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Meet the 100 people transforming the world of business

The world of business is changing rapidly. Artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles promise to change just about everything. Over-the-top viewing, or OTT, is transforming how we entertain ourselves. Direct-to-consumer brands are changing how we shop. There are new ways to go to the doctor, new ways of working, and new ways to invest. And urgent conversations are being had about purpose, the beneficiaries of these innovations, and what should be done to help those who risk being left behi...
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Waymo CEO John Krafcik explains why a parking lot is one of the most difficult environments for a self-driving car (GOOGL)

Since John Krafcik became the CEO of Waymo in 2015, the company has launched the first commercial, autonomous ride-hailing service in the United States. As Waymo's ambitions grow, it still has to reckon with the obsessive attention to detail autonomous vehicles require. Self-driving cars must be able to handle complex environments like parking lots. Parking lots are challenging because they feature cars and pedestrians moving in unpredictable patterns and don't have road markings, Krafcik said...
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Aston Martin just unveiled a striking electric car that will attempt to rival Tesla — but only 155 will be made

Aston Martin unveiled on Tuesday its first electric vehicle, the Rapide E, at the Shanghai auto show. The Rapide E will have over 200 miles of range and the ability to charge at a rate of 310 miles per hour with an 800-volt charger, Aston Martin says. According to Aston Martin, the Rapide E will have two motors, a top speed of 155 mph, and the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in under four seconds. Aston Martin did not disclose when it will begin delivering the Rapide E or its price, saying...
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Zoox CEO Aicha Evans reveals what will set the company's electric, self-driving cars apart from the rest

Aicha Evans became the CEO of Zoox in February. Zoox is developing an autonomous ride-hailing service that it plans to launch in 2020. Unlike nearly all of its most prominent competitors, the company wants to both assemble the electric vehicles it will use for the service and create the software that will allow the cars to drive themselves. Evans said her priorities are preparing Zoox to handle the transition from developing ideas to bringing those ideas to the market, and ensuring the company...
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INTRODUCING: The 10 people transforming how the world gets around

Business Insider named 10 transportation leaders to its list of 100 people transforming business. They include the CEO of a self-driving car startup, a prolific airline entrepreneur, and the logistics boss of the biggest retailer in the world.  See the full list of the 100 people transforming business here.  From self-driving and electric cars to scooters and low-cost air travel, the transportation space is in the midst of a massive upheaval. We've identified 10 people in the industry reth...
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Tesla is suing former employees, accusing them of stealing confidential information and giving it to robo-taxi rival Zoox (TSLA)

Tesla is accusing four former employees who now work for the robo-taxi startup Zoox of stealing confidential information. The company alleges in a new lawsuit that the documents helped Zoox "leap frog" years of work on self-driving cars.  More than 100 former Tesla employees now work for Zoox, which recently installed a new CEO.  Tesla has accused four former employees who now work at the robo-taxi startup Zoox of stealing proprietary information and trade secrets. In a lawsuit filed Wednesda...
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Intel insists leadership team 'united' even as executive departures rack up

Intel has insisted its leadership team is more united than ever in the wake of chief executive Brian Krzanich's resignation last year, even as it continues its hunt for a replacement. Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Client Computing Group, said: “Obviously you don't lose a CEO and you don't notice anything has changed, that would be silly.  “But I would say the leadership team at Intel, we've really pulled together as a whole group to exec...
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A 12-year Intel veteran will become the new CEO of the self-driving car company Zoox, which lost its previous leader under mysterious circumstances (INTC)

Intel veteran Aicha Evans has been named the new CEO of the self-driving car company Zoox, according to the company on Monday. Evans will assume her new role as Zoox's CEO on February 26.  Evans comes from a 12-year career at Intel, where she was serving as Chief Strategy Officer. The company has 700 current employees and is valued at $3.2 billion after a $500 million funding round in July.  Evans replaces former Zoox CEO and co-founder Tim Kentley-Klay, who left the company last year u...
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Qualcomm Attempt to Cast Intel as Hypocrite Backfires in Antitrust Trial

After an interrogation of Intel’s chief strategy officer largely backfired this week, a Qualcomm attorney on Friday declined a judge’s invitation to bring Aicha Evans back to the witness stand as a non-jury trial brought by the Federal Trade Commission moved into its fourth day of testimony. “Not from us, your honor,” Qualcomm lawyer Antony Ryan told U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, prompting a cheer from Evans, which provoked widespread laughter in the San Jose, California, courtroom after one of...
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Women Scientists: How do We Empower the Next Generation?

