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5 Ways You Can Help A Relative Stop Using Drugs

Drug addiction is a serious disease that can affect any family member. And, when one family member suffers from any addiction, the entire family suffers. Essentially, addiction is a desire that sets family members apart. As such, it’s important for family members to help the addicted loved one through the difficult path of quitting the addictive substance.   There are instances when the addicted loved one starts to engage in questionable or covert behaviors as a way of continuing their ...
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Pregnancy and Addiction: Overlooked and Undertreated

If one needs proof that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing, look into the eyes of a woman who knows her behavior is harming her baby but still can’t stop. With one in three individuals with opioid use disorder passing through the criminal justice system annually, court dockets across the country are overflowing with cases of illegal behavior fueled by addiction. Though such cases wrangle with the complexities of punishing individuals afflicted with what is increasingly seen as a dis...
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Scientists have a way to turn off alcoholism: Blasting the brain with lasers

Researchers from Scripps Research have demonstrated that it is possible to reverse the desire to drink in alcohol-dependent rats by targeting a part of the brain using lasers. Here's how. The post Scientists have a way to turn off alcoholism: Blasting the brain with lasers appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Gambling Addiction In The Legal Profession

If you are dealing with this issue or know a lawyer who is, there are many resources you can turn to for help.
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As Kids Get Hooked on Vaping, Parents Are Desperate for Treatment That Doesn’t Exist

"It’s an epidemic because there’s no help."
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5 Ways You Can Help A Friend Stop Using Drugs

Drug addiction is a huge epidemic within our current society. With more and more youths slipping into drug abuse, it’s time we figured out the best way to end this menace. Since charity begins at home, we can start by assisting friends in ceasing their use of drugs once and for all. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Helping your friends to conquer their drug addiction is a noble cause that will forever be remembered. For starters, you can encourage them to visit Resolutions Behaviora...
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Wendy Williams Says She’s Been “Living in a Sober House,” Mentions “Struggle With Cocaine in the Past”

Wendy Williams revealed on her show Tuesday (Mar. 19) that she is currently living in a sober facility to deal with her addiction issues.Through tears, the 54-year-old said to her studio audience Tuesday morning: “You know me for being a very open and honest person. You know Kevin and I have the Hunter Foundation for the good of the people and we recently launched our 888-HUNTER number for people who are in the struggle of addiction. Well, for some time now, and even today and beyond, I have bee...
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20% of gamblers attempt suicide — why don't we take the addiction more seriously?

Gambling addiction has been shown to have the same pharmacological effects as opiates. Eighty-five percent of all gambling revenue comes from slot machines. Casinos are designed to disorient and confuse patrons, from the lighting and carpeting to the key of machine sounds. None The smell is the first assault even though the triggers for sensory overload occur concurrently. That is by design. As the fog of cigarette smoke invades your nostrils (and clothing; look forward to those dry cleaning bil...
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6 Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Mental Health

You're reading 6 Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Mental Health, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. When was the last time you were with family or friends and didn’t check your Facebook or Instagram feed? When you’re at a nice restaurant, do you pay more attention on clicking a picture of the food than eating it? When you upload photos, do you feel stressed if you don’t get a s...
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Doctors Are Prescribing Fewer Opioids, but Not Always for the Right Reasons 

Doctors are starting to give out significantly fewer new opioid prescriptions to their patients, according to a study this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. But some are continuing to prescribe possibly dangerous doses, while others have—perhaps unnecessarily—stopped prescribing opioids altogether.Read more...
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Fatal Flaw In Love

Yesterday, I came across a phrase, I loved. A person was said to be, “drawn to trash”.  This was in regard to their relationship choices. I thought it was funny and true.  What are you to do, when trash is your … Read More... Continue reading Fatal Flaw In Love at ElsaElsa .
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Behold, new research suggests the munchies are real

Researchers noticed a spike in sales of ice cream, cookies, and chips after the legalization of marijuana. They studied 2,000 U.S. counties over the course of a decade, focusing on data from Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.While research is confirming the medical benefits of marijuana, obesity is an unintended consequence of legalization. None Cause and effect. There are many unintended consequences to every action, and actions, as we know, result in the manifestation of other forces, even if ...
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In Recovery? Ask Yourself These Questions Before Moving to a New City

Moving might be the right choice, but examine your motives. When we were drinking and using, we were irrational, impulsive, and at the whim of our heartbreakingly horrible decisions. We get into recovery to be more than that. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu Wherever you go, there you are. – Unknown We’ve all heard or tried the myth of the geographic cure: that we can change the unmanageability of our addictions simply by changing locations. The program su...
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What if you were immune to chronic pain? Vaccines could make it happen.

Alzheimer's disease and unintentional deaths (like opioid overdoses and suicides) have been driving down U.S. longevity statistics for three consecutive years – a trend not seen since the Spanish flu pandemic. Our current approach to treating chronic pain is drug-based, but a vaccine-based approach can cut addiction out of the equation. You can vaccinate against pain! Scientists are developing vaccines for migraines and sciatica, which will lower the need for opioids, be cheaper, and make dr...
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Exercise: Don’t Forget to Make Amends to Your Body

In a world where nothing is in my control and living with a head that constantly tells me I’m not doing enough, exercising every day makes me feel like I’ve checked a box. Last year, my mom fell and broke her hip. During the surgery, she had a mild heart attack and a pulmonary embolism. Since that fall, she’s become wheelchair bound and has started showing the signs of early dementia. She’s now in assisted living, being bathed by caretakers. On the other hand, my father has a girlfriend, writes...
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My Son Didn’t Have to Die from Opioids: An Interview with Bob Paff

