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This Week: Acting Pentagon Chief’s Alleged Pro-Boeing Bias Gets New Attention

The Pentagon’s inspector general is looking into allegations that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, who spent more than 30 years at Boeing before joining the Trump administration, improperly boosted the company as a government official. The investigation came in response to a complaint from the independent watchdog group CREW, which in turn cited a January report from Politico that Shanahan’s remarks as a government employee had “fuel[ed] questions about whether he harbors an unfair ...
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544 NBAA Regional Forum

Reports from NBAA’s Regional Forum in Houston, attacking the pilot and mechanic shortage, and NBAA’s top safety focus areas. Wo look at the Boeing 737 Max, AOA indicators, MCAS, and the certification process. Also, a Southwest Airlines labor agreement, more coin tosses for good luck, B-52 re-engining, famous aviation siblings, Red Bull air races, and the Boeing 747. Aviation News Flawed analysis, failed oversight: How Boeing and FAA certified the suspect 737 MAX flight control system The or...
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The top 10 startups from Y Combinator W19 Demo Day 1

Electric vehicle chargers, heads-up displays for soldiers, and the Costco of weed were some of our favorites from presitigious startup accelerator Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 Demo Day 1. If you want to take the pulse of Silicon Valley, YC is the place to be. But with over 200 startups presenting across 2 stages and 2 days, it’s tough to keep track. You can check out our write-ups of all 85 startups that launched on Demo Day 1 here, and come back later for our full index and picks from Day 2. B...
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NASA photos capture immense flooding of a vital U.S. Air Force base

In 1948, Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington stationed the United States' long-range nuclear bombers at Offutt Air Force Base in eastern Nebraska, a location safe in the middle of the nation and well-insulated from the coast. But 70 years later, the base — now home to the U.S. Strategic Command which deters "catastrophic actions from adversaries and poses an immediate threat to any actor who questions U.S. resolve by demonstrating our capabilities" — isn't safe from historic and recor...
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Matt Taibbi finally makes sense of the Pentagon's trillions in off-books "budgetary irregularities"

The finances of the US armed forces have been in a state of near-continuous audit for decades and despite spending billions of dollars and thousands of person-years trying to make sense of what the military spends, we're no closer to an answer, and no one disputes that there are trillions of dollars' worth of unaccountable transactions (but importantly, not trillions of dollars in spending) that make it impossible to figure out whether and when and how the Pentagon is being ripped off, or wasti...
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Investors just made a $35 million bet on a startup that wants to help people find food and housing to keep them healthy

Unite Us, a health-tech company that wants to help connect health systems to services like housing and food with the hope of keeping people healthier and out of the hospital, just raised another $35 million.  The hope is to improve on a process that already happens over the phone or through written-down referrals in a way that speeds it up and tracks the outcomes.  Health plans are looking at new ways to keep their members healthy that include paying for patients' rents and promoting better ea...
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The Air Force's New AI Is Basically R2-D2 for Fighter Jets

The U.S. military wants to put artificial intelligence in the cockpit, as an assistant or AI-powered wingman.
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Run, Hide Or Fight, NZ Hero Abdul Aziz Choose To Fight ~ VIDEO

Opinion NZ Resident and Hero, Abdul Aziz USA – -( The following is an old article I wrote back in 2007 that I have updated in reverence to the evil shooting at two Muslim houses of worships in the nation of New Zealand. As an Air Force lieutenant, I was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia, and trained to be an Army Infantry officer. During the patrolling phase of training, we learned how to set up an ambush and stop the enemy cold as they walked past. We also learned that the enemy ...
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Here are the 85+ startups that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 1

Y Combinator’s incubator classes have gotten huge. With over 200 companies, the Winter 2019 class is by far YC’s largest yet. Meanwhile, the incubator prepares to shift its headquarters from Mountain View to San Francisco. It’s so large, in fact, it’s had to change the way it does Demo Day. Rather than all pitches happening on one stage, they were split across two stages (the “Pioneer” and “Mission” stages) running in parallel. So even if you were in the building, you couldn’t see all the pit...
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Lockheed F-35 dinged as Boeing’s F-15X wins in Air Force’s plan

