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Airstream just unveiled a new $214,000 off-road camper van built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - see inside the rugged RV

Airstream Airstream has unveiled its latest camper van: the $213,850 2022 Interstate 24X Touring Coach. The camper - which has a semi-customizable layout - sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. RV travel has remained popular throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. See more stories on Insider's business page. Airstream, a popular RV maker known for its sleek silver tiny homes on wheels, has unveiled its latest build: a $213,850 camper van. Airstream It's no secret the C...
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An Inflatable Office Pops Out of This Compact RV's Roof

With pandemic restrictions lifting in several parts of the world, many are excited to get as far away from home as possible, leading to a renewed interest in recreation vehicles. As a result, the RV industry is starting to deliver some truly luxurious homes on wheels, with amenities making them seem more like pricy…Read more...
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23 gorgeous Airbnbs across the US with the ultimate summer vacation amenity - a private pool

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb Not everyone feels comfortable diving into a shared hotel or local pool. If you don't have your own pool, book a private Airbnb to cool off instead. We found the best Airbnbs with private pools in the US, starting as low as $65 per night. It's officially pool season, but not everyone has their own pool for cooling off on those hot summer days. While there are many gorgeous hotel pools acr...
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18 sleek Airstreams you can rent on Airbnb and Vrbo for a luxurious, off-grid getaway

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb New types of vacation rentals are becoming popular as travelers consider alternatives to hotels. This includes RVs, camper vans, as well as the iconic Airstream trailer. We found the best Airstream trailer rentals with scenic surroundings, luxe design, and cheap prices. Instantly recognizable for its shiny silver exterior, the Airstream trailer embodies both a sense of nostalgia and a futuristic ...
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Star Trek convention or Star Wars bar?

Posted here mostly so I can find it easily in the future is a link to a 1996 piece comparing CPAC to a Star Trek con: In short, Trekkies are to average television fans what Iranian Shiites are to average Muslims -- or what CPAC attendees are to average Republicans. In that spirit, we attempted to boldly cover CPAC as no one has ever covered it before, by attending both a CPAC and a Star Trek convention for a straight-up comparison. In 1992, W. Hampton Sides wrote a book called Stomping Grounds, ...
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Airstream 30FB Office Travel Trailer Perfect for Working From Anywhere

Airstream recently released its Flying Cloud 30FB Office floor plan, putting dedicated office space in its most popular product line. Replacing a sleeping area with office space, the idea was formulated due to the growing popularity of working remotely and the idea of digital nomadism. At 30 feet in length, the 30FB Office is a […] The post Airstream 30FB Office Travel Trailer Perfect for Working From Anywhere appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Airstream has unveiled a $107,500 RV with a full office for remote work - see inside the Flying Cloud 30FB Office

The interior of Airstream's new 2021 Flying Cloud 30FB Office. Airstream Airstream has unveiled its new $107,500 Flying Cloud 30FB Office travel trailer with a home office setup. The new RV combines two COVID-19 trends: boosting RV sales and the rise in the "work from anywhere" movement. The workspace has amenities like an office chair, desk, cabinets with a dry erase surface, and more. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Airstream has taken advantage of the long lastin...
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Airstream's Travel Trailers Now Include Tiny Offices Because You Can Never Escape Work

One of the many side effects of the pandemic is that it demonstrated to corporate America that employees can effectively work from almost anywhere. This realization could be both good and horrible, but in one case, it’s a little more the latter. Airstream is now putting miniature offices into its travel trailers so…Read more...
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The best Airstream trailer rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb As the travel landscape shifts in response to COVID-19, travelers are considering alternatives to staying in hotels and resorts.RVs and camper vans are enjoying newfound popularity levels, and similarly, so is the Airstream trailer.This iconic brand offers a uniquely retro camper van-like experience for standalone accommodations that are ideal for social distancing.We rounded up some of the ...
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RV makers are rushing to add office, desk, and WiFi options to cater to the new 'work from anywhere' crowd created by the pandemic

Blacksford's van. Blacksford The pandemic and the subsequent rise in remote workers has encouraged many Americans to take up the "digital nomad" or "work from anywhere" lifestyle. Many camper van, RV, and travel trailer makers have noticed the rising popularity of this community and are tapping into the potential client base by adding updates on existing builds or creating new floor plans. Companies like Bowlus Road Chief and Leisure Travel Vans already have remote work-friendly builds...
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RV makers are rushing to cater to the new 'work from anywhere' crowd as the pandemic continues to force people to rethink their lives

