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Now ‘AI’ takes on writing death metal, country music hits, more

Machine learning is synthesizing death metal. It might make your death metal radio DJ nervous – but it could also mean music software works with timbre and time in new ways. That news – plus some comical abuse of neural networks for writing genre-specific lyrics in genres like country – next. Okay, first, whether this makes you urgently want to hear machine learning death metal or it drives you into a rage, either way you’ll want the death metal stream. And yes, it’s a totally live stream – yo...
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Imandra, Innovapptive, Nesh, Kroger Delivery Robots & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Austin-based LiveOak Venture Partners is one of three organizations that led a $5 million investment in Imandra, an artificial intelligence startup based in London, according to a press release. With the funding, Imandra says it will open a US headquarters in the Texas state capital. Other investors were AlbionVC and IQ Capital, based in London and Cambridge, England, respectively. The four-year-old startup makes AI software with tools to...
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AI Might Soon Make it Easy to Put Yourself In Your Favorite Video Game

In a rare move by Facebook that doesn’t have the world shaking its head in disbelief, the company’s AI researchers have developed a way to easily turn real people into playable game characters by simply analyzing videos of them going through specific motions. My dreams of finally being an unlockable character in NBA…Read more...
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Ai Weiwei remembers disappearance of 43 Mexican students

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s interest in studying human rights around the world led to his meeting with relatives of the 43 college students who disappeared in southern Mexico in 2014. That encounter led, in turn, to his new exhibit in Mexico’s capital. Ai has lived under house arrest in China and […]
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Accenture Invests in San Antonio Government-Cybersecurity Operations

San Antonio—Global technology and consulting services company Accenture is building out a facility in San Antonio that will focus on cybersecurity in government operations.Accenture (NYSE: CAN) says it plans to invest $5 million in the center, which will be run by its subsidiary Accenture Federal Services. It will focus on managing, detecting, and responding to cyber threats that target government networks, the company said in a news release. Accenture is based in Dublin, Ireland and Accenture ...
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The Pixel 3’s AI automatically takes your selfie when it thinks it will look best

When Google Pixel 3 was announced, many people were surprised to learn that it only features one rear camera and a dual front camera. The phone relies heavily on AI to help you take the best photos, and the latest update is aimed particularly at selfie-takers. Thanks to Google’s AI, the Pixel 3 can now […] The post The Pixel 3’s AI automatically takes your selfie when it thinks it will look best appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How emotion-tracking A.I. will change computing as we know it

Affectiva is just one of the startups working to create emotion-tracking A.I. that can work out how you're feeling. Here's why this could change the face of computing as we know it. The post How emotion-tracking A.I. will change computing as we know it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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VC-backed EarlySense taps Johnson as CEO

Israel and Massachusetts-based EarlySense, a provider of continuous monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum, has named Matt Johnson as CEO. He succeeds Avner Haperin, the company-co-founder and founding CEO who has led EarlySense since its 2004 launch. Johnson is a former managing director at Sowell & Co. EarlySense’s backers include Hill-Rom, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, BlueRed Capital, Israel Innovation Fund, Argos Capital, Hotung Capital, Pitango Venture Capital and JK&B Venture ...
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Google Adds AI That Automatically Stops You From Filling Your Pixel 3 With Selfie Trash

Take a peek at your smartphone’s camera roll and you’ll probably find hundreds of duplicate shots, all snapped while trying to take the perfect selfie. To remedy this, Google is bringing some new AI smarts to its camera app so that it only takes a photo when everyone is selfie-ready.Read more...
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New Ways of Seeing: James Bridle's BBC radio show about networked digital tools in our "image-soaked culture"

James "New Aesthetic" Bridle (previously) is several kinds of provocateur and artist (who can forget his autonomous vehicle trap, to say nothing of his groundbreaking research on the violent Youtube Kids spammers who came to dominate the platform with hour+ long cartoons depicting cartoon characters barfing and murdering all over each other?). So there's no one better poised to comment on the way that the meaning of images is changing thanks to networked digital tools that have created an "...
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Founders’ Co-op Raises $25M to Back More Pacific Northwest Startups

