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NRL, AFRL develop direct-write quantum calligraphy in monolayer semiconductors

An interdisciplinary team of researchers at NRL and the Air Force Research Laboratory have developed a way to directly write quantum light sources, which emit a single photon of light at a time, into monolayer semiconductors.
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Sustaining Balance

Lt. Gen. Robert D. McMurry, Jr. is the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center commander at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The organization is the single center responsible for total life cycle management covering all aircraft, engines, munitions and electronic systems. jQuery(document).ready(function($){ // If multiple elements are selected, it will use the first element. var player = new Vimeo.Player($('#a...
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SpaceX wins $28.7M contract from Air Force for data connectivity research

SpaceX has won a $28.7 million fixed-price contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory for experiments in data connectivity involving ground sites, aircraft and space assets — a project that could give a boost to the company’s Starlink broadband satellite service. The contract was awarded on Wednesday, with work due to be completed by mid-2021. It’s part of a program called Defense Experimentation Using Commercial Space Internet, or DEUCSI, which aims to provide the Air Force with the abilit...
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BMW and Goldman Sachs are investing millions in a new kind of supercomputing that could change the world. But for now, nobody knows what to do with it

For three days this week, quantum nerds and businesspeople from 17 countries packed into the Computing History Museum — blocks from Google in Mountain View, CA — for the second-ever Quantum for Business conference. Quantum computing is unproven, and even if it can be made to work at the levels experts think is possible, no one knows how just it might be used in business. Attracted by promising advances, high-profile companies like BMW and Goldman Sachs are pouring investment money into quant...
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Biochemist's startup secures license for developing technology that could treat PTSD

A biochemist's startup company announced Monday that it had secured an exclusive patent license agreement with the Air Force Research Laboratory for a breakthrough technology that could help military veterans suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder.
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New patch boosts brightness in medical diagnostic tests

A multidisciplinary team from Washington University in St. Louis and the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has developed a high-tech fix that brings some medical diagnostic tests out of the dark and into the light.
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Speed and Fusion

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Motivo, Rockwell, Snippet & More: This Week’s Wisconsin Watchlist

Keep up with news from Wisconsin’s innovation community with these recent headlines: —Motivo, a New Berlin-based company that sells wheeled, collapsible walkers for people who need help with mobility and balance, said it raised $950,000 from investors to ramp up sales of its Motivo Tour Walker product line. The walkers, which are currently available for pre-order on the company’s website, come in a variety of styles and start at $499. Motivo said its Series A funding round was led by Just...
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Air Force-Backed Center to Make Machine Learning More Independent, Predictable, Secure

In an effort to build the next generation of machine-learning methods to support its needs, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Air Force Research Laboratory have awarded $5 million to establish a university center of excellence devoted to efficient and robust machine learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Byte-size Learning

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U.S. Air Force Chief Scientist

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Going with the Hypersonic Flow

Argonne researcher Alan Kastengren is using X-rays to delve deeply into complexity challenges related to supersonic combustion in hypersonic vehicles, one of the most complex flow problems in science. Working through Argonne's Advanced Photon Source and National Security Programs, he is helping clients like the Air Force Research Laboratory improve performance of the scramjet combustors that power hypersonic jets.
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Houston startup growing fast, licenses Air Force design for solar-powered smartphones

(TechLink) SOL Cuff, a Texas startup, has signed a patent license agreement for the Air Force Research Laboratory's 'mobile device arm mount,' which it intends to incorporate into its line of wrist-mounted, solar-powered smartphone charging devices.
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Care in the Air

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Purdue joins team devising materials for superfast aircraft

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Purdue University scientists have joined a team that’s helping the Air Force develop technologies for superfast aircraft. The Purdue researchers are now part of a group led by the University of Dayton Research Institute that landed a $9.8 million contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory. The three-year project that’s […]
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Air Force’s Microwave Weapon Technology Can Fry North Korea’s ICBMs

The U.S. has developed microwave weapons, which its advocates say can be used to prevent missile launches by North Korea by frying their electronics. The Air Force and other government agencies have been working on using microwaves as weapons for over two decades, and the Air Force Research Laboratory began work on CHAMP, which stands for Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project, in April 2009.
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$9.8 million for materials for reusable hypersonic vehicles

The Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded the University of Dayton Research Institute a $9.8 million, three-year contract for research and development in materials and structures for reusable... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Air Force awards $50M contract to research cybersecurity

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — The Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded a nearly $50 million contract to a defense contractor to research ways to protect weapons systems from cyberattacks. The Dayton Daily News reports that Colorado-based Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. will conduct the research at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in southwest Ohio. The contract […]
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Creating Synthetic Teammates

