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Change Your Perception of the World and You Will Change Your Life

   [LSD] is “one of the two or three most important things I’ve done in my life” – Steve Jobs Steve Jobs once faulted Bill Gates for not taking LSD when younger: He’d be a broader guy if he had... By Harrison Barnes
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The Open Reel Acquires Cannes 2020′ ACID Title ‘Coalesce’ (EXCLUSIVE)

The Open Reel has acquired international sales rights to Jessé Miceli’s debut feature “Coalesce,” a film portraying contemporary youth in Cambodia. The movie was part of the ACID section of Cannes 2020. “Coalesce” follows the journeys of three teenagers in today’s Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Songsa is an introverted teenager who travels to […]
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Today is the 50th anniversary of Dock Ellis's legendary baseball no-hitter on LSD

  On June 12th, 1970, Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the San Diego Padres while he was high out of his god damn gourd on LSD. As he told the Ottawa Citizen: I can only remember bits and pieces of the game. I was psyched. I had a feeling of euphoria. I was zeroed in on the [catcher's] glove, but I didn't hit the glove too much. I remember hitting a couple of batters, and the bases were loaded two or three times. The ball was small sometimes, the ball was larg...
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Celebs talk about tripping balls in "Have a Good Trip" documentary

Listening to people talk about their drug trips usually isn't very interesting but a new Netflix documentary proves that listening to FAMOUS people talk about theirs is. HAVE A GOOD TRIP: ADVENTURES IN PSYCHEDELICS is a documentary featuring comedic tripping stories from A-list actors, comedians, and musicians. Star-studded reenactments and trippy animations bring their surreal hallucinations to life. Mixing comedy with a thorough investigation of psychedelics, HAVE A GOOD TRIP explores the pro...
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DJ T-1000’s Generator revived from reel-to-reels, and more Detroit back catalogs

Here’s another great Bandcamp phenomenon – digital reissues. And for a Detroit techno throwback, where better to start than this DJ T-1000/Generator remaster – and two big back catalogs, while we’re at it? Step back in time to 1992. TXC-1 EP by DJ T-1000 DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham paired up with Ethan Nep Sevy (see also his band Code Industry) to form the label Generator. The result: an epic, delicious duo called TXC-1 (say it “toxic,” like Britney Spears). Alan was a key figure in the...
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Barbara Sarasola-Day on ‘White Blood’ a Cannes’ ACID Argentine Highlight

CANNES  —   Programmed by France’s Association for the Diffusion of Independent Cinema, Cannes’ ACID section turned its spotlight this year on Argentine cinema. As access to talent – creative and crews – becomes a predominant challenge for producers worldwide, given the huge production demand driven by global platforms, the radar can hardly be spread […]
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A 50-year old synthesizer made a sound engineer trip balls just by touching it

Grateful Dead were a band notorious for their psychedelic drugs, a reputation they could still living up to 50 years later. Can you get high off of LSD acidentally? Sound Engineer Eliot Curtis found out it definitely is, even if it’s been lying around since the 1960s. Curtis had been tasked with restoring a vintage Buchla Model 100 modular synthesizer. When cleaning inside a panel module on the synth he found “a crust or a crystalline residue on it”. Attempting to scratch the residue w...
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A Buchla synth repair turned into an LSD trip, and made the evening news

It seems the legends are true – there really was LSD added to vintage synths. A Bay Area, California Buchla 100 reportedly triggered an acid trip decades later. The equipment in question is a Buchla Model 100, 1960s vintage – the modular that defined what now some people call the “West Coast synthesis” style. I learned on one of these, too, though don’t recall any particular hallucinations. The report comes from a local CBS television affiliate in San Francisco, KPIX, and their broadcast o...
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Enter the freaky trippy acid 90s German synth world of Air Liquide

