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10 proven ways to boost your team’s profitability

Watch and learn what some of our industry’s most profitable teams are doing to keep their margins healthy in good markets and in bad.
Tags: Agent, Brokerage, Lead Generation, Marketing, Select, Video, B2b, Back To Basics, Boosting Your Team's Profitability, Pat Hiban, Profitability, Team is seeking to hire salaried agents in some markets, a former for-sale-by-owner search site turned tech-focused brokerage, is making the switch to employee agents, according to job listings in multiple markets.
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Engel & Völkers launches in Brooklyn amid luxury real estate boom

Global luxury real estate brand Engel & Völkers announced Thursday it's entering the Brooklyn market with three new offices led by Donald Brennan, a longtime residential real estate leader in New York City. 
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5 quick Memorial Day marketing ideas for agents

Looking for a marketing plan to tie to Memorial Day? It’s not too late! Here are a handful of things you can do — all under three hours — to promote your business.
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The Inman Weekender: Zillow and Redfin strike a 4-city deal

Need something to occupy your spare moments between running errands and open houses this weekend? Check out this week's top news and our "Back to Basics" series.
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Dotloop vets and Ben Kinney launch new hospitality brand

D. Alexander marks one of the first publicized bids to "institutionalize" yet another segment of the market.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Waypoint Homes, Select, Airdna, Ben Kinney, Short Term Rentals, Alex Allison, D Alexander, Dustin Albney

The Real Word: Redfin and RE/MAX break up

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, after a two-month partnership, Redfin and RE/MAX have ended their deal. 
Tags: Video, Technology, Opinion, Radio, Agent, Redfin, Tiny Home, Industry News, WalletHub, Nicole White, Brokerage, Select, RE/MAX, Byron Lazine, The Real Word, Redfin Direct

4 ways to make rejection a good thing

Whether you’re a newbie agent or an experienced veteran, rejection can still hurt. If you want to get better at dealing with it, reframe and repurpose it to take the sting out. Here’s how.
Tags: Agent, Select, Christy Murdock Edgar, Learning Experience, Negotiation, Rejected, Rejection

Traditional brokerage or tech company: How is Compass being valued?

Is Compass worth $4.4 billion, and is it being valued as a traditional brokerage or a technology company? Mike DelPrete takes a look at the company’s valuation, revenue, transaction volume, agent count and profitability.
Tags: Agent, Analysis, Brokerage, Data, Opinion, Technology, Compass, Mike Delprete, Re/max, Relogy, Zillow

America’s most expensive rental is available for $1.5M a month

The mega-mansion, located at 908 Bel Air Road and initially priced for sale at $180 million, was listed for rent earlier this week. The dwelling covers more than 34,000 square feet and comes with an infinity pool, a health and wellness spa, and surround views of the ocean and the mountains. Celebrity plastic surgeon and developer Raj Kanodia built the property for home-flipping profit in 2018.
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An epic fall from grace: Realogy’s total stock collapse

NRT CEO Ryan Gorman is heads down, using big data to figure out how to get out from under commercial leases, reducing the biggest expense of most broker-owners: office space provided to house weak agents. Realogy is also shedding more and more poor performing agents, I am told — something most brokers are afraid to do.
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Famous California ‘Murder Mansion’ hits the market for $3.5M

The Los Feliz mansion, where cardiologist Harold Perelson once killed his wife with a hammer in 1959, is up for sale for $3.5 million.
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Want to rise above your competition? Try these 5 pro moves

In real estate, showcasing your professionalism is how you get business. It’s how you convince buyers and sellers to work with you over the plethora of other agents out there. What can you do to exhibit competence and display your skillset to past and future clients? Here are five pro moves that’ll set you apart from the rest of the pack.
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3 essential social media platforms for newbie agents

When it comes to social media, it’s a bit of a jungle out there. To help new agents suss out what’s crucial, here are the top three platforms and some tips for how to make it all work with your marketing plan.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Instagram, Opinion, Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Nextdoor, Select, Back To Basics, Andrew Helling lays off Arizona sales team, consolidates in California

The team in Scottsdale had been working on's lead generation and marketing products, which are geared toward real estate agents. Now, all those sales efforts at will be consolidated into an office in Westlake Village, California, about 37 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.
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Redfin’s new agent-free service hits regulatory snag

Redfin Direct, a pilot program that allows consumers to make direct offers on homes listed by real estate brokerage Redfin online without being represented by a buyer's agent, is violating a regulation regarding agency disclosure, according to a Massachusetts state agency that oversees real estate licensees.
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ERA Real Estate partners with HomeAdvisor for concierge services

HomeAdvisor provides access to a range of painting, landscaping and home repair professionals.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Homeadvisor, News Brief, ERA Real Estate, Simon Chen

Moving to a new market? Here’s how to start on the right foot

To offer your clients the most valuable service, you have to learn everything your prospects might want to know about your new market. If you find yourself starting over, here are some tips to make it a little bit easier.
Tags: Radio, Agent, B2b, Starting Over, Select, Back To Basics, Jackson cooper, Moving To A New Market

Why don’t we think about clients’ specific needs?