Blacksford's van. Blacksford The pandemic and the subsequent rise in remote workers has encouraged many Americans to take up the "digital nomad" or "work from anywhere" lifestyle. Many camper van, RV, and travel trailer makers have noticed the rising popularity of this community and are tapping into the potential client base by adding updates on existing builds or creating new floor plans. Companies like Bowlus Road Chief and Leisure Travel Vans already have remote work-friendly builds...
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Airstream's CEO explains how the coronavirus pandemic sparked an unexpected sales boom — and convinced him to pursue work-from-anywhere innovations

Airstream was expecting a good but not great 2020. The coronavirus pandemic forced the 86-year-old company to shut down manufacturing from late March to early May.  CEO Bob Wheeler was bracing for a sales drop of 70% for April, but the decline was just 30%. Then the company started setting sales records. Consumers aren't comfortable flying or staying at hotels — but they're enthusiastic about hitching up an Airstream trailer and hitting the road for socially-distanced adventures. Visit Busines...
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1971 Airstream gets glossy modern makeover, off-grid power

Although we’ve covered some gorgeous Airstream renovations over the years, there’s always one project that really blows our design-loving minds. This beautiful retrofit of a 1971 Airstream by Idaho-based Traverse Design + Build is simply incredible. Once covered with a rusted out exterior and filled with a dingy avocado-green interior, the 27-foot trailer is now a gleaming contemporary home-on-wheels that can run completely off-grid. Though the team behind Traverse Design + Build had quite a f...
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The CEO of American icon Airstream explains why the company decided to stay in Ohio and how it decided to build a new factory for 21st-century growth

Bob Wheeler is CEO of Airstream, the 86-year-old maker of iconic, silvery trailers. Wheeler took over in 2005. The company recently completed construction of a new, 725,000-square-foot factory in Ohio. Wheeler talked to Business Insider about why Airstream resisted the temptation to move — and how the company is dealing with current challenged and future opportunities. Click here for more BI Prime stories. "It's big shakes," said Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream, the iconic American manufacturer...
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Airstream unveils new 2020 camper with smart technology

Airstream is a long-standing American legend beloved by many roaming road warriors, but now the iconic campers have been given a sleek modern makeover. The new 2020 Airstream Classics feature an impressive apartment-like interior design scheme that uses a “comfort white” color scheme to create a more contemporary living space that puts the campers once again at the forefront of tiny home design. Although Airstreams come in various sizes and styles, the campers have normally been manufactured wi...
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Airstream’s new Astrovan II is ready to move the first Boeing commercial crew astronauts

NASA and its commercial astronaut program partners are laser-focused on getting crew into space, but to get to space you first have to get to the rocket, and that’s where the Airstream Astrovan II comes in. This vehicle, which is the sequel to the original Astrovan that brought America’s astronauts to the launch pad in the days of the Shuttle Program, features modern updates, and is heading straight from being on display at the International Astronautical Congress in Washington to Cape Canave...
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This 1973 Airstream could be yours for $68,900

A clean, modern design. Plentiful storage. An abundance of natural light. What more could you want in a tiny home on wheels? Renovated by DIY experts Nate and Taylor, from Augustine Along the Way, this 1973 Airstream has a new life as Mattox. Mattox is a 25-foot Airstream trailer with a gorgeous interior design featuring bamboo hardwood floors and plenty of plants. The ambitious duo put a ton of work into renovating the old Airstream, and now, the shiny little home can be yours for just $68,900....
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A rare 1962 Airstream is a marvelous home with a whimsical, midcentury design

When it comes to restoring old Airstreams, there’s a bevy of beautiful design options out there. But the expert team from Colorado-based Timeless Travel Trailers has just unveiled a marvelous Airstream conversion that is really one for the books. The company had its task cut out for itself when a client asked Timeless Travel Trailers to restore a rare, almost 60-year-old trailer. The result? A gorgeous interior design scheme that pays homage to the Airstream’s midcentury origins thanks to a shi...
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A rare 'Bambi' Airstream trailer becomes a stunning mobile office

When a busy tech entrepreneur contacted San Francisco-based firm Edmonds + Lee Architects to create a mobile office that could keep him on the road, they turned to an American classic, a shimmery Airstream. After searching for a year for just the right trailer, they found a 1960s Airstream Bambi II and converted it into a brilliant 80-square-foot office on wheels, lovingly renamed Kugelschiff (German for “Bullet Ship”). The architects worked closely with the client Jeff as well as his daughter...
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Is old-school Airstream finally embracing smart home technology?

