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All I Wanted Was to Be Interrogated

On a reporter’s 27-hour journey from Hong Kong to New York City, hardly anyone seemed to care about her health.
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430,000 People Have Traveled From China to U.S. Since Coronavirus Surfaced

There were 1,300 direct flights to 17 cities before President Trump’s travel restrictions. Since then, nearly 40,000 Americans and other authorized travelers have made the trip, some this past week and many with spotty screening.
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The New Travel Document: Photograph of an Empty Plane

The dramatic falloff in air travel is captured in travelers’ photographs of their recent flights.
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Formerly bustling airports turn to wide open spaces in midst of coronavirus shutdown

With nearly the entire country now on orders to stay home in attempt to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus, air travel has come to almost a complete standstill. Los Angeles International Airport was about as desolate as could be on Wednesday, March 25, as empty buses circled the horseshoe uncharacteristically devoid of traffic jams, car horns, and — well — travelers. Those who have been flying, though non-essential travel is discouraged, posted photos to social media showing empty fli...
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Governors Tell Outsiders From ‘Hot Zone’ to Stay Away as Virus Divides States

State-to-state travel rules are rarely seen in the United States, but the virus has left some states urging outsiders not to come.
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Inside American Airlines’ Scramble as Virus Grounds Jets by Hundreds

Nearly every part of the airline, the largest in the United States, has been transformed, and executives are fighting to keep it afloat.
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They Fled Coronavirus in Europe. Border Agents Asked if They’d Visited China or Iran.

Americans returning from Italy and Spain say border control officials didn’t screen them or tell them to isolate themselves.
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Atlanta Airport TSA Worker Tests Positive for Coronavirus

A Transportation Security Administration worker at the airport in Atlanta has tested positive for COVID-19 aka coronavirus, the TSA announced Monday (Mar. 16). According to TSA officials, the screener officer last worked at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on March 7th in Terminal F during morning departures. From the TSA website: “Employees or travelers who believe they may have been in contact with a person who tests positive for COVID-19 should consult with local public health...
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7-Hour Waits at U.S. Airports Due to Coronavirus Screening

Conditions improved Sunday, after travelers from Europe waited in lines as long as seven hours for screening on Saturday.
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Coronavirus response: LAX among airports to screen people returning from restricted countries

Los Angeles International Airport has been designated by the Department of Homeland Security as one of 13 airports that Americans returning to the U.S. from the list of newly restricted countries will have to arrive at, for enhanced screening for the novel coronavirus. Late Friday, DHS Acting Secretary Chad F. Wolf detailed the process for American citizens, legal permanent residents and their families returning home Europe, China and Iran. Upon arrival, travelers go through standard customs pro...
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Travelers From Coronavirus Hot Spots Say They Faced No Screening

The Trump administration says Americans returning from coronavirus hot spots are being screened for symptoms. Some travelers say that is not happening.
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Zulu Time, Full Moon Madness, and Pilot Superstition

Unless you’ve been a disconnected intraterrestial for the past week or so, you’ve probably seen the memes noting the triple one-week whammy of the change to daylight savings time (for those of you living in states subjected to it), a full moon, and a Friday the 13th. They all seem to be implications of bad times: the time change disturbance to our circadian rhythm, the full lunar reflection that seems to nurture humans to make bad decisions, and the stereotypical ill-fortune fate of triskaidekap...
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How Prepared Is the U.S. for a Coronavirus Outbreak?

The country is better positioned than most but still could face critical shortages of respirators and masks. Hospitals have triage plans in place. State and local governments have broad powers to quarantine.
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Radio Guest List — Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California — February 29, 2020

Read the full article on at - Radio Guest List — Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California — February 29, 2020 This week’s episode of Eye on Travel comes to you from the Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California — the fastest growing airport in the U.S. And, just a few years ago, Ontario was just about forgotten. We’ll talk all things airports and airlines. We’ll address airplane seating — and the airlines being allowed to... The post Radio Guest List — O...
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LA Wants To Give Priority Security To People Who Ride Public Transit. That’s Silly.

Los Angeles is is considering letting people who take public transit to the airport have priority security. This isn’t PreCheck or CLEAR, just priority line access for the regular security queue, and follows a program at Boston Logan for people who take a shuttle bus or ferry to the airport. Priority security isn’t actually free, in other words it isn’t costless. “When everybody’s priority, nobody is.” Grant everyone priority and they’re behind everyone else who is also priority that got there f...
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U.K. Court Blocks Heathrow Airport Expansion on Environmental Grounds

The Court of Appeal called plans for a third runway unlawful because the government had not taken its climate change commitments into account.
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18 College Students Chipped In To Buy One Airline Ticket In The Ultimate Chick-Fil-A Run

Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York all chipped in to buy an airline ticket they didn’t intend to use, just so one member of the group could get past security at the Albany airport. The group decided they all wanted Chick-fil-A but outside of the airport location the nearest one was an hour and a half’s drive away. Instead of making a three hour roundtrip, 18 members of the school’s cross country and track and field teams chipped in $5.50 apiece for a $98 one-way from ...
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Priority Pass App Will Soon Let You Order Food And Buy Duty Free

Wouldn’t it be great to pick up pre-ordered food nearby the lounge you’re headed to and get a discount on the meal? Bringing more airport vendors on the platform means better customer data – with a broader view and greater understanding of each customer, in order to better tailor offers that move the needle on sales – and cross-marketing to existing customers. Continue reading Priority Pass App Will Soon Let You Order Food And Buy Duty Free...
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Airport Security Director Fired After Falling For A Scammer’s Trick, Buying Him Gift Cards

Milwaukee airport’s security manager has been fired after falling for a scam, buying gift cards and sending them to someone in Saudi Arabia posing as her boss. She's the security director and she's not careful dealing with online scammers. That's not a good look, and she was let go for "substandard or careless job performance." However what she ran into is very common and part of a multi-billion dollar scam that I've run into many times over the past three years. Continue reading Airport Securi...
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$13.7 million grant for LAX will bolster security

Los Angeles International Airport officials said this week the $13.7 million it will receive from the U.S. Department of Transportation for “perimeter fence installation” will fund part of its planned Secured Area Access Post project. The SAAP is designed to provide a secure access point to the Airport Operations Area on the west side of LAX. According to the project website, a new SAAP is needed on the west side of the airport to replace a security facility that has been taken out of service an...
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Aircraft, Big and Small, Are Changing Our Relationship With Flight

As aviation technology becomes more integrated into everyday life, providers of new services brace for the unknown.
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CLEAR: The Private-Public Partnership That Breezes You Through Security

Read the full article on at - CLEAR: The Private-Public Partnership That Breezes You Through Security If you’re going to go to an airport, you already know what’s in store for you…lines, especially at security. And those lines can range from 20-40 minutes at some places during peak times. I know, because I’ve been in them. Most of you know about TSA PreCheck, but if necessity is truly the mother of... The post CLEAR: The Private-Public Partnership That Breezes You Through Secu...
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The Only Major Airport Which Offers Coat Check Service in the United States Is…

People who live in cold climates and want to escape the snow, wind, ice, and chill of winter understandably will desire traveling to a sunny destination — and once that ticket is purchased for a flight to escape to the warmth of a tropical destination, the respite from freezing temperatures becomes a reality... ...but regardless of the transportation mode used to get to the airport, one must still brave the brutality of the frigid air — and that usually means... The post The Only Major Airport W...
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Officials urge Californians to obtain REAL IDs well before the October deadline

Hoping to avoid another crunch at the Department of Motor Vehicles later this year, transportation officials gathered at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday, Feb. 13, to remind Californians to get their Real IDs now if they want them. Beginning Oct. 1, those hoping to use their driver license to board domestic flights will need them to double as Real IDs, which requires at extra step, or have another federally approved ID. Real IDs have been offered in California since January 2018, an...
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The 5 Airports That Seize the Most Guns

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the TSA databases and the FAA traveler traffic reports to figure out which airports found the most guns at TSA security checkpoints in 2019. While it’s easy to predict which airports may have taken the most firearms from passengers, James dives deeper, looking into which airports took the […] Read More … The post The 5 Airports That Seize the Most Guns appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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New Partnership Will “Fully Reimagine” Airport Starbucks

Airport food locations aren’t actually run by the restaurant names you know. Restaurants will license the concept, and collaborate on menus, with concessions companies like HMS Host, Delaware North, and OTG. HMS Host had an exclusive deal to offer Starbucks in U.S. airports since 1991. We learned last week that this exclusive deal is over, though existing Starbucks locations should remain in airports through the duration of the HMS Host-airport contract at least. Here's what's next for Starbucks...
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9 Ways to Dial Back Your Stress on Travel Days

Stress on travel days is no joke and when things go wrong, you'll see a lot of frayed nerves on display. You hear a lot of people grumbling that flying is less comfortable and more inconvenient than it used to be and it's obvious that there are more people on the move than ever before. Many airports and air traffic control systems are at capacity and so are the planes we're crammed into. There are some costly ways you can mitigate some of this, of course. If you're willing to always buy busine...
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Global Entry: What to Know About the Enrollment Freeze

The Trump administration said the restriction on the travelers' program was in response to a new law in New York. Gov. Cuomo called it a form of "extortion."
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7 Surprising Facts About The Austin Airport

Austin airport has been one of the fastest growing in the United States for several years. This past year they inaugurated 9 new gates. There’s now transatlantic scheduled service to London (Heathrow and Gatwick), Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. Here are 7 surprising facts about my home airport. Continue reading 7 Surprising Facts About The Austin Airport...
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