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Moments Map: Resolve The Paradox Of Choice To Optimize Your Digital Experience Portfolio

At surface level, brands have a plethora of avenues to connect to their consumers. But alas, it’s the paradox of choice: How do brands prioritize their technology investments to maximize consumer reach? Introducing Forrester's 2020 Moments Map.
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Get Ready For The Promise, Not The Peril, Of Workforce Data

Workforce and organizational data have been drizzling down on companies for decades, but as more jobs interface directly with technology, this has swelled to a heavy downpour. Most companies erect thin, umbrellalike policies to protect themselves from potentially misusing the data; a small fraction recognizes that this deluge is contributing to a new operating environment […]
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Amazon Launches Halo, Its First Wearable Health Device For The Average (Budget-Conscious) Consumer This week, Amazon launched Halo, a screenless wearable device that can monitor activity, sleep, temperature, BMI, and emotion. At $99.99 (plus a small monthly service fee for advanced features), the Halo Band sits closer to Fitbit’s fitness trackers (ranging from $99.95–$169.95) than the Apple Watch ($400-plus). It focuses on what consumers want most: tracking fitness-related activity, […]
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Customer Obsession And The CEO

Getting to customer-obsession is a complex, all-in effort that is more of a cause than a program. It flows directly from the heart of an organization – it’s about how you behave and what you value. Here's a rough map of how a CEO can lead this voyage.
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Canada Customer Experience Index, 2020, Results Are Now Live!

Forrester’s Canada Customer Experience Index 2020 reveals the scores of 147 brands across 12 industries. This year is especially exciting for two reasons: 1. We added the utilities industry. 2. The CX Index survey was still in the field during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing us a unique opportunity to examine how customers’ perceptions changed.
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It’s Time For CMOs To Pay More Attention To Employees

CMOs are fully aware of the importance of customer data. The employee data tsunami is less obvious, though. Expect the lines between employee and customer experiences to blur. CMOs often own external communication, while chief human resources officers (CHROs) own internal communication. However, they share some of the same goals: to acquire, engage, develop, and […]
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Growth-Mode Digital Strategy: Modernize And Transform

While most digital transformations may not actually be transformative, they do provide investments for IT modernization. And the firms that have already made those investments are better positioned to weather the current storm.
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

NIST Commits To Renaming Racially Suggestive Technology Terms From Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s to Lady Antebellum and the Dixie Chicks, we’ve seen a wave of rebranding sparked by ongoing anti-racism protests. Now, it’s moving beyond consumer-facing brands and groups. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) — the nonregulatory agency that publishes standards for federal activities — announced last week that it plans to remove terms […]
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Adobe’s Service Partners Are What Will Make It A Proper Enterprise Software Company

Adobe strives to be an enterprise software company with the same reach and influence as Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP. It successfully pivoted its creative tools business into a proper software-as-a-service offering. It built on that creative marketing and agency customer connection by acquiring Day Software, Neolane, Omniture, and more software vendors to enter the […]
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Channel Software Tech Stack 2020 — PRM, TCMA, Ecosystem, Incentives, Channel Data, Learning, Readiness, And Pricing

^CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SCREEN^   The channel technology stack is a group of technologies that firms leverage to plan with, find, recruit, onboard, develop, enable, incentivize, cosell with, comarket with, manage, measure, and report on partners. Delivering automation of indirect sales processes, workflows, and partner programs, channel software is becoming increasingly critical to a […]
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Digital Business Models Mandate More Sophisticated B2B Pricing Processes And Applications

I’ve been researching B2B pricing and its important role in digital transformation for industrial manufacturers. New “as a service” business models offer opportunities for manufacturers, but they can also increase margin risk. Industrial manufacturers already manage a complex matrix of price lists. These might include global corporate pricing agreements and distributor prices. But to support […]
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Forecasting In Uncertainty: Warning Signs Inside The SaaS Vendors’ Recent Earnings Reports

How will the pandemic impact the global tech market this year? Vice President Andrew Bartels reviews the latest SaaS vendor earnings' reports for indicators.
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De la Crise à la Résilience

Je suis toujours circonspect quand on utilise le terme « résilience » car je l’associe comme beaucoup aux travaux du neuropsychiatre Boris Cyrulnik. J’ai donc relu son interview aux Echos où il anticipe un changement profond de nos modes de vie et de nos habitudes : « après une catastrophe, la vie reprend, mais pas comme avant – ce […]
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I lavoratori italiani si fidano di più delle loro aziende e apprezzano la maggiore flessibilità. Per le aziende, questo è il momento di ridefinire l’ “employee experience”.

A due mesi dal nostro primo studio relativo agli effetti della pandemia sui lavoratori italiani, siamo tornati a tastare il polso di oltre mille lavoratori qualche settimana fa. I nuovi dati confermano la preoccupazione dei lavoratori rispetto alla stabilità finanziaria personale e aziendale: il 50% degli Italiani crede che le proprie risorse economiche non siano […]
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Build Advocacy, Support, And Budget For Your Zero Trust Vision

My global collaboration with the Zero Trust guru, Chase Cunningham, is finally live!!! Driving any change in your organization, and getting support and advocacy for your security vision, is difficult and nuanced at the best of times. Security leaders often struggle with obtaining buy-in or support from the many stakeholders who will be affected by […]
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Does CX Matter To The Enterprise Cloud? Absolutely!

