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Pompeo Plans Packed Holiday Parties As State Dept Leadership Decries In-Person Gatherings

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife reportedly plan on hosting large indoor holiday parties, despite a notice issued by State Department leadership to employees last week advising that “any non-mission critical events” should be held virtually, according to the Washington Post on Wednesday. However, U.S. event planners were reportedly told that the State Department leadership’s guidance does not apply to the holiday parties hosted by the Pompeos on the 8th floor of the State Department. ...
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South Africa: Understanding Digital Signatures In The Modern Business World - Adams & Adams

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but in an ever-growing digital world, this small but mighty weapon may well be on its way to extinction
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John Luther Adams – Composer Of Places

“What sets Mr. Adams’s seething, shimmering, preternaturally patient sound forces apart is their absence of a definable human anchor. The pieces that make up the “Become” trilogy are neither stories about nature nor pictures of it. Rather, as Mr. Adams writes in an essay accompanying the excellent recordings, ‘this is music that aspires to the condition of place’.” – The New York Times
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Amy Adams Reacts to Negative ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Reviews by Saying the Film ‘Transcends Politics’

“I never would presume to say what critics should or shouldn’t do," Adams says about whether critics should ignore politics when reviewing.
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South Africa: Beating The Virus – Prevention, Testing And Treatment – The Development Of A Vaccine And Treatments For Covid-19 - Adams & Adams

The coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world and paused life in an unprecedent manner has infected over millions of people worldwide with well over a million deaths and counting.
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South Africa: Patent Protection In Information And Communications Technology - Adams & Adams

Innovations in electronic, mechanical and software technology are a dynamic and increasingly growing field, and as such protecting these inventions...
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WH COVID Task Force: Don’t Let Guard Down Just Because Vaccine Is In Sight

While expressing optimism over COVID-19 vaccine developments, White House coronavirus task force members on Sunday urged the public to continue practicing measures that help reduce the spread of COVID-19 as they warned that infection rates are likely to surge in light of Thanksgiving-related travel. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 266,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 thus far. On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Admiral Brett Giroir and Surgeon General Jerome Adams boosted conf...
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Colts' Matthew Adams ejected for throwing punch a day after tweeting about 'picking up the boxing gloves'

Adams' tweet appeared to foreshadow his ejection against the Titans
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‘Going To Get Worse’: WH COVID Task Force Members Warn Of Post-Thanksgiving Surge

Several members of the White House coronavirus task force issued dire warnings on Sunday as they anticipated increasing rates of COVID-19 cases as a result of Thanksgiving travel. Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday advised the public against traveling for Thanksgiving as the country reached the grim milestone of 250,000 fatalities from COVID-19. Despite health experts’ call to avoid travel for the holiday, air travel hit a pandemic-era record the day...
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Fauci and public health experts are sounding the alarms about another coronavirus surge after Americans traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in Washington DC on September 23, 2020. Alex Edelman / AFP via Getty Images Health officials are telling Americans to expect another spike in the number of coronavirus cases as people return from their Thanksgiving holiday travels. "We might see a surge superimposed upon that surge we're already in," Dr. Anthony Fauci said on NBC's "Meet the Press." Fauci joins a legion of health officials also warning of...
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South Africa: Providing Patent Services In Chemical, Metallurgical And Process Technologies - Adams & Adams

South Africa has a very active, and deeply rooted, chemical, metallurgical and process engineering industry that continues to contribute significantly to the country's GDP.
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Inside the Smithsonian Gun Room, aka the National Firearms Collection – VIDEO

Washington, D.C. –-( Better known as the Smithsonian’s Gun Room, what is officially known as the National Firearms Collection is an assemblage of more than 7,000 firearms dating back centuries. They tell the story of the United States and its global impact and reach through historically significant arms, patent models, and more. Some pieces from the collection are on display, but the vast majority are not. Entrance to the Smithsonian Gun Room This is the view you’re greeted...
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13% of travelers to Hawaii test positive for COVID-19, Kauai seeks to opt out of Safe Travels program, Honolulu limits Thanksgiving parties to 5 people, unemployment tax expected to triple, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Travelers get screened at Honolulu airport PC:state of HawaiiTravelers testing positive up fourfold in November. Travel-related COVID-19 cases in Hawaii have more than quadrupled since the state began allowing nonessential travel in October, according to new data released by the state Department of Health. State health officials said Tuesday that 13% of travelers to Hawaii tested positive for COVID-19 in November, up from 3% in October, even though the total number of COVID-19 cases in g...
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"Like so many presidential flocks this one started in the great state of Iowa, in what can only be described as an act of blatant pandering and by the way..."

