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Trump Says He’s Doing a Hell of a Job Getting Medical Supplies. Reality Says Otherwise.

After weeks of resisting pleas from governors and healthcare workers to force private companies to ramp up production of medical supplies to help combat the coronavirus crisis, President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon announced that he had changed his mind.In a public announcement the White House said that President Trump had written a memo to the Department of Health and Human Services directing secretary Alex Azar to “use any and all authority available under the Defense Production Act to re...
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Initial jobless claims surged to record 3.3M last week as coronavirus takes heavy toll on economy

The number of Americans applying for jobless benefits for the first time surged to record 3.3M last week         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Trump declares 'major disaster' relief for several states during coronavirus pandemic

President Trump credits companies like 3M and Ford for their efforts to distribute products to the hardest hit areas during the COVID-19 crisis.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Ford Advances Coronavirus Medical Equipment Production

DEARBORN, Mich., March 24, 2020 – Ford Motor Company is joining forces with 3M and GE Healthcare, and lending its manufacturing and engineering expertise to quickly expand production of urgently needed medical equipment and supplies for healthcare workers, first responders and patients fighting coronavirus. In addition, Ford plans to assemble more than 100,000 face shields per week and leverage its in-house 3D printing capability to produce components for use in personal protective equipment....
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Ford is working with 3M and GE to produce respirators and ventilators, and the UAW to make medical equipment, as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies (F)

Ford will work with 3M, GE, and the UAW to make respirators, ventilators and medical face shields. "This is such a critical time for America and the world," Ford chairman Bill Ford said in a statement.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ford announced Tuesday that it would work with 3M to produce respirators, GE to build ventilators, and the United Auto Workers to ramp up production of plastic medical face shields, all to combat the worsening coronavirus pandemic. "This is s...
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Ford, 3M, GE and the UAW to build respirators, ventilators and faceshields for coronavirus fight

Ford announced the details of its current manufacturing efforts around building much-needed medical supplies for front-line healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients on Tuesday. Its efforts include building Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) with partner 3M, including a new design that employs existing parts from both partners to deliver effectiveness and highly-scalable production capacity. Ford says that it’s also going to be building face shields, leaning on its 3D printing capabilities...
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Musicians pulled in $4.3M after Bandcamp waived revenue shares for 24 hours

Last week, popular music platform Bandcamp announced that it would be waiving its revenue shares from all sales for 24 hours, starting Friday morning. The move was an effort to help boost income for the innumerable artists who have been struggling to make ends meet as live performances have been canceled for the foreseeable future for artists all over the world. Things went well. Friday turned out to be the biggest day for sales in the platform’s 11-year history. Artists raised $4.3 milli...
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Target Donates N95 Mask Inventory to Hospitals, Apologizes For Selling Masks in Seattle

Target has apologized for selling N95 masks in some of its Seattle stores after a photo of the masks went viral on social media. Personal protective equipment like masks are in short supply for doctors and nurses across the country as the covid-19 pandemic worsens, and Target has now has pledged to donate its supply…Read more...
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3M doubles global production of respiratory masks; warns of counterfeits

Two other Minnesota factories start producing thousands of COVID-19 test kits and ventilator parts.
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Tulsi Gabbard ends Democratic presidential campaign and endorses Joe Biden – live

The Hawaii congresswoman noted she had policy differences with Biden but was offering him her ‘full support’ in the raceCuomo warns coronavirus could overwhelm New York healthcareCoronavirus - latest global updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSupport the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 3.19pm GMT Tulsi Gabbard has been treated as an afterthought in recent weeks, while Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders fought for delegates.Gabbard’s support was consistently landing in the...
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3M’s DI-NOC is a Versatile Surface Solution

Spruce-up your surface with 3M’s DI-NOC Collection. Consisting of over 180 new patterns—assembled by architects and designers to capture the latest design trends—DI-NOC is a self-adhesive film that’s easy to apply on both smooth and rough surfaces. The collection duplicates the look of a variety of hard surface-materials, everything from marble to metal to solid wood. There are even wood-grain options that match the groovy look of the classic Woodie Station Wagon from the 60s. ...
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Calyxt reports record Q4, 2019 revenue of $7.3M, expects 2020 revenue to nearly double

In Minnesota, Calyxt, Inc., a plant-based technology company, expanded their product pipeline to 9 crops and 14 projects under development, compared to 5 crops and 6 projects under development one year ago. The company expects 2020 revenue to nearly double and reports that revenue for 2019 increased to $7.3 million driven by the launch of HO soybean oil and soybean meal. Fourth quarter revenue increased to $3.8 million driven entirely by increased sales volumes of high oleic (HO) soybean oil and...
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Vice President Mike Pence praises 3M on coronavirus tour

Heading White House task force, Pence meets with the governor and 3M officials.
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Pence on coronavirus mask demand: '3M plays a vital role'

