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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Eavesdropping flowers, enormous digital photography, AI for medicine and more AI Diagnoses Genetic Disorders Using Facial Photos While doctors can identify genetic disorders with an accuracy between 70% and 75%, DeepGestalt—an AI project by FDNA—can do so with accuracy of 90% and over. By analyzing the face piece-by-piece, the system finds a corresponding disorder for that crop, moves on to the next and then pools the …
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Why 'upgrading' humanity is a transhumanist myth

Though computer engineers claim to know what human consciousness is, many neuroscientists say that we're nowhere close to understanding what it is, or its source. Scientists are currently trying to upload human minds to silicon chips, or re-create consciousness with algorithms, but this may be hubristic because we still know so little about what it means to be human. Is transhumanism a journey forward or an escape from reality? Team Human...
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Understanding How Judges Write, Reason And Rule [Sponsored]

Legal Analytics Turns its Focus to the Language of Case Law.
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The Impact of Government Shutdown on Marketing Data

It’s difficult to understate how disruptive the shutdown is to everyone, not just the people who directly work for Uncle Sam, or just how long the aftereffects will last. Before I say anything else, I want to make clear that the people who have been forced against their will to work for free for nearly […] The post The Impact of Government Shutdown on Marketing Data appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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ACLU urges Amazon, Microsoft & Google not to sell face recognition tech to government

The coalition argues that government agencies might abuse facial recognition technology. Google and Microsoft have expressed concern about the potential problems of facial recognition technology. Meanwhile, Amazon has been actively marketing the technology to law enforcement agencies in the U.S. None A coalition comprised of more than 85 of civil, immigrants' and human rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, is urging Google, Microsoft and Amazon not to sell facial recogniti...
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How machine learning can drive change in traffic-packed L.A.

There's nothing quite like driving through Los Angeles on a perfectly sunny day. But for drivers, the beauty of Southern California’s great weather and scenery is ruined by one thing: traffic.According to a report by INRIX, my hometown is the worst city in the world for traffic, with a record of 102 hours of congestion during peak hours in 2017. My classmate, Ericson Hernandez, comes from New York City, which is ranked third globally for its traffic woes. Together, we decided to use machine lear...
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Google AI Impact Challenge: a week to apply, plus research on why you should

In my twelve years at Google, I've seen that big things happen when you don't shy away from big ideas—especially when you pair those ideas with emerging technology. We're trying to encourage more of that kind of thinking with the Google AI Impact Challenge, a call for organizations to use AI to help address social, humanitarian and environmental problems. Before you read on, remember this: there are only seven days left to apply to the Challenge!Hundreds of nonprofits and research organizations ...
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Global trends shaping marketing in 2019

It’s tough enough for brands to keep track of the big emerging tech and innovation trends but 2019 is likely to see an acceleration and expansion of this change. From gaming, through to voice, to AI-driven content and social commerce, evolution will be all around us. To help marketers get to grips with this, some of the senior leadership from our offices around the world have shone a spotlight the big trends to look out for and identified their likely impact on the marketing industry in 2019. Na...
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You can tell Pandora what to play with your voice now

Pandora, play music for my workout. Pandora, play more music like this song. Pandora, thanks for letting me use my voice to tell you what I want. Tell Pandora what you want it to play and now it will play it with a new Voice Mode making music streaming simpler than ever on their mobile app. Their smart assistant works like many of the voice controlled AI’s we’ve become accustomed to in recent years like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa but entirely based around controlling your music streamin...
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AlwaysAI Adds $4M to Bring Deep Learning to Embedded ‘Edge’ Devices

Many of our devices, from wearables to medical instruments to drones, can capture reams of images. Using algorithms to analyze those images on the devices, in turn, generally takes loads of computing power and energy—sometimes more than is feasible.AlwaysAI says it is getting ready to sell its software for enterprise developers looking to make applications that use deep learning to better process the immense amount of data from embedded devices, such as cameras, drones, wearables, and robots—an...
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Computer vision startup AnyVision pulls in new funding from Lightspeed

