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How agents can be allies to the LGBTQ+ community

Launched as a six-market tour, The Alliance Certified Ally program is a mix of virtual and in-person training sessions that bring the LGBTQ+ community and ally real estate pros together. Here are common themes, questions and lessons learned.
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America’s hottest neighborhoods: Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward

One of Atlanta's oldest neighborhoods, the Old Fourth Ward is centrally located and home to a buzzing food and arts scene.
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Most listings have bad visuals. Here’s how to stand out

According to a recent BoxBrownie study, most real estate listings suffer from one thing: a lack of good visuals. Whether you're a newbie or a more experienced agent, here are a few tips you need to know about getting listing visuals right.
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All the intel you need about listing tech this August

Join us all month long for Listing Tech Month at Inman as we dive deeper into its evolution, the latest trends and tools, and best practices tailored for today's increasingly digital world.
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Lesson Learned: Always be open to your clients’ suggestions

Real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry. This week: Find out how this billion-dollar Miami real estate team learned that, no matter your level of expertise, listening to your client is always the right idea.
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An agent’s guide to navigating the sea of real estate tech

There are several opportunities to position yourself as an expert guide already embedded in most real estate marketing programs. Let’s take a look at a few!
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Automate your day with time-saving real estate software

We spoke with Kimberly Cammarata, a Real Estate Advisor and member of the Gold Circle of Excellence with Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, to see which software solutions have changed the game for her.
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Add or Edit My Qualifications or Designations?

To add or edit your qualifications or designations on any AgencyLogic PowerSite Pro single property Website, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: Step 3: Click the “Edit” icon: Step 4:Add or edit your qualifications or designations in the “Qualifications or Designations” field and click the “Update” button. This is a free form, text field: If you have additional questions, email: suppor...
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What new real estate agents should know about …

If you're a new agent, learning a thing or two about a home's most sought-after features (think: kitchens, bathtubs, closets, flooring, elevators) will go a long way in helping you stand out with clients.
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LoanDepot’s ‘Grand Slam’ offer bundles agent, mortgage and title insurance

LoanDepot and its agent matching subsidiary, mellohome, will offer cash rebates of up to $7,000 on bundled services.
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‘It’s a two-way conversation:’ 8 tips for social media naysayers

If you question what value social media really adds to your business, don't. Point blank, it gives real estate agents way more reach than they could get offline. It's not for everyone, but here are some tips to make getting started easier.
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Olympian to agent: Swimmer Ryan Cochrane talks to Inman about his transition

Prior to becoming an agent, Ryan Cochrane had already brought home two Olympic medals and was a four-time champion of the Commonwealth Games.
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‘It excites me just as much as sports did’: Olympic swimmer Ryan Cochrane on working in real estate

Prior to becoming an agent, Ryan Cochrane had already brought home two Olympic medals and was a four-time champion of the Commonwealth Games.
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Add or Edit a Link To My Twitter Account?

To add or edit a link to your Twitter account or page on any AgencyLogic PowerSite Pro single property Website, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: Step 3: Click the “Edit” icon: Step 4:Add or edit your Twitter account or page in the “Twitter” field and click the “Update” button. This is not a free form, text field. Please make sure you add “http://” or “https://” in front of your Website addres...
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Compass makes its move into Minneapolis

Compass has expanded into its ninth new market since its April initial public offering. Seven top agents will establish the brokerage's presence in Minneapolis.
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7 truths new agents need to know about short sales

Short sales can help homeowners in need get out of a financial obligation they can no longer afford ethically — but only if agents handle it right. Here are a few things agents need to consider before handling a short sale.
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Single Property Website Support: How Many Agents Can I Include?

Each AgencyLogic single property Website PowerSite Pro, allows you to add up to three agents: If you have additional questions, email: [email protected] Or give us a call on: (888) 201-5160
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After a pause, iBuyers are back in a big way: Mike DelPrete

For anyone concerned that the iBuyer model wouldn’t be popular in a seller’s market, the evidence shows that it is resonating with consumers more than ever, and market conditions are in fact fueling its growth.
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New agents: How you handle rejection can make or break you

People have all sorts of reasons for choosing another agent, and rejection is just part of the job. New agents need to understand and learn how to move past this fast. Here's why.
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3 ways agents can help today’s savvy, educated buyers and sellers

Online resources can give buyers and sellers an advantage when it comes to accessing information on the market and current listings. However, nothing can replace the expertise and knowledge of an experienced agent. Here's why.
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3 looming shifts that could change real estate

Increased regulatory enforcement and the ending of IC status are just a few of the possible changes that could greatly impact the way we do business. Here's what agents should prepare for.
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NYC agents to Dottie Herman: We’re not afraid to walk in the city

Douglas Elliman's CEO told Fox News that the rising crime rate is threatening NYC's real estate rebound, but agents who spoke with Inman on Thursday largely disagreed.
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‘We didn’t know anything’: The key moment that transformed Compass

During a 90-minute interview on NPR's 'How I Built This,' Compass CEO Robert Reffkin shared his life story and the defining moment that changed his company's trajectory.
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4 tips for agents who want to score laughs — and leads — on Instagram

Matt Lionetti of The Agency gained a following by posting comedy sketches about real estate on Instagram. He shared tips with Inman for other agents trying to do the same.
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Foreign buyers may soon swoop back into US housing market

International buyers were less involved in the U.S. housing market during the first year of the pandemic — but that may soon change.
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Huge number of homeowners willing to consider an iBuyer: Poll

82 percent of homeowners in 1000watt survey said they either more likely to trust information from Zillow than from a real estate agent.
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Keller Williams launches new home-focused training program

The launch of KW New Homes comes amid an ongoing period of historically low housing inventory, making new homes an especially appealing area of focus for many agents.
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What Is Included in a PowerSite Pro Single Property Website?

A single property Website helps agents, brokers, home owners and others involved in real estate to market a single home using the highest form of personalized marketing. The Websites are used in listing presentations and serve as the single richest source of information about one home online. Each single property Website is accessible via a unique domain name that traditionally reflects the properties street address, a feature that is included with the product. Also included is: Here are som...
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No flood of foreclosures to come in pandemic’s wake. Here’s why

Anyone believing but there will be a flood of homes that will be foreclosed on either toward the end of this year or in 2022 is likely to be disappointed. Here's a closer look.
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‘I will survive’: 10 questions that predict new agent success

Are you new to the real estate business and would like to know your odds of succeeding? (Or maybe you're just asking for a friend?) Answer yes or no to these 10 questions, and see how you score on the "most likely to succeed" scale.
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