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TV Ratings: ‘Game On!’ and ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Bounce Back

After dropping to season low ratings last week, both “Game On!” and “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” bounced back this time around. The CBS game show, which is hosted by Keegan-Michael Key and features tennis ace Venus Williams and superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski as team captains, leapt up 50% to a 0.6 rating among adults […]
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Updates From Doctor Strange 2, Lovecraft Country, and More

Jason Momoa is the reason for the season in Warner Bros.’ new... Frosty the Snowman movie? The Conjuring 3 might just conjure itself out 2020 entirely. Power Rangers’ new showrunner discusses adapting Ryusoulger for the west. Plus, what’s to come on the next Agents of SHIELD, and Lovecraft Country sets a start date.…Read more...
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Another Star Trek: TNG Star Has Hopes to Appear in Picard

Orange Is the New Black’s Julie Lake and Liz Storm are taking on mermaid violence for a new show. Get a look at Lucifer’s noir-tinged episode. Plus, a glimpse at Shudder’s latest exorcist horror, what’s to come on Stargirl, and a look at NBC’s sci-fi pilot Debris. Spoilers now!Read more...
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Updates From the Next Evil Dead, The Flash, and More

Jai Courtney teases some tonal changes between the original Suicide Squad and its sequel. Lucifer’s next season is getting a little help from Supernatural’s god. Souza’s in trouble in new Agents of SHIELD pictures. Plus, Nic Cage’s killer theme park movie gets a teeny name tweak, and what’s to come in Snowpiercer’s…Read more...
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A Familiar Jurassic Park Name Returns for Dominion, With a New Face

Disney could push back Mulan’s release once more. Try to be surprised, but yes, Chiwetel Ejiofor will be back for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Michael Bay-produced coronavirus disaster movie expands its cast. Plus, Flex Mentallo helps Rita out in new Doom Patrol pictures, and Gerard Butler runs…Read more...
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Superhero Bits: ‘The Boys’ Season 2 Sneak Peek Coming, Behind the Scenes of ‘Iron Man VR’ & More

Ready for a sneak peak at The Boys season 2 with Patton Oswalt? Want to see the Wonder Woman 1984 poster from Comic-Con Colombia? Did you know Ron Perlman was offered a role in the Hellboy reboot? What are the latest rumored details about the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie? Will you watch an extended version of Fantastic Four on HBO Max? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Sideshow Collectibles shows how Venom was painted to be so detailed in one of their Marvel Comics m...
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Superhero Bits: Emerald City Comic-Con Canceled, Animatronic Talking Deadpool Head Coming from Hasbro & More

How did Deadpool make it into a Black Lives Matter mural? Did you hear Emerald City Comic-Con is canceled? Want to watch a documentary about Batman: The Animated Series? Would you have wanted to see Zack Snyder bring Carrie Kelley into the DC Extended Universe? What did Stan Lee say when he first met Tom Holland? Want your own animatronic, life-size, talking Deadpool head? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Marvel artist Will Sliney shows how to draw the version of Spid...
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Could The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Include Hints to an Obscure X-Men Villain?

The Bride of Frankenstein remake lives, apparently! Olivia Munn has boarded Jimmy Loweree’s next sci-fi thriller. There are still rumors that the Marvel movies have plans to introduce Thanos’ family. Plus, what’s to come on Stargirl and The 100. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
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Superhero Bits: Behind the Scenes of ‘Iron Man VR’, HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Wins a Peabody Award & More

What might the next animated Batman movie be from Warner Bros. Animation? Want to see Sportsmaster and Tigress in the next episode of Stargirl? Care to take a glimpse behind the scenes of Iron Man VR? Is Beyoncé contributing to the Black Panther 2 soundtrack? Want to read some Marvel Comics titles from black creators for free? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. New photos from a new episode of Stargirl introduce Injustice Society members Sportsmaster and Tigress. The latest...
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Superhero Bits: Kate Kane Won’t Be Killed Off on ‘Batwoman’, Batman Gets His Own Bat-Train & More

Why won’t Batwoman kill off Kate Kane when Ruby Rose leaves the show? Are you ready for an Agent Carter reunion on Agents of SHIELD? Why does Gotham City have so many abandoned amusement parks? Which comics were nominated for 2020 GLAAD Media Awards? How did a teenage millionaire build his own Doc Ock arms? What was Spider-Man first called webhead? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Luke Wilson sits down to talk about his role in the latest DC Universe/The CW comic book a...
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Updates From Godzilla vs. Kong, Creepshow, and More

