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They don’t trust me with cheese

‘The man next to us is honking like a seal,’ whispered my friend Mel at the interval of One Man, Two Guvnors at the National Theatre back in 2011. Tonight the National Theatre will stream their film of the show (available on YouTube for a week afterwards), and I’ve just found the review I wrote for Plays International. – David Jays
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More on Shuttered NYC Institutions: A Brief Reprieve for Met’s Endangered Staff; A “Frick Breuer” Update

Faced with mounting pushback against its plan to consider cutbacks beginning Apr. 5, the Met has now postponed any such changes until May 2. The Frick’s plans, including a temporary move to the Breuer, have not changed. – Lee Rosenbaum
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I’ve also been watching with great interest the number of arts organizations making content available online, providing virtual experiences to help us get through this. At the same time, I wonder if a myopia inherent in our industry might get in the way of doing even greater good. – Doug Borwick
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A Slice of Life in Lockdown

The Amazon delivery guy rang the bell, then scampered off to safety behind the garden gate, a good distance, but not so far that he couldn’t hear and acknowledge my “thank you.” – Paul Levy
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Strategic Planning and Muddling Through

Out in the woods for today’s video, on Charles Lindblom’s classic essay “The science of ‘muddling through’”. When an arts organization sets out to form a strategic plan, what exactly is it doing? – Michael Rushton
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Hilary Teachout, R.I.P.

The “Mrs. T” of this blog suffered throughout our years together from pulmonary hypertension, a rare and devastating illness that gnawed inexorably at her body without touching her soul. She faced death as she faced life, with indomitable courage. – Terry Teachout
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Reason to believe

I can’t believe I’m posting this message, but…after looking at this morning’s stats, Mrs. T’s doctors now believe … – Terry Teachout
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Dick Titterington’s New Trio Album

Asked about his intriguing new album, west coast trumpeter Dick Titterington talked about the project’s genesis during a Christmas party. – Doug Ramsey
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Guess who I talked to today?

I am ecstatic to report that I just got off the phone with Mrs. T. It was, of course, a one-way conversation, since she’s intubated, but her nurse informed me that she is now fully conscious, nodding her head vigorously and moving her mouth in response to questions. – Terry Teachout
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Cotter Fodder: The Met Museum’s Sober Plan for the Virus Crisis vs. A Critic’s Pandemic Polemic

At a moment when museums around the country are shattered, shuttered and bracing for hard times, what could be more shockingly tone-deaf than Holland Cotter’s 3,000-word “manifesto”? – Lee Rosenbaum
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Voting for arts funding – a short video

We are making the adjustment to teaching arts policy at a distance for the remainder of the semester, and so I’m about to get used to (and hopefully better at) short videos for students, practitioners, anyone with an interest. – Michael Rushton
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“Inspire us to be brave”

Thanks to a kind-hearted, quick-witted nurse in New York-Presbyterian’s cardio-thoracic ICU, I was able to see and speak to Mrs. T via Skype on Sunday night. – Terry Teachout
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Fred Hersch Addresses The Virus Threat

Concerned about the advance of the coronavirus, pianist Fred Hersch has announced his approach to providing, if not relief from the threat, a way to get it off your mind for a while: a live-streamed concert each day. – Doug Ramsey
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JazzOnLockdown: Musicians, venues, .orgs — writers? — turn to live-streaming

Since most jazz musicians (and jazz journalists) are self-employed freelancers, it’s probably essential to rely on ourselves and do it ourselves.. Adapting or heightening one’s media game may seem tiresome if not daunting, but in reality it’s no longer so time intensive and difficult. – Howard Mandel
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Crisis as Opportunity

With my lens as an advocate for community engagement, I think of the many (many, many) people who have told me they just don’t have time to devote to making connections with their communities. There are too many other tasks to do. But now … – Doug Borwick
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Covid’s Metamorphoses: How Coronavirus Has Transformed the Artworld

Last Wednesday, the Met invited me to the press preview for the 150th anniversary show Making the Met; Thursday, the museum announced it was closing. On Mar. 11, the Association of Art Museum Directors began a running list of member institutions that had closed; as of today, all of them have. – Lee Rosenbaum
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We’ll be together again

I doubt it will surprise any of you to learn that I’d been growing increasingly worried about the inability of Mrs. T’s doctors to rouse her from the medically induced coma into which she was placed after her double-lung transplant surgery two weeks ago. – Terry Teachout
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Jazz vs. lockdown: Blogs w/ vid clips defy virus muting musicians

Jazz doesn’t want to stay home and chill, so members of the Jazz Journalists Association have launched JazzOnLockdown: Hear It Here, a series of curated v-logs featuring performance videos of musicians whose gigs have been postponed or cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. – Howard Mandel
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Furtwängler and Shostakovich: Bearing Witness in Wartime

Books continue to be written about what it was like to live in Germany under Hitler. I wonder if any of the authors have auditioned Wilhelm Furtwängler’s wartime broadcasts with the Berlin Philharmonic. They should – and also ponder a kindred question: the function of culture in the life of a nation. – Joseph Horowitz
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Bill Smith And McCoy Tyner Are Gone

James Moody told me that his Georgia-born grandmother said one morning while looking through the newspaper, “Folks is dyin’ what ain’t never died befo’.” The trend continues, as it always has.” – Doug Ramsey
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‘Merce Cunningham Redux’

James Klosty’s book is big in several ways. (Try lugging it to a sunny spot; it weighs about six pounds.) I’m in love with it. – Deborah Jowitt
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Stand-Up Guy

I am certain Beethoven was a funny guy. The evidence, the jokes are all over the music. – Bruce Brubaker
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Good news about Mrs. T

I’m overjoyed to report that her condition has improved significantly since yesterday. The internal bleeding has stopped, she is resting comfortably, and her doctors are completely satisfied with her progress to date. – Terry Teachout
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No Mystery!

When dealing with new communities, staff and board members of nonprofit arts organizations are sometimes puzzled when things they thought would work crash and burn. Often, there is really no mystery. – Doug Borwick
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The latest news about Mrs. T

Mrs. T survived her double-lung transplant surgery and has been moved to the cardio-thoracic ICU. As her surgeon put it, “We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re moving in the right direction.” – Terry Teachout
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Two New Albums From Rebecca Kilgore

In one, concentrating on songs with winter themes, she is accompanied by a distinguished European quartet. A second album finds her alone with the harmonically resourceful and swinging Chicago guitarist Andy Brown. – Doug Ramsey
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She was just a Miller’s daughter: ENO revives a middle-period Verdi

The English National Opera is having a tough old time, but the company is still capable of both daring and successful ventures, such as the new Luisa Miller, a Verdi rarity last staged in London in 1858. – Paul Levy
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Furtwängler in Wartime

Books continue to be written about what it was like to live in Germany under Hitler. I wonder if any of the authors have auditioned Wilhelm Furtwängler’s wartime broadcasts with the Berlin Philharmonic. They should. – Joseph Horowitz
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Merce in Three Dimensions

Alla Kovgan’s new film Cunningham not only shoots its dancers in three dimensions, but collages historic, two-dimensional black-and-white images in smaller sizes on the screen, often overlaid with print. This practice allows us to choose (or stumble upon) those visions most meaningful to us, or to accept multiplicity and not worry about what we didn’t see. – Deborah Jowitt
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Remembering Tobi Tobias

Tobi was among the first group of writers I invited to blog on ArtsJournal. I had read her for years and appreciated her elegance, clarity and erudition. Though her judgments were crisp, they were never made lightly. She knew the art deeply and it informed her judgments. – Douglas McLennan
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