Industrial giants Honeywell and 3M are ramping up production of protective facial masks amid a shortage as the virus spreads.
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Vice President Mike Pence visits 3M on coronavirus tour

Heading White House task force, Pence meets with the governor and 3M officials.
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Person in Washington State Is First in U.S. to Die From Coronavirus, Authorities Say

A middle-aged patient in Washington state became the first person to die from the 2019 novel coronavirus inside the United States, officials said on Saturday as they announced additional cases and declared a state of emergency there.At least 69 people on American soil have had confirmed cases of the novel 2019 coronavirus, which is believed to have originated in a large seafood and live animal market in Wuhan, China, where it killed thousands before spreading to dozens of other countries across ...
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Korea Cases Top 2,000; Nigeria Confirms Infection: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- The number of coronavirus cases in South Korea crossed 2,000. Japan is closing schools to limit the spread of the outbreak. New cases continue to appear outside of China with New Zealand and Lithuania reporting their first infections. Nigeria confirmed its first case, the first reported in sub-Saharan Africa.Equity markets in Hong Kong, Japan and Australia all tumbled. U.S. health authorities moved to greatly expand the number of people who will be tested, adding travelers from se...
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Cleanup of PFAS 'forever chemicals' could cost up to $1.2 billion, exceed 3M settlement

The state is inching closer to selecting projects to treat east metro drinking water.
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3M is boosting production of face masks as demand skyrockets due to the coronavirus outbreak

3M's CEO said in a conference call that the company is increasing face-mask production around the world.
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3M laying off 1,500 workers after reporting weak financial results

3M posted weak sales in Asia and Europe, also upped its litigation and restructuring charges.
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EWG warns forever chemicals are contaminating US drinking water at levels far worse than expected

Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS, per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, persist in the environment, grossly tainting the drinking water of many United States cities, like Miami, New Orleans and Philadelphia. More specifically, findings by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reveal that the a 2018 estimate of 110 million U.S. citizens being contaminated with PFAS is far below actual numbers. “It’s nearly impossible to avoid contaminated drinking water from these chemicals,” shared David ...
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3M continues to deal with lawsuits regarding defective earplugs, PFAS chemicals

3M now faces nearly 900 earplug lawsuits by combat vets
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Grades and outlook: Stefon Diggs, Kyle Rudolph adjusted to new roles with Vikings

Perhaps no players braced for more change during the Vikings' latest offensive playbook transition than receivers and tight ends. Receiver Stefon Diggs emerged as the league's top deep threat after skipping half of a week of the regular season amid a sputtering 2-2 start and his frustration over the role in a run-heavy system. Tight end Kyle Rudolph was also told passes would come. But his hands became sore between Sundays because of blocking, not catching. Both veterans eventually adapted, and ...
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The agent working to close a $1.3M deal while quail hunting in Arizona

This week, Sean Hahn goes quail hunting, competes in a mountain bike race and meets the boy interested in his daughter — all while negotiating a million-dollar deal.
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PFAS 'forever chemicals' found in foam in two east metro creeks

Remediation at Oakdale disposal site may not be working, and the state ordered 3M to produce a new plan.
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The best brand of duct tape

Project Farm set out to test major brands of duct tape to see which was the best. He devises three trials, testing the pull strength of the adhesive, how much weight a loop can bear, and the shearing strength of the tape itself. What we saw here were varying degrees of tackiness, elasticity and strength between brands T-Rex tape devoured the field on the adhesive test, Gorilla barely pipped it for the weight test, and 3M won the shearing test with T-Rex and Gorilla not far behind. Fasten, Sc...
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3M sells ballistic helmet unit for $91 million

Avon Rubber could end up paying another $25 million, company officials said.
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3M sells ballistic helmet unit for $91M

Avon Rubber could end up paying another $25 million, company officials said.
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Bio Roundup: Sarepta’s Approval, Merck M&A, Drug Price Bill & More

If you’re keeping track, FDA drug approvals have been on a tear in the past month with several decisions coming well ahead of their targeted dates. And then there’s Sarepta Therapeutics.Late Thursday, the FDA announced approval of the Cambridge, MA, biotech’s drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy in patients who have a specific mutation. The drug, golodirsen (Vyondys 53), is the same one the agency rejected four months ago due to safety concerns. Responding to a rejection and addressing FDA conc...
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Be Careful with Good Faith Payments

Photo by blue_quartz Sometimes doing the expedient thing and what looks good at the time can come back to bite you.  Just ask 3M Company. In , the Virginia Supreme Court considered a customer services subcontract between Faneuil and 3M relating to a toll collection contract 3M entered into with ERC.  The subcontract had a “pay if paid” clause in it requiring payment to 3M from ERC before ERC was required to pay Faneuil, a written change order provision and a base monthly payment to Faneuil ...
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