Heading into Mother’s Day, we reached out to young and seasoned professionals working inside GE and Intel to learn how they are changing the workplace for women scientists today and those who will be joining in the near future. At a time when the country is facing a shortage of science and technology professionals, a discrepancy exists between the number of men and women who pursue a career in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. While over 70 million women make u...
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Ad Age Remotely Entertaining: What You Need to Know About 5G

Fifth-generation wireless systems, or 5G, is at the tip of everyone's tongue at Mobile World Congress in Spain this week. As the point person driving Intel's stated evolution from a PC-centric company to a data-driven powerhouse, it stands to reason that Aicha Evans, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at the company, has 5G on the brain, too."There's a next generation of activity coming because there's so much data. And this data we cannot transfer without the next generation of te...
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Yes, Intel Corp. Is Moving in a New Direction

If it weren't already obvious that Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is moving deeper into the data center, now we have it in black and white. The rickety PC market is not a strategic focus anymore, but heavy-duty number crunching is.The strategic shift was stated in plain English this week, baked into an announcement that longtime vice president Aicha Evans will be shouldering the newly created title of Intel's chief strategy officer.Image source: Intel.Continue reading [Author: [email protected] (And...
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To match a shifting strategy, Intel names a chief strategy officer

As chip giant Intel continues to shift its strategy toward ubiquitous computing, as opposed to just PCs, it now has an executive with the sole role of driving this long game. The company elevated Senior Vice President Aicha Evans to the job of chief strategy officer. She will report to CFO Bob Swan and will be based at the company’s Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters. Evans previously worked at Intel’s Hillsboro campus. (In fact, Evans was the subject of the first-ever PBJ Interview to discuss…...
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5G: The Communications Key to Autonomous Driving

As more self-driving cars hit the road in the coming years, sophisticated communications systems will rely on a fast, reliable network that’s capable of being a data superhighway. Self-driving or autonomous cars are a hot topic, but the road to autonomous driving is curvy and complicated. It’s full of blind turns as engineers, automakers, regulators and data scientists map out a radically different future for automobiles. That future is fast approaching. In January, the said a fleet of about 4...
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Women Scientists: How do We Empower the Next Generation?

Heading into Mother’s Day, we reached out to young and seasoned professionals working inside GE and Intel to learn how they are changing the workplace for women today and those who will be joining in the near future. At a time when the country is facing a shortage of science and technology professionals, a discrepancy exists between the number of men and women who pursue a career in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. While over 70 million women make up roughly h...
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Details of a Future Intel Corporation Cellular Modem Emerge

Intel's Aicha Evans holding a modem. Image source: Intel.Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) finally did it -- it has managed to win a significant portion of the modems inside Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) newly announced iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones. Not only are Intel's modems expected to ship inside iPhones internationally, but a good chunk of the phones that ship in North America -- in particular, those sold through carriers that operate GSM networks -- will have Intel Inside, too.Continue reading [Author:...
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Intel Corp.'s Mobile Chief Decides to Stay

Aicha Evans. Image source: Intel.A while back, reports began to circulate that Aicha Evans, the head of Intel's (NASDAQ: INTC) wireless group, had tendered her resignation. Interestingly, when the chip giant announced the imminent departures of two longtime executives, Evans' name was not mentioned.Interestingly, follow-up reports suggested that Intel CEO Brian Krzanich was been "scrambling to get Evans to change her mind." In commentary on that report, I suggested that Intel's best bet to get...
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Is Intel Corporation's Mobile Strategy Falling Apart?

