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I visited airport lounges of the 3 major US airlines and saw how the pandemic has changed the once-extravagant experience – here's what it's like to lounge during the pandemic

We visited three airport lounges to answer definitively: what is it like to lounge during the pandemic? Thomas Pallini/Business Insider Airlines are adapting their premium lounges to the new realities of pandemic flying as their top travelers remain largely grounded.  Each airline has its own approach but all are centered around health and safety first followed by a gradual ramp-up of the amenities that flyers expect. We visited the airport lounges of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, an...
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Architects are designing the airports of the future as the coronavirus pandemic forces new thinking on how we travel - take a look

Airports are due for an overhaul in the post-pandemic world as travelers demand a better focus on health and safety. Gensler; Samantha Lee/Business Insider The coronavirus pandemic is encouraging architects to imagine the airports of the future as the downturn is opening new opportunities for the industry.  Fentress Architects held a contest among university students to design next-generation airports while Gensler designed an open-concept alternative to the iconic Washington Dulles Intern...
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A positive coronavirus test forces some John Wayne Airport air traffic controllers to quarantine

Operations at John Wayne Airport’s control tower have been cut back after some air traffic controllers were possibly exposed to an employee who recently tested positive for COVID-19, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said. One person’s positive test on Nov. 22 forced many of the airport’s controllers to self-quarantine and has resulted the tower closing earlier than normal each day, said Ian Gregor, public affairs specialist with the FAA. Through Sunday, there will only be two ...
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Thanksgiving travel in Southern California to see biggest drop in 12 years

The skyrocketing spread of the coronavirus, combined with urgent pleas from health agencies to stay home, are curbing Thanksgiving holiday travel plans for many Southern Californians, experts say. Forecasts for travel in the region between Tuesday and Sunday, Nov. 24-29, call for a 14% decrease from last year, the biggest drop since the 2008 Great Recession, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California. “We expect that decrease might be even greater and we very well could see fewer tr...
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I visited a United Club during the pandemic and saw how the airline is re-imagining the airport lounge as it slowly welcomes back travelers

The United Club at Newark Liberty International Airport. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider United Airlines is re-examining its airport lounges, called United Clubs, during the pandemic as the priorities of its top passengers have shifted towards health and safety.  Only 10 lounges are open across a network of 33 airports as daily departures are slashed and international travel remains scarce but more are likely to be opened in the coming months. We visited the United Club at Newark Liberty I...
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Flight Operations in the CAR Era

Many an aviation scribe has described what flying was like in now bygone days. Little did I suspect that the Civil Aeronautics Board was among them, or that Part 60 of the Civil Air Regulations (CAR), Air Traffic Rules, would paint such an effective word picture of what flight operations were like in the 1940s. The modern offspring of these Air Traffic Rules for flight operations are today enumerated online in 14 CFR Part 91, General Operating and Flight Rules. It, at my count, contains 281 bol...
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I visited a Delta's airport lounge during the pandemic and couldn't believe how luxurious and close to normal the experience was

The Delta Sky Club in Terminal 4 at JFK Airport. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider Sky Club lounges are airport retreats for Delta's top flyers with 26 open locations across the US and a new lounge in Salt Lake City opening in September. Unlike rival carriers, the Sky Club experience has largely remained with luxuries like a hot food buffet and full-service bar available for patrons.  Capacity restrictions and mask requirements help ensure proper social distancing in the lounges. Visit Busin...
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These Airports Now Offer On-Site COVID Testing

Air travel during the holiday season can be stressful, so if you have the option of flying out of or through a few different airports, you may want to consider their amenities before booking your flight. In any other year, this might involve looking into the availability of lounges, or checking out the restaurants in…Read more...
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Berlin's new $7 billion airport has finally opened after 9 years of delays, corruption allegations, and construction woes— see inside

The opening of Berlin's Brandenburg Airport. Maja Hitij/Getty Berlin's Brandenburg Airport opened on October 31 after nine years of delays resulting from faulty construction, design flaws, and corruption allegations. The massive consolidation to the new airport will see Berlin's smaller airports closed in favor of the sprawling new gateway.  EasyJet and Lufthansa operated the first flights into the airport with Qatar Airways inaugurating a new runway on Wednesday.  Visit Business Ins...
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Here Are the COVID Seating Policies for Each Major Airline

