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Half The PPP Loan Money For Culture Went To Only 228 Institutions. They Still Laid Off A Quarter Of Their Workers.

The purpose of the Paycheck Protection Program was to let businesses hobbled by the pandemic retain their employees. An AFSCME study found that, out of 7,500 eligible cultural institutions, 228 large ones got $771 million, half the total — and let go of 28% of their staff. – Hyperallergic
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Unions clash over UC outsourcing provision

“The pot calling the kettle black” is an old saying about hypocrisy, applied to someone who does something while criticizing someone else for doing the same thing. The Capitol saw a classic political example of the syndrome last week during a long and otherwise tedious committee hearing on a lengthy and complicated state budget “trailer bill.” We should all know by now that such trailer bills, which receive fast track approval because of their supposed connection to the state budget, have morphe...
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Government unions’ campaign to undermine the First Amendment

Given President Biden’s continuing push to expand the size, power and influence of labor unions across the United States, it is increasingly important to point out the myriad ways government unions have attempted to undermine the U.S. Constitution in recent years. The Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in Janus v. AFSCME, which affirmed that unions must secure public employees’ consent before taking their money for use in political speech, was at the time hailed as a paradigm shift. So how has enforc...
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California lawmakers praise teachers, while restricting their rights

While publicly praising educators in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, lawmakers in Sacramento were probably hoping none would notice their decision last week to keep California educators in the dark. “We celebrate and thank you,” a tweet by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell, D-Long Beach, read. But O’Donnell is one of five Democrats who refused last week to even consider a benign bill that would have informed California’s educators of their right to join, or not join, a union. Assembly Bill 1484,...
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California’s leaders should focus on securing vaccine supplies

California and other states are discussing how to disseminate COVID-19 vaccinations and who will be offered them first. The state’s plan says when California gets its first batch of vaccines that health care workers who interact with patients at acute care, psychiatric and correctional facility hospitals, workers at skilled nursing facilities, paramedics, and workers at dialysis centers will be the ‘tier one’ priorities. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is scheduled to meet on Dec. 10...
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California stacks the deck in favor of public sector unions

California has found the solution to revitalize labor unions: Stack the deck in the unions’ favor. Look no further than last week’s election victory by the SEIU and AFSCME, who are now the representatives of more than 40,000 state-funded child care providers under the banner Childcare Providers United. Labor trumpeted a stunning 97 percent victory in the election. The unions’ pathway to this union dues payday is a sordid tale of everything that’s wrong with modern-day public sector unions. The S...
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LA County aims to step up coronavirus safety at courthouses

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday, Aug. 4, to impose stronger health and safety measures in county courthouses, where public defenders have objected to what they contend are unsafe conditions. Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Sheila Kuehl proposed that the county’s chief executive officer collaborate with the Public Defender’s Office, Sheriff Alex Villanueva and other county agencies, including health departments, to develop recommendations on a pre-screening process fo...
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Two years after Janus, more workers are exercising their freedom of association

Two summers ago, in Mark Janus v. AFSCME, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional the arrangement that forced government workers to pay union fees for the privilege of keeping their jobs. The court ruled that forced dues violate government employees’ First Amendment rights because public-sector unions are political organizations, bargaining with public officials over such matters as government spending, employee discipline, budgets, and taxation. The Janus decision is a necessary ...
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Marciano Foundation Settles With Laid-off Union-Organizing Workers

The workers — public-facing staffers who watched over galleries and answered questions about art — had announced plans to unionize with AFSCME in early November over concerns related to wages and working conditions. Days later, they were all laid off via email. The Marciano also announced it would shut down its galleries due to low attendance. A month later, the museum made the closure permanent. – Los Angeles Times
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UC workers protest hundreds of low-wage, dining worker layoffs

University of California employees staged rallies at seven hospitals across the state Wednesday to protest the school’s planned 10-week layoff of up to 3,000 low-wage workers. An estimated 200 notices went out last week, primarily to food-service workers at UC Riverside and UC San Diego. The employees are represented by the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, Local 3299. Jesse Hernandez leads protests against layoffs in the University of California system at UC Irvine...
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Why Cops And Their ‘Unions’ Have No Place In The Labor Movement