If you need a break from buttoned-up techno, dance music as business and fashion statement and morose wallpaper – take a holiday with some “trippy mindfkk-muzzikkk.” Here, we’ve got 170 tracks from 1991 Cologne to today to get utterly weird. In 1990s Cologne, if the techno scene was spread too thin, you could just manufacture a few dozen aliases and DIY the whole thing. At least that seems to be the approach taken by our friends Air Liquide, aka Cem Oral and Ingmar Koch, and a half dozen or so c...
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Girl Draws Self-Portraits Before And During LSD High

According to Redditor ‘whatafinethrowaway’: “I don’t think it had anything to do with honesty, the fact that the last one seems more accurate than the first one probably comes from the fact that she spent several hours drawing before, so she was kind of more trained? Actually I don’t know if this makes sense. Anyway, the first one is way more accurate when it comes to... Source
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Remember ACID? It’s back – and ready to split stems for you automatically

It may seem like there’s not much left for music making software to do that it doesn’t do already. But how about magically extracting stems from audio? The first software to do that is one you might not have thought about for a while: ACID Pro. Back in 1998 when it came out, ACID – aka Acid pH1 – was ground-breaking. Drag and drop loops, make a song: more than any other single software release, this was what would change computer music making. Sure, Propellerhead had already established a few ...
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Celebrate 303 day by finding old classics, fresh inspiration

It’s March the 3rd, which means in both hemispheres, our thoughts inevitably turn to basslines and squelchy resonance. Happy 303 day – here’s some video and reading to get you in the mood. First, let’s take a step back, and before we idolize the box and transistors, let’s talk about just how immaculately early Detroit and Chicago records were composed and mixed. 1987’s “Acid Tracks” by Phuture (DJ Pierre and Earl Spanky Smith) never fails to floor me. (I’ll guess the same about you, as anyone...
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Homophobic gang of 9 jailed for squirting acid onto men’s faces

Acid quickly burns through skin, fat and bone, permanently disfiguring and even killing some victims.
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Like a studio onstage: Orbital tells us their live rig synth secrets

It’s a dazzling audiovisual show, with eye-popping visuals, plus an overflowing connection of synths. Orbital share their secrets for live performance and jamming with CDM’s David Abravanel. The timing is perfect: Monsters Exist was a 2018 production highlight. Now we get to hear how all that studio complexity translates to live jamming: -Ed. Photos: Matthew Bergman for CDM. Orbital live in New York. Photo: Matthew Bergman As soon as the two men wearing glasses with headlights on the s...
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How Do You Perk Up a Bland Recipe?

Today, upon logging onto Slack, I was greeted with a horror story. Last night, our dear managing editor, Virginia, was making a lentil soup recipe from [redacted], only to find it called for a paltry 1/4 teaspoon of salt. “Reader, it was bland,” she told us, to which A.A. Newton replied “I’m going to scream,” because…Read more...
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Samin Nosrat Thinks Your Thanksgiving Needs More Acid

Samin Nosrat’s Netflix show Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (named after her incredible book) is as educational as it is beautiful, with a warm calm that radiates from Samin herself. Like any person who thinks about food a lot, she has some tips and recs surrounding good ol’ turkey day, including why it’s okay to use a wet…Read more...
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Two acid-y, space-y, terrific live electronic sets for your Friday

A great live set brews up new musical directions before your ears. It’s a burst of creativity and energy that’s distinct from what happens alone in a studio, with layers of process. From Liverpool (Madeline T Hall) and Moscow (Nikita Zabelin x Xandr.vasiliev), here are two fine examples to take you into the weekend. Acid-tinged synths unfold over this brilliant half hour from M T Hall (pictured, top), at a party hosted earlier this year by HMT Liverpool x Cartier 4 Everyone: I love that th...
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Cute little €99 NES, acid music toys: coming soon, totally connected

Twisted Electrons’ small, fun-looking boards with acid and Nintendo chip sounds are one of the sound toys we’re most eagerly anticipating this year. And now they’re adding some connectivity: clock, USB MIDI, and an editor. Here’s the story so far: Twisted Electrons have already been making some pretty powerful desktop synths and sequencers. But then they were inspired by Teenage Engineering’s dirt-cheap, impulse-buy tiny boards, the Pocket Operators. (It’s okay to say that; they’re open about ...
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These 4 Must-Have Ingredients Are Taking Over at Sephora

