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EV Motorcycle Alrendo TS Bravo Could Launch In May 2021

The Perfect Low-Cost EV Commuter? The EV motorcycle market welcomes as many new manufacturers as it can possibly fit. Alrendo is looking to make its way into said market with their debut electric motorcycle dubbed the ‘TS Bravo’ expected to launch in May of this year (Europe only). Alrendo makes their EV bikes out of Wuxi China, and look to provide riders with an affordable EV option when compared to some of the pricey electric models on the market today. The TS Bravo is claimed to produce 75 ...
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Why American cities have so many pigeons

Pigeons are a staple of American cities, yet these birds are actually native to North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.  Europeans brought pigeons to North America in the 1600s, likely as a source of food, and the birds then escaped.  Pigeons can live on human leftovers. Plus, we feed them. Building ledges also mimic the seaside cliffs in their native range, making these birds feel right home.  Pigeons are also incredible navigators — some birds can find their way home from nearly 1,000 km a...
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The best wireless phone chargers of 2021

Wireless chargers provide an easy and convenient way to charge your phone without the hassle of using a cable.I've tested about 40 wireless chargers over the past few years to find the best ones.Our guide has picks for every need and budget, whether affordability or having a charger that powers multiple devices at once is your top priority.The Moshi Otto Q is the best wireless charger you can buy in 2021 thanks to its stylish design, solid safety features, and ability to deliver up to 10W of pow...
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31 years ago, Delta Force pulled off its first successful hostage rescue, saving a CIA operative from an enemy prison

Panamanian Defense Forces Headquarters in Panama City after its destruction during the US invasion, December 27, 1989. AP Photo/Matias Recart In the early morning hours of December 20, 1989, Delta Force operators descended on a Panamanian prison holding CIA operative Kurt Muse. The operation, conducted at the outset of the US invasion of Panama, brought Muse home safely, becoming Delta Force's first successful hostage-rescue mission. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. On t...
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What links Bob Dylan with Queen and AC/DC? Weekend's bumper Boxing Day quiz

From cricket to Washington Redskins, stay on the ball with our 2020 brain teasers 1 Which 94-year-old took under five hours to reach a million followers on Instagram?2 Which Welsh town was overrun by Kashmiri goats in March?3 Who announced a “Spring 2020 transition”?4 Which fortification was built in the 12th century by Bernard I de Balliol on the banks of the Tees?5 How is Joseph Maldonado-Passage described in the title of a Netflix series?6 Which item is inscribed with “Peace, prosperity and f...
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The 8 best places to shop for women's sweaters

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Everlane Even the most ardent wardrobe minimalists will still have a sweater or two in their closet. We can't tell you what the objective "best sweater" is, but we can tell you about the best places to shop for them. Our favorite places to buy women's sweaters include Everlane, , and Cuyana, and our guide outlines our top picks from each brand. It may be a little cliché to call a sweater a wardrob...
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Terence Eden Resigns From Google AMP Advisory Committee, Says AMP is 'Poorly Implemented, and Hostile To the Interests of Both Users and Publishers'

Terence Eden: I am concerned that -- despite the hard work of the AC -- Google has limited interest in that goal. When I joined, I wondered whether I could make a difference. I hope that I have been a critical friend. The AC has encouraged AMP to think more about user needs -- rather than Google's needs. And changes to the search carousel were also a concern of the committee which have been partly addressed. Google's thesis is that the mobile-web is dying and people prefer to use apps -- there...
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Gravity's cooling weighted blanket helps me sleep deeper and keeps me from overheating at night - and it's 25% off right now

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Weighted blankets can help create deeper and more restful sleep, and help reduce anxiety, but they can also make the sleeper uncomfortably hot.I've been sleeping under the Gravity's Cooling Blanket, and it's definitely the most breathable and best-looking of any weighted blanket I've tested.  It comes with a steep price tag at more than $150, but if you're looking for th...
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NFL Week 14 NFC East Picks: ‘Arizona Offense Is Really The Difference In Why You Want To Choose The Giants In This Game,’ Says CBS New York’s Steve Overmyer

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A useful AC and USB extension cord

