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Wacom Showed Me the First Good Reason to Buy the Magic Leap Hype

Fields as diverse as video game development, visual effects, and industrial design all rely on 3D software, but the tools used to make it remain firmly stuck in two-dimensions. For the past few years, Magic Leap’s mixed reality goggles have been heralded as the missing link between the digital 3D world and the real…Read more...
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4 Things You Might Not Know About Movie Theater Screens

4 things you may not know about movie theater screens Contrary to some belief, movie theaters are doing pretty well. Summer 2018 revenue is on track to become the fifth best so far. Going to the multiplex involves many things, such as overpriced concessions, crowded restrooms, and, obviously, staring at a screen. What you might not know is that movie theater screens are not all alike; they come in many sizes, forms, and colors. Here are some fun facts about movie screens that you might not kn...
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Red’s Follow-Up to its Wild Holographic Phone Is a Cinema-Grade 3D Camera

With its high price, outdated specs, lackluster holographic screen, and absent mod support, Red’s Hydrogen One may have been the biggest smartphone flop of 2018. However, on the last day of the year, Red teased that something could be coming in 2019 that could potentially redeem the over-hyped handset. Read more...
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Geek Estate Offer: 10% Off GeoCV DIY until Jan 31

[Editor’s Note: Geek Estate Offers are special offers members of the Geek Estate Mastermind] GeoCV is happy to invite you to the closed beta of their Do-It-Yourself solution for capturing and visualizing real estate spaces in 3D+360°. How it works They provide your representative or preferred photographer their hardware, software and training so they could film listings by themselves and automatically get 3D tours and floor plans. Camera: GeoCV provides the whole setup including the smartphone (...
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ZSpace’s laptop brings education to life with its own 3D technology

The ZSpace laptop wants to overhaul education and training by offering affordable access to 3D mixed reality through a bespoke screen and glasses technology that is already supported by a wide array of applications. The post ZSpace’s laptop brings education to life with its own 3D technology appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Zelda: Ocarina of Time at 20 – melancholy masterpiece changed games forever

It had everything: swordfights with lizards, magical tennis, shrieking mummies, a whole world to explore – plus a rousing score you could play along to. This joyful/scary chapter in Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda has inspired designers ever sinceThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s opening sequence is, for me, the most evocative of all video games. First you hear the galloping of a horse, joined by soft minor-key piano and melancholy, soaring ocarina notes as a young man in a green tunic rides und...
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Offrez ces Mini Ordinateurs Apple et Mac Imprimés en 3D

Vous voulez faire plaisir à un ou une fan d’Apple pour Noël, mais vous ne savez pas quoi lui offrir de pas
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Video Tutorial: Create a 3D Anaglyph That Really Works!

In today’s Photoshop video tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating a retro 3D effect that really works. If you cast your mind back to the 3D movies, comics and posters from your childhood, you’ll remember those comedic glasses with red and blue lenses that bring the effect to life. Stereoscopy is the scientific term behind how these images work. By overlapping two images using the red and blue channels, it produces an anaglyph 3D image that jumps out from the screen when viewed with colou...
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Voici la Plus Rapide Imprimante 3D au Monde Mac / PC (video)

Après avoir été financé avec succès sur Kickstarter au début de cette année 2018, Slash Plus UDP, la première imprimante 3D la
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Les 50 designs les plus inspirants du concours Antalis Design Award dans le livre Antalis

Antalis, leader européen de la distribution de papiers, de solutions d’emballage et de communication visuelle, présente son livre THE BOOK, un livre considéré comme véritable source d’inspiration, regroupant les 50 designs les plus inspirants du concours Antalis interior design award 2017, concours international dédié au design d’espace dans le but de valoriser les projets d’intérieur créatifs via les matériaux imprimés. THE BOOK est proposé en édition limitée sur inscription. «Antalis Inter...
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Icon Snags $9M for Tech to Print 3D Homes in 24 Hours for $4,000

Austin—Icon Technology, a company that builds 3D-printed homes and was permitted to construct its first home in Austin, TX, earlier this year, has closed a $9 million seed round of funding.The company plans to use some of the money to continue building homes in the U.S. and in the developing world, where it is working with a nonprofit organization, New Story, to build 3D-printed homes. New Story and Icon developed a 3D printer for fabricating large objects, called the Vulcan, which the groups s...
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Facebook rolls out AI-based 3D images with simulated depth

After announcing 3D photos and VR memories back in May, Facebook is now rolling out the feature that can turn your 2D photos into 3D. The new feature will work both in the News Feed and VR. The technology captures the distance between the subject and the background, so it brings scenes of 2D photos […] The post Facebook rolls out AI-based 3D images with simulated depth appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Venom: what is a one-star film like in 4D?

