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I tried the new wireless earbuds Samsung launched to challenge Apple's AirPods — and found 3 things I loved about them and 2 ways they fall short

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Plus offer clear sound, a comfortable fit, and convenient integration with Spotify at an affordable price. But they do lack some features found on alternatives from Apple and Amazon that are similarly priced. For example, they don't support the ability to launch voice commands hands-free, like Apple's second-generation AirPods and Amazon's Echo Buds.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The wireless earbuds space has become increasingly crowded in the yea...
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Production of cheaper AirPods Pro reportedly moving forward amid coronavirus

Suppliers are reportedly preparing to start production of the cheaper version of Apple's AirPods Pro earbuds.
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How to get Siri to automatically read your incoming messages aloud

Learn how with the release of iOS 13, Siri can now automatically read your incoming messages aloud to you.
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This Game Boy AirPods case is elago's latest blast from the past

AirPods cases are a necessity if you own the true wireless earbuds from Apple. The brand's iconic white is beautiful, but it can get dirty in a hurry. Luckily, third parties have made a variety of fun and stylish cases that will keep your AirPods clean and protected.
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The Best AirPods Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Listening

The Apple AirPods and their successors have been huge hits for Apple—but are you making the most out of your pair? We present to you some of the tricks and features you might not have come across yet—from using your AirPods as a remote listening system to sharing audio between two pairs of earbuds, here’s how to make…Read more...
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La Trousse Orbitkey Nest Recharge iPhone et AirPods

Source : La Trousse Orbitkey Nest Recharge iPhone et AirPods Orbitkey Nest est une trousse qui sera aussi utile pour ranger vos petits accessoires que pour recharger votre iPhone et vos AirPods et ainsi vous … The post La Trousse Orbitkey Nest Recharge iPhone et AirPods appeared first on
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How to pair Apple AirPods with a Windows PC

A guide for all the brand anarchists out there
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The world’s thinnest truly-wireless earphones don’t feel like a floss-box in your pocket

In the interest of consumer-friendliness, someone designed what is arguably the most satisfying pair of truly wireless earphones. The CARD20, as they’re called, come with a coveted iF 2020 Design Award for being incredibly slim, pocket-friendly, yet as robust and long-lasting as other truly wireless earphones on the market. They feature a capsule-shaped design that measures a stunning half-inch in thickness, allowing them to slide right into your pocket without creating that unsightly bulge. T...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are better and cheaper than Apple AirPods

Samsung’s new TWS earbuds are cheaper than Apple’s AirPods and feature one-tap streaming straight from Spotify. The TWS (True Wireless Sound) market has become massive in recent years with wireless earbuds overtaking sales of all ‘smart personal audio devices’ last year. Samsung are looking to capitalise on that with their newest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+. They’re enhancing their original Galaxy Buds with advanced speaker and microphone technology which promise to deliver high-quality a...
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The Wuhan coronavirus threatens to cut China's smartphone sales in half and may spell trouble for Apple's iPhone production, analysts say (AAPL)

Smartphone shipments in China could decrease by between 40% and 50% between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 because of the coronavirus, according to market research firm Canalys. Analysts at Wedbush Securities have also said that between 3 million and 5 million of Apple's iPhones are at risk of being pushed from the March quarter to the June quarter due to coronavirus-related setbacks. China is the world's largest smartphone market and Apple's third-largest market behind the Americas and Europe. AirPods p...
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Yes, You Can Use AirPods on Android Devices (But You'll Lose Some Features)

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. In the video above, I go over how to pair AirPods with an Android device and why it’s maybe not the best idea.Read more...
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Apple's AirPods will likely be on sale for Prime Day 2020 — here's what we expect

Apple's AirPods are some of the most popular wireless earbuds on the market, and the entire lineup is likely to go on sale for Prime Day 2020. The standard AirPods with regular charging case are $128.99 right now (originally $159), the Airpods with (originally $199), and the AirPods Pro are $234.98 (originally $249). You can expect even better discounts on Apple's AirPods when Prime Day 2020 kicks off later this year. Check out all of our Prime Day 2020 coverage here for access to even more ...
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Urban Outfitters Has Supercute AirPod Cases That Look Like Peaches, Koalas, Boba, and More!

Pretty much anyone who owns a pair of wireless earbuds knows the moment of panic that sets in when you forget where you've put them and immediately assume they've fallen into a black hole. But life might have just gotten a whole lot easier (and cuter) thanks to these AirPod cases from Urban Outfitters. Sweet and practical, each case - available for $10 to $20 - features a food- or animal-themed design to fit multiple moods and prevents you from losing you earbuds. Some of our favorite designs in...
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The best Apple AirPods deals for February 2020: AirPods and AirPods Pro

Finding AirPods in a discount bin isn't as rare as you'd think — you just need to know where to look.
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AirPods: The New It Item Among the Playground Set

Parents cave in to kids' relentless begging for Apple's wireless white earbuds; schools ban the. From a report: AirPods, once just an adult status symbol, are turning up on the playground. Kids' persistent nagging for the tiny wireless earbuds have parents groaning about the cost, the risk of loss or theft and concerns that they scream "privilege." [...] The desire for the high-end tech may well be due to the fact that even very young children see them all over social media, but it also speaks t...
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The best true wireless earbuds

True wireless earbuds connect to your phone with Bluetooth instead of wires, and are stored inside a small case that recharges the earbuds when they're inside.  As such, wireless earbuds are very convenient and great for carrying around all day.  The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 earbuds are the best ones we've tested. They are simple to use, have exceptional battery life, offer superb sound that's suitable for every type of music, are sweat resistant, and come with a reasonable price tag. Just ...
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A TikTok video shows a clever Airpod trick that lets students "talk" in school without getting in trouble

