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Hoppe’s “How to Clean” Videos Give Firearms Maintenance Tips

Have you ever encountered a gun guy who wasn’t thoroughly acquainted with the aroma of Hoppe’s #9 gun cleaner? Such an anomaly would likely be difficult to find. Since Frank August Hoppe first mixed that famous nine-chemical concoction 117 years ago, the brand has become virtually ubiquitous in the realm of firearms cleaning. For many […] Read More … The post Hoppe’s “How to Clean” Videos Give Firearms Maintenance Tips appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Travel savings tool Service shuts down, citing COVID-19 downturn

Service, a tool that helped you get compensation when there are flight delays and find lower hotel rates after you’ve already booked, today said it would shut down its service. The company, which launched in 2015, says it faced a fundraising round that collapsed two weeks ago and was in the middle of an acquisition that collapsed on Friday. It cites the current economic downturn and COVID-19 as the reason for both of these events. Service will shut down later this week, on Friday, March 20. I...
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How to build STEM toys

On chilly Saturday mornings my father would fire up the kerosene heater and get the back of our garage warm. He’d turn on the old radio, constantly tuned to the local public radio station, and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me or Harry Shearer would come on, clearing away the static like gust of wind through cobwebs. “Get your old clothes on,” he’d say, sticking his head into the warm kitchen. I’d still be in my pajamas. I’d grunt and grumble. I wanted to watch TV or play with my computer or read or do ...
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Smart Cat Feeder

If you're tired of your cat screaming at you every morning you can build a cat feeder for it.We'll need 2 cansVitamins bottleMG996 servo motorZip tiesThick wireDouble bowlPiece of styrofoamElectric tapeArduino or similar microcontroller/microcomputer with PWM supportSomething to cut tin with (knife/...By: АлександрУ9Continue Reading » [Author: АлександрУ9]
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Kids Shield in Two Hours

My son saw knight shield in supermarket and asking to buy it. But we dealt that I will make one special to him :)My main goal was make shield in short time period (yep, to comparable with buying in the shop) I spent less then two hours (including driving to buy paints and brush) My son love Spiderma...By: АндрейФ9Continue Reading » [Author: АндрейФ9]
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Year in Review 2016: N-listing

I’m putting this out first because the other post can stand by itself, introspection or not. Hey, it’s not March yet. 12 Random 2016 notes: I still miss Matsuki Miyu Yamakan is still the same guy, LOL [email protected] Master of Idol World 2015 Blu-ray bonus disc is the best bonus documentary I’ve seen for a property. Don’t anisama and event in between guys. It’s really rough. There were some good shows in 2016 but overall I feel a big meh. I think this is because there wasn’t anything as good as ...
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Startup Step-By-Step: No Cryptocountry For Old Men

 “Let’s make a country,” my friend Rich said. He was serious. He and I were talking outside of a bitcoin conference in New York. It was April, 2014 and we were inside the Javits Center, the glass abomination on the Hudson that event goers hated. It was raining wildly and the crypto-folks were bumping into each other as they milled about talking about the future of money. I… Read More
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