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Anonymous White House Officials Leak Meadows’ Scheme To Catch Leakers

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, like his predecessors, is attempting to plug the numerous leaks to the media coming from anonymous White House aides and Trump administration officials, but his efforts seem to be taking an ironic turn. According to Axios, Meadows has been going around telling several fellow White House aides about how he’s trying to trace the perpetrators by feeding certain staffers information that might later end up in the news. “Multiple officials” told Axios that ...
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Trump confirms he ordered a cyberattack on a notorious Russian troll farm during the 2018 midterms

President Trump confirmed in an interview with the Washington Post that the US launched a cyberattack against infamous Russian troll farm the Internet Research Agency (IRA) during the 2018 midterms. The Post reported the attack in February 2019, but this is the first time Trump has confirmed it took place. It is unusual for countries to publicly talk about cyberwarfare tactics. The IRA was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller in 2018 for conspiracy to interfere with the 2016 presidential...
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Taliban Stage a Major Attack, as Violence Intensifies in Northern Afghanistan

A squad of insurgents detonated a car bomb at the entrance of the Afghan intelligence headquarters in Aybak, and then stormed the offices in a sustained gun battle.
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In Moscow’s Afghan Bazaar, Searching for a Bagman Who Pays Bounties for Dead Americans

MOSCOW—If you ask where to find almost anyone in Moscow’s Afghan community, you’ll be told to come here, to the Hotel Sevastopol. Probably you will be told it has 16 floors, which seems important to the direction givers. Much of the hotel has been turned into a market, a sort of Afghan bazaar where men with tired eyes above their covid masks crowd into the elevators carrying plastic shopping bags full of fragrant Indian spices, semi-precious stones, and cheap leather goods.Russian neighbors of t...
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How Russia Built a Channel to the Taliban, Once an Enemy

The recent assessment that Russia paid bounties to the insurgents to attack U.S. troops stunned many, but officials said the Kremlin’s outreach began almost a decade ago.
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Blackhawk Officially Launches New ‘No Fail’ Video Series ~VIDEO~

U.S.A. -( Introducing the new series from Blackhawk, No Fail. In each episode, we share the story of some of this world's most elite individuals and how their own No Fail Mission shaped them to become the people they are today. In the debut episode, we meet Former Navy SEAL, owner of Kennedy Defense, and new Blackhawk ambassador Travis Kennedy. Kennedy completed two combat deployments in Afghanistan, and in the first episode of the No Fail series, he opens up about the courage a...
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Coronavirus live news: 73 test positive in English farm outbreak; Hungary imposes partial visitor ban

More than 70 workers have Covid-19 in Herefordshire cluster; Michael Gove says people should return to work; Afghanistan says it has reached pandemic peakEngland: face masks won’t be mandatory in shops, says ministerDonald Trump wears mask in public for first time Japan: anger after 61 marines on US base contract Covid-19Bollywood superstar tests positive for coronavirus 2.22pm BST No new coronavirus deaths have been reported in Wales in the last 24 hours, for the third time in a week. The t...
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Israelis protest over Netanyahu's handling of economy during Covid-19 outbreak – video

Huge crowds of people have demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Unemployment has increased to 21% since the country went into partial lockdown in March and aid packages promised by the government have been slow to come through, frustrating Israelis who fear they are on the verge of financial collapse.In keeping with restrictions on public gatherings, police limited the number of people allowed into Tel Aviv's Rabin Square for the rally on Sunday as nea...
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Coronavirus live news: UK minister says people should return to work; Afghanistan death toll passes 1,000

Michael Gove remarks move away from ‘stay home’ advice; Afghanistan says it has reached pandemic peak; Russia sees over 6,600 new infections England: face masks won’t be mandatory in shops, says ministerDonald Trump wears mask in public for first time Japan: anger after 61 marines on US base contract Covid-19Bollywood superstar tests positive for coronavirus 12.20pm BST Significant crowds gathered at bonfires in loyalist areas across Northern Ireland as the annual July tradition took place d...
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'If they need me, I will rejoin': Taliban prisoners freed by Kabul stand ready to rejoin the fight

More than three years inside Afghanistan's most secure prison have done little to weaken Sher Agha Muhammad Khan's links to the Taliban. When the 33-year-old was freed last month in a prisoner swap, one of the first things he did was visit his former militant commander. “I was warmly welcomed, got some financial support and the Taliban promised us that due to my sacrifices, they would give me agricultural land,” he told the Telegraph last week by telephone. His capture, a brutal interrog...
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If He Loses, Trump Must Resign Immediately and Make Biden President. No, Really.