@_leilanaatry this! #foryoupage #airpods #seeya #WhatsYourStuf #officelife #makethisviral ♬ The Box - Roddy Ricch Trade an Airpod with your friend. Pop it in your ear. Use a text-to-speech program like Google Translate to "talk" to your friend across the room during the class, without ever having to open your mouth. I don't know if this is legit, but either way, it's brilliant.
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Here's Why the AirPods Pro Are 100% Worth the Hype

I'm not the most technologically savvy person in the world, and I am completely obsessed with my Apple AirPods Pro ($235, originally $249). I had the original Apple AirPods ($129, originally $159), and never took them out of my ears, but this holiday season I was gifted the latest model, and all I can say is wow. This new model has silicone ear buds, which are so much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Plus, they don't slip out of your ear, even on your sweatiest runs. I have th...
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Apple may release a cheaper, smaller iPhone in just a few months — here's everything we know about it so far (AAPL)

Apple is expected to release a new version of its low-cost iPhone SE this year, according to multiple reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg, and the financial news outlet Nikkei Asian Review. The phone will reportedly resemble the iPhone 8 and could start at $400. Here's a look at everything we've heard about it so far based on recent reports. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  Apple typically launches its new flagship iPhones every September. But this year, it may th...
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All your Apple devices can be charged at once on this modular, wireless dock – one size fits all

We were all well aware of the problem of having one charger or one wireless base and the battle to get your device there before anyone else in your house. Can you imagine how many sibling fights can be prevented if Apple made a multi-charging dock? Well, our prayers have been answered, say hello to the glue that is going to be holding modern families together – Scosche BaseLynx Modular Charging System Kit for Apple priced at USD 149.95 that comes in white and black to match your tech aesthetic...
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AirPod alternatives that promise a whole day of play

AirPods and other TWS devices are taking the world by storm and with fierce competition means each new release gets better. Master & Dynamics are one of the latest to step onto the scene with a new pair of true wireless earbuds. Their MW07 Plus earbuds follow their non-plus product with bigger battery life, better connection and better sound. One of the most contested features of TWS (true wireless sound) earbuds is battery life. Being tiny little devices that sit in your, it’s natural ...
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Why Travel to the Colorful City of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua?

I absolutely love traveling to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua! I planned on coming for three days; I ended up staying for eight. I haven’t felt such a strong pull to a place in a long time. At times it almost felt like a time warp — traveling back to a time when I was a 26-year-old party girl, only now with modern technology like AirPods and Tinder. Soon I discovered the best things to do in San Juan Del Sur, from sipping cocktails on a catamaran to hiking up to the Jesus Statue, and of course, ...
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Apple TV+ scores Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Meryl Streep, announces release dates for new shows

Apple has scored more big names for its newly launched streaming service, Apple TV+, including “Veep” and “Seinfeld” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as well as Meryl Streep, the latter who’s attached to an animated short film about Earth Day, set to premiere on April 17. In addition, Apple has now announced several new series for Apple TV+, plus renewals and premiere dates for others. The upcoming Earth Day film, titled “Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth” will also star the voice talents o...
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How to clean your AirPods or AirPods Pro

Here, we outline how you can properly clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro the right way, ensuring they look as great as they sound.
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How to Check If Your AirPods Pro's Noise Cancellation Is Broken

Noise-canceling headphones can bring you peaceful, private listening in crowded places like buses or help you focus on work while posted up in a coffee shop or noisy office. They’re great when they work, but some AirPods Pro users are finding that a recent firmware update affected the performance of their earbuds’…Read more...
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These will be 2020’s best earbuds revealed at CES

Wireless earbuds have become massive and this year we will see a lot more competition to Apple AirPod’s for the best TWS earbuds available. Since Apple launched AirPods, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds have become the biggest selling smart, personal audio devices. Last year they took over both wireless headphones and earphones with nearly 200% growth in sales. We saw loads of new announcements at CES 2020 marking a remarkable upcoming year of the small listening devices to come. We’...
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JBL’s colourful, $100 take on AirPods

Apple are getting more competition every day as JBL announce their cheaper alternative to AirPods coming this year. JBL’s new TUNE 220TWS earbuds may have a less catchy name but they’re taking on the market dominated by Apple. A recent report showed that TWS earbuds have dominated the personal audio device market in the past year as AirPods and similar devices outsell wireless headphones and earphones. The small wireless earbuds have a simple smooth design and come in a vibrant range of...
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Wireless earbuds overtook headphones and earphones in sales by miles in 2019

TWS devices like Apple’s Airpods took the market by storm last year as their potential expands looking forward.  A new report from Canalys looking at the last year in audio devices found TWS audio to be the largest and fastest growing category. With the boom in Apple Airpod sales, as well as competitors launching similar True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices 2019 was a massive year for the fresh wearables. They saw an incredible jump of 183% growth in Q3 last year, following on from still ...
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Boy receives AirPods for Christmas, then accidentally swallows one

A 7-year-old boy from Georgia accidentally swallowed one of the AirPods that he received as a gift for Christmas.
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You can now get your AirPods case engraved with an emoji — here's how to do it (AAPL)

Apple now allows you to personalize your AirPods case with an engraved emoji. But you can only choose from a selection of 31 emojis, which include several animals among other popular symbols like a fist bump, a heart, and a robot. Apple has offered the ability to add a text engraving to your AirPods case for a while, but the option to do so with emoji appears to be new. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  Apple's AirPods only come in one color, but the company does offer anot...
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