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Being a MAGA Asshole On a Plane Could Soon Net You a $35,000 Fine

Checked bags aren’t the only things that cost extra: Under a new policy announced by the Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday, airplane passengers who act like giant assholes by threatening or assaulting crew members could soon be subject to $35,000 in fines or up to 20 years imprisonment.Read more...
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Firm wants to weigh air passengers

Stepping on a scale in public is a nightmare for many, but it might soon become a reality whenever you prepare to fly. A British startup company called Fuel Matrix wants to start weighing passengers to help airlines minimize fuel costs and improve flight safety, though they’re trying to do it as discreetly as possible. Methods like pressurized pads at self-service bag drops, or even full body scans that determine weight, are all being considered. This would provide airlines with data on how m...
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