Zach (left) and Bob (right) According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids, a two-fold increase in a decade. Opioids include prescription opioids and methadone, heroin, and other synthetic narcotics like fentanyl. Bob Paff has directly suffered the casualties of this epidemic. On January 21 of this year he lost his son Zach to an accidental overdose of fentanyl. A highly sought-af...
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The US Has a Higher Overdose Death Rate Than Any Other Wealthy Nation

The U.S. is in the middle of a devastating drug overdose crisis, one led by opioid-related deaths. But new research out of the University of Southern California highlights just how historically awful the situation really is. It found that the drug overdose mortality in America has shot clear past any similarly wealthy…Read more...
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Alcoholics may benefit from multimillion-dollar grant for opioid-blocking implant, says Anaheim company

It’s a well-known and lethal problem: About 90 percent of recovering addicts relapse and use drugs such as heroin again. The overwhelming majority of these falls from grace occur within one month of successfully completing treatment, and the results can be deadly, according to several studies. BioCorRX, a small Anaheim company, believes it can help break this vicious cycle, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse is inclined to agree. The institute — part of the National Institutes of Health — ...
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Real Talk: The Realities of Substance Abuse Recovery

Anyone struggling with addiction is on a dangerous downward spiral. Regardless of the reasons for the initial substance abuse, the individual comes to rely on the substance to get through each day. This means the brain builds up a tolerance to the substance, requiring more to achieve that same feeling of euphoria. This cycle continues until the addicted person has increased the dosage size of the substance to a point at which an overdose is inevitable. Don’t wait till it’s too late. The ti...
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How To Overcome An Addiction

While I love sugar, if I eat it, I become desperately depressed. It puts me in a state of despair. I’ve been talking about baking cookies for my husband. Someone asked me how I was managing to make all these … Read More... Continue reading How To Overcome An Addiction at ElsaElsa .
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Chronic Pain Patients Describe How New Opioid Policies Have Made Their Lives Worse

Much of the attention surrounding the opioid crisis has focused on the lives tragically lost to it. That focus is understandable, given the rapid climb in opioid-related fatalities in recent years, with nearly 50,000 deaths in the U.S. seen in 2017 alone. But rarely do we hear from those most personally affected by…Read more...
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Melania Trump Tells Anti-Drug Group ‘Recovery is Possible’

The first lady leads a national campaign called "Be Best" that partly focuses on the opioid crisis, especially babies born dependent on the powerful drugs.
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5 Things A Mother Can Do For Her Addicted Child

You didn’t sign up for this. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. Your pride and joy is an alcoholic or a drug addict. It’s the end of the world – or is it? No, it’s your time to show what you’re made of. When you became a mother you dreamed of all the beautiful moments you and your child were going to have together. From the first steps and the first words to school days, finding out what they’re good at and nurturing them, to make them the best they can be. Well guess what:...
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Which Should We Treat First: Mental Illness or Addiction?

Substance use can alter behaviors, moods, and personalities so severely for people with addiction that without specialized knowledge and experience, it’s difficult to determine underlying causes such as mental illness or trauma. I credit psychological intervention for pushing me into recovery from alcoholism. Addiction is a mental illness, but is it one that needs to be treated before anything else? Or should we be stopping people from hitting their addiction bottom and helping them recover fro...
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Podcast: How to Change Your Psychological Identity

 We all know that addiction, severe depression, and other conditions change our personality. What few know, however, is just how deeply ingrained that change can be, and how difficult (and scary) it can be to try to become “ourselves” again. In this episode, we examine such changes through the experiences of our guest, who overcame depression and addiction, and now helps others do the same. Subscribe to Our Show! And Remember to Review Us! ...
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The Value of a Relapse

Utter the seven-letter word relapse in recovery circles and the room grows silent. Why did it happen? How did it happen? How much sobriety did she have? How long did she stay out? If a person had years of sobriety accrued, it is expected that the clock be reset – as if they had never stopped drinking. Call me a rebel, but this is too black and white for my taste. While I realize the need to recognize and commemorate consecutive days of sobriety, recovery from addiction is rarely straightforward ...
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11 Incredible Things That Will Help To Create A Healthy Headspace

Creating a healthy headspace is key if you want to be your happiest most productive self. However, a healthy headspace isn’t just something you work towards and achieve once – it’s something you have to work towards every single day. You have to get into the right habits and ensure you’re doing the right things to keep your headspace in a good place. Bear in mind that progress isn’t linear, and there will be times you feel like you’ve gone backwards. That’s fine, as long as you don’t beat ...
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Smoking greatly increases your biological age, says A.I.

A new blood analysis test performed by Artificial Intelligence shows that smoking greatly increases your biological age. Smokers under the age of forty show the greatest increase compared to their chronological age. The study was performed using the anonymized blood chemistry and cell count results of 149,000 people. None Facial creams. Nootropics. Meditation. Cosmetic surgery. Vegan diets. Skin food. Natural oils. Eye recovery masks. Face yoga (seriously). More serums than you ever imagined ex...
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Inside the Specialized ‘Recovery’ High Schools Designed Just for Teens With Addiction

Students learn in an environment that supports sobriety
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Do I Owe Toxic Relatives an Explanation for My Withdrawal from Them?

From Australia: My 58 yr old sister and her 33 yr old son have a toxic co-dependent relationship. Both are mentally ill alcoholics, can’t maintain a home, have experienced homelessness three times and my nephew is physically violent. They’ve had all the help and support in the world but they simply cannot function and it is just a matter of time before the next eviction. A couple of years ago I had to report my sister as a missing person and it took 3 months for police to find her. It was harrow...
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