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Marketing Psychology in 2019: Make Your Mark Digitally

As marketing professionals, we do market research, develop buyer personas, conduct thorough keyword research, and track user behavior on and off our websites through automation and technology. One skill set that separates great marketers from good ones is the ability to understand how and the why behind people’s thought processes, which leads to their consuming behavior and habits. There are numerous articles on this topic explaining how to leverage psychology in marketing. However, consumers, e...
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Common Threads of Well-Being: 5 Ideas that Influence and Integrate

The concept of well-being has many facets, yet themes weave through all stages of development and point to critical aspects of how and with whom we spend time. Money can’t buy love, but up to a certain level it is crucial to well-being. Health and relationships matter, and pursuing goals deemed personally worthwhile also impact well-being. While there are no formulas there are fundamentals that, when understood and applied, can improve the quality of being and integrate the roles and activities...
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10 common traits of self-actualized people

Maslow's famous "Hierarchy of Needs" describes different levels of human motivation.A new study updates the hierarchy through modern methods.The research shows that self-actualized people share 10 specific traits. None Are you a self-actualized person? The American psychologist Abraham Maslow famously proposed in 1954 the "Maslow's hierarchy of needs" which theorized that psychological health culminated in self-actualization. Maslow saw that as being able to fulfill your potential, becoming your...
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The One Competitor Marketers Underestimated

Looking back at 2018, there’s one competitor we underestimated this year. It’s slowly draining the attention of every human on the planet. It plays into almost all human needs — as they are defined by the Maslow Hierarchy. It’s the rectangular status-seeking device in your hands. That’s right. It’s your smartphone. Maslow’s needs start with the basics. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid, we all need food and water. Then safety. Next up is belonging, then esteem, then self-actualization. Th...
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Looking to grow?

by George Clifford   The Church of the Nativity in Raleigh, NC, started, engaging congregants in ministries and mission that stretch from the local to the global. has diminished environmental damage, spread Christ’s message of love for all creation, and been a catalyst for spiritual and numerical growth at the Church of the Nativity. (In the interest of full disclosure, I served this parish as priest-in-charge and then as a priest associate but moved to H...
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This Side of Suicide: Using the Written Word to Cope with Loss

My grandmother committed suicide when I was just ten years old. I was an only child, and she was my caretaker. It was Labor Day weekend, and my parents were at work at their store in Brooklyn. I was the one who found her. I’ll never forget the image of the ambulance attendants taking my grandma down the creaky wooden stairs from her bedroom to the front door. It was the 1960s, and mental-health issues were not discussed, and certainly the word suicide was never uttered. When I asked my ...
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Enjoying your weekend? Thank God and free markets

Enjoying your weekend? Thank God and free markets No two words in the English language create the feeling of relaxation as perfectly as “summertime weekend.” But the two days of physical and spiritual rest we enjoy each week are not the inevitable products of the cosmic order: They have been made possible by the unique marriage of the free market and faith. In the state of nature, rest follows work – or precedes death. Abraham Maslow codified in a precise ...
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Employee Motivation

According to Psychology Today, Abraham Maslow was an American pyschologist who categorized human needs from the most basic, even primitive needs, to the highest needs. Only once the basic needs are met can people focus on the highest need, self-actualization, which is achieved through personal growth. The typical pyramid that illustrates this hierarchy of needs […]
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Understanding the Needs of Every Teen

It was nearly 1:00 a.m., and I was sitting in an empty restaurant just off the hotel lobby across from a broken, hurting seventeen-year-old girl. I was at a youth conference in Florida, and members of my youth group were in their hotel rooms for the night. We had just had a powerful evening of prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, and empowerment, and the teens in my group were buzzing. We had had our standard small-group discussions after the experience, and I said, “If any of you still has something ...
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Being in the Zone

