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Image SEO: alt tag and title tag optimization

Adding images to your articles encourages people to read them, and well-chosen images can also back up your message and get you a good ranking in image search results. But you should always remember to give your images good alt attributes: alt text strengthens the message of your articles with search engine spiders and improves […] The post Image SEO: alt tag and title tag optimization appeared first on Yoast.
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The LUCI Immers wants to be the first style-conscious VR headset

My strongest visual memory of VR headsets is this image of Mark Zucerkberg walking past an entire audience wearing VR headsets. There’s a lot to discuss about this picture. Especially the element of dystopia, where masses have these large cuboids strapped to their faces, completely absorbed in their virtual world, oblivious to their surroundings. This feeling is brought about by the VR headsets, which are enormous, and truth be told, ugly.VR’s always had this bad rap, thanks to their hulking des...
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Our Take on WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg So Far

There are new features, but also new bugs WordPress 5.0 was released December 6th and is largely a move to the new editor, dubbed Gutenberg, that replaces the visual editor. For WordPress users, Gutenberg will add functionality, but also a learning curve to an editing experience that has remained constant for years. The Gutenberg editor has been divisive since it was announced almost two years ago—so divisive that a fork of WordPress was created called ClassicPress. But, Gutenberg is now part o...
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International disability rights and the dilemma of domestic courts

Since 1992, 3 December has been the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. According to the World Report on Disability, approximately one in five people in the world are disabled and are at heightened risk of exclusion, disadvantage, and poverty.Law plays an important role in tackling this inequality and exclusion. For the past decade, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the Disability Convention) – an instrument of international law – has been both...
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Google’s Morse code-powered games aim to serve kids with limited mobility

Google's Morse code functionality on Gboard has helped open up tech for many people. Now, Google has teamed up with Adaptive Design to make learning Morse code open to even more people. The post Google’s Morse code-powered games aim to serve kids with limited mobility appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Imagining new ways to learn Morse code’s dots and dashes

We first met Emmett at Adaptive Design Association, an organization near Google’s NYC office that builds custom adaptations for children with disabilities. Communicating for him is difficult—he uses a clear plastic word board and looks at specific squares to try and get across what he wants to say. We thought we might be able to help.At the time, we were working on a special Morse Code layout for Gboard. With its simple dot and dash encoding, Morse is a good fit for assistive tech like switch ac...
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Loro’s mounted wheelchair assistant puts high tech to work for people with disabilities

A person with physical disabilities can’t interact with the world the same way as the able, but there’s no reason we can’t use tech to close that gap. Loro is a device that mounts to a wheelchair and offers its occupant the ability to see and interact with the people and things around them in powerful ways. Loro’s camera and app work together to let the user see farther, read or translate writing, identify people, gesture with a laser pointer and more. They demonstrated their tech onstage today ...
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Instagram Adds New Features for Users With Visual Impairment

For people with visual impairment, Instagram just got a bit easier to use. The photo-heavy social media app announced two new features today that will let screen readers read photo descriptions generated through artificial intelligence as well as custom text written by users.Read more...
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Instagram is using object recognition tech to describe photos for visually impaired users

Instagram is a visual service; it’s a feed of photos and videos and memes that users take in, but the company is rethinking how to optimize a visual service for users with visual impairments via a couple of new features. The accessibility-focused update rolling out today offers two options to give visually impaired users alternative text descriptions of what’s happening in posts. One leverages user text input while the other uses Facebook’s object recognition tech to do the heavy lifting. Th...
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Uber aims to offer more wheelchair-accessible rides with shorter wait times

Uber has long received flack for its lack of widely available wheelchair-accessible rides. Today, Uber is taking steps to ensure riders who rely on wheelchairs can get rides when they need them, and without having to wait more than 15 minutes. That’s thanks to a partnership with MV Transportation, a paratransit service provider that operates across 30 states and Canada. Through the partnership, Uber will be able to add hundreds of wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) to its platform across s...
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Blind veterans kayak the Grand Canyon, with Street View along for the ride

