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Representationalism as Certainty

Evidently this has been making the rounds: Rittenhouse When I look at this image, I see a concept made perfectly transparent and rendered powerfully with a high degree of technical and aesthetic skill alike. I see a devastating and pessimistic statement made pleasing to look at. Like a "beautiful" but "sad" piece of music, this makes for a particulary powerful combination. All of this is familiar, though it is not to be taken for granted. It is unusual to find the technical skill and the powe...
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Bodies and Artifacts (iii)—Jones' Voice

LeRoi Jones Blues People (1963) For a Westerner to say that the Wagnerian tenor's voice is "better" than the African singer's or the blues singer's is analogous to a non-Westerner disparaging Beethoven's Ninth Symphony because it wasn't improvised. (p. 30) So what if a Westerner says this about Beethoven? What if a small but vocal subculture emerges within the Western world itself where this disparagement of Beethoven is nothing less than the storefront signage, the secret handshake, and the...
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Bodies and Artifacts (ii)—Partch's Corporeality

Harry Partch Genesis of a Music (1974, orig. 1949) For the essentially vocal and verbal music of the individual—a Monophonic concept—the word Corporeal may be used, since it is a music that is vital to a time and place, a here and now.(p. 8) Hmm. I thought corporeal meant something like "relating to a person's body, especially as opposed to their spirit." (-Google) The epic chant is an example, but the term could be applied with equal propriety to almost any other important ancient and near...
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Karen Kurczynski—Jorn on Abstraction and Inhumanity

Kurczynski, The Art and Politics of Asger Jorn ...this renewed interest in painting [in the 1950s] had an important social function as a profound rejection of what critics perceived as the threatening aspects of the spread of mass-media technologies mostly experienced on a screen. (196) ...cultural critics who contrasted the material specificity of painting as the ultimate medium of sensory engagement to the alienating effects of the mass media, despite the media's own claims to collapse dista...
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How to Use Daydreams to Ward off Boredom

Remember being at church or a school assembly as a kid and letting your mind wander, and then all of a sudden, the boring event was over? Daydreaming took us out of the place we were physically located and brought us basically anywhere else, and made the time go (or at least feel like it went) faster. Read more...
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Esoteric programming language coded with images

Piet is an esoteric programming language where the programs are encoded as images and resemble abstract paintings. Spot-on Mondrians (pictures) are the hook, but a wide range of pixelated styles are possible; the logic of the program can be exposed in the image. Prime Number Generator Sylvain Tintillier provides a method of generating prime numbers using Piet. Figuring out how it works is easy, he says, "Just look at the bitmap!"
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Voices in AI – Episode 82: A Conversation with Max Welling

Today's leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese .voice-in-ai-byline-embed { font-size: 1.4rem; background: url( black; background-position: center; background-size: cover; color: white; padding: 1rem 1.5rem; font-weight: 200; text-transform: uppercase; margin-bottom: 1.5rem; } .voice-in-ai-byline-embed span { color: #FF6B00; } About this Epi...
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A Colorful Abstract Approach to Acrylic Painting Inspired by Monet

As a representational artist, I have appreciated the ingenuity of abstract painters. I’ve tried my hand at abstract acrylic painting and found it fun, liberating, yet challenging. However, the abstract approach toward painting is in many ways the same approach used by representational artists, including Claude Monet. There are some universal values or “rules” in painting, regardless of the technique or subject. In this article, Jeffrey Olson, the Director of Art Education for Royal Talens of No...
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Movies depicted as fields of colored lines

The Colors of Motion creates abstract images by sampling the distinctive colors of frames and then stacking them as individual horizontal lines. This gives an impression of the movie's overall sense of color--and an idea of its narrative progression. Pictured above is Blade Runner 2049. Here's 2001: A Space Odyssey: Here's Disney's Aladdin: Here's Aliens: And Fantastic Mr. Fox:
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Log Kya Kahenge

“Society exists as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals”– Oscar Wilde. All abstractions of such order are both true and untrue. In the same fashion, it could also be said that people don’t exist. They are just a cluster of living cells. Therefore, “people” is only a mental concept and… Read More Log Kya Kahenge
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Intel Experiments