While there have been a few massive surveillance startups in China that have raised funds on the back of computer vision advances, there’s seemed to be less fervor outside of that market. Tel Aviv-based AnyVision is aiming to leverage its computer vision chops in tracking people and objects to create some pretty clear utility for the enterprise world. After announcing a $27 million Series A in mid-2018, the computer vision startup is bringing Lightspeed Venture Partners into the raise, closing o...
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AI Diagnoses Genetic Disorders Using Facial Photos

While doctors can identify genetic disorders with an accuracy between 70% and 75%, DeepGestalt—an AI project by FDNA—can do so with accuracy of 90% and over. By analyzing the face piece-by-piece, the system finds a corresponding disorder for that crop, moves on to the next and then pools the results to find the most proper diagnosis for the patient. For the 8% of the population that’s …
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When should we stop trying to save the patient and focus on saving the organs?

The latest Hastings Center Report is dedicated to the question of defining death. Definitions of death are not only biological, but cultural, leading to important questions about organ donation. The brain can continue to be electrically active for five minutes after cardiac death—valuable time for patients in need of transplants. None One of the most disturbing movies I've ever watched is The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Based on French fashion editor Jean-Dominuqe Bauby's book of the same nam...
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THE VOICE APPS REPORT: The top issues with voice discoverability, monetization, and retention — and how to solve them

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. The voice app ecosystem is booming. In the US, the number of Alexa skills alone surpassed 25,000 in January 2018, up from just 7,000 the previous January, in categories ranging from music streaming services, to games, to connected home tools. As voice platforms continue to gain footing in homes via smart speaker...
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A.I. can generate pictures of a finished meal based on just a written recipe

Feeling hungry? Researchers from Tel-Aviv University in Israel have created an A.I. that's able to generate complete photos of meals, based only on reading the written recipes. Here's how. The post A.I. can generate pictures of a finished meal based on just a written recipe appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Photographer reveals what it’s like to photograph a humanoid robot

I believe you’ve heard of Sophia, a humanoid robot built by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Although she’s not a human, she resembles one in more than just facial features. She interacts with people, she can reportedly recognize faces and mimic 62 human facial expressions. So how do you photograph something (or someone) that resembles […] The post Photographer reveals what it’s like to photograph a humanoid robot appeared first on DIY Photography.
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TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS STARTUPS TO WATCH: The top 5 startups across digital freight services, warehouse robotics, AI, last-mile delivery robotics, and self-driving cars

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and self-driving technology are helping the transportation and logistics industry finally transform by cutting costs, optimizing delivery routes, and automating mundane tasks. Startups will be the lynchpin of this transformation because they specifically target areas of need  with cutting-edge solutions. Business Insider Intelligence examined the top 5 startups within five key areas: digital freight services, warehouse robotics, AI for supply chain manage...
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Voices in AI – Episode 77: A Conversation with Nicholas Thompson

Today's leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese .voice-in-ai-byline-embed { font-size: 1.4rem; background: url( black; background-position: center; background-size: cover; color: white; padding: 1rem 1.5rem; font-weight: 200; text-transform: uppercase; margin-bottom: 1.5rem; } .voice-in-ai-byline-embed span { color: #FF6B00; } About this Epi...
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Gender-blind hiring is BS. Here’s why so many companies are failing.

    Blind hiring aims to remove any and all identifying information (personal, demographic, etc.) from the recruiting process so that recruiters and hiring managers can evaluate candidates based on their abilities alone. Sounds good in theory, right? The reality of blind hiring is something different altogether. So much so that recruiters, as well as […]
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The Obsbot Tail uses an AI powered camera to produce perfect selfie videos

The concept of a camera that can follow a subject all by itself isn’t a new idea. Well, I say all by “itself”, the camera was usually paired with some kind of “homing device” on the wearer to tell the camera in which direction to point. But the Obsbot Tail needs no homing device. It […] The post The Obsbot Tail uses an AI powered camera to produce perfect selfie videos appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Autonomous Testing Is Like Autonomous Driving: The AI Needs Human Assistance