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Optimizing the Data Loop

jQuery("#flickr_72157685873621933_2566").data("options",{"caption":true,"desc":true,"auto":true,"pause":5000,"speed":500,"mode":"fade","dynamic":true,"dynamicEl":[{"thumb":"https:\/\/\/4407\/37262351056_94703e83a4_s.jpg","src":"https:\/\/\/4407\/37262351056_94703e83a4_b.jpg","caption":"BigData-Poster-DeLoach","desc":"Advanced Big Data acquisition, analysis, synthesis and near-instantaneous utilization by the integrated total force is a keystone to th...
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Higher Ground

jQuery("#flickr_72157685400689561_9260").data("options",{"caption":true,"desc":true,"auto":true,"pause":5000,"speed":500,"mode":"fade","dynamic":true,"dynamicEl":[{"thumb":"https:\/\/\/4381\/36352819943_ee7b5a3e72_s.jpg","src":"https:\/\/\/4381\/36352819943_ee7b5a3e72.jpg","caption":"Orion","desc":"NASA's Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, the MPCV, is essentially a spacecraft designed to take astronauts farther than any human has ever gone before. (U...
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Global Already There

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Orbital Airmen

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is a partnership to develop and fly human space transportation systems. The goal is to facilitate the development of U.S. commercial crew space transportation systems to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective access to and from the station and low-Earth orbit from America. (U.S. Air Force Video // Pete Ising) CLICK TO VIEW PHOTO GALLERY On the rare instances when Col. Tyler N. “Nick” Hague returns from a day at the office and walks through the door of his own h...
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ARI, Hyperloop, SmartUQ, GrocerKey, & More: This Week’s WI Watchlist

Catch up on news from Wisconsin’s innovation community with these recent headlines: —ARI Network Services (NASDAQ: ARIS), a Milwaukee-based company that develops e-commerce software for equipment manufacturers and other customers, was acquired for about $140 million by True Wind Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity firm. Prior to the deal, shares in ARI Network Services traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol ARIS. However, after the all-cash deal closes—expected by ...
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AFRL has a new executive director

Air Force Research Laboratory has named a new top civilian leader, completing a new lineup of its top three leaders. Jack Blackhurst, director of the Plans and Programs Directorate and director of the Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation Directorate, has been named executive director of AFRL, the base announced. Blackhurst is a prominent local name in defense and has been in leadership positions at the prominent Wright-Patterson Air Force Base center for 18 years. Blackhurst, who...
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LightSail 2 partner spacecraft ships safely to New Mexico

Georgia Tech's Prox-1 spacecraft has arrived at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where it will be integrated with LightSail 2. The SmallSats will ride to orbit on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket in December 2017 or later.
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US Air Force Research lab working on externally mounted pods with combat lasers and power systems

Air Force Chief Scientist Greg Zacharias told Scout Warrior in an exclusive interview that the AFRL (Air Force Research Lab) is already working on experimental demonstrator laser weapons able to bolt-on to an aircraft. The AFRL is working on externally-mounted POD with sufficient transportable electrical power. Air Force Research Laboratory officials have said they plan to have a program of record for air-fired laser weapons in place by 2023. The first airborne tests are slated to take place by ...
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AFRL, Wright Brothers Institute kick off downtown Dayton lease

The Air Force Research Laboratory is again stretching its legs outside the fence with the grand opening of its new downtown Dayton office space. The Air Force's $4.9 billion tech powerhouse based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base will have employees moving in and out of 444 E. Second St., sharing the space with the nonprofit Wright Brothers Institute, Nucleus CoShare, The Entrepreneurs Center and startup Mile Two. The goal is to anchor an "innovation district" that fosters startups, including...
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US Air Force wants to speed up hypersonic weapons development to stay ahead of China and Russia

On May 3, 2017, US Air Force senior leaders met to consider options to accelerate hypersonics research and development to break even more speed barriers and ensure continued technological superiority. Hypersonics refers to flying at five times the speed of sound, also known as “Mach 5,” or higher. From an Air Force perspective, it is a game-changing capability which can amplify many of the enduring attributes of airpower including speed, range, flexibility and precision. “We must push the bounda...
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New era for Wright-Patt as new generals take command

Two of the top generals at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base want to improve their organizations and deepen connections with the defense industry. Lt. Gen. Robert McMurry was given command of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, while Brig. Gen. William Cooley, soon to be promoted, took McMurry's former post as commander of Air Force Research Laboratory. Both new leaders noted the boost of partnerships from Dayton industry and political leaders as essential to the future of the base. "The...
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