Founders’ Co-op, a Seattle-based venture capital firm that has backed nearly 100 startups since its launch 11 years ago, has raised a new, $25 million fund to continue making investments.According to a document filed with federal securities regulators, it’s the fourth fund Founders’ Co-op has raised, and the money came from 99 investors.In an email message, Founders’ Co-op managing partner Chis DeVore confirmed it recently raised money for a new investment fund. Asked about the firm’s plans wit...
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How You Can Sign Up To Play With (Or Against) OpenAI's World-Class Dota 2 AI This Weekend

This weekend (and this weekend only), Dota 2 players can witness first-hand the wold-champ-defeating skill of OpenAI’s competitive Dota 2 AI, OpenAI Five. The AI has been trained using a technique called “deep reinforced learning” which has seen the AI play over 45,000 years-worth of Dota 2 in just 10 months. This…Read more...
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A machine-learning wishlist for hardware designers

Pete Warden (previously) is one of my favorite commentators on machine learning and computer science; yesterday he gave a keynote at the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, on the ways that hardware specialization could improve machine learning: his main point is that though there's a wealth of hardware specialized for creating models, we need more hardware optimized for running models. I’ve saved what I expect may be my most controversial request until last. The typical design pr...
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Over 100,000 buyers visit HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair and ICT Expo

Survey finds industry professionals positive on business prospects for 2019 and smart city development in Hong Kong HONG KONG, Apr 16, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 16th HKTDC Hong Kong Read more… The post Over 100,000 buyers visit HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair and ICT Expo appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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Openbay Otis Introduces An Industry First: The Cutting-Edge, Interactive, Artificially Intelligent Automotive Service Advisor

OPENBAY LAUNCHES INDUSTRY-FIRST ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE POWERED AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ADVISOR FOR AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE BUSINESSES Openbay Otis personalizes interactions and automates communication between automotive service provider and vehicle owner CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 16, 2019 — Openbay , the award-winning and industry leading marketplace for automotive services and provider of SaaS solutions for the automotive aftermarket, today announced the launch of Otis. Openbay Otis is an automated artif...
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INTRODUCING: The 100 people transforming business

Welcome to Business Insider's inaugural list of the 100 people transforming the world of business. From tech titans to rising stars, groundbreaking scientists to social activists, these people are driving real change in their industry.  The world of business is changing rapidly.  There's artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles (AVs), which promise to change just about everything. Over-the-top viewing, or OTT, is transforming how we entertain ourselves. Direct-to-cons...
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VC-backed TeleSense buys Webstech

TeleSense has acquired Webstech, a Danish wireless sensor tech company. No financial terms were disclosed. TeleSense’s backers include Finistere Ventures, Congruent Ventures, Maersk Growth, Rabobank’s Food & Agri Innovation Fund, Radicle Growth, Trailhead Capital and Plug and Play Ventures. PRESS RELEASE Sunnyvale, CA — April 15, 2019 — TeleSense, an IoT technology innovator providing solutions to improve grain storage, announced today the acquisition of Webstech, a Danish wireless sensor techno...
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IBM Project Debater – will AI eliminate speechwriters?

I caught a rebroadcast of an Intelligence Squared debate on NPR last night. Intelligence Squared is a weekly forum for balanced and intelligent debate. Their goal is to restore critical thinking, facts, reason, and civility to American public discourse. (Hurray for them, although I can’t help thinking they’re pissing into the prevailing wind these days.) […]
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Ford CEO: we "overestimated" self-driving cars

Ford CEO Jim Hackett -- formerly head of the company's autonomous vehicle division -- publicly announced that the company had "overestimated the arrival of autonomous vehicles" and that the vehicles, when they did arrive, their "applications will be narrow, what we call geo-fenced, because the problem is so complex." Hackett confirmed that the company still planned to launch self-driving vehicles in 2021. The company has spent more than $4b trying to develop autonomous vehicles. This is pa...
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Artist designs a machine-learning assisted sculpture, then casts it in the powdered remains of the computer used to design it

Ben Snell's sculpture Dio was created by training a machine learning system on a corpus of 1,000+ sculptures, tweaked in some unspecified way by Snell, who then 3D printed a mold based on the final shape: he filled the mold with a resin impregnated with the computer that ran the algorithm, which Snell had ground to powder. “I consider myself, not the computer, to be the artist,” he says. But he also talks enthusiastically about the agency of his algorithms, saying that “Dio began by tryin...
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Why Walmart is adding thousands of robots to U.S. stores