"... I love the state of Iowa. These two turkeys sought to win the support of Iowans across the state, by naming themselves Corn and Cob.... Look at that beautiful, beautiful bird. Oh, so lucky. That is a lucky bird. Corn, I hereby grant you a full pardon. Thank you, Corn. Iowa farm. I knew I liked you. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Thank you very much." Said President Donald Trump, dealing with the turkey business for the last time and ignoring the shouted-out question: "Any pardons before...
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South Africa: Remote Working Challenges To Traditional Employment Contracts - Adams & Adams

Before the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the transition to remote working capabilities, an employment contract would often refer to an employee's ‘place of work'.
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South Africa: Beijing And Marrakesh Treaties In Sao Tome & Principe - Adams & Adams

The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe ("Sao Tome & Principe") has consistently been adopting new laws and acceding to international treaties to ensure increased recognition...
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South Africa: Annexes To The Revised Bangui Agreement Come Into Force – 14 November 2020 - Adams & Adams

While the revised Bangui Agreement is yet to come into force, pending the ratification by the OAPI member states,
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Zimbabwe: Africa Update 2020 – Zimbabwe - Adams & Adams

Zimbabwe acceded to the Banjul Protocol on Marks (ARIPO) in 1997.
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South Africa: The Registrar General Of Lesotho Retires - Adams & Adams

In September 2020, Mrs Sentsuoe Mohau, retired as the Registrar General in the Ministry of Law, Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights in Lesotho.
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South Africa: Protecting Innovation In A Remote Working Environment - Adams & Adams

Almost overnight, most office-based workers had to adapt to remote working conditions when social distancing regulations were put in place in March this year to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
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South Africa: Bringing Smart Solutions To The Protection Of Biotechnology Inventions - Adams & Adams

Biotechnologists work tirelessly to improve our quality of life. Never has this been more evident than in the current global health crisis that we face.
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South Africa: What Legal Effect Does Remote Working Have On Intellectual Property Rights In The Workplace? - Adams & Adams

In a recent Savile Row Workplace survey, in partnership with Adams & Adams, and published in October 2020, 88% of the respondents said they prefer to either work from home or a combination...
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Flouting Public Health Experts ‘Til The End, White House Still Planning Holiday Parties

WASHINGTON (AP) — All those warnings from public health officials begging Americans to limit gatherings this holiday season amid a surge in coronavirus cases aren’t stopping the White House from planning a host of festivities and holiday parties in the midst of a pandemic. Monday’s delivery of an 18-and-a-half-foot tall Fraser fir by horse-drawn carriage signaled the kickoff of the usual array of White House holiday events that will include the annual turkey pardon and Christmas and Hanukkah eve...
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Surgeon General Reminds WH That COVID Restrictions Apply There Too

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams emphasized on Monday morning that health safety measures apply to everyone, including at White House, ahead of first lady Melania Trump’s indoors “holiday reception” slated for next week. “Good Morning America” host Cecilia Vega asked Adams about the danger of the party potentially becoming a superspreader event. “We want everyone to understand that these holiday celebrations can be superspreader events, so we want them to be smart and we want them to be as s...
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Surgeon General Adams: All Americans, even at the White House, should avoid large holiday gatherings

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams warned Monday that all Americans -- even at the White House -- should follow US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and avoid gatherings during what he called a "dire point" in the pandemic.
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Surgeon General Adams: All Americans, even at the White House, should avoid holiday gatherings

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams warned Monday that all Americans -- even at the White House -- should follow US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and avoid gatherings during what he called a "dire point" in the pandemic.
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Doctors and health officials in US coronavirus hotspots tell the same story: We're being villainized and ignored while trying to save lives

Healthcare workers wait to administer free coronavirus tests in Columbus, Ohio, on November 19. Stephen Zenner/AFP/Getty Images Doctors, nurses, and public-health officials in the Midwest told Business Insider they face antagonism from people who refuse to take precautions to curb the coronavirus' spread.  The region is suffering a devastating surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. One emergency physician said he got a death threat. A North Dakota health official said she h...
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Headway raises $26M to help people find therapists, and therapists to accept insurance

Mental health has taken a nosedive for many people this year — spurred by economic and political uncertainty, a Covid-19-fueled public health crisis, and being cooped up. In the US, a startup is today announcing some funding to make it easier for those who need it to find help. Headway, which helps people search for and engage therapists who accept insurance for payments, is today announcing that it has raised $26 million, a Series A that it plans to use to expand the service to more cities and ...
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The Tax Collector Featuring Rap Legend Conejo Is Officially The Number One Street Movie In America

If heads haven’t seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for? The Tax Collector directed by David Ayer starring Bobby Soto, Cinthya Carmona, George Lopez, Shia LaBeouf, and legendary rapper Conejo dropped this Summer and since then it’s got praise by the L.A. Times’ interesting piece on it, “How ‘The Tax Collector’ topped the box office, when there’s no official box office“.  Released at a perfect time during the pandemic, it was a breath of fresh air when theaters were closed all across th...
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