Everyone in my family seems to like working and studying anyplace but their desks. I've gotten sick of working at a desk all day, myself. We've been using the 12-foot Habitat 360 extension cord, which has 3 AC and 2 USB outlets to keep our devices powered wherever we happen to be. — Read the rest
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Don’t Think Twice: A Poignant Film Documents How Bob Dylan & The Beatles Bring Joy to a Dementia Patient

It’s often said the sense of smell is most closely connected to long-term memory. The news offers little comfort to us forgetful people with a diminished sense of smell. But increasingly, neuroscientists are discovering how sound can also tap directly into our deepest memories. Patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia seem to come alive, becoming their old selves when they hear music they recognize, especially if they were musicians or dancers in a former life. “Sound is evolutionarily ancien...
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The best places to buy men's sweaters

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Everlane From cool summer nights to chilly winter days, everyone needs a couple of good sweaters in their wardrobe. While we can't offer a "best" overall sweater, we can direct you to five of the best brands to shop for men's sweaters. Get our top picks from great men's sweater brands including Everlane, Todd Snyder, Naadam, and more.Sign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying ad...
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The Navy's first aircraft carrier entered service 98 years ago, but it didn't start life as a flattop

USS Langley (CV-1) in June 1927. US Navy The US Navy's first aircraft carrier, USS Langley, was commissioned into service in March 1922. The Langley was an aviation milestone for the Navy, but before the ship was a flattop it was a collier named USS Jupiter that entered service in 1913. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Recently, the United States Navy celebrated the 98th anniversary of the commissioning of its very first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley (CV-1).CV-1 was ...
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AC/DC, Chris Stapleton Reign Over Album Chart; Billie Eilish Bows Big With Top Song

Alternating currents led AC/DC to replace Ariana Grande at the top of the album chart this week. And, in fact, she got pushed down a few notches, as new albums by Chris Stapleton and the team of Lil Uzi Vert and Future also had highly impressive bows, coming in at Nos. 2-3. Meanwhile, on the […]
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CG Animator Naoki Yoshibe on Effects Animation and JoJo’s Openings

The David Production JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series have always had a striking visual style, but the sequences that stood out most to fans in the early seasons were the opening animations (OPs). Featuring a mix of 3-D models, 2-D effects, and striking motion graphics work, the openings look completely different from the rest of the show and, frankly, most other anime. At Otakon 2019, I sat down for a chat with Naoki Yoshibe, the director of those OPs. He specializes in dynamic digital anima...
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Formerly 11foot8 bridge devours RV's air conditioning units

Though raised 8 inches last year, the 11foot8 bridge is still eating trucks. In the 158th incident filmed at the legendary underpass, it gobbles up the protruding AC units of a large recreational vehicle.
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Convenience fees drove IRCTC’s Q2 ticketing revenue

For the quarter ended September 30, IRCTC Ltd.’s operational revenue from internet ticketing predictably fell, halving over the previous year to ₹58.29 crore. However, internet ticketing revenue increased over the previous quarter by 66%.  Internet ticketing is a crucial segment for the company; it made up 27% of its FY20 operational revenue, just behind catering, which accounted for 45%. In the period, o ver 8.25 lakh tickets were booked daily on the IRCTC website and app, covering almost ...
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How materials you’ve never heard of could clean up air conditioning

Several years ago, researchers at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University of Cambridge performed a series of simple experiments that could have huge implications for cooling and refrigeration. They placed plastic crystals of neopentyl glycol—a common chemical used to produce paints and lubricants—into a chamber, added oil, and cranked down a piston. As the fluid compressed and applied pressure, the temperature of the crystals rose by around 40 ˚C. It was the largest temp...
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AC/DC – “Realize”

Two days from now, the legendary goons of AC/DC will return with the new album Power Up. A few week ago, the band emerged from the brink of extinction with as many classic-era members as possible: Guitarist Angus Young, singer Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams, and drummer Phil Rudd. Johnson, Williams, and Rudd were all out of the band at various points in the last few years, but they’re all back. Founding rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young died in 2017, but now Stevie Young, nephew of Malcolm a...
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2021 Zero FX [Model Overview]

