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3D-printing technique produces tiny, highly detailed objects in seconds

It uses tomography to harden translucent liquid into soft shapes
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3D Printers Are Finally Starting to Work More Like Star Trek's Replicators

Transporters? Spaceships that can travel at the speed of light? Star Trek introduced us to many fantastical technologies that have us looking forward to the 23rd century. But we might not have to wait that long for all the tech Captain Kirk had to play with, as 3D printing has taken another big step toward making…Read more...
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Scientists Turned McDonald's Fryer Oil Into Plastic Resin For 3D Printed Models That Probably Smell Amazing

There are lots of reasons not to eat greasy deep-fried fast food, the least of which being the challenges involved with disposing of used cooking oil (clogged sewers). But researchers at the University of Toronto found a way to turn oil from a deep fryer into a light-sensitive plastic for 3D printers.Read more...
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5 Undeniable Benefits of 3D Scanning for Your Busines in 2020

We have outlined the undeniable benefits of 3D scanning for your business in 2020! Start your success today with this article!
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Benefits of 3D Printing for Manufacturers

Not all products and parts can or should be 3D printed, but 3D printing offers many benefits throughout the manufacturing process. As shown in the accompanying infographic, 3D printing applications are commonly used for proof of concept models, prototyping, product Read more… The post Benefits of 3D Printing for Manufacturers appeared first on Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, Latest Technology, SEM, SEO Tips.
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Launch startup Skyrora successfully tests 3D-printed rocket engines powered by plastic waste

Rocket launch startup Skyrora, an Edinburg-based company that’s developing a new launch vehicle for small satellites, has successfully tested its new rocket engines in their first stationary ground-firings, a huge step on the way towards developing their launch vehicle. Skyrora’s rocket engines are novel not only in their use of 3D printing, but also because the fuel that powers them is developed from plastic waste – a new type of fuel called ‘Ecosene’ that the startup says makes its launch vehi...
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Black Magic Craft unboxes a full-color 3D-printed Hero Forge miniature

Jeremy of Black Magic Craft managed to get his hands on one of the prototype 3D printed full-color(!) miniatures that Hero Forge is currently offering in their Kickstarter campaign for Hero Forge 2.0. As you can see from the video, the results are pretty impressive, as are the other miniature design and digital painting tools coming in Hero Forge 2.0. Given all of this gamery goodness, it is perhaps no surprise that Hero Forge's Kickstarter campaign has already racked up over $2 million, wi...
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[SHOT 2020] SIG Introduces 3D Printed Silencers in Titanium and Inconel

In this episode of TFBTV’s SHOT Show 2020 coverage, James talks to John Hollister of Sig Sauer about the company’s NEW 3D printed silencers for pistols and rifles in Inconel and titanium. The pistol models will be made in 9mm and .45 calibers, and they are going to be completely modular, allowing the user to […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2020] SIG Introduces 3D Printed Silencers in Titanium and Inconel appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Formlabs CEO on the state of 3D printing and its remaining challenges

3D printing isn’t the buzzy, hype-tastic topic it was just a few years ago — at least not with consumers. 3D printing news out of CES last week seemed considerably quieter than years prior; the physical booths for many 3D printing companies I saw took up fractions of the footprints they did just last year. Tapered, it seems, are the dreams of a 3D printer in every home. In professional production environments, however, 3D printing remains a crucial tool. Companies big and small tap 3D printing t...
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3D printing of body parts is coming fast – but regulations are not ready

In the last few years, the use of 3D printing has exploded in medicine. Engineers and medical professionals now routinely 3D print prosthetic hands and surgical tools. But 3D printing has only just begun to transform the field.Today, a quickly emerging set of technologies known as bioprinting is poised to push the boundaries further. Bioprinting uses 3D printers and techniques to fabricate the three-dimensional structures of biological materials, from cells to biochemicals, through precise layer...
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Orbex lands TriSept as a customer for rideshare rocket launch mission in 2022

Space launch startup Orbex has secured a customer for its forthcoming Prime space launch vehicle: TriSept, a provider of launch integration services for both commercial and government customers. TriSept has booked the full capacity of a rideshare mission aboard an Orbex Prime rocket to take off sometime in 2022, which should work schedule-wise provided Orbex meets its target of flying its initial missions starting next year. Orbex is leaning on 3D-printing to expedite its launch vehicle producti...
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MIT Scientists’ “4D Materials” Shape-Shift into Human Face

