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Toshiyuki Fukuda Portfolio 2 Art Book Review

A graphic design graduate from the Osaka University of Art, Toshiyuki Fukuda (福田利之) is a prolific illustrator whose art work has graced countless magazines, children’s books, T-shirts, music album covers and many more. This 2nd collection of his art work ( see the first collection here ) showcases more than 200 pages of his delightful illustrations. (image above) The art book comes housed in a lovely slip case. (above right) This particular piece feels like a tribute to one of my fav...
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青葉区の不動産売却する際に必要なのが、物件の査定です。 物件の査定方法には2種類ありますので、次に紹介していきます。 ■データをもとに算出する机上査定■ データをもとに不動産を査定するのが、机上査定です。 机上査定では、 … Continue reading →
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Ringing in Reiwa 2 @ Kayashima Jinja

BONUS! SHOTS (because it takes a little jalan jalan to get to the shrine...) [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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World Record: Three Consecutive Hits At 2,118 Yards

Every now and then you hear about a new long-range world record set at unbelievably long distances. However, often times you find out that the shots were fired on quite a large target and only one of many fired rounds hit the target. Should we really count such hits as records? I mean if you […] Read More … The post World Record: Three Consecutive Hits At 2,118 Yards appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Selling Above The Crowd

By Tibor Shanto A few weeks back I wrote about the state of sales from a broader and collective perspective, spoiler alert: we have issues. As I have been working with teams and individuals readying their 2019 plans, it is clear that there are specific steps individual sales people can take to ensure that they rise above the fray and continue to consistently succeed in delivering value for both their employers and customers. In another piece a couple of weeks later, I suggested that if half your...
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美人面犬の飼い方 2話 ネタバレ

  「美人面犬の飼い方」2話のネタバレをしていきます。   1話でアンナと 禁断のSE○ を かまし、その後でお口で綺麗にして欲しい・・・と お願いするケイ。   「イヤに決まってるでしょ!」 そう言いながらもアンナのカラダは 弟のアレを求めちゃっていて・・・?     【試し読みをしてみたい!というアナタに】 ⇒公式サイトブッコミ!無料試し読みはコチラです     美人面犬の飼い方 2話ネタバレ 前編   「いつもの アレ やってよ・・・」   そういわれケイのちん○を 口で綺麗に掃除し始めるアンナ。     「うう・・・ひどい臭い・・・  こんなものお姉ちゃんに舐めさせるなんて・・・」   くちゅ・・・ちゅぷッ・・・ じゅっじゅっ・・・     こんなことを言いつつも アンナは尻尾を振って喜んでいるようだ・・・。   汚れやすい部分も 綺麗に舐めとってくれるアンナ。     綺麗にしてもらってるはずなのに 大きくなっちゃう弟チンポ。     「このまま口に出しちゃいなさい・・・♡」 おねえちゃんのお口へ射精するケイ。     心の中で...
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What To Do When You Are Not In Charge

You need to find ways to be happy as a #2 Image Credit: Bram Booth Remember the day when you were made an IT manager? What did you think? Did you think that now that you were in charge, things were going to be different around here? What I suspect that you have learned since that day is that you really are not the one in charge. Yes, you do have a say in what your team works on, but there are other people in your organization who are really calling the shots. This means that you are at be...
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Inside JAWS Tops the Apple Podcast Chart

As of this writing Inside JAWS is at #2 on Apple Podcasts. #1 in the TV/Film category. Cue proof of performance… So what are the lessons from this (beyond the notion that everybody is listening to Inside JAWS so you should, too)? There are many but I’ll boil down a few: Do great work that you can be enormously proud of Collaborate with peerless, talented collaborators (thank you, Jeff Schmidt) Align with a network that cares about the content as much as you do and knows how to get shows in fr...
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HARD Summer 2018 lineup (Travis Scott, Rick Ross, Diplo, A-Trak, Dillon Francis, more)

HARD Summer 2018 includes Diplo b2b Dillon Francis, A-Trak b2b Baauer, Zeds Dead b2b JAUZ, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, Tokimonsta, YBN Nahmir, Flosstradamus, and more. Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
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Mad Catz is Back at CES With New Mice

Following up on their recent re-launch, Mad Catz made their presence known at CES 2018, and we got to take a look at their very expansive lineup of gaming mice. It’s not unusual for a company to debut one or two mice or keyboards at an event like CES, but Mad Catz went all out […]
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Arduino Mood Lamp With Bluetooth Module

