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How emotion-tracking A.I. will change computing as we know it

Affectiva is just one of the startups working to create emotion-tracking A.I. that can work out how you're feeling. Here's why this could change the face of computing as we know it. The post How emotion-tracking A.I. will change computing as we know it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Boston Tech Watch: Tufin, Facebook, RightHand, Diameter & Jebbit

A cybersecurity IPO could raise up to $124 million for an Israeli-based company with its US headquarters in Boston. Facebook’s Boston office wants to map the world’s population in high def, starting with Africa. More venture cash is flowing into Bay State startups. Read all this and much more in this week’s roundup of local tech news.—Tufin Software Technologies, a cybersecurity company based in Israel with its US headquarters in Boston, went public this week and is listed on the New York Stock...
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Affectiva lands $26 mln

Boston, Massachusetts-based Affectiva, a provider of emotion recognition software, has raised $26 million in funding. Aptiv PLC led the round with participation from Trend Forward Capital, Motley Fool Ventures and CAC. Source: Press Release
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Five really, really good reasons to attend TC Sessions: Robotics & AI @ UC Berkeley on April 18

There are actually a lot more than five great reasons, but these five should be enough to make just about anyone eager to join TechCrunch’s robotics and AI show April 18 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall. 1. Fireside & Panel Discussions TechCrunch’s editors will have a busy day with more than 20 riveting sessions — including Marc Raibert and the latest SpotMini; AI and synthetic media experts Hany Farid and Alexei Efros; autonomous-vehicle expert Anthony Levandowski; Kiyonori Inaba, chief at J...
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An insider’s peek at TC Sessions: Robotics & AI

We are not quite ready to announce the agenda for TechCunch’s April 18 robotics and AI show at UC Berkeley, but anyone who has been watching the speaker announcements is bound to be just a bit excited. Here’s a quick sneak peek at the soon-to-be-announced agenda. Robotics & AI investor panel For founders eager to know what’s on investors’ minds, there is an all-star robotics and AI investor panel that includes Peter Barrett from Playground Global, Helen Liang from FoundersX Ventures, Andy W...
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Boston Tech Watch: Boston Metal, TaxJar, ClimaCell, & WithMe Health

A bunch of startups started 2019 off on the right foot taking big checks cut by investors that continue the boom from 2018. Read on for more.—Weather forecast company ClimaCell says its high-resolution data is now available in 40 countries, including India. In October, the Boston-based startup raised $45 million, pushing its total venture capital haul to $65 million, and since then, it added another $5 million from GXP Investments, an arm of Kansas power utility Great Plains Energy, and Nationa...
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Boston A.I. Leaders Call for Focus on Diversity, Global Mindset in 2019

It was an eventful year for the artificial intelligence industry.The sector saw more big venture capital deals and acquisitions, while researchers kept plugging away on technology advances. Meanwhile, A.I. developers continued to grapple with issues around transparency, trust, and ethics.As part of Xconomy’s series of year-end posts, we asked a pair of CEOs of Boston-area A.I. software startups to reflect on the trends that defined the sector in 2018—and where things might be headed in 2019. He...
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All About Talent: Takeaways From MIT’s $1B Plan to Lead Way in A.I.

In 2011, Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen penned a widely read essay declaring that “software is eating the world.” If he were to write an updated version today, it might proclaim that machine learning is eating the world.Advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies are starting to impact virtually every industry. In the coming years, A.I. could transform society in ways we don’t yet fully understand. Companies are investing heavily in A.I. to try and stay ahead of...
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Boston Tech Watch: Nuance, Relayr, Markforged, Grapevine & More

Time to catch up on recent Boston-area tech headlines:—Relayr, a Boston-based company developing software and services for connected devices, is being acquired for $300 million by German insurance and reinsurance company Munich Re through its Hartford Steam Boiler subsidiary. Munich Re said Relayr will help it create new business models for the “industrial Internet of Things.”—Affectiva and Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) are teaming up to enhance virtual assistants for vehicles and improv...
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SoftBank Taps Affectiva to Boost Pepper Robot’s Emotional IQ

Teaching robots to recognize human emotions and react appropriately is one of the grandest ambitions in robotics. Companies have made progress on this front in recent years, thanks in part to advances in machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and related technologies. But there is a long way to go.Now, one of the big players in the field, SoftBank Robotics, is turning to a Boston startup to boost the “emotional intelligence” of its humanoid robot, Pepper. SoftBank Robotics said ...
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Robo Madness 2018: Homecoming—The Photos

