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How a rogue doctor who called the vaccine 'needle rape' was made an Idaho public-health official in its worst COVID crisis yet

Dr Ryan Cole talking to KTVB from his Boise, Idaho lab in December 2020. KTVB/YouTube A doctor who called the COVID-19 vaccine "needle rape" made it to one of Idaho's top health boards. Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist with no public health experience, was championed by the GOP. His victory came as Idaho was overrun with severe COVID-19 cases, its lowest ebb in the pandemic. See more stories on Insider's business page. In Boise, Idaho, a doctor in a lab coat offered comforting words to ...
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Germany's spy agency has placed the far-right AfD party under surveillance for extremism

Alexander Gauland, leader of the right-wing Alternative for Germany, in Berlin. Omer Messinger/Getty Images Germany's BfV spy agency conducted a two-year review of the far-right Alternative for Germany party. The AfD is Germany's biggest opposition party. Its members have been linked to neo-Nazism. The BfV now has the power to tap phones, monitor emails, and spy on the whole party.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Germany's domestic spy agency has placed the country...
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Europe's surging, far-right, "anti-establishment" parties: funded by billionaires, voting for billionaire-friendly policies, lining their own pockets

On May 26th, Europeans will vote for the next EU Parliament, and the region's far-right, "nationalist/anti-establishment" parties (AfD Germany, UKIP/Brexit UK, PiS/Poland, etc) are expected make large gains, possibly prompting a realignment of power in the EU; the far-right parties have campaigned as "anti-establishment," tapping into frustration with elites and their corruption. But careful research from the Corporate Europe Observatory (previously) reveals the massive gap between the far-...
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The United States Constitution is Not Dysfunctional

For the symposium on Sanford Levinson and Jack M. Balkin, Democracy and Dysfunction (University of Chicago Press, 2019).Steven G. Calabresi May 12, 2019 Providence, Rhode Island Dear Jack and Sandy: Thank you enormously for inviting me to comment on your new book.  While I believe the U.S. constitutional system is badly in need of some reforms, I think the U.S. Constitution, as amended, is the best such document in any of the G-20 constitutional democracies today, and I think you bo...
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German neofascists used Qanon to expand their reach

Germany's Alternative For Germany (AfD) party (previously) are an insurgent neofascist movement with ties to senior mainstream politicians and the country's super-wealthy would-be oligarchs; the party put on a hard push in the the 2018 Bavarian elections and their meme warfare was full of familiar voter-suppression tactics, from garden-variety disinformation to exhortations to stay home on election day. Also prominent in the group's messaging: hashtags and tropes from the US far-right consp...
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Trump chose a thin-skinned, blowhard ignoramus as ambassador to Germany, and now no one will talk to him except Nazis

In many ways, Richard Grenell was the perfect pick for Trump's ambassador to Germany: a longtime Fox News pundit and John Bolton protege whose vanity and narcissism cause him to lash out constantly (and undiplomatically) at the nation he's meant to be charming, and whose thin-skinned insecurity sends him into spirals of misery and approval-seeking a the first hint of criticism. Since arriving, Grenell has isolated himself from German politics, leaders and people, advocating regime change in...
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Unemployed 20-year-old who lives with his parents confesses to massive German political dox

When top German officials had their emails and social media hacked and dumped, people wondered whether the attack was some kind of well-financed act of political extremism, given that the targets were so high-profile (even Chancellor Angela Merkel wasn't spared) and that politicians from the neofascist Alternative for Germany were passed over by the hacker. Now, a politically unaffiliated, unemployed, 20-year-old male German citizen who lives with his parents in the state of Hesse has confe...
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Agro-ecology: A way for farming systems in the global South to adapt to climate and global change

(Cirad) A book on the agro-ecological transition within farming systems in the global South, written by some 130 scientists from CIRAD, the AFD and their partners, is due out on January 3, published by Editions Quae. The book's conclusions, which were recently presented exclusively to the press, are unequivocal: farming systems in the global South absolutely must adapt to climate, population, social and environmental change, and agro-ecology would ba a part of the solution, for all types of agri...
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Spiegel claims ties between Germany's neofascist movement and secretive billionaire

High ranking German government officials were outed this year for secretly supplying advice and assistance to the xenophobic, violent, far-right extremist Alternative For Germany (AfD) party. Now, information about the party's secret financial backers is emerging: according to sworn affidavits reviewed by Spiegel, the party has long been backed by reclusive billionaire August von Finck through his trusted lieutenant Ernst Knut Stahl, who, in 2017, courted a publisher with an offer to work ...
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Gas Pos snaps up $1 mln from Merus Capital

