Jefferson.ABC is staging one-night-only revivals of two iconic Norman Lear sitcoms, All in the Family and The Jeffersons, Jimmy Kimmel announced during his show on Thursday. Airing Wednesday, May 22 at 8/7c, [it will be a] 90-minute live event...“They have said over and over again that these two shows were meant for the ’70s and would not work today. We disagree with them and are here to prove, with two great casts depicting All in the Fam...
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A Day At Mission Beach, California, August 1970

Mission Beach (the beach) is a long wide sandy beach in the Mission Beach area of San Diego. It is a laid-back neighborhood whose namesake sands attract surfers, sunbathers and volleyball players. A paved path curls around Mission Bay, a popular spot for water sports. “I went down and spent a week with my cousin living in the Mission Bay beach community. After surfing with my beach air mat for a... Source
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Rare And Beautiful Photos Of 18-Year-Old Freshman Madonna At The University of Michigan In 1976

Before Madonna donned that iconic conical bra and wore a rosary around her neck because she said she liked the feeling of a naked man between her bosom, Madonna Louise Ciccone was actually looking pretty sweet. Here’s a collection of rare and beautiful photos of a young Madonna at age 18 taken by Peter Kentes in 1976. h/t: vintag. Source
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Junkyard Find: 1978 Ford Mustang Stallion

After the first-generation Mustang went from frisky lightweight to bloated monstrosity, Ford transferred the name over to an economy car based on the Pinto. This proved to be a wise move, in light of certain geopolitical events that took place right around the time the first Mustang IIs began rolling into showrooms, but most of […] The post Junkyard Find: 1978 Ford Mustang Stallion appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Tower of Shadows #6 - Wally Wood art, Steve Ditko reprint

Tower of Shadows v1 #6, 1970 - This ongoing horror title begins to insert reprints to supplement the original material. The Wally Wood story pits the legendary Beowulf against a ghost-like creature. The artist's opening splash is a spacious view of a medieval castle. Despite the smallish panels that follow, Wood delivers a terrific tale of swords and sorcery. This story was later reprinted in [Author: Ted F]
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Batman Family #17 - Jim Starlin art

Batman Family v1 #17, 1978 -  Jim Starlin opens this issues with an intriguing splash page. The Batman poses almost frighteningly in movie-monster fashion (see interior page below). Deceptively simple in layout, Starlin uses a diminishing sequence of bats to increase depth. The scene is darker in tone than the rest of the book, which features Man-Bat, the Demon, Huntress, Batgirl and Batwoman. [Author: Ted F]
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Selfies From The Past: Celebrating A Birmingham Community’s Selfies From 40 Years Ago

Derek Bishton/Brian Homer/John Reardon/Handsworth Self Portrait Project A 1979 photography project asked passers-by to take snaps of themselves using a makeshift studio built on a street in a multicultural Birmingham suburb. A new exhibition of the Handsworth Self Portrait images showcases how people interacted with the idea of the ‘selfie’ 40 years ago. Running on weekends from August to October... Source
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Technicians At The Government Of Alberta Dairy And Food Canada Laboratory In 1970s

Technicians at the Government of Alberta Dairy and Food Canada Laboratory help entrepreneurs develop their products. We don’t know the names of the lab-coated ‘boffins’ in these portraits from June 1970. We’d like to. Is that you. What were you doing and why? h/t: flashbak... Source
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Yarnvertising: DIY Fashion Adverts Of The 1970s

People don’t appreciate these days the level of DIY fashion in the 1960s and 1970s. Women back then knew how to sew and magically make stuff out of balls of yarn – it was almost a required skill. Then, seemingly overnight, it became a lost art… “I don’t think people these days appreciate the level of DIY fashion in the 1960s and 1970s. Women back then knew how to sew and... Source
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By the Book: Pick up the Pieces: Excursions in Seventies Music

Excerpted from Pick up the Pieces: Excursions in Seventies Music, by John Corbett. Copyright © 2019 University of Chicago Press, 2019. Distributed by University of Chicago Press. Excerpted by permission of University of Chicago Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Keep Reading
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Chevy Vega And The Vert-A-Pac Rail System In The 1970s

When Chevrolet started designing ‘Vega’ during the 1970s, one of the main objectives was to keep the cost of the car down around $2,000 in circa-1970 dollars. h/t: At the time, the freight charge for moving a loaded railroad car from the Lordstown assembly plant to the Pacific coast – the longest distance that cars produced at Lordstown would need to travel – was around $4... Source
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QOTD: The Least Sporty Muscle Car Ever?

TTAC’s Slack channel honed in on muscle cars the other day. As the discussion progressed, a question came to light which your author hadn’t previously considered. It’s a simple enough inquiry, yet there are many variables to consider. Today we talk about the least sporty muscle cars. The image of the muscle car has evolved […] The post QOTD: The Least Sporty Muscle Car Ever? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Spectacular Spider-man v2 #27 - Frank Miller art

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-man v2 #27, 1979 - Blinded in the previous issue, Spider-man copes with his disability with Daredevil's help. Frank Miller draws the man without fear for the first time, preceding his run on DD's own title. The artwork is less than adequate, displaying a lack of experience but showing glimpses of potential as well. Spider-man's face on the opening page is a [Author: Ted F]
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Creepy 1970s-Era Posters From An Imaginary English Town

Scarfolk is a an imaginary town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979. Instead, the entire decade of the 1970s loops ad infinitum. Featured below are some of their awkward posters. More: Scarfolk, Shop h/t: Source
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Cool Pics That Show How People Enjoyed Parties In The 1970s

Here below is a photo collection that shows how people enjoyed parties from the 1970s. h/t: vintag. Source
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