View the Slideshow We had a blast at our fourth annual Robo Madness conference in the Boston area, and we hope you did, too. The theme this year was homecoming—the idea that robotics and artificial intelligence have started to seep into our lives and homes, and are poised to have big, transformative effects on business and society wherever you look. The theme had a double meaning: this year’s event took place at the headquarters of iRobot, the venerable company that has pioneered robotic...
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How Deep Learning May Change Marketing

Listening to Hugo Larochelle, researcher at Google Brain, talk about the relationship between artificial intelligence, deep learning and the, apparently, much-maligned neural networks, two things become clear. First he is super smart. Like PhD+ smart. Like unattainably smart. The second is that Canada is where all the neat AI and deep learning breakthroughs happened – speech recognition that actually works, image recognition and more. When I challenged him jokingly on the Canadian thing, I was ...
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Saver Rate Ending—Grab Your Ticket to Robo Madness 2018: Homecoming

Grab your ticket to attend Xconomy’s fourth annual Robo Madness event, which was a total sellout last year. Leaders in robotics and artificial intelligence will discuss smart home technologies, progress in driverless vehicles, investment and startup strategies, and more. Join us on April 12 at iRobot in Bedford, MA, to look at how robots and A.I. have shifted from exotic machines and research to more mainstream tools and services. You can see the full agenda here. Check out our confirmed...
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Affectiva’s Automotive AI could keep distracted and drowsy drivers from causing accidents

Affectiva this week announced its Automotive AI platform for monitoring humans. If the idea of a robot watching you while you drive bothers you, consider that most accidents are caused by distracted drivers. An AI that knows whether you’re paying attention or not could potentially save as many lives as one that does the driving for us. Even with driverless cars on the roads now, it’ll take at least a decade for the kind of massive fleet rollouts the experts predict. For better or worse, people a...
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Affectiva Launches A.I. Tech to Help Cars Sense Your Emotions

Efforts to develop self-driving vehicles have largely focused on tracking what’s going on outside the cars—think laser-based sensors to track other vehicles and digital mapping technologies to help navigate. Now, the industry is turning some of its attention to technologies that sense what’s going on inside the vehicle. An initial goal is to better monitor driver alertness to help reduce the number of car accidents. But if fully autonomous vehicles one day become the norm, having technolo...
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Robo Madness 2018 on April 12: Here’s the Agenda

Are you ready for the storm? Not that storm, this storm: Robo Madness 2018 is just over a month away. It’s Xconomy’s annual gathering of robotics and artificial intelligence leaders from Boston and beyond, and it’s all happening on the afternoon of April 12 at iRobot headquarters in Bedford, MA. This year’s theme is homecoming—robotics and A.I. technologies seeping into our homes, lives, and businesses. Today, we’re pleased to announce the agenda for the conference. Here are a few highlig...
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Super Saver Rate Ends Today for Robo Madness 2018: Homecoming

Experts across the robotics and artificial intelligence industries are coming together for our fourth annual Robo Madness event. It all takes place on April 12 at iRobot in Bedford, MA. Join us for interactive talks, panels, and demos from an elite group of business leaders discussing how robots and A.I. have shifted from exotic machines to more mainstream tools and services. Check out our confirmed speakers: Colin Angle, Co-Founder & CEO, iRobot Rana el Kaliouby, Co-Founder & CEO, Aff...
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Announcing “Robo Madness 2018: Homecoming” at iRobot on April 12

Robo Madness is back. Xconomy’s fourth annual robotics and artificial intelligence conference in the Boston area will be held April 12 at iRobot’s headquarters in Bedford, MA. The theme this year is “Homecoming,” as robotics and A.I. have seeped into the fabric of everyday life and are hitting home. Join us during National Robotics Week for this unique event featuring some of the industry’s most dynamic executives, founders, and investors, who are out to change the game in robotics. You c...
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Boston Tech Watch: Leerink, E14 Fund, Jobcase, Freight Farms & More

This week in Boston tech, we’re tracking a new $313 million growth equity fund for digital health companies, more money for an MIT Media Lab fund, layoffs at Freight Farms, and the arrival of another autonomous vehicle software startup, among other news. Read on for details. —Leerink Transformation Partners announced it raised $313 million for its inaugural growth equity fund that invests in healthcare IT and services companies. It has already backed Outcome Health,, Vera Wh...
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AI assistants will soon recognize and respond to the emotion in your voice