Marvel’s Disney+ shows could resume filming next month. When Pandora returns, Charisma Carpenter is becoming a series regular. As all superhero media villains must these days, Stargirl’s Neil Jackson compares his goals to Thanos’. Plus, what’s to come on Snowpiercer, and the We Bare Bears movie gets a new release…Read more...
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Superhero Bits: DC Comics Cuts Ties with Diamond Comics, ‘Suicide Squad’ Timeline Mix-Up & More

Why is DC Comics severing ties with Diamond Comics distributors? Can Magneto lift Mjolnir? How might the third season of Harley Quinn open? What new details about The Eternals surfaced thanks to some merchandise listings? How did an added detail in Harley Quinn‘s profile in Suicide Squad mess up David Ayer‘s timeline? When will Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier start shooting again? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Take a look behind the scenes at the DC’s Lege...
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Updates From Dune, The Mandalorian, and More

Wandavision could be resuming filming as early as next month. New posters tease a new look at the Train to Busan sequel, Peninsula. Daniel Sousa returns in our look at the next Agents of SHIELD. Plus, what’s to come on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and The 100. Spoilers now!Read more...
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TV Ratings: ‘Up’ and ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Lead ABC to Wednesday Win

The highest-rated show on Wednesday night wasn’t a TV show, but a rather sweet animated movie called “Up.” Many of you may have heard of it? ABC won the night overall, as the classic 2009 pic scored a 0.7 rating among adults 18-49 and drew 3.4 million total viewers. “Agents of SHIELD” came in after […]
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Superhero Bits: Evan Peters Rumored for ‘WandaVision’ Appearance, Spider-Man Joins NYC Protests & More

Which DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast member left the show in the season finale? Which character had a more extended opening scene in Suicide Squad? Will X-Men franchise star Evan Peters appear as Quicksilver in WandaVision? Is there a possible romance between Diana and Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984? Who else has thrown their hat in the ring to play Green Lantern? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. For your kids who are curious about Batman, here’s a rundown of the famous ve...
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Chloe Bennet Teases Agents of SHIELD's 'Rewarding End' for Daisy

Sarah Jessica Parker says the coven’s still excited about the idea of a Hocus Pocus reunion. Barry Allen will get to fight actual Godspeed when The Flash returns for season seven. Plus, what’s next for Snowpiercer and Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. And yes, Sisqó is coming to Legends of Tomorrow. Spoilers get!Read more...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Will Have More MCU Tie-Ins, New ‘TMNT’ Pinball Machine & More

Want see all the Batman cameos in Teen Titans Go!? Will there be more Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-ins for the final season of Agents of SHIELD? Are there serious discussions at HBO Max about David Ayer‘s cut of Suicide Squad? Did Hugh Jackman ever wear that yellow Wolverine suit? How do Iron Man and Captain America‘s characters arcs compare in the MCU? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. DC Kids collected all of the Batman cameos from the first four seasons of the animat...
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Star Trek: Picard's Jeri Ryan Offers an Update on Season 2's Filming

Sony and Amazon are teaming with Álex de la Iglesia for a new series of cosmic horror movies. Christopher Nolan tries to justify buying and blowing up a whole-ass 747 for Tenet. There’s a long-awaited update on the Goon movie. Plus, what’s to come on The 100, and more seaside teases for American Horror Story. To me,…Read more...
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Superhero Bits: Kids Hospitalized After Trying to Be Like Spider-Man, New ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Images & More

What did Dafne Keen do to Hugh Jackman that made him want to cast her in Logan? How did three kids in Bolivia try to be like Spider-Man and ended up hospitalized? Will there be a lot more Jim Gordon in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Which X-Men were supposed to cameo in The New Mutants? How did David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad play into Justice League? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Go behind the scenes of the recent DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode where they get lost insid...
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When Mission: Impossible 7 Gets Back on Track, It'll Be With a New Nemesis for Ethan Hunt

Alan Menken has joined Skydance’s new fantasy musical. Mike McMahan discusses the dynamics between the hapless stars of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Scooter and Skeeter are coming to the Muppet Babies reboot. Plus, Shudder taps a new western-horror film, bad news for Emergence, and what’s to come on The 100. Spoilers now! Read more...
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Sony's Marvel Universe May Have Found Someone to Helm Madame Web