Last year, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) merged its troubled PC and mobile businesses into a single Client Computing group. Intel veteran Aicha Evans was tasked with leading the mobile unit, while Kirk Skaugen continued to lead the PC business. But last November, CEO Brian Krzanich hired Murthy Renduchintala, Qualcomm's (NASDAQ: QCOM) mobile chief, as the head of the newly created Client and Internet of Things (IoT) Businesses and Systems Architecture Group -- which included chips for PCs and any dev...
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Intel's big hire from Qualcomm blasts the company in a leaked memo (INTC)

Venkata “Murthy” Renduchintala, the former Qualcomm co-president Intel poached last year, sent a critical message to the company's senior executives last week, a ccording to a leaked internal memo obtained by The Oregonian's Mike Rogoway on Wednesday. "Over the last three months I have conducted numerous project reviews with our execution teams, and there is a clear trend that has emerged in these reviews – a lack of product/customer focus in execution that is creating schedule and competit...
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Report Suggests Intel Corp. CEO Wanted Mobile Chief to Stay

Aicha Evans. Image source: Intel.Not too long ago, news broke that Intel's (NASDAQ: INTC) mobile chip chief, Aicha Evans, had handed in her resignation to the chip giant. There had been some speculation that she was effectively "asked to leave," though in a column published here on shortly after the news broke, I suggested that the executive, instead, might be leaving out of frustration.After reading an article published in Bloomberg, it would seem that the latter explanation is more ...
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Intel Corp.'s PC, Internet of Things Chiefs Bail

Image source: Intel. Following reports that Intel's (NASDAQ: INTC) mobile chief, Aicha Evans, handed in her resignation, the chip giant announced that Doug Davis and Kirk Skaugen, the individuals who currently head up the company's Internet of Things and Client Computing Group efforts, will also be leaving the company.Continue reading [Author: [email protected] (Ashraf Eassa)]
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Two of Intel's top execs are out in a major shake up at the chipmaker (INTC)

Intel just announced that two of its top executives are leaving the company, a surprise move that puts more control under the recently hired former Qualcomm exec,  Venkata “Murthy” Renduchintala. The two executives leaving are Kirk Skaugen, SVP of Client Computing Group, and Doug Davis, SVP of the Internet of Things Group. Skaugen and Davis each spent 24 years and 32 years at Intel, respectively.  Davis will retire from Intel at the end of 2016, while Skaugen's  looking for a "next career opp...
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Report: Intel Corp.'s Mobile Chief Bails

Aicha Evans. Image source: Intel. According to a report from Bloomberg, the head of Intel's (NASDAQ: INTC) wireless chip group, Aicha Evans, is planning to leave the company. This departure comes as the chipmaker has struggled to develop competitive products for, and ultimately gain a foothold in, the market for mobile applications processors and cellular basebands.Continue reading [Author: [email protected] (Ashraf Eassa)]
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How Hedy Lamarr Invented Early Wireless Technology

Unhappy being pigeonholed due to her looks, the “most beautiful woman in the world” set out to develop a secret communication system that would take down Nazi submarines. A lonely immigrant from Austria slips out of her stage clothes and kicks off her heels. Carefully removing her movie makeup, she’s dissatisfied that she’s been overlooked for more significant roles. Instead of throwing a pity party over a glass of Pinot Noir, however, she heads determinedly for her drafting table, a place where...
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Intel Corp. Reportedly Wins Apple Inc. iPhone 7 Modem Spot

Intel wireless chief Aicha Evans holding the XMM 7360 modem.
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Beyond Centrino: Intel drives device changes for a 5G world

Intel sparked a wireless revolution over the last decade with its Centrino processor platform, designed to connect laptops over Wi-Fi, and now believes the 5G mobile standard will fuel the next big change in the way a new generation of devices communicate. The move to 5G networks will provide faster wireless connectivity through a host of technologies and change the way computing devices are built, said Aicha Evans, corporate vice president for Intel's Platform Engineering Group and general mana...
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