2021 Zero FX: Trail-Shredding EV Power in a Lightweight Package Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links Out of the five dual-sport motorcycles Zero has in their new 2021 lineup, the 2021 Zero FX can be found at the bottom of the performance and pricing scale, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this machine is a dud; it’s quite literally insane. The Zero FX is much like it’s street-oriented FXS brother and contains most of the features/specifications bu...
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2021 Zero DSR [Model Overview]

2021 Zero DSR: An Electric Dual-Sport For All Riding Styles Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links   Why limit yourself to one style of riding when you can take your motorcycle quite literally anywhere? This is the exact niche that dual-sport motorcycles seek to fill, and more specifically, the Zero DSR. Buying a dirt bike or dirt specific motorcycle can be a real pain because you just unknowingly signed yourself up for purchasing a truck or trailer to haul ...
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2021 Zero DS [Model Overview]

2021 Zero DS: Dual-Sport Commuting With a Side of Trail Riding Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The 2021 Zero DS is the little brother to the DSR and DSR/BF models found in their complete 2021 lineup. This bike is a great all-around dual-sport choice for riders seeking an economical choice when commuting with some room for trail riding on the weekends. Fully manufactured in America, this dual-sport EV motorcycle comes in only one configuration featurin...
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The Cielo Breez Eco gives you full smart control over any AC unit

If you've got a central heating and cooling system in your home, it takes little effort to slap on a new smart thermostat and earn an exciting new level of control over your environment. However, if your home's cooling needs are handled by portable or window-mounted air conditioning units, you're often stuck with manually pushing buttons or turning dials. — Read the rest
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Go Turbo with KwikBoost EdgePower Cordless Charging

Especially during this work-at-home age, who out there among us cannot relate to the frustrations of unwieldy cordage? Speaking from the perspective of one whose phone charging cables are perpetually blocking access to the microwave, I certainly can. Luxor’s KwikBoost EdgePower Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit offers a solution to such frustrations with convenient, cordless, on-demand charging of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Simply clamp KwikBoost onto the edge of any desk,...
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2021 Zero SR [Model Overview]

2021 Zero SR: The EV Mid-Range Master Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The Zero SR is the perfect midway point between the high and low-end range when looking at Zero’s 2021 model lineup. Due to this bike being approximately $5000 cheaper than the SR/S and SR/F models, you do have to make a few sacrifices when stepping down to the SR, but there are plenty of areas where you benefit from picking this model. The biggest benefit would be the increase in r...
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2021 Zero S [Model Overview]

2021 Zero S: EV Performance on a Budget Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The American-built Zero S is the perfect motorcycle for riders seeking a cheaper EV option for their daily commute. This motorcycle has more modest performance and range numbers, but what it will excel at is getting you from point A to point B while producing ‘zero’ emissions, making the world a better place for everyone. This is the first official step down from the higher-end Ze...
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2021 Zero SR/F [Model Overview]

2021 Zero SR/F: A Naked Motorcycle With Unlimited Torque Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links   The 2021 Zero SR/F is one of the top models that Zero Motorcycles offers in their 2021 lineup; a naked version of its SR/S full-fairing street-bike-styled brother. This model has all the industry leading features you would expect to find in a $21,000 EV motorcycle making it the most expensive model that Zero currently offers. To put the capabilities of EV motorc...
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2021 Zero SR/S [Model Overview]

2021 Zero SR/S: An EV Sport Touring Option With Overwhelming Torque Numbers Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links Along with the Zero SR/F (aptly nicknamed ‘The EV Streetfighter’), the American-based EV motorcycle manufacturer also produces this SR/S model. The SR/S is a sport-touring version of the SR/F featuring full-fairings, sitting on top of their 2021 lineup as the second most expensive motorcycle they offer. Building a package dedicated to sport tour...
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'Crossroads of the climate crisis': swing state Arizona grapples with deadly heat

Maricopa county is home to America’s hottest city, where deaths from the heat are weighing on voters’ mindsEven now, Ivan Moore can’t think why his father didn’t didn’t tell anyone that the air conditioning in their house was busted. “I honestly don’t know what was going through his mind,” he said.That week three years ago, temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona were forecasted to top 115F (46C). Moore, his wife and two children went to the mountains for a camping trip, and his dad Gene, stayed behin...
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AC Cars confirms Cobra Le Mans Electrics for 2021

What's a racing Cobra without a V8? AC will endeavour to find out...
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