Walmart plans to soon add more than 3,900 robots to stores across the U.S.The robots will perform tasks such as scanning products, sorting shipments, cleaning floors, and readying online purchases for pickup.Walmart says the robots will free up time for employees to help customers, while critics say its a long-term move toward replacing human workers. None Walmart is adding thousands of new robots to stores across the U.S., a move that comes as retailers struggle to attract and retain workers am...
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Amazon stores recordings of Alexa interactions and turns them over to internal staff and outside contractors for review

Bloomberg reporters learned that -- despite public pronouncements to the contrary -- Amazon has an "annotation team" of thousands of people all over the world, charged with reviewing recordings made by Alexa devices in the field, with both staffers and contractors listening to conversations that Alexa owners have had with and near their devices. The annotation team's goal is to improve Alexa voice recognition and command parsing. The team has sometimes encountered evidence of criminal cond...
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Artificial Intelligence: What The Tech Can Do Today

Is the artificial intelligence we see in science fiction movies at all realistic? Many tech industry experts believe the idea of a superintelligent or sentient AI is greatly exaggerated and many years away. But there’s AI already in the works to help solve real-world problems that can improve people’s lives.
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Active Capital Leads $1.8M Round for Back Office’s AI Bookkeeping

San Antonio—Active Capital is leading a $1.8 million seed funding round for West Palm Beach, FL-based automated bookkeeping software maker Back Office. 500 FinTech, PlugNPlay Ventures, and angel investors also participated, according to Active.Back Office says it uses artificial intelligence-driven software to automate revenue and expense reporting (among other accounting measures) for businesses. It has a team of in-house bookkeepers who help on-board customers’ data into the software, which c...
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ContentTech Summit 2019 Day 2 Recap

In this episode, I recap some of the memorable moments from Day 2 of ContentTech Summit, from what to ask sales people to criteria for vendor selection to what Henry Rollins thinks. Watch the video for a deeper dive. Can’t see anything? Watch it on YouTube here. Listen to the audio here: Download the MP3 […] The post ContentTech Summit 2019 Day 2 Recap appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Animals, algorithms, and obstacle courses: Welcome to the A.I. Olympics

The upcoming Animal-A.I. Olympics will test whether the top artificial intelligence algorithms can complete intelligence tests designed for animals. At stake is a $10,000 prize for the winner. The post Animals, algorithms, and obstacle courses: Welcome to the A.I. Olympics appeared first on Digital Trends.
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What the rest of the world doesn't know about Chinese AI

ChinAI Jeff Ding's weekly newsletter reporting on the Chinese AI scene; on the occasion of the newsletter's first anniversary, Ding has posted a roundup of things about the Chinese AI scene that the rest of the world doesn't know about, or harbors incorrect beliefs about. It's an excellent list, but three points leapt out at me: 1. Most Chinese AI researchers read English and are very up to date on the progress AI researchers are making around the world; few westerners read Chinese and thu...
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Google launches an end-to-end AI platform

As expected, Google used the second day of its annual Cloud Next conference to shine a spotlight on its AI tools. The company made a dizzying number of announcements today, but at the core of all of these new tools and services is the company’s plan to democratize AI and machine learning with pre-built models and easier to use services, while also giving more advanced developers the tools to build their own custom models. The highlight of today’s announcements is the beta launch of the compan...
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Amazon are making their own version of Apple’s AirPods

Amazon are creating their first Alexa wearable which looks to take Apple’s controversial yet popular AirPods head on. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Amazon are producing wireless earbuds as the first in a new range of Alexa products. According to “people with knowledge of the plans, the headphones will look and act similar to AirPods and come with built-in Alexa functionality. Amazon’s earbuds sit inside the ears rather than clipping on, a design that made AirPods unique but ...
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The First Machine-Generated Book by a Scholarly Publisher Is a Boring Read

Amazon’s online book store is plagued with thousands of auto-generated ebooks crudely hacked together from other texts by shady authors” looking to make a quick buck. Most are unreadable, but it’s not always going to be that way. Springer Nature, a publisher serving the research community, just published its first…Read more...
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