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Trump lies, 'They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine'

Donald Trump, June 16, 2020: “They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine.” “They” have not. There is no AIDS vaccine. Here's a clip of the video. “They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine” — Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) June 16, 2020 Said Trump: "These are the people, the best, the smartest, the most brilliant anywhere, and they've come up with the AIDS vaccine. They've come up with⁠— or, the AIDS— and, as you know, there's various things and now various companies are involve...
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‘80s Mascot "Bleachman" Wants You To Shoot Up Safely

Recent reckless comments from the president about injecting disinfectants have spurred urgent press announcements from health professionals and cleaning product manufacturers alike about the dangers of shooting up bleach. In San Francisco, it has also summoned visions of a noble helper from bygone days who wouldn’t have suffered such foolishness about shooting up. A local superhero who was dedicated to educating civilians about the proper use of bleach and injections. One who sought to prevent t...
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Bill Gates details how his foundation shifted focus “almost entirely” to addressing COVID-19

Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke to the Financial Times (via Fast Company) about how the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has shifted “almost entirely” to working on addressing COVID-19, in the interest of making the post impact possible in the ongoing effort to contain and combat the global coronavirus pandemic. Gates told the FT that the spread of COVID-19 could have dire economic consequences which will result in more suffering globally than anyone could’ve anticipated, hence ...
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Lessons from ‘La Peste’: Camus and Covid-19

‘The Plague’, an allegory of the Nazi occupation of France in World War II, is about a town’s fight against an epidemic. It’s a relevant read in the times of Covid-19 The post Lessons from ‘La Peste’: Camus and Covid-19 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Are bathhouses about to make a comeback?

The city of San Francisco will consider revoking a 1980s law that banned bathhouses in the city. In the 1970s, bathhouses acted as magnets for gay men, both to meet other singles and to experience music, dancing and social time. That changed with the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, which prompted major cities like New York and San Francisco to shutter the popular gay bathing spots. Laws required the removal of private rooms and video booths, as well as to have a “monitor” on-site to make sure nobody ...
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Scottish man, 25, dies of AIDS-related illness after late HIV diagnosis

Ross Scott (Photo: Facebook) A 25-year-old HIV campaigner has reportedly died of AIDS-related illness in Scotland. Ross Scott, of Kirkcaldy, found out he had HIV in early 2017 after he began to develop health problems. A week ago he was placed in hospice care and warned he didn’t have long to live. It’s rare for people in the UK to die of AIDS-related illnesses, with the National Health Service immediately placing those diagnosed with HIV on antiretroviral therapy. AdBridg.cmd.push(function(...
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Extinction Rebellion’s Roger Hallam Speaks With ACT UP’s Peter Staley

As Extinction Rebellion’s two-week international protest came to a close, a conversation between its founder, Roger Hallam, and ACT UP’s Peter Staley appeared on Document Journal. Within, the two activists, guided by writer Elizabeth Rush, discuss similarities between the climate and AIDs crises, the potential extinction of the human race, and how mass movements can alter history. Hallam also insists that Extinction Rebellion aims to …
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Gates Foundation-Xinova Tie-Up Aimed at Using Data to Fight Malaria

A pair of Seattle-based organizations want to harness big data to help combat a big global health problem: malaria.Xinova, which operates a global innovation network to help people turn ideas into real-world products and services, said Thursday it’s seeking proposals for improved management of data on medications and supplies used to prevent and treat malaria in northern Nigeria. Xinova said it plans to award the teams behind the two most promising ideas $10,000 in funding each, and help them p...
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The World Health Organization is setting up rules and oversight for human gene editing

Yesterday, the World Health Organization wrapped up its first meeting of a new advisory committee set up to create global governance and oversight standards for human gene editing. The committee was hastily pulled together in December after the revelation last year that a Chinese scientist had genetically modified two embryos using CRISPR technology to remove the CCR5 gene, which plays a critical role in enabling many forms of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) to infect cells. As soon as the Shen...
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For second time ever a patient has been cured of HIV, scientists report

The New York Times reports that a team of scientists plan to announce tomorrow that a patient in London has been effectively cured of HIV.The cure reportedly was the result of a bone-marrow transplant that came with a genetic mutation that naturally blocks HIV from spreading throughout the body.This approach isn't quite practical to implement on a large scale, but the knowledge gained from it will likely help scientists develop more scalable approaches. None In 2007, Timothy Ray Brown became the...
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A better way to prevent the spread of HIV

HIV prevention is now focused on finding at least 90% of the existing cases, putting at least 90% of those people in HIV treatment, and keeping the virus from multiplying in the body among 90% of those people retained in care (known as durable viral suppression). Despite these admirable goals, known as the United Nations’ “90-90-90” programme, HIV transmission rates have not declined since 2011. “The power of prevention is not being realized”, said Michel Sidibé, executive director of UNAIDS, in...
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Why This British Lawmaker Decided to Come Out as HIV-Positive in Parliament

"The response has been hugely positive," Lloyd Russell-Moyle told TIME
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Reports of First Genetically Enhanced Babies Spark Outrage

Twin girls born earlier this month had their DNA altered to prevent them from contracting HIV, according to an Associated Press report. If confirmed, the births would signify the first gene-edited babies in human history—a stunning development that’s sparking an outcry from scientists and ethicists.Read more...
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Introducing a Very Special New Podcast…People Like Us: Inside Philadelphia

25 years ago HIV was a death sentence. Those living with HIV were sometimes discriminated against and often shunned. And then came Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, director Jonathan Demme, and a movie called Philadelphia. That movie and the developments in HIV treatment which followed it changed the face of HIV and AIDS in America and throughout the world. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Philadelphia, I am proud to announce a new two-episode podcast series: People Like Us: Inside Philade...
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Director Dan Krauss on AIDS doc ‘5B’: “History is, in a very frightening way, repeating itself.”