North Little Rock, Arkansas-based Gas Pos, a tech platform for the fuel industry, has secured $1 million in funding. The investor was Merus Capital. PRESS RELEASE Palo Alto, CA- November 14, 2018 – Gas Pos today announced a $1 million investment by Merus Capital, a Silicon Valley-based early-stage venture capital firm. Merus’ investment will enable Gas Pos to execute on a national roll-out plan to bring its uniquely affordable gas pump upgrade solution to independent retailers concerned over the...
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Germany's far-right top spy just lost his job after gaslighting the country about right-wing, violent mob Hans-Georg Maaßen was Germany's top spy, in charge of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (a domestic surveillance agency with 3,100 employees and an annual budget of €350m), and he was widely understood to have used his position to aid crypt-fascist, far-right groups like the notorious Alternative For Germany (AfD). (more…)
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Berlin, We Have A Problem – It’s Time To Stand-Up Against the Far-Right

photo: Dominik Pascal While right-wing populism is spreading over Europe like a virus, we have to ask ourselves, is Berlin still the liberal and international safe haven we thought it is? Do we keep on doing what we’re doing or is this our wake up call? Berlin doesn’t have a nationality. My next-door neighbor is originally from Slovenia. The flower shop in my house is owned by a lovely Korean lady. My Späti is run by a quirky mid-forties guy who was born in Romania and I buy my favorite Döner ...
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Germany's top domestic spy advised far right xenophobic political party on how to avoid being billed as "extremists"

The Alternative For Germany (AfD) is a xenophobic far-right party whose ranks include neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers; in a new tell-all book by "AfD dropout" Franziska Schreiber (once the head of the AfD's youth wing), we learn that party leader Frauke Petry worked closely with Hans-Georg Maaßen, the president of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (a domestic surveillance agency with 3,100 employees and an annual budget of €350m). (more…)
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German's top domestic spy advised far right xenophobic political party on how to avoid being billed as "extremists"

The Alternative For Germany (AfD) is a xenophobic far-right party whose ranks include neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers; in a new tell-all book by "AfD dropout" Franziska Schreiber (once the head of the AfD's youth wing), we learn that party leader Frauke Petry worked closely with Hans-Georg Maaßen, the president of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (a domestic surveillance agency with 3,100 employees and an annual budget of €350m). (more…)
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MallforAfrica goes global, Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC, France explains its $76M fund

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Harley-Davidson to expand EV lineup, may include scooters, bicycles Update: EV startups Alta, Energica, and Zero could reboot the motorcycle industry B2B e-commerce company Sokowatch closed a $2 million seed investment led by 4DX Ventures. Others to join the round were Village Global, Lynet...
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Vile political trolls single out Mesut Ozil after Germany’s World Cup exit

Germany’s World Cup exit Germany’s World Cup exit hasn’t been pleasant for Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil. Ozil created seven goal-scoring opportunities as Germany lost 2-0 to South Korea this week. That result left Germany bottom of their group behind the Koreans, Mexico and table-toppers Sweden. It’s the first time that Germany have ever been knocked out a World Cup in the group phase. Of course, 2014 world champions Germany, along with Brazil, were the pre-tournament favourites to win the trophy. Tro...
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PE-backed Chicagoland Smile Group acquires Advanced Family Dental

Chicagoland Smile Group, a portfolio company of Shore Capital Partners, has acquired Advanced Family Dental and Orthodontics, an Illinois-based provider of dentistry services. No financial terms were disclosed. Allen Mooney Barnes Brokerage Services provided financial advice to AFD on the deal. PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO, June 11, 2018 – Chicagoland Smile Group (CSG), Chicago’s premier dental support organization, today announced its affiliation with Advanced Family Dental and Orthodontics, PC (AFD)....
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Why Tommy Robinson Was Jailed, and Why U.S. Rightwingers Care

He was imprisoned for broadcasting outside a trial. Here's why
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United Colors of Berlin – Love Against Right-Wing Populism

It seemed one of those beautiful early summer Sundays where you wake up with a little bit of hangover from a long Saturday night, lying around in bed a bit lazy but still sure you have to go out because the weather is too good to waste on a hangover. But on this beautiful Sunday the so-called “Alternative for Germany” a party that gained popularity in a time of the refugee crisis and international instabilities had made big plans. This party wanted to march for the “future of Germany” all ov...
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Fuel Spill Threatens French Broad River

Health officials are warning people to stay out of the French Broad River after thousands of gallons of petroleum leaked into the waterway from an above ground storage tank located on the property of Mountain Energy Bulk Fuel at 288 Lyman St. near the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina. According to the Asheville Citizen Times, the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon and firefighters with the Asheville Fire Department (AFD) were first on the scene. AFD spokeswoman Kelley Klope to...
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What Will Happen To Germany If Merkel Loses The National Elections?

Last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel's political party, the CDU, lost local elections in her home state to the populist right-wing party AFD and the Social Democrats. Not only was this the first time that a right-wing party has overtaken the center-right party CDU at an election, but it has served as a warning sign to Chancellor Merkel that her refugee-friendly 'open-door' policy might cost her next year's national elections. Merkel has been under fire for her refugee-friendly policies by right ...
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German far right party on the rise

Another vote in Germany shows the growing strength of the far right, this time by defeating the nation's major party on Chancellor Angela Merkel's home turf. Alternative für Deutschland, or AFD, defeated the Christian Democratic Union in local electio...
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Uganda: France to Support Energy Sector

The Ugandan government together with the French embassy in Uganda and the French Development Agency have signed three new financing agreements totalling to 51.7 million euros. These financing agreements were signed by the minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Matia Kasaija, and the French ambassador Sophie Makame, and the director of AFD in East Africa, Yves Boudot.
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