Many Americans are planning to travel for the first time this upcoming holiday season but still have concerns about safety during a pandemic. Here’s a look at the cleaning and social distancing policies of each major airline, including which ones offer blocked middle seats on flights. Read more...
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I visited a just-reopened American Airlines lounge and found it impeccably clean but stripped of most of its luxuries – see inside

Inside the American Airlines Admirals Club at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider American Airlines just reopened its Admirals Club at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport as local restrictions ease and more premium flyers return to the skies.  Lounging during the pandemic has largely moved away from extravagances and more towards providing a quiet, clean place to wait before a flight.  Most of the food options are small bites b...
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Barnstorming Palmyra, Wisconsin

General Aviation Thrives on Kettle Moraine Grass Situated along the Scuppermong River in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, the Village of Palmyra is, says the welcoming sign across the street from the Palmyra Municipal Airport (88C), “The Heart of the Kettle Moraine,” a state forest carpeting more than 22,000 acres of glacial hills, kettle lakes, and prairies about 40 miles west of Milwaukee. What remained of the Great American Flying Circus, writer Richard Bach, photographer Paul Hansen, and skydiv...
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Southwest Airlines is adding 9 new leisure routes and expanding to major airports in Chicago and Houston – here's the full list

Southwest Airlines is growing in new cities across the US. Associated Press Southwest Airlines just announced nine new leisure routes to cities across the country with a focus on Florida, Colorado, and California.  The almost non-existent demand for business travel has forced Southwest to adjust its flyers, serving airports it has historically avoided and operating seasonal services. The airline recently asked employees to take a pay cut to avoid furloughs, an unprecedented ask for the air...
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Pilots report another sighting of a guy in a jetpack flying over LAX

Last month, pilots reported "a guy in a jetpack" flying beside them above the Los Angeles International Airport. Apparently he returned yesterday. From CNN: "A China Airlines crew reported seeing what appeared to be someone in a jet pack at an approximate altitude of 6,000 feet, about seven miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport," the FAA said in a statement[…]"The FBI is in contact with the FAA and is investigating multiple reports of what, according to witnesses, appeared to b...
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Sen. Tammy Duckworth was once told to pump breast milk in an airport toilet stall. Now she has unlocked funding to put lactation rooms in all of America's airports.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) became the first senator to give birth while in office in 2018, while her daughter, Maile, became the first newborn allowed onto the Senate floor during a vote. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Over the past few years, you may have noticed more breastfeeding rooms and "pods" in major airports. That's because of an under-the-radar 2018 law which allowed medium and large airports to use federal funds to build or add the facilities. Now, a new law sponsored by Senator...
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The best 20 airports in the world for 2020 according to expert reviewers

The Jewel at Singapore Changi Airport. REUTERS/Feline Lim Aviation rating firm Skytrax has released its list of the top 100 airports in the world with European and Asian airports dominating the list. Singapore Changi Airport once again took the top prize for the eight consecutive year. Only one airport in the Americas was in the top 20 with Vancouver International Airport ranking highest in North America and Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport highest in the US.  Visit Business ...
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Skytrax is rating global airports based on how they're handling the coronavirus pandemic – here's the full ranking

New York's LaGuardia Airport requires all passengers wear a face covering while inside its terminals. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider Aviation rating firm Skytrax is adding a new category to its list, the COVID-19 airport rating. Airports are being judged on how they are combating the pandemic within their doors with ratings for social distancing enforcement, temperature checks, and cleanliness of public areas.  Only four airports in Europe have been rated so far but the program aims t...
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Where Does General Aviation Go From Here?

