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Airbus Will End Production Of The World's Largest Passenger Plane

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus plans to end production of their double-decker airplane by 2021.
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Pictures: Aero India 2019 opens with missing man flypast, B-52, A330neo and more

Aero India 2019 opened today at Yelahanka Air Force Station. The show which was inaugurated by the defence minister of India began with a series of flypasts, one of which was a missing man formation to commemorate Wing Commander Sahil Gandhi, the pilot who lost his life in the Surya Kiran crash yesterday. Innugural Flypast … The post Pictures: Aero India 2019 opens with missing man flypast, B-52, A330neo and more appeared first on... >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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Layer Design and Airbus bring the ‘class’ back to economy class

The bane of air-travel, aside from noisy children and overpriced peanuts of course, is the fact that you’re stuck in an uncomfortable chair with practically no cushioning and hardly any leg-room. The economy class of an airplane is designed to be just that… economical. It sacrifices comfort, the need of personal space, and probably even its share of functionality just to make sure it can host as many passengers on the plane. We justify this mild discomfort because “it’s only for a few hours, rig...
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540 Sky Kids

Sky Kids is a project that puts children with special needs and disabilities in general aviation aircraft to give them confidence and self-esteem. In the news, Airbus announces that A380 production  will cease, Southwest Airlines declares an “operations emergency” concerning aircraft maintenance, Southwest is also conducting certification flights for routes to Hawaii, and Icon A5 demo flights spark calls to emergency dispatch. Guest Claire Schindler, event coordinator for Sky Kids California...
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Airbus says A320neo India deliveries back on track

European aircraft maker Airbus deliveries of its A320neo aircraft are back on track in India with fewer problems being seen with the narrowbody jet's Pratt & Whitney engines, a senior company executive said on Wednesday.
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This futuristic Airbus smart seat prototype may make the future of economy flying a bit less miserable

The Move seat concept was created by London-based design firm Layer for Airbus. The seats are made from lightweight polyester wood smart textile wrapped around an aluminum frame.  Electrical currents running through the smart textile allow passengers to control the firmness and the temperature of the seat.  Move seats can be adjusted using an app.  According to Layer, the seats are meant to help create an innovative passenger experience for economy class travelers.  Modern slimline airplane s...
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An Appreciation for the A380, an Airplane That Never Should Have Been Built

Less than 20 years after the aircraft program was launched, Airbus announced last week that it would begin winding down production on the A380. I’ve always thought this was an airplane that never should have been built. If Airbus breaks even on this program, then that would be the best possible outcome. If that doesn’t scream “not successful,” I don’t know what does. But that doesn’t mean it was all bad. In fact, as a passenger, the airplane was — and is — a delight to fly. So, consider th...
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Move Airline Seat Concept for Airbus designed...

Move Airline Seat Concept for Airbus designed by Layer Design. A dreamy futuristic air travel concept with so many lovely details, from the materials, to the back of seat table design, to the colors and more... (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Doomed Airbus A380 superjumbos already being scrapped

It was the key message Airbus executives wanted to get out there after last week's shock announcement that production was to end of the huge A380 superjumbo: the plane would be flying for decades to come.But it is clear problems... [Author: [email protected]]
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A380 superjumbos in the junkyard already as Airbus looks to recoup costs

It was the key message Airbus executives wanted to get out there after last week's shock announcement that production was to end of the huge A380 superjumbo: the plane would be flying for decades to come.But it is clear problems... [Author: [email protected]]
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No more A380s? Why Airbus' bet on 'superjumbo' jets failed

It’s official: Airbus will pull the plug on its A380 double-decker jet. The latest A380 is now expected to roll off the assembly line in 2021.
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Airbus Beluga XL spreads its wings at long last

The massive whale-resembling Airbus cargo jet known as the Beluga XL has completed testing in the UK, a key step in bringing one of the most hotly anticipated airplanes closer to active service.
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Delta is the first US airline to fly the new Airbus A220 jetliner. Here are its coolest features. (DAL)

Delta Air Lines is the first carrier in the Americas to operate the new Airbus A220 airliner. The Airbus A220, which began life as the Bombardier C-Series, is a state-of-the-art, 100-to-150-seat, single-aisle airliner. Business Insider had the chance to experience the Delta A220's economy and first-class cabins. We were thoroughly impressed by its style, comfort, roominess, and in-flight amenities.  This month, Delta Air Lines became the first airline in the Americas to operate the new Airbus...
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Pictures: What to expect flying at Aero India 2019? A preview.

Aero India 2019 is just around the corner and for the last couple of days, the airspace around the air base has been closed with the various display aircraft taking to the skies to practice their routines. (See our Photographer’s guide and check-list to air-shows) What can you expect to see flying at Aero India … The post Pictures: What to expect flying at Aero India 2019? A preview. appeared first on Bangalore Aviation. >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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Flying 1,300 mph on airplanes would be great. But future aviation has other plans.