--> Nothing is more important to success in your career and life than being in the zone. The problem with most people, however, is that they are not in the zone; instead, they are merely doing what they and others think they should be doing. Most people are following a path that they believe will lead to happiness, wealth, and achievement, rather than doing what comes naturally to them, what they are good at, and the sort of work that makes them happy. You should not be doing anything as a caree...
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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about Abraham Maslow and self-actualisation – a new paper puts the record straight

Maslow's ideas deserve to be better understood so they can be developed and built upon. By Alex Fradera
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Peak experiences, perfect moments and the extra-ordinary

Abraham Maslow created a scientific measure for life's greatest hits. We think of them as religious, but they are quite normal.
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Time to Repeal the 2nd Amendment & Ban Guns, How is That Working For You?

Time to Repeal the 2nd Amendment & Ban Guns, How is That Working For You? USA – -( To safeguard individual liberty, the State of Virginia became the last to approve the Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791, thus limiting government’s power over its citizensToday’s protesters have called on the government to “do something” about guns and point to retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ recent cry to abolish the Second Amendment. Well, countrymen and women, there’s an “app”...
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Belonging, friendship and learning

Image from Pixabay Flawed though it is, Maslow's theory of motivation highlights at least one important theme: We are social beings and we need to know that we belong.Belonging needs are complex and are sometimes misunderstood. Yet most teachers would agree that children who feel they belong will learn better than those that feel excluded. Feeling accepted as a member of a group brings psychological safety as well as a sense of acceptance. We want to be known, welcome, recognised by those...
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What Can Tony Robbins Teach Us About Mass Shootings?

Tony Robbins : Psychologists from Abraham Maslow to Anthony Robbins teach us all human behaviour is driven by six core needs, listed in their order of importance and power in our lives – certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, personal growth and contribution. Canada – -( What Drives UsThe first four –– certainty, variety, significance, love and connection ––make up our basic physical and psychological needs. We all need food, water, a job, interests that excite us...
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"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."

Said the psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1966, and I'm thinking about it today, while still laughing at the viral video of Lawrence O'Donnell yelling "Stop the hammering!" I just embedded the O'Donnell video in the previous post and — because in we were talking about phallic symbols — the great commenter Laslo Spatula said "A Hammer is not quite a phallic symbol." Is a hammer a phallic symbol? In Bob Dylan's song about nuclear war, "A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall," there's the line:I saw a room ful...
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What Does the Campaign to Make Internet Access a Human Right Say about Who We Are?

What follows is not an argument for rejecting internet access as a human right. I have no problem with internet access being made available to all humans. But I believe that the enthusiasm attached to this campaign speaks to the Realpolitik that often lay behind ‘human rights’ campaigns. After all, in terms of Abraham Maslow’s famed ‘hierarchy of needs’, which defines the stages of human self-actualisation, internet access would be located near the very top – certainly on top of meeting the basi...
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'You're Doing Your Weekend Wrong'

"If you don't feel rejuvenated and keen to face Monday after two work-free days, there might be a reason: You're doing your weekend wrong," an anonymous reader writes, citing a Quartz article. From the article: According to University of Calgary sociologist Robert Stebbins, most leisure falls into two categories: casual and serious. Casual leisure pursuits are short lived, immediately gratifying, and often passive; they include activities like drinking, online shopping, and binge-watching. These...
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How to have a great weekend by engaging in "serious leisure"

Katrina Onstad, author of a new book called The Weekend Effect: The Life-Changing Benefits of Taking Time Off and Challenging the Cult of Overwork says people usually feel better after a weekend of engaging in engaging social activities instead of binge-watching TV, loafing, and drinking. From Quartz: Serious leisure activities provide deeper fulfillment, and—to invoke a fuzzy ’70s word—“self-actualization.” Self-actualization is the pinnacle of human development, according to humanist p...
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7 Ways Mindfulness Can Unlock The Door To Your Authentic Life

