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20 Stunning Examples Of Black & White Minimal Photographs

As the saying goes, “less is more,” and black and white minimal photographs convey this concept perfectly. While this genre of photography might seem simple, it's still challenging because black and white photography is not defined in only two colours. There are many shades of grey, ranging from the blackest black to the whitest white, and they should be used in creative ways in order to get a truly stunning monochrome photograph. Indeed black and white is an amazing medium, and if you want to l...
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Creating Beautifully Executed High-Key Photography

High Key photography is used extensively in fashion, portraiture and increasingly in product photography. Today we’re going to talk a little about what’s required for creating beautifully executed high key photography. Photo by Siyan Ren on Unsplash What Is High Key Photography Back in the early days of photography, film didn’t have a huge range. It couldn’t deal with the pure whites and heavy blacks that we can get today (At least, not in the same frame). Because of this, photographers and ...
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