Editor's Note: Lonnie Bedwell is a blind U.S. Navy veteran who led a team of four veterans to kayak 226 miles down the Grand Canyon. Today, he shares more about this feat (which was documented on Street View). Let me start out by introducing myself: my name is Lonnie Bedwell and I’m from Pleasantville, Indiana, population 120. I’ve been blessed with a full and amazing life—raising three daughters as a single father, serving in the U.S. Navy, and perfecting my chicken noodle ...
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How to Crank Up Your Phone's Text Size for Your Parents (Or Yourself)

Enlarging the font size on your phone is one of those famous old-people tech habits, like putting “...” all over your texts, or posting Facebook memes about sauerkraut. But it’s healthy for younger people too—it reduces eye strain, according to Intelligencer.Read more...
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Find out what motivates the Googlers building technology for everyone

There’s a common belief that having a disability means living a life with limits.  At Google, we believe that technology can remove some of those limits and give everyone the same power to achieve their goals.Building products that are accessible and work for everyone is important to us, and it starts with understanding the challenges that the more than one billion people around the world with a disability face every day.As we come to the close of National Disability Awareness Month in the U.S.,...
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You can now use Alexa to move around inside apps like Netflix and Hulu on Fire TV Cube

Amazon is making it easier to use Alexa to do more than launch apps and streaming services on Fire TV devices, but to also navigate once inside them. The company confirmed it quietly launched an update specifically for Fire TV Cube devices that allows device owners to use Alexa instead of a remote control for doing things like making profile selections, moving up and down or left and right, as well as selecting items. In other words, Fire TV Cube owners can now use Alexa to navigate their Fire T...
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The Copyright Office just greenlit a suite of DRM-breaking exemptions to the DMCA

Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act bans bypassing "access controls" for copyrighted works -- that is, breaking DRM. This was stupid when the DMCA passed in 1998, and it only got stupider since: back in 1998, DMCA 1201 was used to punish people who made region-free DVD players or homebrew Sega Dreamcast games. Today, every gadget has thousands of lines of copyrighted code, putting any "access control" on the gadget within reach of the DMCA, which has led manufacturers to c...
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Making creative tools more accessible for everyone

Before I got into the accessibility field, I worked as an art therapist where I met people from all walks of life. No matter the reason why they came to therapy, almost everyone I met seemed to benefit from engaging in the creative process.  Art gives us the ability to point beyond spoken or written language, to unite us, delight, and satisfy. Done right, this process can be enhanced by technology—extending our ability and potential for play.One of my first sessions as a therapist was with a mid...
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Building a more accessible map thanks to Local Guides from around the world

Navigating the physical world is one of the most challenging problems for the more than one billion people who have disabilities. It is also a hard technical problem to solve. Google Maps is trying to make the world more accessible with the help of Local Guides, a community of more than 50 million people around the world helping to contribute information to Google Maps. Since launching our campaign one year ago, Local Guides worldwide have worked tirelessly adding accessibility information to Go...
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Tools that aim to reach all types of learners, wherever they are

Editor’s note: Before joining Google’s Education team, Morgan Weisman was a kindergarten teacher. Today she is sharing how one of her students inspired her to help build products that aim to meet the needs of all types of learners. The first time I met six-year-old Jeremiah, he clung to his mom’s leg as he peeked into my kindergarten classroom. Soon he came alive as he talked about his favorite superhero: Spiderman. He ran around the colorful classroom, touched everything in sight and chatted...
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Apple Watch Series 4 is the most accessible watch yet

Steven Aquino Contributor Share on Twitter Steven Aquino is a freelance tech writer and iOS accessibility expert. More posts by this contributor The accessibility of the iPhone XS Max At Apple’s WWDC 2018, accessibility pervades all  Every time I ponder the impact Apple Watch has had on my life, my mind always goes to Matthew Panzarino’s piece published prior to the device’s launch in 2015. In...
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Robbie Ivey’s story: how technology removes barriers

At Google we believe in the power of technology to make a difference in people’s lives. And for 19-year-old Robbie Ivey from Michigan, that certainly rings true.Robbie has duchenne muscular dystrophy, which has left him able to control only his eyes, head and right thumb joint. Among the many challenges Robbie and his family face, nighttime is one of the key ones. For years, Robbie’s mom Carrie has set her alarm every few hours to get up and change his position in bed so he doesn’t get bed sores...
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As deaf gamers speak up, game studios are finally listening to those who can’t