Hi !I'm the person who likes to make 'useless but beautiful something'.Today we'll gonna make "Arduino Mood Lamp with Bluetooth Modue".You would control it with android phone app.(I don't use android phone, but there would be the method you can control with ios app.)Let's start! :) Step 1 : Mak...By: 준석오2Continue Reading » [Author: 준석오2]
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Sydney School Kids Just Made Martin Shkreli’s Overpriced Drug for About $2

But they won’t be selling it in the U.S. any time soon
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Lightning Review: CruXord +2 Glock 43 Magazine Extension

If there is one thing going for the Glock 43, its that the aftermarket has jumped on the sub-compact single-stack 9mm with veracity. Within weeks of launch, a myriad of companies had new options for the handgun aplenty. New slide catches, magazine catches, and sights were available with blistering speed. However, if there is one thing […] Read More … The post Lightning Review: CruXord +2 Glock 43 Magazine Extension appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Driving Force

In a few shorts months, we’ll have new neighbors next door. The constant knocking and sounds of heavy machinery are proof of that. Even now, as I type away, there’s demolition and reshaping of the land within feet of our front door…mounds of heavy dirt and boulders building up a boundary next to a new foundation. Amidst the toiling and tending taking place, my mind is set on its own about-face. A few days ago, I came across this question as I was reading, and I’ve not been able to move p...
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En garde: Competitive 2D jousting-racing game sequel ‘Nidhogg 2’ announced

Developer Messhoff has unexpectedly announced a follow-up to the popular indie jousting game Nidhogg, and is expected to release it sometime in 2017. It's expected to come out on PC with the possibility of other platforms as well. The post En garde: Competitive 2D jousting-racing game sequel ‘Nidhogg 2’ announced appeared first on Digital Trends.
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En garde: Competitive 2D jousting-racing game ‘Nidhogg’ will get sequel

Developer Messhoff has unexpectedly announced a follow-up to the popular indie jousting game Nidhogg, and is expected to release it sometime in 2017. It's expected to come out on PC with the possibility of other platforms as well. The post En garde: Competitive 2D jousting-racing game ‘Nidhogg’ will get sequel appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The 2% Change

Here’s something actionable for you on a Monday morning. If you want to improve your business, in addition to all the other things you are doing, focus on changing thing by 2%. For example, raise your prices 2%. Eliminate 2% of your variable costs. Focus on the bottom 2% of your team and ask yourself if you really want them on your team. When you cater in food for a meeting, arrange a long term relationship and ask for a 2% discount. Take advantage of any pre-pay or early pay opportunities from ...
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Sequel Bits: ‘Space Jam 2,’ ‘Paddington 2,’ ‘Now You See Me 3,’ ‘Trainspotting 2,’ ‘XXX: The Return of Xander Cage,’ ‘Kill Zone 2’

In today’s edition of Sequel Bits: The director of Space Jam doesn’t think a sequel should happen. Paddington 2 is officially on the way. Lionsgate is already talking about Now You See Me 3. Vin Diesel is facing a lawsuit over XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. Trainspotting 2 has begun filming. The trailer for Kill Zone 2 arrives. Kristen Stewart trash talks The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Warner Bros. keeps on threatening to make Space Jam 2, a threat that became more clear than ever when direc...
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Ryan Moore ready and raring to go on Air Force Blue in 2,000 Guineas

The world’s most successful big-race jockey is famously reticent, but in a rare interview says he wants to keep it simple and focus on the riding“I scare them off,” Ryan Moore says with a ghostly smile on a Friday evening in an empty bar in Newmarket. The most successful jockey in British racing pauses to consider his spiky persona – for Moore is a notoriously difficult interviewee who enjoys peddling a dry line of blunt answers.He has been very different today. It doesn’t even matter that he wa...
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Watch A New Trailer for ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2′

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows just released a new trailer for their forthcoming sequel. David Green and Michael Bay are back at the wheel as directors, along with Megan Fox as April O’Neil, Will Arnett as Vernon Fenwick and the Turtles: Alan Ritchson as Raphael, Noel Fisher as Michelangelo, Pete Ploszek at Leonardo, and Jeremy Howard as Donatello. Watch a new trailer for the family flick before it debuts in theaters on June 3. Continue below… Related: Teenage Mutan...
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Your business needs a mobile app – ShoutEm makes it simple

Does your business need a mobile app, but you don’t know how to code? Thankfully, accelerating advancements in tech have delivered a robust market for app making software, and the influx of simple app creators is just getting started. ShoutEm  helps you design a quality app and promote your creation to as many consumers as possible. For a limited time, we’re offering an advanced one-month subscription to ShoutEm for just $47 on TNW Deals . We first caught wind of ShoutEm a full four year...
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