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. Amidst nationwide protests ignited by the racist police murder of George Floyd, union members everywhere are asking: how can labor throw its weight into the fight to uproot racist repression?  Using our collective power as workers is key. The multiracial working class makes the country’s wheels turn, and can bring them to a halt just as quickly. We have the power to shut down factories and docks, farms and urban tra...
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Few protections for workers whose unions rip them off

Maria Quezambra was ripped off for six years by the United Domestic Workers of America (UDWA) after someone at the union forged her signature on a membership card. That should seem like a clear case of wrongdoing. Yet, a district court judge said last week that was OK because the state of California was helping the union to scam her. I exaggerate but only slightly. District Court Judge Josephine Staton, an Obama appointee, tossed out Quezambra’s case seeking to get paid back the dues wrongfully ...
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It's time to kick police unions out of the labor movement. They aren't allies

Let’s put police unions on a raft and set them adrift. They can reapply for solidarity if they stop abusing the rest of usThe ultimate power of the labor movement lies in solidarity. Together, working people are strong. So what can the movement do in this moment of national struggle against racism and police violence? The obvious answer is to deny the power of solidarity to police unions, which function as barriers to the very reforms that Americans are now fighting for. The time has come to put...
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AFSCME president on Floyd killing: No union contract is a shield for police brutality

So many police officers are in agony over George Floyd's tragic death. It should not be used as an excuse to bash unions or undermine worker rights.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Monday round-up

Nina Totenberg reports at NPR that, “[w]ith the county awash in protests over the death of George Floyd, the U.S. Supreme Court is examining” qualified immunity, “a modern-day legal doctrine created by judges that has shielded police and other government officials from lawsuits over their conduct.” At Constitution Daily, Marcia Coyle reports that “[a] series of petitions for review pending in the court challenge the underpinnings of the doctrine, and a number of cross-ideological organizations a...
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Even porn stars would need a license from California Democrats

California Assemblymembers Cristina Garcia and Lorena Gonzalez want to train adult entertainment performers. Write your own joke. Garcia, D-Bell Gardens, introduced Assembly Bill 2389 on Feb. 18. She said it’s her goal to have a certification process of the kind that’s required of other industries. “For example,” she explained, “the food service industry requires a food handlers’ training course, in which workers complete a training course and at the end take a quiz.” The jokes write themselves....
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Regulators drop their beef with McDonald’s

Regulators drop their beef with McDonald’s A particularly harmful Obama-era labor rule, designed to fill union coffers while harming small business owners, is coming to an end. In a rule to be published tomorrow, the National Labor Relations Board upholds common sense and balances the scales of justice. The NLRB rule rejects union demands that the national headquarters of a franchise be punished for labor violations committed by local franchisees. The tri...
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UC, 8,000 service workers reach tentative contract deal

University of California administrators have reached a tentative labor agreement with 8,000 service workers in a long-running dispute centered primarily around job outsourcing. The contract, which must still be approved by a vote of the American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees Local 3299’s membership, includes wage increases and benefit protections as well as enforceable limits on the school’s ability to outsource service jobs to lower-paid private contractors. Union members t...
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The most ironic California stories of 2019

I still get buzzed when I recall that a majority of Californians looked at what Gavin Newsom allowed while mayor of San Francisco — rampant homelessness, transportation gridlock, failed public projects, a widening income gap, sidewalk needles and human, er, waste — and decided they wanted that for the whole state. They elected him governor in 2018, and now complain California is going to hell. If you’re a Californian and a lover of such irony, Christmas came almost every day in 2019. It’d be eas...
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Where to watch and listen to tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in LA on TV, radio and the internet

LOS ANGELES — Seven Democratic presidential hopefuls will take the stage at Loyola Marymount University tonight — Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019 — for a debate that could be hard-pressed to match the drama that occurred in the weeks leading up to the gathering, thanks to union disputes that threatened to derail the event. Former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, businessmen Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and South Bend,...
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With Labor Dispute Resolved, Democratic Debate Will Proceed As Planned