Nicknamed “active origami,” and referred to as a shape-morphing system, an MIT-developed “4D material” begins flat but can blossom into something more complicated when its surrounding conditions change. Specifically, its 3D-printed lattice structure, which mimics mesh, expands through temperature variation and actually turns into the face of scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss. The visual was reverse engineered and Gauss was selected as the sculptural result to …
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A Bright Future for Bioscience in Temple, Texas

Temple Health and Bioscience District hosts Temple Independent School District Students for a Hands-On Lab Tour Contributed post by Temple Health and Bioscience District | Tami Annable (far right), Executive Director of Temple Health and Bioscience District’s (THBD), a not-for-profit bioscience incubator located in Temple, Texas, shows Temple ISD students pipetting inside the common laboratory at THBD. (Photo source: THBD) As part of Temple Health and Bioscience District’s (THBD) mission to gr...
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3D-printed replica of Michelangelo’s David statue is less than 1mm tall

Towering in at a colossal 17-feet tall, Michelangelo’s David statue is a spectacular work of art. And it's no less impressive when it’s reduced to less than one millimeter in size.
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3D-printed concrete forest pavilion proposed for Dubais Expo 2020

United Arab Emirates-based design practice MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network) has proposed a sculptural 3D-printed pavilion for a prominent traffic roundabout to welcome visitors to the upcoming 2020 Expo in Dubai. Designed as a “spatial forest,” the interactive installation comprises a series of palm tree-like concrete elements and branching LEDs. The “Expo 2020 Landmark” proposal is also powered with solar energy and can be programmed to light up at night with a variety of lighting modes...
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Micro-angelo? This 3D-printed ‘David’ is just one millimeter tall

3D printing has proven itself useful in so many industries that it’s no longer necessary to show off, but some people just can’t help themselves. Case in point: this millimeter-tall rendition of Michaelangelo’s famous “David” printed with copper using a newly developed technique. The aptly named “Tiny David” was created by Exaddon, a spin-off company from another spin-off company, Cytosurge, spun off from Swiss research university ETH Zurich. It’s only a fraction of a millimeter wide and weighs ...
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The fruit of the future is 3D-printed and packed with vitamins and minerals

With global bee populations dwindling at an astonishing rate, there is a risk that produce supplies will be diminished at some point in the near future. A new generation of innovators, such as Bezalel Academy of Art and Design graduate Meydan Levy, are coming up with food alternatives to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Levy designed Neo Fruits, a collection of artificial fruits made out of 3D-printed cellulose skins and filled with a healthy mix of vitamins and minerals. According to Levy,...
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TFB Reader In France Uses 3D Printing To Modify An HK USC

TFB reader, Arnaud, from France, has used his industrial skills to modify an HK USC carbine with 3D printing.  Rather than taking the American approach to modifying a USC to resemble an HK UMP, Arnaud chose to use a 3D printer to model the forearm, grip and stock partly after the Hera Arms aftermarket parts […] Read More … The post TFB Reader In France Uses 3D Printing To Modify An HK USC appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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This one single desktop device that 3D Prints, laser engraves, and CNC machines gets affordable

The Snapmaker 2.0 literally turns imagination into reality. Designed to practically transform into any prototyping tool you’d need to bring your ideas to life, this modular prototyping-station can be built to operate as a 3D Printer, a Laser Engraver/Cutter, and even a 3 or even 4 Axis CNC Machine. Here is what’s amazing about it though. All these machines exist in the same amount of space a laptop would take on your desk.The Snapmaker 2.0 is constructed using modular components crafted from a...
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Nonprofit New Story is building a 3D-printed neighborhood in Mexico

Southern Mexico will soon be home to the world's first 3D-printed neighborhood. This month, New Story Charity unveiled the first two homes for an impoverished rural neighborhood the state of Tabasco, Mexico.
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The CAMERADACTYL Brancopan is a 35mm panoramic camera you can 3D print at home