Using social media, personal blogs and Twitch, a small group of deaf and hard-of-hearing players have been working to make their voices heard and improve accessibility in the gaming industry. The post As deaf gamers speak up, game studios are finally listening to those who can’t appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Meet the deaf gamers raising awareness for games accessibility

Using social media, personal blogs and Twitch, a small group of deaf and hard-of-hearing players have been working to make their voices heard and improve accessibility in the gaming industry. The post Meet the deaf gamers raising awareness for games accessibility appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Laura Allen, leveling the playing field with more accessible technology

Editor's note: The She Word is a Keyword series all about dynamic and creative women at Google. In honor of National Disability Awareness Month in the U.S., we’re talking to Laura Allen, a program manager for Chrome accessibility. Laura shares how technology changed everything for her, and how she is working to level the playing field for everyone with more accessible technology.How do you explain your job at a dinner party?I help make Chrome and Chrome OS more accessible to everyone, including ...
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From design to development, user feedback shapes Google’s approach to accessibility

It’s a hot day in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the Google Accessibility User Experience team is being shown around the city. Their goal for the next 10 days is to understand the daily experience of various people living with disabilities in this city of more than 10 million people. Notebooks are out, cameras are rolling and Rachmad (a pseudonym), a student who is blind, is eager to share some of his experiences with the team to help us build products that help solve everyday obstacles for him and oth...
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What’s that you say? Present with captions in Google Slides

Years ago in a Long Island doctor’s office, four-year-old Laura was fitted with her first pair of hearing aids, customized to compensate for her specific hearing loss. However, they didn’t work very well, particularly in noisy backgrounds, so she eventually stopped wearing them.A few years later on a school bus in Bethesda, MD, nine-year-old Abigail sat next to a classmate who taught her how to communicate using American Sign Language. In high school, she worked in a biology lab at the National ...
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The accessibility of the iPhone XS Max

Steven Aquino Contributor Share on Twitter Steven Aquino is a freelance tech writer and iOS accessibility expert. More posts by this contributor At Apple’s WWDC 2018, accessibility pervades all  AirPods to get Live Listen feature in iOS 12 I’ve heard it said many times recently by hosts of various Apple-focused podcasts that adapting to the new iPhone XS Max has felt like “coming home.” For these...
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Vint Cerf on accessibility, the cello and noisy hearing aids

The Internet is undoubtedly a transformative technology, changing how people all over the world live and work. One of the key figures responsible for designing the architecture of the Internet is Dr. Vint Cerf, who along with Robert E. Kahn is known as one of the “fathers of the Internet.” Dr Cerf also been Google’s chief internet evangelist for last 12 years. This Disability Awareness Month, we sat down with him to learn more about the impact of technology on the more than 1 billion people with...
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How to Use Google's Voice Access App to Control Your Android Device Hands-Free

Google recently launched a new accessibility feature for Android devices, the Voice Access app. Voice Access goes beyond the voice commands already recognized by Google Assistant by allowing you to also control the touch- and gesture-based interfaces of your Android phone (and most apps). Read more...
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Use your voice to access the world with a new Android app

Everyone can benefit from hands-free support when using technology, but for the 62 million people in the U.S. with motor and mobility impairments, it can be a vital requirement. For Stefanie Putnam, a quadriplegic and a para-equestrian driver, tasks like taking photos, sending texts and composing emails could be daunting.Stefanie was one of several people the Google Accessibility team worked with to test early prototypes of a feature which allowed people to control their Android device using voi...
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Increasing accessibility to increase bookstore profits

Authors Nicola Griffith (So Lucky) and Kate Ristau (Clockbreakers) and bookseller Annie Carl (The Neverending Bookshop) presented at last week's Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association on the ways that increasing accessibility can result in higher profits for booksellers. Starting from the CDC's estimate that one in four Americans has a disability that impacts major life activities, the trio reasoned that if your bookstore is not accessible, then those 61 million people might not be able ...
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