Thursday’s Democratic debate seemed at risk when all the qualified candidates pledged not to cross the picket line if Loyola Marymount University employees decided to demonstrate at the event. However, the labor dispute with food provider Sodexo has now been tentatively resolved, due in some part to the efforts of the DNC and chairman Tom Perez. NEWS: @UNITEHERE11 announces they’ve reached an agreement with Sodexo at Loyola Marymount University. Given this news, it appears the Democratic deb...
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Janus v. AFSCME: A Conversation with Mark Janus

Janus v. AFSCME: A Conversation with Mark Janus andrea.moury December 11, 2019 - 3:17pm Start Date Thu, 08/20/2020 - 12:00 Introduction Text On June 27, 2018, the Supreme Court issued its 5-4 decision in favor of Mark Janus in Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. This landmark case was a victory for first amendment rights, ruling that government employees can no lon...
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Employee union files unfair labor practice complaints against UC

The University of California‘s largest employee union has filed six new unfair labor practice complaints against U.C. that allege the school is systematically and secretly outsourcing jobs to low wage contractors. Kathryn Lybarger, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 3299, said the practice has ramped up. More prevalent “What is so troubling about U.C.’s continuing illegal conduct is that it’s becoming even more prevalent,” Lybarger said in a st...
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Anti-Union Group Moves Into Ohio, Targets Dues Deduction

An anti-union group is setting up shop in Ohio, saying they’re focused on reaching out to around 340,000 public employees following last year’s Janus v. AFSCME decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. Ohio is the 4th state for the Freedom Foundation. National director Aaron Withe says he’s calling on the state to stop deducting union dues from employees who haven’t consented to paying them. And Withe says he’s not deterred that Larry Householder (R-Glenford) was elected House Speaker with the help ...
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It Took Decades, But The Anti-New Deal Crusaders Have Triumphed

Made possible by The American judiciary has been transformed over the past generation. Until recently, liberals were accustomed to thinking of the Supreme Court as an ally. Under Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1950s and 1960s, the Court struck down school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education (1954), cemented the doctrine of one person, one vote in Baker v. Carr (1962), established a constitutional right to privacy in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), along with dozens of other legal a...
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Comparative Labors and Democratic Dysfunction

For the symposium on Sanford Levinson and Jack M. Balkin, Democracy and Dysfunction (University of Chicago Press, 2019). Democracy and Dysfunction joins a distinguished list of seminal works on constitutionalism in the United States that have universal titles. The tradition is honorable.   Participants include such classics as John Hart Ely’s Democracy and Distrust, Ronald Dworkin’s Taking Rights Seriously, Gerald Gunther’s Constitutional Law, and, for that matter, Sandy Levinson’s Constituti...
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UC workers to strike Thursday over outsourcing of jobs

Thousands of University of Southern California workers plan to stage a strike Thursday at 10 California campuses and five medical centers throughout the state to protest the school’s outsourcing of jobs. The employees — which range from custodians and food service workers to nursing aides and respiratory therapists — are represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 3299. They contend UC has repeatedly violated California law with privatization plans that...
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The politics of a post-Janus America

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2018, only 7.2% of the private-sector workforce was represented by a union, while in the public sector, 37.2% of employees worked under a union contract. Not all those employees were members of the unions that negotiated their contracts. Only 6.4% of employees in the private sector were members of unions, and in the public sector, 33.9% of employees were dues-paying members. Of the 16.4 million wage and salary workers whose jobs were c...
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Ask the authors: “Plain words, easily understood”

The following is a series of questions prompted by the publication of Lee C. Bollinger and Geoffrey R. Stone’s “The Free Speech Century” (Oxford University Press, 2019). As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes famously suggested in 1919 in Schenck v. United States, the Supreme Court’s first attempt to interpret the First Amendment’s free speech clause, the “most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.” But what does free s...
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Local 3299 union files unfair labor practice charges against UC

The University of California‘s largest employee union has stepped up its efforts to prevent the school from replacing employees with lower paid, outsourced workers. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 3299 has filed three unfair labor practice charges in the past week. “For more than three years, workers have been sounding alarms about UC’s efforts to outsource living wage jobs to poverty wage contractors,” AFSCME 3299 President Kathryn Lybarger said in a stat...
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