Nothing in the world seems to make sense anymore. On Monday (September 14), GAMA published its aircraft shipping and billings report for the second quarter, and it’s not good. Every category took a significant hit. The surprise was that piston airplanes got off easy with just a 13.3% decrease from the same period in 2019. Piston helos, on the other hand, took the biggest hit, down 45.2%. Between the two were business jets, down 26.7%; turboprops, down 34.2%; and turbine helos, down 37.1%. SM S...
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San Francisco International Airport to dramatically cut the constant and mostly unnecessary loudspeaker announcements

"Don't start up with your white zone shit again." San Francisco International Airport has enacted a new "quiet airport" plan to reduce unnecessary noise, including limiting the number of announcements broadcast across entire terminals. For example, boarding announcements will only be broadcast near relevant gates. From CNN: Overall, reps for the airport say that more than 90 minutes of unnecessary announcements have been eliminated each day."[…]While the quiet-please policy is new for SFO, th...
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Paper, Airplanes, and Automated Aviation

Rarely are the dots so closely connected to an epiphany that turns a train of thought on the future of automated aviation in the opposite direction. SkyDrive The first dot was an August 29 New York Times story, Humans Take a Step Closer to ‘Flying Cars’, which discussed the first flight of the SkyDrive, a single-seat quadcopter. Its batteries enabled a flight of just a few minutes at an altitude of 3 meters. The article said that it was a long way from the necessary useful load and endurance ...
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Long Beach Airport receives roughly $27 million for infrastructure projects

The Long Beach Airport has received roughly $27 million in funding for infrastructure projects, federal officials said Tuesday, more than nearly 30 other airports in the state that also were awarded federal funds. Long Beach, and a handful of other Southern California airports, were among 405 airports nationwide that the Federal Aviation Administration announced received a combined $1.2 billion in grants, which will go toward safety and infrastructure projects. Los Angeles International, John Wa...
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Did You Fly a Jetpack Over Los Angeles This Weekend? Because the FBI Is Looking for You

Did you fly a jetpack over Los Angeles at approximately 3,000 feet on Sunday? Some kind of tiny helicopter? Maybe a lawn chair with balloons tied to it?Read more...
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Barnstorming Rio, Wisconsin

Instead of Ghostly Nostalgia, a Living Connection to What Was Pandemic stir-craziness manifested itself on a glorious mid-August Sunday afternoon. From my second-floor window, I watched scattered cumulus clouds in a blue sunny sky dapple my small town Wisconsin neighborhood with slow moving shadows, spotting the landscape like the Holstein cows that define America’s Dairyland. Yeah. I need to get out of the house. So I saddled up for Rio, Wisconsin, a village of 1,059 people (as counted in 2010...
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How to Prevent Getting Lost at the Airport

After several months of historically low air travel, people are slowly starting to fly again. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), on August 16, nearly 863,000 came through their airport checkpoints—making it the highest number of people since March 17. There are still many unknowns regarding…Read more...
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As Amenities Sit Unused, Airports Reconsider Their Design

Airports have some of the most lucrative square footage in the world, but the pandemic has crushed that calculus.
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LAX police union calls for civil rights probe into department’s deputy director

The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association and attorneys representing 13 officers jointly called for an independent investigation into alleged civil rights violations by the airport’s deputy executive director of law enforcement and homeland security Monday afternoon. At a press conference organized by LAAPOA, union President Marshall McClain said the department’s officers, particularly those of color, have “endured five years of discrimination, retaliation and toxic leadership” from Dep...
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Welcome Back to Germany. Now Take Your Free Coronavirus Test.

The country’s capacity to make testing efficient, affordable and available has distinguished it. Now, to head off a potential second wave, it’s testing anyone returning from a “hot zone” on entry.
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See for Yourself: How Airplanes Are Cleaned Today

Airlines are fine-tuning their cleaning procedures — where they clean, how frequently and with which tools. This is what the new processes look like.
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Airline hubs are facing a huge challenge

The Corona pandemic continues to impact traffic volumes across the globes. Airports that were once bursting at the seams are now eerily silent while many of the terminals remain empty. Runways that would count seconds until the next arrival and departure now wait longingly for aircraft to alight. The buzz of jet engines has been interspersed … >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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How I Spent My AirVenture Vacation

An excavator dismembers OSH’s terminal, making way for its replacement. SM Spangler Like several hundred thousand others who normally spend the summer preparing for their annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, I’ve been anxiously trying to decide what will fill the time I normally spend tramping 10 miles in the AirVenture maze created by 10,000 airplanes. Exacerbating the challenge is my lack of experience. This is my first AirVenture vacation since my inaugural pilgrimage to Oshkosh in 1978....
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