If and when Donald Trump leaves office, whether now or the day after the election, it should be by resignation. We cannot and should not wait until Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021, for him to vacate the White House. His departure has become a matter of national emergency, national safety, and now national security.The polls show Trump losing by large margins to Joe Biden if the election were held today. His nearly catastrophic handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in tens of thousand...
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Ruger American Competition Pistol 5″ 9mm – Review

Ruger American Competition Pistol U.S.A. –-( It's a good life as a gun reviewer, getting to shoot on the clock and getting experience on a much wider variety of guns than I'd be able to afford on my own (short of reenlisting into Uncle Sam's gun club).  One category of firearms that doesn't drop onto my workbench too often is competition guns.  I expected something a little more gaudy when I opened the Ruger American's box, something a little more “race gun”.  What I got was an ...
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Russia's foreign minister mocks intel on bounties to Taliban

Russia’s top diplomat on Friday dismissed U.S. intelligence information alleging that Moscow offered bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers as a product of election year politics in Washington. U.S. intelligence officials said information about Russia's alleged bounties on the heads of troops in Afghanistan was included in an intelligence brief for President Donald Trump in late February. The White House has denied Trump received the information at that time, arguing that the in...
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Woman makes history by joining the elite Green Berets in the US

The elite Green Berets regiment has appointed a woman to join its ranks for the first time in its 68-year history. An enlisted soldier and a member of the National Guard, the woman, who has not been named, completed her training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Women have served in special operations for some years. However, this is the first time a female has graduated the gruelling year-long special forces qualification course. She is the first woman to earn this distinction since the Pentagon o...
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Netflix's 'The Old Guard' writer explains the challenges of turning his comic into a movie and his 'in case of sequel, break glass' ending

Netflix debuted its new comic-book action movie, "The Old Guard," on Friday. Business Insider talked with the screenwriter Greg Rucka, who also wrote the comic it's based on, about the challenges of adapting it for the screen. He also discussed a potential sequel to the movie and when fans could expect the next installment of the comic series. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Under normal circumstances, the summer movie season would be in full swing right now and blockbuste...
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‘Rogue Trip’ Trailer: Former War Correspondent Bob Woodruff and His Son Go to Parts Unknown

ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff and his son Mack Woodruff head out on an adventure in Rogue Trip, a new National Geographic series headed to Disney+. The elder Woodruff was a war correspondent who was wounded in Iraq. However, as Woodruff says in the Rogue Trip trailer below, he didn’t want his kids “to grow up fearful because of what happened.” As a result, the two Woodruffs are off to prove there’s more to see in certain parts of the world than some of us may believe. Rogue Trip Trail...
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Pentagon chief confirms he was briefed on intelligence about Russian payments to the Taliban

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirmed Thursday that he had been briefed on information regarding Russian payments to the Taliban, seemingly acknowledging that Russia's support for the militant group in Afghanistan is not a "hoax," as President Donald Trump has claimed. However, Esper also made clear that he has not seen intelligence that corroborates claims that American troops were killed as a result of the "bounty" payments, walking a delicate line between acknowledging a well-known threat...
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Pentagon chief confirms he was briefed on intel about Russian payments to Taliban

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirmed Thursday that he had been briefed on information regarding Russian payments to the Taliban, seemingly acknowledging that Russia's support for the militant group in Afghanistan is not a "hoax," as President Donald Trump has claimed. However, Esper also made clear that he has not seen intelligence that corroborates claims that American troops were killed as a result of the "bounty" payments, walking a delicate line between acknowledging a well-known threat...
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Russian bounties: Pentagon vows 'action' if intel confirmed