If you're into wellness, you can likely shimmy your way from a Sun Salutation to a Downward Dog, no sweat. But can you navigate your way through popular skin wellness ingredients like mushrooms, tea, collagen, and natural acids? What do they do and how can they benefit your skin? Mushrooms aren't just for pizza - these fun-guys (get it?) are often hyped as "skin superfoods." They're packed with antistressor adaptogens that help keep skin calm and hydrated (shout-out to my fellow dry skinners who...
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Modular for dancing: Florian Meindl and Leonard de Leonard

Yes, nests of patch cords and racks of modules will make noodle-y noise for chin scratching. It can also make pounding techno – and we’re going inside some of the sonic brains who’ve mastered that. Our mission: let’s learn how people are actually using modular synthesis to express their musical ideas, and demystify some of the basic concepts in sound creation behind all those cool flashing lights and tangles of wire. To do that, we need musicians like Florian and Leonard. Join the Facebook eve...
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If a classic 303 sound is what you need in your iOS set up then read on

If what you really need is a typical TB303 sound in your iOS set up, then you may have just found exactly what you’re looking for. If it really isn’t anything that’s going to set your heart all a flutter then perhaps skip to something else for now. I know that for some the classic sound of the 303 is a big deal. Personally I found them awful to program and limited, so anything that anyone can do to make the sound without the issues of the original is a good idea in my book. Having said that, I’m...
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Portuguese Cinema Showcased in ACID Trip to Cannes

On May 14, ACID TRIP #2, an initiative of the Association for Independent Film Distribution, is dedicated to Portuguese cinema. It will screen three films selected by the Portuguese Directors’ Association (APR) – Pedro Cabeleira’s “Damned Summer”, Teresa Villaverde’s “Colo” and Leonor Teles’ “Terra Franca.” The APR’s note accompanying the selection stated that Portugal’s cinema […]
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Change Your Perception of the World and You Will Change Your Life

   [LSD] is “one of the two or three most important things I’ve done in my life” – Steve Jobs Steve Jobs once faulted Bill Gates for not taking LSD when younger: He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger. Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think he’s more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology. He just shamelessly ripped off other people’s ideas. Little did he know that Bill Gates has als...
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Hands-on: Maschine got this new bass synth in a free update

Maschine users, you get a little freebie in the 2.6.8 update Native Instruments quietly released this week – a new bass synth. Ready for some acid? First, if you missed 2.6.6, that added drag-and-drop musical exploration in “Ideas View” – the non-linear arrangement tools that will feel welcoming if you’re used to Ableton Live and the like. 2.6.8 has two banner features. One is an isomorphic keyboard layout for Maschine Jam – basically, the ability to easily play melodic parts on the Jam hardw...
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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

More xenomorphs. [Author: Doug]
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Nicholas Sand, creator of famous 'Orange Sunshine' LSD, has died at 75

Legendary chemists and psychonauts Nicholas Sand and Nick Scully created the legendary version of LSD known as “Orange Sunshine” that was so widely used in San Francisco in 1967. Sand died on April 24 at his home in the Northern California community of Lagunitas. He was 75. (more…)
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How To Do Hallucinogens Without Freaking Out

The first time I ever ate mushrooms I did just about everything wrong. I ate mine about two or three hours after everyone else. It was dark. We watched Full Metal Jacket.
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Outer Rim

High contrast fancy freestyle artistic dancing with Mike Rav’s bindings.
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JOHN WILCOCK: The History of East Coast Academic Acid

A book of John Wilcock comics is now available
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Change Your Perception of the World and You Will Change Your Life

   [LSD] is “one of the two or three most important things I’ve done in my life” – Steve Jobs Steve Jobs once faulted Bill Gates for not taking LSD when younger: He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger. Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think he’s more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology. He just shamelessly ripped off other people’s ideas. Little did he know that Bill Gates ...
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