It Follows’ David Robert Mitchell is taking on the superhero genre. Steven Soderbergh believes Bill & Ted Face the Music is the perfect movie for our current moment. Don Mancini teases Chucky’s goals in the Child’s Play TV show. Plus, a new look at Doom Patrol’s return, and what’s to come when Harley Quinn takes on…Read more...
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Clark Gregg on Taking ‘Agents of SHIELD’ to the 1980s and Saying Farewell to Phil Coulson

For Clark Gregg, Agent Phil Coulson has been the character who just won’t die — literally. The beloved SHIELD agent was killed off in Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers,” only to be resurrected a year later on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” on ABC. Then Coulson died again at the end of Season 5, only to return once […]
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The Furiosa Prequel Can Add Another Name to Its List of Potential Stars

Colin Farrell teases his Penguin role in The Batman. Chloe Bennett shuts down rumors of a potential Agents of SHIELD spinoff. Akiva Goldsman says there’s plenty of chances for more Star Trek: Picard, as long as Patrick Stewart is willing to do it. Plus, a new clip from the next Rick and Morty, and Diana shines bright…Read more...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy Getting Re-Released in Hong Kong, Fala Chen Rumored for ‘Shang-Chi’ & More

Want to see an unused Viking style design for Loki in Thor: Ragnarok? Is Aquaman coming to The Flash on The CW? Is there a Daredevil video game in the works? What are the new dates for Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp to hit Disney+? Did you know Deadshot and Harley Quinn almost hooked up in Suicide Squad? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. After the Batwoman season finale, it’s time for a new Bat Chat with Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang. Despite a recent r...
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Updates From Halloween Kills, Jurassic World: Dominion, and More

Danny Boyle and Michael B. Jordan are teaming up for a wild take on a biblical legend. There’s still a chance Green Arrow and the Canaries could come to the CW. Plus, what’s to come on Snowpiercer, and a better look at Stargirl’s new Justice Society. Spoilers now!Read more...
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Superhero Bits: The Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ Rumored for Release, ‘Iron Man VR’ New Release Date & More

Could The Snyder Cut of Justice League really be coming? Is a Solo: A Star Wars Story cast member joining The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? When is Iron Man VR coming out after being delayed from release this month? Is Daisy Johnson getting an Agents of SHIELD spin-off on Disney+? What’s up with that wild quantum realm suit for Captain America seen above? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Go behind the scenes of Stargirl, the new DC Universe/The CW series based on the t...
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Pirates of the Caribbean's Jerry Bruckheimer Still Won't Say if Johnny Depp Will Return

Netflix is officially going forward with its superheroic vehicle for Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Jordan Vogt-Roberts continues to share more concepts from that Metal Gear Solid movie he really wants to make. Agents of SHIELD reveals some more mysterious casting for its final season. Plus, what’s to come when the …Read more...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Superman & Lois’ Casts an Original Character, ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ Charity Campaign & More

Want to go to the premiere of Thor: Love & Thunder with Chris Hemsworth? What did Harley Quinn showrunners have to say about The Snyder Cut jokes? Who is Inde Navarrette playing on Superman & Lois? Will Black Widow open in the UK before the US? Are you ready for The Flash season seven premiere to make you cry this fall? Are you pumped for X-Men movie Funko POPs? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s Totally Awesome Hulk popping up in an episode of Disney XD’s Spider-M...
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Robert Pattinson Just Blew Up Most of Your Tenet Theories

Matt Ryan really wouldn’t mind playing Constantine again in the new Justice League Dark show. The CW’s Superman and Lois has found its big bad. Neve Campbell’s still not sure if she’d be down for a fifth Scream, in spite of recent reports. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is still teasing his Metal Gear Solid movie. Plus, zombies…Read more...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Titans’ Spin-Off Rumors, Watch the Batmobile Documentary, Quicksilver Concept Art & More

Could there be more spin-offs from Titans on the way to DC Universe? Why did Batwoman copy a Wikipedia article? Who does Rob Liefeld want to see play John Prophet? Want to watch The Batmobile Documentary? Who did Matthew Vaughn reportedly consider to play Superman? Want to learn how to draw Iron Man from a Marvel Comics artist? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Go behind the scenes of “A Secret Kept From All the Rest,” the latest episode from the first season of Batwoman...
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