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What is the World Design Consortium?

Think of the World Design Consortium as an International Association for Design and Designers. It connects designers to prospective clients, acting as mediators and a platform for both parties to work with and benefit from. The World Design Consortium was founded by Dr. Onur Mustak Cobanli (the creator of the A’ Design Awards) and forms an integral part of the A’ Design Award’s mission to provide reach and value to the design community on a massive, international scale.An independent internation...
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Bring your designs to the real world: The A’ Design Award and Competition

Winning an award can make quite a difference. It validates your idea and the skills you invested to present/refine the idea. It also allows your work to be seen by a grand jury, and subsequently by an even larger international audience. It boosts your confidence and also adds a stamp of validation on you as a designer, to be shown off on your portfolio. However, it can also be a journey that helps you bring your idea to fruition, or to a vast market of design connoisseurs and pioneers. Determine...
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