Airstream's vintage-looking trailers have a huge audience but its 2019 Classic camping trailers are getting a modern upgrade with the addition of app-controlled smart home technology to bring modern convenience online. The post Is old-school Airstream finally embracing smart home technology? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A dull, 26-year-old Airstream becomes a bright, cozy home on wheels

While they were dating, travel-loving couple Nate and Taylor Lavender bonded over their shared dream of tiny home living. Years after they met, the ambitious duo decided to bring that dream to fruition by converting a 1992 Airstream into a bohemian, light-filled home on wheels, renamed Augustine the Airstream. Today, the couple, along with their incredibly cute dog Summit, are enjoying the freedom of life on the road. The couple did most of the renovation work themselves, starting with the ext...
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A 1972 Airstream becomes a bright, 198-square-foot home for a family of four

Minimalist living in a tiny home is quite common for a couple, but when designing a compact space for a family of four (plus a fur baby), strategic planning is essential. When Colleen and Zachary Cashio purchased a 1972 Airstream trailer that was just 31 feet long, they knew they had a big renovation project on their hands, but they took it head on with some impressive DIY skills. Today, the Steady Streamin’ Cashios is a space-efficient, sophisticated home, which was handcrafted to meet the nee...
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Strong Tailwinds in RVs: 5 Questions With Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler

Airstream, the iconic, upscale, silver-bullet-silhouette brand of recreational vehicle, is a favorite of celebrities and was mentioned in a recent conversation on The Tonight Show. Movie star Matthew McConaughey shared with talk show host Jimmy Fallon the story of a family trip in the wilderness, taken in his Airstream, where they encountered an ornery mountain ram. Fallon previously has discussed his trip in an Airstream for a visit to Long Island. “We don’t tout that kind of thing too much...
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This 1970s Airstream is an off-grid oasis for a family of six

Moving from a spacious contemporary home into a tiny home would be daunting for anyone, but Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker made the huge life change for themselves and their four children. In just a few months, the ambitious couple renovated an old 1970s Airstream Sovereign into their dream off-grid home on wheels, or what they call their Tiny Shiny Home. The Longneckers long dreamed of traveling with their children, but it wasn’t until they were presented with an opportunity to renovate an o...
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Here’s how Airstream is updating the classic American travel trailer

Airstream has been making travel trailers for generations, and it seems the company is ramping up plans to bring connected technology to the product line. The company recently announced several new products that will bring new features expected by today’s consumers. The iconic silver bullet trailers are a mainstay on America’s highways and byways. Trailers made today have the same classic lines as those made for past generations. For the most part, that’s not going to change. While Airstream has...
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New Airstream trailer is built to tackle off-roading for 40K

Want to tackle rough roads in style? Airstream, the makers of the iconic “silver bullet” trailers, has just unveiled the new Basecamp X Package, a compact camper specifically designed for rugged roads. The all-terrain Basecamp X Package comes with a convertible and multifunctional rear space that delivers style and the comforts of home to any adventure off the beaten path. Clad in shiny aluminum panels, the Basecamp X Package is the more rugged cousin of Basecamp, a tiny trailer launched two ...
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Colorado Caravan converts a vintage Airstream into a sleek office for under $20K

You’ve probably spotted a caravan rolling down the road once or twice, looking shiny and new, and longed for that ramblin’ life. That freedom may be beyond your grasp at the moment, but Kerri Cole and Patrick Neely, the couple who own and operate Colorado Caravan, are ready to help. Cole and Neely are Airstream renovation experts, and their recent conversion of a vintage caravan into their company office will inspire you to embrace tiny home living. Since 2016, the Denver couple has transform...
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Calabash Helps Airstream Launch New Nest Trailer Through Clever Online Branding Campaign

Airstream has been making its instantly recognizable brand of travel trailers with their distinctive rounded shape and polished aluminum look since the 1930s. With their new fiberglass travel trailer, Nest, Airstream explored a new market while pushing the design envelope. The compact, easy-to-tow Nest is unlike anything else in the travel trailer world, necessitating a suitably creative marketing approach. Airstream and its creative agency Upward Brand Interactions, Dayton, OH, turned to Calaba...
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Airstream has a new $49,500 trailer that's a big departure from its iconic designs — check out its new look

Airstream recently introduced a new trailer, its first-ever production fiberglass model. The product came from a 2016 acquisition of an Oregon-based startup. The Nest by Airstream can be towed by relatively modest vehicles. It sells for $49,500, and it weighs 3,400 pounds. Airstream is famous for its iconic aluminum trailers.  But now the company has launched its first-ever fiberglass production model: Nest by Airstream.  Nest, which  can be towed by a compact SUV,  makes an  attractive inve...
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Is Airstream’s Basecamp trailer a millennial resort on wheels or a waste of $40K?

Airstream’s latest trailer, the Basecamp, seems to be aimed squarely at millennials, but does it offer enough convenience and comfort to justify its rather steep price tag? To find out, two Digital Trends editors spent a weekend living out of one. The post Is Airstream’s Basecamp trailer a millennial resort on wheels or a waste of $40K? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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