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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: I bought a cowboy hat in Montana, but it wasn’t easy

I just got back from Montana, which is a state in the Rocky Mountains, in case you’ve never been there. They have about as many beef cattle as they do residents, based on my observation driving around that we saw herds and herds of Angus beef on the hoof, and we seldom saw herds and herds of people anywhere, except in Bozeman. When you do see people, they’re often wearing “cowboy hats,” which some of you may know from watching old movies. I bought myself a cowboy hat while I was there, but it wa...
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Air Force Squadron to Train in Vermont With F-16s

An Air Force squadron from South Carolina will be training with F-16 fighter jets in Vermont over the next week.
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How the US got its pilots home after 2 of its most advanced jets were shot down within weeks of each other

F-16s on a combat air patrol mission for NATO Operation Allied Force, May 3, 1999. US Air Force/Senior Airman Jeffrey Allen In spring 1999, NATO began an air campaign against Serbian forces to end human-rights abuses in Kosovo. During the bombing, Serbian forces shot down two of the US's most advanced jets: an F-117 and an F-16. Both US pilots got home, thanks in large part to a unique team of US Air Force special operators. See more stories on Insider's business page. In March 199...
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Nike adds pineapple leather to materials palette

In Oregon, sneaker giant Nike has introduced a new collection incorporating a pineapple-based leather alternative produced in the Philippines. The Happy Pineapple collection debuted on June 17th and features some of Nike’s most recognizable styles, such as Air Force and Air Max.   The material—called Pinatex—is produced by United Kingdom’s Ananas Anam.   The material is made from cellulose extracted from pineapple waste and requires less resources, such as land and water, to produce compared t...
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A US Navy adversary squadron now has a jet with the same camo as Russia's most advanced fighter

The F/A-18E of VFC-12 in Su-57 color scheme. Fighter Squadron Composite 12/Facebook One F/A-18E Super Hornet of VFC-12 now sports a paint scheme inspired by the Russian Su-57 Felon. As a US Navy adversary squadron, VFC-12 flies jets with camo schemes that mimic those of Russian jets. See more stories on Insider's business page. A US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet "Red 12", belonging to Fighter Squadron Composite Twelve (VFC-12), the "Fighting Omars", based at Naval Air Station Oceana in Vir...
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Before they were at an insurrection, they were regular Americans

• She was killed storming the Capitol. Here's how this Air Force veteran became a January 6 rioter
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United States: SBIR/STTR Opportunities For Blockchain Projects - Ward & Berry

The Air Force has no solution for interoperating seamless and rapid data integrations between commands and domains.
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With tension rising in the Pacific, Australia is preparing to fight alongside the US and on its own

Australian soldiers conduct an amphibious landing during Talisman Saber, an exercise with the US military, in northeast Australia, July 13, 2017. REUTERS/Jason Reed Australia has announced major investments in its own military capabilities, especially new weapons. Countries in the region bolster their militaries amid heightened tensions between the US and China. Australia is looking for "a combination of integration with the US and greater self-reliance," one expert told Insider. See more ...
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Twin Cities Woman Shot and Killed 4 Days Into New Marriage

A Twin Cities woman was less than a week into her new marriage to a fellow Air Force veteran when she was allegedly shot to death by her ex-husband.
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He jumped into a bay to save a toddler. This week, he got a special honor

The Air Force's Thunderbirds honored a man Friday who jumped into an Ocean City, Maryland, bay last month to save a toddler.
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Edward Gleason: Tales of Hilarity as a Military Motorcyclist in the 1960’s

When it comes to late-night stories around the campfire, the best narrators are typically the ones with the most experience.  And after spending time in the U.S. Airforce in the 1960s, a man by the name of Edward Gleason has a fun tale to tell of his time in Tennessee as a young military technician. According to a report from BuffaloNews , Gleason was originally stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Keesler Air Force Base for his training.  Upon completion of his course, Gleas...
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SCOTT GALLOWAY: Less than 2% of US millionaires' taxes returns get audited - here's how increasing IRS funding could change that and net billions more in tax revenue

Audit rates of millionaires have steadily decreased over the last decade. Alex Wong/Getty Images Scott Galloway is a bestselling author and professor of marketing at NYU Stern. The following is a recent blog post, republished with permission, that originally ran on his blog, "No Mercy / No Malice." In it, Galloway discusses the global vaccine rollout and upcoming US antitrust legislation. See more stories on Insider's business page. Optimists are overrated. With Big Tech, COVID-19, o...
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How an Air Force vet became a Capitol rioter

• Brown presses GOP lawmaker to denounce new Capitol riot conspiracy • Opinion: Republicans appeased the extremists -- and now they're paying the price
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CNN investigates how this Air Force veteran became a Capitol rioter

On a sunny morning in February, as a bagpipe rendition of "Amazing Grace" filled the salt air, Ashli Babbitt's family and friends scattered her ashes into the Pacific Ocean off San Diego.
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How this Air Force veteran became a Capitol rioter

On a sunny morning in February, as a bagpipe rendition of "Amazing Grace" filled the salt air, Ashli Babbitt's family and friends scattered her ashes into the Pacific Ocean off San Diego.
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She was killed storming the Capitol. Here's how this Air Force veteran became a January 6 rioter

On a sunny morning in February, as a bagpipe rendition of "Amazing Grace" filled the salt air, Ashli Babbitt's family and friends scattered her ashes into the Pacific Ocean off San Diego.
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General ‘shocked’ by AP report on AWOL military guns