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, The Miracle of Mindfulness In between work, family and social media, we take few precious moments to reflect upon our lives and realize the importance of mindfulness. Perhaps, you purposely avoided looking at your life because, if you’re totally honest, it can be brutal. Just think about the tsunami of judgmental thoughts that swamped your mind and caused you a great deal of stress and anxiety. Not surprising...
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Uganda: Given the State of Roads, Govt Should Procure Fleet of Choppers for VIPs

[Monitor] Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory might explain what prompted state minister for Water Ronald Kibuule to take a detour from Rukungiri to Ntungamo in a police helicopter to visit his in-laws.
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AGILE Team Performance

Agile Team Motivation One of the Agile principles states, “Build the team around motivated individuals; give them the support and encouragement they need.” An Agile leader needs to motivate the team. Some of the well-known motivation theories are: Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs Motivational Factors by Boehm Frederick Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory David McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory Agile Team Motivation—Maslow’s Theory Abraham Maslow's ‘Hierarchy of Human Needs’ is depi...
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In defense of mathematics [excerpt]

Once reframed in its historical context, mathematics quickly loses its intimidating status. As a subject innately tied to culture, art, and philosophy, the study of mathematics leads to a clearer understanding of human culture and the world in which we live. In this shortened excerpt from A Brief History of Mathematical Thought, Luke Heaton discusses the reputation of mathematics and its significance to human life. Mathematics is often praised (or ignored) on the grounds that it is far removed f...
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Summary of Maslow on Self-Transcendence

It is quite true that [we live] by bread alone—when there is no bread. But what happens to [our] desires when there is plenty of bread and when [our bellies are] chronically filled? ~ Abraham Maslow [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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It's Time To Stop Defining Ourselves By Our Careers

“For three years I struggled to find work within conservation or ecology – working a few short contracts, volunteering a lot and waitressing to keep myself afloat. These were the most exhausting years of my life; constantly job-seeking, working sometimes seven days a week and feeling like a failure.”These words, from 24-year-old Emma, could be the experience of just about any 20- or 30-something woman pursuing their 'dream' career in today’s world. Pressure comes from all directions – our paren...
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Why You Must Delay Gratification to be Successful in 2017

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill states, "Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it." Would you not agree? But Hill goes on to pontificate, "The transmutation of sex energy calls for the exercise of will-power. If it is not transmuted into some creative effort it will find a less worthy outlet." In other words, your burning desire to have sex th...
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Maslow, technology and learning

I love a good mash-up. It's a digital age version of synthesis.Actually, that's a little misleading - synthesis is a skill required by academics and scholars, whether technology is present or not. But a mash-up takes several ideas, formats or sources and places them together in a new form, to say something new. That's why I like it. It's creative and it's often thought provoking.Amy Burvall and I did this a while back, when we invited people to write some thoughts on learning around an image. #...
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The Course Source: The Casebook Evolved

Stephen Johnson (Mercer), The Course Source: The Casebook Evolved, 44 Cap. U. L. Rev. 591 (2016) Psychologist Abraham Maslow once noted that “it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Law students are changing, law schools are... [Author: Paul Caron]
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You're Only As Troubled As The Relationship You're In

"All happiness or unhappiness solely depends upon the quality of the [person] to which we are attached by love." -Baruch Spinoza Meet Steven. Steven has decided to become a psychoanalyst. Before starting class, the graduate school requires students to spend a year in therapy. Six months in, Steven was doing well. He showed signs of a healthy and stable mind. So much so that his assigned therapist believed he wouldn't need more than a few years, compared to other students who need an average of ...
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The Self-Actualized Terrier: Happy In the Field

Mountain Staked at the Hole on Sunday(click to enlarge) A repost from this blog, circa 2007 A working terrier loves to work -- it lives for that magic moment when the scent drifts up from the hole and its genetic code explodes within, taking everything else with it like a tidal bore.A working terrier lives for this. It would rather work than eat, drink or rest.For a working terrier, finding quarry underground is what psychologist Abraham Maslow called a " peak experience " -- something th...
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