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Birding in Zambia

Not too long ago, a tale was recounted to me by someone who visited Zambia’s Kafue National Park. There they had heard the tale of a British birder with a life list that would rival the telephone directory in length. He did, however, have a few rare species left to see, and hoped to tick […] The post Birding in Zambia appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Kayak vs. Canoe and their amazing benefits

These days most people are seeking exciting and new means of getting more active, be it for discovering new events which all family members can enjoy together or be it for fitness. If you are the adventurous type then try your hands at kayaking. This is a wonderful low-impact activity which can help in improving aerobic fitness, add flexibility and also boost up strength. Kayak vs. Canoe Prior to making the choice amid kayaking and canoeing, it is vital to know about each and its difference...
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The 4 Best US Cities for an Outdoor Adventure

If you are looking for a destination that will get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping, you will be spoilt for options in the US. Offering various landscapes and tough terrains to tackle, outdoor enthusiasts can find some of the biggest and best challenges in different states across the country. If you want to enjoy an adrenaline fix in 2019, check out the following four best US cities for an outdoor adventure. Los Angeles, California There is more to Los Angeles than celebrity homes...
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Review: 10 Day Egypt Explorer Tour with Expat Explore

We have been wanting to visit Egypt for a while now so when the opportunity to get away over the Christmas and New Year period arose we knew we needed to head there for a break. We joined Expat Explore on their 10 Day Explorer Tour through Egypt taking in the sights of Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada. The reason we chose Expat Explore was that they were the cheapest in price with all the same sights and in the end we were happy with our choice. Pre-departure they emailed us our itinerary with...
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Too posh to pitch? Easy bikepacking in the Peak District

To our writer’s delight, the tent is already up, the food sorted and route plotted on this new camping and cycling trip in the PeaksTwigs crackle and mud splatters as I weave and bounce through the woods, but my sleeping bag stays firmly fixed to my handlebars. When the GPS points to a hidden path, we take it and discover our lamp-lit bell tent sheltered by a sycamore tree. There’s a flickering fire, a hamper of goodies and two chairs awaiting our weary limbs. It’s a magical sight, especially af...
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6 luxury adventure camps in South America

The idea of luxury adventure camping is to get closer to the sheer beauty of nature in places with very little infrastructure, while at the same time enjoying world-class service in the most comfortable digs. The posh term “glamping” (short for glamorous camping) has turned off some adventurers who might otherwise appreciate the experience itself. Despite […] The post 6 luxury adventure camps in South America appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Waterfalls and surfing in Panama

If you are looking for some sun, waterfalls and surfing in Panama and don’t mind roughing it in buses or hostels then you will have a blast! After escaping Panama cities hustle and bustle, we instantly fell in love with the beautiful beaches, tonnes of surf and very chilled out culture! Bocas del Toro Panama’s Main Destinations Playa Venao (Surf and snorkelling) Our favourite destination was a surf beach on the Pacific coast called Playa Venao. It has a lovely beach, surf, waterfalls and to...
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Rainbow Mountain and the Search for Ausangate

Ausangate Mountain, an “Apu” (or holy mountain) in the Quechua culture, rises to 20,945 feet in the Peruvian Andes, hovering nearly 3,885 feet above Rainbow Mountain in the distance. For perspective, that’s 3,345 feet higher than the Mt. Everest base camp, 6,456 feet higher than the tallest mountain in the Continental United States, and nearly 15,665 feet higher than the “mile high city,” Denver, Colorado. After a punishing two-hour trek straight up, sitting at the peak of Montana de Colores (R...
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Peru: take the high road to Inca glory

Macchu Pichu sees a million visitors a year, but another great pre-Columbian monument remains little-known. We join the first supported trek on the Incas’ Royal RoadClimbing from the ancient Peruvian pilgrimage site of Chavín, we pass fields of quinoa flowering purple in a last burst of energy before they are harvested. There are bunches of maize hanging from the farmhouse rafters in shades of gold and red, and the small village plaza has plants that would not be out of place in an English count...
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Making Friends Abroad: Join A Fitness Class

I walked into gymnastics class in Penang, Malaysia ready to put on a performance of handstands, cartwheels, and somersaults — my five year old self reincarnated. For the past week, I’d been on an eating craze, ferociously trying all of the best vegetarian foods in Penang. With each serving of kaya toast, I felt my arm muscles deteriorate and figured I’d better do something...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Wait…Travel Agents Are Still a Thing?Mumbai’s Iconic Parsi CafesSho...
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2019 Adventure Travel Catalog