The U.S. Air Force outlined a five-year plan that showed the extent of the Pentagon’s push to bring back Boeing’s F-15 fighter in an upgraded version, a $7.8 billion investment that would jump from eight of the planes next year to 18 each year through 2024. While Lockheed Martin’s newer F-35 would get $37.5 billion […]
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GAO-19-136, DOD Space Acquisitions: Including Users Early and Often in Software Development Could Benefit Programs, March 18, 2019

What GAO Found The four major Department of Defense (DOD) software-intensive space programs that GAO reviewed struggled to effectively engage system users. These programs are the Air Force's...
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The Latest: Flooding damages 60 buildings at Air Force base

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The Latest on flooding in the Midwest (all times local):
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How the Air Force Could Avoid the 'F-35' Trap

Could a rethink of U.S. acquisition policies bring back the heady days of the “Century Series,” a time in which the Air Force could pick and choose between a variety of different fighters specialized in certain tasks? Could such an approach free the Pentagon from the specter of another gigantic, F-35-sized procurement project?
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A look at how the number of women in the military has steadily grown

Coast Guard Lt. Ronaqua Russell, 28, was awarded the Coast Guard Air Medal for operations. (Screenshot from U.S. Coast Guard video) Last month, Coast Guard Lt. Ronaqua Russell, 28, was one of eight pilots to be awarded the prestigious Coast Guard Air Medal for operations after the deadly hurricane that hit Houston in 2017. She is the first African-American woman in the branch to receive the Air Medal. The Women in Aviation International Conference ends Saturday, March 16 in Long Beach. Nine C...
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Watch the U.S. Air Force launch a new satellite live right here

It's been an eventful week for spaceflight, with the biggest news being the hotly anticipated launch of the Soyuz rocket carrying a pair of NASA astronauts going smoothly on Thursday, but we're not done yet. The U.S. Air Force is about to close out the week with the launch of a shiny new Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) communications satellite, and it's using a Delta IV rocket from United Launch Alliance to make it happen. The launch, which will be the second Delta IV launch from ULA th...
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The "What-If" YF-23 Stealth Fighter Debate: We Are All Missing a Bigger Point

"So it perhaps is natural that we'd ask whether the F-22 was the right choice. Maybe, just maybe, the F-23 could've succeeded where the F-22 failed. What if the Air Force had picked the other stealth fighter design? What if America were stronger? What if we were safer? What if the whole world were a better place?"
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Taylor carries Fresno St. past Air Force 76-50 in MW tourney

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Deshon Taylor recorded 18 points and 10 assists to carry Fresno State to a 76-50 win over Air Force in the quarterfinals of the Mountain West Conference Tournament on Thursday night. Aguir Agau had 16 points for Fresno State (23-8). Nate Grimes added 13 points. New Williams had 12 points and […]
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The B-52 Bomber: Getting Ready to Carry Nuclear-Armed Cruise Missiles?

The Air Force is now arming its fleet of B-52 Bombers with prototype nuclear-armed cruise missiles to prepare the aircraft for the possibility of launching the Long Range Stand Off (LRSO) weapon.
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Captain Marvel lands her fighter jet at Disney California Adventure for photo op and new themed food offerings

Air-Force-pilot-turned-superhero Captain Marvel has landed her fighter jet at Disney California Adventure for meet-and-greet photo opportunities and a new lineup of specialty-themed foods after flying past her movie rivals over the weekend. The female superhero arrives at the Anaheim theme park after the new “Captain Marvel” movie blew away the competition to take the top spot at the box office with a $153 million opening weekend domestic gross, according to Box Office Mojo. The new Marvel Studi...
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US Air Force says Boeing has 'severe situation' after trash found on refueling planes