The US Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has defined a scale to describe the autonomous capabilities that self-driving cars have — i.e., their levels of automation. Level 5 is full automation, which allows self-driving cars to operate with no human assistance. Google and Uber, among others, are aiming to develop level 5 cars, but many […]
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An AI in every home: 23% of the US now owns Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are in more and more homes every month with almost double the amount of Smart Speakers in US homes at the end of 2018 compared to the end of 2017. NPR and Edison Research have released their ‘Smart Audio Report’ looking back at the Smart Speaker industry in 2018. It’s easy to tell from the ever-growing number of companies revealing their entry into the Smart Speaker market that they are on a massive trend and 2018 saw more people than ever picking up an internet-activated, art...
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How to be a good parent to artificial intelligence

Until we can design a mind that's superhuman and flawless, we'll have to settle for instilling plain old human values into artificial intelligence. But how to do this in a world where values are constantly evolving?Many of our life choices today would be considered immoral by people in the Middle Ages — or even the 1970s, says Ben Goertzel, whose family personally experienced the sad state of LGBTQ acceptance in Southern New Jersey 50 years ago.Raising an A.I. is a lot like raising kids, says Go...
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Qualcomm shows off an A.I.-equipped car cockpit at CES 2019

Car cockpits will be getting an A.I. upgrade, thanks to Qualcomm's new Snapdragon-based automotive cockpit platform, which will cover aspects of the in-car experience from voice-activated interfaces to traditional navigation systems. The post Qualcomm shows off an A.I.-equipped car cockpit at CES 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Make your favourite songs last forever with The Infinite Jukebox

How many times have you been grooving along to a track you love and it ends far too soon? Your wish for your favourite tracks to last longer comes true with incredible, and slightly mind-boggling, Infinite Jukebox. The Infinite Jukebox solves the age-old problem of the greatest songs also being the shortest songs – at least that’s how it feels because you never want them to end. It uses The Echo Nest to decompose tracks into individual beats which it analyses and matches to other similar sou...
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Spotify want brands to sponsor your Discover Weekly

Everyone’s favourite personalised playlist on Spotify will start featuring personalised adverts with brand sponsorships. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has become one of the most beloved playlists on the music streaming service renowned for offering up an incredible selection of curated and regularly updated playlists. Discover Weekly tailors it’s weekly selection to each listeners tastes based on what they listen to and have saved and has been lauded for it’s incredible ability to present people...
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AI News Marketers Can Use: I hope your key marketing strategy for 2019 includes voice!

This post originally appeared on the Sklar Wilton blog. Take a minute to think about every car commercial you’ve ever seen. Close your eyes. Let the imagery percolate. Now watch this commercial. Is that the PRECISE commercial you just imagined? Probably. That’s because Lexus used AI to create a commercial based on a training dataset […]
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Kizuna Ai Drowns

Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai has been spotted drowning in Tokyo Bay. The arrival of an amphibious Kizuna Ai-themed ita-bus has resulted in the horrific sight of the virtual Youtuber drowning in Tokyo Bay. The artwork on the side of the aqua bus was commissioned for Comiket 95, as the bus’ operators provide services for the […]
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CES 2019: Tech trends to watch for at the consumer electronics show

With more than 4,400 exhibiting companies and more than 2.7 million square feet of exhibition hall, CES is overwhelming. Here's what to expect from the upcoming show, from A.I. and self-driving cars to 5G networks and 8K televisions. The post CES 2019: Tech trends to watch for at the consumer electronics show appeared first on Digital Trends.
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​How AI is learning to convert brain signals into speech

The technique involves training neural networks to associate patterns of brain activity with human speech.Several research teams have managed to get neural networks to "speak" intelligible words.Although similar technology might someday help disabled people regain the power to speak, decoding imagined speech is still far off. None Several research groups have recently made significant progress in using neural networks to convert brain activity into intelligible computer-generated speech, develo...
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