2019 Adventure Travel Catalog – Choose Your Own Adventure Whether you’re looking to hike the trail less traveled, get up close with wildlife on safari, or coast through a new country by bike, we can make it happen. Working with our Virtuoso’s community of adventure-travel partners, including cruise lines, tour operators, and hotels, we offer our clients expert planning, tailored VIP experiences, and exclusive amenities, combined with a commitment to supporting local ecosystems and cultures. Th...
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Snowmobiling in Quebec as a Beginner

The world moves pretty fast. I am often stunned when I think of all of the changes we’ve gone through in the last 12 years since I’ve started traveling. Smart phones, social media, smart watches, Airbnb, ride sharing apps, and streaming television all appeared spearheaded by computer-based change. Technology seems to move at the speed of light sometimes. But it wasn’t that long ago that the gasoline engine was the change agent that had everyone all riled up, making horse drawn transportation ext...
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6 amazing things about Botswana

Back when Prince Harry was wooing his now-wife Meghan Markle, a key ingredient in his recipe for romance was an African safari. More specifically, an African safari in Botswana. Perhaps it was the unparalleled thrill of being in the wild or the romance of the setting he took her to. Perhaps it was the secrecy […] The post 6 amazing things about Botswana appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Amazonia: the paradise of nature photographers

The best place in the world for nature photographers has to be Amazonia. Because of its sheer size and biodiversity, it accounts for half of the world’s tropical rainforest; it is a must for those that love to photograph nature. Whether you are a hobbyist, professional or happy snapper, you will find so many interesting […] The post Amazonia: the paradise of nature photographers appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Why You Should do the Hike to the Petra Monastery

The hike to the Petra Monastery was the highlight of my day in the rose-coloured city of Petra. The Monastery, called Ad Deir in Arabic, is half-carved, half-built out of rock. It was completed sometime in the 1st century by the Nabateans, a group of nomadic Arab people. The Monastery’s impressive facade measures approximately 45 metres high by 50 metres wide. While it resembles the Treasury, the most famous of the many impressive sights in Petra, it’s not nearly so ornate. The Petra Mo...
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Mobile foam: Surf Portugal’s best waves – by B&B truck

The new Truck Surf Hotel is a bunkhouse on wheels that lets surfers catch waves at locations along the southwest coast, as well as taking in great views and food‘You’ll see it in a minute, it’s just over this hill.”I was in a car with Daniela and Eduardo, owners of a surf hotel, but instead of heading to the coast we were driving to a farm inland, near the town of Sagres at the south-western tip of Portugal. Continue reading...
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My Run-In With A Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel

My Craziest Travel Story Somewhere In Mexico… This is the story of how I accidentally wandered into an extremely remote Mexican village that was openly controlled by a ruthless drug cartel — and what happened next. No, this is not an April fools post. Posted April 2nd! The other week I was taking an Uber from the airport, chatting with the driver about traveling and working around the world as a nomad. After asking the standard question everyone asks “what’s your favorite country”, ...
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What it’s Really Like to Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan

SO, we cycled to the Dead Sea in Jordan the other day. Now doesn’t that sound casually epic, especially for people that live in Calgary, Alberta, nine times zones away from Jordan? We stopped in at Mount Nebo for a great overview of the rift valley and our salty destination. And then enjoyed a thrilling 1,400 metre (4,600 feet) descent on bikes to the lowest elevation on the earth’s surface. Not something we do every day! We have some fun ahead of us on a long, wiggly downhill to the Dead Sea...
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The Best Ways to Explore Australia

If you would like to make the most out of your long haul trip, you might want to start planning ahead months before you travel. In case you have already picked Australia as your destination, you should first decide how to explore this large and often underrated country. From wildlife tours to culinary and cultural experiences, there are several ways you can connect with the continent. Here are a few tips. Camping There is something absolutely unique about the skies in Australia. If you would ...
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An Overnight Stay in a Wadi Rum Camp in Jordan

I’ve been angling to get to Jordan for well over a decade. The country has been on my radar since I first read Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell: Adventurer, Advisor to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia. Instagram provided further fodder – with lots of drool-worthy photos over the past few years. My wish to visit Jordan finally came to true in March 2019. John and I spent a week cycling the country with Exodus Travels with a few days tacked on at either end to see more of the...
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9 Tips for Your Trip to Machu Picchu