I’ve posted about Cameradactyl before, last year when their 4×5 camera was posted up to Kickstarter. At the time I had one or two issues with that project, which you can read about on that post, but now Cameradactyl is back with a new camera. This time it’s the Brancopan, a 35mm panoramic camera, and […] The post The CAMERADACTYL Brancopan is a 35mm panoramic camera you can 3D print at home appeared first on DIY Photography.
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World's largest 3D-printed building opens in Dubai after 2 weeks of construction

Quickly gaining popularity as an affordable and sustainable way to build, 3D printing is becoming a go-to construction choice for architects around the world. In fact, one Boston-based company, Apis Cor, well-known for its 3D-printed architecture, has just completed construction on the world’s largest 3D printed building. Located in Dubai, the 6,998-square-foot building was completed in just two weeks. Working under its motto, “we print buildings,” Apis Cor has become a prominent leader in the...
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Carbon will print parts for Lamborghini’s Sián FKP 37 hybrid sports car

Carbon today announced the expansion of its partnership with Lamborghini. The white-hot 3D-printing startup will manufacture central and lateral dashboard air vents for the carmaker’s Sián FKP hybrid sports car. The move follows the deal announced earlier this year that found Carbon printing a fuel cap and an air duct clip for Lamborghini’s Urus SVU. Baby steps, honestly, but important ones nonetheless. Lamborghini follows in Ford’s footsteps with the Carbon partnership. It’s clear that a...
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3D printed "model kits" as Christmas cards

McChristian says, "Rather than send/give out Holiday Cards this year, I decided to make punch and assemble Holiday 'kits.' The sleigh and reindeer were models found on Thingiverse, and I designed/printed the evergreen tree and the label."
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30,000 recycled water bottles make up this 3D-printed pavilion

Dubai-based design studio MEAN Design has unveiled an eye-catching pavilion in the front esplanade of the Dubai International Financial Center. Not only is the bulbous structure with multicolored “teeth” visibly stunning, but the unique pavilion, called Deciduous, was constructed entirely with 3D printing technology that turned 30,000 discarded water bottles into a plastic polymer to use as the base material. The Deciduous pavilion is a stunning example of how 3D printing is not only a viable a...
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ETH Researchers Found a Way to 3D-Print Complex Glass Objects With a New Take on Stereolithography

3D-printing glass hasn't gotten much easier over the years. The few researchers who have attempted it so far rely on two, inherently problematic techniques. Printing molten glass is technically possible, but it requires extremely high temperatures and expensive, heat-resistant equipment. Another method is to use powdered ceramic particles that are printed at room temperature then sintered to create glass, but this approach can only yield very simple objects. Researchers at ETH Zurich's Complex M...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A 3D-printed neighborhood, at-home insemination tools, alternative education and more innovation from around the globe Hawaii Moves to Ban Single-Use Takeout Containers Part of a comprehensive plan to drastically reduce single-use plastic reliance within the state, Hawaii passed a ban on plastic takeout containers—plates, bowls, cups, utensils, straws, foam containers, and more. The plan (formally named Bill 40) will roll out over two years, allowing …
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Set up an entire prototyping workshop for less than the price of a smartphone

The holidays are coming a little early with Snapmaker’s Black Friday deal! Designed to be your go-to for any sort of prototyping or fabrication, the original Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer is every creative’s dream. Yes, it’s a 3D printer, but it’s also more. Snapmaker features a modular system that lets you mount practically anything to its XY axis, from a CNC machining unit to even a laser engraver, giving you the ability to do more than just print plastic parts. With the Snapmaker and its modu...
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Photographer Tom Blachford’s New “Centro Verso” Series

For this series, the artist turned the lens upside down and to his hometown of Melbourne, Australia Tom Blachford‘s Centro Verso photo series flips the lens in a few ways. These upside-down images are of his hometown Melbourne, and have futuristic and dystopian qualities—unlike his previous, inherently warm but noir Midnight Modern collections. This new project is also Blachford’s first foray into CAD (computer-aided design) …
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AK-3DP: 3D printed AK receiver

I've been semi-seriously joking about "AK-3DPs" (3D printed assault rifles) for years, and while the attempts to limit the spread of 3D printed guns have been sloppy and poorly formulated (as have the Trump admin's attempt to roll them back) the state of the art is still progressing. That said, Ivan the Troll 12's design for a 3D printed AK receiver is not making me lose any sleep, given how many times it has basically shattered while he was firing it. This is front receiver v5 mated to ...
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