Luckily it hasn’t got a complicated plot – or much sex. Hold the popcorn tight and prepare to get wetBefore Venom in 4D starts we are told that it is not a wise idea to leave the cinema mid-screening as we could be injured by a flying chair or confused and disoriented by smoke, mist and water that pours over patrons as they’re watching the film.At a Friday morning screening, I sit next to a colleague from the Australian who has a broken collarbone. He looks slightly worried. We are warned that t...
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How To Create a Stack of 3D Characters in Adobe Photoshop

One of my Spoon Graphics readers recently sent me an email with a great tutorial suggestion based on one of the promo graphics of the free font named Manrope. The cited artwork featured a collection of letters as long three dimensional shapes of varying heights, densely packed together in the scene. Clearly some kind of 3D modelling software was used to produce the original concept, but I experimented with Photoshop’s built-in 3D tools to see if a similar effect could be made. Follow along with ...
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Max 8: Multichannel, mappable, faster patching is here

Max 8 is released today, as the latest version of the audiovisual development environment brings new tools, faster performance, multichannel patching, MIDI learn, and more. Max is now 30 years old, with a direct lineage to the beginning of visual programming for musicians – creating your own custom tools by connecting virtual cables on-screen instead of typing in code. Since then, its developers have incorporated additional facilities for other code languages (like JavaScript), different data...
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3D Animation Showing How IWI Tavor X95 Rifle Works

A YouTube channel called 45Snipers has published a video showing a very detailed 3D model of the IWI Tavor X95 rifle and demonstrating how different parts and assemblies of that weapon work. The animation starts with stripping the rifle down to the firing pin then adding the parts and naming them and then it goes […] Read More … The post 3D Animation Showing How IWI Tavor X95 Rifle Works appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Mics that record in “3D” ambisonics are the next big thing

Call it the virtual reality microphone … or just think of it as an evolution of microphones that capture sounds more as you hear them. But mics purporting to give you 3D recording are arriving in waves – and they could change both immersive sound and how we record music. Let’s back up from the hype a little bit here. Once we’re talking virtual reality or you’re imagining people in goggles, Lawnmower Man style, we’re skipping ahead to the application of these mic solutions, beyond the mics them...
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Mics that record in “3D” and ambisonics are the next big thing

Call it the virtual reality microphone … or just think of it as an evolution of microphones that capture sounds more as you hear them. But mics purporting to give you 3D recording are arriving in waves – and they could change both immersive sound and how we record music. Let’s back up from the hype a little bit here. Once we’re talking virtual reality or you’re imagining people in goggles, Lawnmower Man style, we’re skipping ahead to the application of these mic solutions, beyond the mics them...
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The Looking Glass makes sci-fi movie-style holograms a reality

The disclaimer at the very beginning of the video should be indication enough that the things you are about to see will blow your minds away. After decades of watching 3D holographic projections in movies like the Star Wars franchise, a Kickstarter project is bringing the promise of three-dimensional virtual imagery to life. No VR/AR headsets, no 3D glasses, no gimmicks, the Looking Glass display can actually showcase visual content in 3D, to the naked eye. Not only does the content being disp...
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Watch The Black Madonna DJ live from … inside a video game

Algorithmic selection, soulless streaming music, DJ players that tell you what to play next and then do it for you… let’s give you an alternative, and much more fun and futuristic future. Let’s watch The Black Madonna DJ from inside a video game. This is some reality-bending action here. The Black Madonna, an actual human, played an actual DJ set in an actual club, as that entire club set was transformed into a virtual rendition. That in turn was then streamed as a promotion via Resident Advis...
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DARPA wants to speed up computers by over 1000 times while using less power

DARPA has revealed the research teams selected to drive two efforts to go beyond Moore’s law. DARPA’s $1.5 billion Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) wants to jumpstart innovation in the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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What if we grew our fruits to be shaped as containers?