In a blistering attack on Boeing, the Air Force's top acquisition official said the company has a "severe situation" with flawed inspections of its new KC-46 air refueling tanker aircraft, after trash and industrial tools were found in some planes after they were delivered to the Air Force.
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Boeing has 'severe situation' after trash found on refueling planes

In a blistering attack on Boeing, the Air Force's top acquisition official said the company has a "severe situation" with flawed inspections of its new KC-46 air refueling tanker aircraft, after trash and industrial tools were found in some planes after they were delivered to the Air Force.
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Air Force says Boeing has 'severe situation' after trash found on refueling planes

In a blistering attack on Boeing, the Air Force's top acquisition official said the company has a "severe situation" with flawed inspections of its new KC-46 air refueling tanker aircraft, after trash and industrial tools were found in some planes after they were delivered to the Air Force.
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Air Force beats San Jose State 87-56 in MWC tourney opener

Chris Joyce scores a career-high 20 points as Air Force easily defeats San Jose State 87-56 in the Mountain West Conference Tournament first round            [Author: AP]
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#ThemToo: Silence over sexual violence on the border is deafening

The media is very vocal about victims of sexual violence — but only when it suits their political agenda. They emphasize “#MeToo,” but they fail to stand up for “#ThemToo.” Since the emergence of the #MeToo movement, activists have eagerly rallied behind numerous women whose claims offered the potential to advance the anti-Trump agenda of the Democrat Party. When Professor Christine Blasey Ford accused now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her during a high school part...
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543 Aviation Career Opportunities

Carl Valeri talks about aviation career opportunities, including the current employment outlook, some industry trends, and the wide availability of scholarships. We look at the Boeing acquisition of ForeFlight, the crash of an Ethiopian 737 MAX 8, FOD on new KC-46 tankers, a pilot who left his handgun on the plane, and a passenger with an RPG. We also talk about this year’s SUN ‘n FUN week-long fly-in and air show. Guest Carl Valeri Carl Valeri is a flight instructor and airline pilot. He h...
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Sadly She Is Back In Office, But She Is Not Flying USAF Air

Opinion Henry Delay USA – -( A frail, retired Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant, Security Forces (SF) “cop” with a cane in hand, walked out onto the flight line of Andrews Air Force Base. He stopped at the entry control of the hangar where Air Force One was parked. He advised the young SF Staff Sergeant on duty that, back in the day, he had flown with three different Presidents, providing security for Air Force One and the men who flew on that plane. He wanted to know if Presid...
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How The Air Force Wants to Crush Russia's Su-57 Stealth Fighters and Deadly S-400s

The Air Force is massively speeding up a new networked surveillance system intended to collect, organize and disseminate pressing attack information in extremely high-risk environments including enemy stealth fighters, advanced air defenses and armed drones.
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Brazil to sign accord with U.S. on space technology next week

The United States and Brazil have negotiated an accord to safeguard U.S. space technology the South American nation hopes will be used in commercial rockets lifting off from its launch site near the equator, the Brazilian government said on Monday. Brazil hopes to get a piece of the $300 billion-a-year space launch business by drawing U.S. companies interested in launching small satellites at a lower cost from the Alcantara base run by the Brazilian Air Force on the South American country's nor...
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Open Code

Capt. Michael J. Kanaan, Air Force Artificial Intelligence co-chair, believes the Air Force needs more computer language experts in order to maintain dominance. Kanaan said the languages of artificial intelligence algorithms can, and should, be taught to Airmen as a mission-critical skill, just like Mandarin, Spanish or Arabic. jQuery(document).ready(function($){ // If multiple elements are selected, it will use the first ...
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THe USAF’s new combat drone is an A.I. figther jet that flies itself

The US Air Force celebrated the successful test flight of its new stealth fighter drone, the XQ-58A Valkyrie releasing a brief 15-second clip that captured this milestone maiden flight. The post THe USAF’s new combat drone is an A.I. figther jet that flies itself appeared first on Digital Trends.
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