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Here's the case for the Packers drafting a QB

Sure, there's be tension with Aaron Rodgers. But the Packers might be thinking years ahead of everyone else, and making plans to secure another decade of stability.
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Report: Drew Lock visiting Packers

The Packers have Aaron Rodgers under contract through the 2023 season, but that may not take them out of the market for a quarterback in this year's draft. Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports that former Missouri quarterback Drew Lock is traveling to Green Bay on Monday and will meet with the team on Tuesday. The Packers have the 12th and 30th picks in the first round and 10 total picks in this year's draft.
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Matt LaFleur: I don't really care what happened before I was in Green Bay

Matt LaFleur oversaw the first week of his first offseason program as head coach of the Packers last week and a lot of the attention in Green Bay was on the final days of his predecessor's tenure. An article by Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report reported on a variety of things that went wrong in recent years, including issues between quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy that might give some people pause about stepping into McCarthy's shoes. LaFleur didn't hesitate to take the j...
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Ranking every NFL quarterback drafted in the first round since 2000

From Aaron Rodgers to JaMarcus Russell — the last 18 years have proven that drafting a QB in the first round is far from an exact science.
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No more belly jokes from Aaron Rodgers to Aaron Jones

According to their quarterback, Green Bay's top two running backs have arrived for April workouts looking in tip-top shape.
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Packers' Mark Murphy denies telling Aaron Rodgers 'don't be the problem' after Matt LaFleur hire

Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy denied a claim in a Bleacher Report story that he told quarterback Aaron Rodgers "don't be the problem."            [Author: Packers News]
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Adams: Rodgers wants his play to silence critics

As Aaron Rodgers' leadership has once again come into question this offseason, Packers teammate Davante Adams believes his quarterback wants to shut everyone up with his play.
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Davante Adams becomes latest Packer to defend Aaron Rodgers after controversial story

Rodgers suddenly was in the NFL news cycle last week, when a long story from Bleacher Report's Ty Dunne about the relationship between Rodgers and former Packers coach Mike McCarthy painted Rodgers as petty, a less-than-ideal leader and a tough teammate to play with. Adams is still Rodgers' teammate, and said he disagreed with how Rodgers was portrayed in the story. Davante Adams on Aaron Rodgers: 'Great leader' Adams spoke with the media at the Packers facility on Wednesday,...
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Who's the boss? Aaron Rodgers says it's Packers coach Matt LaFleur

The Packers' QB is pitching a collaborative environment with the new coach, new coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and new QBs coach Luke Getsy.
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Rodgers had fracture, sprain, should be fine

Aaron Rodgers on ESPN Milwaukee radio Monday said he had a tibial plateau fracture and a sprained MCL in his left knee from Week 1 last season but expects to be fine to start this year.
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Aaron Rodgers: Report of his feud with McCarthy was a 'smear attack'

In a wide-ranging and deeply sourced piece for Bleacher Report, Tyler Dunne last week chronicled the dysfunction of the Packers during the Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy Era as seen through the eyes of several former players and others associated with the team. Some sources were on the record. Some were off. But the overall picture it painted was as detailed as it was unflattering. On Monday, Rodgers spoke publicly for the first time about the report. Predictably, he was not happy. "The thing is ab...
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Aaron Rodgers reveals tibial fracture in addition to MCL sprain

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took part in an extended interview with ESPN Radio Milwaukee's “Wilde and Tausch” on Monday. In part one of the interview, Rodgers ripped last week's Bleacher Report story on the discord within the Packers, a story that cited numerous sources and laid the blame for the team's failures during Mike McCarthy's tenure on both Rodgers and McCarthy. Rodgers called the story a “smear attack,” though the quarterback isn't exactly known...
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Aaron Rodgers rips report of feud with ex-Packers coach Mike McCarthy as 'smear attack'

Aaron Rodgers took issue Monday with a Bleacher Report article that alleged long-standing friction between him and former coach Mike McCarthy.            [Author: Packers News]
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Rodgers disputes reported feud with McCarthy

Aaron Rodgers on ESPN Milwaukee radio Monday called a story published last week that detailed claims of dysfunction in the Green Bay Packers organization a "smear attack."
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Aaron Rodgers decries “smear attack”

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has broken his silence. Rodgers specifically addressed two specific aspects of Dunne's report, including one that as of Friday afternoon was destined to be handled by Rodgers. “The two main things I think I really want to talk about and just clear up, which are really central themes to the article, the first is the [Packers CEO] Mark Murphy conversation because part of the article seems to want to say the Packers are worried about me as the leader of the fo...
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NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport explains why Bleacher Report article 'probably will help' Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur and quarterback Aaron Rodgers going forward

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport explains why he believes the recent Bleacher Report article about former head coach Mike McCarthy could actually help head coach Matt LaFleur and quarterback Aaron Rodgers moving forward.
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Can the Seahawks afford to break the bank for DE Frank Clark?