By Kristin M. Hall, James Laporta and Justin Pritchard | Associated Press Shocked by an Associated Press investigation into the loss and theft of military guns, the Pentagon’s top general signaled Thursday that he will consider a “systematic fix” to how the armed services keep account of their firearms. The AP’s investigation reported how some of the missing guns have been stolen and later used in violent street crimes, while many others have vanished without a clue from the military’s enormous ...
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Anduril raises $450M as the defense tech company’s valuation soars to $4.6B

The AI-powered defense company founded by tech iconoclast Palmer Luckey has landed a $450 million round of investment that values the startup at $4.6 billion just four years in. In April, reports suggested that the company was on the hunt for fresh investment and headed for a valuation between four and five billion, up from $1.9 billion in July 2020. The new Series D round was led by angel investor and serial entrepreneur Elad Gil, a former Twitter VP and Googler with a track record of investmen...
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Air Force Begins Search For New Refueling Tanker as Lawmakers Push Airbus

Some lawmakers want the Air Force to terminate its KC-46 contract with Boeing.
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F-22 fighters respond to Russian Navy activity near Hawaii, Honolulu police officers charged in killing 16-year-old, travel surges with loosened COVID requirements, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

F-22 Raptors U.S. Air Force photo by TSgt Ben Bloker Russian Navy west of Hawaii prompted F-22 fighter launch from Hickam, report says. The Russian Navy is edging closer to Hawaii with a big exercise 300 to 500 miles west of the Aloha State — prompting the Air Force to scramble three missile-armed F-22 fighters on Sunday. Star-Advertiser. Civil Beat.  Hawaii News Now. French Warplanes To Train With US Military In Hawaii As Allies Solidify Ties. France’s new commander in the Pacific toure...
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China says its fighter pilots are battling AI aircraft in simulated dogfights, and humans aren't the only ones learning

China is using artificial intelligence to hone the skills of Chinese fighter pilots. STR/AFP via Getty Images China has been pitting pilots against AI-driven aircraft in training simulations. A commander told the PLA Daily that the AI aircraft were "sharpening the sword" for Chinese pilots. The AI was also learning, highlighting the potential for AI systems in its armed forces. See more stories on Insider's business page. Chinese fighter pilots have been battling aircraft piloted by ar...
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he's soliciting donations to build the US-Mexico border wall

Governor Greg Abbott speaks at the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum in Dallas, Friday, May 4, 2018. Sue Ogrocki/AP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he would solicit donations from the public to fund Texas' border wall. Abbott said he would welcome financial support from around the world. The governor announced last week that Texas would begin building its own border wall. See more stories on Insider's business page. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to...
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The Air Force is spending $500 million on modified corporate jets to monitor battlefields around the world

An Air Force Bombardier E-11A aircraft. Anna-Marie Wyant/DVIDS/US Air Force The US Air Force has awarded Learjet a $464.8 million contract for six Bombardier Global 6000 jets. The jets are built for the corporate sector, but the Air Force will use them as flying communication nodes. See more stories on Insider's business page. This month, the United States Air Force awarded a $464.8 million contract to Learjet Inc. for six Bombardier Global 6000 jets.The large cabin jets, which serve i...
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NFTs to the moon? US Space Force says it will start selling digital tokens depicting satellites, mission badges and other memorabilia

President Donald Trump stands as Chief of Space Operations at US Space Force Gen. John Raymond, second from left, and Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman, second from right, hold the United States Space Force flag as it is presented in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, May 15, 2020, in Washington. Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett stands far left. Alex Brandon/AP The US Space Force will release augmented reality tokens depicting satellites, mission badges and coins. The...
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Ex-U.S. intelligence analyst Reality Winner released from federal prison: attorney

The Air Force veteran was serving a five-year sentence for sharing a report about Russian hacking attempts targeted U.S. voter information.       [Author: Corpus Christi Caller Times]
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Former NSA contractor Reality Winner released from prison

By Michael Balsamo | Associated Press WASHINGTON — A former government contractor who was given the longest federal prison sentence imposed for leaks to the news media has been released from prison to home confinement, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Monday. Reality Winner, 29, has been moved to home confinement and remains in the custody of the federal Bureau of Prisons, the person said. The person could not discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on cond...
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The Air Force has picked the new B-21 stealth bomber's main operating base

An artist's rendering of the B-21 bomber at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Northrop Grumman/US Air Force The US Air Force has indicated that South Dakota's Ellsworth Air Force Base will be the first home for the service's new bomber. The Air Force previously said Ellsworth was the preferred location for the first operational B-21 as well as the formal B-21 training unit. See more stories on Insider's business page. While it won't be for a few more years, residents of the Mou...
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On opposite sides of Europe, US troops are practicing new ways to get to battle

US Army logisticians and transporters offload equipment at the port in Esbjerg, Denmark, June 5, 2021. US Army/Spc. Elliott Page During exercises in Europe this spring, US forces worked on new ways to get equipment and supplies troops in the field. Those new approaches are part of a broader effort to improve NATO's ability to reinforce and resupply units across Europe. The efforts reflect NATO's increased focus on mobility amid heightened tensions with Russia. See more stories on I...
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Minnesota pilot is first to return to Air Force flight duty after losing colon

Air Force Reserve said surgery would ground him for life, but Josh Nelson never gave up.
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The air taxi market prepares to take flight

Twelve years ago, Joby Aviation consisted of a team of seven engineers working out of founder JoeBen Bevirt’s ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains. Today, the startup has swelled to 800 people and a $6.6 billion valuation, ranking itself as the highest-valued electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) company in the industry. As in any disruptive industry, the forecast may be cloudier than the rosy picture painted by passionate founders and investors. It’s not the only air ta...
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