Emotion-tracking AI company Affectiva has previously developed facial recognition technology for identifying how you're feeling based on pictures. Now it's doing the same thing for your voice. The post AI assistants will soon recognize and respond to the emotion in your voice appeared first on Digital Trends.
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MIT Spinout Affectiva Adds Voice Analysis to Its Emotion-Sensing Tech

Machines are getting better at understanding human speech. Soon, they could also be able to perceive our emotions from the way we talk—and respond accordingly. The latest step toward that longstanding vision comes from Affectiva, an MIT Media Lab spinout that has been developing emotion-sensing technology and products since 2009. In recent years, Boston-based Affectiva has focused on a , using webcams and optical sensors to analyze people’s facial expressions and non-verbal cues, for app...
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New Affectiva cloud API helps machines understand emotions in human speech

 Affectiva, the startup that spun out of the MIT Media Lab several years ago with tools designed to understand facial emotions, announced a new cloud API today that can detect a range of emotion in human speech. When we speak, our voices offer subtle and not so subtle cues about our emotions. Whether our voices are tight or loud or soft can give valuable clues about our feelings. Humans can… Read More
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Our collective facepalm has gotten so bad AI researchers are dedicating time to it

 OK, perhaps the events of the last few months have only moved the needle a bit, but the fact remains that we take a heck of a lot of pictures of ourselves with our hands covering our faces. And it turns out that’s a fairly serious problem for facial recognition. Read More
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Catalia’s Big-Eyed Robots Soon Will Nudge Patients To Take Their Meds

Cory Kidd discovered during a graduate school project at MIT Media Lab that patients are more likely to follow doctor’s orders if they get the nudge from a talking robot, rather than the same reminder from an animated character on a computer screen. That research, and his further health robotics work, prompted Kidd to found Catalia Health in 2014. He’s been touting the persuasive powers of the startup’s prototype robot, Mabu, at conferences for several years now, based on field tests with...
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From Robo Doctors to Mood Trackers, Emotion Sensing Is Coming

The proliferation of smartphones and wearable devices has enabled people to track all kinds of data about their physical health, from heart rate to steps walked in a day. Now, tech companies have their sights set on helping us—and perhaps others—monitor our mental health. “We’ve gotten very good at quantifying the physical self,” said Affectiva chief marketing officer Gabi Zijderveld. “For the most part in consumer health, mental well-being is still missing from that equation. … Looking out...
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Affectiva and Uber want to brighten your day with machine learning and emotional intelligence

 Your phone doesn’t know how you’re feeling — but you may want it to if that capability came with a few fringe benefits. Affectiva makes emotion-detection software, and CEO Rana el Kaliouby was full of ideas today at Disrupt SF as to how it could be deployed, from gifs to Ubers. Read More
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Affectiva raises $14 mln

Affectiva said May 25 that it raised $14 million led by Fenox Venture Capital. The investors include IT Services giant CAC Holdings, Bandai Namco, and Sega Sammy Holdings. Waltham, Massachusetts-based Affectiva provides emotion recognition software. Source: PRNewswire
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Advancing “Emotion A.I.” for Ads and Gaming: Affectiva Adds $14M

Computers can beat humans at games like chess and Go. They are obviously faster than us at calculations and numerical analysis. But they can’t read people’s emotions as well as we can, or do much of anything useful with that information. Not yet, anyway. But researchers and companies have been trying to close that gap. Now, Affectiva, a Waltham, MA-based tech company, has raised $14 million in new funding to advance its emotion-sensing technology and products. The news was reported by TechC...
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Affectiva raises $14 million to bring apps, robots emotional intelligence

Affectiva, a startup developing “emotion recognition technology” that can read people’s moods from their facial expressions captured in digital videos, raised $14 million in a Series D round of funding led by Fenox Venture Capital. According to cofounder Rana el Kaliouby, the Waltham, Mass.-based company, wants its technology to become the de facto means of adding… Read More
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I Think, Therefore I Am: Startup Experts Talk A.I. at SXSW

Even executives of companies that develop the world’s leading artificial intelligence software have time to catch a few movies. True to form, it seems the flicks they pick are typically about artificial intelligence. “‘Her’ was particularly interesting, because this machine, this operating system… She was able to empathize with him, able to get him out of bed when he was really depressed,” said Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and chief science officer of Affectiva, a Waltham, MA-based spinout ...
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