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Representationalism as Certainty

Evidently this has been making the rounds: Rittenhouse When I look at this image, I see a concept made perfectly transparent and rendered powerfully with a high degree of technical and aesthetic skill alike. I see a devastating and pessimistic statement made pleasing to look at. Like a "beautiful" but "sad" piece of music, this makes for a particulary powerful combination. All of this is familiar, though it is not to be taken for granted. It is unusual to find the technical skill and the powe...
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Bodies and Artifacts (iii)—Jones' Voice

LeRoi Jones Blues People (1963) For a Westerner to say that the Wagnerian tenor's voice is "better" than the African singer's or the blues singer's is analogous to a non-Westerner disparaging Beethoven's Ninth Symphony because it wasn't improvised. (p. 30) So what if a Westerner says this about Beethoven? What if a small but vocal subculture emerges within the Western world itself where this disparagement of Beethoven is nothing less than the storefront signage, the secret handshake, and the...
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When More Is Less

E.O. Wilson Consilience (1998) The explanation for the rarity of great beauty may be (and I continue to speculate) the behavioral phenomenon known as the supernormal stimulus . Widespread among animal species, it is the preference during communication for signals that exaggerate the norms even if they rarely if ever occur in nature. e.g. Male butterflies who can be more attracted to mechanical replicas that have the biggest, brightest, and most rapidly moving wings than to actual females. ...
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A Career in Scalp Micropigmentation

When you are attempting to find your ideal career, it can be tough to know where to even begin your search. But, if you are looking for a role that helps people feel their best, pursuing a career in aesthetics could be perfect for you. 
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It's Acne Positivity Day.

#AcnePositivityDay  Of course, there's tons of naysaying — negativity about the positivity. But I'm going to cherry pick some of the positivity about Acne Positivity Day. See below. Nobody is saying they like having acne or don't want it to heal. They're just being positive about their overall worthiness as a person and appreciating the support. When I was little I thought pimples were really pretty bc they were pink. Then skin care commercials and beauty products taught me that they were unde...
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Red delicious apples tasted good until farmers bred the flavor out

Red delicious apples, notorious for their grainy texture and bland flavor, were the country's best-selling apple until 2018. After Iowa farmer Jesse Hiatt discovered the variety in his orchard in the 1880s, he paid attention to its sweet taste. He eventually submitted it into a contest. — Read the rest
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"Goblincore: the fashion trend that embraces ‘chaos, dirt and mud’/Sales of clothes and accessories featuring mushrooms, snails, frogs and worms are booming, but why now?"

Headline at The Guardian.  Yes, I know this isn't the most important thing going on in the world right now, but maybe that's why we've got Goblincore. I remember a similar enthusiasm for mushroom and frog motifs in the early 1970s. [Goblincore] “romanticizes the ugly, lesser appreciated parts of the natural world.” Its trappings include animal skulls and earthworms... [I]t is about “chaos, dirt and mud.”... “I’ve been tagging some of my pieces as goblincore for over 18 months but recently it ...
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How to 'Fix' Your Sparse Eyebrows, If You Want

In case you somehow missed the memo, big, bushy brows are in and have been for a few years now. There are all manner of makeup products and procedures that can help someone with even the sparsest of facial hair achieve full, luxurious brows—or the illusion of them—but how do you even know where to begin? Let’s start…Read more...
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"I consider myself an aficionado of house numbers, and yours are the biggest I’ve ever seen. Why did you choose these truly giant house numbers?"

Dan Kois asked Caryn Wagner, as recounted in "A Q&A With the Woman Who Installed These 2-Foot-Tall Address Numbers on Her House/'The overall look is "the circus came to town"'" (Slate).From Wagner's side of the interview: It all started when we first moved in.... we added a bay window to the master bedroom. That’s the window over the garage... but it didn’t have anything on the bottom to balance it out.... They maybe didn’t quite have to be that big... The four digits will go across the garage, ...
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Here’s Why We Believe That Beautiful Animals Are More Deserving Of Our Protection

By Emma Young Do you think a ladybird is more beautiful than a locust? If you do, you probably also feel that the ladybird is “purer” than the locust, and this leads you to believe that it possesses more inherent moral worth. This, at least, is the conclusion of a new paper that inextricably links perceptions of purity, beauty, and moral standing for people as well as animals, and even landscapes and buildings. Earlier studies have found that the more we feel an entity has a mind, an...
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"The restoration work not only reveals the rogue addition of an upturned smile, but also a jarring strip of dirty sky added to make the canvas square rather than rectangular."