I remember one snarky image that made its rounds around the internet. It featured peeled oranges stored in plastic containers, with a caption that read “If only nature could find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them”. It seemed like a glorious act of stupidity, that someone at the supermarket would peel fruits, discarding their natural packaging, and then store them in man-made plastic boxes… so Brooklyn-based design studio Crème did the exact opposite....
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Concrete evolution – Pink obsession le projet thématique de réalisations 3D de NotooSTUDIO

NotooSTUDIO, un laboratoire créatif de photo et d’images 3D basé à Formigine, en Italie, présente Concrete evolution / Pink Obsession, un projet caractérisé par le mariage de l’architecture et de formes géométriques où la lumière et les matériaux sont éléments clés. Dans un précédent projet appelé Red Passion, basé sur la même thématique, NotooSTUDIO avait étudié la lumière et le béton comme principal élément de la scène. Cependant, à travers le projet Pink Obsession, la lumière et le béton s...
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The Holographic Display Of The Future Is Here

The holographic display of the future is here and you can have one on your desk for under $600. Ever since I saw Princess Leia appealing to Obi Wan that he was her only hope when I was 11, I’ve wanted a holographic display. Movies like Minority Report and Back to the Future II (do you remember the shark hologram that ate Marty?) have consumed thousands of people’s lives over the past few decades. But until now, no one has been able to make a scalable device that would let groups of people, u...
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How Facebook’s new 3D photos work

In May, Facebook teased a new feature called 3D photos, and it’s just what it sounds like. But beyond a short video and the name, little was said about it. But the company’s computational photography team has just published the research behind how the feature feature works and, having tried it myself, I can attest that the results are really quite compelling. In case you missed the teaser, 3D photos will live in your news feed just like any other photos, except when you scroll by them, touch ...
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Kandao’s QooCam will be whatever camera you want it to be

With three fisheye lenses, a swiveling 45° joint, and a lens cover that turns into a stand, the Kandao QooCam can be a regular action camera, a 360° camera, a 3D Stereoscopic camera, and even a webcam.It seems like camera tech has surpassed all possible goals and the QooCam’s definitely testament to it. Designed to be the one camera you’ll probably ever need, the QooCam can shoot regular hi-res pictures and 4K video, 3D Stereoscopic content (that you can view on a VR headset), and even fully i...
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The best news for iOS, macOS musicians and artists from WWDC

Apple’s WWDC, while focused on developers, tends to highlight consumer features of its OS – not so much production stuff. But as usual, there are some tidbits for creative Mac and iOS users. Here’s the stuff that looks like good news, at least in previews. Note that Apple tends to focus on just major new features they want to message, so each OS may reveal more in time. iOS 12 Performance. On both iPad and iPhone, Apple is promising big performance optimizations. They’ve made it sound like t...
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Price Check on Aisle 3: Retailers Turn to Robots to Manage Inventory

Inventory management is crucial to operating a successful retail operation. And as hard as it may be to believe, retailers “don’t really know what’s on the shelves,” says Sarjoun Skaff, founder and CTO of Bossa Nova Robotics. A combination of the sheer number of products a retailer like Walmart has on offer and the pace of 24/7 shopping makes it very difficult to maintain real-time inventories. “If it isn’t on the shelf, the shopper can’t buy it,” Skaff adds. Bossa Nova, along with San Fr...
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James Cameron is Still Dedicated to Making 3D Movies for the Foreseeable Future

3D may be rapidly losing popularity and theaters, but James Cameron is still convinced that this technology is the future of cinema. The director helped revive 3D technology with his groundbreaking, lavish 2009 sci-fi film Avatar, but unfortunately, few films has lived up to the potential of 3D since then. Which is why Cameron is flying the flag for 3D with all four of his Avatar sequels — and possibly with all of his films for the foreseeable future. The Avatar director spoke at a Vivid eve...
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Unreal game engine’s modular sound features explained: video

Unreal Engine may be built for games, but under the hood, it’s got a powerful audio, music, and modular synthesis engine. Its lead audio programmer explained this afternoon in a livestream from HQ. Now a little history: back when I first met Aaron McLeran, he was at EA and working with Brian Eno and company on Spore. Generative music in games and dreams of real interactive audio engines to drive it have some history. As it happens, those conversations indirectly led us to create libpd. But tha...
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