Other than that narrow exception that agents make for first-time homebuyers, agents don’t think of clients as having specialized needs that require customized solutions. Instead, agents provide a cookie-cutter approach to standardized service with the same scripts, the same materials, the same programs. That needs to change. Here's how.
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We’re better than this: Stop trolling other Realtors

In case you missed it, when the National Association of Realtors announced that President Donald Trump would speak at NAR Midyear, trolling from both sides of the aisle ensued. Here’s why it’s not only unprofessional, but also against the Code of Ethics.
Tags: Opinion, Radio, Agent, Professional, Donald Trump, Code Of Ethics, National Association of Realtors, Select, Jay Thompson, NAR Midyear, Realto, Realtor Code of Ethics

Compass poaches entire Coldwell Banker team

Los Angeles-based WSA Real Estate operates in the tony western half of Los Angeles. Team members are now decamping for Compass, which is not acquiring the entity itself.
Tags: Softbank, Los Angeles, Radio, Agent, Compass, Industry News, Santa Monica, Coldwell Banker, Pacific Union, Brokerage, Select, News Brief, Alain Pinel Realtors, Pacific Union International, Robert Reffkin, Wydler Brothers Real Estate

Compass poaches entire 22-person Coldwell Banker team

Los Angeles-based WSA Real Estate operates in the tony western half of Los Angeles. Team members are now decamping for Compass, which is not acquiring the entity itself.
Tags: Softbank, Los Angeles, Radio, Agent, Compass, Industry News, Santa Monica, Coldwell Banker, Pacific Union, Brokerage, Select, News Brief, Alain Pinel Realtors, Pacific Union International, Robert Reffkin, Wydler Brothers Real Estate

4 tips for avoiding toxic behavior in real estate

Whether it's clients creating roadblocks over the smallest details or other agents working to bring their colleagues down, today's entrepreneur needs to be equipped to not only combat the problem when face to face, but also prevent it from ever happening. Here are a few tips on how to eliminate the toxicity from your professional life.
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Agent/broker perspective: How to handle a beloved broker leaving

In this monthly column, Anthony Askowitz explores a hypothetical Miami real estate situation from both sides of the broker/agent dynamic. After a long and successful tenure, an office's broker has decided to resign her position. How should her inner circle of top agents respond?
Tags: Opinion, Recruiting, Radio, Miami, Agent, Broker, Recruit, Brokerage, Select, Anthony Askowitz, Agent Broker Perspective, Starting A Brokerage

NAR files motion to dismiss ‘bombshell’ buyer-side lawsuit

In a statement, NAR said it wants the suit thrown out because it "misrepresents" the organization's rules that govern multiple listing services.
Tags: Radio, Agent, Class Action, Industry News, NAR, Keller Williams, HomeServices of America, Realogy, Select, News Brief, RE/MAX, National Association Realtors, John Smaby, Christopher Moehr

Make it about them: How to win trust and more clients

When meeting with new clients, take a page from other service industries, and focus on their needs first before you launch into a pitch. That way, you can tailor it to clients' specific needs and win their trust along the way.
Tags: Trust, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Select, Joe Rand

Lesson Learned: Trust your gut

In this weekly column, real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry. This week, Greenwich, Connecticut, agent Julianne C. Ward.
Tags: Radio, Agent, Select, Lesson Learned, Christy Murdock Edgar, julianne Ward

8 feng shui basics all agents should know

If you’re interested in learning more about the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, and how it applies to real estate and staging, then here are eight basic principles.
Tags: Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, B2b, Feng Shui, Select, Staging, Back To Basics, Bernice Ross

Millennials can differ by age: what agents need to know

As the oldest of the millennial generation push toward 40, they’re acting less and less like their younger selves. With partners, parenting, new jobs, and pets taking center stage, their lives are often more complicated, their circle of concerns wider and their experiences around home different from their younger counterparts.
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3 strategies to cut through the noise and build a lasting business

Remember that shiny new toy you just had to have as a kid? All your friends had one, and you needed it, too. When you finally got it, you played with it for maybe a couple of months before moving on to the next big toy craze.
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