From "Restoration work wipes smile off the face of Dutch vegetable seller/Painting reclaims former glory as English Heritage rights the wrongs of 19th-century additions" (The Guardian).What I find so interesting here is not the outrage of painting changes onto a valuable work of art, but that the changes are so discordant. Assuming the changes were done at the same time — and there you see an easy off ramp from the conundrum — I wonder: Who would think both that a resting-bitch-face woman ought ...
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"The Kellys have preserved the interior walnut planes, cove lighting and most of the room configurations. They added reinforced window glass, skylights, pink carpet, crystal chandeliers and stained-glass lamps."

"Walls are covered in paintings and prints, whether reproductions of Impressionist masterpieces or folk art portraits, alongside family photos. 'I just like art, I’ve got all kinds of art, I don’t care what it is,' Kelly said. Knickknacks on the shelves include creamy ceramic vessels that her sons made as children and souvenirs of vacations nationwide — the very kind of 'odds and ends of family living' that Woman’s Home Companion had envisioned. A coating of sparkly green stucco on MoMA’s woode...
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Engineering Beauty

The fourth and most understandable error we made...was to have turned over all aspects of freeway route selection and design to the engineering profession. Of course, engineering is an absolutely necessary element in the road-building process. But engineering not all that is required. ... Freeways do not exist apart from the world. ...even the Division of Highways recognizes the fact that values of a sort that do not lend themselves to narrow economic analysis are important. ....
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Walter Capps—Erikson, Psychohistory, Worldview

Walter Capps"Erik Erikson's Contribution Toward Understanding Religion"in Ideas and Identities: The Life and Work of Erik Erikson (1998) ed. Wallerstein and Goldberger pp. 67-78 were the primary Erikson insight writ large, one could make a compelling case that the religious traditions themselves can be approached as extensions and exemplifications of the lives—indeed, the biographies—of their founders. (69) And in a footnote to a related passage: In making this suggestion, I wish to call atten...
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Parsons on the Romantic and the Methodical

...the dominant character structure of modern Germany had been distinguished by a striking dualism between "A: an emotional, idealistic, active, romantic component which may be constructive or destructive and anti-social," and "B: an orderly, hard-working hierarchy preoccupied, methodical, submissive, gregarious, materialistic" component.In the traditional pre-Nazi German society it is overwhelmingly the B component which has become institutionalized. The A component arises from two principal in...
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How Much Money Is Your Hair Worth?

Cutting off your hair might mean a bold new look, but it’s also a chance to make some quick cash. You can generally sell your long (or short) locs for anywhere from $100 to $1000, as human hair is a hot commodity for high-quality wigs, weaves, and extensions, but before you grab some scissors you might want to know…Read more...
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"Every so often, a TikTok comes along that physically debilitates me. Sometimes it’s... an overwhelming, full-body gut punch..."

" that’s triggered by a deep sense of emotional recognition. It could be embarrassment, fear, or stress. Or it could be positive: excitement, pride, joy..."Writes Emilia Petracha in "What Will You Wear on the First Day of the Rest of Your Life?" (New York Magazine). Here's the TikTok she's talking about: @jayden_the_weeb1 ♬ original sound - Jayden_the_weeb1 "My heart breaks for Jayden that he hasn’t been able to be in school this whole time, presumably because of the pand...
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"As part of the park’s redesign, roughly an acre of concrete slab will be covered with a thermoplastic mural printed with rainbow stripes and planted with eight-foot-tall sculptural flowers as a tribute to [Black trans activist Marsha P.] Johnson..."