Quarterback Russell Wilson, who has one year remaining on his current deal, wants a new contract in place by April 15 and is probably expecting to equal or surpass the $35 million per year Green Bay is paying Aaron Rodgers. Add to that situation Seattle defensive end Frank Clark, whom the Seahawks placed the franchise tag on in order to keep him for exploring free agency. Clark might not be considered to be on Lawrence's level, but he certainly is close. Lawrence, whose contract includes $6...
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Latest revelations make Aaron Rodgers' contract look like a mistake

Last offseason, the Packers gave quarterback Aaron Rodgers a huge new contract, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history. The latest revelations about Rodgers' relationship with the higher-ups in Green Bay raise a simple question: Why? Why did the Packers give Rodgers an enormous new contract, when they still had him under contract for two more very affordable seasons?
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There are no winners in ugly Packers divorce

Mike McCarthy's ouster came months ago, but the drama surrounding him and Aaron Rodgers is still fresh – and it all could have been avoided.
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The Rush: Rodgers’ beef with McCarthy is petty AF

Steph Curry just got contact lenses, making his career as a master shooter even more incredible, somebody is spilling the tea on the rocky relationship between Aaron Rodgers and longtime Packers coach Mike McCarthy and we pour one out for the AAF after the league not only folded,...
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Roger Staubach says Dak Prescott will “get a big contract”

Hall of Famer Roger Staubach, against whom all Cowboys quarterbacks are judged, said the most he ever made in a season was somewhere in the $230,000-$250,000 range. The NFL rookie minimum this season is $495,000, and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a contract that averages $33.5 million a season, one of 17 quarterbacks who average at least $20 million a season. The Cowboys' current quarterback, Dak Prescott, remains on his rookie deal with his $680,848 average ranking 68th at the posi...
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Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy and the waste of a Packers dynasty

If you would like a long look behind the curtain at the dozen-year history in Green Bay shared by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former head coach Mike McCarthy, then hoo boy does Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report deliver. Dunne, who formerly covered the Packers for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, conducted scores of on- and off-the-record interviews in trying to get to the heart of two questions: When and why did the relationship between the QB and head coach break down? And who bears the most resp...
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Recently-retired Jordy Nelson would reconsider if Aaron Rodgers came calling

The news that veteran receiver Jordy Nelson is retiring came as a bit of a surprise last week - Nelson had played pretty well for the Oakland Raiders in 2018 and had made one free-agent visit, with others scheduled. The 33-year-old Nelson was a guest on the “Dan Patrick Show” and was of course asked about his friend and longtime teammate, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Former Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson, left, said it would be hard to say no if Aaron Rodgers called and ...
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Mike McCarthy complains about firing in new interview with

Some think the Packers didn't handle the firing of coach Mike McCarthy well. Some include Mike McCarthy. In an interview with that will debut tomorrow, McCarthy says of his firing, “It couldn't have been handled any worse.” The teaser tweet from Rob Demovsky adds that McCarthy also will address his relationship with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the claim from CEO Mark Murphy that complacency had infected the organization.
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Inside Mike McCarthy's split with Packers and what's next for him

In his first interview since being fired Dec. 2, McCarthy addresses claims complacency set in with the Packers, his relationship with Aaron Rodgers, advice for his successor and more.
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Packers mainstay and Super Bowl champ T.J. Lang calls it a career

From 2011 to 2016, Aaron Rodgers made it to five Pro Bowls and was named to two All-Pro teams. For 91 of those 96 games, offensive lineman T.J. Lang made sure Rodgers had a clean pocket. It's still not too late to join or create a 2019 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league] After 10 seasons in the NFL, the 31-year-old Lang decided to call it a career Friday.
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Jets official takes shot at Anthony Barr for backing out of agreement

Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr has added to his enemies list. Two seasons ago, he garnered the ire of Aaron Rodgers and Packers fans when he landed on the Green Bay QB after a legal hit and knocked Rodgers out for much of the 2017 season. This offseason? Barr had agreed in principle to join the Jets as a free agent, only to reverse course and stay with the Vikings. Jets CEO Christopher Johnson was asked about Barr during the league meetings, which started Sunday. Johnson made it clear he wasn't...
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Is Russell Wilson sending the Seahawks a message?

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson created some news on Friday when asked by Jimmy Fallon whether Wilson anticipates getting the “biggest contract ever.” Here's the far bigger question: Did that topic come up coincidentally, or deliberately? With Seahawks coach Pete Carroll telling PFT Live two weeks earlier that talks between the team and Wilson, whose contract expires after 2019, on a long-term deal are “ongoing,” Wilson quite possibly was making it known that the time is now to get it d...
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Hyde: First step looks good, but also the easiest for new Dolphins | Commentary

Before getting to the Dolphins new plan: Did you see Billy Turner signed a four-year, $28 million deal with Green Bay to protect the internal organs of Hall-of-Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers? That can't be the former Dolphins third-roun
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