Over the last several months, our cloud analyst team has been asked to explore the question, “Does customer experience (CX) matter to the enterprise cloud?” Restated, the more accurate questions are, “Does CX matter when enterprise IT is providing cloud services to its business customers?” and “Does CX impact cloud purchasing decisions?” Our immediate answer […]
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What Are The Sustained Implications Of COVID-19? Here’s What Our B2B Marketing And Sales Analysts See

COVID-19 has shaken up B2B marketing. Which changes are permanent? We've identified six trends that are here to stay.
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Go Beyond Surveys In CX: Learn From Two Practitioners’ Experiences

At Forrester’s CX North America event, I delivered a session about going beyond surveys to measure customer experience (CX). To help convince attendees it’s possible, I asked two wonderful guest speakers to highlight their organization’s efforts to move beyond surveys in CX. Read their stories.
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

“Digital Therapy” Reaches A Milestone: The FDA Just Approved A Prescription Video Game This week marked a major win for digital therapeutics as the US Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of the first game-based digital therapeutic device. “The EndeavorRx device offers a non-drug option for improving symptoms associated with ADHD in children and […]
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Microsoft Purchases CyberX

Today, Microsoft announced that it has acquired Waltham, Massachusetts-based internet-of-things (IoT) and industrial control system (ICS) security vendor CyberX. While the purchase price was not disclosed, media reports are speculating that the purchase price was somewhere between $150–$165 million. Founded in 2013, CyberX has raised $48 million in venture capital, so this deal provides a good return to investors. CyberX’s core solution can monitor IoT and ICS environments […]
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Apple WWDC 2020: The Powerful Combination Of Context And Design

Apple continues to innovate through design and the use of context to create highly intuitive experiences for consumers. Examples include surfacing: The most important apps, widgets, and information on home screens on the iPhone based on time of day, location, or other inferred needs. App Clips, with just the portion of the app a consumer […]
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Virtual Care Is A Requirement — Not A “Nice-To-Have”

Virtual Care Blog Series — Part 2 The pandemic has pushed virtual care technologies to make the leap across the chasm of adoption as even the pragmatists and conservatives have started deploying these services. Forrester made the call that 2020 would be the tipping point in virtual care adoption, and the pandemic accelerated this shift […]
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Nordic Firms Must Adapt To Win

Bar Sweden, where experts now acknowledge the shortcomings in its less-restrictive response to the pandemic, the Nordic countries are now gradually easing measures implemented to control the spread of COVID-19. Nordic businesses face much the same reality as the rest of their European counterparts. Across Europe, broadly half of customers say they can’t wait to […]
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Artificial Intelligence Is Dumb Without The Elasticity Quotient

How much has your business really changed since implementing AI? I’m not asking about lift for discrete metrics such as customer loyalty, campaign revenue, or even process optimization. Was the DNA of your enterprise altered by tweaking the edges? Of course not, because the elasticity quotient was not met. The elasticity quotient links the KPIs […]
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Culture Is (Still) Not About Ping-Pong Tables And Free Meals

It’s been more than two months since corporate America’s unexpected leap into the deep end of the remote work pool. Behind the backdrops of our endless video calls, we’ve been juggling unexpected incursions from children, pets, and other household activities. Despite the occasional drama, we’ve been largely successful at adapting to this new paradigm, answering […]
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Brands Pledge To Stand With The Black Community In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, citizens are taking to the streets to protest institutionalized racism. Brands are speaking out, too, because, as Netflix tweeted, “To be silent is to be complicit.” Netflix joins brands such as Google, Nike, Peloton, and Target (whose stores were looted) in taking a vocal anti-racist stance. Firms hear consumers’ desire to align with brands that share their values and are emboldened to make […]
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Do Channel Vendors Need Public Relations Anymore?

The communications industry is facing a perfect storm of converging forces, from COVID-19 to the rise of influencer marketing and even AI. At Forrester, we research around 10,000 global technology vendors that utilize indirect sales and often get asked about the value of PR in the channel. A trend that is affecting many channel leaders […]
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Retailers And Brands: Tap Drop-Ship Programs For New Selling Opportunities

At its core, commerce relies on bringing together willing customers with the products they want. With more places for customers to find those products, drop-shipping models fuel many of the largest retail and marketplace websites. The result: more goods in more places (extended assortment for retailers and expanded sales channels for suppliers), which has benefits […]
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CISOs And The Da Vinci Fallacy

As we continue to extend our research on the six types of CISOs, we’ve witnessed a common issue that plagues security leaders that I’ve termed “the Da Vinci fallacy,” defined as: The Da Vinci fallacy asserts that CISOs must be polymaths/experts possessing mastery of skills across domains of security, technology, strategy, marketing, finance, economics, people, […]
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IoT Analytics Create New Edge Computing Value Props For Content Delivery Networks

Modern content delivery networks (CDNs) are unlocking new opportunities to pair endpoint-deployed applications with endpoint device content analysis. Rather than simply enabling clients to push their apps and data closer to the customer, these edge technologies are collecting data from internet-of-things devices and end-user mobile devices, then enabling near-real-time AI/machine learning of this data to […]
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