"... who often wore flowers in her hair. Locals are livid that the redesign doesn’t include a major expansion of green space or real flower beds. They also say that local residents never had a chance to offer meaningful feedback.... The new design was announced last August, but state officials waited until a few days before the park was set to close for construction in January to present it to Brooklyn Community Board 1....  'It’s almost stereotypical at this point. People just think, Oh, it’s q...
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Just a Couple of Black-Owned Products and Businesses You Should Know About

Black history month is winding down, but everyone over at the Inventory wanted to expose you all to a couple of products that were made or developed by Black people. Like Ignacia mentioned in her introductory post, about 40% of Black-owned businesses might not actually make it through the pandemic. Given actual…Read more...
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This Self-Oscillating Hair Dryer Is as Effective as It Is Absurd

When you have long, thick hair, drying it is tedious and time-consuming. I’m a busy gal, so I’ll admittedly try anything that promises to shorten the process—hence why I agreed to test this ridiculous, self-oscillating Panasonic hair dryer that also supposedly reduces frizz by shooting “tiny, moisture-rich particles”…Read more...
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"Semicolons are ugly, pretentious and unnecessary; they immaturely try to have it both ways."

"There are so many things to fear in life, but punctuation is not one of them. That semicolons, unlike most other punctuation marks, are fully optional and relatively unusual lends them power; when you use one, you are doing something purposefully, by choice, at a time when motivations are vague and intentions often denied.... Are they ugly? That’s an opinion. Theodor Adorno said they looked like 'a drooping mustache,' but in his view, that’s good — all punctuation marks, and the downtrodden sem...
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This Water-Saving Machine Gave Me the Best Hair of Quarantine

It does not matter how many shampoos I try, how many conditioners I buy, and how many tutorials I watch on YouTube—my hair is a crunchy, frizzy mess. Read more...
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"Nearly a year of being disheartened by the online garishness and promotional smarm of digitized images has set me up to rediscover the pungency of direct aesthetic experience."

"There can be no meaningful discourse about art divorced from that. Intellectual appreciation starves for want of it. The less you see, the dumber you get."  Writes Peter Schjeldahl in "The Revelations of an Unlikely Pairing/In a show at Zwirner, the soft cosmos of Giorgio Morandi’s domestic tableaux is relieved and refreshed by the architectonics of Josef Albers’s squares" (The New Yorker).  How awful is it not to be looking directly at paintings? Schjeldahl takes a strong position. [Author...
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Why You Shouldn't Use Lipstick as Eyeshadow, or Vice Versa

You’re running out and forget to bring eye shadow or blush; instead of picking some up from the corner store, you grab your matte lipstick and blend it in on your cheekbones and eyelids. Anyone who wears makeup has done it at some point: took a cosmetic meant for one thing and used it for another. It’s all meant for…Read more...
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A drawing game where AI is the judge

Here's, a game that gives players a weird prompt, asks them to draw it, and then uses AI to judge which submission is the best. Recent prompts: "draw the way a cat looks when it's depressed", "draw a cute raccoon using a computer", "draw a lightbulb that is trying its best". — Read the rest
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Make Your Tresses Bounce for Days With the Best Leave-In Conditioners for Curly Hair

Top Product: Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream | $14 | SephoraRead more...
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I love these reviews of sinks in various public bathrooms.

 Here's a link to (at TikTok). I'll just embed the one that got me started — a review of the sinks at the Museum of Modern Art: @sinkreviews The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan ##Welcome2021 ##fyp ##sinks ##sinkreview ##sinktok ##nyc ##2021 ♬ You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are - Steve Reich [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Soviet visuals.

"Nevsky 402" Soviet portable radio, 1987— Soviet Visuals (@sovietvisuals) November 12, 2020 What's so amazing about this design is the commitment to rectangles where curves make so much more sense. Or is that just my Western point of view? If the radio is rectangular — they seem to have thought — then the dial should be rectangular and the knob should be rectangular. If you begin with something rectangular — and you're not going to have an oval-shaped radio — then yo...
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"The photographs in this book were taken by people I have never met, of places and things I have, almost without exception, never seen — but I must say: I intend to."

Said Wes Anderson, quoted in "When Life Looks Like a Wes Anderson Movie/An Instagram platform, now a book, documents real-life settings that look like frames from the director’s movies" (NYT).Here's the Instagram page, for lots of cool photographs.You can tell that the director's aesthetic has influenced many people to look at the world and see certain types of things and realize that they should be photographed and shared. Example: View this post on Instagram ...
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