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Yifat Gat

For few years now I been drawing on large glass surfaces. I cover them with marble dust and scratch through the powder. I started big and than went bigger, And kept looking for bigger places to draw. I never imagined drawing marble dust small till last October , during the ‘sluice’ London art fair , I was invited […]
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Carl Ostendarp

The installation shot is from an exhibition I did called “Blanks” at Elizabeth Dee Gallery in 2014. The “Buddy” image is of some of the mathematical calculations I do to determine the scale and location of the images within the area of the painting. in this case, the initials of my name. The math thing […]
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Sharona Eliassaf

Unexplained phenomena, artificial light, and the relationship of painting to social change are subjects that are central in my work. I often approach a painting as if it were a performance in a dysfunctional theatrical play. As if producing for a film set, I try to build up moments by choreographing values of light and […]
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Brian Edmonds

The spacing and color of Crimewave make it an interesting one to read. The eye is forced to contend with the positive/negative spaces and how to digest the markings. Am I looking at a flat field of pink marks or a structure that is beginning to collapse under its own weight? I started in the top […]
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Tayo Heuser

I use abstraction as a means to communicate poetic expression. I oscillate between thought and sensation.   I chose this wonderful map as my buddy image as I have admired these maps for eons. The existing relationship between the works of these celestial cartographers of the 17th century and the cosmic relationship to the human spirit […]
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How to deal with IoT challenges through abstraction

 The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tech industry. Yet the way IoT is evolving raises serious concerns: There are too many complexities, moving parts, diversities and competing trends and technologies that must be managed when developing IoT solutions. One practical approach that could help deal with the complexities of IoT would be the use of the concept… Read More
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Jay Henderson

I teach art to a variety of people from ages 10 to 50+ at a private college prep school and a community college. Most of the students I teach would be considered to be at the foundations level, regardless of age. The artistic backgrounds and exposure to art vary tremendously across all ages, and this […]
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Jason Karolak

  This painting is an example of a recent group of small pieces I have been working on in the studio. I start these by laying down blocks of color. On and into this field, I draw (with the brush), usually layering two or three different drawings on top of each other. I edit and […]
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Jason Karolak

  This painting is an example of a recent group of small pieces I have been working on in the studio. I start these by laying down blocks of color. On and into this field, I draw (with the brush), usually layering two or three different drawings on top of each other. I edit and […]
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Jessica Snow

Inspiration for me comes from research into modern art history and design; this research sustains me, keeps my practice fresh, and provides me with ideas. Combining new ideas with playfulness and a fun-filled approach is what keeps my painting alive. The interlocking, curved shapes of my painting ‘Say Hello to the New Pink’ might come […]
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Erika Ranee

When I started this painting I had a fixed plan. I’ve learned over time that having a fixed plan is detrimental to my painting process, but I have a natural propensity for order and it’s always a challenge–and a goal to let go and free-fall. I’ve always admired people who are unselfconscious and fearless, and […]
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Nichole van Beek

About three years ago letter forms started creeping into my paintings. At first I had an obsession with X not because it was a letter but because it could be read as a negation. It lead me to think about other letters in terms of their compositional iconography. Then last winter I thought: well, why […]
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Susan Bricker

There’s a well-worn path between my studio and the kitchen in my live/work apartment. When I’m not in the studio making paintings, I’m in the kitchen cooking. In both places, I engage my interest in material transformation, and satisfy my impulse to make things by hand. Sometimes I unintentionally set up still-lives as I cook […]
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Benjamin King: Studio Visit

Benjamin King’s recent paintings and sculpture dig into metaphysical terrain, but are also firmly rooted in the materials and physical process of painting, not to mention the planet outside his studio. These areas of focus are evident in a large-scaled black painting that hearkens back to Rothko’s late Chapel works. Acned with stone fragments, glitter and […]
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Kirk Stoller

Currently, my art practice seems to be divided into two expressions of form that strive to reach the same goal, but do so using different means. I would say that untitled (triclops) is the result of my primary sculptural impulse; a form which parasitically hugs the ground similar to the way we often look out […]
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