In the year 2044, our cities might be energized by fusion power plants, our sleek cars may all run on electricity, and our doctors might regularly employ gene-editing to cure blindness.  But our airplanes will probably still fly at the same speeds they did half a century ago: between 550 and 600 mph.  Supersonic flight — which is to say speeds that exceed the speed of sound (768 mph) and can dramatically slash flight times — died out for civilians in 2003 with the retirement of the narrowly-shap...
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JetBlue Named a Plane “Born to Be Blue” — then a Baby Was Born On Board

A baby was born on board JetBlue's 10 p.m. San Juan - For Lauderdale flight Saturday night. Flight 1954 was operated by an Airbus A320, registration N523JB, which is named "Born to Be Blue." And so that happened. The airline suggests this is the first time a baby was born on one of their flights, and they're promising gifts (including re-naming the plane for the child). Continue reading JetBlue Named a Plane “Born to Be Blue” — then a Baby Was Born On Board...
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Sunday Strategist: Airbus Grounded Its A380 After Only 11 Years - Bloomberg

Sunday Strategist: Airbus Grounded Its A380 After Only 11 Years - Bloomberg:Airbus finally grounded its massive A380 a mere 11 years after its debut (in airplane years, that’s a blink).The strategy on this superplane was suspect from the start. It was conceived in the late 1990s to conquer Boeing’s 747 and it did just that—in size, range and Instagram-worthy features. But when Airbus finally gave the 380 the green light, Boeing’s big bird was 31 years old and already starting its long, gradual d...
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Airbus warns of no-deal Brexit, says has spent tens of millions preparing

Airbus said on Sunday it would have to make "difficult decisions" about future investment if Britain crashes out of the European Union without a deal, adding it had already spent tens of millions of euros in preparations.
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Is the Airbus A380 destined for a giant scrapheap?

The soon-to-be discontinued Airbus A380 superjumbo still has decades of life ahead of it, but exorbitant running costs could consign it quickly into the aviation history books.
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Airbus Won't Miss the A380 Jumbo Jet

Airbus will stop building its four-engine jumbo jet in 2021 -- and it's good news for shareholders.
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Airbus CEO tells Germany to reform arms policy for good of Europe

Airbus Chief Executive Tom Enders urged Germany to press ahead with plans to create common European regulations on arms exports, saying the issue posed a litmus test for Berlin's ambitions to foster a European defence policy.
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Deploy the space harpoon

Watch out, starwhales. There’s a new weapon for the interstellar dwellers whom you threaten with your planet-crushing gigaflippers, undergoing testing as we speak. This small-scale version may only be good for removing dangerous orbital debris, but in time it will pierce your hypercarbon hides and irredeemable sun-hearts. Literally a space harpoon. (Credit: Airbus) However, it would be irresponsible of me to speculate beyond what is possible today with the technology, so let a summary of the ...
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German halt in arms sales to Saudi Arabia causing serious problems: Airbus

Germany's halt in exports to Saudi Arabia is preventing Britain from completing the sale of 48 Eurofighter Typhoon warplanes to Riyadh, and has delayed potential sales of other weapons such as the A400M military transport, a top Airbus official said Friday.
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The $446 million Airbus A380 superjumbo is the largest and most expensive airliner in the world. Take a look inside.

The Airbus A380 superjumbo, the largest commercial airliner in history, will end its production run in 2021. The A380 was once thought to have the potential to revolutionize air travel and rival the Boeing 747 jumbo jet.  Instead, only 274 Airbus superjumbos have been ordered, and those in operation play more of a niche role for flights operating in high-congestion areas. Emirates accounts for nearly half of all A380s sold, with 123 orders. The A380 first flew in 2005 and entered service in 2...
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The iconic A380, the biggest airliner in the world, is going away forever — and that could be great news for Airbus

Airbus will end production of its A380 superjumbo in 2021.  Airbus made the announcement after Emirates decided to reduce its commitment to the A380 from 162 aircraft to 123.  According to aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia, only 17 A380s are left to be delivered to airlines; 14 to Emirates and three to ANA. The end of the A380 program is good for Airbus in the long run, Aboulafia told Business Insider. It will allow Airbus to concentrate its efforts on more important and lucrative segments of...
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Airbus A380: A love letter to the double-decker plane destined for oblivion

The Man Who Pays His Way: fickle passengers won't pay enough to keep the plane aloft [Author: Simon Calder]
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Speaking of Business: Quest for HQ2 involved ‘profound economic development malpractice,’ says consultant

This week’s best quotes in business cover dramatic reversals such as Amazon dropping New York, REI’s CEO resigning and Airbus ending its superjumbo A380 program.
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Airbus will stop making the world’s biggest passenger plane

Airbus announced this week that it will stop building the world's biggest passenger plane in 2021. The maker of the double-decker A380 said a changing market and lack of orders gave it little choice but to end production. The post Airbus will stop making the world’s biggest passenger plane appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Airbus A380 : RIP

An Emirates A380 flies off into the sunset. Literally, and now figuratively too. Airbus surprised no-one, but saddened many, with its announcement on Thursday this week that it was ending the A380 program.  It would build 17 more planes (14 for Emirates and 3 for ANA) and then cease production some time in 2021.  In total, it is probable they will end up producing 251 planes, a sad contrast to their projected total sales that were in the order of hoping for variously somewhere between 700 and 12...
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Airbus’s A380 failure ripples through its rivalry with Boeing in complex ways

Airbus's decision to terminate its A380 superjumbo jet program as of early 2021 may amount to good news for the company's future. For rival Boeing, while there is a silver lining for its large 777X jet some years out, near-term it could face loss of a big order.
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