I went to Peru’s Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley with a dear friend of mine to celebrate the big 4-0. To mark this milestone birthday, I had a certain scenario in mind. After an absolutely punishing year that included a health scare, job loss, a move, the aftermath of a nasty breakup and a family tragedy, I imagined myself standing powerfully on top of Machu Picchu, where I’d throw my hands up in the air and shout: “Hey world, look at ME! I am a goddess! A superheroine! A doer of great things!” ...
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Nordic walking: a pilgrims’ route from Oslo to Trondheim

This medieval pilgrim trail has a much lower profile than the Camino. And that’s a good thing for those who like to enjoy Norway’s beauty in solitudeWe were deep in the Gudbrands valley, several hundred kilometres along St Olav’s Way in Norway, when Stig Grytting got the call. Sitting outside his 13th-century farmhouse, drinking wine and eating homemade bread, he was talking about renovations to the building when the call came. Not the voice of God, you understand, but the buzz of his mobile pho...
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Want Snow? Try These Winter Activities in Quebec

“I’m sorry folks, but we are unable to land because the runway needs to be cleared off. We’ll be diverting to Montreal until they can get the snow cleared and will try again,” our pilot explained. My trip to Quebec actually started by getting delayed by the snow. I was tired and sad as my chance to stay in the Ice Hotel was slipping away with this blustery bad news, but when you go to a destination specifically for snowy winter activities, you actually kind of like hearing that there is too much...
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Top 6 Magnificent Places to Visit in Israel

Israel is a country with a very rich history. Associated with the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ, it is a place that ranks amongst most tourists destinations. Moreover, its mix of cultures makes it more enticing and exciting place to visit. Israel also offers spectacular archaeological sites, beaches and amazing cities that are a must visit. Israel is well connected to the world via air transport. With direct Israel flights from most countries in the world, the countries national...
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The Best Atacama Desert Adventures in Chile

The long and skinny country of Chile has two major playgrounds for adventure travelers: the far south and the far north. The latter would be the Atacama Desert, where all kinds of adventures and excursions are available that could easily fill up a week's vacation on their own. Let's get one thing out of the way first though: Don't believe the guides and hack travel writers who tell you this Chilean desert is the "driest place on Earth" or the "driest desert in the world." Neither is true. The ...
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Sky-high trekking: taking on California’s High Sierra Trail

This demanding adventure amid granite domes and giant trees ends in a climb up Mount Whitney – and it’s worth every lung-busting stepAs soon as we set foot on California’s High Sierra Trail, the clamour of the world fell away, replaced by the rhythm of our footsteps, the chatter of forest birds and a feeling of stillness. A week of wonder lay ahead. It was euphoria of the purest kind.We would follow the metre-wide path from the beauty spot of Crescent Meadow in Sequoia national park to the other...
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10 of the best activity holidays in Ireland

With its rugged coast, lakes and hills, Ireland is one big adventure playground – perfect for kayaking, hiking, cycling and road trips20 of the best pubs in IrielandStanding at 1,039 metres in the middle of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks range, Carrauntoohil is the tallest mountain in Ireland. The range spreads out across 100 sq km in the heart of the Ring of Kerry, adding drama to the Iveragh peninsula’s wild, beautiful landscape. Start the Carrauntoohil ascent from Cronin’s Yard, a car park with se...
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Top 5 ultra-luxurious safari lodges in South Africa

If you are looking to treat yourself to celebrate a special occasion or just because you feel like it, going on an ultra-luxurious safari might just be the ideal solution you’re looking for. While you’ll find a vast array of high-end safari retreats, there is just a very small bunch of lodges you could consider […] The post Top 5 ultra-luxurious safari lodges in South Africa appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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10 of the best new group trips for women

We celebrate International Women’s Day by picking some of the best new women-only adventures from Scotland to MongoliaWhen Intrepid launched its first Women’s Expeditions last year – to Iran, Jordan and Morocco – the tours became some of the most popular in the company’s 30-year history. Within a few months, Intrepid expanded its four original departures to 36. This year, it is introducing four more tours – to Kenya, India, Nepal, and Turkey – where women can celebrate the female-only Gangur fes...
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Fuerteventura: If Mars had Water

There’s an ongoing experiment in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where six imitation astronauts bunk together in a small dome for one year. They aren’t allowed to interact with anyone but each other, and they’re not allowed to explore the outside world without the protection of a noisy space suit. A journalist from Gimlet Media followed the astronauts for one year and documented their trials...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Wait…Travel Agents Are Still a Thing?Understandin...
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