The documentarian opens up about working with Paul Haggis, AIDS stigma, the virtues of real heroes, and
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Proven Strategies for Leveraging Visual Aids

I still remember my 10th grade history teacher, because he was an expert at using tangible objects to elaborate on each lesson. To this day, if a concept I learned about in his class comes up in a discussion, the object he showed pops into my mind immediately. Connecting concepts with tangible, memorable objects helps our brains retain the association for longer periods than merely discussing the concept alone. However, in our highly digital culture, the use of a physical visual aids seems to be...
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Epidemics and the ‘other’

A scholarly consensus persists: across time, from the Plague of Athens to AIDS, epidemics provoke hate and blame of the ‘other’. As the Danish-German statesman and ancient historian, Barthold Georg Niebuhr proclaimed in 1816: “Times of plague are always those in which the bestial and diabolical side of human nature gains the upper hand.” In the 1950s, the French historian René Baehrel reasoned: epidemics induce ‘class hatred (La haine de classe)’; such emotions have been and are a part of our ‘s...
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Sir Terence Conran's (RED) Suite at the ANDAZ Hotel, London: We speak with the famed designer about his new project supporting the AIDs organization

The first time Sir Terence Conran set foot into what was then The Great Eastern Hotel in London, decades ago, it wasn’t exactly a boutique experience. "I went to book a room, and the girl behind the reception desk asked me, ‘How many hours do you want...... Continue Reading...
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Bill Gates says that Trump asked him the difference between HIV and HPV

In a never-before-seen video posted by MSNBC, Bill Gates says that President Donald Trump asked him the difference between HIV and HPV. MSNBC host Chris Hayes says that Trump asked Gates this twice: Once at their meeting in 2017, and again at their meeting in 2018. HPV is a very common sexually-transmitted disease that causes no symptoms in many people. HIV is a virus that can lead to the onset of AIDS, a condition that is often deadly, if left untreated. In a video posted by MSNBC on Thurs...
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WATCH: Courtney Act teaches bigger’s guide to what ‘undetectable’ really means

There's no excuse not to know what it means when the all the answers are so readily available.
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Global Health Days – immunity and community

24 April marks the start of World Immunization Week – an annual campaign first launched in 2012. The week is one of 8 WHO international public health events, which include those targeting major infectious diseases – World AIDS day, World Tuberculosis (TB) day, World Malaria day, and World Hepatitis Day. These infections share a few features with each other which mean they all will continue to be global health threats for some time to come – this includes in particular the need for new or better ...
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Why Casey House Turned June’s Pop-Up Eatery Into a Documentary

Back in November, Casey House, Canada’s first and only standalone hospital for people living with HIV/AIDS, opened a pop-up restaurant in Toronto run by HIV-positive chefs​. It was called June’s in honor of founder June Callwood, the pioneering journalist and activist whose many philanthropic interests led her to open a groundbreaking care facility at a time when there were fears, misconceptions and a lack of general support for people with HIV/AIDS, with the medical crisis dismissed as somethi...
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Did a Young Woman Deliberately Infect 324 Men With HIV?

A dubious story is based on a baseless, unverified, and anonymous Facebook post.
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Is Anchor Butter Contaminated with HIV?

A new variant of a years-old rumor about a worker adding HIV-infected blood to foods or beverages takes aim at a popular brand of butter.
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Are Cadbury Products Contaminated with HIV?

Rumors that a worker at Cadbury plant was arrested for contaminating the company's products with HIV-infected blood are a variant of an old and false rumor.
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Insurance companies won’t cover gay men until they increase their risk of getting HIV… huh?

It's "like refusing to insure someone because they use seatbelts.”
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Global health as equity

Images of a Loa Loa worm crawling across a woman’s eye, a man’s leg swollen, unrecognizability from filariasis, a child comatose from malaria: these are the images often used to start a lecture on global health. The people suffering from these exotic maladies are undoubtedly of people of color who hail from communities and countries impoverished by a succession of geopolitical forces in direct opposition to human rights. The ravages of slavery, colonialism, and the strictly imposed economic ideo...
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Renewed activism, not budget cuts, needed to end the aids epidemic

Policy makers, organization, and governments have worked side-by-side with people living with AIDS as part of a global social movement for three decades. The success of the movement for HIV treatment access not only garnered billions of dollars of new money for HIV treatment, but also served to shift the public health paradigm from prevention-only to the provision long-term treatment. This paradigm shift ushered in a new era in global health. One that has strengthened health systems and treated ...
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Here’s the Best Age to Get an HIV Test, According to Experts

Screening people for HIV is the best way to ensure that those who are positive get treatment, which can be effective in reducing spread of the disease. But guidelines differ on the best ages to test for people who aren’t at high risk for the disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently…
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Gay men have always earned much less $$ than straight men. Not anymore.

The gay male earnings penalty has not only vanished; it's transformed into what an earnings premium.
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