Top Pentagon officials pledged Thursday to "take action" if the US military could corroborate intelligence suggesting Moscow paid militants linked to the Taliban to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke before a congressional committee as the Trump administration comes under pressure to explain media reports claiming the president was briefed on the intelligence -- but did nothing in response. Milley ...
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Congress Presses Military Leaders on Suspected Russian Bounties

Two House hearings grappled with a C.I.A. assessment that Russia offered payments to kill American troops in Afghanistan — and White House inaction on the months-old judgment.
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Top US general vows response if military confirms reports of Russian bounties

Gen Mark Milley tells lawmakers Pentagon is investigating reports Russia paid for attacks on US soldiers in AfghanistanAmerica’s top general has said military intelligence agencies are working to corroborate reports of Russia paying Taliban fighters bounties for killing US soldiers and vowed a response if they were confirmed.Gen Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, told the House armed services committee, that the Pentagon was committed to discovering whether Russian military ...
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Duckworth demands more details on Russian bounties on US troops

Sen. Tammy Duckworth is demanding more details about Russian bounties that were offered to the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan and sent a new letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Thursday voicing her frustration with the information provided by the Pentagon to date.
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Pentagon Leaders Face Grilling Before Congress Thursday On Use Of Military In Unrest

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon’s top leaders are going before Congress for the first time in months to face a long list of controversies, including their differences with President Donald Trump over the handling of protests near the White House last month during unrest triggered by the killing of George Floyd in police hands. The House hearing Thursday will provide the first congressional testimony by Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, since...
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Hunger could kill millions more than Covid-19, warns Oxfam

Starvation looms from Afghanistan to Haiti as coronavirus restrictions wipe out incomes and cut food suppliesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMillions of people are being pushed towards hunger by the coronavirus pandemic, which could end up killing more people through lack of food than from the illness itself, Oxfam has warned.Closed borders, curfews and travel restrictions have disrupted food supplies and incomes in already fragile countries, forcing an extra million ...
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Enemies of charter schools are enemies of students

Dr. Thomas Sowell has just published “Charter Schools and Their Enemies.” He presents actual test scores of students in traditional public schools and charter schools on New York State Education Department’s annual English Language Arts test and its Mathematics Test. Sowell gives the results of student tests in charter schools such as KIPP, Success Academy, Explore Schools, Uncommon Schools, Achievement First as well as the traditional New York City public schools. On the English Language Arts t...
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Don’t let Tucker Carlson scare you: reform won’t hurt good cops

Public outrage following the death of George Floyd led to more than nationwide protests. The high-profile display of police brutality, captured on video, also sparked renewed calls to end an unlawful shield that protects police and other government officials from accountability when they violate individual rights. The judge-made doctrine, called qualified immunity, has no principled defense. But that does not stop some commentators from trying. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, for example, recently...
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Never surrender to the cancel culture mob

The online mob came for Harald Uhlig. What terrible thing had he done? He tweeted that Black Lives Matter “torpedoed itself, with its full-fledged support of #defundthepolice.” Instead of defunding, Uhlig suggested, “train them better.” Hundreds of people then signed a petition to demand that Uhlig, a University of Chicago professor and head of the Journal of Political Economy, resign. Even prominent economists like Janet Yellen and Paul Krugman joined the mob. Krugman called Uhlig “another priv...
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Calling on Californians to shop safe and shop local: Isabel Guzman and Sarah Friar

Local has taken on a new meaning and California’s beloved small businesses need our help now more than ever. Supporting nearby stores, business owners, and local employees, as they modify operations to slow the spread of COVID-19, is an essential commitment to our community. For Everett and Jones, an Oakland barbecue restaurant since 1973, the past few months have involved a series of pivots. To keep their business afloat, they quickly shifted resources towards online ordering, food delivery, ta...
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California’s 2020 ballot measures are mostly do-overs

Four months out from November’s election — and just three months until mail voting begins — outcomes of virtually all major California races are preordained, including a win by the Democratic presidential nominee, assumedly Joe Biden. The big action will be 12 statewide ballot measures that may differ widely in subject matter, but have a common theme: do-over. All but two of the measures would re-fight old battles, including the proposals most likely to grab the spotlight, Propositions 15 and 16...
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